What does it mean to ‘pervert the course of justice’?

When Wesley Hall was arrested yesterday as he attempted to board a flight to Málaga, Spain, the arresting officer told him that he would be going to a London police station to face charges of “perverting the course of justice”. Wesley seemed surprised and a bit puzzled by this, so we thought an explanation of the charge and its potential implications would not go amiss.

What does the charge entail?

Perverting the course of justice involves someone preventing himself or another person (or persons) from receiving justice in some way, including: intimidating or interfering with a witness, juror, or judge; fabricating or disposing of evidence; or falsely accusing someone of a crime.

This is an indictable-only charge which must be tried before a jury in crown court, and in principle, it carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment, plus a fine. This theoretical maximum sentence is intended to convey the seriousness of interfering with the proper functioning of the justice system, which underpins our entire social fabric.

In practice, however, the average sentence for this offence is much less.

Perverting the course of justice: Some recent examples

A 2007 appeal judgment said sentencing for perverting the course of justice should depend on three factors: the “seriousness of the substantive offence to which the perverting of the course of justice related, the degree of persistence, and the effect of the attempt to pervert the course of justice on the course of justice itself”.

In the 2014 phone hacking scandal, former News of the World editor Andy Coulson was found guilty of perverting the course of justice for having engaged in a conspiracy to intercept voicemails. He was sentenced to 18 months in prison.

Matthew Scott, who blogs at Barrister Blogger, describes the 2017 case of Mark Webb, who laid false complaints against his innocent neighbour, Frances Avis. She had offered to take his Jack Russell terrier for walks, but then, as Matthew says, things started to turn rather weird:

Webb started to accuse Frances of trying to steal his dog. It was a ridiculous allegation, but their relations quickly cooled. One day, while they were talking, she pushed him on the shoulder. She is a small woman and the push was utterly insignificant. Nevertherless, Mr Webb – a man who knew his rights – complained to the police that she had assaulted him.

His complaint initiated her descent into a nightmare. The case went to court with Ms Avis charged with assault. There was no evidence of any injury but the magistrates convicted her of common assault, which does not require any such evidence. In many cases it is a relatively trivial conviction with a light punishment. It turned out to be very different here. By now Mr Webb was also accusing her of harassing him, and the magistrates decided to impose a restraining order, meaning that she had to keep away from Mr Webb and, crucially, not contact him in any way, or she would be committing a separate criminal offence.

It did not satisfy Mr Webb. He claimed that the “harassment” was still continuing. One evening she was sitting at home watching Coronation Street when the police burst in. She was arrested for making threats to kill Webb and his wife. That is a very serious offence indeed. The maximum sentence is 10 years imprisonment, although it can also be tried by magistrates.

The allegation turned out to be that she had written, or got others to write, 19 letters to the Webbs some of them threatening them with death. One of the letters contained some crudely drawn pictures of graves marked “Mark” and “Suzie” and the letters RIP. As it happens, Frances is an accomplished amateur artist and, as she puts it:

“If I’d drawn it, it wouldn’t have been as bad as that.”

Others contained threats to burn his house down.

In addition, Mr Webb claimed that she had damaged his Jaguar and shouted threats to him in the street.

In fact Webb had written the letters himself in a bizarre and initially highly successful attempt to frame his neighbour.

Ms Avis was charged with breaching the restraining order, and was rendered effectively homeless, as her bail conditions prevented her from going near her own flat. After many months, the case came to trial again, and once again the magistrates failed to see through Mr Webb’s story.

Mr Webb made the mistake of pushing his luck: he completed a police-claim form for compensation from Ms Avis. The experienced officer in charge, who’d seen the phony “death threat” letters, noticed that the handwriting was very similar to that on the claim form, and drew this to the attention of the CPS.

Finally, Mr Webb was arrested and charged with perverting the course of justice. After much squirmage, he admitted his guilt. He was convicted and sentenced to 15 months in prison, along with a 10-year restraining order.

In this case, the nature of the offence was “incriminating an innocent person”.

Matthew Graham, Partner and Head of Criminal Law and Mental Health at Mowbray Woodwards, notes that sentencing can depend upon many variables, including the defendant’s previously good character.

Writing about the case of Mr Webb, he says,

The attempted stitch-up went on for many months and included giving evidence under oath in court.  The consequence was that Ms Avis was arrested, locked up on various occasions, had to attend at court repeatedly and was eventually given a suspended prison sentence before it was all cleared up. A large amount of police time was wasted. 

