Dehumanisation fosters dangerous hatred, vigilantism

We’ve talked before about the ways in which the Hoaxtead mob and their followers create a climate of fear via their threats and intimidation, and we’ve noted that it only takes one unhinged troofer to potentially cause a tragedy:

Just one vigilante, one person who believes in the tripe that’s been spread about the men, women, and children of Hampstead. Just one person who thinks they’ll be ‘doing the world a favour’ by taking the law into their own hands.

We’ve seen it happen already: bloggers like ‘Jacqui Farmer’/Charlotte Alton Ward and Bronwyn Llewellyn have urged their followers to “take action” against innocent families, teachers, and clergy in Hampstead. Various video-makers and bloggers have tried to “name and shame” these same people, based on nothing but gossip and hearsay.

We’ve seen it with Rupert Quaintance’s threats that he was outside Christ Church Primary School and carrying a “biscuit” knife in his pocket; with Code 2222’s terrorising a woman and her child in the cottage attached to the church; with the gunman who invaded a pizza restaurant in Washington, DC, in search of an imaginary child-trafficking network.

These incidents, seemingly unrelated, share something important in common: in each case, the vigilante’s actions were inspired and enabled by the belief that those they were attacking were somehow less than human, and therefore deserving of whatever they got.

First, dehumanise the opposition

Inspiring cruelty is not particularly difficult.

It starts with instilling disgust.

While it’s hard for most people to inflict pain on others, even if those others are strangers, it becomes a whole lot easier if they have been systematically taught to think of those “others” as vermin, disgusting creatures which deserve to be exterminated. This process is called dehumanisation, and it’s the first step in any effective programme of terror.

During the Holocaust and its lead-up, Nazis consistently referred to Jewish people as “rats”. During the Rwandan genocide, Hutus called the Tutsi people “cockroaches”.

Belinda McKenzie is something of an expert in the field: in her dispatches to her followers, notice how often she refers to those who disagree with her as “Shadow People”or “types”. She has explained on a few occasions that she calls them “types” because, well, you can’t really call them “human”, can you?

And then there’s the inevitable slur: “paedophile” or “paedophile protector”. Who could fail to despise someone who’s been accused of violating the most helpless and innocent in our society, our children?

People can be made immune to feelings of compassion which might stop them from inflicting pain on others, if they believe those “others” are predatory or evil. In fact, judging from the number of horrific death threats which we’ve received at this blog, and which we’ve seen on YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook, some people feel downright virtuous when they believe they’ve hurt someone they believe is not really human.

In an article titled “‘Less Than Human’: The Psychology of Cruelty”, author David Livingstone Smith explains the human tendency to organise things hierarchically:

Human beings have long conceived of the universe as a hierarchy of value, says Smith, with God at the top and inert matter at the bottom, and everything else in between. That model of the universe “doesn’t make scientific sense,” says Smith, but “nonetheless, for some reason, we continue to conceive of the universe in that fashion, and we relegate nonhuman creatures to a lower position” on the scale.

Then, within the human category, there has historically been a hierarchy. In the 18th century, white Europeans — the architects of the theory — “modestly placed themselves at the very pinnacle.” The lower edges of the category merged with the apes, according to their thinking.

So “sub-Saharan Africans and Native Americans were denizens of the bottom of the human category,” when they were even granted human status. Mostly, they were seen as “soulless animals.” And that dramatic dehumanization made it possible for great atrocities to take place.

We’ve all seen Hoaxtead mobsters engage in this sort of thinking: they place themselves at the pinnacle of moral development, claiming to be “campaigners against child abuse”, meaning that anyone who disagrees with them is obviously a “campaigner for child abuse”—an allegation which is patently untrue, but which serves to separate the unbelievers from the herd, making them fair game for threats, harassment, and potentially, violence.

It can work both ways

It would be dishonest to claim that dehumanisation never works in the opposite direction.

How many times have we caught ourselves thinking (or saying) that those who believe that we run a child-raping, baby-murdering, cannibalistic cult are mentally deficient or simply evil?

We could argue that we weren’t the first to throw stones, and that the mockery we aim at the Hoaxtead supporters is less potentially harmful than the overt hatred and dehumanisation they have consistently used to depict us as subhuman and worthy of the worst possible treatment.

That is all true. No one who reads or writes this blog has committed any of the crimes of which we’ve all been accused. We’re innocent, and for most of us, the accusations were at first mystifying, then painful, and finally infuriating.

It’s natural to strike back against people who would like to see us dead.

Is it okay to use humour and mockery as a defence against those who dehumanise us? We happen to believe it is (or we wouldn’t be running this blog in the first place). We don’t subscribe to the “turn the other cheek” philosophy in this instance, though we maintain certain rules of fair play (no threats against the opposition, for example).

But it’s still worth considering the ways in which we think about those on the other side of the fence. If we attempt to reduce them to subhuman status, are we just as bad as they are? How do we maintain our fundamental decency while also fighting against beliefs we find repugnant?

