College of Policing recommends the end of ‘automatic belief’

We haven’t discussed the shambolic dog’s breakfast that was Operation Midland much on this blog, mostly because while it ran more or less in parallel with the Hampstead SRA hoax, its impact on this case was somewhat peripheral.

Many of our UK readers will remember, though, Det Supt Kenny McDonald’s infamous announcement about “Nick”, the fabulist whose claims started it all. For our non-UK readers, these claims alleged that a “VIP sex abuse ring” was operating in Westminster. The claims implicated former Home Secretary Lord Brittan, war hero Lord Bramall, and ex-Tory MP Harvey Proctor.

‘Credible and true’

In December 2014, Det Supt McDonald announced, “Nick has been spoken to by experienced officers from the child abuse team and experienced officers from the murder investigation team. They and I believe what Nick is saying is credible and true.”

These words would prove to have particularly long and vicious fangs, which would continue snapping at the collective posterior of the Metropolitan Police for many months to come. The idea of a police officer, no matter what his or her rank, stating unequivocally that a complainant’s evidence was “credible and true” rankled with many.

Of course, Operation Midland was not the only case in which automatic knee-jerk belief of what turned out to be confabulated claims landed the Met in hot water. Many lives have been ruined and reputations left in tatters by highly publicised police investigations which ultimately led nowhere. (Chief Constable Mike Veale, we are looking at you, among others.)

Call us naïve, but we’d always been under the impression that the task of police was to listen respectfully and courteously to any complainant’s allegations, and then investigate the evidence to determine whether the threshold is met in order for the CPS to prosecute the case. The whole “credible and true”/”incredible and false” decision comes later, we thought, rendered by judge and jury.

And now, it seems, the College of Policing agrees with us.

Change is in the wind

According to the Mail on Sunday, the policy of automatic belief may be about to end:

Police are to drop their controversial policy of automatically believing anyone who reports a crime, it can be revealed.

A top-level report obtained by The Mail on Sunday says official guidance should be changed to tell detectives they must listen to victims and take them seriously – but not automatically assume they are telling the truth. …

The U-turn has been drawn up by the College of Policing, which sets national standards, and after being considered by chief constables last week it will be sent to Home Office Ministers to become official policy.

Last night, former Police Minister David Mellor, who served under Leon Brittan, told the MoS: ‘It’s been obvious for years that the policy of automatic belief invites time-wasters and it’s an invitation to cranks to come forward with ludicrous allegations.

‘Plainly if someone complains of a crime, that has got to be looked at, but the idea police should assume they’re telling the truth invites dreadful injustice. It meant a distinguished public servant like Leon Brittan went to his grave thinking his reputation had been trashed by an individual who retains his anonymity.’

Well, cue the angelic choir.

Another swing of the pendulum

Granted, this proposed change will not meet with everybody’s approval.

In particular, concerns have been raised that dropping the “automatic belief” policy may deter people from reporting date rape or historical abuse, both crimes which are difficult to investigate in the absence of forensic evidence.

The current policy came about in 2014 in reaction to rape complainants—particularly those who’d been victimised by Jimmy Savile—feeling disbelieved and disrespected by police, who notoriously adopted attitudes of scepticism to the point of dismissiveness, and failed to initiate investigations in response to real complaints.

In an attempt to address this situation, the College of Policing advised all forces at that time: “At the point when someone makes an allegation of crime, the police should believe the account given and a crime report should be completed”.

In other words, if the problem was “lack of belief”, then the clear answer was “more belief”.

Except that it wasn’t. The automatic belief policy opened the door to every attention-seeker and fabulist who’d ever dreamt of accusing a famous (or even a non-famous) person of having sexually assaulted them, or thought that a bit of victims’ compo might be a nice idea, what with Christmas coming up.

As we’ve said here repeatedly, false allegations are not only a problem for those who’ve been falsely accused. They damage genuine victims’ cases, both by drawing away valuable police time and resources, and by poisoning the well.

A police officer who’s been taken in by a fabulist may very well decide he or she won’t be fooled again, and might give short shrift to the next genuine allegation. A flood of false allegations, reported to an increasingly jaded public, can leave people wondering whether anyone who reports a sexual crime can be believed.

It seems to us that the solution is not to swing wildly between “believe everyone” and “believe no one”, and that’s why we’re at least conditionally pleased to hear that the College of Policing seems to be taking a more thoughtful path.

