Belinda’s Easter/April Fool’s message

This year, with Easter Sunday and April Fool’s Day occurring on the same day, it only seems appropriate that Belinda McKenzie should issue both her Queen (of Hoaxtead)’s Easter Greeting along with…well, you’ll see.

Belinda McKenzie 2018-03-31Belinda just can’t get over the fact that her pet project was binned in the High Court, can she?

We love how she briefly mentions Sabine’s current status…and then dives straight into another SRA fraudster’s case—Becki Percy, a 21-year-old woman who is currently trying to obtain asylum in the USA, on the basis that if she returns to her home in the UK she will be killed by the Satanists who sexually abused her as a child.

She spent 14 months in immigration detention, then was taken in by a couple in California, and now is living with another, richer couple in Texas, who are apparently trying to adopt her. Yes, at age 21.

Belinda gushes,

So, in the spirit of Easter, when many around the world are celebrating Christ’s victory over evil and death, please help this brave survivor and refugee from harsh UK stay safe and get her message across in more benign US!

Angela, take note: Here’s how it’s done

Becki seems to have worked out how to do something that Angela Power-Disney has thus far been unable to accomplish: turn her bizarre fantasies of sadistic child sexual abuse into cash.

Of course, it helps that Becki is tiny, with elfin features and a winning smile, whereas Angie is…well, let’s not go there.

Here’s one of Becki’s fundraising pages:

Becki Percy GoFundMe 2018-03-31 .png

Unfortunately, Catherine Moncada, the dupe conspiraloon woman who decided to assist Becki, has not fared so well. She and her husband have put themselves deep in debt in their attempt to assist Becky.

Hard to have sympathy for California Mommy, however, given her vicious social media attacks upon Becki’s parents:


These days, Becki can be found with her second set of “American Patriot” parents, Ron and Wendy McAvene, and their three sons. Let’s see how long they last.

There’s more—much more—but you can get a sense of the insanity of this attention-seeking fraudster from this satirical blog, which a kind reader forwarded to us some time ago: BeckiPercyBlogs

Meanwhile, a brief message from Becki….

Becki Percy 2018-03-31

42 thoughts on “Belinda’s Easter/April Fool’s message

  1. Yes, that’s what I noticed as well. Hadn’t seen the Twitter page though. Interesting that she has attracted so many more Twitter followers since she decided to become an SRA survivor.

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  2. So any notion Belinda McKenzie may have learned a lesson or two from her & Sabine’s escapades are demolished with her false claim that courts have silenced “ritual abuse & child sacrifice” as though no mention may be made of the subject in any form or manner.
    She skates on thin ice as she seems to breach a High Court Injunction by publishing her falsehoods in all but actual names.

    And she confirms what the judge / magistrate said about Sabine being a manipulative woman in this matter when she was incarcerated without bail finally.
    But is McKenzie really that stupid or is this a cunning plan to ensure McNeill is banged up for a lengthy term. Is she helping create a “martyr”?. With friends like these…

    Another falsehood of course with her claims Oz & US are cracking down on “ritual abuse”. The very comprehensive Australian Royal Commission into Institutional Abuse found not one single case of ritual abuse, just a series of mis-steps by outfits like the Catholic and Anglican Churches, the YMCA and others in not taking the matter seriously by moving abusers to different areas and so on. Added to that was the fact police failed to act and indeed parents often shut their ears to complaints as sadly, it was a different time of blindness to abuse.
    # And the creepy Fiona Barnett was not entertained by Royal Commissioners as she falsely claims when her submission (filed as any member of the public could) was ignored. These Commissions tend to bring the nutcases out of the woodwork.

    Trump’s alleged “clamping down hard” is yet another falsehood perpetuated by the right wing loonies (including the odious Roseanne Barr). Authorities are actually continuing a policy developed and funded under Barack Obama and as it progresses there are bound to successful arrests. Trump of course will take the credit but then he also thinks Stealth Jets are really invisible. As usual, we are Surrounded by Madness.

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  3. This sent a chill to my bones. Is it serious, a send-up? All I can say about these fools who have been taken in by a classic con-artist is use their own words on their begging page : “we are in way over our head.”. Note no donations: perhaps Becki has been busted by the community for the little grifter she is.

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  4. God I’m slow sometimes & can’t think of who or what to blame today but..I now see that blog is a send-up but it’s extremely well done and is superbly subtle.

