‘Malcom’, Cat share Abe’s belief that children crave sexual abuse

Please note: today’s post deals with descriptions of child sexual abuse, which some readers may wish to avoid.

Hands up, anyone who remembers Abraham Christie’s disturbing theory that very young children who are anally abused not only like, but crave that experience?

It wasn’t really Abe’s theory, of course. He stole it from another conspiraloon, Marion Knox, a grass-seed farmer from Oregon. According to Mr Knox, sodomy is the key to, well, everything. In an interview with enthusiastic Hampstead SRA hoax promoter Henry Makow, Mr Knox said:

Based on … what I have discovered in maybe 500 people over a period of ten years … the most vulnerable age for preparing a person for mind control is between two and four years of age because of the development of the child’s mind at that age. Traumatic things can damage them worse than if they were younger or older. Also, in order to be programmable there needs to be a change in the way their mind works between two and four. That change can only be achieved by sodomy. 

It’s a revolting idea, and there is absolutely nothing, aside from Mr Knox’s fervid imagination, to back it up.

Abe’s version

But that didn’t stop Abraham from adopting the idea wholesale, and adding his own twist: the pineal gland, he claims, is the “God gland” which, when stimulated by anal sex, reveals “flashes of divinity” to the rape victim. Who is, let us remind you, between two and four years of age.

A toddler, in other words.

Whilst certain abusers may derive some deviant sexual gratification from these acts due to themselves being victims of [Trauma-based mind control] or other forms of sexual abuse, the goal is to create TBMC slaves addicted to the manual activation of the third eye. The earlier the “Rite of Sodomy” is performed upon the child, the more effective the programming.

Did your stomach just turn a little? Ours definitely did.

The idea that children can become “addicted” to being sexually abused is utterly repugnant, as well as completely false.

But that doesn’t stop some twisted souls from fantasising about it.

Enter Malcolm Ogilvy and Cat Scot

We’ve observed over and over that one of the things which all the Hoaxtead mobsters seem to share in common is an utter fascination with child sexual abuse, and anal rape in particular. While they claim to be “activists” fighting for the rights of children, their actions belie their words.

For example, take this snippet of conversation between Cat Scot and Malcolm (or as he hilariously spells it, “Malcom”) Ogilvy:Malcolm Ogilvy 2018-05-24 1Of course, they are talking about us, in the broad sense: according to “Malcom” and Cat, those of us who fail to believe that an evil cabal of elite Satanists are methodically raping children and eating babies wholesale, are in fact “demonic minks groomed into being that way from a young age”.

Doesn’t this sound an awful lot like Marion Knox and Abe Christie’s deranged theory that sexually abused children “actually loved it that much”?

So it seems that both Cat and “Malcom” have joined the ranks of those who believe that children actually get pleasure from being sexually abused.

Worse, they are claiming that children become “addicted” to this experience—in other words, that they must be raped regularly or else they will suffer intense cravings for it—and that this experience inevitably turns them into abusers themselves.

While it isn’t terribly surprising to find that Cat and “Malcom” share these insane beliefs, it is just about as sickening as it gets.

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117 thoughts on “‘Malcom’, Cat share Abe’s belief that children crave sexual abuse

  1. I wish I could say I was surprised by this but as a few people have pointed out, this is what Malcolm really thinks of children:

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    • So Malcolm advocates hunting children. Other hoaxers beat their children, practice witchcraft, drink blood, obsesses over anal sex; but apparently we are the ones who are guilty!

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  2. This is quite a timely post in light of yesterday’s discussion about how so many of the hoaxers/troofers appear to be obsessed with anal sex and mention it at every opportunity.

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  3. When I was looking at Cat’s Youtube channel recently I noticed that all her videos are about paedophiles and paedophilia. It struck me how abnormal it is for someone to be so obsessed with one single topic. To scour the internet for videos about paedophilia, tweet about it constantly and talk about it on Facebook. Why is she so obsessed with paedophilia?

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  4. Malcolm’s lack of intellect is widely known, bless him, but an inability to spell his own name is a special kind of stupid. I wonder whether Sally the SENCo can assist.

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  5. I remember seeing that screenshot from Malky’s comment on here and being disgusted that he thinks children enjoy being groomed and abused. I suppose that’s how he justifies his own behaviour after getting caught by the police recording himself coaching his own daughter after forgetting to delete the incriminating parts. He has a lot in common with Abrascum cruftsky, to say the very least.

    These conspiracy types seem to have a real disgust for victims of child abuse and take every chance they can get to shame victims. The belief that an abused child is doomed to grow up and repeat the cycle of abuse by becoming a child abuser themselves, is a very ignorant and horrific opinion to promote for anyone in contact with CSA victims.

