CEOP threatens to arrest Hoaxtead mobster

One of this blog’s most faithful correspondents is John “the Schnozz” Paterson. He writes to us on average four or five times per week, usually threatening death, dismemberment, or arrest for unspecified crimes. To be honest, we generally don’t read his emails—unkind, we know, but life is short and his emails are long. Most of them end up in the spam folder, but yesterday one made its way through to the inbox.

We scanned it idly.

Aside from the usual bumph (he’s been targetting some unfortunate person…someone is imitating President Trump…someone named DC Grimwood has stolen all his computer equipment, wah, wah wah…) the email’s addressee struck us as familiar.

Scott Pattinson, we’d heard that name before.Paterson email 2018-03-24

We recalled that Scott Pattinson was an enthusiastic campaigner on the Hollie Greig hoax, who’d latched onto the Hampstead SRA hoax from its inception in 2015, making a bit of a name for himself as a rather nasty troll. As far as we knew, he’d since faded into obscurity.

Scrolling through Paterson’s latest missive, we found that for some reason, he’d seen fit to send us an email from Scott Pattinson to the Independent Office for Police Conduct (the agency formerly known as the IPCC).


Scott Pattinson email 2018-03-24 via PatersonCuriously, Scott claims that he is being threatened by CEOP Command!

For the benefit of our non-British readers, CEOP Command is a branch of the National Crime Agency (NCA) here. According to its web page,

CEOP works with child protection partners across the UK and overseas to identify the main threats to children and coordinates activity against these threats to bring offenders to account. We protect children from harm online and offline, directly through NCA led operations and in partnership with local and international agencies.

Why would a Command which deals with online child abuse and exploitation be “threatening” Scott, telling him, “Continue with these investigations and I will come to your house, handcuff you, and take you to the station”? Coming from a police officer, this sounds to us like no idle threat.

Well, it turns out that young Scott has been “gathering evidence” that someone who runs this blog is “running an online child abuse server that shares images of children being abused”.

It seems to us we’ve heard that song before

Last time we were accused of that sort of thing, it was on Charlotte Alton Ward’s blog in June or July 2015. Charlotte claimed to have been contacted by a “computer expert” who used a piece of crap some software called “IP Detective Pro” to prove that RD (who she believed runs this blog) was somehow involved in sharing child sex abuse images.

A few weeks after that ludicrous allegation, Scott’s friend Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy published a plaintive email from Scott to (guess who?) CEOP, bleating about how they weren’t listening to him, and why not, and he bought special software to prove that he was right and everything!

Last year, Scott went so far as to put a video up to prove his point:

Sadly, the only point it proved was that Scott spends a lot of time looking at child sexual abuse sites.

Why Scott’s theory doesn’t work

We asked our tech person to explain in non-tech language, and here’s what they said:

1. Would a DNS give someone who knew what they were doing access to illegal sites?

Yes, in a way it would, if by “a DNS” they mean “adding entries to the host’s file”. The porn site was never inaccessible to begin with, but doing it that way is one (very clumsy) way to trick your browser into making the request you need.

2. Could a DNS be used to search Deep Net?

To access certain sites, yes. To search, no. Not unless one of the sites you access is an index of said net. (DNS has no search capabilities at all.)

3. Is this how paedophiles and other criminals operate online?

Maybe. It’s a plausible, if very low-tech, way to sort-of hide a website. They would have to be pretty inept criminals, without much technical expertise.

4. Can you really use predictive analysis software to find out what someone else’s “sites of interest” might be?

Nope. Never, not at all. It will only show you what it thinks your own interests might be, based on where your browser has been recently.

In other words, because Scott is fascinated by child sex abuse images and has gone looking for similar sites in the past, his much-vaunted IP Detective Pro software takes him to that kind of site. Actually, given his obsession with locating such sites, it would be surprising if the software directed him anywhere else.

Simple as.

How long has this been going on?

Rummaging back through our nearly three years’ worth of posts, we find that Scott has been warned off by CEOP many times, starting on 30 August 2015. That’s when we find Charlotte frothing at the mouth because “one of her researchers” has been told to stop violating the law by continuing to search for online child sex abuse images.

So it’s hardly surprising that CEOP Command are growing tired of his antics, and have begun threatening to arrest him if he doesn’t knock it off.

