Young Journalist of the Year strikes again

Yesterday we reviewed Angela Power-Disney’s recent video, in which she announced that “a long-time campaigner” had been arrested and (we think) had accepted a police caution relating to online harassment. It was ever so difficult to work out the identity of said campaigner (*coughDeborahMahmoudiehcough*) even though in her usual style, Angela managed to both mangle and elaborate on the story.

We promised you that we’d go over the four “appendices” to Sunday’s video, in which she “interviews” a person named Andries “Joe” Van Tonder, a South African gentleman who now lives in Ireland. We say “interviews” because she doesn’t so much ask questions and respond to the answers as ask questions and then attempt to talk over anything she happens to disagree with.

According to Angie, Joe is a “world-renowned expert on parental alienation” and “someone on a board of five, consulted by Scotland Yard on the Hampstead case”. And Angie’s interview with Joe is a textbook case in how not to conduct an interview. She talks over him. She interrupts. She contradicts him. And ultimately it turns out that…well, we’ll let you find out for yourselves.

The first video

The first video of four consists primarily of Angela and Joe debating religion—who or what is a “higher power”, can it be a pet rock, that sort of thing. No, seriously, they talked about pet rocks.

At one point the conversation managed to diverge into something slightly interesting, when Joe stated that children’s “disclosures [of abuse] made in the course of a toxic separation can never be trusted”. This is a point we’ve made, but of course we’re not “world-renowned experts on parental alienation”, so our statements don’t carry nearly as much gravitas as Joe’s. Oh, he also noted that “disclosures made by neighbours are 60% trustworthy”, unless of course it is a “bad neighbourhood”, in which case the Trustworthy Factor plummets. And a disclosure “made by a child that is completely isolated from influence is 97%” trustworthy. Good to know.

This was pretty much the sum total of anything even remotely relevant, so we cannot really recommend Angie’s Appendix, Vol. 1. Two thumbs down.

The second video

What Video 1 lacked in dramatic flair, Video 2 makes up, in spades.

Angela begins with a recap (apparently) of her prior conversation with Joe:

Joe as I understand it was consulted by Scotland Yard in his capacity as probably the foremost renowned international expert on parental alienation. The angle Scotland Yard were coming at the case was that the mother was complicit and the mother was framing the father.

Nice intro. She follows up with the story which she dreamt up last year, and which she’s been putting about ever since, as though it were the truth:

My perspective after about two years of research into the case was yes, the mother was complicit, but they both were, and they were jockeying for victory in a double-jeopardy double-cross where he had apparently short-changed her £240,000 in drugs, child porn, snuff movie, and distribution monies via a Russian drug cartel in London, where child porn, snuff movies, and a paedophile ring were operating.

And my understanding from intel I received from somebody a year ago was that the mother had also been complicit but the father had got greedy and he had double-crossed the Russian mafia; he had also double-crossed his wife, [Wife? What wife?—Ed.] and her plan was to expose the paedophile ring, and put it all on his doorstep and the paedophile ring participants’, and then escape. Her plan was to escape. And it also was to get the children to safety in Russia, and simply throw the father and the paedophile ring under the bus.

It backfired, she didn’t manage to get the children out. Sadly, she abandoned the children. She got away, and uh, so basically we have both parents complicit. The father is currently hailed as innocent, and a victim, and allegedly has full custody of the children again. The mother is somewhere in Spain or Morocco, and there’s not even an Interpol search warrant for her. So it’s a big mess.

You know what’s a big mess, Angie? This ridiculous story, which you appear to have pulled fully formed from the dank recesses of your nether regions. Also, what in hell is a “double-jeopardy double-cross”? Anyone?

Eventually though, Angela realises that she should at least mention her “foremost renowned international expert”:

So my understanding of what Joe told me is that he was consulted in his capacity as an international parental alienation expert to evaluate the videos. He noticed some very crucial evidence, such as fingernail lengths varied to such an extent that it gave the lie to their disclosing during a three-week period. There was a month in Morocco where the children originally disclosed and then about…mmm…not very long at all in London. so we ‘re talking maximum five weeks, but Joe says the fingernails reveal that it was more like about three months. [Is he saying no one cut those kids’ nails for three whole months?!—Ed.]

Also allegedly there is intel from Joe that the children were featuring in child porn whilst in custody of the mother and her new boyfriend—and this is based on marks on a t-shirt, their clothing—at the same time that they were producing the disclosure videos, allegedly away from the paedophile ring. Footage showed up on the dark web featuring children with exactly the same clothing, with the exact same mark on the same t-shirt, at the same time, so this indicates that someone filmed and disseminated abuse.

The other thing referred to was the mother’s involvement with a group called Gloria’s Children—a support group of mothers who’ve had children stolen after reporting abuse from partners.

Angela then delves into her decision to split off from Belinda McKenzie, as we mentioned yesterday. Apparently she’s finally worked out what we’ve been saying for three years: the Association of McKenzie Friends has links to some extremely dodgy people. Hello, world!

Oh, and then she talks about being stalked by demonic orbs in Belinda’s back garden. Yup.

I’ve had amazing footage sent to me of demonic activity at Belinda’s home. I’ve had footage not just of orb activity, but…I think I get hacked and I have footage removed but it’s possible I could still find it…I have footage of this little green light going into the studio garden apartment which I stayed in for five days, coming in for surveillance purposes, encountering somebody there and realizing they were filming, and withdrawing. I don’t think that was the same as demonic orb activity, I think that was a surveillance drone, and when MI6 or MI5 realized they’d been spotted, they hopped out of there.

You heard it here first, folks.

Finally, Angela finishes telling us what Joe told her:

He was contacted by Scotland Yard, he was furnished with video disclosures, he was consulted in his capacity as an internationally renowned parental alienation expert, he confirmed that there were anomalies, as in the children’s fingernail differences, and the appearance on child porn sites of the children in the same clothes as when they were apparently allegedly disclosing.

