The Purge: YouTube finally pulls its finger out

They’re calling it the purge: YouTubers who until now have been able to spew their conspiracy theories consequence-free have suddenly found their channels unceremoniously banned.

Richie Allen, David Seaman, Titus Frost, and Bombard’s Body Language, along with small-fry like GeorgeGreekTrucker, have all fallen.David Seaman 2018-03-01

George Greek Trucker 2018-03-01

Even (hold onto your hats) the mighty InfoWars was affected last week.

According to Fox News:

Infowars, a conspiracy website that suggested survivors of the Florida school shooting were coached on their pleas for gun control, said its video account was temporarily frozen by YouTube.

The suspension for harassment and bullying was subsequently lifted, the site said said Wednesday. YouTube, which is owned by Google, did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

Infowars said Tuesday it had multiple videos removed from YouTube, including one in which host Owen Shroyer alleged that Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School student David Hogg “can’t remember his lines” during a TV interview following the Feb. 14 shooting that left 17 dead. Among other videos it said were removed was one titled, “The Truth About Crisis Actors In The Florida Shooting.”

The site said it also received a strike, or warning, for harassment and bullying. It said a second strike that was assessed early Tuesday was removed hours later. According to YouTube policy, two strikes results in the creator being unable to upload videos for two weeks. Infowars continuously uploaded videos to its “Alex Jones Channel” Tuesday.

“There’s a major purge going on,” Alex Jones, the well-known right-wing conspiracy theorist and radio show host who owns the site, said in an interview. He has called the 2012 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School a hoax. “If you want to live in communist China, we’re almost there.”

Much of the purge seems to be related to the recent mass murder at a Florida high school.

With mind-numbing predictability, conspiraloons leapt upon the story like hungry dingoes, trying to be first to claim that one of the Parkland massacre victims, David Hogg, was a crisis actor. It appears that many of the channels which were pulled had run videos making that claim, though YouTube’s rationale for the purge has not been fully clarified yet.

While it’s been refreshing to watch some of the most pernicious YouTubers disappear, anyone who’s watched the behaviour of conspiraloons would be able to predict the inevitable fallout.

A recent article in The Guardian stated,

‘If you believe your institutions are conspiring and then you expose it and then they ban your speech, how could you not think that that’s part of it?’ said Joseph Uscinski, a University of Miami professor and conspiracy theory expert. If Jones and Infowars continue to face YouTube censorship, he added, ‘it will convince his fans that he’s on to something.’

We’ve all seen this happen: a Hoaxtead pusher is arrested, and the baying mobs are immediately up in arms, declaring that the defendant “must be getting too close to the truth”, or is being “harassed by the powers that be”.

So what’s the answer? Allowing people to make demonstrably false and damaging claims simply spreads the cancer of disinformation across the internet, drawing more and more people into the rabbit hole of conspiracy theories like the ludicrous “#QAnon”.

But taking what some would call draconian measures to remove the material from the internet only seems to fuel the fire, driving troofers to sites where their delusions can grow and prosper.

Ultimately, we think, it’s a numbers game.

Tech companies must be held accountable for the harmful drivel they allow on their sites, even when removing channels could cause a bit of a furor among the troofers. Companies like Google and Facebook need to understand that they have a public responsibility to do the right thing, even if it enrages a small segment of the population.

It can seem to those of us who follow such things that the world is full to the brim with conspirasheep who are only too willing to trade critical thought for the latest fairy stories making the rounds. However, it’s important to remember that the vast majority of people are not, in fact, conspiracy followers.

If you ask the average person whether the world is run by a cabal of elite Satanists who eat babies, that average person is likely to look at you as though you’re a few bricks shy of a load.

So while those whose YouTube channels have received strikes or have been removed will howl and wail at the injustice of it all, and will tell anyone who’ll listen that this is proof that the powers that be really are after them, their audience is by definition a limited one.

And that’s a good thing.

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65 thoughts on “The Purge: YouTube finally pulls its finger out

  1. YouTube pulled Waptek’s channel down. Probably because of his debunking videos.

    How has another channel. Wasn’t pulling his hair out over it though. Seems Nibiru his videos are safe.

