Wesley Hall: Released on bail, remains defiant

On Monday we reported that Wesley Hall had live-streamed part of his arrest, in which he was pulled from a flight bound for Málaga, Spain. The arrest came in answer to a warrant from the London Metropolitan Police. In the videos, it transpired that Wesley was being sought on charges of perverting the course of justice, but the arresting officer did not give further details.

Yesterday Wesley stated on his blog that he’d been taken to Colindale Police Station in London, where he’d given a no-comment interview:Wesley Hall 2018-05-08 1Wesley Hall 2018-05-08 2Although it appears that Wesley has not actually been charged yet, his computers…oh, pardon us, his MacBook and phone have been seized, and presumably he is now on bail, which explains his cautiously worded Facebook post.

He appears to believe he’s being mightily clever in doing so, but given the details he has released, it’s entirely possible that he’s outsmarting himself here.

And how could we leave out this moment of high drama?

Wesley Hall 2018-05-08 3

At the end of the ‘no comment’ interview, I was asked if there’s anything I’d like to say…

I lifted my eyes up from where they were fixated during the ‘no comment’ replies and looked directly in to the eyes of the person opposite me and said….

‘Why are you not investigating the abusers of the children?’

Well, Wesley, we’re going to take a flyer and suggest that the “person opposite” was not investigating the abusers of the children because they are currently on the run from the law in or near Marbella, Spain. That’s just our guess, of course. Could be wrong.

Doing it by the book

We confess we were amused by Wesley’s story of looking “directly into the eyes” of the officer who’d interviewed him; is there some sort of Hampstead Hoaxer Handbook™ which specifies that at some point one must stare deeply into someone else’s eyes?

Consider this: back when Charlotte Ward’s Hamster Research blog was a going concern, Abe wrote this:

My chastisement of A & G has been exaggerated to the degree to which RD’s behaviour has been played down. As a 58 year old from Tottenham, once I realised that the children had been possibly sexually abused, it wasn’t difficult for me to realise that I could make an ideal scapegoat by the real culprits were I to voice my suspicions. Twice I considered removing myself from this this delicate situation, anticipating some such scenario with me as the convenient scapegoat.

Remembering M’s big green eyes looking deeply into mine imploring me telepathically to help, before A & G disclosed, remind me that this temporary discomfiture is nothing if one child is spared this torture. Naively or otherwise I decided to trust and go to the authorities.

~ ‘Message from Abraham’ June 1, 2015

And in December 2015, apparently having forgotten that it was Abe who’d stared creepily into some poor child’s eyes, Ella said this—about the same child:

(S)he “remember(s) one incident where A’s friend came to my house” and “she was looking into my eyes, she was asking for something, she was begging for something, for something I did not see. Then later on, A. disclosed…this girl’s name was M…” and surprisingly enough, M was one of the children alleged to have been a victim of ‘the cult’.

Sorry, little digression there. Right, where were we?


Hail the conquering hero and all that

Needless to say, Wesley’s friends are all deeply impressed with his foray into the lion’s den:

Wesley Hall 2018-05-08 5Let’s hope that all this mindless adulation doesn’t lead Wesley to breach his bail conditions. Because that would be a real pity, that would.

Wesley Hall-homelessness Lancashire

81 thoughts on “Wesley Hall: Released on bail, remains defiant

  1. So I expect the sickness benefit people know he was on his way to Spain to do a job? He will have informed them won’t he?

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  2. Deborah must have been reading he who cannot be mentioned’s FB page, “poor child is somewhere bricked up in the basement”, or she has a crazy, distorted imagination like Weasley, Angela, Sabine, Belinda, Tracey………..😒

    Yes EC, it would be awful if he broke his bail conditions, just awful! I feel sorry for the poor MacBook!

    Stare into my eyes………

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    • I suspect that HWMNBN stole his “bricked up in the basement” idea from American serial rapist/killer John Wayne Gacy, who buried 26 of his victims in the crawl space of his home.

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  3. In re: Tweet below regarding “teacher’s locker contents”.
    CAN aka Cult Awareness Network was co-oped by $cientology, they bought the name. I don’t see a date on those “dox’….? E.C.?


