Hoaxtead mobsters descend into hysteria

As Sabine McNeill’s next court date approaches, her supporters’ attempts to garner support for their heroine have gone from “urgent” to “frantic”, and have now reached the lower limits of “hysterical” on the Troofer Tail-Chasing Scale™. By the time of Sabine’s next hearing at Southwark Crown Court on 19 March, it’s anticipated that certain of the more excitable Hoaxtead mobsters may actually blow up and bust.

‘Human tornado’ touches down in Priory Gardens

We’ll start our round-up with a message from Hoaxtead Central:

Free Sabine 2018-03-13 4On Monday Belinda issued one of her periodic “Sabine is in prison OMG OMG” updates, noting that “Human Tornado” Tracey Morris had briefly touched down at her posh home in Priory Gardens.

Fortunately, no one was injured, but it seems that we were wrong to have blamed Jake Clarke for the peculiar protest banners which he and Tracey seem to have nailed up in a farmer’s field on Sunday. The guilty party is actually someone named “Dean from Brighton”, who Belinda claims was “concerned to hit exactly the right note”.

If that note was meant to be “I know how to plagiarise random Banksy stencils, but not so good at spellin…..g”, then we give him full marks.

Belinda didn’t waste this opportunity to rally the troops, stating, “It’s very clear Sabine was set up which is NOT being tolerated and ENOUGH IS ENOUGH of hounding and harassing our dear friend and fellow-warrior for children”.

She also predicted that “the matter will be back in court well ahead of 19th March”, though we’ve seen no evidence that this is the case. Tracey seemed to believe that Sabine’s legal team would be in court yesterday; again, this seems to have been a figment of their imaginations:

Free Sabine 2018-03-13 5We do wonder what Tracey means when she says “if she isn’t released by tomorrow [Tuesday] then we won’t be taking any prisoners”.

Tracey is still bound by the terms of the injunction she received in August 2015, prohibiting her from discussing the Hampstead hoax in public. However, police seem to have ignored her many breaches of that injunction. She has famously claimed that “it’s not worth the paper it’s written on”, and sadly our legal system is proving her correct.

White Pendragon invasion?

Meanwhile, on Weaselly Hall’s “Free Sabine” Facebook page, concerns were raised that the white supremacist “White Pendragons” group which disrupted a speech by London mayor Sadiq Khan in January were planning to storm Sabine’s 19 March hearing: Free Sabine 2018-03-13 1Okay, when we say “concerns were raised”, we mean “Weaselly was spreading rumours”:

We need as many anti fascists as possible in attendance please—to support Sabine and to tell this group of people they’re / it’s evil to even contemplate using a child abuse case to manipulate people’s thoughts, feelings and emotions towards a certain ideology using topics we’re all sympathetic about. 

When we stopped roaring with laughter, we went looking for the “so-called ‘satanists'” who Weaselly claimed had been posting on the page and event.

Nope. Not one.

But it seems that some “Free Sabine” sympathisers were nonetheless a bit doubtful about the Facebook page’s Fearless Leader:

Free Sabine 2018-03-13 2Free Sabine 2018-03-13 3So it seems no dragons will be present at Sabine’s next hearing after all. Pity, it would have added to the festive atmosphere.

Meanwhile, over on Planet Zog

Neelu has been churning out incomprehensible diatribes at a great rate:

Neelu Berry 2018-03-13 rant


Thanks for that enlightening update, Neelu. We’ll take it under advisement.

And finally…

“Alan Alanson” seems to have vanished up his own arsehole.

Alan Alanson Facebook profile gone

And there was much rejoicing. and-there-was-much-rejoicing-gif-4

81 thoughts on “Hoaxtead mobsters descend into hysteria

  1. LOL, I’d love to have seen the look on Belinda’s face when Blabbergob suddenly turned up on her doorstep while she was feigning suffering from flu 😀

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  2. I still don’t get why Weaselly’s badgering everyone to turn up and show their support knowing full well he won’t be there himself.

    He wasn’t there on Sunday either, despite having repeatedly told everyone else to go.

    Ditto Neelu and Angela

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  3. And speaking of hysterical fruitloops, Badger Boy’s back – and he’s not happy about the recent triple-strike on his FB acount:

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    • I see he put up a post telling people to put their clocks back an hour last weekend. if they did, they were two weeks early. LOL


        • Yep, good spot. I’ve just checked and the daft sod definitely said ‘back’, even citing the Cher song ‘If I Could Turn Back Time’.

