When the going gets tough, the troofers freak out

Since last Monday, when Sabine McNeill was remanded in custody for multiple breaches of her bail conditions, those who believe in the Hampstead SRA hoax have taken to the internet in a frantic last-ditch attempt to rally support for her.

We’ve discussed the “Free Sabine” Facebook page, hastily thrown up last week by Wesley Hall.

Tracey Morris has chipped in, with messages conveying a weird combination of pugnaciousness and melodramatic despair:Tracey Morris re Sabine 2018-03-05 2-4

And Jake Clarke, of course, has been popping up at intervals like the Dormouse at the Mad Hatter’s tea party, mumbling, “Peace, love, eternal grooviness…” and then slumping back into the teapot, snoring loudly.

Free Sabine Jake Clarke 2018-03-10

Court support

The most recent addition to the Hoaxtead mob’s defensive line is a new “event” page on Facebook, titled “Support Sabine at Court—19th March”:

Support Sabine at Court 19th MarchSupport Sabine at Court 19 March 2

Free Sabine page 2018-03-10 2

Some text redacted as it may be in contempt of court

And apparently they’re not planning to stop at swarming the court. They have bigger things in mind:

We’re going to be arranging a protest outside the prison with a huge campaign to support Sabine’s release. 

People should not be being sent to prison during times of extreme austerity, simply for speaking out about institutionalised child abuse when there’s an ongoing independent child sexual abuse inquiry ongoing in the UK.

How they think any of this will have the slightest impact on Sabine’s ultimate fate is anyone’s guess.

It will certainly make the Hoaxtead mobsters feel as though they’re doing something, which we suppose will keep them out of mischief, but do they really believe that holding vigils or demonstrations will force the court’s hand? Whatever decision the judge makes in this case, it will have nothing to do with the number of people who turn up at Sabine’s next bail hearing, or indeed at her trial.

Stupid argument #8,738

As for the argument that “people shouldn’t be sent to prison during times of austerity”…we don’t even know where to begin with that. Do they mean “no one should be arrested for anything ever” when austerity measures are in effect? What about convicted murderers, thieves, paedophiles, and rapists?

Do the police say, “Oh, never mind, just kidding—it’s austerity time, you’re off the hook, mate!” to every suspect? Or should they just not bother arresting anybody? Enquiring minds want to know.

Okay, time to start panicking now

Ultimately, all of this frenetic activity, supposedly on Sabine’s behalf, boils down to one thing: Hoaxtead mobsters have seen Sabine led down to the cells, and each and every one of them is imagining themselves in her position.

They’re frantically posting, trying to organise court support, planning a rally outside Bronzefield Prison, sending one another woeful lists of who’s been sectioned or arrested, and generally running madly around in circles…because they know they could be next.

And frankly, it looks good on them. Down with this sort of thing

41 thoughts on “When the going gets tough, the troofers freak out

  1. Nice write up, EC.

    By the way, do I win a prize for knowing that “Down with this sort of thing” is from ‘Father Ted’? 🙂

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  2. Perhaps it should be drawn to the court’s notice that these protestors are publishing the very things that Sabine is accused of promoting which has seen her breach an Injunction twice to date, resulted in endless defamation of innocent people and one case of a man being jailed for lurking outside a school with a knife.
    By all means they have a right to support someone in court (the jail protest is laughable) but they will be in fact illustrating to the world how McNeill has unleashed a damaging campaign of hate towards dozens of innocents.
    But that would require deep thought I suppose.

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  3. Here’s an idea for any police watching this, download the photos from the ‘Main Perps’ link up the top at the right, and have a wander through the crowd, pick em off one by one as they turn up…..

    Bit like going shopping, list in one hand, scanning the shelves for wanted items (or in this case, unwanted items lol)

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  4. Nice idea in theory, then you get a renter like weaselly- and it all goes to hell in a handbasket….
    Although it would be poetic justice if he did actually get a house or two to rent, and then be on the receiving end of it lol

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  5. Indeed. In fact you could argue that medieval witch purges, the Hopkins-driven witch hunts of the 17th century and the Salem trials of 1692-3 were examples of satanic panic long before the FMS Foundation existed.

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  6. Are you just saying that to play Devil’s advocate?
    Sorry, couldn’t resist.