  4. None of This Mob (™) seem to be able to separate a specific action from a cause. In their ‘eyes’ anything is allowed no matter if it’s legal or illegal as long as they believe in the battle. An example would be the London riots in 2011 over the shooting of a suspect.
    While people may have genuine concerns over an incident they then justify looting and the burning of shops and businesses. I’ve heard so many say it was all justified yet not a thought is given to innocent individuals who suffer for years after. Shop-keepers who go broke and have to lay off their employees and who all then struggle to support their families. The inadequately insured building owner and the subsequent cost to all insured as premiums go up. The person struggling to pay off a car who has it tipped over and wrecked and can’t afford to have it fixed.
    Incidental victims (and by God Hampstead has dozens) don’t even figure into the mix.

    # Bizarrely I had a long dream last night involving the usual things that happen during the day- conversations with a friend, emails about business but a certain Jake featured as well (God only knows why). He was unbelievably stupid & finally (fortunately) went off with some very shady characters eventually, thankfully out of my dream and possibly on to haunt someone else.
    ## Clue for those who think staring into eyes of your “opponent” is a way to unsettle them.. The idea is to fixedly stare at said person the entire time if the idea is to convey determination, not stare elsewhere.

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    • Well, without discussing the ins or ands and buts I feel it’s safe to say weaselly is guilty as sin of every single charge the GMP throw at him hehe.

      I love that he was subjected to the unwelcome attention of being carted off an airplane – I would love it if it turned out his would be fellow passengers did a slow clap as he was escorted in handcuffs off the plane and that they booed and hissed at him for delaying their flight.

      No doubt his rendering of the tale of his arrest is as far removed from reality as all else he purports to be the truth

      And long may the police hang on to his equipment which he managed to accumulate via generous genuine donations from concerned individuals who believed his plagiarised spiel and supposed association/partnership with bona fide charities concerned with proper victims and their care.

      I’m delighted with this outcome, it serves to restore my faith in those charged with protecting the public. I salute them!

      Thank you!

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  5. So Wesley was on his way (with a load of camera equipment) to the exact same Spanish resort where Abe & Ella (who like to be filmed) are believed to be hiding out? All just coincidence, I’m sure.

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    • Scared? We are supposed to be GCHQ or MI5, CIA etc. Why in the hell would be scared if we such powerful entities?. Especially of a couple of toerags from Ireland and Manchester. Totally out of touch with reality.

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      • Kings Cross “child sex predator golden mile”?. He’s been in that clinic for too long. It’s now a mostly yuppie residential area albeit with a couple of strip joints with a few ladies who should retired a long time ago.
        And the ‘Golden Mile’ was the gay strip of Oxford Street a mile away- now very similar. How come I know all this when I’m nearly 4000KMs away?.

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        • And how come I know all about it when I’m over 9 thousand miles away? Answer: Series 3 of ‘Underbelly’. Hey, don’t knock it – that’s what Angie would call “research” 😀

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      Sorry, when did those 7.5 billion people elect Neelu to speak to the lizard people on their behalf? I didn’t see anything on the news.

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      • “How stupid must you be to still believe that Superbowl shite?”

        Well, about a month or so ago Cat put up an entire rant about how disgusting George Harrison was for…er…marrying Mandy Smith. Nuff said? In terms of intellect (and in so many other ways too) she’s basically the UK equivalent of Kris Costa.

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        • And as a director of Fresh Start Fake Foundation…….. who are attempting to dissuade survivors from engaging with the Scottish Public Inquiry and instead give their evidence to the creepy David Scott & co….. so they can groom some more victims to give them credibility ……. ???? Also has a sinister and dangerous side.

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    • She sure is! What a strange person. She’s clearly in breach of her bail and possibly in contempt of court, and maybe even perverting the course of justice by intimidating witnesses. By the way, aren’t her army of sycophants annoying!

      Tracey’s RC Hissy Fit, 09.05.18 (8 screnshots)


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      • They all seem to blindly follow her, they don’t seem to stop & think, “could this really be true”. Maybe they’re just scared of her, I don’t understand that blind following carry on at all.


      • “bum chum mate”. I guess we already knew she was homophobic. Don’t know why I’m so surprised. What a horrible woman.

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        • Yes, i reported that comment for “harassment or hate speech towards a gender or orientation”; and a few others for “harassment or hate speech towards and individual”.

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      • The only person on trial is TM not that you’d know it after reading that verbal vomit. I get her guilt at being the worst mother since Karen Matthews hid her daughter under a bed for money, but all the Facebook rants in the world won’t change the reality of the situation, she’s talking herself into prison and her sons will end up raised in the care system in the same way her poor daughters were. Instead of trying to ruin other people’s families maybe she should concentrate on salvaging what’s left of her own.