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  5. Great post, EC. Thanks for the update 🙂

    PS: big shout going out to Robert Green (a legend in the twat community) and Cat Scot (phwoar!)

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  6. Injunction? What injunction? My client is perfectly within her rights to talk about the Hampstead case on Facebook without fear of being arrested. So there. Ner-ner-n-ner-nerrrrr…

    Oh fuck…

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  7. Those April fools just keep on coming from those cheeky scamps over the Hoaxtead fence, don’t they. Guffaw guffaw…

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  8. Does Bellender genuinely believe that Sabine would be taken more seriously in Australia or is that part of the April fool? Can someone tell her to Google Fiona Barnett, who was taken seriously for about 5 minutes but is now just laughed at?

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  9. I’m glad you went with ‘Whoops, I did it again’, EC, as ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ would be way too tempting for some of the cave-dwelling ugg-monsters who spy on this blog from the opposition trenches.

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  10. The timeline of her life differs depending which blog/account she’s writing on. Happy in residential care? Er…was this was the same time she was visiting her biological parents every day apparently to care for her baby sister who they murdered. Like I say….one story here….one story there…

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  11. The biggest problem about things like that is that in the past you would have immediately known it was an april fools day joke and laughed at it…

    These days, with the total insanity these wackjobs regularly come out with, you can never be sure if its a joke or mean seriously…

    Just as a bit of fun, I sent a ‘serious’ posting by one of the wackos, and she had a great laugh, saying she had never seen such a funny thing posted- and I thus proved my point to myself- it is literally impossible for most normal people to tell that these people are actually being serious, their delusions simply are nonsense to normal people, yet these poor characters truly cant understand why us ‘sheeples’ cant see the world through their blinkers as they do
    (hint- it’s because we aren’t totally insane….)

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  12. Great remark on that go fund me page:

    “Send her home,this story stinks.Something seriously not OK here”.

    I just cannot believe anyone would be so gullible as to read something so outlandish on Twitter & step in to pay airfare to someone completely unknown to them.

    Children are taught about stranger danger & being safe on the internet. Time to teach the oldies the same, that includes Belinda!

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  13. So Sabine’s telling Tracey she couldn’t contact her because she’s been given the wrong number? Translation: “Ach, Scheisse! Zat appalling Tracey voman ist vonting me to call her. Kvick – sink of an excuse!”

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  14. Get your mind out of the gutter, Terry! I think it’s their way of saying Tracey is going to be digging a hole into the prison to get Sabine out. 😀

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  15. Roseanne is QAnon!
    Ok, I can’t prove that…yet…but it will be fun for me to promote the idea 🙂
    (and its not directly slanderous, its not calling her a baby-burger munching nazi-pedo-cannibal)

    Working on a jingle to go along with this **ahem** “what if Rosanne was QAnon…” kind of like this:

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  16. What a vile creep Dr. Rainer Kurz must be. And his self satisfied style of smug writing is annoying (not that I got too far) with his pathetic boasts about his “posters” which keep popping up in places. Sounds like a bloody loony.

    A blatant liar as well with his claim the father of a famous Australian actress “may” have been being investigated by the recent Royal Commission- bullshit spread by the revolting Fiona Barnett. The man wasn’t being investigated and in fact the Royal Commission looked thoroughly into the cases of 2 deceased priests for obvious reasons their abuse needed to be recorded for the victim’s sake and to discover the evidence surrounding how they managed to not get caught.

    This is how these dangerous fantasists operate. The man was only being “investigated” by a his profession’s governing body because Barnett made a complaint and it had to be looked into. The fact (in his 70s) he died of a heart attack in Singapore before he could be cleared is used as proof “The (mythical) Cult” murdered him. Somehow they obviously got the Singapore authorities to “cover-up” his (having a history of) heart attack.

    How do these “professionals” get away with it? His website is highly defamatory of several people and basically accuses courts of being nobbled. And he’s a supporter of the convicted pedophile Marie Black?
    And this ludicrous claptrap:
    “However it rings hollow that this person was convicted of murder of Chappelow without evidence.” despite the killer errr..out spending up big on his victim’s credit cards right after he murders the bloke…”the web of activity undertaken by (Wang Yam) in relation to the deceased’s identity and accounts was so thoroughly interwoven with the murder itself ” (Appeal Court).

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