Angela talks out both sides of her mouth

Angela Power-Disney has been relatively quiet recently, as we understand she has a bunged up ankle (and seems to be missing some teeth now, too). However, she was a busy girl yesterday and Monday, writing to the misogynistic caveman Anthony Pike, and following up with a video about Tommy Robinson.

We think you’ll find the contrast amusing:

From: angela disney
Subject: Re: Abe Outs Belinda!
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2018 12:58:30 +0100

I’m loathe to enter the battlefield of speculation, Anthony.

However, I did wonder if Abe lifted his assertions from possibilities I’d fielded about Belinda belonging to the local female Freemason Lodge and also from dabblings she has indulged in with the occult in various rituals in her home all allegedly with good intentions, but against God’s law.

I have seen a video of a drone entering the guest studio at the top of the garden in which I stayed for 5 days in 2015 and then retreating when it realised it was being filmed. My computer has since had its processor mysteriously fried, but my ex-RAF supercomputer technician thinks he can rescue data and my Lanzarote technician backed everything up to Sept 2017 on an external hard drive too.

I also witnessed crazy symbolic chemtrails literally in discernible patterns over Belinda’s home and there was a distinct odour particularly in the entrance of her home which could be an indication of demonic activity or could just be her love of cats and being too busy to have the carpets cleaned!

I have exchanged extensive experience emails with 2 people who lived at Belinda’s Int’l refuge home, one of whom had been homeless despite being a veteran pilot in the RAF. They reported strange goings on in the house, including David Shayler exiting as a transgender and the sense of being a stray dog secreted in the garage and definitely not welcome in chi chi Highgate soirees in the main house.

I have been told 3 others took out 2nd mortgages on their homes to help finance Belinda’s Int’l refuge which consists of building U/G bunkers and putting beds in every garden shed to extend a valuable Highgate property to house up to 27 overnight guests for visitors such as Kevin Annett and Miles Johnston.

I heard from Belinda how she scuppered [name redacted]’s campaign to get justice for the grandson of some African globalist and Belinda went straight to contacts, including the Prime Minister Theresa May, to get him and his mother out of the country despite a furore of legal craziness and back to the country of his original persecution and abuse.

Therefore, one has to wonder if Belinda’s connection to May was through the local Masonic Eastern Star Lodge? [Redacted] never forgave her for undermining her possibly righteous campaign to get justice the right way rather than the old girls network way!

I agree with you on Peter Hofschroer and though I believe he is being persecuted over his mother and her assets, I personally did not join the fray as an anti-child abuse campaigner in supporting someone with a child porn habit. Of course, if he has repented and desisted I’m sure God has forgiven him.

Equally you may have jumped the gun too soon on the Miles Johnston issue of porn and wrongly demonised Marie Kayali in your human tendency to misogyny, Tony! There is a pretty convincing video of Miles playing with his privates as he Skype calls Marie. His previous co-host, Joanne Summerscales, released intel and concerns about likely porn editing back in 2012.

A French blogger reported on Int’l porn distribution connections implicating Miles along with Kerry Cassidy, Mike Ringley etc, read in translation by the host Tere Joyce of American Freedom Radio as she did a trilogy of interviews with me a few weeks ago. Shortly after these interviews her YouTube channel was banned for 3 mths and both her and my computers were fried!

So, it is not as simple as asking Miles if Wiltshire Police have interviewed him about child porn or confiscated his computers for inspection. You, above all people, should know the UK police and judiciary are corrupt and if the allegations are true could very well be on the child porn mailing list!

God bless as always, Angie

(Paragraph breaks inserted by us to preserve our sanity.)

Compare and contrast

Starting at 1:53 she says:

As far as I understand, Tommy was just reporting—Tommy, who does have three other names, and does have a colourful history online, was reporting what was pretty much public knowledge, so I’m not pretending to be an authority.

But something I certainly pulled Richie Allen up for—he was taking the high moral ground about how he had to learn law and his bona fide journalism training and so on and so forth—says in his broadcast, “Oh, he thinks he’s exposing paedos, well, he’s never exposed anything except for I’m sure he’s exposed himself a few times”. 

If that’s the high moral ground, if that’s the standard for professional journalism, I’m horrified, Richie. I’m disgusted at your coverage. 

