Angela releases new video, reveals identity of latest Hampstead arrestee

It’s been a while since we last heard from Angela “The Mouth” Power-Disney, but she seems to be making up for lost time with yesterday’s video release, which consisted of her usual slaggery, blaggery, and lies:

This hour-long extravaganza is accompanied by four “appendices” if you please—videos in which she interviews someone named Joe, seemingly without their knowledge or consent. She identifies Joe as “someone on a board of five, consulted by Scotland Yard on the Hampstead case”. We’ll come back to these videos in our next post, but the consensus from those who’ve bothered listening is that they’re best enjoyed at double-speed. You have been warned.

Angela throws “a campaigner” under the bus

Probably the most interesting bit of Angela’s latest gossip-fest: “a long-time Hampstead campaigner” has been arrested.

See if you can separate truth from fiction in this fabulous bit of online journalism:

I’m aware that many people have been arrested, sectioned, targeted, harassed, trolled, lambasted on websites, and so on and so forth, and this is still unfolding.

But the most alarming thing is that another long-time Hampstead campaigner who’s also a survivor, which many are…many survivors resonated with the children’s disclosures, even though I concede…in my opinion, there was a small amount of coaching…um…but for me, the bulk of what the children said is the truth and needs properly investigating [Dear God, Angela, spit it out!—Ed.] but anyway, another long-term campaigner, also a survivor, was arrested. And uh, she, like many survivors, myself included, suffers from complex post-traumatic stress disorder, uh…she was not anticipating an arrest.

She was told, ‘You’re looking at 6 months on remand, then five to 10 years in prison, so we strongly recommend you cop a caution, so if you’d like to come with us down to the station we’ll take your plea’ to Harassment I believe, and everything will be fine, just stop talking about it, and in a state of alarm and anxiety she went down to the station and copped a caution, she thought it wasn’t too serious, and did her very best to educate the interviewing police officers, who had said that it was Central London that had given them strict instructions to come and arrest her.

They started from the premise that the father is absolutely innocent, without a doubt, and this is outrageous, and by the end of the, I don’t know, two, three hours, dunno, four, five hours, she was in a cell for a while, they were very much alarmed that things were not as cut and dried as had been presented to them.

But nevertheless, they elicited a caution under what I would say was duress, under intimidation, entrapment almost, because you cannot just go as a policeman or woman and say you’re looking at six months on remand, and five to 10 years in jail if you don’t do as we say. And then this campaigner discovered after having thought a caution wouldn’t be so bad, and it was an opportunity to educate the regional police to evidence that seemed to have not been properly examined, she then discovered that the caution—she was popped in front of a magistrate ever so quickly, it was all very civilized, as it sometimes is when children are taken, the social workers can be smiling and saying you’re doing the right thing, and it’s best for the child and so on, and it’s only with delayed reaction that you get the trauma and the horror of what you’ve been induced to sign, it can be quite subtle.

So, popped in front of a magistrate, found guilty of harassment, I think it was, cautioned, and gagged, and then discovered that the criminal record would exclude her from visiting her child, who lives in America. And then also, as the cold light of day, and she got over the trauma and remembering being locked up as a child, and being triggered into flashbacks as the dust cleared, she realized that she had been had.

So I really wish her well in her now legal attempt to overturn that plea, it is a scary thing to be frightened and told you’re looking at jail time, we’re going to lock you up etc.

This is a most interesting announcement, coming as it does on the heels of what appears to be another Hampstead hoaxer arrest last month.

And it doesn’t take a great deal of detecting to work out that Angela is talking about her co-hoaxer, Deborah Mahmoudieh. Angela’s description certainly seems to tick all the boxes: “long-time campaigner”, “complex PTSD”, “child who lives in America”…you be the judge.

We certainly hope that Angela obtained Debs’ permission before blurting this out to the world at large…but really, what are the odds?

A few blatant untruths

Even in this rather short discussion of Debs’ alleged arrest, we picked up a number of real clangers on Angie’s part.

First, if Deborah was interviewed by the police, it’s extremely unlikely that they would have made any guesses, educated or otherwise, about the length of time she could expect to be in remand, nor the length of any custodial sentence she might expect as a result of being found guilty of a harassment charge. This is the sort of information which is conveyed to a suspect by his or her solicitor, not by the police.

Second, it’s also highly unlikely that a hearing, in magistrate’s court or anywhere else, took place. Cautions are routinely given by police, and there would be no need to bring the court into it. This means that the suspect was not “popped in front of a magistrate, found guilty of harassment…cautioned, and gagged”.

Third, in order for the police to administer a caution, the suspect must have admitted an offence, without raising any defence. In other words, if the suspect’s solicitor was present (and it sounds very much as if they were), and the caution was given, then the suspect (let’s call her “Deborah” for convenience’ sake) must have admitted that each piece of evidence which was presented to her by the police had in fact been issued by her, and that she had engaged in harassment of one or more individuals.

And fourth, Angela’s blatant attempt to claim that the police “were very much alarmed that things were not as cut and dried as had been presented to them” is barely worthy of consideration. If the police realised this, why did they bother giving the caution? Why not just say, “Whoops, sorry, our error, off you go then”?

Instead, Debs has found herself cautioned, presumably with some conditions such as “don’t do it again or we will arrest and charge you with Harassment 4”.

And as we know, Deborah has been removing all evidence of harassment against RD and the residents of Hampstead over the past month—so it seems probable that an arrest and caution did take place. As we know, though, Angela can never tell a story without adding her own ridiculous melodramatic embellishments.