Under the circumstances, it seems extremely unlikely that the IOPC will give him a different answer. But then, he’s not known as “Muley Mulester” for nothing. Muley Mulester

87 thoughts on “CEOP threatens to arrest Hoaxtead mobster

  1. Yet another hoaxer seemingly obsessed with pedophilia and child abuse images. Authorities must think to themselves is this claim to be a “campaigner” a cover for a deep desire to actually view illicit images? .
    It’s quite reasonable.
    Fortunately we know MI5/6 , GCHQ etc have very real matters to deal with rather than blog on a daily basis, in an uncertain world when there are 100,000s of potential enemies who intend to do us deadly harm .
    Sadly I think, as Mr Pattinson has pointed out himself that he has mental problems, and I think this claim GCHQ is harassing him is a sad attempt to be so important and that he matters when most of us, just don’t.

    And John Patterson? .Let me guess- he’s got a bundle of “evidence” from “ex-RAF whistleblower” Gordon Bowden & the “Finchley Road money laundering on an industrial scale” etc etc blah blah blah. (meanwhile Russian Oligarch billionaires have been “washing” $Billions via UK property for 2 decades right under the nose of This Mob © (take not APD !) have been oblivious.
    # So El Coyote has been receiving a stream of communications from John Patterson?. Treachery on Patterson’s part as I thought his ire was only directed at me seeing he threatens to have the Sarf London Gang rough me up. That’s it Patterson -we’re through !

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  2. “Because Scott is fascinated by child sex abuse images and has gone looking for similar sites in the past, his much-vaunted IP Detective Pro software takes him to that kind of site.”

    Interesting. A certain Scottish mate of Scott’s has been posting similar IPDP results on his blog recently.

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    • John Paterson, looking for child abuse images and drawing the attention of police officers, a bad combination. With regards to child abuse image crimes: viewing an image on a screen is a “making” offence; storing a child abuse image on a device is “possession”; sharing or sending any child abuse image to any other person is “distribution”. Looking at child abuse images leaves tracks on a device, and a record with the ISP, all which forensics and police can pull in. Claiming to be an anti-child abuse campaigner in court is no defence, if the police can build a case based upon images found, search results and other data, then John Paterson will legally and in the media become labelled a paedophile, something else to add to his troubled life. Regardless of the reasons why images are looked for, if any class A child abuse images find their way onto a device, it is likely jail time. Any source of child abuse images will have class A as well as other classes of images. In addition, those sites also contain content involving sexual violence and animal sex, classed as extreme porn, illegal in the UK.

      As an aside, the bitcoin blockchain now contains child porn, and as the blockchain is shared by many computers, it could lead to anyone hosting a copy of the blockchain liable to child abuse image possession and distribution offences.

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    • Those videos should have come with subtitles. I couldn’t follow a word of what they were saying but I think a larger lady got the better of Tracey and that spells trouble.

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      • One thing I noticed was that Tracey was yelling at that lady quite a lot but she and Linda both later said on three separate occasions that neither of them had been shouting and that it had just been that lady. They even told the police that.

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      • Tracey and Linda have no legal grounds for any of this. As one of the police officers said, that wasn’t even an officially authorised protest. It was just sheer harassment, imo.

        Plus it’s really irking me that after all of Tracey’s bluster about court orders not being worth the paper they’re written on, she’s suddenly a big advocate of them now that it suits her agenda.

        And as one of the cops pointed out, she and Linda don’t have any authority to impose a court order anyway – only an officer of the court can do that (correct me if I’m wrong, someone).

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      • Not at all sure on this but, I think from what The Policeman said in an earlier video that Tracy & Co’s presence had caused distress to at least one resident, a young lad. The lady they were arguing with later seemed to say her son was a resident there.

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        • You are correct as always, Captain. The lady who confronted them in the penultimate video said that her son had had to be medicated for the distress that Tracey & Drusilla’s earlier ‘protest’ had caused him 😦

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    • “I don’t put anything extreme on my page that could be considered offensive”. Yes dear.
      Elon Musk & Mad Moo have a go at Facebook in the same week.

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    • Deborah Mahmoudieh, two-faced hypocrite, outraged when social media takes action against her abuse. Facebook is a tool, used to harm RD, his kids, and others by Mahmoudieh. Deborah Mahmoudieh is as much to blame for the toxic situation on social media as Facebook is.

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      • She also says that if content is permitted on YouTube, then Facebook is obliged to allow it too. And that not allowing it is an affront to her human rights. I’m not making this up, she actually said that.

