What’s eating Deborah Mahmoudieh?

Something peculiar is going on with Deborah Mahmoudieh.

As our faithful correspondent Moosnight pointed out yesterday morning, she’d posted this enigmatic message late Sunday night:

I’ve been ‘very quiet this week’ state Hoaxtead sock-puppets on Ken O’Keefe’s video beneath my comment. The calm before the storm drears (sic, but nice touch) = DOOM TO SATANIC CARTOON HEADS. 😀

Objectively speaking, Debs was rather quiet last week, especially by comparison with her prodigious output the week before. Apparently Deborah was offended that someone had asked about this—not unusual behaviour for her, as she seems to take offence to a great many things. (Whether that someone was a “Hoaxtead sock-puppet” remains to be seen, but so far no one has owned up.)

The Benight the Chinchillas pagga

We pointed out last week (or was it the week before) that Debs had had a bit of a run-in with her former friends at Benight the Chinchillas: she and Kane Slater had very nearly come to blows, sides were taken, Kristie Sue offered a half-hearted plea for Debs to stay in the group, but Debs rage-quit and slammed the door behind her. All most melodramatic.

And then there were those rants about Debs’ former friends at Zogg, which as far as we can make out is a Sheffield-based dance club cum communal living arrangement? Whatever, Debs was deeply unhappy with them. Two videos’ worth, in fact, in which she berated not only the Zoggians, but her sister, her stepfather, and the milkman. (Okay, maybe not that last one.)

So it seemed possible that Debs’ silence was linked to her upset over her lost friends and family. (Hint from our relationships expert to Deborah: friends stay friends longer when you don’t scream at them and make nasty videos about them.)

The case of the missing videos

Then another reader pointed out that several of Debs’ videos seemed to have vanished from her YouTube channel. Not her various rants about Bitcoin, the California wildfires, or the Pope, mind you. The missing videos seemed to be exclusively related to Hampstead.

Our ears pricked up at this news: we wondered whether something might have happened to change Debs’ mind about the Hampstead SRA hoax. Would we soon be welcoming her into the fold as a new convert? Would this require that everyone be issued with industrial-grade ear protection and body armour? The mind boggled.

But then, oh wait—it seems that not all Debs’ Hampstead videos had disappeared.

For example, “From Cleveland to Hampstead: EXPOSING THE COVER UPS” was still there:

This one contains a classic Deborah screecher starting at about 28 minutes, where she is reading from an article about a film about the Cleveland child abuse case:

‘Two telling sections of the film summed up the crisis: the first was a section which showed file footage of one of the Cleveland parents making an emotional appeal on a breakfast television programme. In it, and egged on by host Anne Diamond, he said that he’d never abused his children and demanded that they be allowed home. Yet the truth was that he’d been convicted of buggering his children’.

SEE? THERE YOU GO AGAIN! THERE YOU GO AGAIN! A guy, he gets a TV interview with Anne Diamond, and he’s saying, ‘I want my children, I want my children’, and yet they haven’t even bothered to realise he was convicted of buggering his children, sometimes in front of his wife apparently. The truth was ignored by Miss Diamond and her team.

THERE YOU GO! AND WE WITNESSED IT, A REPEAT OF IT, AN EXACT REPEAT OF IT, IN THE HAMPSTEAD CASE, haven’t we, with that interview with the lovely semi-professional actor, lawful suspect Rxxxx Dxxxxxx. Okay?

Look, now, [RD] is not a convicted paedophile, is he? No, he just got two detailed testimonies from his children, medical evidence confirming deep anal scarring, and the knowledge that that man was not arrested, but those children were permanently removed from their mother on the GROUNDS OF THE MEDICAL EVIDENCE, but not one person who them children said were responsible for that damage were arrested or investigated, not one single person.

So…not a change of heart about Hampstead then.

We speculated that perhaps YouTube had finally deigned to respond to our multiple, months-old complaints about Debs’ many and varied harassing and defamatory videos. Plausible, but we’d complained about this one too, so why was it still up?

Even more perplexing, it seems Debs has added an old ToothlessGetRuthless clunker to her YouTube Favourites:

So…what we have so far is:

  • A weeks-long flurry of Hampstead-related activity, followed by
  • A snipe-fest with her former friends at Bereft of Chickens, followed by
  • A few days of almost complete radio silence, followed by
  • Removal of some, but not all, Hampstead videos, followed by
  • “Favouriting” a defamatory video about the teachers at Christ Church School.
  • Oh, plus that strange, cryptic note.