Angela and Belinda: The break-up

Later in the video, Angela allows that she has parted ways with Belinda McKenzie and Sabine McNeill. She mentioned this, of course, in her email to The Right Reverend Captain Hoo-haw Pike the other day, but in the video she makes it official.

What’s at the heart of this sudden turn-about? Well, apparently Angela has finally learned something which the rest of us knew three years ago: that Terence Ewing, a close associate of Belinda and Sabine, whose name formerly occupied pride of place on their Association of McKenzie Friends letterhead, is or was (gasp!) a friend and business associate of Roger Gleave, the infamous paedophile sometimes known as the “Bishop of Medway”. Wow, really, Angie? Amazing. Next thing you know, you’ll be telling us that Belinda allowed convicted paedophile Peter Hofschröer to stay at her home!

In any case, Angela very generously offered Belinda the opportunity to explain herself; Belinda has said nothing on the matter (because really, what is there to say?), so blam, that’s it, they’re done.

We’ll save our review of the last third of Angela’s “February Update” video for tomorrow’s post, so stay tuned!

115 thoughts on “Angela releases new video, reveals identity of latest Hampstead arrestee

  1. Brilliant post, EC. I listened to her video earlier this evening. Then her other 4. The first of the 4 isn’t really worth listening to but what follows, well, I’ll leave that to you for tomorrow’s post. 😀

    You’re right, I do hope Angela received Madmoo’s permission to blurt out the information on her arrest.

    We all knew that she was bound to get arrested sooner or later. Sooner would have been better but hey-ho. Did she honestly believe she would get away with all she said on video regarding the Hampstead case?

    I wonder how long it will be before APD finds herself in the same boat..

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    • Thanks, JB. I think that if I were Deborah, I’d have thought twice (or possibly thrice) before filling Angela in on the details of anything which might have happened to me. Even those who are ostensibly on Angie’s side know that she can be trusted approximately as far as she can be thrown, and when there’s gossip to be shared, you can bet that it’ll be embellished beyond recognition.

      This is, of course, assuming that Debs gave Angie permission to share her story at all. We’ve all seen Angela “blurt” out other people’s information without permission on many occasions, and it wouldn’t surprise me to learn that the same thing happened here.

      As for the other videos, yes, they’re special all right! LOL

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      • I can’t wait till tomorrows post, EC. How many times has Angie sunk to an even lower depth. Now she seems to be throwing everyone and their uncle under the bus.
        I bet she’s jealous that Belinda forked out 20K for Sabines’ bail, she’s probably spitting nails cos she can’t get her hands on any of that cash. There’s no excuse whatsoever for her not knowing about Ewing or Iranaid, enough people shoved it in her face…… No, while it suited her, she ignored it, they all thought they’d be reaching new heights of fame and fortune and were quite happy to coverup each others criminality, frauds or lies, exploiting the two children in the most heinous way, imaginable………..
        It looks to me as if troofers still want to keep exploiting them and harrassing RD.
        Mel Ve talked about them saying everyone’s forgotten about their wellbeing…………… Not so, not at all, some of us are doing our best to get the videos still on the net, removed, for their sakes and still avoiding mentioning their names or showing their faces, still exposing everyone we find that are still trying to flog this hoax even though it’s thoroughly debunked………
        Angela’s desperation is driving her to the outer limits now….. rumaging around, to talk trash to anyone who will make her look like a good guest on those US podcasts she longs to get on, like she has some new even darker inside intel………..
        I hope Debs really wakes up, so far she has simply side stepped and began supporting a Fukushima Fraudster who supports Kevin Annett, who is linked to Fresh Start, therefore just a couple of links away from Hoax promoters, Satanic Panic Mongers, which might be looking legal, but it doesn’t mean that she is genuinely at all learning anything, yet.

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  2. A caution is only given to an arrested person if they actually admit an offence, and the Police would never tell the arrested person, what prison sentence to expect, they arn’t legal advisors.

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      • Fantastic post EC and it’s great to know that another fruitloop has learnt that their online actions have offline repercussions.

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  3. The police can and will use sentencing guidelines to pressure a suspect into admitting guilt. If you confess to this you will get less punishment etc. I’ve seen it first hand (as a responsible person).
    Any decent lawyer will see through this for what it is though and advise the suspect based on the evidence the police actually have.

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    • I was also an appropriate adult for nine years, if you read the PACE act 1984 the guide lines are clearly there to see.

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    • Debs has papered London & the UK and every conceivable authority (the Gas Board and Darby & Joan Club Management?) with outrageous letters.
      They are full of demands that these people act immediately and arrest numerous innocent persons she falsely accuses of vile criminal acts. Her accusations that she laughing labels “lawful suspect” (in other words guilty) include social workers, police etc etc and of course North London residents and by proxy their children.

      This is outright harassment of those she writes her letters to it is harassment of those she names and accuses.
      No doubt one or two have gotten sick and tired of her antics and rightly demanded action.

      Angela Power-Disney (for whom the bell tolls) ludicrously states Debs would be excluded from visiting her “child” ( a man in his 40s who works in Hollywood films and with children) which is a nonsense as a criminal conviction (and a caution is not and does not need be declared when applying for a US visa) does NOT prevent you visiting the US as it’s discretionary with Immigration upon arrival (they can be bastards) as evidenced by the numerous famous people who have been convicted of crimes ( Boy George with not only convictions in the USA but a serious sex crime conviction with jail time in the UK) and I know 2 non-famous people with convictions ( for fraud) who visit the US regularly.
      # More importantly- a conviction without a jail sentence is not considered serious as the US Immigration takes the view that if you were not jailed it indicates the crime was considered in the least worst category. But since 9/11 you are subject to the whims of a US Immigration official on the day.

