On receiving a letter from an old friend

It’s always a pleasant thing to hear from old friends who’ve been out of touch for a while. It offers a chance to catch up on one another’s lives, share reminiscences of days gone by, perhaps have a cup of tea or enjoy a nip of something a bit stronger to celebrate the reunion.

And so when we received this email from Mel Ve, the cockles of our hearts were appropriately warmed, and we prepared for a good old chinwag. Alas, it was not to be.

It started off cordially enough:

Dear El Coyote
It has been some time since we communicated.  I hope this mail finds you well.

Though we were a bit puzzled at the next bit:

I wish to provide you with information regarding the General Data Protection Regulation, which comes which is in effect and will be enforced as of 1 May 2018.  
The European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is designed to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe, to protect and empower all European Union citizens data privacy, and to reshape the way organisations across the region approach data privacy. The GDPR was approved and adopted by the EU Parliament in April 2016. The regulation will take effect after a two-year transition period and, unlike a Directive, it does not require any enabling legislation to be passed by government; meaning it will be in force by May 2018. Personal data constitutes any information related to a natural person or ‘data subject’, that can be used directly or indirectly to identify the natural person. It can be anything from a name, photo, an email address, bank details, blogs, posts on social networking websites, their places of work, medical information or computer IP address. The GDPR does not only apply to organisations located within the EU, but it will also apply to organisations located outside of the EU, if they offer goods or services to, or monitor behaviour of, EU subjects. It applies to all websites and companies processing and holding the personal data of subjects residing in the European Union, regardless of the company / organisation’s location. Non-compliance of organisations, will result in fines of up to 4% of annual global turnover for breaching GDPR or 20 million Euros. This is the maximum fine that can be imposed for the most serious infringements, such as not having sufficient consent to publish or process data of data subjects, the passing on or selling of data to third party data collection agents, or not having data records in order.Please feel free to do your own research into the GDPR.

Given our prior correspondence with Mel—which generally involved her sending us something massively scurrilous about someone else, with requests that we publish it on her behalf—we weren’t really sure what to make of this. Of course we’d heard of the GDPR, who hasn’t? But why did Mel think we ought to know about it?
However, Mel quickly clarified:

Having taken advice from our legal team, we have begun the process of making all of our information outlets GDPR compliant.  We will also be using the GDPR to prosecute those who use our data without our consent. 

I am writing to you out of courtesy to politely request that you remove any and all mentions of myself by name, either directly or allegorically, from your websites.  I also request that remove any and all information regarding my husband and my various media outlets, from your websites, including but not limited to, mentions in articles, pictures, videos and comments. 

I hereby formally advise you that you do not have consent to use or print anything that may identify me or my husband as a Natural Person / Data Subject.  You do not have my consent to publish anything that may be linked to my organisations or my work, that may potentially identify me as a Natural Person / Data Subject.

The gossip on your website and your associated trolling videos such as MKD, have already cost us our home in The Hague, due to harassment by our neighbours, who stumbled onto your blog and associated videos, resulting in us filing charges with the cyber crimes division in The Netherlands.  Regulations are in place to prevent such victimisation by parties such as you and those who frequent your website.  As a resident of the EU, and as a spouse of an EU National, my rights to privacy are protected by the GDPR. 

I hope you will be kind enough to respect my privacy and the internet privacy regulations under the GDPR.  Don’t forget, we have a police report, of which I have sent you photographic evidence in the past, which will be used in our prosecution process.

You have 3 working days, commencing the 7 February 2018, to comply with my request for privacy.  Should you fail to comply, come 1 May 2018, we will be filing charges during our visit to London, based upon our police reports, which have already been translated from Dutch to English, and verified by a qualified court notary.  Considering the severity of what has happened to us as a result of damage from you and those who frequent your website, the fines will be substantial.

As always I respect your right to freedom of speech, and I do visit your blog from time to time, as there is some very valuable information on there, however I do not see the value in the constant attacks on Natural Person, my family and my various organisations, which have in the past resulted in costing us our home.

If you are unsure of any of the above, my suggestion is that you seek legal advice.
Kindest Regards
Mel Ve


We confess that this set us back on our heels.

“What a difference a year makes!” we thought to ourselves. After all, wasn’t it only last February that Mel was sending us emails like this:

Dear El Coyote

I am handing over all Skype communications between myself Angela Power Disney, so that all can be transparent and in the public domain.
I am sure you and your team and trolls will find them very insightful.

I know I am not perfect, and indeed, there is much that you all seem to have a great time picking at me about in the public domain, but I really only wish to create a better world, and like many people, I too am going through the process of deconfusing myself from this level of reality.

I do recall your previous comments about not being a conduit for my public battle with Angela, but you see, the battle is not in my mind… Angela is the one at war with herself and the world. I just want her off my radar. I have no energy for hatred and I have no intention of going into a public on air slanging match with her. I won’t feed the beast.

Kindest Regards
Mel Ve

or this….

Dear El Coyote

Thank you for your fair handling of the Angela Papers.

Please find attached the Skype conversations between myself and Sandy Bergen. In complete transparency, there were some bits that I have taken out, specifically when recounting details of Sandy’s financial affairs, which I simply will not put into the public domain at the risk of Sandy being taken advantage of.

Perhaps this can give more insight into Angela’s protege Sandy Bergen.

Kindest Regards
Mel Ve

or this….

Dear El Coyote

In keeping with more of the madness from APD, I just go this message from her, which made me chuckle, as it is not even my birthday, and the sanctimonious Bible bashing is so comical that I had to share… share if you feel inclined to do so along with your ever so witty commentary.