What to make of it all? We have no idea. But you can be certain we’ll be keeping our eyes and ears open, as this has definitely piqued our interest.

100 thoughts on “What’s eating Deborah Mahmoudieh?

  1. A fascinating development, EC.

    I notice that she’s also removed a load of Hampstead articles elongated hissy fits from the notes section of her Facebook page!


    So who’s to blame for these mysterious disappearances, I wonder. GCHQ? The lizard people? Those pesky Zionists? The Golden Light Being? Answers on a postcard, please.

    In the meantime, while investigations continue, can I ask everyone to observe the Universal Law of Abundance in Compassion or you’ll have me to answer to.

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        • I wish I knew how to be an unlawfully illegal ‘hacktivist’….I can only imagine the joy of covertly censoring extreme bollicks from the http://www…it‘s my dream to experience it for real but I’m inclined to find such shenanigans a little tiresome and wearing on the brain. I definitely did not comment on any Ken O’Keefe youtube videos. But I wish I had, I’d love to be responsible for shushing that maniac.

          It must be quite conflicting for her…from understanding she needs to stay on the right side of the law to feeling the need to continue being a ‘rebel’ just because she wants to be ‘different’ and ‘unique’ and garner attention.

          I used to have a sneaking admiration for simple-minded people whose view of the world was black or white and were blind to the various hues of grey in between but now I resent them a lot.

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          • As far as I’m aware there’s no reason to believe that whoever annoyed her on YouTube was responsible for her taking down her videos. It’s just that her reaction to that was another example of her strange behaviour this week (even stranger than usual, I mean).

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    • Look, we’ve considered the health & safety implications very carefully and can assure you that if Debs does join us, all regular blog visitors will be supplied with ear plugs, saliva-proof umbrellas and a free jar of tranquiliser tablets. I trust this helps to allay your fears.

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      • I’m not sure that’s enough protection Scarlet….my son told me that if I ever listen to another one of her videos he would smash my computer in (I have to wait till he’s out of the house before I subject myself to such horror)…..we need some kind of indemnity clause….promise me you will release some of George Soro’s funding should my laptop suddenly lose it’s life!

        I have my eye on a particularly snazzy state of the art thingymajib type thing.

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  2. If videos and notes are being taken down something mega is going on. Mark my words.
    They don’t call me psychic (or was it psycho?) for nothing.

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  3. I see JournoAngie’s trying to link John Legend to a German paedophile ring. She’s basing that on… er… er… Sorry, I’ve got nothing.

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  4. I’ve just had a brainwave ….it occurred to me that it would be a jolly good idea to create an FB page called “Correlation is not causation!” as an antithesis to all those ‘connecting the dots’ aficionados.

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    • Don’t knock it- Debs is on to something. Here is my mother’s favourite song and singer from Romania and it’s all about trees and life.
      Something odd has obviously happened to her- has it occurred to her that Neelu is a Princess of Zogg and in fact their Earthly Ambassador?. Perhaps she’s put a spell on Moo.

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    • I just watched a new’s report on the poor thing. Finally captured by 4 burly coppers, wrapped in a rug and sent to a Veterinarian hospital to recover.

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      • Theres quite a few only a few km away, surprising for many is Sydney has quite a bit of bushland around the harbour still and plenty of wildlife still in there. I’m surprised it doesnt happen more often


      • I’m no expert but I think she has talent. And not only would this be a more productive use of her time than trolling but I’m told that painting can be very calming and therapeutic – not unwelcome in Deborah’s case.

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  5. I was inspired to investigate Corey Feldman’s twitter account in greater detail, and I have to say that I’m APPALLED by the ignorance, stupidity and above all the out-of-place egoism raging in those twit-threads!
    It’s beyond farcical…his followers are outraged that some other celebrity is talking about being sexually exploited as a child:
    “So Eliza Dushku speaks up about being sexually assaulted during the filming of True Lies and Hollywood is outraged. Meanwhile @Corey_Feldman has been talking about this sort of thing for YEARS now, and he is met with silence. Hypocrisy, they name is Hollywood”.
    OMG! – how dare they, eh? Corey Feldman INVENTED CSA awareness dammit – that subject belongs to HIM…oy-veh!