In Wesley Hall’s case, we have not yet heard whether he’s been charged, let alone any details of the charges he might be facing.

However, we think it’s important to understand the potential seriousness of a charge of perverting the course of justice—a charge which meshes very neatly with the known substance of the Hampstead SRA hoax and coverup.

Those who created and set the hoax in motion, it could be argued, are responsible for a massive, far-reaching, and terribly damaging attempt to pervert the course of justice, through false allegations and the creation of false evidence (the videos, drawings, and alleged diary entries supposedly made by the children). As for the duration of the attempted stitch-up, let’s just say that this blog recently marked its third birthday. ‘Nuff said?

As always, we remind our readers that it is an offence to engage in any discussion or speculation regarding Wesley’s charges which could interfere with his right to a fair trial.scales of justice

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  1. I cant believe he only got 15 months!


    Seriously, after the things he did to her (many no doubt she is still trying to recover from), he literally got a token slap on the wrist
    After hearing stories like this, that I begin to despair that the justice system truly is broken beyond repair.

    Maybe what we need is what many workplaces now have, a review of workers performances, where an unbiased group can review magistrates performances and see where certain people are failing to perform their jobs correctly.

    We had a local magistrate here that over a 10 year plus period of time, had every single case he heard overturned by the district court…
    Every single one…

    Not one of his cases in that time failed to be overturned…

    And yet he remained, hearing local cases and handing down his verdicts, where the locals (who were well aware of his lackluster performance in this regard), dutifully trotted off to ‘the big smoke’ courtroom and knew with an almost 100% guarantee, that his decision would be overturned.

    Yet it seemed that no-one was actually able to have him removed from sitting.

    Twas truly bizarre.

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  2. Just looking round to see if any of the fruitloops have latched on to Weasel’s arrest yet and it appears Tracey Morris has started to stir:

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      • So Tracey Morris thinks it is very funny that her ‘friend’ is arrested, but goes on to try to ring a solicitor for him. She really does speak out of both sides of her mouth. This reminds me of her character during the ‘BabyH’ case where she told someone on her that the father, R.I.P. tried to sell the baby, yet when he tragically passed, she was chief mourner & telling the mourning Mummy all that she was “absolutely heartbroken”. 04/09/2017

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      • There have been 9 Treason Acts since 1351, 11 if you count the two Irish ones, you’d think she could have picked one, but no, she comes up with a completely random date for her fantasy.

        She may be thinking of the 1795 Act (though why I’m ascribing rational motives to this I don’t know) which was an early example of equal opportunities legislation, extending hanging to both sexes (previously women were supposed to be burned). It was repealed in 1998.

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    • Is James Pullen related to Penny, does anyone know?

      Either way, fair play to him for the very competent way he’s taken Veater to task there.

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      • Veater: “I eventually found this Facebook page [Wesley’s ‘Free Sabine – Hampstead Whistleblower’ page] using a different search engine although the cynical and sceptical ‘Hoaxstead’ [sic] which has maintained a professional campaign to denigrate anyone connected with the allegations, is again prominent and over represented.”

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      • Butlintwat’s comment is bizarre:

        “The mother Ella Draper is no criminal – she has no criminal record, to my knowledge, though you darken the case by mentioning A Christie. Christie’s involvement is secondary and needn’t even be mentioned. S Mcneil [sic] shouldnt [sic] have released any data on the case as she did – it is well known Ella Draper was furious when she found out re: the release of data by Mcneil [sic]. A much more professional approach should’ve been taken on such a serious issue.”

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    • Veater: “The fact that the only person to be arrested in this case, despite the most serious allegations, is the person who supported the children, rather says it all.”

      Er… has no one told Veater about all the other people who’ve been arrested too? LOL

      Investigative journalism at its finest 😀

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    • Abe is irrelevant to the Hampstead case? And only one hoaxer fruitloop has ever been arrested?

      Thanks for the updates, Tim. I can’t imagine why I don’t visit your blog more often.

      Oh wait – yes I can.

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      • I think if you preface most of his statements with “We would like…” you’ll find they make more sense. As in “we would like Abe to be irrelevant to the Hampstead case”. Or “We would like it if only one person had been arrested in the entire case”.