According to The Mail on Sunday,

A College of Policing spokesman said: ‘The police service has worked closely with others in the criminal justice process to build confidence of victims to come forward and report allegations of crime.

‘When they do so, it is vital that they are received with empathy, feel supported and that their allegation has been taken seriously, to ensure the public’s confidence in reporting crime continues to improve.

‘The role of investigators is then to keep an open mind and carry out a full and impartial investigation, to prove or disprove allegations.

Anyone who reports a crime of any sort ought to be certain that they will be heard out, respectfully and with all due seriousness. They ought to be certain that the police will investigate the case to the best of their ability, and determine whether it meets the threshold for CPS prosecution.

An attitude of open-minded impartiality would serve complainants well, while decreasing the opportunity for opportunists and attention seekers to destroy the lives of innocent people. London Met police caps

89 thoughts on “College of Policing recommends the end of ‘automatic belief’

    • Yes! My one niggle is that the College is recommending that the word “victim” be retained rather than the more neutral “complainant”. It could be a sop to those alarmed at the loss of automatic belief, I suppose.

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  1. Given that false accusations have been levelled by some of our hampstead hoaxers; Angela Power Disney, I thinking of you, not just with this case, which have been many, not least those levelled at me, and other commentators here. but your own personal fantasy account of your being chased through woods and maybe even Lord Bramell was involved……. There has also clearly been evidence of alot of the players, like Brian Gerrish and Belinda McKenzie encouraging people to engineer false allegations, Bill Maloney, too, with help from others………….
    And as I mentioned the other day, there are really dangerous crimes being committed by some paedo or nonce hunting groups….. from assault, forced entry, pre warning suspected paedos being targetted, who can then warn any networks they might be involved with…… there are a slew of practices that were my suspicions correct and the self proclaimed leaders of the anti child sexual abuse movement, are in fact, purposefully sabotaging us and any forward moves in child protection, because in fact; I really do think that they are working for paedophiles at the top of the pyramid that is their brand of the truth movement.

    Heather Browns’ mocking of me, to the gleeful delight of Angela, who was accompanied and encouraged by Miles Johnston when she gave her ‘evidence’, to Wiltshire Police, Miles’ interview with Belinda McKenzie, who had mocked me in 2012 or 13, during one of Maggie Tuttles’; ‘Screaming to be Heard’, conferences, in Holloway……where Ian Josephs appeared over Skype, Andrew Peacher & others known to us, attended. Later, at the Bilderberg Festival; She snuck up on me, planting herself next to the ‘Join The Dots’, banner on the ground, when I saw her, I went over and told her to remove herself and her banner, she asked me what my problem was with the Hollie ‘case’. I told her in no uncertain terms, that it was a hoax, having listened to the whole evidence, brilliantly given at the ‘David Icke inspired groups;’ meeting to discuss the Hollie Grieg Hoax………….I also asked her why she thought it was ok to promote one case and one alone, when there were so many thousands, unresolved……. it was soon after that they began to groom moreso other victims to become their mouthpieces, get them to be able to organise events, or hijack them, appear credible to other survivors, especially new people, triggered by the outpouring in the press and online, as the shocking revelations were revealed……….

    Back in the 80s and 90s, the meetings and conferences I attended, the survivors and activists I spoke with back then, all spoke of a ‘Wall of Silence’, an invisible glass ceiling, that we just couldn’t break through….mostly we were met with disbelief, as confirmed during the IICSA investigations so far. The Royal Commission investigations also showed this very clearly……… These are running alongside all of this sabotage and obsufircation….. caused by the self proclaimed champions, promoting the disgusting pizzagate and pedogate tags and all attached liars, pretending to be oh so very special hunted victims, putting their lives at risk, yadda, yadda……….

    The Police, certainly are ready to listen, support and proceed with cases….. Real cases…….they need to be able to spot the difference. I’m pretty sure, that some seasoned survivors, aware of these types and their dreadful effect on our groups, events, movement….could perhaps be of assistance.

    Though saying that, they have at times, been incredulous, when I have tried to alert them to the bigger picture in all of this, plus the fact, that my knowledge, history, contacts, connections, credibility, history does make me quite a threat and that this is why I am being targetted for such vile online abuse, that it isn’t either a difference of opinion or competition or that I should not be publically challenging them………

    And then there is the Fresh Start Fake Foundation, with the people involved, all that hijacked our 2010 UK Rally and others…..who now enjoin with the ITJN.

