Angie’s neighbours sound off

Those of us who keep tabs on the Hoaxtead mob are all too aware of Angela Power-Disney, who hasn’t been on speaking terms with the truth in many years, and who never met a bit of gossip she couldn’t inflate, embellish, and then spread far and wide.

From time to time, HR readers have speculated as to how Angela’s neighbours must view her.

We did catch a glimpse of someone’s anger with her two years ago, when person or persons unknown sent out poison pen letters about her. Naturally she blamed this blog, and “proved” her point by printing out our masthead and stapling it to the top of the letter she’d received.

Unfortunately for her, she also showed the envelope on video…and the stamp and postmark revealed that it had been mailed from Ireland. Whoops.

But by and large, our curiosity about Angela’s relationship with her home community has remained unsatisfied…until yesterday.

A cock and ball story

During the past week’s heavy snowstorms, Angela saw fit to live-stream a Facebook rant about her neighbours in Oldcastle.

First she claims to be upset because she has a plumbing issue:

I’m snowed in, with a plumbing issue, where the simple short-term solution would be for somebody who knows how to change a ballcock and joint in an overflow tank….

However, she says, the regular plumber is away, and his stand-in hasn’t called. Boo-frickety-hoo.

People can hate me because I’m a whistle-blower, so wherever I find corruption or abuse, especially of children, I’m going to whistle-blow. So it makes a lot of people keep their distance from me. But my family…we’re blow-ins, you can hear my English accent, we’ve been here since 1981…

She recites a long and irrelevant string of her family’s Irish connections, and then…

But that’s not the point. We’re stranded, with a leak, and there’s nobody coming forward. So I just want to say all this rah rah about ‘Oh, we’re so great, the Irish are so great, we pull together….

My 84-year-old mother lives alone…and her, um, what d’you call it, her home help, who lives on the same estate, who could walk like, 30 steps to her home, has been advised by the authorities, ‘Oh, no, don’t risk it, because if you fall over and break your leg, you know, that’s going to be a real problem’.

And that’s just the beginning. You can hear the whole rant, in all its spittle-flying glory, here: ANGIE’S BALLCOCK RANT (The best bit starts at 4:54.)

Within hours, the daughter of Angela’s mother’s home helper had weighed in. She was not even a little bit impressed. Nor was another of Angela’s neighbours: Angela rant 2018-03-03 2

Angela rant 2018-03-03 3

Angela re ballcock 2018-03-03 FB 1

Yesterday, some more of Angela’s neighbours dropped by HR to let us know that while Angela had taken down the video in question, they had a few things to say about her accusations.

Commenter “How Dare You Angie” wrote:

&*&(% Angela Power Disney, you self-entitled selfish witch. We all are suffering our individual issues with this snow to have time to bloody deal with your plumbing problems. No, you do not have the right to demand instant gratification for your minor problems. Your two sons could get off their backsides to research and fix your problems, how dare you tell the people of your community to come running to your door when many have to deal with their own problems alone. There is a reason why you are hated, and it has nothing to do with paedophiles.

“Storm Emma” posted:

Agreed, I would also like to make clear that her mother’s neighbours cleared her driveway & have kept it clear. Her neighbours on a regular basis, call in to see if she needs anything.

Your 60 year old backside does not give you the right to vent about a lady who goes over & above helping your elderly mother, where are you when this happens! You think she gets paid for all her hours? Grow up before you do harm to your mother by alienating her neighbours & home help!

Cop on that you have already called out a respected man who fixed your locks, then complaint about him on FB! Who would want to do work in your house because of the that. You will have to ring a plumber from another town and by God, you will see then what tradesmen do charge!

You have really blotted your copybook this time. Take the blame, do not attack a daughter for defending her mother against your lies & jealousy by replying that she had , “hi hacked”,[sic], your video. Apologise properly or do not apologise at all!

Realise also, that everyone does not hate you, they actually laugh heartily at you when they even bother about you. You are not that important that you are in anyone’s thoughts at all.

Grow up!

S/he added:

The fact that she constantly uses the ‘blow-in’ card is also utter nonsense. There are many people that are from different places in all towns across Ireland including myself & my extended family. We treat people with respect, respect their privacy and vice versa. We are all part of a community, we live day by day with our neighbours, help out when needed but do not go blowing our own trumpet in videos, expecting applause.

Hear, hear!

We’d just add that we dare say Angela’s neighbours don’t spread malicious, damaging gossip online; nor is it likely that they make up unutterably ridiculous stories about their own past lives as MK Ultra-trained supersoldiers. They probably don’t accuse their own fathers of murder; and it seems unlikely to us that they invite much-younger men to their hideaways in Lanzarote in order to sexually molest them.