    • According to JournoAngie (who just happens to have stumbled upon Veater’s article despite never rarely sometimes reading this blog), RD’s a convicted criminal and James Pullen is a “troll” for asking polite, level-headed questions. Couldn’t make her up, could you?

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      • But the children are still your victims Power Disney as exampled by how you have re-posted their videos on your FB timeline. You continue to try and steal their childhood and you disgustingly ensure that any person or pedophile who wants to do them mischief can easily recognize them but dare anyone mention your family (who you defame at will) you scream blue murder. You are a vile hypocrite.

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  3. El Coyote, you state ” Offending posts will be deleted ” which i can see i have to say you have done hid some things that put others in the public eye, in regards to others being able to contact them, which i respect. Why is it can you tell me when there is a very fragile and sensitive case being dealt with that it be allowed to be posted here and made some kind of a laugh out of when it is as serious as the case you all defend here and expect people to believe all you say in defence of RD but at the same time allow others misfortunes to be ridiculed? I personally have pulled away from all the ” Hoax Mob ” as some would name them here and chose to go with the side which made more sense to me when it was fully explained. I believe RD is innocent and i have said that in the past when i fully researched after been challenged to by a member of this group. I found it quite sad that a mans reputation had been ruined and a promising acting carer destroyed by a lady i can only describe as being ” Scorned, hateful and basically crazy. ” This is your blog, i respect that and you are free to allow whatever you chose to appear on it, but it would be nice to see others respect what other people are trying to do in helping a family who have lost a loved one. Thank you.

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    • Linda, no one’s made light of the Quhey Saunders case and that certainly wasn’t my intention. I apologise if it came across that way and I’ll understand if EC elects to remove my comments.

      And I for one welcome your turnaround on the Hampstead case and your positive comments about RD. Do I take it you regret the illegal videos you and Tracey made about this?


      Also, seeing as you’re clearly an intelligent person who has the capacity to think rationally when presented with the facts, has your position on the Alfie case changed at all? You said in a post earlier tonight: “I still support the Alfie Evans case and always will.” I’m just wondering what form that support will take; specifically, will it continue to include the illegal harassment and intimidation of Alder Hey staff or will you be adopting a more level-headed approach?

      Finally, if you don’t mind me asking, what has your friend Tracey’s reaction been to your change of heart re. the Hampstead case?

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      • I speak for Linda 😉 She was not properly informed of the Hampstead Case when those videos were made but i suppose got caught up in all she was hearing at that time and believed what she heard, although i have to say El Coyote himself did acknowledge how easy it would be for one to believe at first glance ( for a better word ) he did say others on this site believed when they first heard also but after going through all the facts they to also had a change of heart.

        Alfie’s case was very sad and the video she shared earlier was a re-share to keep Mr Saunders case fresh in the public eye ” lest none forget. ” She supports i believe that the mum and dad should have been allowed to bring their baby to another country for help if when offered. I feel if it was my child i would want that chance also, but in this case God had other plans evidently.

        Her friend respects her decision, although they have had a few run in’s with one another on different topics regarding the said case, but nonetheless she respects her decision and also her decision to work alone in the future and never to bring the Hampstead Case up in Linda’s presence again.

        Thank you for your understanding.

        God bless.

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          • Scarlet oh dear Scarlet, yes it is i darling. I must be the only one here who posts without hiding behind a false name as of tonight :).


          • “I must be the only one here who posts without hiding behind a false name as of tonight :)”

            Wait – Morticia Addams is your real name?

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          • Linda Morticia, there is no shame in using false names to post here. In the ‘Hamphoaxer Trolls’ folder in our Google drive there are currently 9,310 screenshots and videos, about half of which contain vile death threats to us (including from your Linda’s good friend Tracey).

            Moreover, many of us have families and careers which could be irreparably damaged by the hoaxers if they ever got hold of our details.

            May I ask what your objection to people using noms de plume is, ‘Morticia’? Am I missing something?

            Incidentally, would you like a list of hoaxers who also use pseudonyms?


        • Yes, in fairness people have been known to get swept up in the hype and believed stuff without thinking it through and then later changed their minds, but I’m not convinced that’s an excuse for the way Linda and Tracey viciously attacked an innocent father on two illegal videos. With all due respect, should she, a self-professed paralegal, not have carried out a process of robust fact-checking prior to publicly accusing a named individual of being a baby-raping cannibal? That’s page 1 how to be a paralegal.

