Rupert’s new video: A dog’s breakfast

Well, that was a bit anti-climactic.

Since Rupert Quaintance’s release from prison and his deportation back to America in January, there have been vague rumblings of curiosity amongst those who followed the story of his arrest and trial for harassment. What would he say when he returned home? Would he have learnt anything from his experience here?

Last night, Rupert released his first public live-streamed video since his return to Charlottesville. The kindest thing we can say about it is that he seemed a bit scattered. In the sense that the Pope is “a bit” Catholic, or Angela Power-Disney is “a bit” of a…no, perhaps we’d better not go there.

Trying to follow Rupert’s drifting monologue was difficult, but in amongst phrases like “this is a testament to humanity” and “I’m humbled by the fact that it happened”, we did manage to piece together a few facts.

In a stunning triumph of hope over experience, Rupert says he’s thinking of returning to Italy to do more videoing at the Vatican, but he vows that this time there will be “no crazy shenanigans”. He wants to travel to Amsterdam again, and then to Paris for “a couple of months, because I can”.

He acknowledges that he hasn’t really reported back on what happened during his sojourn in prison, and says he intends to do an update on that; he also says he’s planning to write a book about “activism, supernatural stuff, altruism, anthropology”, America, Trump, and Charlottesville.

He claims to have an editor, but no publisher for this magnum opus, which comes as a huge surprise; surely such an original work would fairly leap out of the slush pile at any acquisitions editor…no? In any case, says Rupert, while he could write the book now, he thinks it would be better to decompress…and then go haring off to Europe again with Kevin Galalae.

Side-note: last we heard of Mr Galalae, he’d taken his donors’ hard-earned cash off to India for an extended yoga retreat holiday. Perhaps he wanted to “decompress” too, who knows?

Back to Rupert though: he’s found a job on a flooring crew, and admits that he’s been “living like a college kid or a guy in a band”, because “that’s just how I’m wired”. Uh-huh.

It seems that his UK experience left him a bit frazzled:

If you’d stuck a live-stream in front of me when I first got back I’d have flipped out. Cause if you get persecuted for…saying’ stuff….we’ll go into that later!

They already ran  me through jail, they think I’m going to be quiet about it?

Yeah, I know what I’m allowed to say and what I’m not allowed to say, that doesn’t mean I’m going to behave myself, I mean…I could just…I offered to play nice, you gonna just piss me off now”.

He complains about having spent his time in Erith living “like a third class prisoner” but does seem very keen to help his friend Adam’s grandmother, who supported him in the months leading up to his trial.

Describing her as a “family friend”, he says her name is Jean, she’s 85 years old, she has lymphedema in her legs, she only has one kidney, and she’s partially blind. “And she didn’t kick me out, she’s like my surrogate British grandma”.

Rupert says that he’s been trying to reimburse her for the expense of supporting him, but hasn’t been able to raise enough cash on his own, so he asks his friends to contribute to his GoFundMe page to help.

He doesn’t explain why, if he really wants to help this elderly woman who sounds like a fine person indeed, he is planning on gallivanting off to Europe once again, leaving his paid work behind. Details, details.

There’s more…much more…but really, piecing together this long, rambling diatribe is almost as painful as listening to it. He suggests that England be annexed to the United States as the 51st state; he tells his audience that they must “vote out all the incumbents” in the coming U.S. mid-term elections; and he goes on an extended rant about a pair of glasses which, he believes, somehow connect him to the 1960s.

Bit of a dog’s breakfast, really.

However, we do have one gem of a quote for the Hoaxteaders’ Little Book of Non Sequiturs; see if you can work out what this means:

“I’m not trying to sit here and portray myself as some kind of shining border collie of a person”.

Have at it, and let us know what you come up with. Answers on a postcard, please.

Rupert European vacation

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  1. Here at Riddled we are solicitous about Kevin Galalae, on account of his Depopulation Agenda and generally entertaining looniness, so it was a source of anxiety to see Sacha Stone grooming him. At one time, it seems, Galalae vs. Canada was to have been the first case heard at Sacha’s ITNJ, before they found other plaintiffs with more money.

    Imagine my relief to see that Galalae has now denounced ITNJ/A> on account of it being part of the Conspiracy.

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  2. Now that Rupert is back home, I hope that his mother has remembered to not put his peas next to his carrots as he really hates that.

