BREAKING: Tracey Morris slags off Sabine’s legal team

In a Facebook livestream late Wednesday evening, Tracey Morris unleashed a vitriolic rant at Sabine McNeill’s legal team, reserving her harshest criticism for Noam Almaz, Sabine’s solicitor.

Tracey described her recent trek to London, noting that she “could see that Belinda was under pressure”, and that she “couldn’t understand how [Sabine] was in prison”.

“Why was there no immediate appeal?” she asked. “When I got to Belinda’s, I asked Belinda to contact Sabine’s solicitor. I spoke to him, and he was very arrogant and very ignorant on the phone. He tried to tell me that the laws are different in England, and tried to say that they couldn’t do anything”.

According to Tracey, this was evidence to her that Mr Almaz “hadn’t got a clue even then what he was doing”.

“[Sabine] is now on 27 bail restrictions, it’s ridiculous,” Tracey said. “She should have been bailed [the day she was arrested]”.

For the last few days we’ve sent Noam messages, and only two days ago on the phone he said he’d put in an appeal, which could be getting done this week.

Once again alarm bells rang, what’s he doing?

In court the judge kept beating the solicitors down, telling them to shut up! I’d have stood up and accused that judge of being biased, I would have threatened him with a JR (judicial review). …

Her legal team ran like little mice, yet they’re getting paid for it; I’ll complain to legal aid and make sure they don’t get paid!

Tracey said she received word yesterday that Belinda had received an email from Mr Almaz stating that “no one is to turn up at court…he has brought up the Hampstead story to keep people from turning up….Who does he think he is?”

However, she seemed to contradict herself shortly afterward, asking, “What good is it turning up in court, when she’s prison? Hundreds should be at that prison, supporting her!”

She said,

We have to get rid of Noam, because he’s done jack shit for Sabine for the past three years. I know his mum’s a friend of Sabine’s, but that doesn’t matter. The other day when I was pushing for an appeal, he actually said he didn’t now how to do it.

Hello? Hello? He’s been the solicitor on this case for three years, and he didn’t know how?

He has to be taken away from this case. … This is a message to Noam, you’d better get your ass into that courtroom and make sure Sabine gets out.

He needs to get his ass into that courtroom, and then he needs sacked. …

I’m not allowing you to abuse her, I’m not allowing you to make any money out of her.

This won’t go to trial, because with the right legal team there won’t be a trial. It’s time to stop corruption within solicitors. 

Stating that she had taken Sabine’s case to a public meeting in Belfast last night, Tracey said she’d met a solicitor named Stafford Scott from Tottenham, who was “disgusted at what I told him”. She described Mr Scott as “just what we need for Sabine, just what we need to get the ball rolling, to get her out of prison”.

Tracey said her plan is to bring in her own legal team to help Sabine, or she’s “dead in the water before it starts”.


Tracey Morris 2018-03-14


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  1. “With the right legal team this won’t even go to trial.”

    Hahaha! 21 charges and counting. Good luck with that, Tracey 😂

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  2. At the risk of sounding like a grammar Nazi, can someone please explain to Tracey how past participles work?

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    • No one of that name is registered with the Law Society as a Solicitor. And if he’s telling people that he is one…. according to the Law Society “If an unqualified person calls him or herself a solicitor or acts as a solicitor, they are committing a criminal offence”.

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        • Is it this Stafford Scott who seems to be a community agitator ?. Of course we cannot assume he called himself solicitor rather Morris could easily misinterpreted something he said while she was off and running.
          And her version of events told him may bear no relation to the truth.
          And how to Win Friends & Influence People : accuse the judge of bias and threatened him with a “judicial review”. How’s that done Tracey?.

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          • I wonder if Tracey met this Stafford Scott at Belinda McKenzie’s?. If he mingles with her (let alone Morris’ friends, he may not value his reputation.


          • Tracey said that she has also spoken with Garth Pierce. I don’t know if that was at the actual meeting though….The article below didn’t state Garth Pierce would be in attendance.