[24/02/17 15:01:29] Angie Power-Disney: May God have mercy on your soul. You may just have grieved the HOLY SPIRIT RUACH HA KODESH with your J fucker remarks…..I prayed and God showed me how the daughter of King Herod´s wife so wanted to PLEASE her MOTHER she danced for the King and his friends (HOAXSTEAD) and then asked for THE HEAD OF JOHN THE BAPTIST ON A PLATTER as payment. In some desperate attempt to gain approval from her abusive manipulative JEZEBEL satanic Mother….take a look at your relationship with YOUR mother and see why the Holy Spirit drew me to that in explanation of your horrendous behaviour? It is your Birthday…while you have breath in your body there is time for you to REPENT.
[24/02/17 15:03:31] Mel Ve: It is not my birthday… and go fuck yourself

…or even this?

Dear EC

Just thought I would keep you updated with the latest in the APD drama…

Angela recently came to us wanting to transfer her domain registration of her website from our server to her own chosen hosting capacity. We were only more than happy to have her website removed from our server, as we have been in discussion about wanting to get rid of it anyway from our server, as we do not wish to deal with Angela anymore. Angela came to us about a fortnight ago with a very hostile and nasty attitude, demanding her registration by means of threats, when all she had to do was ask us to organise a domain transfer code for her. This is a common thing that we have organised for people on a regular basis, and is part of our day to day business practice, but of course we expected nothing but ugliness from Angela. We organised the code for her but it expired before Angela got her shit together to get things sorted. At this point we realised that if we do not ask for a disclaimer, that Angela would blame us if anything went wrong with the website during the domain transfer, which can be tricky if you don’t know what you are doing. We asked Angela for a written disclaimer saying that she would not hold us responsible, and we got the usual barrage of abuse and religious tirades back at us with a half arsed attempt to say yes she will not hold Biggi responsible for fuck ups on her end… once that was done, we ordered a new transfer code, which we are still awaiting. Today we see Angela has gone nuclear on Facebook with a number of lies about money she claims to have paid, but has not, and that we are holding her website hostage… which is ridiculous because I just want this hideous bitch off my radar and that means her website too. Biggi is presently compiling all the correspondence and invoices which we will hand over to Hoaxstead shortly.
Serioulsy, can’t we just get this hideous freak arrested? She is a fucking menace to society!

More to come

Kindest Regards
Mel Ve

Ah, good times!

As in any relationship, of course, there were those minor lumps and bumps which keep things interesting.

The break-up

For instance, there was that awkward time when Mel accused us of turning her landlord against her, resulting in her eviction:

In consideration of our readers’ eyesight, here’s the text version:

Dear El Coyote

Hope this email finds you well.

I am writing to you to share with you some updates.  This is not material that I wish for you to share publicly, but I feel that it is important that you at least know what is happening, the ongoing repercussions, and how severely it has affected us.

I am very pleased to see that there has been a shift in attention away from myself Mel Ve, and my husband Biggi.  I want to express my appreciation and gratitude for your sensibility and understanding.  We are still from time to time being targeted by MKD or what ever they call themselves nowadays, but nothing like we once were.  Sadly, for all the shifting of negativity away from us, the damage has been done.  

As we have previously informed you, the negativity on the internet has spilled over into our apartment block where we have lived for two and a half years.  The man who owns the block and also lives downstairs, Mr. Jones (his parents are British not Dutch) cut our internet line back in February.  CCN was offline for a week you may recall.  The engineer from our internet provider confirmed that the line was deliberately cut and we have his written testimony.  After much drama, it became clear that Mr. Jones had found information online that made him believe that my husband and I are a threat to the safety of his daughter, and decided to cut our line in order to create a conflict that he could use as leverage to get us thrown out via the courts.  Not only that, he has gone around telling all the neighbours that my husband and I are pedophiles, and all the neighbours are now going to testify against us in court saying that they are scared for their families / kids and want us out, which is sad as we have never given any cause for concern, or caused any harm or loss to anybody in that block, never mind the children.  Let me say that up until our line was deliberately cut, we had never had a single issue with the neighbours in 2 years of living there.  We lived quietly, we are clean and we are courteous.  We are helpful, always taking in deliveries for neighbours when they are out, and we can always be counted on in the event of an emergency, because we are kind and caring people.  We kept to ourselves and kept the work we did a private matter.  We did not really socialise with any of the neighbours as they did not speak much English.  Like I said, all was good until Mr. Jones stumbled across the slanderous videos from MKD calling my husband and I pedos, pedo protectors, scammers etc etc.  He just assumed the worst as he did not properly understand the context of it all, and he just went crazy, resulting in a string of incursions with him ever since.  I won’t bore you with all the details, but the bottom line is, we have now been summoned to court here in the Hague on the 8 June 2017, where we will most likely be thrown out of our apartment, which is also the base and HQ of CCN.  If we lose our base we lose our internet and that means we also lose our ability to earn money.  We can’t get benefits and we can’t get employment.  We have nowhere to go and no money to move with.  We need 3000 euros to relocate, and we have no idea how we are going to be able to do that.

As a result of all of this, we have had to go into the police station and give over all the details of MKD, Hoaxstead, etc, as we have been the victims of vicious internet slander, which may result in us loosing our home, and our livelihood as a result.  In order to prove that I am not joking, please find attached a picture, where you will see my pink wrap, two disks of trolling videos, several pages of screen shots from slander online, and our business cards, including one with CCN’s logo.  We have blurred the details of two of the cards for security purposes.  You will also notice the lovely police lady in the background taking our statement.