    I seem to remember Waptek doing a video in a coffee shop about the Hampstead case a long time ago.

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  2. Taxi up to the 24 hour Tesco in Brent Cross. Use the customer phone to call a taxi home. The one the supermarkets have with the numbers of local minicab firms. Or, use the night bus even.

    She’s acting as if no one could cope before the internet. She’s old enough to know everyone did.

    Plus, I’d complain that the tag shouldn’t be set so restrictively that you can’t open your own front door.

    I think she is milking it – lying in other words.

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  3. Looks like he is a bigger idiot than we thought.

    After his experience with APD you would think he would avoid going anywhere private with older ladies.

    If he thinks he can come back as some sort of martyr to the cause of this Hoax, he better realise that he has condemned himself out of his own mouth on multiple occasions. Genuine campaigners against child abuse don’t make jokes about wanting to rape children.

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  4. Minor point: must have electricity if he’s posting via a pc. Perhaps spend some cash on heater rather than grass.

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  5. Guess the Battleaxe Bellend didn’t think to take a basket of goodies for her good pal just in case. With friends like that etc etc.

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  6. It looks like the time might be right to start complaining about online personal information and videos again. I’ve said before I don’t care if people discuss Hampstead. What bothers me is people’s personal info and videos of the kids being all over the show.

    If there’s anyone actually from Hampstead on here I’d suggest you go and see your M.P. about this too. Strike while the iron is hot and why not!

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  7. I have some sympathy with him as I know someone in his neighbourhood. The council have acted, at minimum, unprofessionally. At worst something dodgy has gone on. I’m fed up of councils buggerin’ about like this and it’s always ordinary people who lose isn’t it. I also know lots of people who are choosing between food and heating right now. My local library is full of people keeping warm because they can’t afford heating in their own places.

    I noticed that Wesley is a Corbyn supporter as am I and it’s a shame he’s giving time to this Satanism bollocks. Imo Hampstead is all about taking the heat off the higher ups. Let’s scapegoat ordinary people again to save the skins of the elite. If Wesley did some research into who’s behind all this he’d be surprised how high it goes into the establishment.

    I know I’m too conspiratorial for you lot and you’ll probably take the piss but Wesley does have a point about the council. He kicks off because he feels powerless like a lot of people.

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  8. There are both direct and indirect relationships between conspiranoid propaganda and mass shooting incidents in America.
    The indirect relationship runs something like this; conspiranoid propaganda winds up American paranoids, they buy more guns and support groups like the NRA that actively block gun control legislation. We used to call these paranoids “survivalists”, decades ago, and guess what? Our old ‘friend’ John Todd was very much involved in inciting their paranoia in the 1970’s & 1980’s:

    As for the direct relationship…at least one of the paranoid lunatic assassins that have carried out fatal ambushes on police officers in the US & Canada was provably an Alex Jones fan. (I could say a lot more about this, but I’ll stick to what I can prove).

    So…want to support the Florida kids and gun control in America? Help take down the conspiranoid channels, sites, webpages and blogs.

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  9. They are very effective these prayers. I’m sure prayers fixed APD’s leaky plumbing and went out and bought groceries for Sabine.

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  10. Adam Mustafa, a troubled young man has been committed to a secure MH hospital which, given the admission thresholds these days he must have been assessed as in dire need.

    Despite his recent restraining order and suspended prison sentence Neelu has Edward William Ellis on the case and s rallying the ‘one million’ supporters to bombard Clatterbridge hospital with a campaign of pointless phone calls and time-wasting emails.

    It’s a poor do when your supporters on the outside, free to do whatever they want are an order of magnitude crazier than the man who’s been sectioned.

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  11. The council has actually only had control from late 2015, if I remember correctly, before that it was a private company that was in charge before they went bankrupt (from memory the scheme started in 2012)
    So they dont warrant all the blame (plus public moneys for such project seems to be quite limited)
    Plus he has been , um, let us say, less than cooperative in his dealings with the council

    My personal blame allocation would be council 10% (or less), weaselly owns the rest…..


