False Start Foundation troll strikes back

It was probably inevitable that yesterday’s post about the False Start Foundation’s harassing genuine survivors of child sexual abuse, while pushing their own “Satanic ritual abuse” agenda, would have provoked a bit of backlash. And sure enough, Cat Scot/CalamiTcat/Lesley Scott lashed back within hours.

First on Facebook: …and then on her “Spidercatweb.blog” (whoa, would you check out the retro pre-1990s graphics on that one!)

Cat/Lesley seems quite excited, as of course one might be upon realising that one’s antics had been covered by this blog and read by thousands. (Even if one cannot seem to spell the name of said blog, not that we’re bitter.)All right, LesCat, which is it: “thousands” of UK survivors, or 10? We realise that maths is not usually a forte of the conspiraloon set, but really, you need to pick a number and settle on it.

To prove her hypothesis (well, one of them, we’re not sure which), LesCat directs readers to two pages on her blog.

Exhibit A…sort of

The first, which we’ve archived here, offers a cornucopia of unsubstantiated dot-joining, a “real history of Satanism” by American certifiable loony Lyndon LaRouche (remember him?), some irrelevant census statistics about the number of Satanists in Scotland, and some news stories from the 1990s—the heyday of the UK “Satanic panic”, when every second news story started with, “THE SATANISTS ARE RAPING OUR CHILDREN!!!1!” Ah, the good old days.

We won’t bother going through each of the stories in detail, but suffice to say that unless one is a slavering Satan hunter with an obsessional interest in sexually torturing children, one won’t find any “proof” here, just a lot of histrionic headlines and disproved assumptions.

Exhibit B: like Exhibit A only even less convincing

The second page of “evidence” is, if anything, even less convincing.

It consists of lists of links to click-bait stories like this:

CHILDREN in Scotland have been filmed being murdered by paedophiles in so-called ‘snuff movies’.

Two leading charities say they have spoken to victims of ritual abuse including rape and murder stretching back decades.

Kate Short, founder of Kilmarnock-based childhood abuse charity, Break the Silence, said: “In the worst cases (people) have been forced to watch the making of snuff movies. It’s the extreme, barbaric type of terror that can lead to serious personal disorder.”

Kate also said, often brothers and sisters are made to have sex with each other, and that animals are also involved.

She added: “This is something that has been going on forever and I can’t see it ever stopping.”

The claims were reported by the Scottish Sunday Express.

Scotland is the only part of the UK which doesn’t currently have an investigation into historic child sexual abuse.

Another leading charity, Dundee-based Izzy’s Promise, also backed the claims.

Project co-ordinator Joseph Lumbasi said: “Eighty per cent of people who contact us are brought up right here in Scotland. Children are born that are never registered. There is pornography, sick films. Horrific things are happening and nobody is getting caught.”

Scottish Labour’s justice spokesman Graeme Pearson MSP, said: “The Scottish government continues to duck and weave on the issue, refusing demands to hold a public enquiry to enable us all to know what is the situation here in Scotland, and how we can protect vulnerable young people.”

Police Scotland said it took all allegations of abuse “incredibly seriously”, while Education Secretary Michael Russell MSP is due to make a statement to the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday.

Tonight the BBC will screen a special documentary which shows shocking hotel footage that captures the moment a girl aged 13 is lured into room to be raped by paedophile.

Is it just us, or is there really absolutely no mention of any evidence pointing to “snuff films” being made using Scottish (or any other) children in this story?

Nor is there anything even mentioning “Satanic ritual abuse”.

In fact, the story is meant to be a lead-up to a BBC documentary to be aired that night, showing footage of a 13-year-old girl being lured into a hotel room to be raped by a paedophile. That’s certainly shocking enough, but it has nothing to do with Satanism or snuff films, and LesCat is either too dim to realise it, or being deliberately disingenuous.

‘Prove SRA doesn’t exist’

Finally, having proven pretty much nothing, LesCat exhorts this blog to “prove” that Satanic ritual abuse is a myth:

Aside from the fact that the onus should really be on her to prove that SRA does exist—a task at which she fails rather miserably—we’d just like to point out that we’ve published multiple posts which debunk SRA, including one just last month, titled ‘An endless tower of lies’: Building the False Construct of Satanic Ritual Abuse.

Not that we expect LesCat or her gang of semi-literate trolls to actually read a long and well-argued article which contains big words and actual logic, but we’re just putting it out there.

