Angela’s very bad week

We think it’s fair to say that Angela Power-Disney has had a difficult week so far.

Late last week, she published a couple of very nasty and defamatory videos on her Angie Power-Disney YouTube channel (she has two: “Angie” and “Angela”), full of bizarre and defamatory claims about people who she and Hoaxgirl (who seems to have had a hand in creating the videos) believe are affiliated with this blog.

Not only were their guesses wildly off the mark, they actually managed to implicate the names of a number of completely unrelated people, who got in touch with us in a state of distress: “Who is this woman, and why is she saying I eat children and make snuff films?”, etc.

Note to Angie: Some people use Google Alerts to monitor their online presence. Next time you decide to defame someone, perhaps you should consider that.

We assisted some of these people in filling in YouTube’s long and tedious “legal complaint” forms, and over the weekend, the videos began to fall. YouTube banned them in various countries: one in Canada, both in the UK.

The people who’d contacted us were immensely relieved, but Angela seemed a little peeved about it all. After all, what’s the point of putting up revolting videos if they don’t glean you at least a bit of attention?

Don’t negotiate with terrorists

Then, one of the people named in one of the videos contacted Angela, in hopes that she would see reason and stop harassing innocent people (including this person’s elderly parents). Instead, she kept the log of their Facebook texts, and made a third video in which she alleged that the person runs this blog, that he’s a child-abusing Satanist, and that “she has proof” that he claimed she was transgender.

We assume that this “proof” emanated from the same source as “proof” that this blog is run by “at least two” convicted paedophiles, not to mention the alleged-but-never-seen “40 pages of death threats” made here…none of which Angie’s “impeccable source” could ever manage to produce.

Note to Angie: Beware of certain Greek gentlemen bearing hot tips, even if they happen to coincide with your own nasty biases. You might get burned, as many others have.

Anyway. Where were we?

Oh, right. Angela taking the contents of a private conversation and turning it into even nastier allegations against a person whose only mistake was in believing that she could be persuaded to act like a decent human being.

Within 24 hours, that video, too, had been reported to YouTube, and shortly thereafter it was blocked in the UK. Angela Power-Disney YT 2018-03-07 1


Determined not to let little things like defamation and malicious communications laws deter her, Angela decided to re-upload Video #3 on Vimeo, where she assumed it would be safe from complaints.

Angela Power-Disney post to Vimeo 2018-03-07 1

By the way, note that Angela is posting to Facebook via her back-up account these days, as she’s currently on a 30-day Facebook ban for posting graphic violence or summat. She blames that weird cave-dwelling zealot in India.

Angela Power-Disney re Vimeo 2018-03-07 2

“Government legal complaints” simply means the complainant told YouTube which laws Angela was breaking. Durr.

She assumed her precious defamatory video would be safe on Vimeo. She assumed wrong.

Angela Power-Disney Vimeo take-down 2018-03-07A number of people flagged the video as harassing, and within hours, Vimeo had removed it.

And while they were at it, they cancelled her account.

Nice going, Vimeo. Pity YouTube couldn’t learn a lesson from you.

Angela Power-Disney Vimeo profile 2018-03-07See, Angie? This is why you can’t have nice things.

A visit from the rozzers

Readers might recall that during the snowstorms last week, Angela made a Facebook live-stream video about her plumbing woes, and managed to throw in several pot-shots at the woman who cares for her elderly mother while she was at it. We wrote about this a few days ago.

Angela, never one to let common sense overwhelm her sick craving for attention, went a step further on Tuesday, making another video rant about how she’d seen the support worker she’d just finished slagging, and the woman had had the immortal rind to tell her to sod off! (In more polite terms than that, we should add.)

Angela managed to include several actionable pot-shots at her sisters along the way, accusing them of all sorts of malfeasance, but her main bile was directed at the woman she’d already defamed.

We learned yesterday that Angela had had a visit from the Oldcastle Gardaí, telling her to remove the video about her mother’s support worker, and warning her not to mention her online again.

Bit of a sore loser?

Angela’s response to all this has been uncharacteristically brief, though she does manage to fit in a bit of conspiranoid/faux pious nonsense:

Angela re pushback 2018-03-07

The answer to this question is simple, of course: no one likes being lied about.