So let’s see if we’ve got this straight:

It’s perfectly fine for Angela, who claims to be a “journalist”, to make the following unsubstantiated claims:

  • Belinda McKenzie is a “female Freemason” who has dabbled in the occult, “against God’s law”;
  • Belinda’s home smells of a) mysterious demonic entities or b) cat piss;
  • Belinda turned David Shayler into a transgendered person;
  • Belinda has somehow forced three couples to take out second mortgages on their own homes to help her build her underground bunkers which are capable of housing up to 27 people;
  • Belinda scuppered a campaign to keep a young person out of his home country where he faced serious abuse, by making use of her “female Freemason” contacts including Theresa May;
  •  Miles Johnston has been caught on-air playing with himself whilst interviewing someone via Skype, and has a serious pornography habit.

But if Richie Allen makes a similarly nasty comment about Tommy Robinson, Angela claims to be “disgusted” at his lack of professionalism.


We think perhaps Angie might need to go back and have a good think. Perhaps she could meditate on John 8:7:

So when they continued asking him, he lifted up himself, and said unto them, He that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone at her.

Just a thought.

p.s. Anyone care to place a bet on how long it’ll be before Angela starts a GoFundMe campaign so she can afford dental implants?

Angela Power-Disney 2018-06-07

71 thoughts on “Angela talks out both sides of her mouth

  1. To the tune of mrs Robinson, from the graduate

    Here’s to you, tommy Robinson,
    Banged up for a crime,
    You did commit,
    You racist tit

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  2. The crazy chemtrail symbols over Highgate were probably MI5 communicating with Belinda. That’s how they do it these days. It’s obvious.

    I’ll get my tin foil hat and leave eh…..

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  3. 2 things occur to me

    1. In her leaving the UK video bullinda mentions ‘secret conclaves’ run by the ruling elite on a negative light. Now like a true hypocrite she enjoys her ‘secret conclave’ (in actual fact it was an afternoon at a little chef meeting fellow nutters)

    2. Ella is driven by a desire for fame. Check her old ‘face yoga’ channel with its, now defunt, actor link. She wants fame and leaves a trail of betrayed and used men in her wake.

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    • Yes Grobnob, Muckenzie the hypocrite… of her most sickening acts was to post a comment under a link to my blog, when I promoted the ‘Hollie Grieg Hoax meeting inspired by David Icke’……by then I had spoken to a couple of the real victims, read all of the evidence and looked forward to also throwing in my two pennnyworth……… was where I ket Ben Emlyn = Jones, my throatslitting night caller, some very good people, who have remained in touch, re assuring me that my explanation of the behaviour in facebook groups was cult like, gang like, though I didn’t use those words, it was how they behved.

      A few group admins, removed my posts, messaging or calling me to just say that they couldn’t take the hassle, in otherwords, the hounding, pounding, trolling, attacks that would ensue if anyone dared to dispute any of these new leaders, or their followers…… I was asked not to cause division, whilst this lot were busy doing just that…..en masse, widely.

      Belindas comment said that anyone going would be reported as a supporter if not an actual paedo satanist involved in criminal activities, bla bla…….. I was furious, wrote a long comment back including my disgust that I had never seen her comment before ever in this closed support group for survivors….how dare she ? and I moved the whole lot to my very open and public wall…….. not a peep came back from her…… The mass emailed people and I heard that the admin of the group that organised left, worn out and down by their harrassment, if true, she is not alone in them having that effect….we’ve lost good people along the way, I know others who’ve needed to stop and get couselling, to recover, unsure whether it’s worth it…..many have just kept blocking, ignoring, keeping on moving, I used to do that alot, but I’ve realised that I ought to report more and I’m encouraging others to devote some time and also encourage others to help, by not acting, the bullies just move on, meanwhile blacklisting good people, so that they can hunt freely for more victims, they don’t stop, they have grown, and I was MIA, for long times……… it needs doing, for the good people to be able to rise with dignity and be heard, without their gross din..

      After the meeting, she left facebook, it was then run by, maybe Andy Peacher, it seemed so to me, but ust have felt emboldened to have returned, which puzzled me……. I’m sure now, it was her thinking that with ITNJ on the way, then no matter what, the internet viral would continue to infect the web, finding more victims and marks for them all…..