This entire case has now been handed over to cybercrime division, and an investigation is now underway. 

In the mean time, our landlord Mr. Jones has been charged by the police with malicious slander, with the deliberate intent to cause loss and harm, because there is absolutely no proof of any of the allegations made online, Mr. Jones has acted unlawfully.  Cutting the internet line was an act of criminal damage, and he has been charged accordingly.   We are awaiting a court date for that hearing, but we will most likely already have been thrown out of our home by then, as this case may take up to 5 months to investigate according to the investigating team.

I hope you can see the fine mess we are in as a result of being the victims on online bullying.  Perhaps this news will bring joy to the many sad and angry people who seem to latch onto the Hoaxstead blog and MKD vids.  The exact same thing that Hoaxstead supposedly campaigns about, that is the supposed false slandering of Hampstead residents, has now happened to us, and we are losing everything as a result.  Nice work EC.  I guess you got exactly what you all wanted in the end, to hurt Biggi and I, and to destroy CCN… but now all the evidence has been handed over to the police, because we have done nothing wrong and we have nothing to hide.  We are in fact the victims here.

If you have any information as to who exactly is behind the MKD vids, please could you let us know, as we will at some point be accompanied by Dutch police to the UK to file charges, and any co operation in giving us information, would stand you in good stead through the course of the investigation.

Kindest Regards
Mel Ve

EC, ever the polite coyote, responded immediately:

Dear Mel,

Thanks for your email. I’m really sorry for what you and Biggi must be going through, and please believe me when I say I take absolutely no pleasure in any of it. It’s a terrible thing to be accused of something you haven’t done, and to have to bear the consequences of people you’ve never met slandering you and attacking you based on things they’ve read online.

I probably don’t need to tell you that your story resonates rather eerily with the situation of the families in Hampstead—one day they woke up and their world had completely changed, through no fault of their own. I am not a Hampstead resident, having been drawn into this hoax rather indirectly, but over the past two years I’ve seen with my own eyes the incredible damage that online bullying can do. People draw conclusions based on “gut instinct” and “feelings”, and next thing you know, innocent people’s lives have been turned upside down.

I’ve never been a fan of bullying of any kind. In fact, probably due to my own life experiences as a victim of bullying, I’m now “hard-wired” to fight it whenever I see it. That’s part of what drew me into fighting against the Hampstead hoax.

Despite everything, I truly wish that I could help you in your current situation. However, I’ve never known the identity of MKD (who is not affiliated with this blog in any case). We have messaged one another from time to time, though I haven’t heard anything from them in well over two months now, and the channels we used to message one another were taken down when Hope Girl had their channels removed for copyright violation. I don’t know how to get in touch with them, I’m afraid.

I won’t say anything to anyone else about this, as the last thing you need is to fend off online attacks right now. I hope you’ll be able to resolve the situation with your landlord, and that you’ll be able to keep your flat.

All the best,

However, Mel would not be placated. She wrote back:

Dear EC

The court case was held last Thursday 8 June 2017, and we are awaiting the verdict which should be here within a fortnight.  The bottom line is, we have to relocate, and still we have no funds to do it with.  What came out in the hearing, which is now a matter of court record, is that the man who cut our internet line, being our now landlord (as he recently bought the building from the old landlord) did so after he found videos and posts online about us which made him believe that cutting our line was a necessary act. He also went on to repeat some of the slanderous comments that have been coming from the Hoaxstead / MKD camps in the past.   Having this full on admission being now a matter of court record, the criminal proceedings for criminal damage and slander can ensue, as we have his confession in court records.  Not sure how long this entire process will take or where we will end up next, but I am pretty tired of all the drama. 

I get what you say about how ironic this is, considering residents in Hampstead went through the same thing, but there is one major difference, and it has to do with the law of Corpus Delecti… Meaning, no victim no crime.  In the Hampstead case, you had two kids coming out with a story of abuse, making them victims of a crime.  Whether or not their story is true or not is not what I am debating here.  The point I am trying to make is simply this: At no point has anybody come out as an actual victim of crime committed by either Biggi or myself.  There is no evidence of any harm or loss to any persons by our hand.  What you and other people in the Hoaxstead group need to realise is simply this:  In your attempts to seek justice for the supposed wronged people of Hampstead, other people who did not deserve it, have gotten severely hurt.  The funny thing is you are not even a resident of Hampstead, but you chose to hitch yourself to the Hoaxstead bandwagon for what ever reason.  I ask you to consider, and be very honest with yourself, if what you do is actually benefiting people, or just causing more harm, especially with some of the really aggressive and slanderous commentary that persists on your blog about us. 

Biggi and I are public figures, but I really do hate that idea, because it makes us targets for ignorant haters who have nothing going on in their lives other than to bitch and cause trouble for other people.  Sadly that shit has gone global and hit Dutch soil and now we are facing being without a place to live and work, with no funding for relocation.  The way people carry on on the Hoaxstead blog is that we are hoarding gold or making lots of money, but we can’t even afford to pay our bills or relocate.  From a state of poverty and struggle we still have to endure humiliating attacks and comments regarding our earnings and tax payments, which are all false, as nobody has our financial details. 

I hope you and eventually the other that you rabble to your cause, will at some stage realise one simple creative principle of the universe:  You create that which you fight… hence the reason I don’t fight back like Hope Girl and Angela do.  I focus on my work and research.