When you tell malicious lies about people, those people will generally react, and not usually favourably. Hence all the YouTube strikes, the Vimeo ban, the Facebook ban, and even the visit from the local constabulary. It’s not difficult to work out.

We’ll be keeping an eagle eye out for further defamatory sludge emanating from Angie’s gaping maw. (In fact, we’re expecting another squirt to emerge soonish, as apparently Angela and Heifer have kissed (blechh!) and made up, and are planning to team up for an interview.)

But what with the police looking over her shoulder, Facebook restricting her posts, strikes accumulating against her YouTube accounts, and Vimeo unwilling to co-operate with her attempts to harass anyone who dares to cross her, we suspect Angela’s days of defecating on defaming anyone she wants are about to come to an end.

Angela-on throne.jpeg

Thanks to FS for the graphic!

135 thoughts on “Angela’s very bad week

  1. What a vile and nasty woman she is.

    “May the children be located..”
    No, Angela, they are nothing to do with you, never were, never will be.

    Something needs to be done about those people who are trying to track the children down and are vocal about their plans.

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  2. I’m over the Moon that Plod’s finally paid Angela a visit. Christ, I’d loved to have seen her face when she opened the door 😀

    As for Heather, she is most definitely on my wish list of other people long overdue a house call from Inspector Knacker. It can surely only be a matter of time now. And yes, I know she’s reading this and spitting feathers at what I’m saying, so colour me chuffed 🙂

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  3. SP, if you really want to annoy Heather, mention the fact that her son wants nothing to do with her. That always drives her apoplectic. I won’t mention it myself, though, as I’m too kind, caring and sensitive. Bless ‘er cotton socks

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  4. Added to Angie’s woes this week is the fact that even her own side have given her inane video ramblings a swerve. She’s been tagging in everyone from Arfur to Moo to Jake Clarke and not one of them has commented on or shared her videos or related posts. In fact only two people from the hoaxer camp have commented on them.

    One was Hopeless Girl, whose comment consisted simply of “Wow!” Good to know she was so bowled over by her own video. Oops, did I say that out loud? Sorry, I meant Anon’s video.

    The other was Anthony Pike, who ripped Angie’s claims to shreds. Comes to something when even he thinks you’re a loon 🙂

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  5. Poor old Angela. Maybe Rupert could give her a massage to help her calm down. Apparently he still owes her one. How about it, Roops – you gonna step up and take one for the team?

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  6. Friends,

    Andries (Joe) van Tonder posted on Facebook a tribute to Rev. Billy Graham on his death. Angela commented that Billy Graham was also a pedophile who raped one of her “trusted informants”. Joe, furiously replied and deleted Disney’s comment.

    Joe informed me that he approached her in a Christian manner via email in an attempt to educate her, but received an insulting reply that he, Joe, is associating with pedophiles the ” likes of RICKY DEARMAN and BILLY GRAHAM et al”

    Bottom line: If Angela is correct, at least 20 million persons alive today, who associated or trusted and followed Rev Billy Graham, is associating with a pedophile. This include all the ex presidents of the USA (except Obama), most world leaders, including the Dali Lama and the pope, and probably your spiritual leader as well.


    PS. Unconfirmed report: Some of Angela’s Facebook friend arrested in Ireland for running a pedo ring. At least 20 kids now taken in care of the CFA.

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  7. Who or what is Hoaxgirl? Did that person create the “Hoaxstead exposed” videos?

    That’s great to hear the Gardai called to her house and told her to remove the video mentioning her Ma’s home help etc.

    I watched all of her recent videos and upon watching them quickly thought “What a pile of shite!” but I did think that the two people who contacted APD regarding her and Hoaxgirl’s horrific nonsense probably should have known better than to engage with her but were I in their position I may well have done similar in order to protect family and beloved friends.

    I sincerely hope those infected by her invective are feeling more at ease now, knowing right is on their side as it was/is/always and forever….. how poisonous APD is….is very obvious and well understood.

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  8. I hope Angela Power-Disney is now “in the system” so to speak as far as the law is concerned.
    Recall that the constant agitation about #pizzagate inspired a man to visit the restaurant concerned and fire a gun while customers were there.

    Hoaxtead has already inspired a man to visit a North London school armed with a knife. The outcome may have been different with a mentally unbalanced person. Nonetheless, a jail term followed.

