Neelu violates (non-fraudulent) restraining order in Facebook live-feed

When we heard that Neelu Berry had put up another live-feed on Facebook yesterday evening, we assumed that perhaps she’d had another encounter with the bailiffs. As it turned out, she was just rehashing last week’s excitement, but in the course of doing so, managed to commit two potential breaches of the restraining order she received in July 2016.

After several long minutes of waffle about jurisdictional fraud and committing treason and whatnot, one of the commenters asked, “What about [Child P and Child Q]? Neelu responded:

Woo. Sabine has…uh, I dunno, a three-day trial on the 19th of November, uh, 2018? She was in there a few days ago, last week. Um. And you know, it’s a huge…the police officer who interviewed the children is heading her prosecution of over a dozen breaches of this restraining order, which we all know is a fraud. [It’s a three-week trial for 19 charges, but who’s counting?—Ed.]

You know it’s like a football match, you don’t get to half-time, and they say, “Who’s won?” I mean, that’s what they did, they never got to half-time. They sent the jury home, the judge then decided he was going to do a restraining order. [Correction: the jury was dismissed but asked to stay as things began to kick off in the courtroom—Ed.]

Well if you have a jury trial that hasn’t gone far…hasn’t completed…we never got to have our say, because the prosecution gets to have a say first. So what you have to do is you have to say “no plea” which means “you haven’t shown me any evidence so I can’t plead guilty or not guilty, you’re having a laugh here, it’s a no plea”, okay, and then you do a “no jurisdiction” plea which means there’s crimes committed, it’s, there are corruption crimes committed. The magistrates court or the crown court can’t deal with the matter if it’s a corruption. Because of these protection frauds, these organized criminals, and these offices or courts have been taken over by the organized criminals, and because the judges have nothing to do with the orders and the, you know the orders are all done by the other side, so the state is prosecuting you, they do all the drafting of the orders, and the court staff pretend that it’s been okayed by the judge. [Correction: the judge reads and signs the order, but don’t confuse Neelu with facts.—Ed.]

Having wandered off into her own little world of frauds and corruptions, Neelu was brought back sharply by another prompt from the commenter. She tried again:

Michelle, you know [Child P and Child Q], I don’t know what the update is because I’m not in touch, but I mean, I suspect that they are going to be undergoing severe mental torture to try to make them believe that what happened didn’t happen, this’d be psychotherapists and psychiatrists, and they’ll be put in all kinds of…cos you know Judge Pauffley, she’s retired at 61 now, I don’t know if you know that. And there’s something going on, but these things all happen through the back door. We won’t get to know about it. There’s a lot going on, but we’re not told about, we’re not going to find out the truth of it.

But um, the children, um…God bless them, all right? ….


There followed another several minutes of wibble about…actually, we’re not sure. We confess we were starting to tune out, and the office cat was demanding attention.

But we jumped to attention when a second commenter asked, “Any news on [Child P and Child Q]? Neelu replied,

I don’t know, I tell you who might know. Angela Power-Disney might know. Cos as you know, Sabine is not allowed on the internet. So you can’t contact Sabine. And she’s not particularly active on any particular case, but she’s more of a campaigner on children’s laws.

You know things are truly in a bad way when people start citing Angela as an expert in…well, anything, really.

As for Neelu, it seems she has been cast out of the inner circle, and no longer knows enough about RD’s children to pass on any juicy nuggets of intel to the drooling conspiranoids at the gates. Probably just as well, though of course it won’t stop her from making random shite up as she goes along.

Some things, it seems, never change.