          And that’s without even mentioning the threats of violence. I don’t get how a paralegal thought that was ok, with or without the full facts at her disposal.

          In the circumstances, do you not think that an apology from Linda would be more appropriate than an attempt to rationalise her actions?

          By the way, am I to assume that Linda has now removed the offending videos from her Facebook page?

          Finally, I appreciate your response to my Alfie query. However, you appear to have (inadvertently side-stepped my actual question, which was will Linda continue to harass and intimidate the staff of Alder Hey?

          Thank you and best wishes


          • First off i have never intimidated a member of staff and would never do so, i actually do not even know a member of staff in the hospital. If you mean by my presence being there and the said time that maybe that made them feel intimidated, well that was not my intention. I have not posted about the baby since he passed just a condolence picture and like i said the video tonight was a re- share not a new one.

            I am sure the video’s are well gone from my page, well the ones that were done from my page that is and are gone a while now if i am correct ( which i believe i am ) and yes, if i ever get the chance to meet Mr Dearman in person i would apologise to him and if he reads this blog i am sure he will see it himself.

            I am a fully qualified paralegal and should have gone through all more thoroughly before jumping to conclusions, a lesson to be learned for the future i guess.

            Anyway, i have no reason to hide anymore behind a false page anymore my opinion on the Hampstead case is known to all anyway so the Morticia persona shall have to go.

            You are welcome and best wishes to you also.

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          • And have your views of England changed at all, Linda?

            By the way, you realise that you too live in the UK, right? Just ask Tracey’s mate Gerry Adams (no relation to Morticia).


          • “First off i have never intimidated a member of staff and would never do so, i actually do not even know a member of staff in the hospital.”

            That’s very reassuring, Linda. Thank you

            As a paralegal, however, I assume you understand the implications of being an accessory or aiding and abetting a crime. So do you condone the threats that Tracey made to the staff of the hospital? She tagged you in to many of them and you accompanied her to Liverpool with the full knowledge of her intentions:


            By the way, whether or not you know any members of staff personally is academic.

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          • I condone nothing of the sorts and shall be un-tagging myself from such when my page is back up tomorrow. I take it down when i have work to do as it can be distracting with all the messages coming in. To be honest i never really even listened to all i was tagged in haha. Yes, i shall be un-tagging tomorrow. I really am tired and sorry i had to comment as i somehow cannot rely to some of you for some reason, just comment. Again, goodnight and take care.

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      • I accept your apology also and i hope El Coyote elects to remove the above comments also out of respect for the grieving family. Thanks again.

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        • Can you tell me which comments you feel are disrespectful? I will certainly consider removing anything which would cause further grief to the family.


          • Thanks El Coyote for your understanding. I would appreciate it if you could remove the above comments made in relation to the protest for Mr Saunders, anything in regards to it. Byrne Baby Byrne said last night they wouldn’t mind if you chose to under a new name they commented with. Thanks again.

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    • Hi Linda, thanks for this. I appreciate your statement that you believe RD to be innocent, and that you’ve pulled away from those who try to promote the hoax.

      I don’t think anyone here was mocking the Quhey Sanders case; in fact, I think it’s very sad and very much needs to be publicised if there was a miscarriage of justice. (I only say “if” because I’m not fully up to speed on that case, but from what I’ve seen it looks as though some truly terrible things happened.) I completely understand the family’s grief and distress, and wouldn’t wish to do anything to make that worse.

      When I wrote “offending posts will be deleted” in relation to the Comments section here, it was specifically to do with a certain very nasty and mentally disturbed person (Sh*rt*r) who was becoming very excited that he was being discussed by some of our readers. We agreed as a group (the mods here, as well as our readers) that it would be best to ban mention of his name. “Offending posts” in that context are “posts which violate that specific rule”. Hope that makes more sense.

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  4. Just for the record before i go i have no objection to anyone using false names, it was ment as a joke when i referred to myself. I also understand why some have to chose to do so with work etc. Take care all.

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  5. England Mmmm, like most here i think i am allowed an opinion also. I was angry of course when i posted that but i am 100% Irish and most Irish people have an opinion of England especially ones whose families have suffered great injustices there, mine being one. The people? well most i have encountered are nice, i spent a lot of my childhood there and have lots of English friends. It’s the legal system get it wrong in a lot of cases but i suppose that can be said for lots of countries. Anyway i hope i have cleared a lot of stuff up as i have to be up early for work tomorrow so i will say goodnight and take care to you all.