But my understanding from Joe is that he had analysed the videos in the first instance, and then put some rather pointed questions to Scotland Yard, because Joe is very very skilled in the legal field and just has that ability for discernment, and he put some very relevant questions to Scotland Yard, and received answers that were unsatisfactory to him. His radar kicked in, he said that’s bullshit, but still in his commitment to serve, Joe then referred on the case, he called in, he recommended, he passed on to three other experts in the field, one of whom was based in America, and was allegedly flown over from America to continue the investigation.

And then she allows the Great Man to speak for himself. Well, sort of:

Joe: Let me just uh…this whole thing has had a long road, very few people know it. Draper and uh….what’s his name? Ella Draper and Ricky Dearman met each other in about 2003; the second thing is they broke up around 2006. For six years after that, there was no contact between the father and children…

Angie: [interrupts] That’s not accurate.

Joe: That is as far as I remember, and there was sporadic contact but no official contact, although there was court-ordered contact, Ella Draper prevented Ricky from, uh….

Angie: [talks over Joe] Well she frustrated it, yeah, I accept that. But he had contact. I think it was around 2010 he voluntarily relinquished contact and went to America.

Joe: He was completely broke and couldn’t handle all the costs any more. as far as I can remember and understand…

Angie: [interrupts] Okay, okay, carry on…

The two of them go on in this vein for some time, with Joe attempting to recall the basic features of the case (such as people’s names), and Angela interrupting and contradicting him every time she doesn’t like what he’s saying.

Joe admits:

I have deleted all my notes, I can now talk from the little bit of memory I have which is very little, so forgive me if I can’t remember things properly.

It was also in 2014, November, when Ella’s legal team told her, ‘We can see through everything’. As a matter of fact they used the modified American Prosecutors’ Research Institute’s questioning, with modifications done by us to add more things. After completing that questioning, the legal team resigned, saying that Ella was lying. This caused trouble, it caused claims against the legal team.

Is Joe trying to claim here that he had some input into Ella’s questioning in 2014?

After Angela and Joe debate exactly when the videos of the children were released online, Joe makes a strange claim: he states that in September 2014, during the police investigation, the police collated all the children’s evidence, and then they took the children and travelled to different places, “and no way could it be through luck—for example, let’s say drawers—the placement of drawers, and the children could remember them perfectly, those drawers didn’t exist”. However, he says, it came out two years later that Abe had once served as a server (altar boy?) at the church, and at that time the drawers were exactly as the children had described them 20 years later.

The third video

The second video having ended abruptly, the third picks up with Joe explaining to Angela that experts had taken samples of the concrete in the area where the tunnels between the church and the school were alleged to have been located. He states unequivocally that since the concrete was at least 200 years old, anyone trying to fake filling in the tunnels “would have had to have access to equipment to make cement and concrete the equivalent of 200 years ago which is basically impossible”.

As with much of this interview, the origins of this information is not made clear, and so it’s very difficult to know whether to give it any credence.

The third video ends after about six minutes, as Angela requests a toilet break.

The fourth video

Like the third, the fourth video is mercifully short, and consists mostly of Angela trying to browbeat Joe into giving her the names of his colleagues. Joe, understandably, is less than enthusiastic:

Angie: I have three more questions Can you remember the questions you asked, to which you got bullshit answers which made you pass the case along?

Joe: I can’t remember, I haven’t got much…

Angie: Do you remember to whom you asked these questions, you told me you interviewed some people who came forward, apparently allegedly corroborating it and there were holes in these multiple testimonies which to me is classic disinfo.

Joe: Was it, uh, uh, uh, I have witnesses witness this, this, this, and this?

Angie: Yes

Joe: But then the date….

Angie: …don’t add up, I hear you. The waters were muddied almost instantly after. But you don’t remember who gave…you smelled a rat, it sounds to me like you started to analyse and investigate and then something told you, mmmm, there’s some bullshit….

Joe: I am an expert in rhetoric…

Angie: Yeah, me too.

Joe: Rhetoric, now, to influence Angela…

Angie: You did, you did, you did…

Joe: Omitting one word and adding one word—I didn’t lie to you at all.

Angie: I get that point, I’ll put that on record—adding emotional content…

Joe: You can perhaps make a decent video, make a video first, about a person you trusted, and he did this and this and this, and you’ve got video evidence of it, of taking a brand new toilet paper roll…

Angie: Your expertise is in the 20% of cases in which it’s a lie—the question is where do the bullshit answers…after giving the preliminary report, you asked questions to which you did not get satisfactory answers.

Joe: What was given to me originally, and what I was presented by not only the authorities, but also by so-called witnesses…

Angie: Something didn’t add up. So you asked for clarification and it was not satisfactory. So then you recommended and passed it on to three other experts.

Joe: Yeah.

Angie: Are you at liberty to give me their names?

Joe: Uuuuuuhm, I’m…uh, preferably not….

Angie: Will you do it for me off the record? Because I’d like to meet them…

Joe: Uhhh, off, um…

Angie: Will you try to facilitate for me to talk to them?

Joe: Preferably not, I’ll tell you why. Because these people are permanently in court, they work with…

Angie: So they’re ongoing international experts…

Joe: Yes.

Angie: But you said to me…

Joe: One of their names has just been published [unintelligible] which there will be a big conference in London where she will be speaking.

Angie: Right, so my question to you…[interrupts]…we’ll finish now, because I’m so grateful. My request to you is that off the record, you facilitate connecting me with those people.

Joe: No.

Angie: Okay, thank you so much.

Joe: Okay, so basically, uh, I can give you other examples of playing with words.