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  1. I’m actually a bit surprised that Neelu breached. After a couple of wobbles right after her trial, she seemed to get the idea that she should keep her gob shut about Hoaxtead, and I was beginning to think the lesson had stuck. I was beginning to credit her with a bit of sanity after all, and now I’m disappointed. 😦

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    • You are surprised she breached? Is this really the Old Rat Watcher we know & love? Do mice eat cheese? Is the world flat? Is the Pope..etc?.
      One thing is for sure- with friends like APD, Bellend etc etc who needs enemies? Hiding out in that loft they would be the first to point & shout “up there” when the authorities came a ‘knocking.
      Perhaps Neelu is conducting an experiment so see how low she can actually go before she realises all is lost and her ‘pals’ are in on the joke and aiding.

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      • I was only surprised because unlike certain other folk she seemed to be controlling herself on the Hoaxtead front…made me think perhaps she wasn’t as mad as she seemed, or that she had a bit more self-control than some.

        However, I see the error of my ways now. Won’t be making that mistake again!


    • Neelu will soon need a place to stay, so cunning move by her to potentially break court orders, which will enable her free board and lodging where so many of her Satan Hunter friends have been going.

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  2. (Apologies, this will be off-topic)
    @shevaburton – many thanks for the direct to Jimmy. Haven’t been there for awhile, and very interesting, particularly the links to B.H. vids which are MASSIVE reveal. Totally devastating, really. I suspect you’ve been pointing to these things previously, but I can be very slow to ‘hear’ when I’ve got something else on me mind 🙂
    In any case, for you dear woman, here is my letter to Mark Easton dated 9/1/15:
    [Mr Mark Easton,
    Are you one of those BBC news personnel described as “blocking” the Panorama expose on CSA frauds? If so, I hope you’ll reconsider.
    Do you fear that genuine victims like Shirley Oaks Survivors Association (SOSA) won’t come to you, if you support the Panorama program? You’re wrong.
    When survivors of victimization find their voice, nothing will stop them from speaking out – as they say themselves – and if you are willing to assist them in speaking for themselves rather than presuming to tell their stories yourself, they will come to you.
    Survivors of the residential schools for First Nations children in Canada haven’t stopped speaking out just because fraudulent parasite fantasists like Kevin Annett have been exposed.
    To do nothing to expose the vampires & vultures feeding off the genuine tragedy of people like SOSA, such as the lying scumbag con-artist Chris Fay and his gang of Truther loonies and false accusers, such as the Belinda McKenzies and Sabine McNeils, such as the Exaro conspiracy, would be true moral cowardice in my opinion.]

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      • Very true & they could be soul twins. After all Neelu has already lost any credibility she ever had & Morticia will never have any with any law firm associating with Tracy Morris & believing that people were eating babies that were shipped/flown in for that particular purpose.

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  3. I had to laugh when she made the claim that she was ‘struck off’ the medical register for being ‘too good’

    She drags up old Tom Crawfraud, and practically everything she says is either misrepresented, or just plain pure fabrication
    She started getting rattled at one stage when apparently some people on her live chat started asking questions that apparently didnt suit her agenda, you could hear the agitation in her voice

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    • She creeped me out with her smirks, I know they are tells……she is taking great pleasure in sharing this disinfo, I was watching the live pendragons arrest of the Lord Mayor and they are always agitating and pushing limits……like the way they have got so many people watching illegal videos, some of them are laughing at what they think they’re pulling off……
      Penny Pullen is quite well off and probably finances alot of stuff. She was a partner of Fresh Start Foundation and very involved in co creating satanic panics, She will probably help Neelu.

