Sabine in custody until trial

Sabine McNeill’s application to amend her bail conditions was heard at Southwark Crown Court this morning. The application was refused, and Sabine will remain in prison until her trial, which is currently set to start in November.

Despite herculean efforts by various Hoaxtead mobsters to assemble a massive throng to support their friend, turnout was by all accounts fairly spotty. Attendees included Belinda, Mary Rooney, and a couple of unknown individuals. Jake Clarke was not present.

However, as the judge was making her verdict, Tracey Morris and two friends burst into the courtroom.

Tracey yelled, “DON’T WORRY, SABINE, WE’LL GET YOU OUT!” before turning and fleeing before she could be removed. She could be heard in the hallway outside, still shouting for a few seconds. Onlookers speculate that she might have been keen to avoid a confrontation with Belinda, and so made herself scarce.

She has since posted the following on her Facebook page: Tracey Morris 2018-03-19

We have received no news regarding Sabine’s legal team, and highly doubt Tracey’s version of events.

We do wonder, however, whether she and her friends intend to make an appearance in Hempstead. If so, she could be in for a bit of a shock.

Southwark Crown Court



89 thoughts on “Sabine in custody until trial

  1. Well I don’t rejoice that anyone’s in jail but Sabine can only blame herself and her so-called best pals who clearly do not discourage her from her actions, rather encourage it. November is an awful long time to wait and really justice should be done a lot quicker. If she’s on remand she will at least have better conditions than if she was jailed and the time will come off whatever time she must serve if she were to be convicted and receive a jail sentence.
    What an unholy mess this mob get themselves into. I suppose they will blame the mythical cabal- never their fault of course.

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  2. Interesting that The Gob of the Western World didn’t bother to be in Court long enough to hear the facts of the case isn’t it but still, she’s an expert.

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  3. It does show a lack of commitment and responsibility on Tracy’s part after making so much noise about the whole thing, making promises (however misguidedly). But what am I thinking….mad bint. Another dangerous individuals that make believes she ‘helps’. If Sabine’s legal team has really quit then maybe its down to Tracy’s behaviour online towards him. It’s really just a bit of self promotion, entertainment and stimulation in an otherwise sad life for Tracy. As for Jake, WOW….what an idiot. Bet he won’t do that again…

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    • This Tracey Morris character lives in an Alternative Universe where she is a sort Irish female green Caped Crusader who wades into causes and solves all and frees the masses from the oppressor.
      Reality is she is an egotistical loud-mouthed loony who actually achieves sod all and like most of This Mob, Belinda, Sabine etc etc, everything they touch goes arse over tit, the problems are amplified, people lose their kids and so on.
      They have no successes to boast of- everything is a calamity yet they persist, especially Tracey as though a great achievement has been made.
      She stood outside that prison announcing All Will Be Revealed and the judges and courts will tremble before her but – it’s all a damp squib (as we see today).

      I had to read the conclusion on the last thread of her outburst where someone had the temerity to contact her on a Sunday (via Facebook). Morris’s fury was astounding -“how dare anyone even think of contacting her on ‘her day off’ “, on and on and on she ranted but the fact is, she obviously just had to read her Facebook page and then spent probably an hour screeching through the screen (on her day off !) when she could have just said “call me on Monday love, bye for now”.
      Madness, madness and more madness.
      And then there’s Jake !

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    • I think Tracey Morris is showing herself to be an extremely dangerous woman and the authorities need to be notified. Not only does she seem to issue veiled threats, you can see from responses she can easily inspire a deranged person to take action.

      # never forget the gunman in the #pizzagate case who fired a weapon in the restaurant while customers with children were there. He was stirred up by internet gossip.
      ## Do not forget Morris regularly infers she is associated with either the IRA or Loyalists (difficult to know which side she is on) but in Ireland it’s not hard to imagine anyone knowing such people.
      If she is actually visiting old addresses this is a worrying new aspect. How do we know one of these hyped up fools will not mistake a stranger who looks similar to someone they are disparaging & they feel they must take immediate physical action.
      ### And there is the fact she ignores or scoffs at the fact she has been Injuncted by a court – she scoffs at the court’s powers.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if Sabine’s team did quit. A couple of years ago my own solicitor dropped a client – a paying one not one on legal aid – after one too many fiery screaming matches. He basically said “sod off and find a new lawyer, I don’t need or have to take this”.

