Has another Hampstead hoaxer been arrested?

On Tuesday we noticed a somewhat startling slip of the keyboard on Angela Power-Disney’s Facebook page: she’d posted that “another #Hampstead campaigner has been arrested” (followed by her usual drivel about where she imagines RD and his children might be): Our friend Ray Vark waded right in and asked Angie for clarification: After a bit of hopeful Bible-thumping, Angela slightly modified her position, stating that she “possibly jumped the gun in posting about it”, but she’s still claiming that she got “intel” about another arrest. (Most people get gossip; Angie gets “intel”. Funny how that goes.)

So we don’t have actual corroboration that anyone has actually been arrested, but…

Yesterday, a reader pointed out an odd bit of back and forth between Jake Clarke and Arfur Kaoutal: We were surprised to hear that Arfur is still in an Adult Mental Health Unit—is it normal procedure to hospitalise people against their will for that long? If he’s been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorder, does that mean he’s now in long-term care in Australia? Not knowing that country’s mental health care system, it’s hard to know.

But more relevant to Angela’s recent “blurt”, Jake is now stating that he is “being watched by fake ‘law’ enforcers over here. Gota (sic) be legit and upstanding citizen”.

Perhaps we’re reading too much into it, but it seems like very curious wording. Is it possible that Jake is the “#Hampstead campaigner” Angela’s referring to?

From Arfur’s comment, it sounds as though Jake rewrote this “statement” in some way…

…which does make it sound as though he’s currently on best behaviour.

Is this because he fears arrest, or because he’s already paid a visit to the cop shop? We’ll keep an ear to the ground, and let you know as things become clearer. Stay tuned!

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  1. I’d have put money on it being Mrs Mahmoudieh ’cause she’s stopped posting on Facebook about Hampstead and hasn’t said the H word on You Tube either for a while. Of course that might a temporary thing. She could still surprise us!

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  2. “We were surprised to hear that Arfur is still in an Adult Mental Health Unit—is it normal procedure to hospitalise people against their will for that long? If he’s been diagnosed with schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorder, does that mean he’s now in long-term care in Australia? Not knowing that country’s mental health care system, it’s hard to know.”

    I hope this helps, and yes he could be what they call a forensic patient. I am not sure if its possible to find out his exact status

    “Forensic patients are kept in a prison or a hospital, but may also be released into the community, under supervision and subject to review by the Mental Health Review Tribunal. The Mental Health Review Tribunal also has the power terminate a person’s status as a forensic patient.”

    Once declared, they can be kept there (under review) until they are either fit to be tried or considered fit for release (that can also be affected by the original charges, if they are only minor then the charges may be dropped (at the discretion of the prosecutor) after the treatment finishes, although additional conditions maybe imposed if this happens

    ” 4K.2: Fitness to be tried

    At any time after the police charge a person with a criminal offence, questions may be raised as to whether a person is ‘fit to be tried’ for committing that offence. This is not about the accused person’s physical fitness, but rather their mental or intellectual capacity and it will depend on their ability to understand what will happen in the court process, to communicate their version of what happened and to tell their legal representatives how they want to be represented. Fitness to be tried may be affected by a range of conditions including: mental illness, intellectual disability, brain damage or other serious cognitive impairment (such as dementia).”

    (note the last, I think that thinking the Queens eats babies would be counted!)

    “4K.2.1: Unfit to be tried by the court

    If it is decided that you are unfit to be tried, the Mental Health Review Tribunal will then consider if you are likely to get better and become ‘fit’ to stand trial in the next 12 months. The Tribunal must also decide whether you are suffering from a disorder or condition for which treatment is available in hospital, and whether you should be detained in a hospital.
    The Tribunal will tell the court what it has decided, and the court will then decide whether you should go to hospital. Your views should be considered at this point in the process. If you think you are not mentally ill, or you object to detention, or if there is no treatment available for your condition, the court can make an order that you be detained somewhere other than a hospital. ”

    If he was indeed declared unfit to stand trial, then he could be detained while having treatment (schizophrenia and bipolar affective disorder are both treatable conditions, although I would question if the treatment is working given his latest posts. One question remains is how exactly is he posting, normally I would expect Internet access to be restricted or monitored… maybe a visitor slipped him a smartphone?