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    • Opinions should be based on facts but you appear to think that England and the UK are the same thing and that the Queen comes from Germany.

      I also think it’s perfectly reasonable of the UK health authorities to rule that a braindead child cannot be cured, seeing as it’s scientifically impossible.


      • I understand what you mean but for a parent about to lose a child it must be horrible to accept these things and hope for some kind of chance especially when another country offers to help. It is the letting go really isn’t it? It can prove to be hard and of course acceptance. In time the parents might see it differently but for now i suppose they are hurting. Goodnight The Office Tapir and take care.


        • With all due respect, though, Italy wasn’t offering a cure, just palliative care, which is what Alfie was already receiving in the UK.

          Goodnight to you too. Good chat


        • Morticia, I cannot begin to imagine the dilemma and pain Alfie Evans’ parents and family felt.

          I can see how the dispute between the doctors arose. One the one hand the doctors were discounting a couple of weeks, months, or more of life on a ventilator, on the other hand the parents wanted treatment that is ordinarily painful and uncomfortable on a child who cannot express pain, or even joy.

          When there were videos of the little lad opening his eyes I saw pupils not dilating, that bit of his brain had gone, and eyes not controlled at all and a pretty big seizure. His parents saw their little child.

          I have nothing but admiration for the love the family have for that little boy though.

          However some of the people who latched on I think are wicked or got perhaps caught up in emotion.


    • Analogue clocks are a nightmare for some SEN kids. “6 means 30, except when it means 6. Oh and sometimes it means half.”

      Also, ticking clocks can be a problem for children with ASD (though you can get analogue clocks with non-ticking second hands and more and more schools are using these).

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      • A friend once complained to me about the analogue clock in one of his secondary school classrooms. Apparently it had a slight glitch, in that the second hand would pause briefly at the 11 o’clock mark, make a slight whirring sound, and then continue on its way. My friend said it got to the point where he couldn’t concentrate on what his teacher was saying—he just kept waiting for that slight, prolonged high-pitched whir, over and over and over. He said he found as many reasons as possible to duck out of that class, just to escape the clock, LOL.

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        • Thats actually a self winder, I haven’t seen one in years. They were actually a standard windup clock mechanism, but when the hand gets to a certain point, it would activate a mechanism (usually an electric motor) that would rewind the spring that drives the hands
          They were more often found in cars that had analogue clocks on the dash, as they would often run for a full day without requiring power from the battery. Downside of course was that if you didn’t use the car for a few days the clock would stop.


    • Re NXIVM, although the allegations may sound like a paranoid conspiracy theory, they are sadly based in reality.

      I think that many on this blog have often observed that many of the nefarious behaviours that hoaxers project onto others reflects the hoaxers’ own activities. Just for example the hoaxers’ tendency for protecting child sexual abusers is ironic given that they spend so much time accusing innocent people of child sexual abuse.

      The NXIVM cult is one of many that are involved in human trafficking, sexual offences against children, conducting horrifying experiments on innocent people without consent and other serious crimes.

      Some victims of the cult were actually branded on the pubic area, without their consent, by other cult members.

      One of the most awful experiences of former members of NXIVM is that they were not taken seriously when they reported their experiences of abuse to law enforcement.

      The former members of NXIVM are also victims of hoaxers who spend all day filling facebook and youtube with insane conspiracy theories. The hoaxers activities result in real victims of horrific abuse not being taken seriously. I know this to be true as I have extensive personal experience in this respect, although not in relation to NXIVM


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    • Costa MUST be a Serial Killer cuz there was one in MA.involving MJ garden with the same name…It’s TRUUUUUUU!


    • The document “Identification, Investigation and Understanding of Ritualistic Criminal Behavior” is just wrong in so many places. They clearly haven’t consulted any Jews or Catholics.