Kindest Regards
Mel Ve

EC decided that discretion would be the better part of valour in this case; besides which, he wasn’t sure he’d be able to contain his mirth, so he said nothing and assumed, sadly, that Mel’s brief but tumultuous love affair with Hoaxtead Research had run its course. Ah well, all things must pass and all that.

The reconciliation

But lo! What have we here? In September, Mel seemed to have put all that unpleasantness behind her, and was asking for…a reconciliation? or something:Can you read that? Just in case, here’s the text:

Dear EC

Now that we have relocated our network, and now that we have settled in, I wanted to reach out to you to firstly say Hello, and hope you are well.We have relocated to Portugal, which makes getting to Lanzarote very easy for us… I am sure you know where this is going, but if you don’t, let me fill you in on my plan…

You and I and many of your blog’s followers know that Angela Power Disney needs to be brought to justice for the many lives she has wrecked, including Rupert Quaintance.  I see now that Angela and her cackle of witches have now turned against Rupert, after being largely responsible for his current predicament.   The endless list of people who are murdered / commit suicide, or are put into mental asylums or jail after working with APD, is growing every day. 

What I am suggesting is a collaborative effort to bring this woman to justice.  I am willing to go to Lanzarote to have charges filed with local police, in order to bring her to justice.   What I need from you is concrete evidence, which I know you have been collecting, that I can present to the police.

I am also hoping to raise about 500 euros to cover the travel expenses for this venture, as I don’t have the funding to do this on my own.

Please let me know your thoughts, and if we can collaborate

Kindest Regards
Mel Ve

While we appreciated the thought, this seemed to us a rather half-baked hastily thought out plan, not the least because at the time Angela was living in Ireland, presumably having burnt her customary allotment of bridges behind her in Lanzarote. So we politely demurred, but left things open for further communication.

Imagine our shock, then, on receiving Tuesday’s missive from our erstwhile friend!

We won’t even get into the fact that the upcoming GDPR regulation doesn’t apply to blogs, but is directed at data controllers (organisations which collect data from EU residents) and processors (organisations which process data on behalf of data controllers e.g. cloud service providers), nor that we were granted explicit consent—nay, we were requested!—to publish various pieces of information on Mel’s behalf. That would be ungracious of us, and we wouldn’t stoop to mention it.

Rather, we yearn for the good old days, when Mel would unwisely cultivate relationships with narcissists, psychopaths, and general-purpose loons, then suffer the inevitable consequences of such liaisons, and turn to this blog to exact her vengeance.

À la recherche du temps perdu and all that.

85 thoughts on “On receiving a letter from an old friend

      • There is also the pesky little matter of..regulations don’t need to be obeyed until they come into force.
        However should El Coyote be explaining himself here?
        Has he been mining our personal details, bank account numbers, credit card details etc?. I still have a UK bank account and my Swiss numbered ( Account 666) retirement fund “Ghostly Sam’s Dodgy Tax Free Pilferings” has nearly 20 quid in it and I don’t want him getting his hands on it.
        Is he/she secretly a member of Anonymous (most people are these days) and a hacker? A secret Russian troll attempting to swing elections?
        We should be told.

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  1. What the….! As well as the Angie fuss wasn’t there a bit of a shenanigans in relation to Hope Girl too? Or am I mistaken?

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    • Oh dear, you’re right. How forgetful of me. That was indeed a shenanigans:

      Dear Hoaxstead

      As some of you have mentioned, I have been uncharacteristically quiet about my split with Naima aka Hope Girl. I have been deliberately quiet as I actually had a very deep friendship with Hope, and really enjoyed her as a person during the times we were communicating and working together, and I really cherish and honour that… However, I could not keep lying to myself and my audience about who and what Hope really is, as I got to know her very well.

      I would like to thank McKensies Devils for revealing the private emails that have been going on between Hope and Angela. I had a suspicion that Hope and Angela were bitching to each other on behind the scenes, because that is the way Hope operates. She did the same with me regarding Dani Arnold Mc Kenny and Lisa Harrison. Hope is addicted to fighting and drama, much like Angela, and can’t help herself but to buddy up with what ever person who attacks anybody that Hope may perceive as a threat, no matter how much of a piece of trash they really are… Sadly, the only real commonalities between Hope and Angela is that they are both religious nut jobs, both complete liars, both scamming people, and both completely caught up in their delusions of grandeur and self importance, when really all they are is a distraction and irritation to the truth movement.
      If Hope Girl and APD actually spent more than a day together in person, guaranteed they would fall out, because I know Hope would have an issue with Angela’s trashy social behaviour, and lets face it, Angela eventually falls out with everybody due to her severe narcissistic tendencies.

      Please find below the entire letter that I wrote to Hope Girl, Dated 4 March 2017. This letter clearly explains much. If anybody has any questions or comments, I will gladly answer them

      Dear Hope

      Thank you for cancelling your monthly donation of 50 bucks. I myself have been trying to figure out a way to not feel as though I am keeping my silence for such a small fee, because I have a lot to say to you, and have done so for a while, which is why I know you have been avoiding me.
      I have tried contacting you several times over the last few months in an attempt to discuss matters, but you have not responded, and a part of me thinks you were just looking for an excuse to end your monthly donation, which is why you even pay attention to the auxilliary drama in the first place. That being said, there is no reason any longer for us to remain silent anymore about what we know. It is not like I have anything further to loose. Your most valued friendship was gone the day you lied to me about Wilhelmina (the lady who gave Hope $120 000 of her inheritance) saying she had an issue with CCN, when in fact it was your mother Valerie. We can confirm this in correspondence we have with Wilhelmina.