    “4K.3.4: Found ‘fit to be tried’ while serving a limiting term and release from a forensic order

    If you later become fit to be tried, the Mental Health Review Tribunal notifies the Court and the NSW Director of Public Prosecutions.
    If the Tribunal considers you are no longer a danger to yourself or to the community, it can release you from your forensic order. Before doing so, it is required to consider a range of factors including any further risk to the community, the views of any victims and the views of the Attorney General and the Minister for Health, if any.
    At the end of a limiting term, you will no longer be a forensic patient and you will be released. However, if you are still a mentally ill person under the Mental Health Act 2007 (NSW), the Tribunal may make you an involuntary patient and deal with you in the same way as any other person who is mentally ill under that Act, only if the Ministers have advised the Mental Health Review Tribunal that they will not be seeking and extension of forensic status, or the Supreme Court has already dismissed the application for extension .”

    If he is a forensic patient (I cant remember the exact date he was arrested, but it was a while ago) then (afaik) there is no time limit for being held as a forensic patient, they can be held indefinitely subject to 6 or 12 monthly reviews, note the last paragraph, in that he could still be detained even then as an involuntary patient if he was still considered unfit, just not as a forensic patient (conditions for involuntary patients afaik do not prohibit outside communications as they are not part of the criminal justice system, this could explain his reappearance online)

    “K.6: Review of forensic patients by the Mental Health Review Tribunal

    The Mental Health Review Tribunal can make decisions about detention, leave and release for forensic patients.
    Mental Health Review Tribunal reviews of forensic patients are to take place every six months but this can be extended to 12 months. If you only want 12 months reviews, you should tell the Tribunal at a review.
    When the Tribunal reviews your case, it can make orders about:
    your continued care and detention;
    your fitness to be tried, and
    your release (either unconditionally or subject to conditions).
    If release is ordered, it will usually be subject to conditions. If you are given conditional release, your case will continue to be reviewed by the Tribunal every six months.
    You will only stop being a forensic patient when the Tribunal finally makes an order for unconditional release and for termination of your status as a forensic patient. (In practice, this requires a separate application and such an application will not normally be considered at the regular review by the Mental Health Review Tribunal).
    The Tribunal cannot order your release unless it is satisfied that no one will be seriously endangered by your release. If you want to be released without any conditions, you should contact the Mental Health Advocacy Service so that a hearing of the Tribunal can be arranged to deal with this application. This issue can also be considered by the Tribunal at a regular review. However, if such an application is going to be made at a regular review, it is best to give the Tribunal notice, as this will affect how the Tribunal will be constituted and enable the Tribunal to consider the views of victms.
    The Tribunal cannot order your release if you are on remand (being held in detention) waiting for a hearing about whether or not you are fit to be tried.”

    As usual with many other regulations, this part seems to contradict other parts, why cant they make it simple?
    It seems to be saying he could be be held, released or released with conditions even as a forensic patient, so really who knows?
    This is all assuming he actually was/is a forensic patient, which is a fairly safe bet considering his online and offline behaviour before his disappearance. The full document should you wish to wade through it is available at http://mhrm.mhcc.org.au/chapter-4/4k.aspx#4|K|1. Sorry for the length of this post btw

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    • Pretty sure Arthur is still in the same hospital (apparently it’s huge and has very nice grounds) and his persistent behavior demonstrates society is much the safer for him being there.
      Far from being locked up because he claims the Queen eats babies (mental health units have been filled with people who have made such claims for decades and decades- there really are numerous patients claiming to be Napoleon) he is there because he has shown he is extremely aggressive and violent as witnessed in his own videos. We have probably seen only a few of his outbursts, there are bound to have been other violent attacks.
      He also. despite his claims, doesn’t have a home but rather lives with his sister who has probably booted him out.

      And I’d say if he didn’t have a mental health issues, he would have faced serious criminal charges before now. Yes patients can access the internet- it’s a right but his posts would be monitored for threats etc.

      Disgracefully Angela Power-Disney has encouraged this mentally ill man in his endeavors just as she encourages that annoying prat Jake who sounds like he needs another spell with sectioning and should have been visited by plod ages ago.