    Toss in the constant promotion that school attacks where kids are murdered are claimed by these fanatics to be “false flags with “crisis actors” with even survivors of the latest atrocity in Florida demeaned as being “coached” as they agitate for guns to be banned.

    Collectively all these people share blame for inspiring mentally unbalanced people to believe they must take action. It can never be understated that North London residents are in fear of action from lunatics.
    Those who constantly claim that the children must be located should be on the police radar. It’s appalling that they can promote the idea that the children concerned should be “saved” by these mentally unbalanced people.

    They continue to claim that it’s their lives being upended when their obsession with continually drawing attention to the lives of those North London folk involved in this unseemly mess is extremely dangerous.

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  9. On a lighter note:
    we have just seen the Oscars and the Academy Awards for those in the movie business.
    Isn’t it time there was a special awards ceremony for those claimed to be in the Crisis Actor business.
    Annual Crisis Actor Awards !.
    Afterall these conspiracy fanatics claim the same people are at each tragedy playing the roles of victims, witnesses, parents, police, survivors and so on.
    I’m surprised the vile Spivey hasn’t thought of this.

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  10. As expected, she turned on Mr van Tonder. He’s one of many who’ve tried to contact her in order to discuss things civilly, and have had their kindness thrown back in their faces.

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  11. Oh yeah…the mad yoke who was too lazy to uproot actual carrots from the tubs she was growing them in to prove the superiority of organite infused compost and soil over organite-free compost and soil – one of the tubs was probably infested by vine weevils via a bad batch of soil…..(possible allegory?)

    IEII aka [NAME REDACTED] is referring to this investigation in Ireland :

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  12. I found that when trying to report posts/accounts to Facebook you often get a short list of options, none of which really fit.
    A page that at least has a much fuller range of options is available at
    which while still not allowing to put your complaint in your own words, at least has a much wider range of options to be able to more closely match the issue.

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  13. “Members of the Legislative Assembly (MLAs) are elected by, and represent the people of, Northern Ireland. MLAs pass laws and examine policy on transferred matters like health, education, the environment, social work and housing. They scrutinise the work of Ministers and hold Departments to account.”

    I have a funny feeling that all the MLAs will suddenly be out to lunch should that idiotic Tracey person attempt to contact them.

    Besides which it’s doubtful current MLAs are bothered their barneys about anything other than the potential fallout as a result of Brexit and how it impacts the scams and frauds carried out by some of them (or in some cases, their wife)

    I’ve got friends in low places…..subversive types – I challenge Tracey to a face-off- let’s see who can wear the crown of most intimidatingly scary bejaysus and janey mackering sile-na-gig out there.

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  14. I will read that and other related articles and blog posts properly. So far, I’ve skimmed through some of them and retain an unchanging impression that the cast of characters involved in promoting this awful hoax are severely lacking in those very vital attributes which distinguish human/sentient beings from hyper-absorbent subcutaneous spongiforms.

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  15. I had wondered whether that could be the case, as I came across some posts in the Irish Times, yesterday. I also noted that their were some reports about Maurice McCabe and the harrassment he suffered, following false allegations.
    By her own videos and words, we know that Angela Power Disney played a part in that.
    I hope her Garda are aware of that fact too.
    Angie had posted something in Ireland, but from a breaking news site…. without source links…. (a caring friend, knowing she was on the warpath with heffer again, took a look at her page).
    Upon googling and finding the relevant article, I clicked on the Irish Times link and found the other articles…about the gang being caught, also someone with images of child abuse and the articles re Maurice McCabe……… Hmmm, said I ?……. Is there an here to post some real news, but knowing people don’t go checking like I try to and fortunately have lots of friends who always do…… Is this another display of appearing in the know and sharing truth, but leaving out and steering people away from the important bits that your types don’t want attention paid to?

    It is what they do……….. I do think they are dangerous.
    I already thought so. Having witnessed the actions of holliehoaxers and knowing that this time, they had children and a whole community in their grip………. ( I could see the potential, hence I was hard hitting from the start in my insiststance that this was a hoax and warning people of their dangers, as far as I knew……. as this has unfolded, I’ve been shocked at their enormous reach and ability to harm.)
    That’s why I phoned: Hampstead, my local police and Scotland Yard at the very first opportunity once I had viewed all of the videos when they first appeared ! .