      In fact a solicitor is obligated to quit if he genuinely believes his client has lost faith in him. Of course Sabine may be listening and taking the solicitor’s advice but the solicitor may feel he & his family may come into danger.

      Tracey Morris like many people somehow believe a solicitor’s role is to simply go into court and dictate to the Judge and tell him to set his client free or conclude a case in their favour and if that doesn’t happen (the terrible complexities of the law) it’s his /her fault.

      Morris even seems to be threatening the judge or magistrate. This cannot continue. She is dangerous and she needs to have the law explained to her by police.

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      • Tracey Morris is a pure and simple thug…..she is all mouth, whatever her ‘connections’ and all that lip service she was paid the courtesy of by those actual proactive types who knew no better at that moment when encountering her after listening to the sheer stupid and oh so emotive shite she spouted at that anniversary thing, she remains a headless chicken and a toothless tiger.

        I don’t know about the loyalist/union paramilitary side of things but I do know very well with regard to PIRA or the newer versions of it in peacekeeping times, you say nothing about who you may or may not know..if you pretend to know this or that person or brag about a connection you’d be considered a fool….seriously….would a person in the know deliberately incriminate themselves or supposed friends in the interest of declaring that they’re part of an illegal subversive group and therefore a threat to be reckoned with?

        It’s my practice to pretend I’m clueless and say “I have no clue what you’re talking about” when confronted with gossip or surreptitious hearsay about people I know as close friends and consider family.

        Tracey Morris is full of it!

        And I have the wherewithal to cause her to be silenced for good.

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        • “And I have the wherewithal to cause her to be silenced for good.”

          Oops that’s not a threat of physical violence in the least…I’m simply suggesting that I know someone who could have a word in her shell-like just so she’d shut her gob for the sake of peace because of course, it’s outrageous that she should be taking advantage of vulnerable people and abusing their trust by pretending to be a saviour of some sort when in reality she is causing unnecessary drama etc.

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  4. I wonder if the penny will drop with any of the hoaxers, that all their ranting and raving (online and around the court) will have done is provide evidence that this woman could not possibly be let out and trusted not to re-offend? For one, look at the company she keeps! Bloody headcases the lot of ’em! And dangerous with it!

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  5. Morris runs into court, shouts something, then runs away…you couldn’t make it up! I must admit that made me laugh.
    As for Sabine, she deserves all she gets, in spades. Let’s not forget her campaign to return the kids to Christie and Draper, she had no real interest in their welfare from the very outset. The demonization of the father and the Hampstead community was essentially used to elevate her own status and rake in some cash.
    And how she revelled in her position as one of the leaders of a ragtag army of people with issues. I can recall the one music video she smugly posted….Lord of the Dance! She is a nasty piece of work.

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  6. Obviously it is all a very serious business, but I have this image in my head of TM busting into court, I can’t help but lol.

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      • So funny, though I can’t quite square the running away part with her indefatigable warrior persona. I feel so disillusioned, lol.

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    • It seems we had a clash of egos. Morris wasn’t going to let Belinda McKenzie dictate to her that she shouldn’t go to the court.
      And what actually goes on between these two?. One minute McKenzie is (foolishly) denigrating Morris in severe terms about not turning up to court (no subtlety) via the internet, yet Morris keeps claiming they are bosom buddies.
      Of course Tracey Morris may be all bluster but- she could inspire a mentally unstable person to act physically or dangerously.

      And we have an example: Jake Clarke foolishly getting involved between clashing left and right wing demonstrators at Hyde Parke in an insane scheme to promote Hampstead. He may as well walk up and down Oxford Street handing out his flyers. He could easily be badly injured in a fruitless episode and this mob encourage him.

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      • Yes, I was very surprised that Jake didn’t show up at court this morning, given his enthusiasm for the case. I can only speculate that he was pretty shaken up after yesterday’s debacle.