      (Although what this episode did show is that Hope is loyal only to money, not friends)

      Furthermore, I know you used me to eek out those last two episodes for your own personal gain. I was more than happy when you cancelled NO HOLDING BACK the first time, and I did not feel comfortable (with you coming back and) doing the last two episodes with you, the ones on my book and with Lori. Biggi was also dead against it and we had a massive fight over my decision to do the shows, all because I did not want to hurt you or let you down badly, but in the end, you beat me to it.

      You used me and my network for your own personal hate campaigns against Dani and Lisa that went on beyond a point of me being comfortable with, and then you justify them by repeatedly posting your articles about why you to exposes as if to justify your actions, but I saw straight through that. You just believed you were in a position of strength with me having your back, and you went full on nuclear.

      Evidence of you modus operandi became obvious throughout the year we worked together. I remember how you tried to drag me into trying to get Lisa Harrison’s You Tube channel taken down… first you got her two strikes, then you got on Skype to me and over repeated conversations tried to groom / convince me to make a copy right claim against Lisa Harrison to give her the third strike, which would result Lisa’s You Tube channel being taken down. As you remember, I strongly declined on moral grounds, as I do not operate that way, and I was very clear with you on that matter. I also let Lisa know via Facebook private message that I had no intention of issuing strikes against her, and that if her channel went down it had nothing to do with myself or CCN.

      I also know you are behind the EXPECTUS blog. You sent me several passages you wrote which turned up in that blog. You would send me the link to the articles posted on that blog within minutes of these articles being posted. How would you have known those articles were there so soon unless you yourself were either watching that blog every second, which is rather sad and pathetic, or you were the one posting the articles?

      (after sending Hope this letter, the EXPECTUS blog was immediately mysteriously taken down)

      Our network suffered a great deal for your war against Lisa and Dani, and we got blamed for much of the aggressive actions that were actually purely your doing, and had nothing to do with us, and these actions were not things that Biggi or I would even waste energy doing.

      The bottom line is, we know too much about you and your operation, and what has really happened behind certain matters. Furthermore, we have a trail of written correspondence and published content to prove our claims. I am not going to go full blown public with all the sordid details, as I really have better things to focus on, but I am sorry to say that our stance on the QEG project is that it is not ethical to sell training courses for an academy to build a product that you yourself cannot get to work. It becomes harder and harder for us to defend you to people when they call you a scammer. An ethical business model is to have a working product first, then train people how to build them, because you know what you are teaching them is tried and tested. I mean, imagine going through all the effort of training to build the QEG, buying all the parts, and then the anti climax when you realise that those who sold it to you still do not know how to make it work? How is this an ethical business model?

      We have had so many letters from various people, engineers and others, regarding this matter, and at first we just wrote it off as your well noted critics, and we trusted that you were straight up, but some of these letters were from people who had been involved in massive fund raising to get parts and train to build the machine, and they were disappointed that it did not work. I never knew what to say to these people as I am not an engineer, rather I hoped that in due time you would prove them all wrong… and to date, you have not.

      The final straw for me was your recent ramping up of your Christian profile and openly stating that you were going to capitalise off the Christian market. I have always been tolerant of the fact that you were still imprisoned by a mind controlling belief structure, because I thought it was in perspective. It is not that I have an issue with religion, it is just that when people ask me what religion I am, I know what they are really asking is what brand of intolerance I am. It is the intolerance of religion that I am intolerant of… and you can pretend that this is not that case with you, but then ask yourself, why cancel your donation? Because you perceive something I say as blasphemous? (I called Angela Power Disney a Jesus Fucker) Yes, that is a perfect example of intolerance… punish someone for not respecting your mental prison. Why should I respect your mental prison? It is part of the problem with our world, not part of the solution…. and Hope, you are not part of the solution either, no matter how much hope you pretend to give the world, or how much you pretend to fix the world, what we have come to know for sure is that this is all part of a very skilful PR campaign, which you execute with enviable precision. But your “fix the world” pseudo veneer has worn awfully thin.

      I love you Hope, and you too have broken my heart a few months back already, when I sadly had to be honest with myself about who and what you really are. You have lied to us on several occasions. You have not been clear on facts and you have twisted your story lines several times to us in an attempt to back track when things did not add up. You lie to the public, or at least, you are brilliant at spin.. truly, you are masterful, possibly one of the most talented and professional media people I have ever worked with, which is why I truly enjoyed the experience of working with you. But in the end, it just got to the point where I could no longer pretend I did not know what was really going on behind the external locus of identity you so skilfully create.

      I wish you and your family well.

      Kindest Regards


      I hope this gives a clear understanding regarding what happened behind the scenes with Hope. Biggi and I have kept copies of all our communications and correspondence to validate these facts.

      Considering how much negative publicity and backlash Hope is getting right now, she would be very smart to distance her self from Angela Power Disney and all her drama. In an attempt to save herself from drowning, Angela clings to anybody she can, but usually drowns them also in the process of trying to save herself.

      Kindest Regards
      Mel Ve

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      • Well that’s Angie up Shit Creek as well. The sooner they put up that border between the North and South the better. Ange will need to flee the Republic for safety in the North- perhaps bed down at Tracey Morris’ house.
        # when filing charges or making a complaint with Spanish Police in Lanzarote always check they are back from Siesta first. I tried to report a minor car accident in Ibiza one afternoon decades ago and was severely castigated for banging on plod’s door.

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  2. What a stonker of a post, EC! Very interesting read.

    Mel V seems to have a love/hate relationship with you, one minute wanting to collaborate, the next, sending messages telling you how very naughty you are!