          Oh and there’s also this:


    • Lee’s a little slow on the uptake too – Robinson hasn’t been the EDL leader for over 4 years. He’s even more of a nobody now than he was then.

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  4. What a shame the White Pendragons are not turning up (but are they really sure?). They bring a gallows on a trailer to their events (surely Neelu would highly approve of this) which is a sure-fire media stunt that draws attention. Perhaps the downmarket tabloids should be alerted just in case.

    I’m wondering what Tracey means when she claims there will be a lot of support in Belfast and that the EU will be alerted. Will the concerns over whether there is a physical border between the republic & North under Brexit be put aside in order to discuss the case of one woman who continues to breach a court order?.

    As for the ghastly Weasley and his calls for Antifa activists to attend: go look in the mirror Weasley and you will see a real life Fascist staring back at you.

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  5. So Sabine rang the helpline and volunteered the information that she was breaching a court order to the advisor thus ensuring a follow up call to the police.

    I bet Belinda paid for Tracey and bloke from Brighton to attend.

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      • p.s. What is being reported isn’t true anyway – so best to wait until afterwards when the actual facts are available! 🙂


        • Yes, right now we’re only getting the info which Sabine has given to her followers; when we know all the details of the true story (and when it won’t affect the outcome of her trial), we’ll publish it here.


  6. Speaking of people who aren’t allowed to talk about Hampstead, here’s someone else who’s been told by the rozzers not to mention it. But in her case she’s mastered the art of ranting endlessly about it without actually naming it:

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    • I’m very disappointed with Deb’s latest videos. Where is the build up and the drama of a crescendo ending?. Come on Debs, get with the program.

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      • The last I heard, “gated communities” were usually gated to keep children and teens from disturbing the peace of the adult residents—so kids don’t live in them. But perhaps I’m out of date on that.


    • I don’t actually mind if it’s discussed. Free country isn’t it, almost. What I object to is the naming of names (children and adults) and the way the children in this case are casually identified when we have laws that are supposed to prevent that from happening.

      I’m flummoxed as to why the people who’ve named names and posted pictures aren’t arrested for it. I thought it was contempt of court.

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      • To clarify, Deborah is (we think) forbidden to talk about Hampstead in public in light of her recent arrest and police caution. She also had to take down all her Hampstead-related videos and FB posts.


        It should also be noted that said videos and posts were illegal. She frequently named innocent people and made wild allegations and (implied) threats against them. She also repeatedly named the two children and showed photos and videos of them.

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      • Yes in all seriousness..whatever you think about Hampstead, continually naming the children and posting those videos is cruel and nasty. I just cannot fathom why any reasonable person would not understand that they deserve their privacy. And that goes for the father as well.

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        • I so hope the Muslim chap moving into next door to Angie has several wives and 12 kids !. Drive her absolutely crazy. She’ll go mental thinking of all that social security especially when they get a beautiful new car.

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          • “Scoffs” four sleeping tablets on top of pain killers and whatever else he normally downs! I wonder what proportion of those drugs were prescribed, and to whom? Why do self-made drug addicts like him think they’re due any kind of sympathy? Or not realize that their habit has them wired to the moon and not reality? You’re permanently off your face Malcolm, get some help for that! The demons are all just inside your own thick head you dummy!


          • I think drug addiction is a serious problem and while those who are addicted must take responsibility and help themselves, blame isn’t generally helpful. On the other hand, Malky’s behaviour over the years has spiralled from atrocious to unbelievably awful, and frankly I think he’s a lost cause at this point.


          • I spend too many of my days at work dealing with these people and cleaning up the wreckage they leave behind to have any sympathy left for them. I save that for the those whose lives they wreck!


  7. Re. Neelu’s “Come on guys!” post, I’m not sure she’s gonna be too happy about these replies that one of her friends has left on there 😂

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  8. Great news! Angie’s interview with Heather Brown (aka Pru Halliwell, aka Suzy/Sue Jones) has been blocked in the UK for defamation 😀

    That’s 7 defamation strikes against Angie this month on YT alone (not to mention her Vimeo ban, Facebook suspension and talking to from the rozzers). Things are looking up 🙂

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