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    • It’s scary how a fundamentalist Christian comedian was such a major contributor to the beginning of the entire SRA scandal, just to make his act more attractive to his market niche…

      It’s also scary how many people built such a towering castle of sand on such a mundane and flimsy base, all the cross referencing on each other, with nothing of substance behind it all

      John “I know it’s true, Tom said so”
      Tom “It’s got to be true, Ann said so”
      Anne “Fred told me it was true”
      Fred “of course its true, I heard it from John”

      and around and around it goes, with ever more intricate and convoluted stories, each trying to ‘outscary’ the previous story until the original story was lost in the mashed together ‘facts’

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    • Aah, the lady that tweeted the pics of that had some interesting people popping up in replies. Quite a few sadly suffered as a result of documents or people like that police detective it seems. I found it quite sad to read.

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        • Actually, come to think of it, that whole Ella polygraph post proves Steved’s point as well. Cian said it to Praterson said it to Araya said it to Neelu said it to Cian…

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      • I was always skeptical about the links Jonathan Meades made between Nazis and Hippies, but the more I see, the more I realise, in some cases, he is right.

        As far as Gerard Menuhin goes, I am just glad he only seems to have involved himself with the Neo Nazi movement since his father’s death. He has been expelled from the foundation that carries the family name.

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        • There are extensive links between New Age cults and far right and alt-right political movements.
          I don’t know if anyone here is familiar with the Osho / Rajneeshee cult currently featured in the Netflix documentary Wild, Wild Country? Bhagwan was a great fan of Hitler and praised him on many occasions. Bizarrely he managed to recruit lots of Jewish people to his cult.

          It is good that you are revising your opinion re this.

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          • I’m so old that when I was young I and pals took LSD and it wasn’t even illegal. Gave all that up by age 22 but I take you point and I believe this is what happened. I hung out with a group of people who hung with larger groups etc and we were what would be considered ‘alternative’ with a mix of people who were considered hippies, libertarians and so on. Society seem to not mind us until it became apparent there was a lots of drug taking, dope smoking etc (none of the hard stuff).
            One among many examples sticks in my mind which to me sums up what happened: I had a cousin who was a cop and we had been quite close when young but as late teenagers & young adults he was appalled by my new lifestyle (mainly based on my dress and hair length) and parroted the usual rubbish : “should bring back National service”, “unemployed layabouts” (even though we were self funding) “loose morals , free love means you will all get terrible diseases etc” (free love? if only) and so on.
            Most of our crowd settled down to a more normal life but I ran into my cousin about 10 years later and he had “dropped out”, discovered Marijuana in a big way and joined the Bagwash (or whatever that cult was were the girls went ‘flirty fishing to seduce new cult members.
            He had become extremely boring & tedious as he rabbited on with a “more hip than thou” attitude and I reckon was a prime example of how innocent movements like New Age believers always get taken over by the very people that hated them to begin with but gradually become entranced by what think is freedom and end up destroying the innocence. Manson was a prime example and I reckon the subject of this thread is very similar having been a low level thug most of his life and then latched on to real movements concerning housing & feeding the homeless and eventually giving it all a bad name.
            # Sermon ends here.

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        • “He who must no be named” has also trained extensively with a fraudulent fake ass shamanic group.

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          • Want to reply to Ghost of Sam’s post above but can’t see a “reply button”

            GOS, the cult your cousin joined, the one with the “flirty fishing” was the notorious Children of God cult, run by paedophile David Berg. It is one of a number of truly horrific cults that include the sexual abuse of children as part of their doctrine and teachings. The cult even published a magazine featuring photographs of very young children being sexually abused by adults (including their own parents), the magazine was called My Little Fish.

            Berg is dead, as are many of the children who were abused, many of whom committed suicide or died from accidental overdoses of drugs.

            Many survivors of the CoG cult still suffer the horrific emotional and physical consequences of being sexually abused as children by those who should have been protecting them.

            The CoG rebranded itself as The Family and now operates as The Family International and while it claims that the sexual abuse of children is no longer promoted by the organisation, adult survivors of CSA in the CoG cult point out that many of the individuals who hurt them continue to work with the organisation, often in developing countries, and continue to have access to children. Obviously this is deeply concerning.

            Anyone who is concerned to understand the sexual abuse and exploitation of children and vulnerable adults by cults would do well to check out the excellent x-family website here


            The site owners possess a vast database of information that is especially useful for anyone researching cultic sexual abuse of children and also cults involved in sex trafficking of females.

            Obviously a lot of the material, which includes copies of the cult’s printed publications and videos is extremely disturbing, even though, of course, the site owners do not make illegal content available, it is still likely to be distressing for CSA or trafficking survivors to view, so proceed with caution.