Angie: No no, I completely concede that, you just showed me, you demonstrated that to me. I honour the field you work in. It’s different to the field I work in. But I understood at some point that you tried to facilitate a meeting with those experts with another campaigner. So just to ask you again off the record. Please. Thank you.

The end.

So what, if anything, does this add to the discussion surrounding the Hampstead SRA hoax? Your answers on a postcard, please.

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  1. Completely foxed me and I’m a good listener. Did I learn anything new that also made sense? Nah. But what did I expect.

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  2. Fantastic transcript, EC!

    Correct me if I’m wrong, has Joe more or less admitted he was trawling the dark web looking at child abuse images?

    Could that be why he received replies which he deemed “unsatisfactory” from Scotland Yard?

    I think Scotland Yard need to hear Angela’s.. ahem..”interview” videos..

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    • It’s quite astounding when reading through the transcript of Angie’s words how many of her own lies she has added to the whole Hampstead story. All her talk of Russian mafia, snuff movies and drug cartels is pure fantasy that Angie just felt like adding in to the mix.

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    • “Correct me if I’m wrong, has Joe more or less admitted he was trawling the dark web looking at child abuse images?”

      I didn’t get this impression and nothing like that was stated. It was all a bit vague but Joe later says that most of his info comes from documentation that he’s received. I think the authorities should interview him and find out where he got this information from. If someone is saying s/he has seen child pornography involving children who can be identified, then that needs looking into. From what I’ve heard/seen of Joe I’m sure he’d have no problem with supplying this information to the Police.

      Likewise last year Angie was saying she knew someone who’d seen a video where one of the Hampstead children was being abused by Ella. The Police need to ascertain the name of her source and investigate this too. I think this is all hysterical bollocks on Angie’s part of course, but it still needs investigating.

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    • Correct me if I’m wrong, has Joe more or less admitted he was trawling the dark web looking at child abuse images?

      Actually, I’ve gone through the transcript, and nowhere does he say this; Angela does, several times. The more we look into this, the more I’m convinced that she was putting words in his mouth. This is by no means the first time she has made the claim that the Hampstead children were used to make commercial child sex abuse for the internet.

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  3. Ah so that’s Joe of the toilet paper family!

    A friend of Tracey Morris’ as well as APD. Poor Joe’s laptop & phone packed up 10 Oct. 2017 & he was looking for any help, I wonder if he learned that from APD, Tracey Morris offered to go to Cork to pick one up that someone was offering him, an old one of his own from what I can gather.

    “World renowned expert on parental alienation”, pfffft! 😂 His page on PA has 818 followers. 😂

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    • Just when you think she couldnt possibly sink any lower…
      APD slithers up to the plate and delivers….

      voice transcript from the Deepsea Challenger dive to the Mariana Trench’s Challenger Deep
      James Cameron- “I am approaching six thousand meters, the ocean floor is coming into view.”

      “My god, there’s…. there’s a woman sitting on a rock, and she’s smoking… she’s smoking a cigarette!”

      “Ello Cameron, Angela ‘ere world ass jornoleest. ‘ow does it feel to be the man who is at the ‘ighest point in the world?”

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    • Actually, I did have some thoughts as I woke up today: Angie inflated the numbers of people who viewed the videos to 80 million, if anywhere near true then as a way to make money from it, surely by now she should realise that it has been a failure. Her efforts to sex it up even more are so utterly depraved that even hardened con artists are bound to not be anywhere near the stink she creates.
      Secondly, it’s been said before, but I really can’t emphasise enough that to be abused sexually as a child is dramatic and profound enough………….for these gloating goats, like her Baloney and Gerrish, Green and McKenzie to add extra embellishments has got to be one of the sickest, vile tricks of their nefarious trade.

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  4. Scotland Yard? Does she mean New Scotland Yard? To me this woman has quite a lot in common with Bill Maloney. The fact she keeps saying she’s award winning, the fact that she constantly interrupts some one she attempts to interview, also a fact they both talk bollocks.

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    • And didn’t it all go tits-up for Baloney Maloney who has suddenly gone very quiet since he was hauled in by Operation Midland over the promotion of “Darren” or “Nick” (or are the same person?) and grilled mercilessly.

      The fact the falsely accused Harvey Proctor proposed in a stern letter that he would be including both Baloney and the odious Chris Fay as fellow travelers of Mr Plod in a possible conspiracy to pervert the course of justice apparently worked wonders with Met lawyers who are hastily tooing and frooing with offers of a proposed financial settlement for the hapless Proctor.

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  5. What has happened to Neelu? Is she out on her arse yet? The suspense is killing me. Angie has the spare room all cleared out and ready as well.

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    • She’s been remarkably quiet, only one video (on how to claim help with court fees!- a howto on how to use taxpayers money to fund her wacko ideas grrrrr) made in front of a blank wall instead of sitting in front of her door…does this mean she’s out? dont know.

      She’s still skirting around the edges without actually saying it
      “In honour of all babies tortured in churches – over 11 churches burned to the ground after families witnessed criminal cover-up of child abuse during Pope’s visit in Chile”

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    • I’m encouraging Neelu to go to Bellend McKenzie’s which is much closer as Belinda claims she has Neelu’s welfare close to her heart as they are such good pals and of course, she lets out rooms. Neelu can take her mum and son and the BMWs.
      Fitting punishment for the lot of them.

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      • I’m sure Belinda can find room in one of her little garden chalets/hutches or in her cellar. There is a risk of being evicted from Belinda’s house if a mad transvestite turns up on the run – possibly this time Chris Spivey.

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        • I can picture it now just as Rupert once said, how they like to gather around the tv and watch MK Ultra porn all day.

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  6. I see there is nary a mention of Hampstead on Mad Moo’s timeline. It’s all vanished into the ether but there is sooo much more for her to fill her hours with.