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    • Oh my gawd………… So funny.
      Seriously though, Debs like others has caused real harm and distress to children and families, by continuously re posting names and addresses of those falsely accused.
      Her idignation is funny but not based on any real injustice towards her, if she didn’t feel so entitled to have become Judge and Jury, Witchfinder general and hoax promoter extraordinaire, lying with such emphatic self belief, she’d have a better time and wouldn’t have needed a police caution, let alone a facebook ban.
      Even with her disgusting, vile and obsessive rantings re Hoaxtead…. I was sickened and revolted when she seamlessly switched to support #fukushimafrauds, connected to kevin Annett and also linking back to supporters of the Hampstead Hoax….. so no real change and repeating a pattern seen before.
      Those caught out amongst the connected hoax promoters often appear to support seperate people or campaigns, but are then maybe one person or step away from still being in with the same people with the same targets.

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    • Someone give Wesley Hall his slippers, pipe and hot horlicks. At his time of life he needs to slow down, or he will do himself a mischief.

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    • All Wesley needs to do now is get Hevver & Ange off the booze and combine with their Well Women Ministries, of either Ireland or Lanzarote. I’m just waiting for Angela to reply to my questions re her charitys’ status.
      I’ve been reading up a bit, not alot, cos I’m not taking it in….. the rules around calling yourself a journalist. Certainly she falls foul of so many ethics that apply according to their International Union.
      On the other hand, she may have come under the eye of the FBI now, as well as CEOP and NCA.
      i have to remind myself that they have long lists of people to get to…..but I would think it’ll catch up with them more and moreso, especially as she interviewed the Veteran featured in the video below and the timing of it..
      My questions, btw are on her catchup video with Veteran Walter Steven Crosley, not this one, which paints more of the picture.
      So we have Wesley with homelessness, Angie with only weird child abuse, that doesn’t happen, while she encourages real advocates to be hounded and silenced, the Get Out Of Debt Free & Beat The Bailiff con artists, Freeman of the Land Fails, Fukushimafrauds, we have the criers of false flag at all victims of tragedies, who’ve collaborated and run amok online, but now do really seem to be getting stopped….. They just ain’t realised it yet.
      I’ve read some stuff about this vet, who clearly still could have continued improving his health, it seems to me, if only the wrong people hadn’t latched onto him and dragged him into their world of scamming, I’m not sure atm, how culpable he is.
      But Angela, as a journalist …… disgusting lack of due diligence.
      Did she give him his final push ? Is she just a black widow ? Everyone she touches seems to end up locked up….. she seems to find it amusing.
      Is that why her re fried, re friend, I mean, friend is issuing idle legal threats all over the place ? Fear projection, or wishful ? Dunno what she thinks I deserve to be behind bars for, if Angies praying to her god, then she’s in for some rebound…… If she’s enlisted self proclaimed bwitchypoo, same again….. rebound, if your’e wishing bad shit on people…… as someone said even with dyed black hair, you are nothing like Shannon Docherty who is beautiful, stunning and played a good witch……. .


      • I think she is a highly dangerous person.
        She comes across to those with little experience of her as quite reasonable & sounding intelligent and with this ‘guest’, an ability to play down her more outrageous conspiracy nonsense. A naive person could easily believe she is a journalist when she’s an utter disgrace to the term and completely lacks ethics (in anything).

        Everything about Angela Power -Disney convinces me she is a sociopath / psychopath with the ability to become the ideal person & listener for the person she is currently chatting to. It’s one of their ‘best’ traits. They can appear to be the listener’s best pal or could become their ally. Talking to someone else on the same day they could become the opposite.
        I’ve seen one psychopath who I battled with over several years in a business dispute (that person destroyed it) do things like sidled up to an elderly gay man involved in that dispute and touch them on the arm and say “did you know I was gay too?”. An hour later he did likewise to a rather sad and lonely middle aged woman with a “we should really have dinner together one night”.

        No credible journalist would interview a man with such a sad history of war-time PTSD when it’s well known they can be ready to explode at any time. Typical: she takes advantaged of a man who is the victim of poltician’s mendacity in pursuing wars they don’t fight in.

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    • Psst Wesley, Opdeatheaters have a very baaaaaaaad name, given the collusion from UK ones to OpdeatheatersNSW who tried some extremely vile tactics to promote Fiona Barnett downunder and the likes of those promoting hoaxes here…… only strong genuine friendships and trust built years ago with advocates across the world, kept you all from succeeding.
      Fool, Wesley the hearing last week during IICSA set things out clearly.
      How much of it did you even listen to ?
      Nevermind, ask journalist Angela who is bound to have been taking notes, given that she must be so glad as a non religious christian that finally, the truth of abuse and coverups within all institutions is being publically aired……..


      • I think “Opdeatheaters ” has now become another of those fantasy titles one person gives themselves while operating from their PC. A bit like “Anonymous” is now every man and his dog (Dog probably would make more sense) trying to give the impression they are an activist when they are usually another one on social security (no problem with that .. but idle hands) soaking up nonsense about the Illuminati / Freemasons etc etc.