87 thoughts on “False Start Foundation troll strikes back

  1. Misleading isnt the word for that ‘article’, the story each of the links leads to is bad (although it isnt that rare unfortunately, 13yr old runs away and is living on the streets and ends up getting abused)- however the Daily Record is quite ingenious in putting links to it entitled things like “brothers and sisters are made to have sex with each other, and that animals are also involved” and “CHILDREN in Scotland have been filmed being murdered by paedophiles in so-called ‘snuff movies’.”, where the link has no such evidence of either of those things actually happening- zip,ziltch,zero!!!

    And if that is the ‘quality’ of Lescats ‘evidence’ they have a long way to go to show that SRA actually exists anywhere but in their fevered imagination

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    • They allege that their late sister Carole Felstead fell under the spell of prominent SRA propagators (including Sinason). They allege that a former head of ethics with the BMA has major questions to answer in relation to her death.

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      • @tdf – the Carol Felstead case, and her family’s website about it, are of such importance that they should be brought up again & again 🙂 What were your thoughts about it?

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        • @Justin

          I think they are highly credible.

          Not wishing to play amateur psychologist (says he, playing amateur psychologist) , but Carol seems to have displayed some of the symptoms of schizophrenia. ( Bear in mind schizophrenia typically manifests in females later than it does in males. )

          It has the sniff of an appalling vista about it ( Lord Denning once notoriously remarked, in relation to the Birmingham Six case, that they couldn’t possibly be innocent, as it would open up such an appalling vista of establishment incompetence and malpractice that he didn’t care to go down that road. Well, as it turned out, the Birmingham Six were innocent, and were eventually cleared. )

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  2. Nope, I ain’t a troll but I have grown up since I used to play with them. You ought to try growing up too CatScot/Ca……etc, etc, etc. Cop the hell on & stop looking for attention like a bold child.

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    • Oooh! Oooh! Those are genuine DAM trolls, aren’t they? Can you still buy them? (How much have I got left in my account…)

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  3. Check out this article that Cat has shared twice on her Facebook page this morning:


    The atrocious grammar and occasional nonsensical English rather gives the site away as fake, despite ‘writer’ Trevor Sherwood’s shamelessly misleading attempt to make it look like a genuine Police Service publication.

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  4. Social Security number? Not National Insurance number? (Davies is British, btw.)

    A few years later? Not 16?

    Awesome fact-checking by both Davies and Angela.

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    • Dreadful governments running up debts to build roads, hospitals, infrastructure..paying the military to keep us safe and no doubt paying social security to fuckwits like Davis Darren and the appalling APD because they are so useless they could never hold down a meaningful job.
      Fuck off with your phony birth certificate then and get out of this society which you could never possibly contribute to and just use up resources.
      Usual question: how do such plonkers make it through a day when they are so thick?

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  5. LOL, look who’s been commenting on Cat’s crappy blog, spouting his usual bollocks and still illegally naming the children:


    Some of you may recognise Truth1 – aka Diligence Integrity – from his YouTube trolling antics. He has frequently described his own crappy blog as “the best website in the World”.

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  6. Cat Scot SPEAKS THE TRUTH : “cause we are going nowhere” !
    Going nowhere fast or perhaps just in circles dredging up the same old ratbag claims time and time again. And by the looks of your excitable posts salivating that you may one day come ( cum ?) across a “snuff movie” of a lad killing his sister .

    I wasn’t aware Hoaxtead claimed there was no such thing as Satanic Abuse, just that the claims in Hampstead are false, vicious, cruel, hurtful and illegal.

    We do question many highly dubious cases of such claims especially the ones where the authorities have proved conclusively it was a fantasy as opposed to your ridiculous links to internet unproven guff.

    To do so would be like claiming there is no such thing as Alien Visitations where we here can’t really know the truth due to being having never shown evidence and despite claims from many that Princess Neelu of Zogg & her handmaiden Dame Mad Moo Mahoudieh of the Zogg Danceteria appear to be “other wordy” or basically off the planet. But we just cannot prove it.

    But then neither can you.
    Say hi to your Pedo Pal- we know you all have at least one.

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  7. ===============================================

    What nasty people they are, her FB page is something unreal. How would anyone support any foundation or not for profit group she is involved with.

    Perhaps that is why there are so few supporting them.

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          • Unfortunately the options to report for harrasment are not available on the other posts, I can only report those as spam. FB do not get back to you about spam though. What do others do in this case.

            Below are examples of the options for reporting, all help greatly appreciated & Sheva, one example of her vile posts. I hope it does not disturb you.

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            • Please don’t worry, I’m ok. Mostly laughing at how stupid Cat is being, but also very determined to expose her vile behaviour. Spam is normally immediately removed but the person is notified and can say, it’s not spam… I’ve had a few reported on me, that weren’t and Facebook reinstated them. I can only suppose that if they think it is spam they don’t ask, but I don’t know.