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      • I mention Boy George ( essentially a convicted sex criminal ) as I just watched him on the top US Morning Show performing as part of his US & World tour and likewise he is a judge on the Australian The Voice ( a sex criminal?) where people with convictions can be excluded similar to the US. But there are dozens more and numerous business persons who have served time and travel to the USA.

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          • Oh they would let him in alright and actively encourage him to come to LA which is why he lives in France as no French citizen can be extradited.

            You can apply for a US visa and if you do not declare you have a criminal conviction that is regarded as almost automatic exclusion upon arrival. Having a visa still does not mean you are automatically admitted upon arrival.
            You still have to get past Immigration. Most people sail in but you never know.

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          • And I don’t object to Boy George traveling and performing and admire him for having conquered a drug habit that was the cause of all his woes. Everyone deserves a second chance.
            But it’s odd how the media and society can ignore some offenders over others.

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      • From what I’ve read if you have a criminal record you can apply to the American Embassy for a visa ahead of your journey, and avoid being messed about at the airport.

        Bottom line though – stop fxxxxxg harassing people and you won’t get yourself into trouble.

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    • I have no direct experience of this, but if Debs had a solicitor with her, would they have allowed the police to do something like this?


      • No they wouldn’t. That’s why you have a solicitor with you.

        I suspect she was just presented with the options and took the easy way out. I know I’d be tempted to take the Caution and think myself lucky if I was in that position.

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  4. LOL- you reading my mind again E.C.?
    I just finished posting almost exactly the same thing on yesterdays post!
    I like how she also reveals arfurs hoped for (but very unlikely to end up happening) travel plans for when he gets out
    Thailand, Peru, the Middle East and then the UK…

    With his past convictions, being granted entry visas are highly unlikely imho (esp Thailand with his drug issues and the UK with possession of unlicensed pistol as well)

    (and she confuses Australia and New Zealand- her impression of the haka is hilarious!)

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    • Arthur doesn’t need a visa for Thailand or most Asian countries (which is why it’s a favorite hangout for criminals from all over the world- especially UK & German crooks) and entry is automatic for usually 21 days upon arrival.

      He doesn’t need one for New Zealand as NZ & Oz have a unique arrangement but he still needs to get past Immigration and his current mental health woes and online threats do not not bode well ( another goose who leaves a trail on social media and must not know Immigration are adept at seeking this out if suspicious). While I think he’s obviously ill it is utterly outrageous that a dangerous person like APD encourages him without a single thought of the repercussions on his future.
      Middle East? Not so sure and can’t be bothered looking.

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  5. “Well, apparently Angela has finally learned something which the rest of us knew three years ago….”

    This is Angela the investigative journalist, right?

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      • The same investigative journalist who has these words in the description of her video, all errors are hers.

        “Four segments of a six segment brainstroming session with an internhational expert consulted by Scotland Yard on the Hampstead CaseÑ”

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        • LOL, i never noticed that AP. I wonder what a “brainstroming session” is and what is an “internhational expert”


  6. Deb’s will have had a solicitor at the police station. She isn’t stupid. I can’t see her having any luck getting this overturned (if that’s what she’s trying to do, according to Angie) if there was a solicitor there.

    She has repeatedly named and shamed innocent people, one in particular, in her videos and has identified children who’s identities are protected by law.

    From my point of view she got off easy.

    Which leads me to ask where the Masonic Illuminati police were when she got Cautioned? Surely those who rule the world would have preferred to lock her up and put her on trial? Perhaps our Reptilian Overlords haven’t got as far as Sheffield?

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  7. Her bio is getting more & more over the top!

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    “I call myself a reluctant monarch and illuminati asset who has defected and is ongoingly disclosing ….I have had diagnosis along the way of borderline personality disorder, Dissociative identity disorder and ADHD. I am a publisher writer and journalist tho was on what I call extended maternity leave for 30 years raising my children mostly on my own. I am a radical non religious Christian and a scholar of eschatology or end times……I am a bit of a comedian seeing absurdity in life on many levels . I have worked extensively wifh children and vulnerable adolescents ….also working in high places so to speak such as cia funded merchant bank, social secretary and personal assistant work with politicians and aristocracy, ghost writing for royalty etc ….all info gathering roles though I was MK unaware at the time….

    I was one of the lead campaigners in the fight to expose the Hampstead Cover Up and somewhat the public face of the campaign and as such have been subjected to a vicious and sustained smear campaign by nefarious forces including the father and operatives centred at hoax stead.” she said.

