In memoriam; and HoaxGirl shows her true colours

This is a difficult post for us to write. As some of our readers might know, Tim McKenzie of the “McKenzies Devils” YouTube channel (and variations thereof), died earlier this month, after a short illness.

None of us ever met Tim, or even spoke to him in person, but he was a stalwart supporter of this blog, and we’re all very sad to know that he’s no longer with us. We had always assumed that Tim was a lone wolf, but it turns out that he worked with a small team, who have inherited his mantle and intend to carry on his work. We’re happy to know they’re there.

How we found out

We became aware of Tim’s death thanks to this kind and thoughtful note from Naima Dawn Feagin, aka Hope Moore, aka Hope Morris, aka Hope Girl:Hope Girl 2018-05-25 MKD diedAt first we thought it was a cruel joke.

However, when we made further enquiries with the remaining people from the MKD team, they assured us that it was, sadly, true. They said Tim’s family would prefer that we not make any announcement of his death, a request we respected. (They later agreed that in light of HoaxGirl’s various attacks, we could write this blog; we thank them for that.)

The comments from HoaxGirl just kept coming: HoaxGirl 2018-05-25 ShevaSuch a charming Christian lady, falsely claiming that “MKD was struck dead hours after trolling” her.

On the contrary, we have learned that Tim had been ill for about three months prior to his sudden death on 7 May, and that he had not been well enough to go online during that time.

HoaxGirl repeated the lie on YouTube for MKD’s friends and family to find…if they were quick. Sure enough, the comment lasted about half a minute before she pulled it down, but one of our intrepid readers caught it before that happened:Hoax Girl 2018-05-25 Christian liesAgain: Tim absolutely did not “die within hours of trolling” HoaxGirl and her family. That is a cruel and vicious lie. As for her assertions that Tim is not resting in peace, or the rest of her pseudo-religious twaddle, we’ll simply say that apparently she not only missed the concepts of resurrection and forgiveness of sins, but she utterly fails to grasp the entire fucking point of the New Testament.

HoaxGirl didn’t leave it at that, however. Apparently concerned that her words had not caused sufficient distress, she wrote this: HoaxGirl 2018-05-25 3HoaxGirl 2018-05-25 4

The inevitable lawsuit threat

Not content with sending veiled threats in amongst her epic whinging, she followed up with an outright shot across the bow: HoaxGirl 2018-05-25 lawsuit threatYep.

HoaxGirl, who has been hawking a verifiably fake “Quantum Energy Generator” for years, now supplemented by magical kryptonite thingies which are meant to repel evil death rays (or something, we forget), actually thinks that this blog can be intimidated into closing down for pointing out that the QEG Emperor is, as they say in the U.S. of A., “buck nekkid”.

And to ensure that we’ll have no recourse to inconvenient defenses such as the truth, HoaxGirl has been busily running around the internet, pulling down any of her own sites which might incriminate her.

That “Hoaxtead Satanists Exposed” site? Gone-zo.

Now of course, HoaxGirl denies all responsibility for that blog, but somehow she was able to exert enough influence on its creators to have it pulled down—just at the time when we might want to use it as evidence of her trolling. Goodness, that’s an amazing coincidence, that is.

Good thing we kept an archived copy of that blog, along with screenshots! Hurrah for our office pack-rats, who diligently screenshot and archive all sorts of things which could come in handy later.

And the same goes for several blog posts which HoaxGirl hastily pulled down yesterday: for example, the one about Wilhelmina, the elderly lady from the west coast of Canada who HoaxGirl and her charming mother almost bilked out of $120,000. Fortunately for Wilhelmina, her banker smelt a rat and refused to allow her to fork over the dough.

Then there’s the story of how HoaxGirl went to hang out with some super-rich people (whose lifestyle she totally dissed, btw) in hopes of getting them to “invest” in the magic energy machine?

Now, all this could have been really damaging to HoaxGirl’s legal case against us, had it been allowed to remain online.

