UPDATE: Sabine’s case management hearing

Sabine McNeill attended Blackfriars Crown Court yesterday morning for her first pre-trial case management hearing. She has been charged with four counts of stalking and 15 counts of violating a restraining order.

The hearing had originally been scheduled to take place at Southwark Crown Court, the site of Rupert’s trial, but was moved at the last minute to yesterday’s venue.

However, following a representation from the Crown, HHJ Hillen ruled that the case would be moved back to Southwark. He noted that the move to Blackfriars had been down to an administrative error.

The case management hearing will reconvene on Thursday, 11 January, at which time we hope to hear whether a date has been decided for Sabine’s trial.

Belinda and friends

Belinda, Jake Clarke, Mary Rooney, and an unidentified gentleman (dubbed “Swampy the Sandwich Stealer**” during Sabine and Neelu’s July 2016 trial) turned out to support Sabine yesterday.

While their behaviour was somewhat less disruptive than at the 2016 trial, we noted that “better security” was given as one of the reasons for the switch back to Southwark Crown Court.

It seems that during Sabine and Neelu’s trial, Belinda’s little group made an indelible impression on the staff at Blackfriars, who probably didn’t relish a repeat performance. In the following extremely cheerful précis of the morning’s proceedings, we expect that this is what Belinda meant by “certain types possibly feeling a tad apprehensive” about the trial continuing at Blackfriars:

SABINE & INTERNET ON TRIAL (1) Due to what was referred to by the judge as an ‘administrative error’, the first of Sabine’s pre-trial hearings at Blackfriars Crown Court this morning was adjourned and will be heard instead on Thursday morning at Southwark Crown Court. Better security at that court was one of the reasons given for the switch-over — certain types possibly feeling a tad apprehensive?? For us supporters, no problem at all hanging around from 9.30 till 12.15, only to be told that the hearing was off for today; we’d already enjoyed the opportunity for a good, long catch-up chat + exchange of useful information so were only too happy to bowl off to Pret-a-Manger up the road (where we’d celebrated Sabine’s birthday in September 2016) well ahead of the lunch-scrum for a spot of Pret’s very delicious soup (or their new elixir, hot turmeric coconut milk – recommended!) and more chat. All-in-all, a pleasant morning! We noted that the ‘other side’ headed by Officer-in-the-Case (OIC) DC Steve Martin didn’t look quite so cheerful regarding the ‘administrative error’…these types know that every minute of delay in securing their revenge is not to their advantage, in a world very rapidly waking up to the reality of the SRA form of child-abuse, being already fully cognisant of its milder form, CSA, or common-or-garden paedophilia which mostly flourishes in families. Yet all child-abuse is an abomination and not to be tolerated on this planet for one single year longer. As for the internet being on trial, which is why a presumably cyber-savvy QC name of Ms Moore has been wheeled in to put over the Crown Prosecution case against Sabine, down the line this trial and her effort will doubtless be viewed as a futile attempt to ‘shut the stable-door after the horse has bolted’- it will only highlight the futility of trying to control the internet at this belated stage! Earliest dismissal of this trial and this case, if there even is a case against Sabine which seems doubtful is way the best option, IMO.

The entire internet is on trial? This is rather exciting news. Of course, we’d be right behind any attempt to put the internet on trial, as we’re certain that any right-thinking jury would understand that with great freedom comes great responsibility, and that innocent children and families can be made to suffer when the internet is misused.

As far as DC Martin seeming less than cheerful about the administrative error, we expect that as a hard-working police officer, he would have preferred to use the extra time spent in court for actual police work, such as, you know, arresting criminals.

A suggestion for Belinda

Judging from the above, we expect that Belinda is unaware of the sub judice rule which governs the publication of matters currently under consideration of the Court, so as a courtesy we’d like to offer a friendly reminder.

From the moment when an arrest warrant is issued, or an arrest takes place, until a verdict is reached, any of the following activities constitute contempt of court and could result in a fine or imprisonment:

  • Publishing details of jury deliberations;
  • Filming or recording within court buildings;
  • Making payments to witnesses;
  • Publishing information obtained from confidential court documents;
  • Reporting on the defendant’s previous convictions;
  • Mounting an organised campaign to influence proceedings;
  • Reporting on court proceedings in breach of a court order or reporting restriction;
  • Breaching an injunction obtained against another party;
  • Anticipating the course of a trial or predicting its outcome; or
  • Revealing the identity of child defendants, witnesses or victims or victims of sexual offences.

Although we’re by no means legal experts, it does seem to us that Belinda is skating very close to “anticipating the course of a trial or predicting its outcome”.

And given her predilection for organising campaigns of one sort or another, we would be remiss if we did not point out to her that this sort of activity, when undertaken in aid of influencing the outcome of a trial, is frowned upon by the court.

Of course, we know that our own readers would never dream of violating any of the above rules, so we won’t bother with our now-traditional reminder.

**”Swampy the Sandwich Stealer” is a follower of Belinda’s who distinguished himself at Sabine and Neelu’s 2016 trial by accepting a butty from Belinda’s Waitrose shopping bag. He then sauntered upstairs to the court’s canteen, helped himself to a sandwich, and left without paying. We assume that he was exceedingly hungry that day.

73 thoughts on “UPDATE: Sabine’s case management hearing

  1. ‘Swampy the Sandwich Stealer” is a follower of Belinda’s who distinguished himself at Sabine and Neelu’s 2016 trial by accepting a butty from Belinda’s Waitrose shopping bag. He then sauntered upstairs to the court’s canteen, helped himself to a sandwich, and left without paying. We assume that he was exceedingly hungry that day.’