    Another example from the previous thread posted by Wilfred, note the winking face after the offensive comment.

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    • “The belief that an abused child is doomed to grow up and repeat the cycle of abuse by becoming a child abuser themselves, is a very ignorant and horrific opinion to promote for anyone in contact with CSA victims.”

      And that particular belief is constantly being peddled by Angela Power-Disney. Nuff said?

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    • “Outer Hebrides” ?. I like that. I was once told by a teacher when I had long messed up hair that I looked like the “wreck of the Hesperus”. I had to go home and look it up.

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  6. Another example of someone whose self-professed “child protection advocate” credentials are open to question is Deborah Mahmoudieh. As various people pointed out yesterday, she is acting extremely irresponsibly by discouraging children from turning to professionals, charities and child support services for help and scaremongering them into believing they’re riddled with paedophiles who can’t be trusted. And as if to prove our point, this is what she’s posted tonight:

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    • I saw that post too Moosnight, and somebody may or may not have sent a copy of the link to the people named in that video by Debs..along with a packet of info about her and her friends….


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    • This stupid woman is making these ridiculous claims because all these organisations have ignored her pleas to re-investigate Hoaxtead.
      She has posted endless claims and copies of letters of her pleas to local government entities, police, social workers, charities etc and repeated the false claims about Hampstead people. It’s already gotten her into legal trouble so now she is beginning a campaign to denigrate all who ignore her by claiming they are run by pedophiles.
      It’s dangerous, it’s shameful and a lie. While we hope no victim comes across her rantings and are affected by them if they are confused and wanting to seek help, it’s not impossible. If she influenced just one person it would be criminal.

      I don’t know what has happened to this dame in her life – she says she was abused as a child and I accept that – she has no right to turn that into a demented fury that could affect other victims.

      ## If bloody Mark Zuckerberg ever has the courage to appear before British MPs it’s paramount that he is grilled about how Facebook enables these bizarre fellow travelers of pedophiles to share the platform and spread their dangerous hate.
      The FB reporting facility is a joke, It has no way of pointing out the subtleties of these vicious campaigns by sick people. All we repeatedly hear is that “it’s free speech” – a bogus mantra used by money gouging corporations who do not giving a flying stuff about the lives destroyed until it might embarrass them. As far as I can see only the EU and European countries are the ones who seem determined to protect their citizens from these dangerous fanatics. Britain is trailing the world and allowing innocent citizens to have their lives devastated by fanatics.

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    • Indeed it’s a victory but it shouldn’t the task of ordinary citizens to police Facebook and Youtube. I’m sick of coming across the videos of the children posted on Youtube and reporting them. By the time Youtube react, perhaps 1000s more lunatics have downloaded them and the whole process is enlarged and repeated.
      It’s like King Canute battling with the waves. When will the executives of offending social media platforms be hauled into court?.

      Why aren’t police active in this area (and don’t get me started on politicians) ?. We know they are in Hampstead but why can these videos be viewed in countries like Australia where there are strict laws about child abuse material.
      It’s a criminal offense to publish child abuse material in any form – and these videos of children being grilled about sex are abuse. Instead police seem to spend more money on PR experts who invite tabloid TV programs to attend arrests and produce slick videos of them hand wringing over having to view child porn in their offices or pretend to be a 12 year old gradually seducing an adult into meeting with them (creating a crime?) yet both Youtube and Facebook are riddled with this stuff and they seem completely ignorant to it. There are stories that Twitter, Instagram and all the other social media platform accessed by the young are also becoming infested. It’s like they have to be slapped in the face with it before they recognise the problem. It’s out of control.

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      • Yes, I agree. It should not be our job to police the social media for images of child abuse such as RD’s children’s videos. There is absolutely no reason why YouTube, for example, should not adhere to the terms of the court orders which were made against them in 2015.

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        • YouTube can’t even claim ignorance of the court order as they have been told about it numerable times in reports made to them. Ignorance of the law is no defence anyway.

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  7. I seem to remember Belinda saying something similar about Hollie Greigs brother. As I remember it The story went Hollies Dad abused Hollie and her brother when they were very young. Hollies Brother never grew out of it and carried on sexually abusing. What actually happened was he got a caution for exposing himself in his Mum’s car. He had been to the Dr’s because he had a sore penis, he was waiting for his Mum. I don’t know how old he was when this happened though but it might of been sore agai see his trousers or something. Doesn’t make him a paedophile though. But some people enjoy making out that he was.