    Many of Corey’s followers totally mis-understand the campaign to repeal/extend sex crimes statute of limitations, which is something I personally support (but with limitations – there has to be some protection for vulnerable seniors from compensation-seeking false accusation vultures). They seem to think it has something to do with children who complain of being sexually abused, not being believed – which is just a totally separate issue.

    My old feminista friends must share some of the blame for the ridiculous notion that awareness of CSA is a brand new thing, never known to humanity before our very own times, which is BS. Just staying within the Christian era, go right back to the days of Justin Martyr – who famously contrasted the myth of Christian baby-eaters with the reality that Christians adopted Exposure Infants in part to prevent their being taken in and raised by brothel owners!

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    • Corey Feldman like millions of children was probably sexually abused, but is it necessary to make a movie out of it, or turn his experience into a milk cow to milk for all it is worth? Is it necessary as part of his campaign for justice and satisfaction to target and victimise an entire religion or culture (Satanism), rather like Hitler did with the Jews to bring relief to his ego-mania?

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      • Yes. This smells of hucksterism. I’m not happy about it.
        I may have to start up my very first twitter account…

        (I love the Reptilian tongue-flicking in this video…)

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        • Corey Feldman is ticking a number of boxes of being a Satan Hunter the more I know about him. I guess anyone will have their life changed if they get “millions of donations.” Lets all play the victim and conspiracy card whilst we are at it. Corey feels so entitled, he says he wants donations because he “deserves” it.

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      • Exactly. What sympathy I had for him as an abused young person rapidly evaporated when he started shaking down the public for money and dangling the possibility of naming names if he was given money. And his SRA stuff is just ridiculous and a shameless attempt to get the Christian Right on his side.

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    • You’re right, Hampstead Heath does exist. What does not exist is a gang of child-raping baby eaters operating out of a school and church in Hampstead.

      p.s. What’s a “moran”?

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      • Someones visited from GLP I see (they started using the spelling moran, its supposed to be ‘witty’) and pedogate/pizzagate is still big there with Hampstead occasionally being dragged up.

        For those that havent heard of it before, GLP or Godlike Productions is a conspiracy site where basically anything goes- except strangely mentioning Taverstock- the owner Trinity is/was (been a while since I bothered going there) was a spyware writer and it basically was very dangerous to your computer unless you had it locked down very tightly, and I mean you basically had to be at hacker level yourself to be safe, or used a computer that you could just wipe and start again whenever needed

        I dont know if it has improved, but it wasnt somewhere you went if you had any regards to the safety of your computer (yet its wildly popular with the internets nuttiest nutters) or for that case the safety of your sanity- Flat earth, no worries; Niburu, bring it on; reptilians living in Buckingham palace. perfectly plausible

        They regularly ban whole swaths of ISP ranges and basically say give us money or you cant come- why ANYONE would actually pay to see the tripe they put up is beyond me, but many regularly do


        • Ooh, Godlike Productions – that’s a blast from the pas!. They were very active in the early days of this hoax and have been mentioned on here before. I seem to recall that Abe was a bit of a fan.


  6. My lawful suspicion re Deb is that she’s taken down videos and notes etc where she names people. That means either You Tube and Facebook got their finger out or it means Deb’s had some kind of warning.
    Join the dots people.

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  7. Facebook, Twitter and Google – the internet giants were all at the table in Brussels on Monday to discuss the problem of fake news and online disinformation.

    At last something, hopefully is being initiated about fake news. I think FB etc may have gone away from Brussels to clean their collective houses up!

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    • Illogical, Deborah. Seeing your material online, one may make the a priori assumption that you wish said material to be read and/or viewed, particularly since you have been known to vocalise complaints that not enough people read/view your material. I believe that on Earth such viewing is known as “following” a person’s social media posts, not “stalking”.

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    • You can’t complain about being ‘stalked’ when you leave your Facebook open to the effing public.

      If you don’t want people to look at your Facebook page then make it private. It’s that simple.

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    • Very odd Debs has just posted links about the awful California mud-slides and not claimed a mysterious Harp machine have caused them.
      Of course the awful reality is that mankind probably has caused those mud-slides and the dreadful fires previously but rather than a souped-up Dyson vacuum cleaner it’s surely Global Warming (which we all contribute to including Moo).

      One of the real problems about fucking conspiracy claims is that they help ‘water-down’ scientists hard work and dilute the importance by claiming everything is a deliberate plot rather than human miscalculations and perversity.