Perhaps it’s time Angela woke up and smelled the coffee: her neighbours don’t hate her because she’s a blow-in, a “whistle-blower”, or an “activist”. They hate her for the simple reason that she is a nasty, small-minded, confabulating gossip with an over-inflated sense of entitlement and an under-inflated conscience.

All allegedly and without prejudice, of course. angela-p-d-repulsive

23 thoughts on “Angie’s neighbours sound off

  1. Angela’s not a blow-in.. she’s a blowhard!

    I’m also happy her neighbours dropped by here to share their thoughts.

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  2. I thought a super solider would be able to fix a ballcock and then ski over to her mother’s whilst, along the way, shooting down one or two heathens or Satanists (they’re going to hell anyway) with a flame thrower. Don’t MK Ultra teach them anything anymore?

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  3. “You are not that important that you are in anyone’s thoughts at all. Grow up!”

    Very apt words and one of the nauseating fact about these fantasists and con-artists is the mis-use of the term “whistle-blower” which they have co-opted to describe their common and garden internet malicious gossiping and the spreading of lies and hurtful untruths about innocent people.

    Genuine whistle-blowers reveal real government secrets or the illegal shenanigans of corporations and put their lives and safety at risk. People like Reality Winner, Edward Snowden or Chelsea Manning who can face decades in jail or have to flee their home countries.
    And while you may disagree and they often break the law with their actions despite that, they do reveal the machinations of governments and they are very brave people.

    They are not fantasy merchants who sit at home spreading lies and mischief on the internet, begging for donations and claim every frigging thing that goes wrong in their life- that flat tyre, bunged up ballcock etc is the might of GCHQ, MI6 or the CIA targeting them (hoping the gullible like Jake will send them another fiver) .

    # and don’t even mention Rupert Quaintance (there I did !)- the man who claimed he might like to “fuck a child up the arse” to see what it was like and who was arrested (quite rightly & thanks to The Met) for lingering outside a school for small children with a hidden knife. He got off very easily with his piddling 9 month sentence.

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  4. This is the usual crap, where people like her, and there are many, make a big deal about being Christian, and blow their own trumpet constantly about what they do to blow whistles on child abuse, when all they do is tell lies and revert everything to revolve around their own selves.

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  5. So true GoS.

    How can she, etc. be whistleblowers when they have nothing whatsoever to whistleblowers about, that’s always struck me as hilarious!

    Whistleblowers are, to my understanding, people in employment, who wish to highlight injustices in their workplaces. Having tried to resolve their issues internally, to no avail, eventually having to go outside their employment to report to a higher authority, not for the faint of heart as shown by Sgt. Maurice McCabe whose life has been put under a microscope ever since he exposed shocking practices amongst An Garda Síochána & cruelly accused of things that did not happen.

    Of course that is just 1 example, not something that has a world-wide audience not something which would effect the world as would Chelsea Manning, Assange, Snowden.

    The fantasist crew who are nothing but keyboard warriors who as you rightly say above, sit at home, begging for donations. I respect the homeless person or beggars on the street so much more & hold them in higher regard that those reprobates of society who should be put out to work, put on training courses, anything to get them doing something positive for their communities & stop them leeching of society.

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  6. Carry over from yesterday’s post – wise words from long ago…
    “Hand guns are made for killin’
    They ain’t no good for nothin’ else
    And if you like to drink your whiskey
    You might even shoot yourself
    So why don’t we dump ’em people
    To the bottom of the sea
    Before some ol’ fool come around here
    Wanna shoot either you or me”

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  7. Yeah, Rupert’s comment “They talk about it so much (on the net) they make me wanna try it!”, even if it was meant as some sort of sick joke from his dope addled mind, was the most vile thing he said and wasn’t even mentioned in Court.

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  8. Indeed JB, they do like to use weird and even sick images to try and get a message across. Weird post from a weird bloke.

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  9. Standards must have really slipped since i left Super Soldier school. Fixing plumbing issues just by using our mind was the first thing we learnt in Year one.

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  10. I think the reason it wasn’t mentioned is that he didn’t publish it himself. They only seemed to use material which he had verifiably published.


  11. There is probably a lot more background of which we are not aware, particularly as she called out a lot of his family as well. It may be something as simple as a difference over a dog. 😮

    In her twisted mind, if anyone says no to her, they are conspiring against her & it’s time to call them out in public.

    Neelu seems to have similar traits. 😱

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  12. Her son fixed the plumbing issue apparently…😜 told a few people in the local SuperValu” aww yeah it was easy enough”


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