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  8. Hoaxer deletion frenzy update: and it’s another bit of blind panic by Naima ‘Hope Girl’ Feagin. First she took down all her trolling videos from her Tribal Diva YT channel, now she’s taken down her illegal, defamatory ‘Hoaxtead Satanists Exposed’ blog (but don’t worry – we still have all the screenshots for evidence):

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  9. If anyone has any trouble sleeping tonight, that nice Mr. Ogilvy has kindly provided some sweet soothing music (on his perfectly in-tune guitar) to help you off to the Land of Nod:

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    • Look at the filthy fretboard, covered in a build up of dead skin and grime. Dirty Bastard


  10. It reminds me of those paedophile hunters who are caught with child abuse images, they’re hiding in plain sight, maybe they think if they pretend to be activists that they have an excuse for searching disgusting abuse online by claiming it was research, people who work in this field have to rotate their duties because it is mentally impossible to work 24/7 in the field of child abuse and not suffer as a result. Yet here we have people of questionable mental health talking and obsessing about it 24/7. You would have to question what personal gratification they are taking from this bizarre behaviour.

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  11. Bet you can’t get through this painfully sycophantic introduction by David Scott to guest speaker “Katrina” Selvester without reaching for the sick bucket…

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    • So much depth there- they use ‘Freddy Starr ate my hamster’ as ‘fake news’. I guess they believed this stuff in the first place and are showing why the News of The World was so successful.
      I suppose part of their fury is finally discovering that tales like this weren’t actually true.

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  12. @El Coyote – thank you.

    Yes, variations on this truly sick & twisted fantasy have always been at the core of SRA-MC mythology, starting with Lawrence Pazder’s vision of toddlers – systematically subjected to sexual perversions – craving to be Satan’s personal sex slave.

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      • The significant thing with this one is the CPS initially refused to prosecute it themselves, but it was taken up as a private prosecution and subject to a judicial review. After that was won the CPS threw their weight behind it. Should also be noted that it was a video uploaded to You Tube which presumably didn’t contravene their terms and conditions.

        An important milestone for those suffering harassment and abuse online in the UK.

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        • One of YouTube’s reporting categories is ‘Promotes hatred or violence’ but as we’ve seen time and time again, they don’t take down racist or antisemitic videos when we report them (and hate speech isn’t a specific category on there).

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    • Oh my God, That’s awesome! I remember reporting her video on YouTube. It was vile. This is brilliant news 🙂

      Praterson and Alanson next?

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      • …Or Richie Allen?

        “And let’s not forget Richie (I never asked anyone a difficult question in my life) Allen interviewing Alison Chabloz and agreeing with her that her rampant anti-semitism is a matter of free speech.”

        ~ Mrs. Overall, 03.12.17

        “The irony – someone asking for anti fascists to attend the Court to support a woman who has no problem appearing on a radio show run by a guy who’s clearly a fascist. Anyone got the link to the Hoaxtead post about that?

        She was also interviewed by Richie Allen who had no problem given Alison Chabloz airtime and sat there agreeing with her.”

        ~ Mad Carew, 18.03.18


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    • This woman is a vile racist. She initially claimed her song was a protest about the treatment of Palestinians (my mum was Jewish and I hate what Israel is doing) but if you look at her website she doesn’t give the Palestinians a look-in, rather she promotes every aspect of antisemitism including Holocaust denying, attending far right-wing gatherings in Europe with a goose like David Irving and so on.
      So she’s not just a racist she’s a bloody obvious hypocrite to boot.

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  13. Great post EC!

    So important to show these perverts up for who they really are – people with an obsessive interest in child abuse who project their prurient interests onto others and then spend their life falsely accusing them.

    Look in the mirror FFS.

    Also if any of them really are interested in “activating the pineal gland” there are zillions of new age hippy videos on youtube, most accompanied by dire new age music, that claim that you can activate the pineal gland just by listening to them.

    Personally they just activate my boredom gland but maybe I’m just not down with the program.

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    • 3. selling your property to yourself for a pound- yeah that worked so well for wrekka patel….
      (You can land yourself a major tax bill doing that, as they don’t go by the price you sold it for, but what it is valued at…)
      So when the ‘sale’ is done, you will have to pay the land tax on the actual property value, usually in the 1000’s or even 10000’s in tax you will owe the government

      And they will chase you for it, even selling the property to recover the tax owed if you try neelu’s tactic of ignoring the bills owed…

      Another FOTL ‘win’ then lol

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      • I can’t believe these idiots think these scams work. Property that is subject to mortgage payments can’t be just off-loaded to a pal to try and avoid the inevitable. Can you imagine if this was successful everyone could just take out a $million mortgage and then just sign the house over to a relative ?. These people are selfish creeps. They want the current system to survive so there is money for them to borrow but they don’t want to pay it back so others can also borrow.

        # I also had a friend who years ago bought a lovely Mercedes at a knockdown price but a month later it was re-possessed as the previous owner had leased it. These days you can check on-line if a car is subject to finance payments but my friend lost his cash and the seller never faced a court over it. Basically Neelu is promoting fraud.

