Sabine writes Tony Gosling from prison

It seems that despite her current lack of access to the internet, Sabine McNeill has found another way to make her voice heard online.

In a video available on George Kouris’  new YouTube channel, “GeeGee Tee”, Tony Gosling read out what he called the “first in a series” of letters from Sabine McNeill, who is currently on remand in HMP Bronzefield.

Tony introduces the letter:

This week, something new called the ‘Bronzefield Bulletin’, it’s our correspondent Sabine McNeill, a child abuse whistle-blower, and she’s writing to us from jail! …

We’re doing a series of letters from prison, and the person writing those letters is Sabine McNeill. She’s been putting forward evidence in London, she says, of serious abuse of children. And because she refuses to stop making that evidence public, the courts have decided that she’s the one who should go to jail.

So here’s the latest missive from her, in jail.

The first part of Sabine’s letter, written about two weeks prior to her most recent bail application being turned down, is fairly mundane and predictable. She complains bitterly about the loss of her walking sticks, which she claims has seriously aggravated her 45-year-old hip injury:

Wednesday, 18th of April, 2018
Sabine McNeill

Writing is my therapy here, and to write to you is special. Today’s message can be short. 

Due to the removal of my Nordic walking sticks, without replacement, my hip joint has reacted. The level of pain caused when it was dislocated 45 years ago, permanently and seriously aggravated when standing or walking. I shall have to drag myself to the physiotherapist, as wheelchairs cannot be organised. 

I can only hope that I won’t miss my two-hour video link with my legal team, given the rules staff operate by. I get food and water thanks to kind co-prisoners. Getting an official carer takes at least one to two weeks. 

But that is just the lead-in to her real message:

All that because we have a modern Savile in our midst, but protected only by the BBC. Above all, he and his named abusers are protected by the police.

The fact that police protection includes the Church of England is the reason for my being here. In my naïveté, I’d thought that safe-guarding means protecting children. Now it means protecting abusers, by fitting up and hounding defenders of children’s rights.

Jake Clarke, who’d been sectioned for three months and forcefully medicated for seven months, has just been arrested. He was my most loyal visitor. ‘Delusional disorder’, they say.

Public protection and HMP safe-guarding has resulted in me becoming a ‘potential person posing a risk to children’, says the PPRC, because of my behaviour and/or conduct in prison, which consisted in receiving a summary of the case as part of a major envelope in my defence, from Peter Oakes. 

Does this cross a legal line?

Is it our imagination, or has Sabine stepped over yet another legal line in making the claim that “we have a modern Savile in our midst, but protected only by the BBC. Above all, he and his named abusers are protected by the police”?

It might be one thing if her letter had been intended as private correspondence between two people, but as Tony Gosling tells it, this is the first in a series of correspondence from Sabine which he plans to read aloud on his internet radio show. To us, that sounds as though Sabine wrote her letter intending that it should be read aloud online.

However, we’re not lawyers here, and so we have passed the video along to the authorities in charge of Sabine’s case, in hopes that they will be able to sort it out.

Who is Peter Oakes?

The name “Peter Oakes” rang a dull thud somewhere in the backs of our collective memory, but none of us could quite recall who he was.

It is no doubt completely coincidental that three of the four people profiled in this explanatory article in The Guardian, titled “I fought the law: Meet the super-litigants”, are colleagues of Sabine:

Peter Oakes has sued – or attempted to sue – the police, council officials and other public servants. He says he’s been to court “about 20 times” over the past 18 years.

“I’ve never won a case,” says 72-year-old Oakes, who lives in Crewe. “But I’ve had to keep going. My experience has unglued everything I believed in. Once you fall foul of an official body, it seems all the others conspire against you.”


Yep, sounds like one of Sabine’s, all right.

Why was he sending Sabine a summary of her case? No idea. But we’re sure it’ll come out at some point.

‘Person posing a risk to children’

We also wonder what could have been in that “major envelope” in Sabine’s defence, which seems to have led to her being designated a “potential person posing a risk to children”?

According to this document from the National Offender Management Service, identification of potential PPRC offenders is set out under Section 11 of the Children Act 2004, in an effort to safeguard and protect the welfare of children. Potential PPRC 2018-05-13 We don’t know what it was that caused the staff at HMP Bronzefield to identify Sabine as a “potential PPRC”.


71 thoughts on “Sabine writes Tony Gosling from prison

  1. I don’t think this letter was posted to Tony. As letters are screened before they are posted. So was this told to Tony over the phone, or did he decide to write it to himself?
    Maybe he should show it to Yolanda Gordon/kenward or whoever she decides to be this week. She’s very fond of writing letters and is also a bit delusional (sarcasm) about the power she holds within.

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  2. If Sabine didn’t write it, someone out there is a fantastic mimic of her style. You’re right that it could have been told to Tony over the phone, or conveyed in some other way, but I’d be quite surprised if Sabine hadn’t had a hand in it.

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  3. I had a friend on remand at Holloway in the early 80s and we were able to take her treats- often a Harrod’s hamper. Are prisoners on remand still allowed to receive outside gifts of food etc?

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  4. Thanks for sharing this, EC.