    And do I recall that he took a fiver from one of the Hampstead residents when it was offered? You couldn’t make it up.

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  2. “I’ve been right on everything so far.” 😂 😂 😂

    Not so sure Kane’s followers agree about him being right on everything either:

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      • I’ve said it many times as did a High Court judge- something seriously creepy about people who download videos of kids talking about sex and re-publishing them endlessly so perverts can collect them.

        As for the ludicrous claim Trump eats babies- is this extrapolated by Slater’s seeing that The Don is a fan of McDonalds?. And has been known to retire to bed at 6.30 pm with a cheeseburger?
        According to ‘Fire & Fury’ he’s worried about being poisoned so suddenly arrives at a Washington McDonalds to place an order.
        This mob probably figures therefore he phones ahead and orders a Baby Burger and travels by the secret tunnel to #pizzagate where this is a McDonalds in the same street such is the looniness.
        And now I’ve said this I’d only have to post it on 4Chan and it would become fact.
        Madness all around us.

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        • Isn’t Pret a Manger owned by McDonald’s? If Belinda is serious about her claims I think she should be avoiding popping there, even for a bowl of soup – who knows what it might contain. On the other hand, in the real world, run not by Satanists but by businesses keen to turn a profit, it is unlikely that fast food is laced with human flesh. Enjoy your soup Belinda.

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          • I had a quick Google, and you are right. McDonald’s owned 33% of Pret between 2001 and 2008. They then sold out to Bridgepoint. Thanks for putting me right CP.

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          • So no problem with patronising establishments owned by the big corporations then. I’m no self righteous purist but I do prefer to eat at the small family restaurants in London.

            Reminds me of the time one of the conspiraloons posted photos of large amounts of cheap chocolate as proof that she loved her grandchildren. She seemed to have no clue about child labour and slavery in the chocolate business and it hadn’t occurred to her to buy fair trade.

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          • Meanwhile in an alternative reality dreamed of by folk like Belinda McKenzie…

            Scene: Jake Clarke enters a butchers shop in the village of Hoaxland asking for the “special stuff”.


  3. Belinda will pleased that DC Martin is having to use his time in court. The more time he spends in court the less time he spends arresting Belinda’s numerous paedophile friends.

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    • Neelu looks very shaken. I can’t understand though, why she would imagine any other outcome, when all she’s done to avert repossession of her home is run about waving FOTL documents and screaming about financial frauds and treason?

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      • I have mentioned before that in my past i believed a few of the more popular online conspiracies. Well one of the ones i was getting interested in at the time was all the FMOTL stuff. It was only after watching endless videos on Youtube and reading blogs etc that i realised that the FMOTL claims are all rubbish. All these people do is end up making things far worse for themselves in the long-run.

        They will put up videos showing how they have got away with not paying their council tax or water bill for a year and celebrate their supposed victory. They will never put up the video showing the day when the bailiffs came and seized their goods or them being evicted from their homes. Thankfully it was down to FMOTL garbage that made me give my head a wobble and stop believing in fairy tales.

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    • I shouldn’t laugh, bless her, but when her sister shouted “The Queen knows about you”, I just couldn’t hold it in.

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  4. Thanks to Arthur Pint for letting me know about this.

    For once YouTube has taken action against child abuse and removed Kris Costa’s vile ‘Sex on Wednesdays’ video that a number of us reported.

    Thank you, YouTube. And as Kristie Sue herself is always keen to say, “That’s another one for the trophy collection.” 🙂

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  5. Apparently, “a lift from the brother of a friend and neighbour from years gone by” counts as hitching now. Such a rebel 😀

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    • Seems Neelu subscribes to the normal banking and financial system when it suits having taken an interest only loan mortgage and then swishes to the intervened Swissinoodoo rubbish as it falls over.
      Her pals encourage this demented behavior. Who needs enemies with friends like that?

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    • So she can say whatever she pleases if she adds ” No proof, sadly” ???

      Oh well..

      Kris Costa drinks her own urine and eats her own shit, no proof sadly.

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      • She also eats babies. I can’t prove that but I have a gut feeling and her eyes are too close together. Plus she sounded like she was acting in that radio interview..

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        • That is true about Kris drinking urine and eating shit and babies as well. I saw it on the internet so it must be true.

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    • What about the other child, Kristie Sue? The one no one seems to think of, or mention? You know, the one who Ella first said was in the cult, then a couple of years later said wasn’t in the cult, but by then her two youngest were already on video having said he was? Why do none of you lot ever seem to think anything about him? Is his well-being not as important? Go ahead, do tell. I’m all ears.

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      • Exactly, EC… and why did the children tell Police he was in “the Cult”, yep, because Ella and Abe COACHED them to say it. Which is proof that coaching DID happen.

        The hoaxers will never explain that away.

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  6. Debs is under starter’s orders again (and still claiming that all the people who lived in the houses burnt down in the California wildfires are all dead)…

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    • Icke tweeted it with a link to his site that said it, but was also promoting a new book, I didn’t check, I couldn’t care less……….. really but I hope so. Here’s the link https://www.davidicke.com/ I just checked on Facebook and it might be true, the only groups and pages I saw don’t look like they’re his personal one , I thought it could be dramarama, but if true could be a really good sign.

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