    There are people who’ve links to the hoaxers, players and their troll teams, vicious, spiteful, organised……involved in every area of online campaigning regarding child abuse and family justice, paedohunting too. Voice for Treason, Opdeatheaters, Rogue Anons, Abusing their ability to call whoever they want; a paedophile and threaten them, to either shut them up, blackmail them or who knows. There are clear signs of some of the more vulnerable parents being actually abused or of their children being at risk, no doubt any victims, will be too terrified to go to the police.

    And lastly, although there is more to this; There is the common puspose of condemning the authorities so that people will think they are the cure…… to the embiellished poisoned picture they paint……..David Icke taught them all well. .

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    • The relentless attitude of these liars is extaordinary. They will not stop, but just re group, obviously there is some conspiring and collusion to pervert the course of justice, to be proven.
      I am hoping that some way of doing this, using technology is possible.
      Brian Gerrish is another one whose influence has led to immense amounts of crime, via the fmotl, beat the bailiffs, GOODF, merchants & certainly putting children at risk via the family court inteference, misleading practises and paedohunting groups, plus, like Belinda McKenzie & Andy Peacher, harbouring, defending, protecting, funding paedophiles, clearly all of them giving a pass to Abe Christies’ torture of the children, in Morocco…..
      Overtime, the connections of these types has become clearer as has some of their connections to communities in Morocco, who link with those who kixkstarted the Hampstead Hoax, had viralised the previous Hollie Hoax and generated pgate shite, to feed the Satanic Panic, which I’d meant to include when I wrote of the 80s, 90s. Because back then, those of us serious and genuine, were, like now, focussing on what would make it safer for children and help us….without realising the effect of the Satanic Panic then going on…… I felt it, each time I appeared on TV, following the early rally……
      It knocked the wind out of our sails, the false memory syndrome phenomenom, bourne out of the same types of therpists recommended by Belinda McKenzie, David Icke, Miles Johnston…….. Remembering back to when my coping mechanism broke and I broke down, I can see how possible it is to mislead someone as to the cause of the shocking and overwhelming feelings, thoughts and memories, including physical sensations, that can occur, for people who have suppressed the experience and trauma.
      Yes Heather, in this way, I am interested in hacking. I have been reading articles and watching documentaries about advances in this field. The NCA & other agencies, recruitment drives, rehabilitation of internet trolls & scammers, training so that more scammers and criminals are caught.
      I had also meant to add that Heather and Angie did mention Heathers’ had engagement with I think, Wilstsire Police re allegations about Ted Heath, how many others within the circles of known self proclaimed champions for children, have done so ???? That should be looked into………
      David Icke has often boasted about no one sueing him for his allegations, he says he has spoken with 100s of victims, so this proves him right….. as his audience grew online, he has been responsible for many of the myths that have grown and been used by other troofers to further their ability to collect donations and misteer the false narratives about child abuse. I hope that Karma is a real bitch to him ! He really encouraged alot of these types to follow his lead and feel untouchable. Plus so many vulnerable or gullible people being led to aid and abett criminals….. who they have all enabled, too.

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      • Recently, Badda has been challenging Chris Wittwer to open debate…… to then recieve vile false allegations repeated and begun whe he from 2011 exposed both the Hollie Hoax and people like the types attaced to it, Belinda McKenzie, Lou Collins, Brian Gerrish and Bill Maloney…… UK Column, who we now know have all protected, defended convicted paedophiles whilst generating false allegations and playing on peoples emotions regarding child sexual abuse……… simultaneously trying to wreck progress made by genuine campaigners to have real victims believed and supported…….. I was going to approach Chris and try again, to inform him, not that I havn’t before, to find that I am blocked from his group……. Many of us have concerns that the event he plans for June will be swarming again with predators like Mark Spewlong, Chrissy Morris, Russell Burton and hoax promoters, and that as in the past, he will not be able to prevent them…….. I’m not sure that he wants to…. given the white puffdragon, paedohunters connections of some groups to ex edl members………. The abuse displayed on his page is the same as is familiar to anyone who disputes their methods or queries an unproven claim, or un sourced or badly sourced article………
        ‘So you must be a nonce, then’, the default reply and smear, and if that person persists, I bet they are then targetted by their troll gangs…… This I hope will all be provable using tech tools. I think I’ve seen that a method is available.