      Moo etc are all anti-vaxers as well and these goats promoting these idiot false claims have terrible consequences. In South Africa they still lament that internet conspiracies mongers claimed in the 80s that AIDs was not spread by unprotected sex, beliefs which meant 100,000s of poor souls needlessly contracted the virus.
      Troofer creeps have the deaths of 1000s of innocent Africans on their conscience.


  8. A comment from one of Ogilvy’s creepy mates on his pro-child-beating post. Now you see it…

    Now you don’t 🙂

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  9. Neelu is desperate I think to be sectioned or imprisoned so she can have a roof over her head either via the NHS or at Her Majesty’s pleasure.


    Now I know she has talked about the Hampstead case and she is not suppose to but this new video is worrying. I actually fear for her MP. Has Neelu Berry ever been violent?

    In this video Neelu tells a poor intern she’s issuing her local MP Wes Streeting a 7 day notice as she is demanding unreasonably and unacceptably may I add, a remedy for problems she has created for herself as she refuses to deal with her affairs appropriately.

    Remedies Neelu Seeks within 7 days (Now Listen Up) LMFAO-

    Protection within 24 hours from state terrorism because she’s a whistleblower. Real reason Neelu confesses to as to the reason why bailiffs have been trying to evict her from her home multiple times on Facebook is because Neelu is behind on her mortgage and not because her niece was murdered and overdosed by nurses because social services made them do it for perverted (Neelu has made disgusting sexual claims) or criminal reasons (like organ harvesting).

    Stop false prosecutions and persecutions because Neelu Berry is an expert witness in an evil make believe sick fantastical murder she conjured up. Neelu’s behaviour towards Great Ormond Street staff, where her niece died, has subsequently resulted in her being dishonourably disqualified and removed from being a pharmacist for her disgusting conduct which includes harassment and stalking I think because she has a restraining order against her I believe.

    Witness Protection. Sorry I had to laugh at this one because she wants to be housed in a safe house. LoL. Has Redbridge Council refused her that hostel then?What a sad state of affairs Neelu has deliberately put herself in.

    Stop mental health fraud because Neelu doesn’t want to be sectioned maybe?- “I can hear the sirens coming, men in white coats going to drag your ass to the ward because you been sectioned honey”. LoL.

    Demanding £5 million Lien. Dream on love ain’t going to happen!

    Neelu states frighteningly if her MP doesn’t give her the remedies she seeks he is unfit for office and will be removed. How is Neelu going to remove Streeting though? Neelu sounds dangerous to me and possibly a security risk. Should I email her MP?

    Neelu also states there is someone called an Executor for Remedies in Parliament (Who is this person and who elected them?) who will remove her MP who is unfit for public office and grant her the remedies she seeks. Oh Lord have Mercy.

    Over to you guys. What do you guys think? Plus why wasn’t Neelu removed from her home last time? I’m puzzled why the courts and bailiffs have allowed this to drag on. Neelu is getting more desperate and I fear she is getting more crazy and dangerous by the minute and possibly could hurt someone. I hope all those she is targeting and trying to label as criminals by creating fake mugshots of their faces on Facebook and YouTube don’t get hurt by her or her looney friends.

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    • I’ve been observing Neelu for several years and I have to say this latest doesn’t seem any different to any of her previous performances, tedious phone calls, telling people that if they don’t do what she says they will be out of office, dethroned etc in a week, making hopeless demands which get her nowhere and so on.
      And compared with the sort of abuse MPs and their staff often have to deal with, including death threats and worse, she may come as a bit of a relief, sit back with a cup of tea and a digestive and say “yes” occasionally.
      I would expect the eviction to go slowly – evicting an entire family isn’t a process to rush through at speed, after all.

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      • Well I too have been aware of Neelu’s shenanigans and she seems more unhinged and dangerous to me especially now because of her situation.

        Additionally more concerning is this new friend of hers who has told her he is an “Executor of Remedies from Parliament”, (I’m sure she has made that up herself as she would of said who he was) who will apparently give her the remedy and oust her rightfully elected MP. How will he and Neelu oust him because they can’t do it legally? That’s why I said I was worried because her MP can’t help her.

        Regarding the eviction it has been going on for a year or over now. The courts should allow her to stay in her home and come to a payment arrangement or evict her. It’s not fair what is happening. There is so many videos of them coming and going with paperwork from the court it’s shocking. No one needs stress like that.