So gosh, HoaxGirl, it’s really too bad we already have copies tucked neatly away in folders, isn’t it? This is the sort of thing which makes us grateful for our resident pack-rat team, we can tell you!

And that’s really just the tip of the iceberg.

Team Pack-rat has been diligently archiving all sorts of fascinating material demonstrating the truth of our allegation: that HoaxGirl is knowingly marketing a device (well, devices now, if you count the magic orgone sparkly triangle thingies) which she is aware cannot ever work; and that she has systematically (and one might almost say “with aforethought”, if one wished to sound like Perry Mason) attempted to suppress any and all who could conceivably reveal the truth about her activities. Because, you know, profit margins.

So go ahead, HoaxGirl. Bring it on.

But before you do, you might wish to keep a couple of things in mind: if a statement is true, it does not qualify as defamation under the law. And the courts tend to frown upon people who deliberately attempt to suppress evidence against them. That’s actually a bit of a no-no, and could win you some jail time. So do look before you leap, won’t you?

We’ll close with this video from some of Tim McKenzie’s friends. Farewell, Tim, we’re all going to miss you.

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  1. Related to the Cat/FSF/Hoaxgirl deletion frenzy, does anyone else find it odd that Ogilfail hasin’t moaned about us for the last few days? He usually puts up about 10-15 rants about us a night on his ‘blog’. Another one who’s nervous, it seems 🙂

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  2. May I just say how proud I am today of Ireland. 

    For too long, we lived under Catholic rule in regards to marriage, divorce, birth control, confessions, attending Church, sexuality & of course, abortion.

    I myself broke 4 of the above as I’m fairly sure, 80% of Ireland did. That is something I would never apologise for, I will meet my maker with a clear conscience. 

    Today I am so proud of our little island for giving women the right to choose what to do with their own bodies, I commend all the men that stood with us and supported us. 

    I think back to my parents time & the couples who had pregnancies which were not viable, pregnancies for example, where babies died inside the mothers at 5, 6, 7 months, but they could not have the babies induced because it was, ‘against the Catholic Church’. The danger of these women carrying then dead tissue inside of them was terrible, God knows how many died from sepsis, which usually sets in from a fever 2 days after the the baby died. 

    My mother was lucky, she had two pregnancies where each baby died at 5 & 6 months. Thankfully she did not get sepsis. She had to continue with the pregnancies for the full nine months, until her body spontaneously gave the babies up. She gave birth each time on her own, as my father was at work. She lay in bed with both babies until he came home, 5 – 7 hours. 

    My father then came home from work, wrapped the babies in a sheet, put them in white shoe boxes, waited until after midnight, took his shovel & walked to the graveyard, climbed to the top of it, climbed over barbed wire & buried them outside consecrated ground. 

    My heart still breaks for both of them & everyone who had to go through things like that. Many Doctors would have liked to help, but their hands were tied. Many Doctors had no sympathy or empathy, their attitude was ‘ get on with it, it is what it is’. I curse those people & always will. 

    I am proud of my family for giving our women a choice, I am proud of the young people, male & female who came home from all corners of the world, to give our women this precious choice, I am proud of the many religious people who, against their teachings, have also supported a woman’s right to choose. I am so proud of the elderly who travelled to vote yes, 94 years old & older, what brilliant people they are. 

    Savita Halappanavar, I salute you, please rest easy now.

    Now I am getting emotional so will write no more, but will say….I am proud to be Irish! 

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  3. Thank you EC. That’s only her & my Dad’s story, I’ve heard many more just as horrifying & worse involving young girls, their stories were happening even in the ’70’s. 😔

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  4. Rest in peace, Tim. Your work goes on, and you will forever be remembered and respected here.

    Hopegirl, i would advise making an apology, but i know you’re too vile a person to take that advice.
    Thank you for giving me her files, Scarlet.

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  5. She deserves a ‘dead leg’ from a mop handle that’s been fashioned into a makeshift pirate flag. That and a word from the doctor about sensible diet


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