    Same with MKD, one minute she blames them for everything, the next, she’s thanking them for a video of emails she enjoyed!

    She really can’t have it both ways.

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    • Yes, I’m afraid she’ll find that she really can’t expect us to attack her enemies for her, then turn around and say she doesn’t want us using her name. (Oh, plus she clearly doesn’t understand the new EU regulation.)

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    • My first thoughts are similar to Jake’s….it’s as if she’s devised a conceit where she is in a daddy-daughter relationship with EC because it’s easier for her to communicate in that vein with him(/you!). it’s a bizarre way to deal with people putting the onus on them to feel responsible for you.

      A lot of very emotionally immature people out there…..I’ve suddenly got an attack of the ‘old Joe van Tonders’ about me…..I feel so old and weary.

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      • I think a new meme is emerging..a metaphor for these modern times when we become overwhelmed with social media and wish to simply opt-out, life has become weary, retirement beckons and so on : “I feel a touch of of old Joe van Tonders coming on”.

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        • “I feel a touch of old Joe van Tonders coming on”

          haha….it has a certain ring to it and for those in the know, it’s very descriptive of that awful world-weary feeling you get when confronted with demands for answers by lesser beings.

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  3. Why do all these people have ‘legal teams’?

    If Mel’s interpretation of the GDPR was correct wouldn’t that close down most newspapers?

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    • You beat me to it..when someone says “I have consulted our legal team” it’s at that moment one must suppress reams of laughter.
      It comes from watching too many Hollywood films. Unless of course they count the office cat as a para-legal.

      Poor Mel Ve’s mis-interpretation of the coming EU legislation is rather sad and if she lost her home because of her neighbours it’s bound to be for some other reason. Perhaps hanging the washing outside her window, a barking dog, riotous parties, arguments with the spouse etc?.

      Mel Ve should have in that case, sought out the EU regulation that forbids unfair treatment from landlords (there are also good local Netherland’s laws that protect tenants) and hopefully when reporting Mr. El Coyote to Police Inspector De Klok and his sidekick Seargent Vledder a full report was made on these errant neighbours.

      # if Mel Ve is making a complaint to UK police she might consider attending North Barnett cop shop where they are familiar with all aspects re the Hampstead Hoax.
      ## Finally a good reason for Brexit has emerged: will the UK leave the EU in time to save El Coyote’s bacon?
      ### As always now I recommend anyone of Afrikaner descent to contact the media personality “Hatey” Katie Hopkins who has emerged as the new heroine for South African white skinned folk.

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      • As always now I recommend anyone of Afrikaner descent to contact the media personality “Hatey” Katie Hopkins who has emerged as the new heroine for South African white skinned folk.

        I believe Mel may have beaten you to the punch on this, Sam. Last I heard, she was planning just such an interview.

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        • Is she now?. Poor Katey’s media outlets are shrinking in size by the day. Soon she’ll only have her own talk show on Hospital Radio.

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          • Poor Katie collapsed after taking Ketamine for a shoulder injury apparently. Fortunately there was a medical team (of mixed race nurses) on hand to treat her.

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    • I’ve used the Google removal process a few times to get blogs removed but only in Australia where Google have been found to be publishers.
      Even so Google are frustrating bastards to work with and give you the run-around. But it is important to go through the process in case something does end up in court so Google cannot deny they were approached. But they have $Billions in their coffers and are happy to – for real this time- use their huge ‘legal team’ to frustrate anyone pursuing them in the courts.
      Yahoo are far more active as they have lost libel cases as well. But it’s quite a debilitating process.

      While I take your point about a certain elderly gentleman I still think people should think twice before jumping in the Deep End where there is a serious case like the Hampstead Hoax. Only an unthinking or stupid person would give this debilitating hoax that has caused so much grief (even for some promoting it) and allow themselves to be interviewed by a fraud like APD and help throw fuel on the fire.
      As he’s being probably suitably chastised now it’s probably best to let the matter fade and allow him to enjoy his so-called retirement (I’m unconvinced he’s been harmed in any way or threatened and feel his fairly bolshie attitude didn’t help). But we aren’t here to crucify anyone. Except the main instigators of this cruel campaign. They deserve no mercy ( I mean legally of course).

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    • I can’t keep up with these relationships. Are Mel Ve & Hopeless Girls still pals?.
      I see Hopeless has just discovered a farming method that’s only been around for a few 1000 years but she’s still flogging “Orgone Energy Fungite Pendants ” (WTF are they?), Pyramid thingies to protect you from Chem Trails, Crypto Currency and is promising to reveal what is inside a QEG Black Box ( I already know the answer- hot air).
      And the poor thing has only just survived a Scorpion bite !. It’s name was ‘Angela’.

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  4. Any sympathy I might have been feeling as I read Mels’ version of her supposed victimhood, went out the window when she just had to put ‘supposed’ against ‘wronged people of Hampstead’ and ‘slandering of’ same.
    Apart from that I’m still chuckling away here.

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  5. Is it asking too much of people just stop using Facebook? The place seems entirely toxic. I literally cannot think of a case where use of Facebook has led to good outcomes.


  6. GDPR applying to a blog?

    LOL Mel Ve you aren’t using Ella Draper’s “legal team” are you? Yours sound as clueless as the child abuser Abraham Christie!

    Oh wait, I’ve just broken GDPR by typing your name on the Internet…..NOT….you silly cow.