    Others including the guy she defamed and intended to harm recently were much more willing to discuss and persuade or check more deeply than I………. There came a point when I noticed the Hampstead Group was without an Admin, so I took it, to hold it from their paws and give them more traction on Facebook….. I changed the settings to open, so that many of the people that I knew would not want to be a member could witness them without danger and catch on …………. That was just what I chose to do, for reasons.

    Most of the hoaxers stopped posting……….. That was when I came under more fire……but rarely directly on my wall………and they know now that if they do……… I will re wrap what they said and throw it back and show the world what they are saying about me, not for any other reason than to show them up and warn others so that they really do become known and warned about…………. I believe this has happened but we may never properly know….. This is something that many can be seen to join in with. None should have to put up with their vile ‘free speech’ turned into vile puss and bile………using the internet as a weapon to bully and silence victims ………………That is what they are doing, en masse,, coordinated and colluding with each other.

    I will not be surprised to see many more of their ranks arrested and charged, convicted of the very crimes they accuse innocent people of doing.

    I really tried in the early days to prevent this. I still though did not think they would continue and be as relentless and as seriously, blatently illegal and get away with so much for too long.

    Recently though I;’ve been reporting alot more than I’ve publicised and been getting results….. remember people that it is by traffic sometimes that flares are noticed and passed to security….. I find reporting etc sometimes tiresome, but I’ve often spent hours just as I used to on signing petitions or outreaching,,,,,,, because this really does matter to me for lots of reasons…… but mainly, for the people of Hampstead and all of the children effected, directly and indirectly……. which includes my son…..who was really angry when Heather threatened to ‘visit’ me.

    I love my hometown too. I really do and was at times really upset and experiencing all the feelings of helplessness, at being unable to stop them………

    A bit more to add to: ‘Reasons why Hoaxtead Research Blog’ creator, Admins, investigators, researchers, commenters, contactees deserve an award.

    Without so many eyes and ears on this lot……………. they really may have gotten away with far more.

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  16. HoaxGirl aka HopeGirl aka Hope Moore aka Naima Dawn Feagin…… was in the UK staying with her then boyfriend Ray Savage, to launch the QEG Scam a month or so after he had appeared at the Hampstead event 22nd March 2015….. where he was introduced as ex cop who had interviewed Ella Draper and believed her 110%…….. He read out her statement whilst standing next to Belinda McKenzie.

    HoaxGirl also later appeared on CCN; (the platform hosted by Melani Vermay aka MelVe of CCN, previously Freedom Talk Radio…….. which I interviewed on as we were discussing the Hollie Hoax and the co opt of the Anti Child Abuse Rallies on the day of the one in 2012.), So Hoaxgirl was on with Angie and Mel chortling away about the copyright strikes against MKDs channels…………

    I reckon recently they’ve been massively reporting and gotten MKDs channels down again, joining in with fmotls, sov cits everywhere and fukushima frauds……….

    That’s why Angela seemed so arrogant and sure that she could get away with the most recent very low and cruel blows to people that she knows struggle with mental health issue….. as I pointed out recently I’m registered disabled, but it didn’t stop that filth that came my way via Heather Brown, did it ?

    No one is safe, while they remain able to act this way……… I think that they are being stopped with more veracity and that more action will follow…… I hope I’m right….. I wish it could have happened quicker.

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  17. I couldn’t find any actual pics or videos to prove that Wedgie did his walk, but did not that Catriona Selvester aka Cat Scot aka WildCat ex (it seems) director or hiding now director of Fresh Start Foundation: I can’t bear to watch Garish Brian, but he was just waffling and twisting facts as usual to somehow appear prominent in the campaigns re child abuse……… He raised £7000….. from the same types that donate and support Belinda McKenzie and Sabines fund.

    Any mention of Baloney Bill, was not evident……… though they had tried to resurrect him as a hero……. no he has zero respect within the genuine survivor movement…… because of the hijack of our 2010 rally, which I couldn’t stop, they that gained faux redibility and stole the platform meant for genuine survivors….. I have had to expose them for all my worth………… because I unwittingly enabled them.

