Belinda attempts to discourage ‘angry mob’ at Sabine’s hearing

Well, that was hardly predictable at all.

Following Tracey Morris’ bout of uncontrollable gum-flappery over the past couple of days, during which she attempted to wind up Sabine’s supporters by claiming that her solicitor was incompetent, corrupt, or both, Belinda has struck back in her own charming and genteel manner:

Belinda to the masses 2018-03-16 1Belinda to the masses 2018-03-16 2

They do remain concerned, however, that some kind of ‘noisy mob’ turning up could damage her chances of re-release….

One can almost see Belinda’s lips disappearing entirely as she attempts to disguise the iron fist within the velvet glove.

But (to mix metaphors with wild abandon), the claws come out just a few sentences further down:

Incidentally, thinking about people’s passions which occasionally go in the wrong direction (usually through ignorance of the facts), Sabine’s solicitor has chosen to ignore an attack on him by a supposed supporter who has been viciously bad-mouthing him all week – you know who you are and so do others who have been picking up on your negative activity… you are only making yourself look foolish as 1) YOU DON’T KNOW THE FACTS OF THIS CASE UP TILL SUMMER 2015 and 2) YOU DON’T HAVE SABINE’S OWN PERMISSION TO CHANGE HER LEGAL TEAM!!

“So back off, bitch!”

Ooh, was that my outside voice?

Of course, it was a matter of mere seconds before Weaselly turned up to accept the challenge: Belinda to the masses 2018-03-16 3Oh, right, the White Pendragons. Wasn’t it Weaselly who introduced that particular bogeyman last week? We’re pretty sure it was.

Belinda to the masses 2018-03-16 4Using CAPITAL LETTERS won’t mean anything, says Weaselly. And then he immediately commences USING CAPITAL LETTERS. Honestly, you can’t make it up.

Is Belinda really worried about Sabine’s supporters catching cold? Or is this just her subtle way of discouraging a large turn-out? Answers on a postcard, please.

Belinda to the masses 2018-03-16 5And now for something completely different…a call to arms using the Eventbrite app.

Eventbrite Sabine 2018-03-16

So…are they actually planning to sell tickets to this courtroom extravaganza? To be honest, we wouldn’t put it past Weaselly.

We need boxes. Boxes and holes.

Belinda to the masses 2018-03-16 6Quote of the day: “We’re not thinking outside the box anymore. We’re creating new boxes”. Pine ones, but don’t worry, it’s the nice kind of pine, totally natural and biodegradable. But first, we have to dig that six-foot-deep hole. BRB.

The part where they pass the begging bowl

Belinda to the masses 2018-03-16 7Belinda to the masses 2018-03-16 8

So there you have it: Belinda declares war on Tracey (who really was asking for it, to be fair); Weaselly sets up an Eventbrite page and huffs at Belinda; and then they pass the hat. Standard fare at any Hoaxtead mob event, really.

And now, bets on how long before we hear the sound of a head exploding up Belfast way? In 3…2…1….Queen Belinda and friends




50 thoughts on “Belinda attempts to discourage ‘angry mob’ at Sabine’s hearing

  1. Brilliant!

    Thank you for this most satisfying and entertaining update, Your Howlness.

    Classic Friday night pagga action. Tracey v Belinda – place your bets now 😀

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    • Chris Tuck is a survivor member of the IICSA so why is she commenting on Belinda’s feed? Does she actually believe the Hampstead allegations are true? Can she not see that getting these kids to talk about things which should be outside of their understanding at such a tender age on camera and broadcast across the net is child abuse in itself? Confused and ever so slightly worried!

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  2. I still can’t get my head round Tracey giving an angry speech about this…at a 19th wedding anniversary do! In my day you got a disco and a piss-up. How times have changed!

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    • In my day your mum and gran made some butties and bought a cake. The reception was in the living room and then you all went to the pub. But hey. I AM ancient. 🙂

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  3. Oh my God, a second ‘Toxic Family Audio’ video has come down from Angie’s back-up YouTube channel!

    This is the one that’s now come down:

    I reported all 7 in the series a few days ago, one of which already came down yesterday:

    That channel must now be one strike away from a permanent ban! Just one last push and we’re there, folks:

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  4. I see Angela’s still enthusiastically calling for people to attend on Monday.

    Naturally she’ll practise what she’s preaching and turn up herself.

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  5. I’m so pleased Belinda took my advice (joking) but how sad..just days ago we read of Tracey Morris arriving on Belinda’s doorstep to be greeted with tearful hugs by Mrs McKenzie as a loving friend and whisked inside with a “my home is your home” to a steaming mug of hot tea. Now a friendship torn asunder.
    Still, The Wrath of Derry has been avoided. But has it?. We shall see.

    And Weasley who let’s face it, has seen the inner workings of a court many times and as a judge has intoned “take him down”. However I’m not familiar with these courts where a judgement is tempered by the number of supporters the accused may have in the public gallery.
    It’s an interesting concept though.

    Still wondering if those Pendragons will turn up with their Gallows on the back of a trailer. Be nice to have Neelu wearing a long black cape, holding a scythe and holding up the hangman’s rope up as the trailer is slowly driven towards the Southwark Court. What publicity!

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    • You have a vivid imagination.

      I foresee a small gaggle of delusionals with home-made signs and Belinda handing out sandwiches.