        Either that or Mummy sent him to the naughty step.

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  7. Great news, EC!

    Having said that, I’m quite concerned to discover that it’s all part of a plot to replace Sabine with a clone 😮

    By the way, poor old Mary and Kathy are in for a bit of a shock when they find out what ‘remanded’ means 😂

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      • I think he might think all those ‘cloning’ movies like Multiplicity with Michael Keaton are really documentaries. Nice idea though and I wonder if is he has the secret of how it’s done?. I fancy having myself cloned so the clone can go out and get a bloody job, do the shopping etc and leave me at home to put my feet up and relax.

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  8. God, I’d love to have been a fly on the wall when Tracey threw her hissy fit.

    I just hope her kids weren’t around. Hardly role model of the year, is she?

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  9. Tracey has really let down Sabine in my opinion. I am convinced that if Tracey had spent yesterday gathering more support, Sabine would have been set free. If only Tracey would would work the odd Sunday now and then.
    Good news that Sabine will be held until trial.

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    • I’m wary of giving away too many personal details but I’ve been in the position of having to prostrate myself at the mercy of the court. In the UK the law is that you will be given bail – unless there are serious grounds to doubt you will surrender. Look at the example of the Aussie hiding in an Ecuadorian cupboard to see how low the threshold is!

      Sabine in the big scale of things would be a slam dunk for bail, especially with a surrendered passport. It is why I was not surprised she was initially granted bail. All she had to do was behave herself. That is all she had to do.

      Sadly, I suspect she was egged on by people who had no dog in the fight to breach her bail and is suffering for their hubris.

      They really don’t get that if you breach bail conditions, you will be remanded. You have one chance at pleading your case but arguing the conditions are not part of it. You either have breached them of you haven’t. Your only chance is to plead that you have learned your lesson and will not do so again. Sabine’s problem appears to be that this is her second breach, No sensible judge could grant her bail on the same conditions without a successful prosecution appeal.

      The only legal option remaining is Judicial Revue, but Judicial Review is about whether the action was lawful. I can see no grounds for invoking it.

      My big caveat is that I’m giving an opinion from the “accused” side of proceedings and based on the advice I was given. Maybe a lawyer could expand on this instance.


      • You are absolutely right fat feathery owl. The only options at this point are either habeas corpus (which can be converted into a judicial review by the High Court) or judicial review, and for success you would either have to show that the court had no power at all to remand in custody, or the decision was so flawed that no reasonable court could ever make it. So it’s more than the High Court saying, “gosh, that was a bit harsh”.

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  10. “Take her in a smart phone in a family visit. Or send in her local journo-prisons cannot REFUSE the right to speak to the press, even if ur in prison”

    Yet another fruitloop who might benefit from some basic training in how the law works!

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  11. Jakes actions would seem to show they are trying to recruit disaffected nationalist and maybe radical Islamic elements to their cause. This could be Ruperts influence “you need some fucking muscle”. Jake may be a bit special but his words only have to hit home with one psycho and it could get nasty. I can see him joining Sabine in the future.

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  12. @GOS – yes, that’s why the SRA narrative attributed to a pre-teen is always composed from a controlling adult’s beliefs about such subjects, as the Hampstead kids narrative is a simplified version of Christie’s own beliefs. In displays of true moral cowardice, the adult will often BLAME the child for him/her holding the beliefs that they have: “well, that’s what the children are telling me/us”.

    But consider – if Carol’s alleged life history with SRA elements was a re-write by Sinason, the allegations against Conservative politicians might not have come from Carol at all, They might be inserted by Sinason, because she-Sinason has a VIP SRA conspiracy theory involving them. In 1990 – right from the beginning, just as SAFF has always said. We know that Sinason & Hale placed Carol’s alleged stories on some kind of police register, because they were still there when the Felstead family discovered the accusations about them. What if Sinason and other “therapists” continued to do that – rewrite patient history to include the SRA obsessed therapist’s common conspiracy theory in some way, and deposit them with police? 2011+ rolls around, and when “Nick” emerges with his version of essentially the same allegations, already recorded many times, would that cause police spokesman to say they believe without investigation, that his allegations are TRUE?

