Neelu violates her restraining order for the Nth time

Hoaxtead mobsters are swarming out of the woodwork of late, all desperate to have Sabine McNeill freed from Bronzefield Prison, where she is currently being held while she awaits trial on 15 counts of violating her restraining order and four counts of stalking.

Even Neelu Berry, whose long, incomprehensible diatribes have tended to focus on her own woes of late, has joined the fray—and violated her lifetime restraining order while she’s at it.

Neelu Berry 2018-03-09 1Readers who’ve been with us a while will remember that the restraining orders were issued at the end of the insane shit show rather chaotic trial in July 2016, which ended in “no case to answer” during the half-time submissions. The jury was directed to declare Sabine and Neelu “not guilty” of conspiracy to commit witness intimidation, and the judge exercised his right to impose restraining orders on both defendants at that time.

While both Sabine and Neelu objected to the restraining orders, declaring them invalid since they had not been found guilty at trial, we’ve pointed out until we’re blue in the face several times that in fact, Judge Worsley was well within the law in issuing the orders.

Anyone who doubts this should feel free to look it up on the CPS website, where they will discover this:

Section 12 of the DVCVA 2004 introduced section 5A into the PHA 1997, which allows the court to make a restraining order after acquitting a defendant of any offence if the court considers it necessary to do so to protect a person from harassment from the defendant.

It’s possible that Neelu missed this point of law, however, as she fled the court following an extraordinary outburst by her solicitor, Aseem Taj, who stood up and shouted, “Research the Hampstead coverup! This judge is trying to to shut my client up so she doesn’t expose the satanic cult paedophiles!”

Be that as it may, the restraining orders have not been lifted, and Neelu has been violating it left, right, and centre during the past week. Neelu Berry 2018-03-09 2

At the time they were issued, Sabine and Neelu’s barristers negotiated some of the terms on behalf of their clients. Neelu has now reframed this as


Yes, Neelu actually claims that her own lawyers were conspiring against her, when they were really doing everything possible to keep her out of prison.

Oh, and by ensuring that the trial ended prematurely, the lawyers also robbed Neelu and Sabine of the opportunity to address the jury from the witness stand—a slight which both defendants said they resented mightily.

Funnily enough, neither Neelu nor Sabine has ever referred to one very important aspect of their 2016 trial: all three barristers—two defence and one prosecution—stated that they agreed with Mrs Justice Pauffley that the allegations of Satanic ritual abuse and cannibalism which Sabine and Neelu were making against the families, teachers, clergy, and others in the community were untrue.

This is not a trivial point.

In taking this stance, Sabine and Neelu’s barristers were speaking on behalf of their clients—neither of whom piped up and said, “Oh no, that’s not right, I still believe all that”.

This means that for the purposes of their trial, both women had repudiated their belief in the Hampstead SRA hoax, only to mysteriously regain it once the trial was done.

And now, Sabine is in custody, and Neelu is once again spouting off about “cannibals and vampires who are slave masters of humanity”. While we cannot comment on what Sabine might or might not believe, it certainly seems that Neelu has been going out of her way to make a liar out of her barrister.

Perhaps in view of her current housing difficulties, prison seems like a viable option to her?Sabine + Neelu after trial

69 thoughts on “Neelu violates her restraining order for the Nth time

  1. Neelu might as well be walking around with a sign around her neck saying “PLEASE ARREST ME!”
    And yet she’ll be the first to moan when she does get arrested 😮

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  2. Can someone clarify today’s date for me? The fruitloops have got me all confused.

    Wesley think’s today is the 19th:

    And Debs thinks yesterday was International Women’s Day (which silly old me thought was on Thursday):

    Mind you, she also thinks Africa is a country and is citing the same ‘news’ source that reported that Adele is a shape-shifting lizard, so I don’t know what to think.

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  3. “Hoaxtead mobsters are swarming out of the woodwork of late, all desperate to have Sabine McNeill freed from Bronzefield Prison”

    And I’m sure that if they shout loud enough the authorities will change their minds and let her out. LOL

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  4. One thing I still don’t get is if Neelu is so convinced that she is innocent of harassing Hampstead residents, then why is a restraining order to prevent her from doing so such a big deal for her? If, say, there were a door that I’d never knocked on in my life and had no intention of ever knocking on, I don’t think I’d lose sleep if you then gave me a piece of paper telling me not to knock on it.

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    That is one amazing judge, a jury wasn’t really necessary then so, think of all the time wasted sending jury notices out over the years, the days of work & industry lost!

    By gum Neelu may have found a new way forward for the courts, she should patent that idea really, along with all the forms she issues, mass remedy claims, fee exemption claims, etc. She would be rich & could pay her mortgage, my what a novel idea! Her latest title of private investigator also would be another few bob in the bank, I’m sure the barristers would hire her…..not likely!