      Thanks everyone, it ain’t gonna be possible……….not this time, not again, no.

      So I’m not surprised that she’s slinking orf again…….but that those creeps think that their show of support is some proud rebellious show of hands, for her………her, Belinda is obviously therefore like a queen ant or wasp……the worker bees, the hunters that find new nests….paying homage and signalling their hives….

      Thankyou for that parting gift, Belinda, the last one worked well too, didn’t it….showed you right up……:)

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  4. I see the madness of the “human trafficking site” discovered in Tuscon, Texas has now been featured in the mainstream media despite the local police and FBI dismissing it as total rubbish. Watch this develop into a full blown “cover-up” along the lines of @pizzacrap and feel for the local Tuscon fuzz who have no idea of the tsunami of false allegations about to hit them.
    As for the so-called “veterans” group who just made this idiotic claim up out of thin air, how depressingly familiar to see there are groups of loonies all over the world indulging in their suppressed sexual fantasies that always involve child sex.

    Is it time to call time on that University where APD allegedly “studied” journalism?. Do they not teach the well worn ethics of journalism as she seems to have missed that lesson?.
    Can I also advise Angela, as someone who was involved in video production in the early days, that marvelous effects can be achieved with a soft focus lens. I’ve actually given an example here of how you too can look Angela after putting your pics though a new internet soft focus filter although if your current look is what attracted Rupert Quaintance to you then don’t bother. He possibly feels the “non-make-up fresh” look is for him.

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    • Doazic put out a couple of videos up, the veteran fakes are telling people outright to look for child porn, search it on the web…blatently, recently liz crokin did the same, but not quite so outright……. I am thinking that they want people to swamp search, so that the security services catching the real dark sirty networks sharing the worst examples of images can be safer, if the system is swamped……….. this is for me a very big red flag !
      I’m not sure if these are the same fake vets that alex jones gave a boost to, a little while back…. I took a look then and was not happy, reported them.
      Reporting these too, now…. IWF etc

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      • Are you talking about the so-called “Navy Seal” Craig Sawyer?. He may be an ex-Seal but he’s also promoting the Tuscon claptrap and was given lots of money by Alex Jones. I actually find these things quite depressing.
        He’s behind the false claim that Trump has somehow exposed 1000s of pedos in government and child sex cult rings. He also promotes the George Soros claptrap, pizzagate etc etc.

        I used to love visiting the USA but I never want to go near the place again. I find the fact that creeps like Sawyer can get coverage and even work in LA on films, frightening. He’s never saved one child, never exposed one pedophile ring . He’s all talk but creeps like him have the effect of turning all attention away from real children in need. Even Fox News gives him coverage yet it’s blatantly obvious he’s not just a fraud who can’t produce a single piece of evidence of his “child trafficking” claims but he’s also just cashing in on a real problem.

        I’ve been having a long email exchange with a lifetime US friend now in his 60s and he tells me he’s so demoralized by how fake news like pizzagate, “Killary” etc (and he’s a life-long republican) Trump and his lies, Alex Jones, Sandy Hook lies, that he no longer recognises his country and is making plans to sell up and get out. He thinks there will be a civil war and the fanatics are so arrogant he thinks they might win.

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  5. Good grief- an article in a Red Top tells us a dramatic tale of British scammer in the South of France. But look at the snap. Does she look familiar? Has she also operated in Lanzarote?.
    ‘Tall, blonde and refined’ British painter, 50, ‘is caught stealing a £130,000 motor launch in Portofino – bringing her Riviera crime spree to an end after three months of scamming luxury resorts’

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      • Thanks, Arfur.

        By the way, I’m pleased to report that the anger this has caused him hasn’t affected his logical thinking skills…

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        • Hmm. Funny she hadn’t blocked me when I posted my ‘Say no to antisemitism’ sign on the same page, then. She was happy to rant back at me there. Yet one mention of Cat’s disgusting threats to post innocent people’s names and addresses in front of Janine and it’s an instant block. But hey, it’s because I’m a nonce, right? LOL

          And yeah, the only possible reason Ted Heath could have wanted us to join the EEC was because it would somehow make it easier for him to murder children on a boat and throw them overboard, because…er…nope – I’ve got nothing. Anyone?