    Contempt of court (allegedly and without prejudice) seems to be becoming a hobby for Sabine. Some people play Scrabble, some do knitting and I myself am an avid shoelace-collector. Perhaps Sabine could take up one of these to give herself an outlet and keep herself out of trouble. Do they run shoelace-collecting classes in HMP Bronzefield?

    PS: if anyone knows where I can get hold of a pair of Victorian Phoenix laces (ideally in grey) from circa 1900, please let me know.

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  5. Can’t believe Sabine – she really IS crazy to continue her campaign despite sitting in prison already. This broadcast will mean further monitoring and restriction of her remaining liberties – being able to write and make phone calls. Can you imagine the judge when she hears this?

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  6. By the way, whilst searching for that I stumbled upon Sabine’s interview with Graham Hart and spotted a lovely little fruitcake quote that I hadn’t picked up on before:

    “Dresden was the Venice of Europe” 😀

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  7. So Arfur’s such a rebel against the system he subscribes to Murdoch’s piss poor Foxtel cable network which taxpayers like me “gifted” $30M to in this month’s budget while the excellent public broadcaster the ABC had $82M ripped out of it’s budget.
    Fuck you Kaoutal- you’re probably a Fox News fan.

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  8. Is she really trying to “shoot the moon” and get herself permanently into residential psychiatric care? She seems to be doing everything in her power to make her case go as badly as possible. As has been pointed out before, if she genuinely believed the hoax, and thought that hundreds of school children were being
    sexually abused every week and thousands of babies slaughtered, she wouldn’t have tried to use the police videos to blackmail RD into relinquishing his access to his children.
    Alternatively is she trying to draw as much publicity to herself as possible so that she can claim the media have biased any potential jurors against her? Either way, I don’t think either strategy is a wise one.

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  9. Oh, it’s Andy Devine. Another fruitcake.

    Mind you, there’s some interesting news near the beginning – apparently both John Paterson and Matt Taylor got arrested last week. John Paterson for “threats to kill”.

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  10. Whenever I hear that name I hearken back to that eviction demo where Morris demanded of a copper if some piece of paper was a “lawful document” and eventually got carted away to the Paddy Wagon and could still be heard as it drove off shouting and demanding of said policeman if he had “taken his oath of office”. Others threatened to make a citizen’s arrest of the handful of cops on hand but basically slunk off having failed to nab one policeman. What fun.

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  11. I can think of several things to say but it wouldn’t be appropriate considering what went on there during WW2. But Sabine was just a baby so she’d have no memories of Dresden before or after the bombing.

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  12. The customary rant about Jews comes at 25:09. “They’re fucking dirty, lying, two-faced…You know, they will tell you anything, like. And we’re all slaves to them, they think, coz we’re Goyim and they’re different, and they are the chosen ones.”


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  13. That Angie encourages him is all the proof most people need, to know that she too is dangerous, and a liar, willing to subject people to any kind of vile sadistic harrassment towards her targets…………….. all to guard the vile viralisers of bile…………. for money & to stop child protection becoming more effective and survivors of abuse gaining the support they do need.

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  14. I raise my right hand electronically to support the view that Neelu should be sectioned under the Mental Health Act.

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  15. And at the end of the last email, the vile little creature calls for people to shoot police officers if they come to their door and refuse to leave.

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  16. “Getting an official carer takes at least one to two weeks.” What a cheeky bint Sabine is. Doesn’t she realise that she is in a prison and not a Butlins holiday camp?

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  17. So Jake visits Sabine more times than Belinda does, what a shocker indeed. I believe that Jake is what is known as a ‘useful idiot’.

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  18. “They’re fucking dirty, lying, two-faced”. Looks like he’s wearing a filthy hospital smock, like he needs a good wash, there’s a dead plant behind him and a bottle of tomato sauce in the window. Such a stylish chap to be commenting on others.

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  19. “Sabine writes…….from prison”

    I get a warm fuzzy feeling every time I am reminded that that horrible person is behind bars.

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  20. Yeah, Liza.. a rant about Jews just after he praised Leonard Cohen’s song “Everybody Knows”.. you couldn’t make it up!

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  21. The bloke is a total idiot with no clue of what he is talking about. He appears to believe every dumb story out there.

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  22. I thought Venice would be the Venice of Europe????

    I mean I think Dresden ‘could’ be, if it had more islands, and more canals, and gondoliers and flooded a lot at every high tide, and had tides, and had more than one river, and was further south, and was in Italy instead of Germany and….

    Well it ‘could’ be….

    (although the Merchant of Dresden’ just doesn’t quite have the same ring to it to me….)

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  23. “I thought Venice would be the Venice of Europe????”


    I was worried people mightn’t get that one. You, Sir, have made my night 🙂


  24. Nice idea but I’m afraid your vote has been disqualified on a technicality – Neelu specifically asked you to raise your left hand.


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  26. 22:16 – “And all you people out there…All those sad sad sick fuckers that keep putting your comments in my little post here – you sellouts, yeah! You Satan’s prostitutes!”
    😂 😂 😂


  27. I think Jake just wants friends, any friend doesn’t matter who. As above he’s a ‘useful idiot’. Maybe he’s being used by the others to keep themselves innocent.


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