    Survivors worldwide have been disclosing to Angela for years including some in America who were instrumental in getting MKUltra exposed over there ….they would tell her about being abused hunted etc by people like George Bush, Pat Robertson etc and back then her mind could not process it or even digest it as she was still programmed. De-programming escalated for Angela under anasthetic in 2 major surgeries in 2014 and also because her children were showing similar symptoms of suppressed trauma with memory gaps etc

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    • Oh where to start..
      “a world-traveller who’s moved around almost 50 homes”..leaving a trail of disgruntled landlords
      “She comes from a story-telling tradition”..applies to everyone with Irish heritage
      “I call myself a reluctant monarch and illuminati asset”..her handler was fired for incompetence
      “I have had diagnosis along the way of borderline personality disorder” = sociopath / narcissist
      “have been subjected to a vicious and sustained smear campaign”..what like the vicious campaign you have waged against North London residents?
      “ex Australian Prime Minister the late Bob Hawke’s daughter”..Bob’s very much alive at 87 and is the same Bob Hawke your vile pal Fiona Barnett claims holds “satanic” baby murder orgies in Parliament House.
      “”I am a publisher writer and journalist “..see below

      ( editor : GOS your fired. Not that you were hired in the first place)

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  8. Sorry for all the *s*@t* in the post. Allegedly & without prejudice the post is clearly not breaking copyright laws as the © is clearly visible & accredited to the author as the truth, the whole truth & nothing but the truth according to POTUS!

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  9. Tripe from the Ogilvy:


    The rest of his nonsense and faux comment are noted. Let’s deal with some facts Malcolm:

    1) – You published part of your own criminal record online.

    2) – You are a regular poster on drug-advocacy forums, a promoter of drug-culture, and are obviously addicted to drugs yourself, as evidenced by your own writings. The opinion that you are a drug-abuser is then well founded and proven. – To be clear on this, no-one actually said you had been arrested for being a drug addict, only that you are one.

    3) – A court, albeit a toothless civil one, found you to be such a danger to your own daughter that you were banned from seeing her. – Most sane people see this as good as a conviction. You are then, a proven child abuser, and the nature of the abuse you meted out was sexual.

    4) You were never charged or arrested because that would not have been in the interests of the child. i.e. At the tender age she was, she would have had to spend her formative years as a key witness in a sex abuse trial – which would only have compounded the mental scarring you had already inflicted upon her.

    5) I repeat, so there is no doubt, you do have a criminal record. Therefore it’s a case of pot,kettle, black when you (baselessly) accuse others of criminal behaviour.

    6) Few, if any, of the people you accuse of the most disgusting crimes have ever had so much as a parking ticket. i.e. they really don’t have criminal or for that matter arrest records of any kind.

    7) You have – factually – terrorised a particular family, publishing private information bout them with the clear intention of inciting violence against them – and this includes terrorising and putting at physical risk a young girl. Obviously the family in question would not be receiving the level of police protection they very obviously are were it otherwise! Even if you were not the stalker that recently prowled around their premises (and personally I am of the opinion you were) you are certainly a party to that behaviour.

    8) You have – factually – attempted to project your own sick sexual fantasies at other people, entire communities even!

    9) Divorce and estrangement are not sex crimes, nor are they in any way comparable with sex crimes. – Even if we weren’t reading a twisted version of events put online by a woman who was recently convicted of a similar crime, the matters you seek to bludgeon a certain individual with are irrelevant. – Desperate to deflect much Malcolm? I think so! Especially when we consider the source of that hoax!

    10) You should research the Fregoli delusion and perhaps note that when you accuse entire communities of crimes you yourself fantasise about, you make enemies of entire communities.

    11) Going back to your original statement (above). If it is a given that child abusers are always put in jail and given a criminal record for their sex crimes – how come you find so much to protest about? How come so many get away with it?

    Others have made the comparison between yourself and Poppi Worthington’s Father. He protests much along the same lines as yourself, Malcolm.

    Likewise, we were expected to believe [NAME REDACTED] was driving while [NAME REDACTED] fiddled with his trousers in the footwell. – People like you Malcolm, criminal idiots, often do make up really stupid stories to hide their own culpability. The Dunning-Kruger effect they call it; you imagine yourself credible and that the rest of the world is just as stupid and uneducated as yourself.

    Libel? It’s not so long ago you were threatening to sue someone for that malcolm, only you don’t have a leg to stand on, do you?

    You are to be found, on video, chasing two innocent women down the street accusing them of bestiality; a fantasy that exists in your head Malcolm. Your more recent comment on the same topic is noted; and who but a sexual deviant has that sort of thing on their mind?

    A day or two ago you projected (again your fantasy) of routine incest being a part of family life in what is, irrefutably, a leafy rural suburb of a large city. Again, this smacks entirely of fantasy on your part. – i.e. That the middle classes and (in comparison to someone on benefits at least) the relatively ‘well off’ are all ‘at it’.

    Jealous much? – Of someone who (from what can be readily observed) owns their own home, has driven a now two-year-old car since new, owns several other vehicles, rents out other properties and generally pays their way by working for a living.

    As another poster observed, you do seem to have a deep-seated resentment for teachers and police officers and anyone else who is making their way in the world. – Could that possibly be because you are a wilfully-uneducated dunce and criminal parasite? One who resents his own failure and being left behind in the gutter?

    The question has been asked Malcolm; what is your trade or profession? What education do you have? What worth? And – while the accusations leveled at you can be proved to have foundation – what actual basis to you have for calling the people you do ‘baby rapists’ or ‘nonces’? – None at all it seems. It’s all in that sad sick little head of yours!

    And, just to be clear – no I’m not the person you will no doubt accuse me of being, in your utterly desperate Fregoli fugue. I am the foreign police officer who reported you to Police Scotland for the threat of arson you recently issued against them. And you remain a person of interest to us.

    He is on record as being no fan of this site, and I respect his views, even though I don’t entirely concur with them. He also seems to be quite busy with other things, with which the community in general wishes him every success.

    You’ve made many enemies Malcolm. The silent man is the least of your problems, you should have been caged for abusing your daughter. I can see why you weren’t – for her sake – but really the place for you is jail where you can stalk and terrorise no more.