If we allow ourselves to give in and start to believe that those we oppose are subhuman in any way, we run the risk of becoming the very thing we are fighting against. For all that we despise what those on the other side do, how do we ensure that we don’t attack their humanity…even if they feel no compunction about attacking ours?

Each of us will have our own thoughts about this, and we know there’s no single answer which will work for everyone. But we do think it’s worth a ponder.

119 thoughts on “Dehumanisation fosters dangerous hatred, vigilantism

  1. A very interesting post as always EC. I am sure that many of the readers of this blog have at some point been called a paedo-protector, devil worshippers and baby eaters at the very least by hoax believers in the Youtube comments. Personally from what i have seen those of us that know this whole saga was concocted by Abe & Ella do not respond with the same vitriol that is thrown at us but rather we try to inject some humour into the comments to try and expose these people for not being able to use their common sense.

    I do think it is so good that even when emotions may be running high, nobody associated with this blog in any way has ever issued any death threats to those who oppose us. They may say that we have but when pressed to provide evidence of said threats no evidence has ever been produced.

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      • I know that during wars soldiers are told that if they are ever captured then they are to try and humanise themselves in their captors eyes. They can do this by talking about their home life, if they have children or even what football team they support. Basically anything that will show their captors that they are human and just the same as their captors.

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      • Yes that is a very important rule that should be stuck to at all times, regardless of whatever is slung our way.

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      • I learnt a valueble lesson, in my days at self help groups for CSA survivors, something we werre often reminded to include in our healing was…. ‘Hate the behaviour, not the person’, something that has stuck with me, moreso when I worked through the hatred I felt inside, as I recovered feelings suppressed for decades that had become deeply buried and toxic.
        A wonderful post EC. Thankyou.
        A book that helped me in my early days was ‘People of the Lie’ by Scott Peck….
        I want to read the one you have highlighted here..

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        • “Hate the behaviour, not the person” is a very Christian outlook and very commendable. I used to be told that back in my churchgoing days. It’s something that a lot of the so-called Christians who continue to attack the Hampstead community with such ferocity whilst calling themselves Christians should (but let’s face it, won’t) think about. Angela, Ogilvy and Kristie Sue spring to mind. To me, ‘hateful Christian’ is an oxymoron.

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      • Another rule we have is not to target innocent relatives of the fruitloops.

        Actually, serious question – am I guilty of dehumanisation when I used terms like ‘fruitloops’ and ‘fruitcakes’ or am I overthinking it?

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        • Personally i do not see anything wrong with using fruitloops or fruitcakes as they aren’t what i would consider offensive terms. I will carry on as i have always done by referring to them as fruitloops, i could call them a lot worse but i think fruitloops covers it nicely.

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  2. Well, personally…following up on that recent Trump Clone joke, I’m continuing my campaign of exposing head-up-ass syndrome.
    Here’s Woody Harrelson confessing that he used to suffer from this very tragic and debilitating syndrome:
    “Woody Harrelson: ‘I used to have my head up my ass’ ”

    And here’s a video which graphically depicts those who continue to suffer (their spouses, primarily…):

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  3. I agree that humour is often the best weapon, showing the hoaxers in an even more ridiculous position often just shows the ridiculousness of their claims in the first place.

    Another difference I have noted is that the hoaxers often egg each other on to ever increasing heights of ridiculousness in their claims (APD is the one that springs to my mind with her ever increasingly bizarre claims about supersoldiers and the like- I cant remember the exact video, it was one with her and some other ‘supasoldier’ that each in turn tried to outdo the others claims until they were bordering on the extreme edge of batshit crazy- scrub that- they went straight past that border and ‘went to plaid’ super dooper batshit crazy with lace trimmings)

    Whereas I have seen some here that were obviously triggered by some particular claim, and the others here actually were calming them down, obviously trying to steer them into a better mindset

    That is the difference IMHO, they ‘claim’ lots of things, but while they might ‘talk the talk’ but they dont ‘walk the walk’- their behaviour doesnt reflect their stated positions

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    • “I have seen some here that were obviously triggered by some particular claim, and the others here actually were calming them down, obviously trying to steer them into a better mindset.
      That is the difference IMHO, they ‘claim’ lots of things, but while they might ‘talk the talk’ but they dont ‘walk the walk’- their behaviour doesnt reflect their stated positions”

      That’s a really good point, Steve. Too often, I’ve seen the Hoaxtead mob take advantage of people with mental health issues, pushing them further into delusional or otherwise dysfunctional behaviour, making use of them until they snap and are no longer of use to “the cause”, and then dumping them.

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  4. Thank you El Coyote for writing this beautiful article up. Sadly this incredible blog will not encourage the hoaxers to change their warped minds and to start using logic and rationality because they have an obsession with child abuse and anti-government activities to see sense. Which I find frightening. I guess fighting against this creepy conspiracy community is by using the truth, humour and common sense to always correct their lies as well as never giving up hope that they, the troofers, can change and see the truth for themselves.