  7. Wesley Hall the parasite, a few things he leaves out. Squatting a residential building is illegal, 6 months jail time. Squatting a commercial building, legal, but not designed for residential living. Wesley seeks to either himself or through another possess a property for 10-12 years to then become the legal owner of it. Letting properties comes with strict laws, including registering as a landlord and vetting the tenant in case they are an illegal immigrant. Contracts to pay rent would be difficult to enforce in a court of law because Hall does not have legal rights on a property. Wesley would take on contractual responsibility for the safety of those he brings into his schemes.

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  8. “The ‘You know who’ grassed me up to facebook headquarters and i had to spend the entire day in the dog house, on the naughty step.” 😂 😂 😂

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  9. There was much speculation over whether ‘I Believe the Hampstead Children’ and Douglas ‘Neil the Badger-Shagger’ Formaldehyde were one and the same. I guess now we know:

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  10. You don’t have adverse possession by simply squatting a property, you have to wait a minimum of ten years to even start the process of applying to register your title. During which time, if the legal owner gives you notice to quit, the clock starts again. You can squat anywhere you like Wesley, but you’re an illegal occupier. Back in the day, anyone who squatted a building to rent it out to others was firmly dealt with. And by firmly, I mean hooded guys with pickaxe handles would pay a visit and help you pack your stuff before you had an accident and got hurt.

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  11. Michael Salter has been on Twitter claiming SAFF are “fanatics” while his good pal, an alleged psychologist asks it they are “abusers”.
    Salter also claims SAFF are “pedophile apologists” but asked to supply even just one instance of them “apologizing” for abusers he has been unable to.
    These are dangerous fanatical people & Salter is a Fiona Barnett supporter.

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  12. Sabine could run a course on Scientific Life & Zest and Social Life with Meaning for fellow inmates. Those on Valium are sure to flock to her class and sit completely befuddled but happy.

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  13. What a revolting person. Bad enough children are murdered but these hideous vile c*nts insist the kids never existed. I so wish they would run into a relative in a dark alley one night.

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  14. Glad it’s no skin off your nose, Douglas, as I’ve just scored a third strike against you 😀

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  15. So in the last week that’s 3 Facebook strikes against Douglas and one each against Angela, Debs, Neelu and Harry Marlow 🙂

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  16. Rather off-topic, but can’t resist.

    Father Ted co-creator Arthur Mathews in his early appearance as the behatted Edge impersonator in the hilariously and under-rated U2 spoof from way back in the mid ’80s.

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  17. Michael Salter’s arrogance is intensely annoying and his twitter feed is riddled with talks of “faith based ritual abuse” yet he hasn’t provided any evidence nor has there ever been a proved instance of such abuse prosecuted in the courts.
    Laughingly he claims he is a “Buddhist” which is odd seeing he endlessly attacks any professional who dares mention “recovered memory” or disagrees with his unproved claims.

    Even weirder he lashes into “left wing journalists” as being the ones who dare question the notion of “faith based abuse” even though he is friends with Marxist Beatrice Campbell who has caused so much grief in her time.

    And this claim is horrendously flawed and says much about his professionalism as my experience has been ( as a life long “lefty) that it is in fact the Conservative side of politics and journalism that does what he claims. My beef with the left, as a fellow traveler, is that they appear terrified of even questioning the notion of claims of “satanical abuse” (and that’s what Salter & other fanatics sneakily mean when they say “faith based abuse”) and I have my own theory why.

    # note in the terrible false attacks upon Harvey Proctor, Lord Bramall etc, not one UK Labour politician spoke up in their defence or has expressed outrage at the situation (let’s not mention Tom Watson or John Mann).
    I emailed Peter Tatchell at the time & asked why he wasn’t supporting Harvey Proctor when the attacks upon Proctor were obvious driven by the fact he was gay. Tatchell refused to on the basis Proctor had what he says were abhorrent political views. This was an outrageous claims seeing everyone, no matter their politics, deserves to be defended if they are innocent and Tatchell had no idea whether Proctor still held the same views from over 30 years ago.

    My theory is that Labour & the left obviously see the middle & working class as their natural base and as the vast majority of the false sex abuse& “Satanic” claims (as opposed to genuine abuse) emanates from within those classes, the left is loathed to even approach the subject.

    In another time I probably would have been shot as a counter revolutionary.


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