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        • She brought it entirely on herself, and I have NO sympathy left for her at all by this stage. She is a serial offender for non payments of- well practically everything- both cars have been towed multiple times for non payment of fines, she has made life hell for god knows how many people in council, businesses, government departments

          Who is this new friend, havent seen it posted to track down which of the sovcits it is- got a link?

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          • Hi Steve Neelu talks about Executor of Remedies in Parliament but doesn’t name him in this video below. Listen from 3.03. Enjoy. LOL.

            Also I wonder why Neelu is keeping this EOR secret even though she loves naming names. I’m sure we will know soon.

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      • I suspect that Neelu and her entire family are being closely monitored, and when they pop out for a shopping trip will return to find the house barricaded against their entry, the local police are all too aware of her and her antics (jeez just look at the number of times they have had to attend that address, I dare say the cars could drive themselves there by now)
        One possibility is that the eviction was temporarily called off due to the entire families obvious disconnection with reality, they may be seeing if they could be taken into medical custody- contrary to popular belief, the police arent cold hearted bastards who just haul you away on a whim, in many cases they will bend over backwards to give someone a fair go, even if they dont always deserve it

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        • Agree Mik and Steve. I thought as well when Neelu was begging people to come to her house bailiffs and police left for safety reasons and or mental health input with social services was needed to rehouse them in a hostel since Neelu and Co don’t want to help themselves the right way. But we will see.

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      • I would imagine a multi-agency meeting (housing,police,mental health etc)may be convened to coordinate an action plan to best resolve the Neelu self inflicted accommodation mess.

        Personally,I would like to see the full costs of all this entirely unnecessary nonsense laid firmly at Neelus (eventual)door rather the tax payers,however there is as much chance of that as Neelu sorting out her own affairs with good grace and consideration for others.

        The shit will be hitting the fan in Neeluland before long and it will not be pretty.

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        • The ten ill conceived,outer limits commandments of Madame Bonkers:

          1. Reinstate / Backdate / Immediate Payment of Benefit Denial Frauds By Redbridge Council against Neelu Berry since Nov 2016 to date, of 3 Peel Drive IG5 0JR to be paid to Mrs N Berry

          2. Revoke all False Prosecutions of Neelu Berry

          3. Reinstate / Backdate / Immediate Payment of Benefit Denial Frauds By Redbridge Council against Sadhana Chaudhari since 2012 within 7 days

          4. Public Liability Insurance claim against Redbridge Council for terrorism since death of baby Sunaina in care of Redbridge Social Services in the sum of £5 million

          5. Witness Protection to family of baby murdered in the care of social services

          6. Refund of all Council Tax for breach of contract at 3 addresses in Ilford North since death of baby Sunaina on 26 October 2000

          7. Refund of fraud fine of £10,703-12, see attached receipt, paid to Bexley Council on behalf of Redbridge Council by Sadhana Chaudhari and the same amount paid by Rajesh Kumar in a fraud HMO license prosecution by Redbridge Council

          8. Lift Restriction on Shed in garden at 3 Peel Drive which is the correct height for a pitched roof by Redbridge Planning

          9. Fully Investigate the actions of Romford County Court Bailiffs, Clearway Metal door suppliers, Locksmiths, Police x 6 on 9th Jan 2018 whilst Judge Dodsworth had transferred the case to the RCJ.

          10. Settle claim for damages in 9 above in the sum of £1 million within 7 days for Bailiff Fraud, Court Fraud, Court Bailiff Fraud, Locksmith Fraud, Ruin Fraud, Impoverishment Fraud, Homelessness Fraud, Bank Fraud, Mortgage Fraud

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  10. Strange, her claims are getting smaller and smaller, thats almost a reasonable sum for compensation (although the claims themselves are still completely bonkers) and I dare say in the US, they would be considered normal amounts of compensation, still a little extravagant for the UK.

    No demands for all and sundry to be tried for treason and high treason, no demand for one billion gagillion fafillion shabadabalo shabadamillion shabaling shabalomillion yen like before- how strange!!

    (and I wasnt able to access PinkIvy’s video at 12.07 before, just came up blank for me with a little g+ symbol in the corner)


    • Was it ‘MP Wes Streeting given 7 day Notice to PROVIDE REMEDY OR STEP DOWN?’

      poor bloody work experience chap, after that phone call, he’s probably thinking of becoming a lighthouse keeper, or sewer maintenance worker, basically anything that ensures he never has to deal with people like her ever again

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