            (I don’t know how to do the ‘tiny url’ thing.)

            “AN event marking the 19th anniversary of the murder of solicitor Rosemary Nelson will take place in Belfast tomorrow.

            Mrs Nelson was killed after a loyalist bomb exploded under her car in Lurgan on March 15 1999.

            The annual event will this year focus on the issue of “retrieving information”.

            Organised by human rights campaigner Padraigin Drinan, it has been billed as a “working meeting” and those attending will include Vincent McAnespie, whose brother Aidan was shot dead by a British soldier near Aughnacloy in 1988.

            McGurk’s Bar campaigner Robert McClenaghan and Niall Ó’Murchú from the Paper Trail charity will also be joined by English community worker Stafford Scott on the panel.

            Ms Drinan said it is important to remember the murdered solicitor.”

            I have a feeling with regard to Tracey bringing Sabine’s cause to the panel’s attention they may have just been paying her lip service for the sake of being polite and not wishing to alienate a local who probably comes off as a rabid lunatic.

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    • The video is public today and I just listened to it. In fairness she doesn’t say Stafford Scott is a solicitor – she mentions the words ‘activist’ and ‘legal team’ – a legal team doesn’t necessarily mean ‘solicitor’ in Hoaxter speak.

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      • After reading some of the comments under Tracey’s video where two distraught women were begging for help from her I couldn’t help but wonder how Tracey got herself into the position of ‘go to’ person for those who are in terrible predicaments. So I looked for information about her online.

        The woman who organised the Rosemary Nelson event, Padraigin Drinan, represented Tracey previously. Below is an archived article from 2005.

        “A campaign against the barring order is being planned by Tracey Morris, who was represented by Ms Drinan in child custody proceedings.

        Ms Morris today confirmed that contact is being made with the barrister wife of the Prime Minister.

        She said: “We are writing to Cherie Blair asking for her support.

        “We also want as many people as possible to picket the Law Society offices.

        “We are calling on all the organisations and people she has helped to come forward.”

        “This woman has done so much for so many people and it’s now time for them to support her.”

        It is believed the case stemmed from alleged administrative shortcomings.

        Ms Drinan’s practice had no comment to make.”

        I haven’t got much further in my quest to find out more about Tracey’s rise to ‘go to’ person (perhaps self publicity) but it could be she is justified in believing she is well connected and has influence?

        More info on Ms. Drinan

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  3. If I were Sabine I certainly wouldn’t be swapping my legal team days before the trial and I wouldn’t want a mob of weirdos turning up at the court. However I am not Sabine and I am quite sure she will follow her own idiosyncratic course- maybe going as far as taking Tracey Morris’s advice.

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  4. ““[Sabine] is now on 27 bail restrictions, it’s ridiculous,” Tracey said. “She should have been bailed [the day she was arrested]”.”

    Um Tracy you do understand that she was arrested, got bail (you remember when there was this big crowdfunding thingo to raise money for it-remember???)- breached her bail and was arrested for that…

    I’m fairly sure you cant actually get bail for being arrested for breaching bail conditions- and it would be a remarkedly ill informed ‘solicitor’ that would stand up and suggest such a thing in court… (certain equity lawyers might try such a tactic, but any actual ones wouldnt)

    “Hello? Hello? He’s been the solicitor on this case for three years, and he didn’t know how?”

    I’m sure that the number of lawyers that have approached the courts to get bail for breaching bail by committing exactly offences that got them the original arrest and bail is remarkably few in number, so I suspect he would indeed be sailing in uncharted waters

    Even if she did magically get bail, she would certainly breach it again, history shows us that she simply doesnt learn- so if she did breach her (new) bail, would she get arrested again- certainly…
    Then she could get bail, for breaching her bail, for breaching her bail, for the other offences….

