John Banks’ Cunning Plan for World Domination

Yesterday we watched with a combination of horror and admiration as Neelu Berry and “equity lawyer” Edward William Ellis saw a pair of police officers off and slammed the door in their faces.

Admiration? Well, yes—you have to admit that it takes a certain…something to improvise a stream of gibberish sufficient to confuse and deflect the unsuspecting officers, who clearly had no idea how to handle this particular brand of crazy. We have no doubt that they’ll be back, but it did make for fascinating viewing.

As did some of the comments under Neelu’s Facebook post—most of them wished her well and congratulated her for cleverly avoiding the plod, but one comment really stood out from the rest, for its sheer daring and determination:John Banks 2018-04-13 FB

We will rule the world…via text messages!

Yes, you heard the man: text messages.

You know, those annoying spammy messages which show up on your Android or iPhone unbidden, offering you “special deals on bank rates IF YOU ACT NOW…NO, WE MEAN RIGHT NOW…CLICK THIS ICON…CLICK THE ICON NOW….CLICK IT!!! OR YOU WILL DIE BANKRUPT AND IT WILL BE ALL YOUR OWN FAULT AND YOUR CHILDREN WILL BE PENNILESS….”

You know the ones.

Studies show that most people do open these messages, presumably because we are a curious species…and that most people then proceed to block the sender’s number and mark it as spam once they discover that the message is, how shall we say, unmitigated rubbish.

But that’s no obstacle to John. No sirree!

He is on a mission to educate “the masses”, and he’s done the research, and by gum, he’s worked out that SMS is the way to go. With enough money and dedication, he is convinced that he and his friends can be the change the world needs.

So if you open your phone one day and discover a message which reads, “You have a right to DIFFIDATIO(N)*” or “This is a collective struggle for the survival of us indigenous English people of this island. It’s not just pendragons struggle but every English persons one! Far too many are complacent due to the constant brainwashing of scumbags who are desperate to keep us under their control! We have to think outside the box or we are done for!**” you will know: the Revolution has begun.

And resistance is futile.

* and ** Both actual John Banks quotes

John Banks is happy

John has a cunning plan

56 thoughts on “John Banks’ Cunning Plan for World Domination

  1. The Bitch is back and she’s been back in court for harassment and witness intimidation (at least I think that’s what she’s saying, though it takes over 40 minutes of waffling and whining to explain that).

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    • She’s applied for charity status and is looking for offices. Her buddy, Linda, is apparently “busy with lots of cases” at the moment.

      I pity anyone who goes to that pair looking for help.

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      • I find it so difficult to understand her and as I said before, she sounds so similar to my late Irish Grandmother who was likewise “enthusiast” about various matters and my Dad used to have to kick me under the table which was a signal to say “yes Nana, I agree”.
        I may be wrong but she seems to be saying she will get the Judge into the witness box so good luck on that Tracey and what fool Judge thinks they are in charge of their own court?
        But there’s always a Higher Court she is going to. Good luck with that as well.
        Honestly, the things court workers have to put up with.

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    • Let’s watch what is said on this one. It’s a case in Court so we shouldn’t comment, which is causing me much frustration right now. lol!

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    • 😂 Hahaha, how’s that for unfortunate positioning (check out the ‘4th column’ if you’re on a mobile and can’t see what I’m seeing on the PC):

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    • Anyone want to invest in our new startup? This is the uber of babysitting services for naughty children. Text our number, and we will send one of these six child-loving psychopaths to babysit your child. Our patented service will disrupt the babysitting market with innovative and life-changing approaches for bad children. Move over Super Nanny, say hello to John Banks™. Armed with their trade marked Papa Hemp™ spoons and metal t-squares our babysitters are trained to the highest standard by the Belinda McKenzie Basement Academy. Our motto, fear is the mind killer, your children will never leave their room again. We are asking for £10million for 10% equity in our business. Do you have any questions?

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    Princess Neelu, Leader of The Resistance has sent her first Text Message which signals the begging of The Revolution: Please forward to all in your ‘friends’ list and phone contacts via text.

    WE ARE OVERDUE OFFER OF http://WWW.SWISSINDO.NEWS SINCE 17 AUG 2015. The Federal Reserve Act 1933 pretended to honour the people under pirate currency as if they were under Gold Prosperity with the intention of enslaving humanity, signing the Greada Treaty in 1934, 1944 & 1954 with Reptilians – JFK signed Green Hilton agreement with Mr Soekarno of Indonesia in 1963 to mandate Gold Prosperity ”

    Understood?. All units carry out these instructions and wait for further orders from Commander John “Barking” Banks.