  12. by 2 minutes in he is in full debs mode, screaming at the camera in the street, by 3.30 he is doing the same to a very bewildered (and obviously quite frightened) young lass that works at his former solicitors who is hiding behind the door

    I suspect this may have been the trigger for his sectioning- rule number one- dont pick on people who deal with the law daily- they have much more ability to defend themselves than say a locksmith…

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  13. I’d say he’s allegedly been less than cooperative in his dealings with the council. I have no idea what the truth of this is.

    A report was done by Lancashire County Council which listed a whole lot of failings on the part of the council:

    ‘Key findings of the report:
    The council awarded a contract through which the supplier was paid £3.3m without undertaking any procurement process, by the decision of a officer under delegated powers
    The council’s constitution was effectively disregarded
    The relationship of the company to homeowners and tenants was ‘legally confused and inconsistent’
    No action was taken by the council to gain any assurance that the renovation work being invoiced was actually being done, had been completed and met even basic environmental health standards
    Just 152 of 359 properties that were renovated by AAAW Ltd were occupied in September 2015, with an estimated 90 per cent of them still requiring some further work to be done
    Key findings of the report:
    The council awarded a contract through which the supplier was paid £3.3m without undertaking any procurement process, by the decision of a officer under delegated powers
    The council’s constitution was effectively disregarded
    The relationship of the company to homeowners and tenants was ‘legally confused and inconsistent’
    No action was taken by the council to gain any assurance that the renovation work being invoiced was actually being done, had been completed and met even basic environmental health standards
    Just 152 of 359 properties that were renovated by AAAW Ltd were occupied in September 2015, with an estimated 90 per cent of them still requiring some further work to be done
    It is still unclear whether Rossendale council can bind the other local authorities to the financial implications of the actions that were taken on their behalf
    No assessment was made of the risks and appropriate controls in taking on the project
    No decisions at all relating to the programme were made by elected members and no information was provided to them
    Insufficient input was sought from council officers
    The contractor was ‘poorly commissioned and inadequately procured’ by the council
    The contractor failed to deliver the council’s ‘unspecified requirements’ and incurred considerable liabilities on the council’s behalf
    The work was not directed effectively by the council and was inadequately monitored and payments were made in ways that were not agreed or transparent
    All the warning signs regarding the design of the funding stream and its operation in practice, including a number of external experts advice and guidance were ignored
    There was inadequate supervision of a single council officer who was effectively responsible for the management of the entire programme
    No assessment was made of the risks and appropriate controls in taking up the finding stream from the HCA and operating the scheme within the council and across Pennine Lancashire’

    An apology has been issued and they say they’re trying to put it right. Again I don’t know if that’s the case.

    The above is from Rossendale Free Press. I can’t seem to post a link here so sorry.

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  14. Absolutely. I’ve heard that YouTube hired about 10,000 additional reviewers late last year, and that some of them were a bit over-zealous. Not a word I’d associate with YouTube when it comes to dealing with some of the rubbish people put up, but there you are.

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  15. LMAO!
    Bitcoin to be regulated:
    ““Authorities are rightly concerned that given their inefficiency and anonymity, one of the main reasons for their use is to shield illicit activities. This cannot be condoned. Anarchy may reign on the dark web, but in the UK it’s just a song that your parents used to listen to,” Carney said, in a speech which will be seen as a major intervention by a top global regulator”.

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  16. Dont worry, I had issues linking to them the other days as well when we were discussing it previously (I suspect from the wording it is the same article)

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  17. From neelus facebook face
    “Police Officer- I told you you are under arrest.
    Adam- For what?
    Police Officer- Suspicion of a section 1 firearm, OK?
    Adam- Who gave you that information?
    Police Officer- You…”

    LOL- Its a comedy skit worthy of Monty Python or The Three Stooges by goom…..