    Of course their appreciation is displayed for all to see….. Lolololol 🙂

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  18. In Kaos theory, the Gobshoite effect is the dependence on initial conditions in which otherwise seemingly inconsequencial hogwash within a deterministic nonlinear system can result in larger scale manifestation in a later state.

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  19. sorry note, not …not. Gerrish not Garish ,but that’s his nickname, from me 🙂 Maloney obviously …just for those who don’t know…. Alot of new people are waking up to this hoax and it’s far reaching damage….
    A good time to. The evidence collated on this blog by dedicated and honest people is there to back up every statement that is made by us that expose the hoax and the hoaxers and we all do it in order to protect their victims…… ultimatly they are a danger to all people and all children.

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  20. Semolina Pilchard March 8, 2018 at 12:23 am
    “I’m over the Moon that Plod’s finally paid Angela a visit. Christ, I’d loved to have seen her face when she opened the door 😀”

    Yes, how I would love to have been a fly on the wall at that time…..
    (Do they wear bodycams, that would be some footage I would love to see lol)

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  21. I have no love for Angela, [NAME REDACTED], but why would you say that about some of her friends in Ireland arrested for running a pedo ring? We all know where the arrests took place, who was arrested and that charges are pending. Angela Power in her defence & in fairness is all talk & no action.

    The people involved are also of a certain demographic & are certainly not friends of hers on Facebook.

    She may have hurt Joe, but that is not a reason to say something totally untrue.

    There are now reporting restrictions on the case:

    Her friends in Ireland are not into the whole hoax thing, bar a few older ladies that have issues,

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  22. Angela may or may not have direct involvement…..but she has herself mentioned being involved in Tulsa for example, there is a reference to an email being sent from their office re Maurice McCabe….. all I can do is notice things and wonder and hope that those who can investigate, do so. I think there are grounds for suspicion given the contacts bragged about by Tracey Morris, Wesley Hall and their use of the darkweb.


  23. I do think and I know others think too, that Hoax or HopeGirl was/is involved with the ‘Hoaxtead Exposed’ site and videos that are proudly posted on Fresh Start Foundations site, under the tab: ‘The Real UK Satanists’, I’m included in that list.

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  24. Good points, Sheva

    One thing, though – CCN and Freedom Talk Radio are two different stations and to the best of my knowledge are unrelated.

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  25. Our prayer circle prayed for Angela Power Disney yesterday. She has turned her heart and face from God and our Lord Jesus Christ, spending her days casting lies about her family, community and those who daily suffer the good fight of helping their fellow man.

    Oldcastle is a close community, everyone knows each other, Angela knows that her words ruin names and lives. The good Book says in Deuteronomy 5:20 “‘You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”

    Avarice and envy poisons her soul, and she utters poison with her black tongue. I am sorry that Angela has forgotten the message of Jesus Christ.

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  26. The Sgt. Maurice McCabe case is a whole can of worms. What APD did was defame him & his family.

    The Tusla mention in the enquiry didn’t come from her. That was a ‘mistake’ on the part of an employee.

    Tracey Morris is all mouth & no trousers, wouldn’t know the dark web unless it was a spider’s same as myself. She just shoots her mouth off about her fantastic legal team, she really must be rich to afford such a fantastic legal team over the years btw, Wesley Hall I have no idea about to be honest.

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  27. I totally understand your dismisiveness, because to anyone with sense they talk crap….the trouble is that they appear to their followers to have clout and I still, tho suspect that they do indeed indulge in dark activities and they do deserve investigation, for instance the threads supporting those peddling ‘psuedo child porn’ there is an underlying more serious side, we probably don’t know who they really are, yet.

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  28. Great news: the second video in Angie’s ‘Slanderfest’ series has finally gone down!

    That’s all 4 now either down or blocked in the UK 😀

    Go figure on what that error code means, though:

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  29. I’m certain this case in Ireland has had a huge effect on Google, Facebook etc (but they had to be dragged kicking and screaming to the court).

    “Facebook warned it faces legal action from ‘revenge porn’ victims ”

    It’s only a short legal step for pro-active lawyers to also pursue defamation & harassment cases with the above precedent. Add in the factor that in the Hoaxtead matter it is riddled with vile “pornographic” content published by the fanatics.

    You would think that the Young Journalist of The Year Circa 1872 would be aware of important changes in law like this.