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          • One annoying thing – and I think FB would struggle to justify this – is that if someone puts an image into their post, you can only report the image and not the post itself. Seriously, you could announce that you’re going to get a machete and go and murder every Jew in Milton Keynes – but accompany it with a picture of a bunny and no one can touch you! I think this is one of the reasons Costa gets away with so much – she always puts image into every controversial post. Deliberately, I’m guessing.

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    • Interesting, she had no visible interest in the SRA hoax a year ago, She was into chemtrails back then mostly, then 3 months later, dropped all interest in those and pizzagate and the fresh start foundation became her focus and its been downhill ever since

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  8. Brenda McNamara is promoting a gofund me page for Jon Wedger on his canal walk from London to Manchester in February. She’s giving the impression Baloney will be there with her “His back”. Grrr

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    • Let’s hope he is, some one can mash up any videos he makes with his common bullshit. Who’s he going to bullshit about? Ben Fellows? Think not, Chris Fay? Errrrm, no, Andrew Ash? Nope, looks like he’s running out of friends.

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  9. New Neelu eviction video:

    Contains previously unseen footage (and Neelu’s sister’s Queen rant, longer than the previous one, is a must-see):

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  10. According to that self-confessed child-beater Malcolm Ogilvy, it’s impossible to post at 1:16 unless you’re in Scotland, because it’s way past everyone else’s bedtime. Or something. Awesome detective skills as always.

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    • People must be really confused when they visit his blog and see posts like that. That’s if anyone does visit it, except for you of course. 😀

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      • Yeah, his blog gets almost no visitors. And if you do visit, all you see is a really messy page that’s impossible to navigate, with plagiarised articles that he passes off as his own and loads of death threats and sexist abuse towards women. He’s a real charmer and I honestly can’t imagine why this psychotic, misogynistic, child-beating imbecile isn’t allowed near his daughter.


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          • Oh, guaranteed. I only post a wee snippet of his crap on here, for the amusement of the masses, though I know Spiny and Scarlet put loads more into his folder. He generally puts up about 5 posts an hour about us on average, mostly nonsensical and usually slanderous and accompanied by a death threat. It’s very entertaining to watch. I mean why pay a fortune for a performing monkey when we get Ogilvy for free?

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          • By the way, you’re a clever wee chappie, Jake. Any idea what point the drooling weeble’s trying to make here?

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    • The fact that I work nightshift and so am often up until dawn escapes him LOL
      (unfortunately I may be going back to day shift only as I only do the nightshift because of the money, but the libs here are trying to get penalty rates taken away, so I for one wont do it anymore unless I get the extra money)

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    • ‘holliegreig justicee’ is Malcolm, I believe. You can tell by his inability to spell the name of his own blog.

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  11. “Can I start a sentence with a conjunction?”

    No, you can’t start a sentence with it! I told you before not to play with that conjunction – it’s an antique. Just put it back where you found it. And stop feeding the gerunds, the yard’s full of them now and they make a big mess. 🙂

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  12. Due to a certain person today doing something in which they should have known better, i am no longer commenting on Hampstead. I have known a lot of you now from early on, via youtube and the days before this wonderful blog. I hope in someways i have provided some evidence or have contributed in some useful way. I hope this is the year that we see social media do more to prevent the spread of videos and hope sooner or later Ella and Abe are brought to justice.

    The person who did what they did today knows full well why i use an assumed name. Due to something code2222 did to get to me a few years back after i commenting that what he did outside Christchurch school being unforgivable.

    I will now being deleting this account and my other social network accounts.

    I thought that over the last few weeks this person and i see eye to eye on the Hampstead hoax and probably do. It wasn’t that this person attacked me per say, just i believe they should have known better. I believe i know who this was and i don’t have any malice for them. I did have a outburst at over something and i did try to pass on an apology.

    I’ve learn so much from this blog, from the great knowledge of satanic panics from Ghost of sam and Justin Sanity and the brilliant Satire from so many on this blog. Thanks for all that you do El Coyete, your dedication to getting an article out every night, your brilliantly written articles and research.

    Its been great to be part of this community and i will miss it. I may be back in the future. Thanks everyone for so much great debate and laughs. Its been a blast.

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  13. I would like to know if there a particular reason why we are all mean to contact Cat via the wilcatscot@yandex.ru email address? Why the Russian email address at a Russian server? I just find it very curious that so many of the conspiratards love Nazis, alt-right / far-right anti-Semetic groups and think that RT is the only authentic news channel.


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