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  6. Neelu did a live stream yesterday in which she claimed that the NHS are deliberately bumping people off and that cancer is an “assassination fraud” that can be cured with antibiotics. Thankfully no one was stupid enough to believe her.

    Oh wait…

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    • If Neelu seriously believes that Cancer can be cured by antibiotics then it is a good job she is no longer a “super qualified pharmacist” as I dread to think of the medical advice she’d dish out to people.

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    • Honestly, I am speechless. I am shocked, appalled and disgusted. IT’S ‘PRACTICES’, NOT ‘PRACTISES’ 😮

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    • Neelu Berry, take your f@789sgl relative out of the hospital then, plant your magic crystals under her bed and look after them at your own expense. Stop whinging you self-entitled self-important cow fart.

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      • Wait, what? Does she expect the NHS to send her sister to the “Oasis of Hope” cash-extraction facility in Tijuana, or to administer the same kind of worthless stuff themselves? That’s not how oncologists work.

        “Oasis of Hope” are all about the laetrile, coffee enemas, nutritional counselling and Vitamin C. Also in the small print they don’t claim to cure cancer, but rather to counsel the patient into a positive attitude so that patient and tumour can comfortably co-exist. So when the patient dies (they all die) it’s because of a personality issue… he or she wasn’t positive enough. Their other skill-set is helping prospective victims set up the GoFundMe pages to enrich the clinic. They are garbage people.

        If the sister’s in a coma, there is not a lot of scope for nutritional or attitude advice!

        How did the sister get sick in the first place? Why didn’t Chaudhari use her super-pharmacy skills and her oncology expertise to cure her at a much earlier stage?

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        • If Chaudhari thinks that oncologists guide their therapeutic decisions according to emailed or phone-called advice from random anonymous strangers, I am happy to start my own campaign for treating her sister. Spoiler Alert: My preferred therapeutic regime involves large quantities of black pudding and beer.

          It rather sounds as if the sister has been ill for a while while Chaudhari persuaded her to stay away from conventional medicine and cure herself with bell-chime vibrations and Ayurvedic cow-poop poultices, until the sister was admitted to hospital in a coma, so now she is looking for an excuse to blame the NHS for the probable outcome.

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      • I hope Neelu’s sister gets better soon. Her husband must be there with her, I hope so.

        Also, what on earth is Neelu thinking. Even as a struck off pharmacist I would expect her to know better.

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  7. “Most division is caused by fear or ignorance”

    Hmm. Strange thing to hear from someone who hates blacks, Jews, Muslims, Atheists, Pakistanis, immigrants and gays.

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  8. I noticed all their ‘proclamations’ are gone or private!
    Although they seem happy to leave up Marcus Dubhagan’s threats to kidnap his ‘stolen’ kid and take him ‘traveling’ and home school him….
    (although he hasn’t posted since 27/4/2018 so maybe someone caught wind of his ‘cunning plan’ and scuppered it)


  9. I see the new half-term has started at the St. John of Liverpool Charm School:


  10. My poor pussy had some sort of odd break down and I had to move her dirt box temporarily from the balcony into the kitchen.
    At least I can now tell visitors that it’s not cat piss but a ” mysterious demonic entity”.
    Fortunately most callers now are from the local Darby & Joan Club and have lost their sense of smell.
    But what if…it IS cat piss and the cat is demonically possessed?

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    • Here he is urging the public to search for child abuse videos on the net, to see if they can spot the the camp in the videos. SMH..


      • Bloody hell, he is practically advertising child pornography. If US courts are anything like British ones, “I was viewing it for research purposes” is not an excuse the judge is likely to accept.

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  11. Angie looks she has moved from cigarettes to meth.

    “I’m loathe to enter the battlefield of speculation”
    Surely an attempt at tongue in cheek humour?
    Mind you, speculation can sometimes turn out to be true. Angie prefers to deal in complete lies, and is in full knowledge she is lying.

    Does Angie own a supercomputer and needed a technician to help?… or is her ex RAF friend a special branch of supersoldier from the old days helping with an ordinary computer?

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  12. David Seaman featured as part of the recent ITNJ conference ranting about Podesta and Pizzagate.


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