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  7. There’s an old saying: ‘A man who is his own lawyer has a fool for a client’. Never more true here. I suspect that Mel has found out the hard way that the internet is forever. Live by the internet, die by the internet. Can’t feel sorry for her though, I do wonder what it must feel like to realize that all the content you put out there can’t be retracted and no matter how you want to move on, your old internet persona will follow you around for all time.

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  8. Mel has her CCN website and youtube channel, appears on camera could be classed as a public personality if she had any, but people are not allowed to discuss her on the internet lol, good luck with that one, pretty bad move for promotion.

    If she was truly serious she would have to remove all the bullshit videos on her CCN Youtube channel, including all the SRA obsessed freaks she has on there.

    It’s a shame that Hoaxtead will be forced to pay as much as 4% of their non existant earnings/income. Same with so many of these conspiracy people, they love to slander and name everyone but cry about it when people stand up to them.

    Same with APD, Mad moo and others, spend 3 years waging a hate campaign against innocent people, accusing them of the worst possible crimes, inventing perverted fantasies, then call themselves targeted individuals LMAO.


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  9. I will just come out & say it, I really do not like the ‘von Tonder’ references this morning, I know it is meant in a satirical fashion, but with the gentleman already feeling victimised, this can only make it worse for him. This is my own opinion.

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    • I agree, Skellig.

      I was talking to a friend this morning about the days before I began coping with trolls and troofers online, and how upset I was the first time someone attacked me, seemingly from out of the blue. It was both distressing and terrifying, as I had no idea how to make it stop, nor whether the people who were attacking and making threats would actually follow up on them, as they claimed they were going to do. This is a few years ago, but I recall the sense of helplessness quite vividly.

      Not everyone is au courant with “internet culture”, odd as that might seem to those of us who are comfortable with it now.

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      • Sorry to hear you were a victim of the trolls & troofers EC. It must have been horrifying.

        I took a step back yesterday & thought about this man & realized he was quite happily living his life until APD conned him into that video. Whether it was with or without his knowledge, I am sure he could not have imagined his name being bandied around on a blog just because he spoke or tried to speak to her.

        I do see now also that some of us did have the mob mentality, for that I feel really bad. APD has again, jumped in to try to make herself look important with her inflated sense of importance to her followers by going all out about Scotland Yard & 24/7 Garda protection. How any of them could believe her, I really don’t know, but at least this time her outright lies have shown her up for what she is. A downright twisted, evil, psychological abnormal human.


  10. I raised this with my Solicitor (i.e. a properly qualified, registered legal practitioner) this morning, who is looking into it, just to be sure.

    She seems to think there may be some scope for leverage where information such as stolen photographs, personal data, private addresses etc. have been published maliciously and without authorisation; i.e. ‘Doxxing’ attempts.

    – But any action taken would need to be taken against the hosting company and is likely to be long drawn out and expensive.

    I asked her to look at some of Mel’s material. She advised that in order to become compliant, Mel would basically need to shut up shop. “If anyone has the time and money to sue her, she’s in breech of about half-a-dozen statutes” spake the lady with the actual law degree and her name above the door of a real office!

    Of course, if Mel was a real journalist, she’d know a lot of this already. they do teach them a little bit about the law, reporting restrictions etc. you know! And it’s part of a professional’s job to keep up with developments. Apparently it’s been a ‘warm’ topic among those who are ITK for a while now. No one who was previously compliant with the existing DPA (and other statutes) is particularly concerned by this latest twist.

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    • “No one who was previously compliant with the existing DPA (and other statutes) is particularly concerned by this latest twist.”

      True, I reviewed GDPR it a least months ago we (the company) are fine with it.


    • 4:14 – “We were supposed to have Katie Hopkins on our network but she was unable to join us at that time and hopefully we get to speak to her and hear about her experience in South Africa when she comes back.”

      Oh goody, a racist-off. Who will say the most outrageous thing about black people and emerge victorious? Place your bets now!

      4:32 – “Of course, British MEP Janice Atkinson, who is a Euroskeptic and very much on the side of Marine le Pen, and Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, she has given us an interview about, you know, her views on how South Africa is, like, just ignored, you know. There seems like within the European community this whole thing about, you know, being there as a way of providing human rights etc. but they seem to look after only pit nations (?) and pit communities (?) and South Africans don’t seem to matter.”

      Hmm. That’s three far right racist politicians you’ve bigged up now, Mel. Still, thanks for clarifying that South Africa is in Europe. Who knew?

      16:36 – “Even if the story about the kids in Hampstead is true…”

      It isn’t, Mel, as you well know.

      17:48 – “I don’t wanna say too much, because I know that no doubt McKenzie’s Devils and Hoaxtead will take whatever I say and pull it apart and throw stuff at it…”

      No need to, Mel. These are word-for-word quotes from you. Who needs to twist your words when they speak for themselves anyway?

      18:03 – “This is my ‘Wax Lyrical’ and I have the right to say whatever I want.”

      Yeah? Does that mean that this is El Coyote’s blog and he has the right to say whatever HE wants, then?

      By the way, any news on whether Mel has got round to registering her profit-making company and paying her taxes yet? Or has she been too busy dragon-spotting to bother?

      Any other questions for Mel? Then join the queue. Actually, make that two queues (right, Mel?).

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  11. Odd, isn’t it, how every rational discussion on this legislation says that test cases will be needed to set precedent for so many aspects of it? Yet Mel’s legal team are streets ahead of them all! What law firm are they with? Spliffy, Bongo and Snort by any chance?