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  4. And Doazic has covered how Tom Crawford really lost his house, Crawfraud there a number of videos including the protests which also have familiar faces that were at Hampstead & other events anti CSA, supposedly.
    Doazic is or was, I havn’t looked at it for ages, on the Hoaxtead exposed, also called a pedo supporter, for his exposures on Tom and others like Karl Lenz who used to be on UK Collumn with Brian Gerrish…..
    If people can see my facebook I’ve put screenshots of a recent Twitter follower: Lordfec2 or digitaldemocracy….. when I took a look and followed a few links in about 3 steps I landed on a SMART Twitter account…..yes that SMART they are determined it seems to overwhelm social media with Satanic Scandals …………. Lordfec YouTube channel was the only place that I could find the Hampstead video, with Brian & Lou Collins……….at the time, he had denounced it, he didn’t want to lose his grip on Melanie Shaw and she was so adamantly against it and vocal, that he had to pretend………….that he openly supported Sabine recently speaks of desperation to me……….but then he really, really, really wants to suppress the real truth on this……………He collaborated with Kevin Annett too.
    Why would they need to put so much effort in if it were true? As JS says, once we start, we cannot stop, talking and given the time since I was listening to those already further ahead than me in understanding and waking up, grrr another term they’ve stolen & perverted….. anyway, some of those people are still working on this issue…. determined to stop it being so easy for common or garden as Belinda sneeringly calls it, but common, is the word, too many have been either covered for or allowed in the real world where real children are being abused.
    I would imagine that any abusing parents would be up in arms at the new sex education or PSHE, I think……We need it to be easier to report and remove the abuser, not the child if the other parent is non abusing….this has not been happening and needs to change with also less traumatising ways for cases to proceed. I would also imagine that they would love to attend anti CSA events and groom vulnerable people, find more victims and steer the attention in the way that these hoaxes allow, enable and encourage.


    • What is this sudden infestation of fedoras? NIgel Le Farage, Gunther Van Hagen, Owen Oyston, suddenly they’re on every questionable head, are they an alien parasite feeding off the brains inside … hang on …

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  5. Just to reiterate that Neelu breaks two restraining orders in this video, the other one being her life-time restraining order relating to her harassment of Great Ormond Street and King George’s hospitals. She’s barred from publishing accusations relating to the death of her niece:

    See also:

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  6. Re: @drifloud
    Twitter sent a notification to me yesterday:

    “An update on your report

    Thanks again for letting us know. Our investigation found this account in violation of the Twitter Rules:
    Drif Loud

    We appreciate your help in improving everyone’s experience on Twitter. You can learn more about reporting abusive behavior here.”

    The account still appears active, I am unsure what they are going to do about the violation.

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    • I see Manuela is once again complaining that this blog’s Hampstead articles are too complicated for her. Maybe there’s a niche for a dumbed down version of HR for the likes of her. “Once upon a time, in a far off land known as Hampstead, there were two little children and an evil dwarf…”

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      • Well at least Manuela said one true thing in that mass of bovine excrement…
        “I am not Kris Costa… and we are not even related lol… but we, Kris and I, are were much on the same level…as is the case with Deborah Mahmouden and Jake Clarke too.

        Yes, yes, you are all on the same level… not something to be proud of IMHO, but I will agree you lot are all on the same level….

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  7. Why I have become active again.

    When there is a serious attack on my religion, is when I become active. What I write is relevant to the Hampstead SRA Hoax situation.

    A user on Twitter recently called for the Satanic Temple HQ in Salem USA to be burnt down. A former Hollywood child star called Corey Feldman retweeted the tweet with supporting words. Feldman is a type of Satan Hunter who is campaigning against what he claims is a serious paedophile problem in Hollywood, He is a born-again Christian, and is highly hostile to Satanists. Feldman has 157K followers, so what he says has influence.

    Satanic Temple members challenged Feldman and the person calling for arson to Satanic Temple HQ. Lucien Greaves a co-leader of Satanic Temple called upon followers to report any abuse to Twitter. It does not appear that any action or tweet of Satanic Temple would have been contrary to T&C of Twitter, but they suspended the Greaves Twitter account.

    Satanic Temple released a press release claiming religious discrimination, threatened Twitter with legal action. Satanic Temple prides itself of being within the law, the suspension is seen by the Satanic Temple as damaging to the core image it wishes to show to the public, so it is predictable legal action will happen.