    Incidentally, I think I’ve worked out what “IMA” stands for – “I’m Malcolm Asshole”!

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    • One other point Malcolm:

      You’re trying to discredit someone by referencing a story that goes back to 1999 (yes, nearly 20 years ago!) about a website that a local council (rather stupidly) tried to take down because it reflected badly on them. In fact, the council wound up with egg on its face as they had no basis for taking any action. But even more egg 14 years later when what was published was proved to be right!

      What that website featured was a place where (among other criminal activities) there were paedophiles openly molesting young girls in the street. This was in addition to drug-dealing and prostitution. All very organised too!

      The local council were apparently on the side of the criminals. They felt they had the problems contained to one area, and were unhappy about, not only the then innovative move of going live on a website, but a full scale press exposé which made the UK national and some international papers!

      In August 2013 the person you refer to was entirely vindicated when one Ian Samson was jailed for 14 years for running a paedophile ring. As first reported on that website some 14 years earlier, it came out in court that he was using the place named as a base for his child abuse/prostitution activities.

      Interestingly, another individual who is allegedly relative of infamous paedophile Nigel Oldfield, was also implicated, though wriggled off the hook so far. He is ex-army, and a former colleague (i.e. direct link) to yet another individual who was implicated as a child abuser, and later sent to jail for raping a nine-year-old.

      Remind me again Malcolm, where is it you claim to be in relation to taking a stand against corrupt officials and child molesters?

      Especially since, in the case you criticise, was what first exposed one of the worst and most flagrant child abuse rings in British history. You seem to be upset that actual child abusers have gone to jail! Otherwise, why would you criticise any part of the mechanism that brought them to justice?

      I’d also point out that there is probably a good reason why courts find in favour of those who can present evidence to them; and Google are forced to comply with them! such legal action cannot be easy or cheap either, so I guess that unlike yourself Malcolm, the person behind this isn’t a social security parasite!

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      • I remember reading about that case in The Sun, and hearing him being interviewed on the radio about it.

        I was shocked at the time. I remember when Ian Samson was convicted too! And no Malcolm, there aren’t paedophile rings everywhere, only in your sick head! Especially not on that scale! Samson’s ring was organised crime! And linked to Mitchell case, we all know his filthy moll still has her supporters, so I guess there is more work to do?

        Malcolm and his gang of perverts are gunning for somebody who actually has walked the walk! The people on his side are just the local crims who can’t shoot up in their dark corners any more because of cops and CCTV, and maybe can’t get their fix of child porn eh Malcolm?


    • Superb post BR, you’ve sent the illiterate fruit loop into complete meltdown and I see he’s issued another couple of threats, admits to having people spy on that family! Way to incriminate yourself Malc! Keep digging, when the hole’s deep enough you’ll fall right into it and drag the other crooks into it with you. Qualified Welder – ROFLMAO! Even if that was true, not much of a trade is it? FFS! I did a welding course at night school so as I could put fix tractors makes me a qualified welder too (yes, coded) but that’s not the whole of a trade! BTW Malky, just a coulle of units! BTW, if you think his car’s failed its MOT maybe you better report him? ROFLMAO! He has about four of the bloody things including a Porsche! – Remind me, what are you driving Malky?


      • “Qualified welder” isn’t much of a trade? My cousin would be very unhappy to hear that. He’s made quite a good living at that trade for a number of years, and takes some pride in his work.


        • One might, I suspect, reasonably assume that your cousin has proper qualifications and is time-served? Which is why they are (unlike Malcolm) able to earn a good living at that trade. A ‘welding certificate’ from the local remedial learning center is not-quite the same thing. I imagine that’s what our agricultural friend meant.

          On the matter of the court order against him, Malcolm now claims he was never even interviewed. Yet, elsewhere on the internet, he is to be found complaining about a named D.C. confronting him with the fact he had coached his daughter!

          And, as has been pointed out, there is the irrefutable fact of a court order against him.

          We are to imagine that this is all the work of fairies demons and hob goblins? Some massive plot? Not really likely, especially as all the guff spouted about Hollie Greig was swept away years ago in one fell swoop. – The Sheriff has no sister? etc. etc. etc etc.

          Let us recall that, quite apart from terrorising a particular family (I know they don’t want to be named) Malcolm has defamed and abused many in or near his own locale. that is not to mention the others he ‘names’ as (variously) drunks, whores, animal-sex abusers, child rapists etc.

          The contrast is, of course, that we can find real evidence of Malcolm abusing his daughter, and attempting to frame his former father-in-law. But not a shred of anything against those he accuses. As was noted, not even a parking ticket.

          He now claims that one of the targets of his abuse is “still a cop”. Well, so what if he is?

          I seriously doubt if that is the case. However, so what if this chap carries the scars of having actually made arrests and put criminals in jail? Is that not where they belong?

          Does Malcolm really not understand the irony of a low-level criminal (as he is) leveling baseless accusations and abuse at someone who, quite clearly, has served the good of the community and made a genuine stand against child abuse? Oh I do not doubt that the local low life and criminal element (to be found everywhere) resent the fellow. But that, frankly, is entirely to his credit.

          FWIW, I have joined the chorus of those bringing Ogilvy’s continued targeting of this family to Police Scotland, and I encourage others to do likewise. Not, I stress, to gain any status for themselves (please make your reports privately), but to help establish that there is a “course of conduct” apparent here. And cause for concern.