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      • I actually know the hospital, I used to work near there ages ago and drove past it daily, it is indeed a huge place!
        re the net availability, I am not sure that forensic patients are allowed net access, if he is off that and being detained as a ‘normal’ involuntary patient, yes he is allowed net access (I think), but ones in the criminal system afaik still arent, same as being in jail in that regard
        I know that some jails allow email access (which is closely monitored), but no general internet access- well at least in NSW as of a couple of years ago (I had a mate who was in for twelve months)

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      • I would think it would be hard to recover from a delusion if those in one’s social circle kept reinforcing it and telling you you were right to believe in it. This is one thing which worries me about the Hampstead hoax and other similar conspiranoid nonsense: vulnerable adults can be persuaded to believe in it, and then to continue believing in it, and it just makes their mental health issues that much worse. Those responsible have much to be ashamed of.

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        • Angie is certainly aware of Arthur’s and Jake’s mental health issues and she has no shame in encouraging them in their actions.

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  3. Not to make anybody mad or upset, but with DTUbe/Steemit, people are making money directly off the Hampstead case.
    By the time the money is paid out due to it being an investment in the websites Blockchain/Crypto Currency, the pay out can be more than three times the stated amount.

    There has been a popular YouTuber in the Conspiracy circles who has been able to cash out and pay off their entire student loan based on promoting other damaging hoaxes.

    I will let people do their own searches so as not to link or promote anything.

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        • The estimations on cashing out are based on the length of time that the person has invested in the site crypto currency stock. Very Shocking.

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        • Well, I’m not inspired to expend the energy necessary to comprehend it, I guess. It all seems utterly masturbatory to me, though. I don’t understand how their theoretical “earnings” can be extracted from the apparently closed system in the form of cash monies that a bank would accept as payment of your student loan. Unless what you meant was, their theoretical earnings would be enough to pay off the loan if they were real?

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          • I had a look before and it appears you can convert them to bitcoins, so you could get cash out that way


        • Sounds like a story for a tabloid newspaper and also something that should be included in any submission about internet libel.
          I see videos of the children have some money made..which means producing child abuse material for profit.
          Also time the Russian government took an interest in the fact 2 of their citizens (they are rightly entitled to be via their mother) children, are being used by unscrupulous people to profit from their ordeal. They have made serious strides recently to dispel the beliefs that Russia was slack in prosecuting producers of child abuse material and they now co-operate with law enforcement entities like Interpol.

          # one fact never mentioned: it always occurred to me that the creator and promoter of the hoax- convicted child abuser Abraham Christie would never have been allowed to enter Russia and since the collapse of their scam most certainly would have faced possible arrest given his treatment of the children. Ella Draper’s plans to flee to Russia and her parents was always a stupid & badly thought out idea after she allowed Christie such free reign to abuse her children.
          Is she now silent because it’s finally sinking in she has burned all her bridges by fleeing?

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        • “A person can pay/Invest to also have an influence”.
          Sounds like a very convoluted form of Ponzi scheme-MLM, to me. The early sign-ups better hurry up and “cash out” while they can, ’cause when the supply of influence greedy investors dries up the people at the bottom of this chain will be cashed out in Sucker Bucks.
          It’s upsetting, if any of them are exploiting Hampstead Hoax on those sites. But it’s so pathetically incestuous and masturbatory: Views seem quite low, content is crapola for the most part, voting up can’t be based on merit but probably chains of pat my ass and I’ll pat yours, meanwhile folk like Titus will be doing this:
          stroke! stroke! *pant* *pant* omg I’m so influential omg omg omg!!!

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    • How is the money earned? By views? Some much per view? Where does the site’s revenue itself come from?
      (Where are the servers located – hee-hee!)

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  4. 3 strikes in prison, 4 strikes in hospital, diagnosed schizophrenic, on Lithium – obviously still delusional and does not comprehend that his thinking/beliefs are delusional. I’m sorry, but this one’s a keeper – keep him locked up for his own good as well as that of the population at large.
    “Against his will”? No, no – if you can’t distinguish delusion from reality, you are not capable of articulating “your will”. You are only capable of expressing desired impulse gratification. In my opinion. He can still have basic Human Rights, but not the same Civil Rights that you & I enjoy. Humane treatment, yes. Unsupervised autonomy? Never again.

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      • I had an inspiration, about what to do about all these people who choose to believe that an alternate reality – like Q-Anon-land or Kevin Asshat-land or Arthur Kaoutal-land – is the genuine reality.