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        • Actually, the “real” Anon Deatheaters group put out a notice when the Hampstead hoax first went online, disclaiming it and stating that anyone claiming to be acting in their name should be ignored. I’ll see if I can find and post the original.

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          • I posted this, it should get through and will reach the pukka Anons….. who don’t flaunt their flags and put masks up on heads and get on radio boasting 🙂 Some really have done it right in terms of hacking and reporting paedos to authorities, collecting evidence and passing it, without alerting the perps, unlike the diabolical paedohunting groups, that really are acting suspiciously as if they too, want to thwart the efforts of good people to help child abuse victims better, quicker and more effectively.


    • Those videos show what a bungle Tracey Morris creates.
      My experience with cops arriving as those 2 did is that they will not or cannot take notice of a ‘Court Order’ for the obvious reason (it’s not their job to enforce orders) and that anyone could easily dodge a phony Court Order on their PC. Apart from cases can be far more complicated than just obtaining an Order.
      The male officer makes the very valid point that the other party needs some time to receive a Court Order and digest, even getting their own legal advice if need be.

      If one party ignores a Court Order or Injunction (as indeed Tracey Morris does with the Hampstead case, chortling away about that Order but then coming on all virtuous when she claims she has one herself, there can be serious repercussions and certainly no government funded body is going to ignore a proper Court Order.

      This Mob © seem to have turned up in the dead of night demanding the Order be obeyed which is highly unreasonable on anyone’s part and does not give the other party a chance to obtain legal advice. They have to do the right thing as well for their clients (children).

      Tracey Morris is a Walking Talking Disaster guaranteed to stuff up anyone’s obvious distressful situation. No wonder she is drawn to kindred soul Sabine who also has buggered up every case she’s been involved in and had no successes, just made everything a lot worse.

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      • I posted this higher up the page just before you posted your comment, Sam, and I think it’s relevant to what you said:

        – Tracey and Linda have no legal grounds for any of this. As one of the police officers said, that wasn’t even an officially authorised protest. It was just sheer harassment, imo.

        Plus it’s really irking me that after all of Tracey’s bluster about court orders not being worth the paper they’re written on, she’s suddenly a big advocate of them now that it suits her agenda. –

        And as one of the cops pointed out, she and Linda don’t have any authority to impose a court order anyway – only an officer of the court can do that (correct me if I’m wrong, someone).

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      • “Tracey Morris is a walking talking disaster guaranteed to stuff up anyone’s obvious distressful situation.”

        Ditto Angela, Neelu, Edward Ellis…

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      • Agreed GoS. Usually there is a 7 day period to object to an Order before it becomes, A Final Order, here in Circus Land.

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      • The place she calls ‘muckymore’ is actually called Muckamore Abbey. It is a residential for people of all ages with physical disabilities. She can’t seem to know if the young girl has disabilities or mental health problems in which case she would be going outside Belfast. She’s given the phone number she was ringing on out, the girls name and date of birth. Does she actually have legal training? That was an embarrassment. Those cheering her on or worse. Social workers in Belfast don’t acknowledge her. There are obvious problems with the mum, as the girl is allowed out with her sister and took them about 10 mins realise the girl was in the car. She’s like a one woman carry on film

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      • Fake News Fake Allegations Fake People
        1 minute ago
        Didn’t Angie introduce herself and Heather Brown aka Prudence Halliwell aka Suzy Jones of being part of the Woman who should be at the bottom of a well ministries

        Comment just posted here:

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        • Just when you think this despicable cow can’t get any worse- she does. Intelligence services have a dossier? . What a nasty vicious piece of goods she is. A pox on her and her phony tears, idiotically claiming irreplaceable “private evidence” videos were removed and painting herself as a victim with tears that lasted less than RD’s while she continues to defame the innocent residences of a London suburb and tries to make life hell for a couple of children.

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          • And I thought those intelligence services were meant to be running this blog ! Can’t lie straight in bed. Typical sociopath behavior..blatant provable contradictory lies told for the moment while forgetting the lies previously told.

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          • A great comment about Angies fake tears…… about lies:
            Fake News Fake Allegations Fake People
            4 days ago
            She cried the same way when Mel Ve took down her stuff and said some of it couldn’t be replaced. It’s the usual bullshit we hear from her all the time. Mc Kenzies Devils have every video that she ever uploaded all saved on an external hard drive so if she ever needs anything we can supply it it at a reasonable price. She once claimed that we get paid £10000 per video so it would be fair to charge her that price per video if she ever wanted us to upload one of her videos for her.

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