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  30. My “1872” reference is not to Ange’s age rather her ridiculous ancient thought patterns. I don’t attack people on age seeing I’m so old I was there at the launch of The Ark wishing the Noah family Bon Voyage !.

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  31. Who the hell needs frigging “Organite” imported from Morocco at vast expense?. Even a competent child knows there is nothing like the tried & true traditional methods used for 1000s of years- water & soil.

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  32. It really does demonstrate where their heads are at ( a dark place?) that they genuinely seem to believe they can have someone released from the legal system by either demonstrating, writing letters, agitating etc- anything apart from actually using the courts themselves.

    While everyone- Sabine included- is entitled to have supporters in court (and should) this bunch actively work against their pals best interests.

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  33. ‘The good Book says in Deuteronomy 5:20 “‘You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.”’

    I think most of these rogues run on the principle that they’re OK on a technicality, if attacking people who live in neighbourhoods they could never afford!

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  34. There is also that pesky little matter of the Separation of Powers but that concept is probably a far too complex matter for this mob when they believe a loud-hailer droning on for a few hours will do the job.

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  35. Heather, it was you who repeatedly claimed to have a contact in Barnet Social Services who was feeding you info’ about the Hampstead case, you lying old trollop.

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  36. Tracey Morris “When enough intelligent people come together …”
    But do you know any intelligent people Tracey? I haven’t seen much evidence in your usual friends.

    Angela Boorman “… my own peeps are very skeptical and think I’m mad!”
    I think they might actually know you are mad – especially if they read what you have been posting on Facebook recently.

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  37. I am happy to see that social media are taking action against Angela Power Disney. I think however that until Disney suffers real life consequencies for her activities such as criminal and civil court action, she will continue to hurt people with her internet postings.

    Angela Power Disney lives in Oldcastle and there is a police station there to contact if you are being harrassed or subject to any harm by the internet activities of Disney. The police station is as below, they can be contacted by phone or e-mail.

    Victims of Angela Power Disney can also make a complaint to their local police station who will feed the criminal complaint through to the Garda for action.

    It does not matter which side of the Hampstead argument an individual chooses, Angela Power Disney is going to do you harm if you communicate or deal with her. I think mostly everyone can agree that Disney is a dangerous self-serving individual who is going to hurt you if you have any dealings with her.

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  38. You are not wrong Sheva, this blog does indeed have a huge collection of evidence surrounding this hoax and the people that try to promote the story as fact. A big thankyou to El Coyote and Scarlet Scoop for bringing all the evidence into one place for people to learn everything about this case.

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  39. Yes, we would urge anyone who feels they have been the victim of Angela or any other Hoaxtead mobster to approach their local police. It’s important for these people to understand that they can no longer get away with their harassment, bullying, and defamation.

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  40. I’m glad to hear this.

    When I think of Angela’s very public piety, I’m reminded of Matthew 6:5.

    And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.

    Not to mention Luke 18:11-13:

    The Pharisee stood by himself and prayed, ‘God, I thank You that I am not like the other men–swindlers, evildoers, adulterers–or even like this tax collector.
    But the tax collector stood at a distance, unwilling even to lift up his eyes to heaven. Instead, he beat his breast and said, ‘God, have mercy on me, a sinner!’

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  41. Well done Vimeo for your swift response to the reports you received. I’m very impressed, you should go and teach Youtube how to deal with reported videos.

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  42. Better than signing someone up for multiple life insurance plans, which I believe is what happened to a real, actual whistle-blower a month or so ago.


  43. It’s usually done by people who don’t actually believe what they are saying, conservative M.P.’s do it on tv all the time, so does Donnald Trump.


  44. My goodness, someone sounds just a tiny bit bitter. Never considers that perhaps he could have avoided all that nastiness by JUST LISTENING TO OUR ADVICE.


  45. I certainly don’t apologise for the time he spent here.. at her Majesty’s pleasure. 🙂


  46. Well I for one have never once planted my head in a donkey, thank you very much.


  47. Unconditional self-love? Well, it’s good to know she has something to relax her after a hard day’s water dowsing.

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  48. HB 75 is an interesting one – ‘belinda mckenzie knew abe long before the hoax’ – David Shayler and Abe were in prison together at the same time.


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