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  3. Really? – What does he think people have been doing for years now, but getting their feelings and stories on various sites: Face Book, Twitter, Google etc., Open your eyes John Banks!!!!! When you have something new or useful to convey – tried and tested – then tell us all about it.

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    • She’s denying that she’s Pru now….. lol and got a new friend Gloria Jacobs or a new fake account….backing her up…… Just a couple of snippets. Same Facebook link that was posted here the other day for any wanting to see whole convo…..

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        • Death threats against you, Sheva. Also saying incorrectly that you and S, Keys admin HR. “Suzy Jones” is definitely Heather as she says exactly the same things as she does.

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          • No, no, no. Just because Suzy, Pru, and Heather all use the same IP address and have identical grammatical/writing tics, and just because they constantly harp on the same subjects over and over again and share the same delusions and pathological hatred of people they’ve never met, there is NO REASON WHATSOEVER to believe that they are all one and the same person.

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          • EC, Ogilfail’s just changed his mind again and decided that you’re Ricky Dearman. And he’s blatantly misquoted SLF, whom he’s incorrectly declared is Spiny Norman, and also shown once again that he knows fuck-all about how IP address work:


            Other than that, he’s doing really well and is well on the way to that much dreamed of PhD 🙂

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          • Yep. My exact words – which I stand by 100% – were:

            “I see that once again Ogilfail has been posting people’s supposed addresses and saying he’s going to ‘pay them a visit’. This is the same Ogilfail who just last week was whining about data breaches, right? LOL

            Oh and the dumb twat doesn’t get how default IP addresses work either, i.e. that there’s a default location for every region. The same idiocy that led to his fellow fruitloops concluding that RD was based in Westminster has led him to believe that several people who’ve dared to question him on his ‘blog’ all live in the same house in Birmingham.”


            As you can see, at no point did I claim that having the same IP address as someone else means you can’t be the same person. I said, very clearly, that if you look up an IP address on one of them there IP tracker websites, it does not give you the person’s address. Precision varies; IP trackers can give anything from “City X” to “Country Y”, and often they will give you a default address for a region (as we have often discussed here).

            At this point, I’m undecided whether Ogilfail’s comment was a blatant lie or monumental stupidity. To be honest, he’s shown himself to be both on countless occasions

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          • According to an IT expert of my acquaintance:

            “When he said he could visit someone based on their IP, he was hilariously off-base. To locate a person’s physical address via their IP address, you need to search for their service provider (ISP), get a police or court warrant, ask the ISP for a trace, and get their name and address that way. It only works if you’re the police, and it can take weeks to clear the legal hurdles. And if the person was contacting the blog from a public wifi, or via a VPN or proxy server, you’re screwed.”

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        • Reading this makes me wonder if Heather is attempting to illustrate that she has D.I.D., perhaps she’s going to use it as her defense as die Polizei kommt um to question her about her online activities including stalking, harassment and the issuing of sinister death threats.

          I read this post last night…from this time last year:

          She was Andrea Gardner as well.

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  4. I’ve never in my life heard of anyone handing out leaflets promoting abortion. I suspect the cheeky little liar means there were people handing out leaflets pushing for abortion rights for women. Massive difference

    Not taking sides on this, btw.

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      • Angie includes victims of rape even underage girls, I’m assurming……. yeah give them up for adoption, Angie? hmmm….. there are rumours flying about your friends with links or shares to adoption agencies, given that Belindas sons are in property,……. I can’t help wondering if they have vultures about ready to pick off the victims of their ‘help’…… when it all falls apart…. just thinking aloud,



    Mrs Bourne’s ordeal began after she won her bid to become a Police and Crime Commissioner in 2012, having carved out a successful career in local business and politics. The role involves holding her local force to account on behalf of the public.

    But problems began after local father-of-two Matthew Taylor set himself up in the self-created role of ‘Shadow Police and Crime Commissioner’.

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    • Another questionable decision by the authorities that are meant to protect us. My heart goes out to Mrs. Bourne.

      As for Taylor’s trolling antics, what a stunning display of hypocrisy. Remember this…?

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    • OMG: I left this comment on the Mail, not sure if it will go through, but it’s all true:
      FMOTL watchers will know who Matt Taylor is. He also was posting the illegal videos of the Hampstead Fake SRA case, with his close pal John Paterson and other Soveriegn Citizens and GOODF merchants, ……. Surrey Police have been shown by me that they all link up and I have reported death threats and harrassment too, yet it continues… how come ? I’ll be watching Katy Bournes speech later today, 15th and will support her, if she’s not aware, she needs to know about him from Hoaxtead Research evidence, collated over the last 3 plus years…… I rang Matt, he laughed when I said it was a hoax and said I just wanna bring the goverment daaaan, I don’t care how it’s done…, ..’

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