You’re nobody ’til somebody makes a ‘Free Xxxxx’ page about you

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a faux online whistle-blower who’s managed to get him- or herself banged up in prison must be in want of a “Free this faux online whistle-blower!!!!” Facebook page.

And so it came to pass that on the day following Sabine McNeill’s incarceration while she awaits her next court hearing, her friend Weaselly Hall created her very own “Free Sabine – Hampstead Whistleblower!” page.

And he did fill it with posts and images of all sorts, such as this one:Wesley Hall re Sabine 2018-03-06 1We’re going to assume that Weaselly didn’t realise that had Sabine not been arrested for another breach of her bail conditions in the meantime, his plan to “get everything out in a documentary before her court date on March 19th” would have been enough to ensure that she spent time in prison.

Because if he did know, surely that’s not the sort of gesture a friend would make?

But there we go again, assuming intellectual capacity.

Heeeeeeeere’s that page!

Wesley Hall re Sabine 2018-03-06 6As you can see, it’s standard-issue “Free Person X” fare: flattering pics of Sabine looking relatively un-mouth-frothy (though does she really only own that one brown trouser suit? Sabine, the 70s are calling, and they want their clothing back).

Wesley Hall re Sabine 2018-03-06 2And here’s Weaselly, urging all his friends to “Like/Share/Invite”.

Wesley Hall re Sabine 2018-03-06 4

In fact, Weaselly demonstrates by example, as he shares the link to various pages he runs. (Note: we only pointed out the ones we’re certain of; it’s likely that a few more of those pages are Weaselly’s as well.)

Wesley Hall re Sabine 2018-03-06 3And then there are the standard links to videos by more-or-less famous troofers. In this case, Weaselly had to use a version of this video which had been re-shared by some random YouTuber, as Richie Allen’s show has gone kaput. Ah well, c’est la vie.

Wesley Hall re Sabine 2018-03-06 5And here, Weaselly links to his own YouTube channel, because why not wring a bit of self-publicity out of this thing while he’s at it?

Also, is he trying to claim that Jimmy Savile is not dead? Enquiring minds want to know!

Wesley Hall re Sabine 2018-03-06 7Here’s part of a longer-form post about the Church of England, which Weaselly has decorated with his trademark hashtags.

Point of interest: what’s the sudden hatred for the C of E all about? And since when are “her fellow campaigners being harassed by the CofE…”?

This might bear watching in future.

So there you have it: Sabine’s very first “Free Sabine” page. Doesn’t it leave you feeling warm and tingly all over?

Or are you like us: whenever we hear “Free Sabine!” we’re inclined to respond, “No thanks, got plenty already”.

Edited at 1:06 a.m., 7 March: Well, that didn’t last long! We went back to check a detail on the Free Sabine page, and there it wasn’t.

Ah well, sic transit gloria mundi and all that. Wesley Hall re Sabine-FB page gone
Sabine in Court

89 thoughts on “You’re nobody ’til somebody makes a ‘Free Xxxxx’ page about you

  1. He is still attaching fake news hashtags like pizzagate & pedogate with IICSA.
    IMHO he is attempting to pervert justice and investigations, along with his associates; Angela Power Disney & those she highlighted as victims on her recent video, taken down for defamation……The defamation was painted broadly and she also was mentioning IICSA.
    I’ve been listening the last couple of days to most of the hearings which have contained hardhitting facts and evidence from long term advocates.
    The real abuse that was covered up, is being revealled as never before.
    This is happening despite the interference, mainly on social media & recent public UK events where Belinda and her types turn up, to pretend to lead the way.
    Despite their illusion online…..real and very determined people are continuing with an historic inquiry, which will I am sure lead to massive changes in perceptions and attitudes at many levels.
    Opdeatheaters have been shown to be involved in very dirty tactics online, connected globally and with links to pedohunter groups who also are working in the interests, not of survivors or victims but of paedophiles, just like other ringleaders like Belinda McKenzie & Brian Gerrish have been doing.

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  2. Angie quote of the week:

    “If I was looking for work, I could never again find employment online because of what you and your colleagues at Hoaxtead Research have done to my reputation.”

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  3. Wow with friends like Weasly who needs enemies?. He just had to go and tell the world he has spoken to Sabine and basically is now acting as her agent. I hope for Sabine’s sake she asked Weasley not to say he was talking to her about his campaign or advising him not to do it but who knows?

    And what is the point of these “free Pedro” pages?. Do they think the authorities or courts will take a blind bit of notice of them?. They must follow the law. It’s a sort of navel gazing exercise or a self promotional stunt.