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    • ## Now theres all sorts of medicines that you can buy
      No matter what ailment youve got
      But I know a special one you ought to try
      Youll find its the best of the lot
      Its my Auntie Neelu’s home made remedy, its guaranteed never to fail
      Thats the stuff that will do the trick
      Its sold by struck off pharmacists for “one and a kick”.
      (Turned out nice again!) ##

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  6. Just a reminder to anyone who hasn’t yet had the chance to add a review to the “Ella takes a polygraph” video: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B07CTD5VFP/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1525300570&sr=8-1&pi=PI_PJPrime-Sash-Extra-Large-2017,TopLeft,0,0_AC_SX118_SY170&keywords=hampstead+mystery+solved&dpPl=1&dpID=5159HvnihfL&ref=plSrch

    More 5-star reviews are being added, while the 1-star reviews are rapidly sinking to the bottom of the page. Amazon tends to “downgrade” negative reviews and “upgrade” positive ones anyway, as their goal is to sell their product, so the more of us who can add our voices to the mix, the better! It doesn’t take long, and it’s important to help would-be viewers realise that this video is a fraud.

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    • I find it very disturbing that Nazism is on the rise again all over the world especially since the election of Donald Trump seems to have emboldened these people.

      The nightmare known as Araya Mange actually alerted me (she’s such a dill she doesn’t realise the book she is promoting -“if you can find a copy” is available for free on the net) to the troubling fact that the great Yehudi Menhuin’s son Gerard is a raging antisemitic Nazi (author of Mangy’s favourite book) who rambles on about numbers of Jews claimed to have been murdered (whilst ignoring the 10,000s of Romany, Gay, Socialists etc also killed) . He gets it down to under one million while describing concentration camps as almost Butlin type holiday resorts but never once questions why millions of German citizens were being locked up in them and forced to work but he graciously claims they were given “paper money” to spend in the “company store” (shades of slavery in the US Southern states).

      None of these ghastly people ever refer to Adolph Eichmann who at his trial in Israel patiently explained how he transported over one million Jews to the camps knowing they were to be eventually murdered and claimed that while he was “just obeying orders” felt quite proud of the fact that hew as responsible for the deaths of those one million. In addition he attended a session of one of the infamous mobile killing trucks were people were loaded into the back and gassed to death but found it so distasteful he gave up the idea of supervising them. Much easier just working in an office.

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      • I attended a German School in Dublin …..there was no occurrence of Holocaust denial going on then…there were shouts of “Verdamme lang her” and excuses plus apologies made by our school principal for his part in being a member of Hitler’s youth. My best friend’s father fought on the German side during WWII but he became a POW in Russia. We were also told many stories of people escaping, the lengths they went to, from the DDR/GDR

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    • Ah, I see why Angie’s latched on this video. Harvey and his mate are spouting the same conspiranoid crap about YT view counts going down that she does. Clearly it doesn’t matter how many times you explain to these fruitloops the perfectly rational reason why that happens – they’ll always believe what they want to beleive, as it suits their narrative, which appears to be that MI5 are pouring resources into reducing the view counts on amateur YouTube videos, because obviously people like Angela and Harvey are a real threat to the Illuminati and the most efficient way to stop them is to knock their video counts down from 67 to 64. Or something. Sigh

      PS: every time these people tell the World that their view counts have gone down, they’re essentially admitting that they’ve been repeatedly refreshing their video pages to dishonestly push them up in the first place. D’oh!

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      • Angie only cottoned on to Brian Harveys videos after he was interviewed by Christine J Hart….. which did him no favours, frankly.
        I have watched and shared some of his videos, that have revealed how Bill Maloney orchestrated false allegations to be made……. and tried to contact him, to disuade him from going down the ‘truther’ path, that he was now going down, to no avail.

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    • Brian Harvey @ 14:48 – “Listen, I’m on benefits. I’m not someone who can afford a solicitor.”


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  7. ^^^^^^^ ” A 64-year-old Matson man who refuses to admit his identity or comply with the tax and judicial system has been jailed for 60 days failing to pay council tax.

    Arthur David Guy of Juniper Avenue, Matson, owes £2,573.90 tax to Gloucester City Council and appeared before Cheltenham Magistrates Court yesterday for non payment.

    The court was told the outstanding tax covers three years 2013-14, 2014-15 and 2015-16″.

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  8. I remember #opdeatheaters very well, because it was a huge disappointment, half a dozen crusties outside Burnley Town Hall. One of them was quite fit though. Their ‘million mask march’ claims amounted to very little. I’ve been googling for the images and not found them, I’ll post if I find them.


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