        I propose legislation which would restrict their social-political impact to the reality that they believe in. If they choose to believe that ours is a fake-news fantasy, and Q-Anon’s is genuine, they can cast their election votes IN Q-Anon-land – by texting their choice of candidate to a Q-Anon election hotline number, and he/she/it can input their ‘vote’ directly into the Q-Anon balloting system. Which would have no relationship or connection to OUR balloting system. And whomever they ‘elect’ could represent them within Q-A-land but only within that reality. Like, Ronald McDonald-Trump could issue executive orders that go into effect in Bannon-land, but not in Consensus America/Verifiable Fact America. And they could only access governmental services within Q-A-land. Their phones would be blocked for our 911 (UK-999?) numbers, but they could send an emergency text to Q-A-land and then wait for the Q-A-land Emergency Services to respond. (Hee-hee!)

        I was inspired by this:

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  5. I hope everyone’s ok with my being friendly to Angela (through gritted teeth, I hasten to add) in order to try to get info’ from her. For what it’s worth I did take a shower afterwards 🙂

    This is the previous exchange to which she’s referring, btw:

    I appear to have cropped out my original question but if memory serves it was about whether she was still in Spain or back in Oldcastle. Really evil trolling stuff, you know.

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    • Does Yeshua Jesus use a Voice Analysis program?. How very modern of him.
      Poor Ange’s mixture of combining Ye Olde Worlde bible thumping with her rather limited knowledge of internet memes along with her endless claims like the one where she said she was trained as hit man/kiddie at eight, makes her sound like a very muddled old goat.

      But of course she’s really a classic grifter / con-artist of the very cheap variety and one way to spot them is they pick up all sorts of themes (in limited doses) to sound knowledgeable while they relive you of that £20 note. Only much later does the mark realise they have been dazzled with a bit of nonsense.

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    • Just make sure you wash your hands well afterwards!!!!

      (actually, if I had to talk to her for any reason, I’d be having a good LOOOONG hot shower afterwards)


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    • Damn, that’s a lot of gullible people commenting there. Do they really not have the capacity to see how daft the claims made in this hoax are?

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      • Lane Page wants to go undercover as a primary school kid, so that tells us all we need to know about the brain capacity on display here.

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    • They show no understanding, that they’ve already condemned everyone with greater social, political or financial power-influence than themselves as pedos, either by name or by group association. Nor that they often confer the same accusations on each other. And that they’ve vowed to personally ‘eliminate’ everyone on their lists, including each other. You have to assume they just haven’t contemplated what the world would be like if they really were in charge of things 🙂
      Then again, they’d probably claim that they WANT an every-man-for-himself state of anarchy, because they are confident they’d come out on top. Well, I’m for law & order and The Rule of Law but…I’m the one backed up by helicopters, a tank, and 1800 armed & experienced “foot soldiers”. I don’t think any of them would stand a chance LOL!

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      • “I just had a guy on that basically was having an argument on the internet with some people, and went to prison for 4 months” – Ed Opperman on Rupert Q

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    • Opperman just mentioned that he has already spoken to Rupert. He said Rupert was sent to prison because of an argument on the internet.

      Is Opperman serious?

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        • AFR advertise the Opperman show for 1pm PST which is 9pm here – but still the show went out early. Even the radio show doesn’t know what it’s doing. You can’t get the help these days. 🙂

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          • I checked back in a bit later on that Tere Joyce woman is entertaining. Makes Mad Moo look like a choir boy.

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        • I listened to the link provided, seems all mention of lil rupee and the good rev have disappeared completely, you can tell he is in it for the $$$ seems every 30 secs he mentioned you can buy an episode for ‘ only a dollar ninety nine!!’

          I’ll pass thanks


  6. Malcolm writes:

    “poor Stevie fae XXXXXX
    February 1, 2018 at 5:41 am

    Well he was posting a month ago, and no his meds are DEFINATELY not working…
    (about 4 pages down on my screen,

    Did you mean: DEFINITELY
    Search Results
    definately. Answer: a. Definitely means for sure. Defiantly means in bold opposition to some authoritive force. Definately is not a word.19 Oct 2011
    lulz ”

    Two or three points Malc;

    Had Stevie been who you think he is (which I doubt) you’d be mocking a man with a recognised disability, Dyslexia. Still, it didn’t stop him achieving a Masters nor did it prevent him working as an Academic for many years.

    Do remind us what academic or professional qualifications you hold Malcolm?