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  18. It’s an up-down, back & forth situation on Youtube right now.
    What’s important at the moment, is that saying child shooting victims are actors will get yer ass whooped – even if you do have a right to appeal.
    Someone else said it..,ABOUT TIME! 🙂

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  19. Time well spent then- Edward Ellis spent 5 hours to print up a 2 page document for Adam… 3 mins in

    3.55 “Unless Adam rings me back, I’m just going to assume that he’s gunna(sic) serve the documents on the sergeant and they’re gunna(sic) go away, knowing that this is a corruption claim”

    LOL how did that work out for you?

    (IMHO Neelu is treading into dangerous waters, not only working with and allowing Edward to use her premises, but now giving advice to people during an arrest!)
    At the end she then goes on to give out his address and phone number to boot!

    (Ive decided to download all of these in case she disappears them later on)

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  20. the feb27 10.56 one is the one with the self incrimination about the gun, although he himself didnt actually say it on the video, he was quoted as saying it.

    More interestingly is what Neelu says at 16.31- I wonder if Edward is daft enough to actually do it??? hello 3 hots and a cot if he does….

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  21. Angie: people don’t dislike you because you’re a “whistle-blower”. They dislike you because you’re a nasty two-faced bitch who’s always out for the main chance. Just ask all those in Oldcastle you’ve slandered, betrayed, smeared, and blackmailed.

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  22. Bloody hell….she’s scary when she’s angry! I got a fright looking at her face and hearing her tone – that video needs one of those trigger warnings.

    I lost count of the number of names she dropped and laughed when she said something about playing with Mary Lou McDonald as a kid or other members of her family did? And all the references to various charitable works her family and herself were involved in….hmmmm, some of which were corrupt?

    Wake up Oldcastle…APD has paid her dues and she never once said all of you are corrupt masonic paedophiles, it was only just two-thirds of you, so please won’t someone fix the ballcock and joint (what is that?) of her overflow tank PLEASE!

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  23. Interesting- is there a penalty for breaching the privacy laws re pretending to be a relative when you arent?
    She managed to get quite a few names out of the poor guy (who obviously thought he was dealing wth a professional- until about 6.15 when Neelu started trotting out the ‘mental health fraud’ shtick, you can hear his voice change as he realises she isnt quite the full quid and the flow of info ceases.
    Neelu later pretends to be a “qualified pharmacist who specialises in mental health” (8.35)- Um no she was (quote from our own Scarlett) “It’s about Neelu Berry, the mentally ill lady, compulsive liar and former chemist who was struck off by the Medical Council for harassing hospital staff.” – that makes her an tossed out ex chemist, whose only knowledge about mental health has been personally acquired…


  24. The last tradesman that she had out to fix her locks or something to do with them, she then maligned on FB. I highly doubt anyone will go near her because next thing she will be complaining about them on FB.

    One would think that herself & her Mum kept the town’s wheels churning for 20 years. 😂 So many half truths there, actually 90% are lies.

    She is so worried about her mother, yet couldn’t go and see her herself, because she is not getting paid of course, never mind that her mother is an old lady!

    Keep filling that tank Angie!

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  25. Frigga was the mother of Odin in Norse mythology and is where the word ‘Friday’ comes from. Haven’t a clue what he means by “Sign Family!”

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  26. Maybe the plumber was scared she would slap his arse when he bent over the cistern having read about Rupert’s experience at her house? Just a thought.. 🙂

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  27. Call me old-fashioned but when people do stuff for their community, isn’t it supposed to be out of the goodness of their hearts? From what Angie says, she only does it because she expects something in return.

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  28. Not sure if Belinda’s completed her application form for that long awaited sainthood yet but I see her cover letter’s ready:

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  30. She looked out for homeless people so much the only place she could find for them was falling down garages? Am I reading this right?

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  31. Let’s not forget how they warned that businessman who was due to go on a date with APD and he fled into the night. Unless she thinks her neighbours work for GCHQ as well.

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  32. I’m wondering if she has committed a notifiable offence by passing herself off as “qualified” on that call. The law is quite specific. Qualified doesn’t mean simply that you have passed the degree, You also have to be registered and have kept your Continuing Personal Development record up to date. Maybe a word to the General Pharmaceutical Council of this attempt at passing off is in order.


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