    There is no justification of suspending the Greaves Twitter account, but it gives those who wish to hurt Satanists, their families and their property justification and support to attack us. My first action on becoming active again was to test Twitter new moderation system by referring @drifloud on Twitter. Twitter reported @drifloud violated their T&C, but he appears still to be active as an account. In the light of tweets that @Drifloud and Trump is getting away with, I am furious at the situation of Greaves getting suspended for trying to stop abuse and threats of harm to Satanists and property.

    Yesterday, Greaves reported on Facebook:

    “Today a man came to our headquarters in Salem smashing one of our outlet covers and apparently looking for a way inside. When we confronted him, he threatened us with what appeared to be a sharpened screwdriver. He is now in custody.

    Of course, this comes only a day after news outlets reported upon my Twitter ban, noting that my ban is result of my outcry against Twitter’s refusal to take action upon direct threats to the Salem TST headquarters property. I have no way, right now, of knowing what directly inspired this man’s actions today, but I do know that when threats of violence against us seem to have the sanction of social media mega-giants, delusional would-be heroes against an imaginary Satanic Cult Conspiracy are likely to feel emboldened. When the public is aware that threats of violence against The Satanic Temple are not considered “real” threats, merely because of who we are, should we be surprised if some people come to believe that actual violence against us is perfectly acceptable?”

    Hampstead people are lucky that they have so far escaped serious harm to life and property. To date only Rupert Wilson Quaintance IV has come close to hurting someone. What is posted on the internet does have consequencies. The attack on Satanic Temple HQ vindicates my position why I opposed the Hampstead SRA Hoax.

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    • Sorry to hear of the attack on your property SV. Twitter and facebook and utube all still have a long way to go towards becoming responsible corporate citizens, but they are slowly being brought to task over their irresponsible attitudes, a few more lawsuits and possible country wide bannings might get them to become more proactive in controlling what is posted by their users

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    • Thanks for the update SV, Corey Feldman is an idiot but when he retweets for property to be burnt down, then something needs to be done.
      I agree with what you stated, I can see no justification for suspending Lucien’s Twitter account.

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    • I became interested in this case when there was an attack on my religion too, at a Church of England church. I remember an elderly lady and a vicar being chased down the street by Neelu and her friends. They were subjected to verbal aggression, had cameras shoved in their faces and were accused of crimes they hadn’t committed. When I saw this it brought home to me that the Hoaxteders are potentially dangerous and that the law needs to step in and deal with them.

      While Neelu claims there was no investigation into the Hampstead hoax (total rubbish) I’d like to know why those who chased that lady and the vicar down the street weren’t investigated and brought to justice. I don’t suppose we’ll ever find out.

      As it is, I’ll be glad if the Police pick Neelu up for the breach of the Crown Court Order. She can’t be allowed to run roughshod over the law every time she feels like it.

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    • @SV – yes, very sorry to hear of these troubles 😦
      Please pass my condolences and moral support to Lucien. There was a lot of this going on, circa 1985-1992, and of course I came into this field as a representative of anti-defamation network for non-traditional religions similar to SAFF. A close friend of mine was very seriously victimized, she had a New Age bookstore and was a Goddess-worshipping public “witch/wiccan”. Following a tornado that caused millions in damage and killed many people, local evangelical whackos blamed HER because her own trailer suffered little damage while others around hers were flattened. Trashed her business, trashed her trailer, death threats, etc., and eventually burned her trailer down. She fled the area, of course. Never heard from her again.

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  8. I’m hoping that all rational people will boycott the reboot of satan-hunter Roseanne Nut-Barr’s program in March of this year. I certainly will not watch it, nor even discuss it publicly, once it starts up.

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    • Screw Roseanne Barr..a promoter of “Satanist baby eater” claptrap and in awe of Donald Trump.
      No wonder her ex Tom Arnold thinks Trump is the Devil’s spawn.
      # what a shame the unexpected death of Joan Rivers deprived of us of her views on The Don.


  9. I think we should all take a moment to think about Neelu’s front door. What a stoic piece of carpentry that door is, they don’t make them like that any more.


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