    As you’re so keen on criticising other people’s standard of literacy, the word “poor” in what you wrote should start with a capital letter. Your paragraph (such as it is) should conclude with a full stop, and it’s possibly a good idea if you also learn to spell the word “I”. I know that’s all an awful a lot for you to take in, but still.

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    • The sad twat watches this blog 24/7, waiting to pounce on spelling errors (among other things), yet his own spelling is atrocious. I think it’s a self-projection thing. Still, look on the bright side – at least while he’s busy stalking us his daughter can feel safe.

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      • Yes TSLF, I see he does. I wonder what happened to ‘if you don’t quote the whole thing you just look like a dick’ ??????? This Kirknewtown place must be massive sayin as everybody who posts here comes from there!!!! And BTW Malkie answer the question , what qualifications or trade is it you have?????? Did you get a special certificate to go creeping around the backs of houses terrifying young girls?? Or a diploma in chasing innocent women down the street spouting filth at them! Is the irony of you, a proven child abuser, calling anyone else a nonce actually lost on you?

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      • Creepy, obsessive, quite content to put an innocent young girl in danger.

        Just like Poppi Worthington’s father, he has been found by a civil court to be a child molestor, but not charged with anything (because the civil court has not that power) and hides behind this. The truth about him is obvious however. Very obviously a man who is connected with the successful conviction of at least two, possibly three sex offenders, frightens him.

        When I read here that another hoaxer had been arrested my hope was it would be Malcolm, the sooner that vermin is in jail, the sooner innocent young girls can sleep safe at night. But very soon I think it will be. The gentleman he stalks has a great deal of support from police officers not just in Scotland but all over Europe.

        FYI He is silent, no-one here is him Malcolm, and I don’t think he will be pleased at us posting here tonight! But it’s an exception I think to recognise that his silence obviously scares you rigid Malcolm. It is nice to watch you squirm you sick child abusing monster.

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      • He probably thinks irony has something to do with flattening clothes with a hot thing, along with washing, the concept will be alien to him.

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    • I must admit I have a mild dyslexia and suffer from word blindness where I can see a word not there and assume I have written it. It happens when I pound out a response quickly.
      The odd thing is I also do part-time sub-editing for a chain of newspapers and they pay me for it !
      But then I take extra special care and double-check everything.

      Another small reason we who comment on here actually do it for free but if El Coyote who I believe is fairly high up in the FSB, CIA and MI6 could arrange George Soros who funds all three to get me a regular stipend I’d be most delighted. (ps I had a Jewish mother- no pressure but we do rung the world EC so look lively).

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      • Yes, it’s definitely one of those words that are commonly misspelt. I started compiling a list a while back (though I know there are loads online now). Off the top of my head, it included ’embarrassed’, ‘Portuguese’, ‘jewellery’, ‘calendar’ and ‘separate’.

        Most such lists, by the way, will include ‘committee’ and ‘accommodation’. They’re like the rock stars of the misspelling world 😀

        On a related point, I’m always fascinated by the irony of so many people mispronouncing ‘pronunciation’. It isn’t ‘pronounciation’, as many people say it.

        And while I’m on, can TV chefs PLEASE stop calling it ‘tumeric’? It’s bloody TURMERIC. Capeesh?

        OK, I appear to have wandered off at a tangent somewhat. Anyway, must dash – I’m off to ponder on how something can be described as indescribable. Laters 🙂


        • Like yanks and their aloomunum….
          And I wince every time I hear them say they are ‘soddering’ a wire- there’s a bloody L in it- it’s soLdering!!!

          Is the US army full of sodders???
          Then why on dogs green earth would you sodder a wire!!!



          • ‘Thurrow’ for ‘thorough’, ‘erbs’ for ‘herbs’, ‘Gram’ for ‘Graham’…
            Oh the humanity 😮


  7. Phew! Thanks for the warning, Cat. I saw that just as I was about to pop in my time machine and go back to yesterday, when the supermoon thing happened 😀

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    • Was so annoyed about that, the clouds started gathering about 2pm, by 7 when it was supposed to be rising was 100% cloud cover and stayed that was ever since.

      Still at 100% cover even now


    • ***EXEMPTION***
      Cures will not be applied to child sex crime perps who claim to be elite pedo-ring whistleblowers.
      Committee of Pedo-hunting Troofers


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