          • This very disturbing video shows children who were abused and brainwashed in the CoG cult becoming very distressed when a reporter shows them a copy of the child sexual abuse manual My Little Fish

            I think it demonstrates very well the awful dilemma that children are in when adults who are supposed to protect them instead abuse them and teach them that outsiders will hate them and blame them if they disclose the abuse.

            The parallels to Abraham Christie and Ella’s abuse of their children are obvious to anyone.

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    • Oookay, whatever you say, Peter.
      That chair is screwed down, isn’t it?

      (Comment under the above Neelu post)

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  6. Linda you seem like your heart, if not your head at times, is in the right place. Did you never stop to question TMs claims her daughter was murdered as bizarre. Or ask her why her daughter was in a homeless hostel for six weeks instead of living with her mother, would your children ever be left lonely sad and alone like that? Is that the actions of a loving mother, have you asked her why she is banned from seeing her grandchildren for life, why her other daughter has disowned her and doesn’t allow her to see her children either, why her third daughter was raised in foster care and now identifies as a man? Why she’s able to drop everything and tour the UK claiming to help other people’s children but her own sons are on the at risk register. Why none of her immediate family speak to her and she’s left attention seeking online for friends. Why she’s constantly in court for harassing people. When you stood with her outside that mental health unit in Belfast harassing staff to the point police were called did you not think, this is detrimental to the other patients? And if you are a trained paralegal did it ever occur to you to ask why a court order was made to protect that child from her mother in the first place? When people have their children taken from them there is not always a big conspiracy theory sometimes they are just awful parents and their children are at risk in their care do you ever consider that. Ask yourself why your friend is so hated by just about everyone who actually knows her, do you think such an awful mother, who has failed every child ever placed in her care is best suited to help others? You can’t practice as a solicitor with a criminal record and if you insist on hanging around with that fraud that’s exactly what’s going to happen to you.

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    • Great comment, Gharris, and I agree with most of what you sad. The only thing I’m not convinced by is that someone can become a transsexual due to bad parenting. I could be wrong, though – it’s not my field of expertise.

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      • Sorry if that’s how it came across, I don’t think his gender or gender identity is because of TMs parenting, he is a very troubled young man by his own admission which I would argue is directly linked to his turbulent childhood

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        • Also I have to say in the short time I have known her she is very good with her children, has a beautiful home and a good relationship with all the children I’ve met. She has gone through a lot since the loss of her daughter. Their father had three molestation orders taken out against him for beating her daughter badly and this has been acknowledged in court and he personally is not a very nice individual indeed, yet a judge gave him the children after the girl died! Something another judge has disputed and I firmly believe they will be returned to their grandmother when the case is over. The grandchildren are looking for their grandmother all the time and their wish is to live with her. In my personal opinion she is a nice person and not all she comes across in camera and when the lunatic ex wife of RD came forward with all her ” Evidence ” she won a lot of supporters and led people to believe everything. She has destroyed RD’s life, other innocent parents and people’s lives who thought they were doing right by helping her after believing everything then she fucks off when the shit hit the fan letting everyone else pick up the pieces.

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    • Never really thought about it and to be completely honest I didn’t know much about any of the above. I’ve only known her a short time and never asked about her past. Her child and his choices are his own to chose and I respect that like I would in any transsexual in the world. Thanks.

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          • The men are holding stones, about to stone to death Stephen.

            From Acts Chapter 7:

            54 When they heard these things, they became enraged and ground their teeth at Stephen. 55 But filled with the Holy Spirit, he gazed into heaven and saw the glory of God and Jesus standing at the right hand of God. 56 “Look,” he said, “I see the heavens opened and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God!” 57 But they covered their ears, and with a loud shout all rushed together against him. 58 Then they dragged him out of the city and began to stone him; and the witnesses laid their coats at the feet of a young man named Saul. 59 While they were stoning Stephen, he prayed, “Lord Jesus, receive my spirit.” 60 Then he knelt down and cried out in a loud voice, “Lord, do not hold this sin against them.” When he had said this, he died.