    And down the rabbithole we go…

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      • The narrative has moved on, firstly from being an innocent phone call or two to a charity to to ask for “help”, now, much more aligned with their world-view, a “set-up” due to a conspiracy by the usual dark forces.

        Personally I do hope she sacks her brief and takes the advice of the rabble, much more entertaining.


    • Sabine was ordered by a court to remove the photos of the Musa children from her website. They are still there today. That’s the children who she refused to believe when they said they were beaten and tortured by their parents. The parents were deported after their jail terms while I assume the children probably changed their names.
      They have NEVER retracted their beating claims or organized any sort of campaign about their parent’s convictions, jailing and deportation. The silence speaks volumes.

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      • Considering he was almost completely paralyzed, in a wheelchair and 76 when he died (amazing, when he was diagnosed when he was 21, they gave him only a couple of years to live, in the end he got to an age that many these days wont get to see)

        Considering the difference to the world he made, compared with ohuglies dubious ‘contributions’ all I can say is that the good Dr was truly a great man, and malcom-isnt…
        One of his quotes that I feel is rather apt
        “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.”

        RIP Dr Stephen Hawkings

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      • They have all climbed aboard the Jeffrey Epstein charabanc similar to the pizzagate bandwagon. But strictly speaking Epstein isn’t a pedophile, rather a seducer of teen girls, perhaps some were under the legal New York age which is 18. It seems most of the girls he invited to his island home would have been legal in most European countries.

        Obviously he’s a misogynist perve and may be an unpleasant character who thinks his money absolves him from the norms of social behaviour (and I guarantee much of the hate directed towards him is the usual antisemitism) and quite possibly some of his high profile guests indulged in dodgy behavior but I really think some of these hyperventilating critics (no names although the words Malcolm, Konrad & Ogilvy popped into my head for some reason) are insanely jealous and would just love to move in those circles and indulge in some debauchery.

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        • Epstein had a lot of high profile guests through his doors including Prince Andrew and Bill Clinton – and a lot of people who don’t have slightly dodgy reputations.


      • Going by Noncilvy’s latest FB post, I’d say chimp status is still a far off dream:


      • She seems quite proud of them (no problem there) as she displays them endlessly in selfies which is bordering on obsession. You would think she would prefer people loved her “for her mind” (stop rude).

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    • Sorry Christine… Is that a statement, or the tagline for a porn movie you’re pitching?


    • Well let’s be honest Christine. It’s not as if you have anything that would attract a man who is looking for a woman who has a brain, a personality, kind nature, is respectable or presentable in polite company or can be trusted, now is it?


    • Christine, it’s absolutely FINE if you want to buy your clothes at C&A! You are becoming quite an old lady now after all! But there is really no need to go and wreck the place!


    • To be fair, Christine has come in for a lot of criticism over the last few years and she’s just confronting her knockers.


      • Hush now! You lot are needing to nip that patter in the bud! And while you’re about it, put your safety glasses back on! She’ll take somebody’s eye out sooner or later otherwise!


  5. So Tracey Morris is really a secret solicitor/lawyer/barrister! Who would have thought!

    So all these years when she has been running amok & shouting on phone videos have just been a cover & she was waiting for this case of Sabine’s to expose herself as a brilliant legal mind who is challenging an accredited solicitor with years of experience representing members of the public in courts.

    Tracey Morris, I would say that with my limited knowledge of the law that there is a case against you for harrasment, libel, intent to damage a solicitor’s reputation & God knows what else! I sincerely hope this man you have now targeted in your wild rantings sues you, you deserve no pity if he does.

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    • Is this a bail hearing? If it is her solicitor is correct & working on behalf of his client by advising people not to attend the court. The chances are Sabine won’t even be there but if the rabid mob are & yell or cause a ruckus as they can’t help themselves it may convince the judge / magistrate that she should not get bail.
      These idiots just don’t think- it’s all about their own egos, not about Sabine.

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  6. Musical interlude..

    Maybe the hoaxers could all gather together and sing it on the 19th.


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