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      • “…The allegations made by Belinda McKenzie are perpetuating notwithstanding injunctive relief in similar terms has been granted in these proceedings in January and February both in respect of the mother, the intervener and Sabine McNeill, with whom Belinda McKenzie McKenzie has been associated during the course of these proceedings…The impact Belinda McKenzie’s behaviour is having on the children’s father and thus indirectly on the children is catastrophic. He has suffered immense distress, anxiety and fear as well as financial harm in relation to his reputation and this has affected his ability to work. It places him at risk of physical harm from those who maybe persuaded that the allegations are true as well as psychological and emotional harm. As a consequence it places at risk the rehabilitation to him of the children and thus a direct bearing on the welfare of the children.

        Tracey Morris…has…publicly undermined the Fact Finding Judgment. She has made untrue public allegations against the father and threatened violence. The impact of Tracey Morris’ behaviour on the father and children are the same as those caused by Belinda McKenzie relating to above.

        For all these reasons the father seeks injunctive relief with a penal notice attached.”

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  6. Speaking of pathological liars who don’t know when to shut up and stop incriminating themselves, this is the latest from Deborah Mahmoudieh, who was recently arrested and told by the police to remove all Hampstead-related material from her YouTube and Facebook pages.

    Don’t be fooled by the title:

    24:37 – “Negative actions against me have also come from the very authorities that are meant to be acting on the kind of concerns that I’ve been sharing…and I’m talking about evidenced concerns. I’m not talking about hearsay or, you know, this and that. I’m talking about lawfully evidenced concerns that really the authorities should have picked up on, and especially after I’ve directly contacted them and written to them and received no response. So, you know, what else can we do except go public with our concerns? Because it is the public who are at risk and it is on the public’s behalf that people like myself address any issues where children are not receiving justice, where they have been denied justice.”

    26:48 – “Yeah, I’m not just gonna casually sit back and allow other children to suffer the same. I am going to do everything in my power to prevent other children from suffering the same degrees of abuse and also authority ignorance and negligence as I experienced. And again, it’s disturbing that because of that, because of my efforts, I’ve been gang-stalked online, libelled, even attacked, you know, with threats to burn my home down and… It is absolutely disgusting.”

    28:06 – “And my human rights have been violated and totally ignored – and that has happened directly because the golden rule of law has been itself ignored.”


      • Yep. Watch/listen to how she starts frantically scrolling her cursor up and down when she says that. I think that’s what a poker player would call a tell.


    • She is completely deluded. She wonders why she never heard back from authorities she wrote to or directly contacted?

      She was no doubt ignored due to the fact she would have been talking nonsense about Hampstead to them.


  7. I think this this ” discourage angry mobs turning up ” is the early excuse for ” that’s why nobody was there ” . Sounds better than ” no one really gives a shit as long as it isn’t them”. Or ” I would have been there but …..( insert excuse here ) No doubt the Belfast Rubbergum is trying to get a Ryanair Charter flight lined up for the hoards right now. ” No one will keep me away. Shove ya tea” . I cannot wait.

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    • To be fair to Mrs McKenzie, it’s good advice and I don’t think there’s any need to read anything behind it. Any attempt by her barrister to present her as either not in breach of bail conditions, or in breach but chastened and eager to comply in future will be damaged by a bunch of people yelling at the judge that she shouldn’t have had the conditions and hasn’t done anything wrong, and come up here and I’ll pag the lotta youse.
      In any event given the publicity Mrs McKenzie is also probably also right in predicting that most supporters won’t be let in, we’re not getting any sort of impression that they’ll be comfortable guests.

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  8. Noncilvy’s still pushing his idiotic “Stephen Hawking died in the 80s and was replaced by a clone” shite. Seriously, how is it even medically possible to be this gullible?

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    • Never met you? Your rabbiting on endlessly is enough to ensure I certainly don’t ever want to meet you. As for conversing with you- why would any sane person put themselves through that painful process?

      And you don’t get away with your bullshit “fighting oppression” mantra. You defame, you falsely accuse , you say nothing that hasn’t already been said 1000s of times, you expose nothing, and you arrogantly state you are fighting “institutionalized child abuse” The sheer ego of you thinking that if you make Facebook posts you are somehow fighting crime.

      You have never exposed a single case of institutionalized child abuse and weirdly (very much like the cheap con artist Angela Power Disney) you think that if you post a current or past news story about abuse that that somehow is ‘fighting” it.
      You are a charlatan and a fraud who attempts to think of a dozen different ways to beg for money from naive people (again like the grifter Power-Disney) and you outrageously claim that your spiteful posts about innocent people *such as those in Hampstead) is simply being “vocal” when it’s a perfect example of trolling and online harassment of innocent people who have been through the mill and when others attempt to point out the FACTS and EVIDENCE as accepted by the UK High Court you have the bloody gall to call it trolling you wretched hypocrite.
      Gee that felt good!
      And I’ll end with Muhahahahahahahahahahahahahaha (that’s 2 more hahas than you so stick that where the sun don’t shine)


    • LOL! “Speaking out about forced adoptions” is not the reason she’s in prison. Linda knows diddly-squat about the case, obviously.

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      • Linda’s in England, it seems. I’m guessing she’s got Tracey in tow too, all geared up for Monday.

        Considering how many times she’s breached her gagging order, it would be nice to think someone would arrest her while she’s on English soil.


  9. Yet another one joins the parade at slaters parade of morons.
    What gets me is that facebook still allow this page to be up, despite repeated complaints, farcebook finds nothing wrong with it…(well apart from breaching the original court order, showing one of the children sitting in his underpants on a bed talking about things no child that age should be talking about, shredding the reputations of innocent people with disgraceful allegations that have been shown to be false in repeated court cases)- but that is TOTALLY in line with farcebooks ‘community standards’- well to date, they have been correct, displaying what is essentially child porn does seem to be well within the ‘community standards’ of farcebook, not that that should be anything to be proud of…


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