    I think she has truly cooked her goose, away you go Neelu, go directly to jail & do not pass go, do not collect 1 squillanzillionthingymabobs!

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  6. “Yes, Neelu actually claims that her own lawyers were conspiring against her, when they were really doing everything possible to keep her out of prison.”

    …And succeeded in doing so, something she appears not to appreciate.

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  7. That red-coloured post originated from Tracey Morris, another notoriously unreliable source, so who knows? It could be the middle of August for all I know. LOL

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  8. No, that’s a really good question! Why worry about being told you can’t do something, if it’s not something you want to do anyway?

    Then again, Neelu did not admit that publishing witness’ personal info online constituted witness intimidation, so who knows what goes on in her head?

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  9. Perish the thought- a judge issues an order. Who in the Hell does he think he is? Bloody judges, surely their role is to just sit there looking important and keeping their mouth shut. Next they will be giving directions to the jury and telling barristers what they can and can’t do.

    Neelu’s whole raison d’être is to extract huge sums of money from the government, banks indeed anyone who will cough it up. Not just $Millions but the $Billions she assures that everyone on the Planet is entitled to.
    One small pesky problem though. If we all get $Billions it would be worth nothing and we’ll be trundling to the supermarket with the proverbial wheelbarrow stuffed with banknotes to buy a bottle of milk.
    Might work on Neelu’s planet but on Earth?

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  10. That’s what I must have confused for “PR agent”. Thanks for pointing that out as I was just about to hire Neelu for my next media campaign. The notion of her dealing with journalists while promoting my new Orgonite Carrot Enlarger was sure to be a success. They would promise massive cover just to get her off the phone.

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  11. That indeed is one of the Great Mysteries of the Hoaxtead Mob who demand the children must be listened to and never doubted as they only ever tell the truth unless they are the Musa children tossing notes out their window begging any passerby to save them from their abusive parents.

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  12. This is a good opportunity for the police, council and bailiffs to coordinate their actions at the same time to grab the cars, house and “kidnap” Neelu to a place of safety such as a cell or mental hospital.

    Neelu should keep her mouth shut, because times have changed, the machinery of the state and social media move faster now than it did two years ago. For over a year, Steve Martin was used as a dart board by Neelu and others, so they have created a highly motivated and empathic individual who is going to act upon any infringement of court orders.

    Since no legal process has yet activated, I can say without fear or prejudice that if Neelu has snapped the trip wire and broken a court order, it will no longer be a case of “if”, but “when” she gets a knock on the door. As long as the evidence is clear, and the legal process is followed to the letter, the process will kick in all the way from arrest, charge, trial (because she will fight it) , guilty verdict and prison. The courts are harsh when court orders of this type are broken, and it will be jail time if there is a guilty verdict. Neelu makes things worse with aggravating factors such as the length and extent of her harrassment of victims of this hoax.

    Neelu, checkmate in twelve moves, and there is nothing you can do about it.

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  13. I wonder how many of the hoaxers will turn up on the 19th.. and if any of them will be arrested for their shenanigans on the day? 😀

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  14. “And the British government are hiding something sinister which surrounds HAMSPTEAD”

    Losing count of how many people’s pages Weasel’s posted this on today (despite his apparent inability to spell ‘Hampstead’).

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  15. Neelu breaches court orders but Sabine has serious form as well. In the Musa case she was ordered by the court to remove the Musa children’s photos from her website. She ignored those orders and they remain there today.
    For people who hyperventilate about courts and the laws they seem to believe they have a right to cherry pick the parts they wish to obey.
    That’s also children who she chose not to believe as they described the terrible physical abuse their parents subjected them to. Injuries that were confirmed by doctors.

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  16. What a plonker Weasley is just discovering this story that was published ages ago. This article and others have questioned whether this case was perhaps a stitch-up or miscarriage of justice.
    They didn’t however blame the suburb. Fool.

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  17. This is an example of the hoaxer’s “research”. Surfing the web and uncovering a newspaper report. APD is an expert at it. She endlessly finds stories that tell of the arrests and convictions in child abuse cases whilst simultaneously claiming they never get caught because of the “establishment”.
    Journalist my arse.

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  18. I think she sees herself as the innocent party and the witnesses as the guilty ones.

    She is on a righteous mission from err, god, aliens, fluffy clouds or something like that. A bit like the Blues Brothers but less funny.