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        • Sadly GOS, in wrekkas case, she actually owned the property outright, got into legal issues with damaging historical features on it (was a historically listed building), on a common wall with a neighbours property, was taken to court and lost, went full FOTL and currently owes nearly the entire value of her property (probably more now since they had 24/7 security to keep her out)

          She and the building actually appeared on one of those renovation shows at the beginning of the entire saga, unfortunately she didnt have approval from either the council or the historical mob, and to make it all the more laughable, the neighbour whose common wall she damaged- was high up in the historical preservation society!!! (so was all too aware of the correct way of doing things!) there was also damage to the neighbours wall footings as well, which was as I recall, the basis of the first case that wrekka lost, and she was ordered to pay costs for the repairs to the wall (so it wouldnt collapse) and she refused to do so

          She also tried the ‘sell it for a pound’ to firstly her parents, then a family friend, afaik, they just nullified the sales as she didnt have the right to sell it because of the court costs she had run up, but if they had allowed the ‘sales’ to go through, her parents and friend would be liable for thousands in tax from the several sales (she had an agreement that she woud have a lease as long as she liked for next to nothing, that was her get out card, ‘she didnt own the house, she was just renting it now’

          So she has basically lost the entire value of the house doing this FOTL garbage

          As usual Quatloos has a lot about it (80 pages of it just on this thread alone!!!)

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    • “10 out of 10 for self-awareness:”
      I wonder if he is aware that it is a parody song… That Dennis is making the song about people who are totally unaware that everyone else around them is cringing at everything they do (hence the other guy saying “you really are an arsehole aren’t you”)

      Oh wait, what was uglies comment again??

      “a song about me eh lulz”

      That Dennis is making the song about Malcom who is totally unaware that everyone else around him is cringing at everything he does….

      On second thoughts, yes it IS totally about you ugly…..

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    • I think it translates as: “I’ve been at the booze and weed again. Hic. I also have no self-awareness or verbal filter and I just spout whatever pops into my head in whatever random order feels natural. Pass the whiskey, hen. Hic.” I think that’s the gist anyway.

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    • “Don’t let anyone stop you. Carry on”. We shall do exactly that and we don’t need your permission to do it.

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    • Yet another pervert who enjoyed the chance to watch two tortured children coached to repeat with no emotional investment, the conspiracy theories of drug addled child abusers Abe and Ella.

      Why would anybody go after two children who were psychically, and emotionally abused into making false allegations a brain dead chimp could tell were impossible and pure fantasy, from the mind of a known child abusing criminal?

      I wish these freaks would stop supporting and covering up for the actual child abusers, because they want to cling to their sick little paedophillic fantasies.

      On a separate note, this is the sort of think i’d expect from the hoaxers on their days off from sharing and uploading child abuse videos. I mean it does involve targeting Masons, human skulls, and drugs; right up Abe’s alley, so to speak.

      “A Nelson man who stole a human skull and bones from a Masonic lodge said he would return the stolen goods in exchange for meth.

      Cayden John Minto, 27, pleaded guilty to a charge of burglary and another of blackmail when he appeared in the Nelson District Court on Thursday. 


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  14. Aww, did someone hurt Cat’s ickle feelings? 😦

    (It’s an old one but she’s just re-made it public, I think.)

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  15. It’s been a while since Ogilfail showed his Islamophobic side but here he is, bigging up race hate campaigner and former EDL leader Tommy Robinson:


    • Yes, Malcolm, it’s everyone else’s fault that you can’t see your daughter. It can’t possibly be down to anything you may have done.

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  16. I was just wondering whether posters here had read this horrific news story about a couple of deluded conspiracy theorists who tortured and murdered a completely innocent young woman because they felt the kind of righteous sense of entitlement and superiority, combined with sadistic fantasies that the Hampstead hoaxers exhibit.


    This kind of shared psychotic delusion is known as a “follie a deux”.

    The Hampstead hoax must be some kind of follie a milliers

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  17. The appalling murder of an innocent young woman has many parallels to the Hampstead hoax

    False accusations of paedophilia
    False accusations of the use of black magic
    A perpetrator with a history of involvement with multi-level marketing scams
    A falsely accused celebrity from the world of entertainment
    A perpetrator making false allegations of being stalked
    Perpetrators torturing false confessions out of an innocent, vulnerable victim
    Perpetrators filming and recording said false confessions
    Perpetrators starving a victim to the point of emaciation
    Perpetrators making a mess of trying to hide the evidence of their crimes
    Perpetrators sharing an unshakable delusion that an innocent human being was totally evil on the basis of no evidence whatsoever

    it is uncanny actually

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