UPDATE: Sabine’s bail application denied

In a hearing this morning at Southwark Crown Court, Sabine McNeill’s legal team was unable to persuade HHJ Deborah Taylor to grant their client bail on medical grounds.

Sabine, who did not appear in person, had been claiming that she was effectively immobilised and unable to walk after her Nordic ski poles were confiscated by officials at Bronzefield Prison. However, prison medical staff eventually supplied her with a pair of crutches, which appeared to do the trick.

Arguments by Sabine’s barrister and a medical expert witness that Sabine’s hip condition could flare up at any time and require surgery were countered with the observation that in the 45 years since the original hip injury, no surgery had ever been required, and that Sabine seemed to manage quite well by way of her Nordic ski poles or crutches.

In any event, if it were determined that hip surgery was needed, the NHS wait list for such procedures is approximately a year, so there would be no reason to grant bail on these grounds.

Sabine had also complained that her chronic gallbladder condition was going untreated at the prison. However, during the hearing it became clear that Sabine had twice refused the conventional treatment for gallstones—laparoscopic surgery—and that she had insisted on treating the condition via “natural” methods.

The judge ruled that Sabine ought to have two scans—one for her hip and one for her gallbladder—and that medical treatment should be carried out by in-prison medical personnel.

Sabine’s brief mentioned to the court that Sabine had been visited by representatives from the German Embassy, but this appeared to make little impression.

However, HHJ Taylor did note that a 19 November trial date seemed unnecessarily far in the future, and said that it should be changed to an earlier date, possibly during the summer, if at all possible. A decision should be forthcoming on this issue within the next couple of weeks.Southwark Crown Court

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      • “Arguments by Sabine’s barrister and a medical expert witness that Sabine’s hip condition could flare up at any time and require surgery were countered with the observation that in the 45 years since the original hip injury, no surgery had ever been required, and that Sabine seemed to manage quite well by way of her Nordic ski poles or crutches.”

        Hahahahaha, what a brilliant argument for court……not! Her hip condition could flare up at any time & so could thousands of other criminals’ illness. It could be a free for all, get out of jail card if that had succeeded!

        “Yer Honor Sur, I fell when smacking a bloke over the head 45 years ago & turned me knee, it’s giving me gip these days, lemne out so I can go & smack someone again, it might fix me knee Sur Judge yer Honor”!

        I love it, still laughing at the sheer ridiculous argument, hahahaha! 😂😂😂

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  1. Thanks for the update, EC. Sabine losing her hearing, Arfur being released back into the wild and Roger Moore dying again – so much to process!

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  2. ROFLOL No. Nov. is sufficient as it’s been THREE YEARS for the Victims….Eff that Old Hag. Let her Rot.

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  3. Objectively it seems somewhat harsh, but if you delve, & realise the damage she has caused & the terror she has inflicted on innocent parents as well as putting their children’s details on the Internet for god knows who you will know she is well deserving of every second of bird – she is deluded and dangerous

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    • “Go and see your GP… You need professional help. You’re a disillusioned pompous egotistical bare faced compulsive liar…”

      Wow, is there such a thing as a ‘Self-Projection of the Week’ award?

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    • I wondered who that was. He’s tweeted a reply.

      “I’ve bloody made it, lads”

      I’m respecting the redactions here but perhaps the target is not so worried about having his name known!
      His screenshot of Weasly’s post appears to be from “The UK Revolution” [@OurUKRevolution] but is word for word identical. Is Nicholas Clare a Weasly pseudonym?

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  4. Yawn – another day, another sad pathetic death threat from a lonely drunken loser who can’t stand to hear the truth:

    Oh and by the way, that’s a lonely drunken loser who’s repeatedly denied sending me death threats. Yup 😂

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    • “I would never issue death threats under an assumed name”

      LOL, of course he wouldn’t…

      Good to know we’re touching nerves, though 🙂

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          • That’s good to know, Scarlet 🙂
            Though, for some people, newly realising what a load of baloney some of their ‘heroes’, have really been spouting, has come as such a let down, it has caused some real upset…… Some did invest their loyalty, money, time and trust, so feel badly let down…… Not that that will bother any of the players, as I’m sure that part of their remit was/is to do as much harm to genuine investigations as possible and they see CSA Survivors as easy prey, mere collateral to damage, some, I suspect, doing that purposefully, we are their enemy………….. it seems.
            Which has led many now to conclude that there have been real efforts to protect paedos and their ability to continue to abuse children.
            There has been a real awakening amongst groups that previously would not allow their ‘heroes’ to be unveiled…. and shockwaves…..despair too, for some, trust broken, again……. by malicious, manipulative, manic satanic panic preachers.
            I’ve not taken pleasure from watching that pain unfold for those who were taken in. But I’m damn sure that I will try to help undo their ability to carry on harming people.
            Thankyou again, for creating this blog.

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        • LOL, the drunken twat’s still deliberately misquoting us and doctoring screenshots. He must be getting desperate 🙂

          Oh and the dumb prick still thinks you’re RD, hehe 😀

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          • On the plus side, though, he managed to take his tongue out of Robert Green’s arse crack long enough to write that. Or is it Cat Scot on Thursdays? Or John Banks/David Icke/Becki Percy/George Greek Trucker…? So many arses, so little time.

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  5. “The exploitation of Little Alfie: the ‘pro life’ zealots who manipulated the end-of-life tragedy of a British toddler…

    …Alfie’s parents were assisted in their struggle by a small collection of people from outside Britain who entered the young couple’s lives several months ago, apparently uninvited and on their own initiative.

    These people befriended Tom and Kate and ended up playing a key role in advising the young couple’s course of action and, especially, in helping to make Alfie’s saga known throughout the world.

    But one wonders if they didn’t actually do a disservice to Alfie and his parents. There are more than a few people in the Church, including some bishops and Vatican officials, who believe – but are uncomfortable to say so publicly – that these outside forces actually exploited this young family to advance their own politically motivated agendas…

    …And they even chastised Britain’s Royal Family for not “saving” Alfie, while branding the United Kingdom a police state and dictatorship.

    All this was predicated on a false and slanderous claim – that Alder Hey and the British government were only interested in “euthanizing” the little boy…”


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  6. ” American pro-life activists got down and dirty, including numerous Catholic and evangelical clerics tweeting their rather un-Christian anger and ignorant abuse. National Right to Life, a Washington DC site, tweeted that British law could be in violation of the UN’s Convention on the Rights of the Child. It also tweeted photographs of supporters in various US states holding “We stand with Ireland – Save the Eighth” posters. The Alabama-based global Catholic network, EWTN, attempted to get #AlfieEvans trending.

    There were no limits in the vile exploitation by religious actors of Alfie Evans’s short and tragic life. An American Catholic, Christine Broesamle, arranged for foreign doctors to visit Alder Hey posing as friends of the family, one of whom falsely claimed to have seen Alfie’s medical records and, on that basis, had pronounced him “fit to fly” to Rome.

    The cultural abyss between American and European legal and medical systems was never more apparent.

    Let it be another warning to the State – and anyone who cares about democracy – to wake up to research in recent days by journalist Gavin Sheridan, showing that US-based Catholic activists have been engaged by pro-life groups here and are using Facebook to interfere in our referendum on the Eighth Amendment.”


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