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  19. The privacy of children is supposed to be sacrosanct, especially of abused children subject to abuse crimes by adults. A significant reason why court orders were made against Sabine McNeill and Neelu Berry is to protect the privacy of the RD children and others in the Hampstead schools. So what is a person to do when faced with calls to abduct kids, and a relentless campaign by McNeill and others to hire perverts from America and private investigators to invade the lives and families of children? Court orders are only strong when they are enforced, and they are being enforced to protect children from what I can only describe as the scum of the earth. The protests are so much bullshit, Sabine McNeill and Neelu Berry will get what they deserve if it is found they have broken court orders.

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  20. As long as troofers and paedos get irritated then job done.
    The idea is you all start emailing and facebook posting each other. Ther Hollie Greig story is nonsense and the fool who runs that blog is a clown. Spivey is the biggest dickhead of all time. La Verite is a deluded arsehole,Cahill is a complete wanker the list goes on…
    Trolling them all off against each other is the best way to irritate them all.

    and if you get just as upset then more fool you.



  21. Mate, we don’t f*cking care. If you want to express your pathological obsession with Spivey, your sexual fantasies about Danielle or your hatred of Down’s syndrome kids, get your own blog. Simples.


  22. Posting support for the likes of LaVerite,Spivey,Disney etc is the best way for you all to start then talking shit about them and exposing what fools they are.
    Can’t you see that?
    And adding deliberate insult to a hoax figure is just another way to trigger frantic keyboard bloggervloggers into posting about it.



  23. “Trolling them all off against each other is the best way to irritate them all.”

    I’d like to highlight that the point was made by a certain individual, quite some time ago, that these “online bitchfights” (to use their terminology) serve to create a smoke screen which mainly serves to obscure the activities of child abusers, and discredit the work of genuine grass roots anti-abuse campaigners.

    I fully agree with that perspective, and am forced to wonder why you, in all your various guises, are so proud of indulging in and promoting that activity?

    Silence is, they say, golden. These matters would have less traction and persistence if they were starved of the oxygen of attention that those who promote them seek!

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  24. Hey GOS, didnt know you had them on sale already!
    Bargain at 7 billion,trilion,gazillian neelus too (current earth currency about $0.01)

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  25. Well farcebook lived up (down) to its usual low ‘community standards’
    Apparently it is now OK to post using a second account while banned on your primary account- even when you admit it in a post on your wall that that is precisely what you are doing….

    Sooner they get hauled into court/ regulated by the government the better


    “Thanks for your report – you did the right thing by letting us know about this. We looked over the profile you reported, and though it doesn’t go against one of our specific Community Standards, we understand that the profile or something they shared may still be offensive to you. We want to help you avoid things you don’t want to see on Facebook.”

    Pathetic farcebook, pathetic

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  26. And worse is that she is still effectively posting on her banned account- by putting these posts up on the unbanned account and posting them to the banned account, they still appear on the banned account for everyone to see- effectively bypassing her ban entirely!


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  27. “Apparently it is now OK to post using a second account while banned on your primary account”

    Sorry mate but there’s never been a rule against that, on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.


  28. It is, apparently the guy had already held up a shop which was why the Police were hot on his tail and already in the area. Angela is a disgrace putting nonsense in someone’s head.

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  29. Plus in her video she says something about how anyone who breaches children’s privacy by posting pics online gets arrested. Veiled references again, methinks.

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  30. What kind of person thinks the strict privacy rules around abused children are not there for the children’s sake but are there to inhibit public awareness?

    No person who actually cares about children should think like that.

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  31. Moo’s frequently denied posting pics of the children or their names or the names of the accused. This is blatantly untrue, as she frequently did all three in the early days and there are plenty of screenshots of this in the Google drive. She also regularly shares posts and videos that contain them too.

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  32. Also, even if having two profiles is against the rules, there isn’t a reporting category for this.

    Don’t get me wrong – I’d love to report her as much as anyone but I don’t think it’s feasible on those grounds.


  33. Ghost of Sam or anyone else, do you think Neelu is also Lint Bint who posts on UK Column. forum ? UKColumn Editor Mike Robinson has been aggressive/ insulting when I asked this question. Lint and Neelu have same IMO semi Asian type appearance, both rounded face/body, both sound well educated with very direct, confident speech and both are pharmacists. Also saw name Neelu at end of one of Lint’s posts. Both seem obsessed with SRA and police smashing down front doors. A reliable source says Neelu is ‘highly regarded’ by UKC.


  34. It strikes me that a name like Lint Bint – especially the ‘Bint’ part – is probably a piss-take, so it’s likely to be a fake Neelu. And she’s not known for having a sense of humour about herself. Just throwing that out there.

    Also, these comments don’t sound like her:

    The only Neelu aliases I’m aware of are Ved Chaudhari and Lou Lotus and she’s quite open about those.

    So are you a follower of UK column or were you just asking them out of pragmatism?

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