    • If only she paid more attention to this site. I did warn that under the US DCMA, a false declaration is treated as perjury and is actionable. 🤣

      (And the Queen’s net wealth is estimated at £500m. She really is two sarnies short of a picnic! 🥪🥪)

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          • “so much trouble to edit it’? sorry neelu, you arent worth a lot of time editing, in my case it took literally all of about 30 seconds to make the superman shot- it actually took longer waiting for gimp to open than it did to do the actual cut and paste!
            (and if she’s making hundreds of complaints of her usual high standard of ‘neelubabble’, I can understand WordPress getting P.O. at her..)

            One option that any site owner can have if someone continues to pester them enough is to make a complaint to the posters ISP and have their internet connection cut off…

            This has happened in the past here

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    • And seriously, how monumentally stupid must she be to still believe this Superbowl shite?

      Not even the intellectually challenged Kris Costa still believes it. Even Ella admits that’s not her daughter – unsurprisingly, considering she doesn’t look remotely like her. And even the fact that the real actress’s name is widely available hasn’t swayed the dribbling, drooling, knuckle-scraping Cat. Probably the only person who will read that and believe it is Cat’s last remaining fan, her arselicker-in-chief Malcolm Ogilvy.

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  7. Also, I have seen documented evidence in relation to Tracey’s daughter’s death that is very worrying indeed of which I cannot disclose as it would be very unprofessional of me but what I will say is this, time will tell and you will be quite shocked with some of the stuff that is going to be revealed in an upcoming case regarding her daughter and I sincerely mean that.


    • Linda that’s just not true the child killed herself she had a horrible life and a sad and tragic death by suicide. There was no murder and no cover up, the only person should feel guilty is her mother for being such a dreadful care giver and you should have more sense.


    • And there is no ‘case’ the Police Ombudsman can only investigate police wrongdoing they are not investigating the hostel or anyone connected to it that’s not their remit and if you’re legally trained you should know that the only case is the one against TM for harassing staff at the hostel.


    • “Unprofessional”?. You have already breached that ethic a long time ago with your participation in TM’s harassment campaigns.
      And if you are a paralegal as claimed you won’t be getting any further as that specific role does not include actively acting as though you have legal qualifications.


  8. Of course if there is a case, I’m sure we can’t speculate on it, but I would find it very hard to believe because she changes her mind so much every time she talks about this tragic incident & it was very tragic.

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    • There is no case the only person on trial is TM this is absolute madness, the person arrested is TM and none of her rants will be admissible in a magistrates court harassment case, I’m seriously doubting Linda’s legal qualifications she seems as delusional as TM

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      • I don’t know what went on, but I would think that if someone met an untimely death in any establishment, it would be closed down & arrests would have been made.

        There have been cover ups, lots of them like the whistleblower case going on at the moment in Dublin, there have been more, one in Donegal a few years back, but they have been highly publicised as they should be.

        Any establishment, be it government or private companies, can no longer operate like they did years ago. The truth will come out in any case.


      • Well she can feck right off with herself after expressing that anti-Irish bigotry the other night….claiming that Irish people are being experimented on by the British government and trained to usurp all social agencies on mainland Britain via the priesthood no less!

        It’s been a decade at least since an indigenous Irish person last became a priest…..the Catholic Church in Ireland is heavily reliant on sourcing parish priests from third world countries right now….which is an enjoyable awareness for me given how rightwing in the worst way the more pathetically idiotic horribly snobby etc. the regular hypocritical adherents to that cult are (I’m hopeful their prejudice and bias fvcks with their minds when faced with the alternative of having a ‘black baby’ become an authority figure having become the PP in their locality).

        It’s true that the UK offers Irish trained nurses great remuneration for taking up positions in the UK because the training here is that good and the NHS wants the best to represent their service…it’s a bloomin’ cheek that the mentalist Neelu suggests Ireland is the playground of UK social/society engineers and we are an experiment!


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  9. Lol, I enjoyed your rant there, tbh, I don’t pay any heed to Neelu’s craziness, I used to report them as false news but FB, despite supposedly taking a fresh stand against false/fake news still are doing nothing imo.

    Neelu & Yolande post so much crap, sentences run together, paragraphs are a thing unheard of, punctuation is a no no, (the nuns would have killed us) & my head hurts when trying to read their posts these days, despite wearing eye glasses. 😂


    • I can explain your lack of success re. reporting fake news on Facebook, Rosie. When you click on that option, you’re not actually reporting the post – it just gives you the option to block the poster. In fairness, though, I think it would be impossible for Facebook to check every news item for its accuracy.

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