          By this means, I hope, progress towards the eventual conviction of Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy is made.


          • You’re right, my cousin is fully qualified and time-served.

            I completely agree that anyone with evidence of MKO’s targetting anyone should take their information to the police. Clearly, things are occurring which are causing innocent people some distress, and it’s important for anyone who can help, to do so.

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  10. One little known fact and left out of her autobiography is that Angie is also a Crisis Actor (further proof is that Chris “The Spive” Spivey never mentions the fact indicating he may also be Illuminati) as shown here where she regularly turns up posing as a UK WPC in popular crime series..chosen for her unique ability to “get inside” the criminal mind ( scrubs up well with make-up).
    Or perhaps her MKULTRA training has caused her to forget many of her previous pronouncements such as her claim she was a trained sniper / assassin at age 8 and that the Rapture was due to occur in September 2016.

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    • Rapture? If I was Jesus I couldn’t imagine an eternity with a bunch of fundamentalist Christians, maybe that’s why he hasn’t come back for 2,000 years? Imagine an eternity listening to Angie!

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      • That wouldn’t be in heaven, that would be in the other place. An eternity of watching videos by APD, Mad Moo and Nutty Neelu interspersed by the comic genius of Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV.

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  11. Trying to make some sense of APD’s post.
    Firstly, I wouldn’t be surprised if police officers speculated on likely sentence, it is a thing they do when deciding whether to offer a caution (not always very accurately). There is no requirement for consent to a simple caution, but the suspect does have to admit the act. This sort of pressure (often fairly gentle) to obtain an admission in return for a caution is not unknown. It can be done for selfish motives (less faff) but also with the belief that this is the best course for the suspect.
    However as APD’s story goes on it becomes incomprehensible. Magistrates don’t issue cautions. Either she was cautioned by someone whom she thinks is a magistrate but isn’t (i.e. a senior police officer) or she wasn’t cautioned at all, but was produced to court to court and sentenced, or she was charged to court and hasn’t appeared yet and is on condition bail.
    Normally charge to court would be on bail/requisition so there would be a gap of at least 2 weeks between police station and magistrates. Or she was produced in custody which is I suppose conceivable with harassment. However either way she would appear not before “a magistrate” but before a court with either a district judge or three magistrates, a legal adviser or court associate, prosecutor, duty solicitor, probation officer etc etc and asked to plead, then sentenced, which would include the payment of some £££ Difficult to mix them up. So it does sound much more like a caution, preceded by a very long time in the cells, probably because she wouldn’t stop talking.
    Now, as well as a basic caution, which just means “don’t do it again, and this will be cited if you do”, there is a thing called a conditional caution, which is as it sounds, a caution plus, e.g., payment of compensation, attendance for drugs advice, keep away from somewhere etc.
    The final possibility is that the whole thing is garbled and what APD thinks is a caution was actually a charge and bail exercise and she is due before the court sometime in the future and in the meantime is on police conditional bail.
    My bet would be on a caution, straight or conditional, and either she’s been warned to stop harassing in future or she’ll be arrested and charged, or silence is a condition of the caution.
    If it was obtained under duress, it could be overturned on judicial review. That would free the police to charged her with the offence, so it’s not an obvious option.
    She would have been entitled to a police station duty solicitor but equally she is entitled not to use their services.

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    • I agree, naqsej. It sounds to me very much as though she’s had a caution, with a warning to stop harassing in the future. All the rest is Angie’s special brand of window dressing, I suspect.

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  12. Angela is a true warrior and hero to abusr victims on youtube.She has the backing of icons such as Zoompad,Jo Madzelics and Kim Hollingsworth the famous autralian whistleblower.
    You can not ignore respect like that. No you can not.


  13. Angela has real power. She is a warrior and philanyhropist just like the woman who brought down satanist Ian Watkins.


  14. I smell a rat. Angie has just found out about Terrance Ewings links and Iran aid? Not a chance. There must be another reason for why Angie has thrown her under the bus? It has to be something in which Angie gains.

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    • I think she might want to discredit everyone so she can be the poster girl for Hampstead? She more or less says she’s ‘it’ on her Angela’s cashes page.

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  15. You forget that Angela is a proven psychic so she does not say something unless it is absolutely proof and truth.
    She saves lives every day. She also has psychic abilities like Dannielle La Verite.Now with those two working together againsts the establishment you can bet that the satanic masons are running scared. Truth will prevail. Unity for all. Evil is being exposed.


  16. I know Ian Puddick very well. So i would be careful if i was you.
    Paedotrolls and Watkins fans are all known and are going to be arrested.


    • Can you at least provide us all with a timescale for these supposed arrests as i am looking at booking my summer holiday and i wouldn’t want to be away lounging in the sun when the police come knocking.

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      • Yes, good question. Starlight, I’d like to stock up on tea and cakes for the police when they arrive, so if you could give me some sort of rough estimate re timing, it’d be much appreciated.

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    • Ian Puddick is an ex copper. I have no idea of the relevance of knowing him. Can you let me know. Does he have special powers of arrest for the offence of not agreeing with you? Do you go round his house, or has he tweeted you a couple of times?

      I’ve seen no fans of Ian Watkins here. I have seen people who disagree with idolising his ex girlfriend. Not the same thing, is it.

      I would also like to know when I am likely to be arrested. I was going to order a big shop delivered from Tesco. No point if I’m on remand.

      Also, little tip, friend of Ian Puddick, in real life, but not in imaginationland, people in the know don’t go round telling people they are about to be arrested. They can destroy evidence. It’s an ickle teeny no no to tip people off.