    As for this alleged “whistle-blower” informing the world of church abuse. For God’s (?) sake- we have IICSA under way, a just concluded Royal Commission in Australia that examined institutional abuse ( both Catholic & Anglican churches) with numerous recommendations for future prevention, huge damaging court cases about the Catholic church in the USA, a special Vatican committee investigating priestly abuse, investigations ongoing in South America..don’t these dills even know what is happening in the real world?.
    Of course not- it’s all about THEM.

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  4. Please join my new Facebook page : FREE ME FROM PHONY WHISTLE BLOWERS.
    (just £5 donation and extra for petrol money. Thanks in advance)

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  5. 5 so far this week, across 3 videos on 2 channels. I’ve been keeping count 🙂

    Is this strike a new one from you, Sheva? If so, that’s 6 now.

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  6. For a £20 “donation” I will personally invite you to my ‘conference’ in a rented room at the House of Commons which will give me dodgy association added gravitas by association and you can meet a clueless obscure MP who I will invite on the claim our conference is about “child abuse prevention whistle-blowers” and he/she will be too embarrassed not to turn up.

    For a £50 “donation” I will travel to Brussels (never been there- fancy a trip) where I will address the European Parliament and flail my arms about thumping the table which will look really good in a Youtube video (as long as the cameras don’t pan around and show the bored MEPs).

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  7. I see that dickhead Jake is promoting the “Free Sabine etc” campaign.
    He’s also posted a video which I found unbelievably disturbing. It’s about a child being removed in Lithunania. My mother and her family are from there and I can mostly follow the language at times. It’s a very distressing case which has been ongoing and complex and big news in that country.

    What annoys me about Clarke posting this in his timeline is that he (like them all) use genuine cases intermingled with terrible hoaxes like Hampstead to try and give credence to all claims false or real. There is no middle ground- every claim is accepted just because it’s made and no matter the that the courts have concluded that the false Hampstead accusations were an abomination, it means nothing.

    Their fanaticism is so dangerous and risks alienating the sympathy of many people.
    They are not friends to genuine victims. They are the enemy of true victims, much like Sabine ranting away in the EU parliament about the Musas whose children begged strangers to remove them from their abusive and brutal parents.

    So the Big Question here is: why does Sabine & Crew believe the Hoaxtead kids but ignore and apparently not believe the claims of the Musa children (who haven’t retracted their accusations of abuse)?

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  8. Something for our Irish friends to enjoy. It gave me a giggle anyway 😀

    (From Private Eye, 23.02.18)

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  9. I’m gonna take a punt that Jake didn’t look into the facts of that case before posting the video. They never do.

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  10. I know you lot have been having a lot of snow lately, but I really fail to grasp the point of this entire campaign…

    I mean really, all the bins are already frozen!!!

    so why bother having a page dedicated to freezing a bin???


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  11. “So the Big Question here is: why does Sabine & Crew believe the Hoaxtead kids but ignore and apparently not believe the claims of the Musa children (who haven’t retracted their accusations of abuse)?”

    Its been said before (and no doubt will be again- considering the number of known and convicted abusers that these people hang out with, and indeed even let stay in their houses in some cases….), the continual reposting of what is essentially child pornography videos (what else can you describe the childrens police interviews, ones that should never have been in the publics view)
    Is there a much more disturbing and sinister agenda being played out here with the continual mixing of both true cases and known hoaxes???
    I am hoping not, but…….

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  12. Please clarify, Angie;

    ” I could never again find employment online ” – Fact is, you spoilt old brat, you’ve rarely done a day’s work in your whole life. When you were younger you were a grifter and a chancer in London, you’ve spent the past 30-odd years spongin’ off the state and your children’s fathers – latterly you’ve been back to your old stunts of pretending to be what you’re not; i.e. a ‘Journalist’. – fact is you’ve no qualifications and certainly no profession to your name; not unless you count [redacted].

    You’ve never BEEN ’employed online’ – not unless you’ve been working the webcam on [redacted] or something! Is there a category for GYWTWABPs? – Grannys You Wouldn’t Touch With A Barge Pole!

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  13. What the ‘worlds greatest journalist’ correct herself?
    Take a number and join the back of the queue….
    (Your number is 876443643486598686785674653637875986098796674654365438757659886986857647475997697097977854546436365437476585987609867070796858585754859609867097- expected waiting time is approximately 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 years. Thank you for your patience)

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  14. I don’t disagree with anything you’ve said, Anon, but as an online publication we need to be careful about making direct accusations of certain things without proof. 🙂

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  15. “Is there a much more disturbing and sinister agenda being played out here with the continual mixing of both true cases and known hoaxes???”

    Of course there is! It was flagged up many years ago in relation to another hoax! And it’s not just the hoaxers (grifters) themselves who are behind all the shit stirring.