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  2. Hey, you know which historic, fraudulent SRA claimants we haven’t discussed yet? Felix and Sandra Polk.
    Very relevant to Hoaxtead, too, because of the way both parents exploited little Gabriel Polk as a ventriloquist’s dummy for their fantasies when he was 3-5 years old. But there’s so much MORE drama to their story… 🙂

    But I’m not going to tell it, today. If someone else is interested to ferret out the whole story and share it here…I invite you to do so.

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    • I read about it here:

      and more about the murder trial here:

      I can see definite shades of APD in Susan Polk. I haven’t as yet got a proper sense of Ella Gareeva….I understand she’s cold and calculating and probably has a personality disorder such as NPD – maybe she is a full-blown psychopath already and will one day end up murdering Abe claiming self-defense as the reason à la Susan Polk.

      Abe should fear for his life!

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      • I love “Swallowing the Camel”, but that particular write up is inadequate. And “Adam” is a pseudonym, I believe. Here’s some juicier stuff:

        “Susan asked her son if he remembered being taken out of nursery school after accusations that he and his brothers had been molested by the staff.
        In an interview in 1987, Susan, then 30, told the Oakland Tribune, a sister paper to the Herald, that her son had endured sodomy and was being forced to eat human excrement by a Satanic cult. Federal and local investigations never resulted in charges being filed.
        Gabriel said he does not believe he was ever molested. I dont believe a 5-year-old can come up with the things I said out of nowhere, he said, adding that he remembered his mother asking him leading questions about molestation at the time”.

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        • The history of Polk manipulating her children, stretching over such a long time horrifies me. It’s a good thing Gabriel managed to resist her brainwashing but another son Eli didn’t fare so well. He was later imprisoned for nine months for domestic violence against his then girlfriend having previously spent time in prison because of a fight. As a witness for the defense, he blamed his father for his parents’ violent interaction and father’s own death. Even Polk’s mother believed the worst of Felix (the father) despite herself having been accused by her daughter of sexual abuse etc.

          But then it seems Felix Polk also fell for his wife’s lies:

          (excerpt from your link)

          “Gabriel said his father only believed the molestation accusations because Susan told him about them.

          That is when Susan played an audio tape from a speech on ritual abuse that Felix Polk delivered at a conference. Gabriel listened as his fathers voice crackled out of a laptop computer talking about blood ceremonies and images of his son being raped on a stage by Satanic cultists.

          My rage is omnipresent. I wake up with it every morning, Felix Polk said in the recording, talking about his reaction to news of his sons alleged molestation and torture. My fantasy, of course, is to kill them, and Im a moral person and I want to kill them.

          Jurors watched expressionless, some taking notes as the tape played.”

          I wondered how it is that some people are less gullible and others more credulous ….in part answered by another link shared on the page you directed us to:

          The other thing to ponder is Felix Polk’s unprofessional behaviour in forming a romantic relationship with a client who first started seeing him at age 14/15….was he a svengali, was he the abuser…was his wife the true victim?

          I think Susan and Felix might have been as bad as each other.

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  3. I’ll reserve judgment on this until I see what eventuates. Too little too late?. Facebook doesn’t even have a button to report “child abuse” material (as Youtube does) and certainly the Hoaxtead videos are child abuse. They have no facility to explain why those videos are abusive and illegal. Note the US Congress failed to ask Zuckerberg one single question about this.
    The government also needs to get far tougher with these internet entities that falsely base themselves wherever convenient to avoid tax but always use that ghastly over-rated US “free speech” mantra to avoid sanction.

    “Jeremy Hunt gives social media giants a week to work out how to block children from seeing adult content on their sites or face heavy fines”

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    • Very interesting and a case to watch. As usual Youtube, Facebook etc claim it’s up to the claimant to be vigilant which of course won’t wash in a court of law. This guy is expected to surf Facebook every day looking for false adverts with his image in them. Good luck with that defense Mr Zuckerberg.
      # I’m wondering when a UK court will reverse the precedent set in the early days when a judge decided Google wasn’t a “publisher”. Australian courts have decided they are as have Italy & France so far.
      I’ve mentioned before my friend who won a case against Google in South Australia and is now suing them again for several instances where the links to defamation appeared after deletion.
      Google are rapacious the way they try to frustrate claimants even when they have the law on their side.
      I know a group of Oz & US lawyers are planning another action against Google for spurious attempts to deny legitimate claimants from accessing their rights. Should be interesting.