    And that includes promoting the phony Dutch “ex-banker Ronald Bernard” (not his real name) who claims to be an “ex-banker” but has been unable to provide even one instance of a bank he worked in but describes banks as ‘evil’ yet on his own website has set-up his own bank where lucky people can deposit 50 Euros (but he would quite like 500 if you can spare it) to be part of his wonderful new experimental bank where the funds go to..well it’s not actually explained.

    Also she has published a weird letter form the hapless Robert Green congratulating Chief Constable Mike Veale over his “investigation” of former premier Ted Heath where Green seems to imply Veale found Heath guilty of something when in fact even the Chief Constable had to admit there was nothing to it. Very odd how that Green’s brain works.

    But of course there is always danger with The Moo as on one hand she castigates the public over world hunger (but fails to reveal her efforts in solving it apart from yelling at people on Youtube) while screeching one million kids under six die each year from the the lack of vaccinations (true) but then repeatedly claims “studies” have shown vaccinations cause autism (no such studies exist).
    If there is one thing I hate it’s anti-vaxers.

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  7. Snuff movies are real and the are not a hoax. Years ago there was a snuff movie being passed around illegally by CHILDREN called “Faces Of Death” which showed real satanic rituals,murders and even satanists eating a live monkeys brains!! I am not sure if it was Ted Heath in the video but nothing would suprise me! I was also kidnapped and tortured by satanists for years. I have reverse memory syndrome aswell which I have since discovered is usual amongst those of us who have been forced into rituals in which we were beaten with severed goats legs. All the while this was going on I was blindfolded and they played very loud satanic music like Napalm Death and Slipknot etc.
    I am about to go public with this story and it will blow your minds! Then I think you might think again.

    With the help of Jesus Christ I have been able to recover a little. But I will never trust another freemason or Lollypop man again.


    • “Faces of Death” is not a “snuff movie”. It does contain some genuine scenes, but these are primarily historic accidental death footage. No one was “murdered on film” for this movie, and the cult scenes are entirely fictional – written and acted out by the producers themselves.

      You were not kidnapped and tortured by satanists. You are either delusional or a liar.
      But saying this: “With the help of Jesus Christ I have been able to recover…” is a dead giveaway, that you are an evangelical testimonialist, and most likely a “liar for God”.

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      • I think some posters here need to turn on their ironing meters! Is it not obvious that Starlight is taking the piss out of SRA believers? Come on guys, the mention of Slipknot should have been the giveaway, let alone Ted Heath.

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    • BTW – please do “go public” with your story. You will inevitably expose yourself as a fraud, they all do.
      A few years ago, my friend and I were challenged by a young woman to debunk her SRA survivor story. It didn’t take long for her to jam both feet in her mouth by claiming:
      “As everyone knows, the Occult Bible is written backward…”
      Totally ignorant, that there IS NO “occult bible”, and that books like Anton LeVay’s “satanic bible” are NOT written backward. This woman described very elaborate torments she supposedly experienced, the point of which – she stated – was to “turn her heart away from God”. She was never able to explain why ANYONE would care if a little girl dedicated her life to serving Jesus Christ or rejected Him as an imaginary fiction.

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    • Starlight is taking the piss out of SRA believers. Would have thought that should be obvious from the Ted Heath mention, let alone Slipknot!


      • Well, given that the leader singer of Priest is an out gay man, then that might seem logical.

        Oddly enough, the lead singer of one of the most notorious black metal bands ever turned out to be a raving queer, which led the notoriously homophobic metal community into a bit of a tizzy.


    • “The beans were finally spilled thirty years later. Gorgon released a “30th-anniversary edition” of the original Faces of Death film on DVD.
      One of its many bonus features was an eye-opening documentary called The Death Makers which revealed the many secrets of FOD.

      Turns out that guy really didn’t get eaten by the alligator after all. The bloody dogs? They were actually just goofing around, their faces smeared with delicious raspberry jelly. The executed guy was an actor. The monkey brains? Cauliflower!

      In fact, almost every dramatic single scene in the film was fabricated. There was no Satanic cannibal cult. Everything you know is wrong. Again. Faces of Death was followed by several increasingly low-budget sequels and now holds the dubious position of Godfather of all snuff flicks. Given our current media climate, where whole websites are dedicated to real life death-on-tape, it almost seems quaint.”

      Copied and pasted from “Dangerous Minds” website.

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  8. Oh dear, looks like Angela broke one of her own rules & visited this blog again this morning, tut, tut, how many times did she say she visits per year, twice?


    ” Goatshead #trolls backlash intense after my January update..pray 4 them or let satan deal with them depending how far gone they r gone.”

    Such a lovely ‘Christian’.

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    • I wonder what Angie thinks her version of god or satan will do to someone who has taken the most heinous hoax online, exploiting the 2 children and causing harm to countless others to even more depraved depths, so desperate to earn a living off the back of children, but then that seems to have been the extent of her lifelong ‘work’.

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      • She really doesn’t care though as seen by her postings & half truths. She seems to find a link or hoax in the Hampstead case, run with it without checking facts & logic, add her own narrative and boom, she’s a ‘journalist’.

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  9. Disgusted in what I read. Disney and her scum now managed to smear an innocent man who went through hell personally and now only serve, without asking. I suggest you trawl the legal pages and court published opinions before you comment. Also visit the professional P. A. Sites and note the work he has done since 2009. About followers: His Facebook page has 2,123 followers. His Web page has over 5,000 registered users.

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    • Hi, Maureen. I think you’re right that APD is basically dragging Joe down to her level. I suspect that he either wasn’t aware he was being filmed, or believed that she would edit their interview to present his perspective more fairly. Am I correct that Joe came out against the Hampstead hoax early on?

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        • That didn’t come through in the interview, probably because whenever he started to talk about his own views on the matter, Angela began interrupting and talking over him. I’ll be writing another post on this tonight, and will take this very much on board. Thanks.