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  12. Dear Mr Coyote,

    I am spokesperson for the law team of Me, Myself & I.
    You are hereby requested to remove any and all references to Me, Myself or I that appear anywhere on your blog. In particular, spurious references to “me”, “myself” or “I” by persons who are not Me, Myself or I.
    Failure to comply will result in a daily barrage of whinging, sniveling and nagging, and public exposure of your own status as a poo-poo head.

    Good Luck!

    Mr. A.N. Arrogant Prick

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  13. Jake advocating vigilante justice for suspected paedophiles.

    And where the hell did he get that 99% statistic from? And who’d know anyway?

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  14. Personally I would be replying with the following.
    “We refer you to the reply given in the case of Arkell v. Pressdram.”

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  15. The “body of the case”. Wow! That is some crackerjack “legal team” Mel found! I bet she was happy with Neelu’s referral. It is SO satisfying to see these Lying Scum held to account off-line by their Own actions, not E.C.’s. Ye Olde “cut the internet line” Tech. works well to roust out the “undesirables”. How’s that “criminal case” going? I’m sure this blog’s legal team is shaking in their boots. Muahaha!

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  16. What a fascinating biog of poor Nina !. I had a late pal who was the agent for Pan’s People (he had about 6 troops on the go at once) but he never mentioned that any of the ‘go go dancers’ were being “MKUlta” trained in their Fulham Broadway studio.

    # I misread that at first as I seem to do a lot these days and thought it said : “I am a non-religious Christian and aspire to be a wanker”.

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    • “But jailing him for 12 months, Recorder Frank Abbott said Packer being a ‘staunch campaigner’ combined with his conviction was a ‘worrying paradox’. He said: ‘At the end of the day, before me is a man who purports to be a person against child pornography, a person who is someone who is against corruption of politicians, various types of child abuse, and has got images of the same on his computer.
      ‘It seems to me there really isn’t any excuse whatsoever….’

      “During his Portsmouth Crown Court trial Packer said former Portsmouth South MP Mike Hancock and police planted the images on his Asus tower computer in revenge for him uploading and sharing a report about the MP. Mr Abbot said: ‘From the jury’s verdict, that simply wasn’t possible.’ The leaked Pascoe report was compiled by Nigel Pascoe QC into allegations about Mr Hancock’s behaviour with a constituent. Packer uploaded the document, named ‘Explosive Hidden Hancock File’, on file-sharing software where the abuse images were found, a jury heard.
      Giving evidence, Packer, a former Justice and Anti-Corruption party candidate, claimed the abuse images were planted but the court heard he had been identified by authorities before he uploaded the file”.

      “Packer, of Balliol Road, Buckland, was handed a sexual harm prevention order for 10 years restricting his internet use and he must sign the sex offenders’ register for 10 years. He was arrested on February 11 last year at his home. He was convicted of four counts of possessing extreme pornography and 13 counts of possessing indecent images of children after a six-day trial. The judge handed him a six-month sentence for the extreme images and a 12-month sentence for the child abuse, to run concurrent to each other. The extreme pornography was branded ‘absolutely disgusting’ by the judge and depicted women being raped and killed. The abuse images included children aged between five and 10”.

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  17. @TDF – “Can you seriously not see that this sets back the cause of genuine CSA complainants, given the high profile of the people that were falsely accused (a former Prime Minister, a former and highly decorated Army General, and a former Home Secretary among them)?”

    Yes, I can. I quite agree. I didn’t say, that we shouldn’t be concerned about such matters.

    But, it’s easy to lose sight of the fundamental realities.
    There will be terrible tragedies from time to time. There will be great heroics from time to time.
    The mundane investigation, arrest, and prosecution of hundreds of rape & CSA perps every year, will grind on nonetheless. There are children being abused, right now. There are police arresting abusers, right now. There are perps being prosecuted & convicted, right now. There are abused children being rescued, and taken to places of relative safety, right now.
    It’s never true, that “no one believes the children”, or that “the pedophiles are all getting away with it”, or any nonsense of that type. Nor is it true, that all the police resources mis-directed to pointless investigation off false historic abuse accusations has prevented any genuine, current CSA investigations from proceeding.

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    • Justin Sanity, can I ask a question? Would you consider yourself – in general – to be a liberal progressive? Answer the question in any way that appeals to you, or indeed, not at all, if you prefer.


      • @tdf – I would have, and may have, described myself that way when I was very much younger. I’ve talked about my socialist youth a number of times.
        For a long time now, I’ve thought of myself primarily as a realist.

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        • @JS Ah ok. I can understand where you’re coming from. I would probably describe myself as an idealist mugged by reality at this point.

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          • @JS

            Justin, a follow-up question, if you don’t mind.

            The Martin Allen case. The alleged paedophile whose home was raided in north of England and the officers found a ‘shrine dedicated to Martin’.

            In your view, which is the more likely, was the alleged paedophile:

            (a) paedo of the ‘boy-loving’ type with a collection of images

            (b) someone who was involved in his disappearance

            (c) neither


  18. @tdf – I keep running out of “reply” tab for your posts. I dunno how to force them if they aren’t showing.

    I’ve never been able to uncover enough information about that person, or investigations of him, to feel like I could form a judgement. I think, if there was substance to the “allegation” that he was a pedophile, it would be a very bad sign that he was apparently obsessed with a particular missing child. I would hope police investigations absolutely eliminated him as a suspect (perhaps, incarcerated at the time?), but of course I have fears that might not be the case.
    Things are missed, sometimes. A recent case in Canada – a young teen girl was found in the vehicle of a “john” in a known area of prostitution activity, and the junior officers “missed” that she was on a list of missing children, so they released her. She was later found murdered. Those officers have since left the force. Good thing, too.

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