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      • I heard Martin Lewis being interviewed this morning and he was, justifiably, very angry with Facebook. One thing he said was that he had stopped doing any adverts years ago so his face should not be on any Facebook adverts at all – therefore it should be very easy for Facebook, who are experts in facial recognition to flag up and delete any scam adverts using his image very quickly. I think the same same aplies to the children in the Hampstead hoax; Facebook should be able to spot their faces fairly easily (there are only a limited number of photos released of them and there shouldn’t be any new ones now that P & Q are in safe hands) and remove any posts which violate court orders.

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        • Thats a really good point, Fairly Sane. I’ve been really frustrated by Facebooks’ unwillingness to put their tech abilities to work in this way and tole them so in comments after reporting has failed, many times…. YouTube too, I don’t see why they cannot purge their platform of the videos that are still left up.

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    • This is indeed a tragic case but it examples how fanatical & deluded people become (which sometimes can be understandable). These fanatics seize upon a case like this as though doctors & specialists are conducting a conspiracy against a 22 month old child. If his brain has basically gone as doctors say (no-one survives once their brain is dead) the poor lad is dead in every other way except for artificial breathing. 10,000s of relatives have had to be brave and go through the heartbreaking decision to turn off life support knowing it’s the right thing to do.

      This really is about the parents ego and their belief that a child is a possession and they have a right to determine the future of that possession. When the Tracey Morris’ of the world get involved (I bet their are 1000s like her urging on these parents) It’s an indication of how twisted Morris is. I’m over having sympathy for her over her dead daughter. She and her deluded followers promote the claim that parents, just by being parents, take on some sort of halo of parenthood. I reckon if we really knew Morris’ attitude & actions towards her deceased daughter (from what we have witnessed) we might see what a terrible life the poor girl had with a mother who possibly exacerbated the mental illness she had.

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      • The scenes outside the hospital were unreal. It shows a shocking intellect that people will just believe something on FB rather than look up the evidence themselves.

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    • I’ve been following this on fb since you posted about it. I’ve watched Tracey’s live streams read the comments by her fanbase. A person called Leona Lawson claims she asked the admins of the fb page “Alfie’s Army Official ” to contact Tracey – why?????

      It’s odd to think that Tracey’s infamy has reached a point where she’s on a par with the Pope and the Italian government – to a degree – as an entity, Alfie’s parents and family believe they could reach out to for help.

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      • Her lives were as ridiculous as the ‘army’, obviously herself & her sidekick are unable to grasp the facts of the case & the medical evidence.

        Presumably that person thinks Tracey could overturn the courts decisions, delusional like the ‘army’.

        Sad sad case though.

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    • It seems to have gone now. I look forward to reading what will probably be the most surreal court scene since Monty Python.

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    • Its 12 pages of slapdowns for Neelu and Patterson!

      How NOT to talk to the magistrate….
      (right at the very beginning of proceedings)

      MR JUSTICE JAY: Sir, you will have to move away, please, that is counsel’s place. You have been asked to do so.
      MR PATERSON: I’ll move this way.
      MR JUSTICE JAY: No, no behind.
      MR PATERSON: Behind here.
      MR JUSTICE JAY: Do as you are told.
      MR PATERSON: Just a minute. Do as I’m told?
      MR JUSTICE JAY: Please, we have asked you more than once.
      MR PATERSON: Don’t you dare talk to me like that, do as you’re told.
      MR JUSTICE JAY: Please move back.
      MR PATERSON: Either you speak to me politely. How dare you speak to me, do as you’re told.
      MRS BERRY: I agree with that. I agree that was out of order.
      MR PATERSON: Yes, it was out of order. Trust me, don’t you dare speak to me like that.
      MRS BERRY: I’m making an application [inaudible] yourself on grounds of the manner in which you spoke to us just now.
      MR PATERSON: Do as you’re told. How dare you.
      MR JUSTICE JAY: Let us proceed.

      and then it started going downhill for them after that auspicious beginning…

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    • I think she manages to dig a big hole for Edward Ellis here:

      MRS BERRY: But if my lord was to allow him to explain his role—

      MR JUSTICE JAY: I do not think I am going to let him do that.