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    • Hi Maureen, sorry to see that you are upset over what has been posted here. Really though Joe, I would have thought would research APD. before committing to any type of communication with her.

      One look on her FB page would give him the information which he needed. I don’t know if perhaps he helped her with the case of the mother, father (R.I.P) & baby from N.I. Perhaps that is how he got sucked in by her & Tracey Morris. If so, he is foolish to get involved with them & I hope dissociates himself from them, they are both dangerous people & would not hesitate about throwing him under the bus, APD in particular.

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    • Wouldn’t it be much quicker for you to supply links to these “legal pages” (what are they?) and court published opinions?
      Wouldn’t it be prudent of Mr Andries “Joe” Van Tonder to have checked just who Angela Power-Disney is and her track record of defaming and falsely accusing innocent people of wicked crimes (and causing untold distress for their families which is on-going) before giving her gravitas with his opinions?. It is expected that experts be diligent in how their beliefs and opinions are used in the media.
      After all we are talking here about a claimed expert on child abuse who has now participated in a campaign of ongoing harassment against two children and their father, and any number of innocent London residents and by proxy their children who have been named on social media and subsequently harassed even though the UK High Court court condemned that campaign in a “court published opinion”.

      Sorry but having a number of followers on Facebook etc these days is no indication of legitimacy and it’s quite an odd thing to mention.
      # we too serve without asking.

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      • Quoting Mr Van Tonder : “I am a Support Worker, not qualified as a Legal Professional, Social Worker or Psychologist therefore I only “suggest”, I do not “advise”.

        Why did he allow himself to be interviewed by APD then who claims he has been aiding the police as an adviser on this matter?.
        It’s his credibility in question. He made the decision to be interviewed by Power-Disney when her past activities are there to be easily read (BTW she has heaps more Facebook followers than Mr Van Tonder).
        Talk about ‘parental alienation’ : Power-Disney has participated in an organized campaign of parental alienation against an innocent father and his children for 3 years now. That campaign has included endless harassment of any number of innocent parents and their children who became victims for just having to live in a certain London suburb.

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  10. I make the association because of where he lives & because she mentioned the town in her many posts she made about law papers having to go there to an expert.

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  11. Some more facts : Joe does not live in a council estate. I doubt it that he knew of the recordings. Yes, he was involved in the baby case and warned authorities and parents. I believe that he highlighted the omission by authorities that caused several deaths to higher authorities and registered a breach of international law with the superior courts.

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  12. To those attacking the old man and discrediting him; I was also a follower of NPD alias ND and ‘real Irish media’ but grew up. Go and look at his TED and other talks. Then publish your opinion again.


    • Maureen,
      Who is NPD?
      Can you give a link to the TED or other talks you are referring to, please, I have tried searching the web for ‘real Irish media’ and NPD but to no avail.
      thanks in advance,


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    • Maureen, if you could post links to the info you mention I’d very much appreciate it. I’d like to set the record straight here, but as Anon says, I’m not finding the information you mention.

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  13. Hi Maureen, I have done a search of the courts & cannot find the case where Joe registered a breach of international law with the Supreme Court. Was a solicitor acting for him? The Supreme Court of Ireland is the highest court in the land & is an appellate court, to take a case that far would take years & cost a lot of money. I know this personally. Have you got a link to this as I would love to read it or could you point me to it. Thank you.

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  14. What an interesting place the wayback machine is…. especially if you’re looking for the various versions of a website… in this case since 2004. Andries started off with the web address, first as a “safety” consultant – Andys Professional Safety, with a bit of bogus alternative treatments. That closed down and was replaced by the “Alliance of the Parents against the State” (c. 2012), this morphed into the “Alienated Persons Support” which for years claimed to be “under construction” and to have been “a victim of Glorious Children” … hmmmm. I smell a grifter or a fantasist. A basically empty website with the begging bowl on every page. No content, no links, a totally unprofessional mess supposedly the website of an international expert, oh puhleeeze.*/


    • Pallas, I suggest you contact him by phone, you have his number, and ask for explanation. I know why a €1.5M business APS Technologies crashed. If I post it, I will be arrested. In camera rule. I do not care if you post it.


      • I’m not really concerned about how and why the previous businesses collapsed tbh. I’m more intrigued about how a supposed professional expert has a webpage which looks like it was put together by an 11 year old back in 2006. Here’s a link to the website of a real professional expert in parental alienation: See the difference?


        • I know he worked {for fee} up to 20 hours a day until November and do not have the money to pay an IT professional. He has a problem believing that he should serve those who can not afford for free. The result is that he is not maintaining essential services..


          • Your responses are vague and reveal nothing solid. Why not post links to some legitimate court proceedings in your spirited defence of the man?

            Again I quote the man himself : “I am a Support Worker, not qualified as a Legal Professional, Social Worker or Psychologist therefore I only “suggest”, I do not “advise”.”. In other words he is a self-appointed expert along the lines of a McKenzie Friend but appears like you to be exaggerating his involvement in various matters.

            This is a serious matter that involves a lot more than Mr Van Tonder’s wounded pride because he may have been mis-represented by Angela Power-Disney in an interview he chose to participate in. Someone has been to jail, many have been on charges and one still is. International websites have been set-up that contain endless harassment of dozens of innocent parents. Their lives have been up-ended and possibly they will carry these scars for life.

            These are real facts and real on-going results of this tawdry campaign of falsehoods and they are far more important than Mr Van Tonder’s possible wounded pride. He put himself into the middle of this campaign and it’s for him to explain his views rather than for others to seek them out.