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    • Whoop whoop! It’s Arfur (no, not that one – the nice one) 😀

      Hope you’re well, mate 🙂

      As for your very pertinent question, it just so happens that I raised that very point with Roopy last night. After all, it is an important matter that needs to be addressed urgently, imo:

      Will keep you posted…

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  3. You may also enjoy this recent communique from Kevin Galalae in which he explains that he is going to switch sides, join the forces of genocide, and work to advance the Depopulation Agenda. Evidently the Depopulation Agenda was right all along, since the apathetic masses have shown (by their failure to support him) that they deserve to be culled.

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    • If Kevin had stuck at his hunger strike in Rome for longer then he may have contributed to depopulation by one.

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    • ‘It is therefore fair that those who are smart enough to care about society, the planet and the future of mankind are eliminating from the face of the planet those who are too stupid to care and who refuse to evolve.’

      I hadn’t realised he was this batshit crazy. Is he planning on killing people? Rupert wants to spend time with him? What???

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  4. “I’m not trying to sit here and portray myself as some kind of shining border collie of a person”.

    Hmm, was Angela showing him around the ‘dogging’ spots! 😷

    What’s a third class prisoner I wonder? Blue collar prisoner maybe, or is it because he thinks he should not have been sent to prison!

    So he hasn’t bothered to reimburse an elderly lady who suffers from various medical problems, that a gentleman right there……not! A scrounger more like & a disgrace.

    He’s thinking about saying stuff? Does he know that England is still part of the EU I wonder & he could still get done, bring it on boyo, spend another holiday in a London prison. One day he may learn that he is of no importance whatsoever & that he is actually a common criminal.

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    • He’s started a Gofundme page to reimburse an 85 year old, near blind Grandma with lymphedema in her legs, and one kidney as he plans a trip to sunny Italy?. Oh yeah pull the other one Rupert.
      “he’s planning to write a book about “activism, supernatural stuff, altruism, anthropology”, America, Trump, and Charlottesville”. Just what the world needs. Another tome from a non-entity.
      The ego of some of these troofers is amazing. You were less a “third class prisoner” Quiantance, more a third rate one.

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    • “Does he know that England is still part of the EU?”

      …Or that England is just one part of the UK? Seriously, what’s going to happen to Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland once Roopy & Trump have annexed England? I think we should be told.

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    • Watching the video you see, in unguarded moments, not much a border collie as a hurt little puppy. There is something rather tragic about him living in such squalid surroundings at his age. Unfortunately he doesn’t seem to have learnt how to make good decisions yet.

      Rupert, you know how we said that if you tried pursuing the Hampstead Hoax in London you would probably end up behind bars? We were right weren’t we? Ultimately it is a very serious matter involving the safety of children, it has been properly investigated and it is very unwise for anyone who doesn’t fully understand the situation and is not some sort of professional in any relevant field to get involved.

      I think I am also right to say you will have a much better life if you stay well away from Kevin Galalae and the assorted odd bods of the “troother” community. They are all either crooks, perverts or mentally ill (sometimes all three). Go and find a proper job in Charlottesville. Find some friends who don’t do drugs. If you want to be a journalist, do a course and learn how to do it properly. You probably have got a book to write about your experiences if you just stick to the facts and drop any fantasies about the supernatural and conspiracy theories.

      God knows if you’ll look at this, but even though you have brought so much of this on yourself, I would still like to see you not have your life completely ruined by that dreadful old witch Angela Power-Disney. She seems to delight in destroying men’s lives one way or another. You’re not too old to turn yourself around, but time is running out. Grow up and move on now!

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  5. Will gladly add “I’m not trying to sit here and portray myself as some kind of shining border collie of a person” to the Hoaxtead Book of Fruitcake Quotes, EC 🙂

    Other recent additions include:

    – “It’s coming down like a house of dominoes”
    – “The masses have been dumb down”
    – “They can’t shut us up. How many times have I got arrested for exposure?”
    – “Fine to share from my end”
    – “He missed his vocabulary in life”
    – “They will be changing their names by depot”
    – “You’re just a bunch of mutters”
    – “You’re following the World War 3 gender”

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    • The post in question:

      Hopefully she’ll have been given a nice 30-day suspension for that. It’ll do the mad bint the world of good to give her gums a rest.