      MRS BERRY: Okay, well, then you—

      MR JUSTICE JAY: He is going to have to explain his role when I order in due course that proceedings be initiated against him for contempt of court.

      MRS BERRY: And you will be removed from your position by the Royal Commission because he works on the Royal Commission.

      MR JUSTICE JAY: All right, we will see what happens.

      MRS BERRY: For your sake, because—

      MR JUSTICE JAY: You do not have to worry too much about me.

      MRS BERRY: I feel that the court in the interests of justice, he is willing to assist the court to understand where he’s coming from.

      MR JUSTICE JAY: He is not assisting the court, he is assisting you, and by doing that he is acting in breach of the civil restraint order.

      MRS BERRY: Well, he needs to be heard on that issue, he needs to be heard on, on his legal [inaudible] because we know due to the paedophile protection frauds, public officers are under influence from higher powers above. There, there is an invisible power control structure that infiltrates even the most senior judges. We know that as a fact.

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      • And from the judgement:

        Mr Ellis, when that application is served on him, would be well advised to take legal advice rather than try and bat this through alone, since he frankly is not as well-equipped to deal with the law as he thinks he is. The consequences of a finding of contempt of court in these circumstances are likely to be serious because the whole system depends on people obeying orders. If a civil restraint order is made and is then breached, the consequences are extremely serious, but I do not express a judgment on that.

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          • I could have been a judge, but I didn’t have enough Latin. I didn’t have enough Latin to get through the rigorous judging exams. They’re very rigorous, the judging exams. In fact, you get people coming out of them saying: “My God, what a rigorous exam.” So, I decided to become a miner instead.

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    • “If you don’t repent, may the Lord Jesus rebuke you and be it ever so severely ….Vengeance is mine says the Lord”

      Nope. If you believe in the Bible, you believe that Jesus died for our sins. It was the entire point of the Crucifixion. Did Angie not get the memo?

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  4. So in touch with reality : John Banks is still banging on about his brilliant (not) text campaign: “We need to expose these paedophiles, we can do so help out. Read below!”
    What he is replying to is a newspaper article posted by Princess Neelu about someone accused of child abuse. This is similar to the ratbag Angela Power-Disney. They seem to think by coming across a newspaper article with news of an accusation or arrest and putting it on their timeline, they think they have to expose it, seemingly ignorant (or what?) to the fact..errr.. it’s already been exposed. So bizarre.

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  5. Angie wishes for counselling, God obliges with anonymous payment.
    Angie wishes for financial support of her “journalism”, God is silent.
    What do you think God is trying to tell you Angie?

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    • I see they also publish all the usual suspects including Becki Percy who must be the cheeriest “Satanic abuse survivor” on the planet. Can only be a matter of time before she’s deported from the US as if they gave in to her demands it would result in a flood of similar claims.

      I’ve lost the link but I did read she and her host family have a problem on their hands: Becki is promoting her new scented candle business (like the world needs another one !) but as someone applying for asylum and having entered the US on a visitor’s visa she is not allowed to work. Apparently she’s been reported to ICE (Immigration & Customs) possibly by one of her family members who she keeps accusing. ICE have a habit of arriving unannounced and arresting visa offenders for deportation.


    • Sadly they got Fiona Barnet there, and right below that guess what

      and the obligatory upload of the kids (shouldn’t autoplay, but I’ll break the link just in case) made by SGT Report, uploaded by truthseeker
      h ttps://w

      (I just love how these clowns always take names like that ‘truthseeker’ yet posts videos based on and full of lies…)

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    • As evidenced on my blog, today, she is the one who used her sisters’ death to promote herself and gain sympathy…… If photos of her sister were posted anywhere, they were posted by Angela herself, first…just like the videos and revealling information regarding her family including her daughter and sons…… People reposting her own vitriol to expose her, is not trolling…………… The first video that Angie sent me 2015 have her going on about herself and her sister, her first contact, directly to me, telling me to be ashamed for exposing the hollie and hampstead hoaxes………. I’m still proud of doing so 🙂 Thankyou Angela for exposing yourself so vividly by your own words and deeds.

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  7. Doesn’t mention the fact that we have nowhere near enough detectives to meet the current crime levels, rewriting a guidebook so absolute idiots get the grasp of what should be the most basic common sense doesn’t bode well for the direction the Police are going in.

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