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      • Oh, come on, YdychyncachuTracey…I thought it was rather sporting of Starlight to tip us off. That bonfire in the back garden is nothing, really, just a lot of old newspapers I decided we no longer needed. Must get back, the flames are threatening the oak tree back there, don’t want the neighbours to get too excited….


    • What’s a “paedotroll” ?
      Are people going to be arrested for being a “Watkin’s fan”? Doubt he has many but there are always of course some strange people out there who write to criminals in jail and even marry them. The creepy Charles Manson had one.
      Chris Spivey the convicted harasser even has some.

      You can’t be arrested for being a fan of anyone or the jails would be full of Neo Nazis who openly worship Adolf Hitler.


    • Isn’t Puddick a plumber, not an ex-cop ?.
      Didn’t he become embroiled with some people because he found his wife was having an affair with her boss and made some rather hasty and ill-advised moves over that and it all went pie-eyed and he found himself the subject of, what seem pretty unfair, dealings with various police although he was never convicted of anything.

      Sadly I think he’s another who because of his bad experiences- much of brought on by himself – decided to become an internet ‘crusader’ who zealously accuses mainly police of all manner of ills. This scenario usually begins to encompass a belief the 9/11 was an inside job, there is a ‘secret state’ ( rather than a bunch of bumbling Westminster MPs) controlling everything and a firm belief that a series of blunders and happenings and terrible events are never isolated but all part of a set pattern of events perpetuated to control our lives and make us “look over there” rather than at reality.
      Poor thing is probably best advised to avoid courts at any cost.


  17. I was wondering what the hell she was on about, feeding a dog toilet paper smeared in grease! A lot of loo roll has chemicals like dye or artificial scents, who in their right mind would do something like that after listening to, ‘Joe’, whoever that is. 😑

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    • I don’t know what to think after listening to Joe. Words like ‘can’t tell his arse from his elbow’ came to mind. But we’ll save that for tomorrow’s post.

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  18. Outrageous bigotry!

    Why pick on Freemasons? Shouldn’t all journalists & MPs be forced to publicly declare all matters of conscience? Any & all political beliefs and affiliations? Any and all religious-spiritual affiliations?
    How can you trust Catholics – they might be Secret Agents for the Pope!
    How can you trust Muslims – they might be Secret Agents for ISIS or Al Qaeda!
    How can you trust conspiracy believers – they might be Secret Agents for David Icke or Brian Gerrish or Valerie Sinason?

    Ridiculous and outrageous.

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    • Justin Sanity, the problem many people have with the Masons is their undue secrecy. In addition, they don’t admit females, which is rather strange, in this day and age, don’t you think?


      • tdf

        Because the Catholic church and Islamic organisations are such beacons of transparency and equal rights, yeah?


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    • This reminds me of a particularly nasty case in New South Wales where a number of Catholic police detectives investigating child abuse in the Church came under shocking attacks with false accusations they were a ‘cabal’ attempting to cover-up for the Church.
      It was all lies and as usual, people forget police have a private life as well and families who become de-facto victims of vile attacks (same same cops / social workers etc being falsely accused in the Hampstead Hoax. )

      One even had a debilitating nervous breakdown with obvious career set-backs and yet all were found to be the opposite in the Royal Commission: dedicated officers who were Christians and all the more horrified by their findings but so fair they wished to fully gather the right evidence for convictions to cleanse the Church they believed in.

      It seems Freemason and Masons come under the same type of attacks. It doesn’t mean there may not have been senior Freemason police who tended to favor each other but attacks upon anyone simply because they belong to a professional body are so unfair.
      Next Probus Club members will be in the firing line.


  19. Warrior JM with a folder full of troll screengrabs! You wanted proof. Well there it is


  20. If you take on and defame Angela and Danielle then you take on JM ….so you better watch it. Chris Spivey and Stacie are watching this blog by the way. #moderndayladydiana


    • No one is taking on Joanne Mjadzelics. The person that’s mentioning her is you.

      Who on earth is Stacie? Couldn’t give a flying monkey about that notorious criminal Chris Spivey and his band of shit flinging flying monkeys. Has he learned the difference in appearance between an attached earlobe and a free earlobe yet? I know it is something covered in primary school biology, but he finds it a bit hard. Maybe a 9 year old could help him?

      Angela Power Disney is not psychic. Neither is Danielle La Verite. If they want to take me to court for defamation they had better get a top Silk. Gonna be expensive.

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      • Danielle is a proven psychic with evidence. She does tarot readings and has thousands of followers..Are you then calling all her clients liars? Thats a strong accussation and could land you in court.


        • Danielle La Verite is not psychic.

          Chris Spivery is not very clever. He cannot even tell the difference between a free earlobe and an attached one. Or is he blind? Being blind isn’t bad. Maybe being blind but saying you can see things is bad. Are you saying Christopher Spiverpus is not clever, or he’s blind, or bad? Which one?

          Can Danielle take me to court. I intend to pay for very very competent and experienced representation that she will have to cough up for. I will then chase her to the ends of the earth to ensure she pays the debt. The sort of challenge I really like.

          You make the mistake of thinking that being taken to court over Ms Verity-not-really-psychic is something I would be worried about. It is not in the slightest, I assure you. I encourage you to discuss this with the flim flam merchant Danny and really rile her up and get her to try it. Tell her that I said I think she’s a second rate cold reader and should be the Barker on the broken hook the duck game tucked away behind the full portable toilets that no one plays.