    Can I have my Conspiracy Theorist badge now please?

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    • “He put up a post telling us to be careful heading into Hampstead”

      What post, Tracey, you little liar? Nothing even remotely resembling that remark has been posted here.

      And since when has RD written for this blog? Oh wait – Kris ‘Piss-Drinker’ Costa told you he does, so it must be true >:D

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    • So Tracey and pals are visiting houses she thinks RD used to live in? Why? What is that meant to achieve? Does she want a restraining order from whoever bought his old house?
      I would advise Tracey to stay out of Hampstead (and I am definitely not RD or called Sylvia) because she is likely to end up being prosecuted for harassment, just like Rupert. Turning up with the express purpose of intimidating people, especially when you put that in writing on Facebook, is not something that looks good in court.

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  13. There’s something that’s been bugging me about screenshots I post here. On a PC mine look smooth and clean and all lined up (I always crop them to make them line up on the left), with a nice clear white background. However, when I look at them on my phone, they’re all askew with a horrid grey background that’s all higgledy-piggledy (and I assume that’s what others see too). What’s that about? (There’s no grey background when I open them individually in Picture Manager, btw.)

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  14. ROFLOL Is that Gerbil daring to utter RD’s name? Sabine is in the Right Place for a bit! The olde Scammer! Time for Gerbil to be held for HER breaches. Since when does “RD” have a website? Or, Is that as FAKE as these Criminal Frauds? He is welcome to be an added Plaintiff on my Client’s suit contra KSC coming soon to a Federal court room near you! KSC will RUE the Damn day she screwed with the Elderly NEAR Death!

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    • Documentary? May I assume this will be shot in full HD to EBU standards and mastered to AS-11 with a full documentation and legal audit; just ready for the major broadcasters to pick up? Or will it be some shit shot on a toy bought from Argos, edited on Windows Movie Maker and uploaded in glorious fuzzyvision to youtube? – Just like what Bill Baloney used to make!

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    • I think Tracey seems to have forgotten that Belfast is in the same country as London, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. There may be some differences in law, but she’s in the same country.

      This isn’t a threat of any kind, just an observation.

      Interesting that she used Abraham Christie’s term, Hempstead, which obviously isn’t an actual place name unless she meant Hemel Hempstead. Hence the in for a surprise remark. Lol.

      I think it is remarkable that she is presuming to give advice to vulnerable women and families.

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      • Yes, I find it horrifying that she’s giving advice of any sort to anyone. One need only look at the hash she’s made of her own life to wonder about the wisdom of accepting advice from her.

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      • @Tracey
        To reiterate, there’s a Hempstead here in Medway. It’s just up the road from me. And there’s also one in Essex, I gather.

        By the way, I don’t recall Abe ever mentioning Hempstead. Are you thinking of Hempseed? They were doing their ‘Free the Hampstead 2’ thing and Spiny responded with a parody called ‘Jail the Hempseed 2’.

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  15. If they have been visiting the father’s old address etc., perhaps they have been filming locations for the upcoming documentary. Hence the glee…that might be the plan hatched on the get-together.

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      • The trial is ongoing. However, I am constantly surprised at people’s naivety in not believing people can do bad things, like record hours of “interviews”, and discounting the possibility of otherwise outwardly normal people behaving very wrongly and cruelly indeed.

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  17. Sabine still rotting in prison. Good.

    I bet families who have gone through hell because of that mental bitch are terribly upset, said nobody ever.

    I have ZERO sympathy and do rejoice at people like Sabine being thrown into prison.

    Throw away the key.


  18. I know it is easy to be happy at sabine being jailed, but in all the jollyment, please just remember the real victims here. The real survivors of real child abuse were protesting peacefully outside Church house in a respectful manner when it was hijacked by sabine and her friends. The REAL survivors of clergy abuse find it hard enough to be heard anyway. But people like Sabine destroy the genuine and real efforts. That is why exposing the false allegations is so important.

    For those of us who are core participants at iicsa, several of us were relieved to see her remanded.

    Many of us are having a hard time and we dont need Sabine!!


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