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  15. I have taken notice of this page. (thank you to the person involved, for the pm alerting me).
    It seems as if information about me, that I did not even know about, has been highlighted by supporters of this page. It seems that fallacies unproven, invented by Doyle and partners, are published as facts.
    If the users and supporters of this page have any moral guts, please phone me at 0879774515 and confirm your facts before you post it.
    Anything posted about me after this notice, will be a subject of Court Proceedings if the facts are not confirmed by me. Truth is no problem.
    At 18h22 Worldpress was served with notice to record the IP4 address, device name, MAC address etc of a poster on this page. In the past I prosecuted and won, In future I will also win
    The truth will not be denied. Fallacies and resulting opinion is not acceptable.


    • Hello, Mr van Tonder, and thank you for getting in touch. We are in no way interested in defaming you, nor in misrepresenting you. My belief is that you may have been misrepresented by Angela Power-Disney, who has a nasty habit of putting words in people’s mouths. I would like to hear your side of the story, which I’m sure is quite different from what has been presented by Angela.

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    • Crikey good luck with those court proceedings. Maybe you can crowd fund for your legal fees after you’ve crowd-funded the 2 grand you want for your car repairs.

      As a general rule you don’t get to pontificate on social media aspects of a false and damaging & libelous campaign against innocent North London residents in which they are accused of heinous crimes and assist a woman who has also repeatedly promoted these falsehoods that have damaged so many people without blow back.


    • Joe, for a start, to take “court proceedings” you’d need to identify exactly who was sitting at the keyboard when any remarks were posted. You can send Automattic as many notices as you like. Unless you’ve got the £10k+ necessary to obtain a court order in the UK or Eire, then pay an American Attorney to go through the process of having it recognised by a Californian court, they aren’t interested. Even if you get an IP, you then have to go through various courts to get the identity of the subscriber, who might bnot be the user – that’s assuming they don’t use a VPN or aren’t abroad. People like you need to realise that nobody with any sense or knowledge is impressed by the crap people like you spout. You might full your normal audience of imbeciles, but not anyone normal.


  16. Hi Mr. Van Tonder. You will find that it is Angela Power Disney who has brought you to this blog’s attention. She has now stated that you & your family are being so severely #targeted [sic] that you have 24/7 GARDA [sic] presence outside. Someone has said they can provide somewhere, she has answered that you are an established family of x amount. Already she is giving out personal information about you.

    The Doyle reference is simply a reference to a court case/film that is on your FB page, a true story.

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    • If Mr. Van Tonder has been threatened and feels unsafe that is unfortunate and unfair but he must surely be aware that the Hampstead Hoax has caused endless grief for innocent people and there are bound to be some out there who are far more active rather than the bunch that comment on here.

      But he should confirm whether the Garda are actually outside his house 24/7 (do they really have that sort of manpower?) and clear up this matter. Is it another Angela Power-Disney fantasy and has Mr. Van Tonder been in touch with her again to inform her of this?


      • Court orders would have to be applied for, a credible threat of violence would have to be shown, it would have to go to the dept. of finance to be passed, honestly, I cannot believe she wrote that!


  17. (1) I never did and never will crowd fund for legal fees. I work as litigant in person. See, search me up and see who is the legal representative.
    (2) I did ask for assistance with car repairs… I did get a bit. Thank you. In the past 3 months I travelled recorded 4,214km attending court or other hearings as assistance, therapy sessions for clients that can not afford travelling to me, attending client funerals, none that was to the benefit of myself and my family. Nobody assisted in the travelling cost involved. Do you think it is unfair asking only 1% or the value received as a contribution?
    (3) About Court proceedings against others: Please list the proceedings that were not justified.
    (4) More about Court proceedings: Please list the proceedings that were to the benefit of families as a whole.


    • I’ve never asked for a penny to attend a funeral.
      What do you mean by ‘clients’ when you yourself state you are not a professional? What is the difference between “advise” and “suggest” which is what you say you do?.
      What is your opinion on Angela Power-Disney and did you research her before agreeing to be interviewed by her?,

      Again: it’s you who have put yourself at the centre of a shocking case of a conspiracy of endless harassment of numerous innocent people who have been falsely accused of shocking crimes- a campaign that continues today and which is aided by the very person you agreed to be interviewed by.


      • Most professionals at my age completely retires. I did not and served those who can not afford payment.
        This issue, the personal abuse, the insults, the allegations and more convinced me that I should close shop completely. I have now decided to close shop completely.
        Thank you for the persuasion.
        Now all of you can put your arms up in the air an shout – “WE WIN AGAIN”
        I am too old to fight.
        Niall Doyle, Ghost of Sam, Martin Mahoney, “Glorious Children”, and many others and AP’s., you win. (If I was 10 years younger you would not have succeeded)
        Computer now switched off,


        • One thing’s for sure…Mr van Tonder is not too old to play mind games or put into practice a bit of passive-aggressive manipulation. No doubt there is some fight left in the old dog yet. Does he really consider himself ‘old’ at 67 years?

          I noticed that someone I know on FB donated money to him.

          Has anybody considered that Hoaxtead has been set-up by APD? If that wasn’t her original intention with her video crapology thingy update…..she’s certainly milking the (probably expected) adverse responses here for all their worth.

          She really is a very bad human being….Ghost of Sam, what you wrote about her being a sociopath, devoid of feelings of guilt or shame who is continually devising different methods to get people to donate money to her ’causes’ is something I agree with wholeheartedly.

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        • Bye Joe. quick tip, buy yourself a socket set, a Haynes manual and learn to fix your own bloody car! It’ll save bludging off other people! CHOON!


  18. This page just f..d up. THANK YOU ALL. Can any of you, in your infinite wisdom, advise how this is to be sorted. I just saw that therapy sessions for the future all cancelled on the APS calender. THANK YOU ALL. Angela, Ghost and others, you win again and needy children is loosing.