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          • My criticism was aimed at Starlight who should be laughed at.
            The very notion a “psychic” or Tarot Reader could take a person to court for being called fraudulent is laughable .

            In fact it’s the tarot card reader who needs to be wary of being sued under consumer laws which covers them since the retraction of ‘fortune telling’ laws and the risk here is that every tarot card reader could have a bunch of disgruntled ‘clients’ who could verify their ‘reading’ was hogwash. Most don’t as they simply put it down to a bad experience.

            Same same the convicted criminal and convicted harasser Chris Spivey who wouldn’t have a fat pudgy leg to stand on.
            Starlight sounds like a desperate fan of both and highly ignorant of the law. I call out Spivey and “la Vertie” for being being a pair of provable liars and vicious creeps who defame and attack on a whim. Both are ‘basement dweller experts’ who think surfing the web and scooping up nonsense is ‘research’.
            (that includes Angela Power-Disney as well- another lazy shocking false accuser).
            Tell all 3 phonies they can send any legal threats to my email. But only solicitor’s letters will be responded to. Have fun though stumping up the expected £100,000 you will need up-front for any lawyer who would touch such a case.

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        • You are in my territory now having been involved in Spiritualist Churches my entire life as was my mother. We’ve been studying these things all our lives.
          Anyone can believe anything they want but since the rise of the ‘new age’ business (and it is a business) in the ’70s it has corrupted and and co-opted so many beliefs from 100s of years and watered down those beliefs.
          Tarot Card readers are not considered to be using psychic powers by their very nature. They are interpreting the cards via a set criteria. Everyone is actually psychic (so I believe) has a ‘sixth sense’, premonitions, and so on but some are more developed than others. Tarot readers are a dime a dozen and people should be wary of ones who are use the craft to make a lot of money (most don’t – it’s usually pin money made by giving people a positive reading..”money , a big break love / job in life etc etc). Volume does not equal accuracy.

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          • There is no way on earth I can be sued for not believing someone is psychic. That’s in the realm of belief and faith. It would like to see her try that on someone.


        • If Danielle is selling services to vulnerable people on the basis of being a psychic then she is a liar a cheat and a fraud.

          Good luck getting a court to hear that case.

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    • “If you take on and defame Angela and Danielle then you take on JM ….so you better watch it. Chris Spivey and Stacie are watching this blog by the way.”

      Give it a rest, you’re giving us celestial points of light a bad name! Nobody with an IQ in double-digits give any of these clowns a photon of credence (see what I did there?) . Besides which, you’re talking complete and utter shite! BRING IT ON BRIGHT SPARK! ROFLMFAO!!

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      • Is that so? Well how do you explain the millions of youtube views they get or the best selling books that Christopher D Spivey writes?
        Its only close minded sheep who attack them and ofcourse the establishment cos they are aware that the truth will bring them down. Danielle said many a time in her videos that she was going to bring the system down and she is very close to it. Wait for her autobiography which is out soon.


        • Your a new brand of deluded.

          “The best selling books that Christopher D Spivey writes”

          That sentence, wow. This is one review on his blockbuster “Genesis: Part 1 (Diana)” A full 96 pages.

          “This bloke has got to be kidding us. If you want a laugh, then go ahead, buy it, but it’s an expensive chuckle or two. Anyone can make connections between anything, if they have enough imagination and gather enough information together. The crucial stage is how you mix the ingredients. This fruit-and-nut case has presented us with a fruit-and-nut article.”



        • Chris Spivey hasn’t even got a publisher. He isn’t a writer of bestsellers. He is a not very clever man who would be unable to get the rules of the “Guess Who” game because all the little people would look the same to him.

          There are long videos of white noise with millions of views. Pimples being popped get millions of views. Finger Family sung by someone’s enthusiastic but tone deaf Mumbaikar Auntie has probably been seen by every two year old on the planet ten times each.

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          • This all sounds strangely familiar, almost word for word as our little troll friend who was here- was it a week or so ago?

            Same BS about spivey being world class author, danielle la verite is psychotic, sorry, psychic etc etc


        • I think Starlight is either a absolute masterly satirist, accurately spearing the absurdity of truthers and conspiracy theorists, or a troll. However it’s come to the point where if it were satire, it would be time for “fooled ya, just kidding, did you think I was for real!”, so my diagnosis is troll and I recommend a starvation diet.


    • @JS

      Interesting development. the Adelaide ring were long rumoured to be linked to that notorious child murder case.


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    • The above is from JM official Twitter. How many other celebrities do you know who are brave enough to name names eh?


      • She isn’t a celebrity. I had no idea who she was. Hardly any one retweets her tweets.

        So she names some names,

        I have read about her own description of what she did, thank you very much.

        I am also waiting to be taken to court.

        Will I get the letters from their Solicitors this week? If you could tell me how long it is before the ball will get rolling that would be nice.

        If they are feeling a bit reluctant can you tell them I have loads of money that they can try and win off me and I would be, likes, totes unsympathetic as a witness, especially compared to his blurry tattooiness Mr Cheap Ink Sipey the paragon of law abiding respectability and decorum.

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      • And naming a dead person and Gerry McCann. A dead person and someone who hasn’t sued the tens of thousands who have said similar. So brave.

        Sorry, I was taking the mickey. Not brave at all there.

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  22. If as you state Starlight that ” warriors are not afraid of nobody. Fact” then why has Chris Spivey blocked me on Twitter?

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