    The common thread is sex abuse in general. – Organised crime such as drug production and dealing, their users; pornography production and distribution is part of the portfolio; little profit in the straightforward stuff these days, so they use it as a loss-leader to get weak people hooked on porn generally then lead them in to things like animal and child abuse images , really brutal S/M etc.

    Making absolutely everything mixed up with what is ridiculous is just like that story of the boy who cried wolf! hiding in plain site as I see so often repeated! Yes, there is a very good reason why the people shouting the loudest are themselves often drug addicts (cannabis cures common sense!) and/or obsessed with weird sex etc.

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  16. -12:31 – “Police cars actually sitting all day long outside Belinda’s house.”

    LOL, what’s that about? 😀

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  17. -12:22 – “Judge Pauffley is retired, by the way, at 60. Why? Why? Why did she retire at 60? I wonder. OK? I wonder. You wonder. You wonder why. OK, she’s not a pediatrician. OK?”

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  18. “Slash and stab and maim and hew”. Weasley’s done a bit of that hasn’t he?, Didn’t he do time for it?

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  19. ..and a singer and a songwriter (did she say PR agent as well?).
    Royalty too. Just like Ange is related to Princess Diana.
    And soul sisters- she Sabine and Bellend. Gawd help us.

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  20. Ah but…..does the writer of that piece understand Irish themself? If not then they don’t know what was actually asked. Truth be told, despite being taught Irish at school for the full 14 years many of us still struggle to understand the spoken word and to speak it fluently. They need to change how it’s taught here by creating a standard Irish like in Germany where they have Hochdeutsche otherwise we are taught Irish by multiple teachers with different accents and it’s confusing….like being taught to understand English by a person with a thick Geordie accent and then a Scots person followed up with lessons by a Brummie, Mancunian, and a Liverpudlian.

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  21. Do they really think that the courts are going to pay the slightest bit of attention to a Facebook page? Delusional i say.

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  22. The police have spoken to Jake several times now and it obviously has had no effect on the fool. Perhaps it is time they took action against him rather than just giving him a talking to?

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  23. I’m sure as a judge she can well afford to retire at 60. Plenty of folk do, nothing suspicious about that at all, unless you are Neelu of course.

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  24. I think it’s more a case of nobody would employ her online/offline/wherever because of the crap she posts on her social media. MK Ultra posts started around 2010, isn’t the pre this blog?

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  25. I would be surprised at Mary Lou who who, (sorry I always break out in the jungle book songs when I say her name, plus a little ditty, not printable 😉), not understanding Irish but not so much Michelle O’Neill. Then again a lot of the TG4 reporters/presenters are bilingual & are quite hard to understand when speaking ‘as gaeilge’.

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  26. Angie update: she posted one of her slanderous videos to Vimeo, complaining that it had been taken down from YouTube…but thanks to a team effort we’ve just had it banned from Vimeo too.

    Great work, people 😀

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  27. Neelu did my head in with that video. I haven’t heard that much crap spout from someone’s mouth since the last time I listened to Angela.

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  28. In fact, now I come to think about it, all the smaller sites which they’re all buggering off to will probably be better monitored than one the size of YouTube. They all might be quicker to act on videos reported. 😀

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  29. I remembered that Fresh Start Foundation were supposed to have launched their roadshow last saturday, so went to look………….. Firstly I found that only David Scott remains listed on their website as a director, then found that they have moved the date to the 10th with Brian Gerrish listed as their keynote speaker, with George Greek Truckers’ new YouTube channel ‘Gee Gee Tee’ posting an old Robert Green speech from one of Cat Scots channels: Cat Sidh. 7 views…… Tee Hee 🙂 I found that searching FSF on Twitter. Thanks to everyone that helped expose their diabolical plan to hunt for satan in Scotland. 🙂


  30. She’ll never ever understand it’s because of the countless people being slandered and the lives that have been ruined. Why does she think it’s all about trying to “cover up” something??? Grrrr..

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  31. Angie, if it were true, why the defamation and disgusting harrassment of innocent people who expose your lies ?
    Why the desperate scamble to promote other liars and discredit genuine campaigns ?
    And Angie, why the pass given to so many child molesters by you and your colleagues ?

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  32. You can still see her bloomin’ bollix in Ireland….imagine if you literally could though!

    In certain matters, like this sort of censorship of defamation, they should treat Ireland and the UK the same down at youtube….she certainly defamed some people resident in Ireland in her videos including her mother’s HCA i.e. she inferred the women could be plotting to defraud her mother, therefore is dishonest.

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  33. If anyone in Ireland feels she has defamed them, they can get YouTube to remove the offending videos. If they need advice, they can contact us and we will walk them through the process.


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