      • No-one dragged him kicking and screaming to the telephone to be interviewed by her. He was an active participant giving the hoax a little kick along and her disgraceful and shocking claims even about Ella Draper and drug connections along with snuff movies were allowed to stand. He’s either completely incompetent or incredibly stupid.


        • I didn’t listen to it God, simply for the fact that I cannot stand her voice & putting needles in my eyes would have been a preferable pastime.

          Obviously he must have known what they were going to talk about & by agreeing or not voicing his concerns, he was stupid, particularly as Maureen has said that he believed the whole thing as a hoax anyway, what was going on in his mind to even participate in the conversation I don’t know. Was it vanity in his part, Angela Disney Power described him on 01/09/2017 as, “the foremost legal genius currently in Ireland”.

          Did he believe her & wanted to show off his skills in her, ‘interview’, which has now backfired as her interviews usually do. How many times have we seen this in the past, she has such a long record of doing this to others as we all know.

          Btw, she has since removed her posts about him & the Garda protection.


          • He heard her introduction and did not correct it. Sounds like vanity and another amateur (possibly well meaning but they can be as mischievous and cause as much grief as sinister people) and had to put his 2 cents worth into the mix.
            This is a serious business and involves a lot of very distressed people who have been unfairly targeted in a nasty campaign. People shouldn’t get shocked when the supporters of the innocent victim’s strike out.


    • According to the audited sheets published, he received a massive €429 gifts and donations since March 2017 and only spent €7,217.85 in the same period. What a shame. You folks agree that he should be stoned or burned at the stake?


      • I usually just launder my sheets Maureen. Accounts are a different thing though! Normally private.


      • Nobody said he should be stoned or burned at the stake. He did however make a huge mistake meeting and talking with Angela Power Disney though.

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      • So what? This talk of money and donations is always present with these amateurs. €429 in donations? Very nice than you. I do it for free.


    • The only person responsible for Mr. van Tonder’s disinclination to continue his life-long good samaritanship is the man himself and it’s quite disgraceful that a full grown adult male of mature years would shamelessly use this blog post as an excuse.

      How dare he and you, Ms. Martin hold this blog to ransom in this manner!

      I’m disgusted by your behaviour.

      Van Tonder’s FB page makes for interesting reading…’s extraordinary that twice in his life as a young man he was at the scene of two terrible car accidents involving crashing into the back of trucks. And really thank goodness he was there and was able to take charge when others weren’t as able as him and what a shame a blog post or two has turned him right off the idea of rushing to others’ aid anymore.

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      • Eliza D. Little, it is not this blog alone. What you see posted here is less than 10% of the other online insults and abuse received in the past few hours.
        There are apparently now “evidence” that I was present during satanic abuse on the children.
        The concerted effort to discredit me, my family, the work I do is winning. I can not continue defending myself.
        My highlighting of misfeasance and malfeasance of officials is branding me as a campaigner against social services taking children in care (as mentioned briefly above)
        My reporting child abuse, specifically ECAPA (emotional child abuse by parental alienation) is branding me as selling children to social services. (see several post by an supporter of this group on other pages)
        I have to choose now…. either relax and start working through around 1,500 books I want to read, watching around 200 films on DVD waiting for my attention in a box and relaxing, or I should continue to serve those who can not afford, supplying therapy to teenage and adult PAS children and educating people. The first choice is no cost, no insults, no attacks while the second leave me in the limelight having to endure it… Eliza, and others, please advise.
        I admit, I made a mistake allowing a person to interview me. Do I deserve the punishment received thus far and the punishment still coming? Most of the people will say yes.. Bye.


        • I don’t know where you received online abuse Mr. Von Tonder, I did make fun of the toilet paper thing for which I apologise. If you are receiving abuse on FB please take screenshots & report them to the Gardaí. I have noted someone maligning you on FB but did not draw attention to that as that is nothing to do with this blog as the poster goes back in time & must have an imagined beef with you. Nobody can advise you what to do with your life from here on out, I certainly would not take the liberty of doing so. Do what you feel is best for yourself & your family as we all try to do.

          I am glad to see APD has taken down the post about Garda protection, as I am sure you know well, it was a ridiculous claim to make.

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        • Sounds like a good idea. Read your books. You aren’t being punished here. You are being asked questions but answers came there none. Retire. Best thing all round.


        • Thank you for your response. I’m sorry to hear about your current predicament… Angela P-D the common denominator in these various sources of abuse you’re receiving?

          I suppose I don’t understand how a man in your position i.e. voluntary advisor on matters of parental alienation etc. wouldn’t make it his business to gain a qualification in his particular interest especially as you are aware of that particular niche and are experienced in listening to people’s woes and assisting in finding resolutions…..surely there’s a paid position you could take up once you have the necessary accreditation?

          There are many free courses you can take up in Ireland as someone who is on job seeker’s allowance or disability…..I don’t think you can become a retired pensioner till you are at least 70….so you have some time to go yet.

          Anyhow, I wish you well.


          • Matter closed. See as if Mckenzie brothers, Fartass and others are having a ball on Youtube, Gatebash, Google, facebook and more discrediting me as sidekick of angela d p.
            You say “get paid position” I did have it for many years where the rich or those who are able to pay, paid. Who is willing to assist those who cannot afford to pay? I saw one comment earlier someone saying “i co it for free”… He can take all my clients over… I suddenly today resigned all positions.


    • Ridiculous confected outrage and your lumping in of posters on here with Angela Power-Disney says much about your own credibility.

      Mr Van Tonder put himself squarely at the centre of Angela Power-Disney’s shocking false campaign. He has history with her as she comments on his Facebook timeline and it simply isn’t credible that is was not unaware of her shocking history of falsehoods and cruelty to innocent families. To even contemplate aiding her in her campaigns is disgraceful.