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    • He’s a Creep! Where is Dawson’s “Update” on Poopert? Roflol the “UK hostage”? hahaha


  6. I think his ‘England should be the 51st state’ is a bit of trolling designed to get a reaction out of people.
    Of course we need the ‘freedoms’ they have in America. The highest incarceration rate in the world with a disproportionate number of black men in prison. Way to go America. I can’t wait to be like you. Gem of a place.

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  7. “Cause if you get persecuted for…saying’ stuff….we’ll go into that later!”

    We warned you on many occasions what could happen if you came to London after saying the things you said, but you wrote it off as “trolling”. You were actually prosecuted because you turned up outside a primary school after making threats to teachers and parents of children there. You also publicly posted images of yourself there with comments implying you were armed with a knife. Considering that you also had a list of people’s names and addresses it is no wonder you were considered a credible threat.

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    • Wow, when I did a sponsored walk at school once, I don’t recall it causing all dark energies, activities and entities to leave Mother Earth, let alone give strange women from Ilford goosebumps and tears. I wonder what Mr. Wedgers’s secret is.

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    • “This is where my sister collected 12,000 signatures for a new investigation into the death of my niece.”

      Hmm. Berry bullshit or ‘one born every minute’? You decide

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    • Oh I can’t help wondering … had he raised donations thru his fake homeless scam ?
      and skipping to avoid the known about the crimes he had to know be held to judgement for. Hmm ‘get away to Spain, mate’, would be Abes probable idea,
      Wesley is out of luck, time, power on the internet……… All of his tags are worth investigating, in terms of who prolifically used them to share CSA hoax posts amongs some real, whilst claiming to be making most of it happen, and promoting the likes of well, all the Fresh Start Foundation Fakes, Scammers, Abusers, and well dodgy and even dangerous types, including Bill Maloney, who in a last ditch attempt to re raise the hollie hoax, as a are still failing……………..the numbers under his video are fake, bought and engineered by all that are predictably sharing his video……. those pathways must be visible, in terms of the likes of those who sit clicking at home all day long……. or typing……. I was sickened the other day to see his video again, at one of the first meetings of Voicing CSA………. He and Joe Public were manipulating and sabotaging from the off, unfortunately Phil Lafferty and others either didn’t realise or were just giving everyone a fair shake. People here may remember I defended Wesley a bit, at first, having listened to what he said and given him the benefit of the doubt to have changed and meant what he said….. He like Bill Maloney and Ben Fellows have left a trail of people saying that he either stole equipment or messed things up or abused them, once they were seen through………………Opdeatheaters were responsible for helping to try and defraud the Ballarat Fund for Survivors………… Also issueing death threats also in tandem with Fiona Barnett chatting shit about 3 good people, who were mocked mercilessly…………. that victim taunting thing again……traits of paedophiles, and those who get off on it all………. Judge Pauffley was right and it’s about time that restraining order bit everyone.

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  8. Ach ! It’s been ages since I’ve read or contributed any meaningful thoughts related to this marathon of a saga, but I just got a massive late-night belly laugh upon my return. So many thoughts, yet so many neurons screaming in unison for a break via sleep. Hope this will go through. Salient observation at the moment : my snootiest family members and friends buy/adopt Border Collies because of their allegedly stratospheric intellects and “co-morbid” obsessive-compulsive neuroses. Methinks Roop is -as ever – shamelessly promoting himself while throwing more than a wee bit of faux self-deprecation into the mix. Or perhaps he’s just sloppily confusing them with Beagles ? Far more cognitively appropriate, haha !

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    • Erm, I’m so knackered that I typed my name wrong ! That’s F-U-S-T-E-R-C-L-U-C-K, a.k.a. Zeddy/ZCL on Twitter. It’s really me – just in a semi-comatose state. My apologies – how do I fix things ? Merci mille fois !

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  9. Did I offend you then… My Spanish wild yankie dog that you failed to post my comment on tother title post haw haw haw


    • So, Rupert, do you still think you were “harassed” and “threatened” by RD? Good thing the prosecution didn’t pick up on that little slip of the tongue during your trial. Could have earned you even more time behind bars.


    • Quick question, do you think there should be legislation to restrict family size? This would have to be backed up with fines, prison sentences, forcible sterilisation, abortions and/or infanticide, in some combination to work. Is Kevin Galalae the person to lead the planet with his proposed overt depopulation agenda as he seems to think he is?

      Have you looked him up on Canlii? At times he has been quite unwell.

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