      He has avoided answering the question of whether he is receiving 24/7 Garda protection (I find that to be nonsense) which Power-Disney claims. He either made that claim to Power-Disney or she made it up but to leave such a serious claim in the air is further indication he is avoiding important questions,

      Claims he may have not have known he was interviewed are nonsense and to attempt to paint him as an innocent party who somehow stumbled into this debilitating hoax is hogwash. Mr Van Tonder refuses to address any of the claims put to him except to paint himself, as you do, as a saintly unpaid “expert”.

      What “therapy sessions”?. Mr Van Tonder claims himself he is not a therapist or legally trained expert in anything, rather he says he does not “advise” just “suggests”. Why would he be giving therapy to vulnerable people if that’s what you infer?. Sounds to me some people may be saved from yet another amateur poking into their lives during times of distress.

      And get over your “66” and retired nonsense Mt Van Tonder. I’m 72 and will fight this and other vile hoaxes that target innocent people until the day I die.

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      • IMHO The recent posts made by some people are nothing more than a variation of a tactic used for years by hoaxers/hoax supporters against anyone who dares to expose them and their misdirections and outright lies. Again IMHO- this is a despicable act which only serves to try and further marginalize and discredit true CSA survivors by burying them in a avalanche of ‘me toos’ of such obvious frauds that anyone who actually tries to come forward with actual cases will be automatically discounted and discredited (like another recent new poster attempts).

        Given the association of so many hoaxers with known pedophiles and others of dubious character, I am forced to conclude that is indeed a deliberate (and particularly repugnant) tactic- used with forethought and intended malice as an active campaign by some hoaxers to actually conceal true cases and discredit any victims who may wish to come forward

        The posts here by a few here recently positively reek of a tactic designed to silence any who ‘dare’ to stop any continuation of the Hampstead hoax by a small group of people (and it is actually quite small the number actively still pushing it, as opposed to people just jumping on the general child abuse hoax bandwagon like pizzagate etc)- the whole ‘he/she is such a good person, but they had to stop thanks to you nasty people’ guilt tripping tactic, as if anyone who would do such a mean and nasty thing automatically must be a bad person.

        Note that from some people, rather than facts that are verifiable, we have ‘oh its secret’, hints of ‘courtcases’ that cant be confirmed and thus may- or may NOT have anything to do with anything to do with anything (a very common tactic indeed), and until we actually can see and verify that such court cases both exist and actually say what the poster says they say, then they are nothing but another distraction and tactic used to try and silence people who are actively and successfully discrediting the hoaxers

        Sorry about the length, but this just makes me so angry that some people are willing to stoop so low

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        • Andries (Joe) van Tonder, you wrote this :

          “Matter closed. See as if Mckenzie brothers, Fartass and others are having a ball on Youtube, Gatebash, Google, facebook and more discrediting me as sidekick of angela d p.
          You say “get paid position” I did have it for many years where the rich or those who are able to pay, paid. Who is willing to assist those who cannot afford to pay? I saw one comment earlier someone saying “i co it for free”… He can take all my clients over… I suddenly today resigned all positions.”

          I feel in your doing so you have proved Steved’s assertions correct.

          One useful way of accruing funds would be by setting up a charity….opening up a charity shop too. I realise creating a charity organisation has become more difficult recently in Ireland after some terrible abuses of the system by charlatans but if you are the genuine article why wouldn’t you and your associates do what is your perfect right to do to assist those in need.

          I’m sure your supporters would be delighted to help you out.

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      • Go forth then and fight yourself… You said ” I’m 72 and will fight vile hoaxes that target innocent people until the day I die.” I believe I was innocently attacked by you and your friends on this page. Go fight yourself and enjoy it . BYE ALL


        • You may believe anything you like, but YOU were the one that was willing to be associated with APD- a known hoax supporter (if not almost the only one now that several of the others are facing court AGAIN over their continuation of this hoax) and thus brought yourself to our attention…..

          WE didnt go out and find you and suddenly decide- oh lets talk about this guy for no reason in the world except we are all just so bored… it was your own actions that brought you to our attention ‘Joe’

          Bye (again) Joe

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        • Andries (Joe), I’ve taken a look at some of your posts and see that you were bemoaning lack of funds a few weeks ago. I also saw the Internet Bomb, threat/ posted on your facebook wall 17th December 2017 ….. perhaps you can explain ?
          You really could explain, why Angela was able to upload those videos and state what she did, that put you in such a bad light but you havn’t yet refuted any of it properly?
          Was it because she claims to be a christian, that you felt able to trust her ?
          Do you realise how atrocious her attacks on many innocent people have been ?
          Take a look at my YouTube playlist Sheva Burton harrrassed and bullied by SRA hoaxers………. nearly all of the attacks on me instigated by Angela.
          You say that parental alienation is child abuse and I agree, also last November at the meeting in Cork, you stated that Hampstead was a hoax, and an example of it ……….. So I have 2 suspicions: 1. Was Angela out for revenge on you for that?
          2. Are you in a different way, trying to gain traction for your own campaign by mentioning Hampstead &/or engaging with Angela ?
          I also wonder whether you are aware of Tracy Morris’ vindictive videos until very recently regarding Hampstead, the two children and this blog ?
          And it seems that as far back as last July you were saying you’d been attacked and needed help to re construct the website, which still hasn’t happened…………
          There are people here who’ve been villified, attacked, harrassed, threatened…. Some of us have had to make reports to the police more than once………Others have explained the terror caused to people and their children in Hampstead………… Angela & Tracy have been very instrumental in causing and encouraging others to cause massive distress, yet you engage with them ?.
          At the moment, it really looks to me as if you want either to raise more funds or to get out anyway, now using this blog as an excuse or to gain sympathy is not acceptable, imho.
          Angela was showing off her rosary on the video which I assume was a gift from you, she really is not a nice person and very dangerous.


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