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    • Good point PoisonIvy. Troofers can change their minds overtime and grow out of believing all the conspiracy theories that they read online. I used to be bit of a conspiritard myself a few years back until i started looking more closely at the stories and questioning the ‘facts’ presented. Eventually i came to see it for the bullshit that it was/is. There a few folk who have commented on his blog saying the same thing. Luckily some folk do grow out of being a conspiracy theorist but you will always have the die-hards that will never change their minds no matter what they are told.

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      • I think it takes courage to question our own beliefs and behaviours, and discard the ones for which there’s no evidence, or which aren’t true to who we are.

        As you say, we’ve had several people commenting on this blog who’ve been in that situation, and have decided to (as my dad used to say) use their heads for something other than hat-racks. It’s a beautiful thing to see, when people are able to decide for themselves whether they’re being fed rubbish, whether by the MSM or by troofers.

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  5. I imagine that for some people that have been heavily invested in the conspiracy world for a long period of time and that have built up a group of like-minded friends that it would indeed take some courage on their behalf, to turn around to their friends and state that they no longer believe the stories they had previously been so supportive of. They would know that they’d receive flak from their ‘friends’ and probably find out that their shared beliefs in conspiracies was the only factor they had in common with those people.

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  6. Very interesting article, EC. Lots to think about there.

    I’ve always believed it’s important not to dehumanise evil/murderous/dangerous people (Nazis, serial killers etc.), because to do so is to be in denial of what humans are capable of and, therefore, to risk not learning from humanity’s mistakes. I often hear people say things like “He’s not a human, he’s a monster/animal” etc. and wondered if there’s a fear out there of accepting the depths of depravity of which the human race is capable.

    By the way, any thoughts on the humorous side of dehumanisation? Off the top of my head, one of my memes featured Butlincat’s face on a pig’s body with the (Abba-related) strapline, “I’m nothing special. In fact I’m a bit of a boar.” I don’t think for one minute that Butlincat is anything but human but was using the porcine imagery to make both a satirical point and a pun.


    • I guess it can be too easy to overthink things but regarding the Butlincat meme it is clear is meant as humour and satire and not an attempt to dehumanize him in any way.

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    • Same as the black knight image I did earlier- I dont really want Belindas arms and legs actually cut off, but using the famous monty python sketch as a way of describing her irrational belief in her own invincibility
      Sadly the MANY comments made on their various sites/pages etc expressing the desire to see the people innocently involved in the hoax and anyone who supports their efforts to nip this thing off once and for all to be drowned with a ‘milestone’ around their neck or shot or burned… these are not humorous remarks but an actual desire to see people (who have been investigated and found innocent of any wrongdoing) harmed or punished for doing things that they simply never did!

      I admit myself that I would like to see Belinda and her cohorts either in jail or fined heavily, I used to think they maybe they were simply misinformed at the beginning, but they actively deny the actual facts as found by the investigation, and go on to make up their own ‘facts’ out of pure 100% bulldust….

      And the number of people that they support who are actual convicted molesters or have similar offences regarding children is staggering- which brings me again to the belief that some of them may actually be doing this intentionally in order to discredit anyone coming forward with claims of actual incidents taking place- which if is happening, would take it from mere scumbaggery to intentional evil…

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    • “I did witness an event of Universal Golden Light Being. I did receive the message of Universal Law of Abundance in Compassion through an energy of bliss. ”

      We already know what happened: Debs was as stoned as a donkey and the street light suddenly went on and she thought it was a visitation from Jah Wobble.
      Recall she frantically waved to a neighbour watering his garden but he turned away..a bit like that neighbour Emmet who tries to avoid Hyacinth Bucket (if you can imagine Hyacinth after smoking 3 spliffs).

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      • ‘Boo… kay….’ lol
        We have keeping up appearances here on reruns atm, I must admit I like it when Onslo and his mob show up in the old cortina every few episodes, Hyacinth cant get rid of him quick enough…
        Just like everyone does with her, yet she never connects the dots…

        (The vicar- ‘look out, here comes that bucket woman’)


  7. 4th one of the night from the all too human Deborah Mahmoudieh:

    “The only logical explanation for these fires is an energy beam weapon…

    …OK? So it’s up to you, humanity. I’ve shared the light. I’ve shared the light of my experience of, you know, I did witness an event of Universal Golden Light Being. I did receive the message of Universal Law of Abundance in Compassion through an energy of bliss. That did happen to me. I have shared it. And it is up to you. You don’t want to believe me? You just want to put all your faith in this crap, disgusting, despicable, lawless, abominable World that Jesus hates? Or are you going to stand up for your human rights and start living like a human and suffer the needs of the little children and take courage and rise up and kick the tyrants out of power?”


    • More from the same page. These people really need to come up with some new material or I’ll be asking for my money back.


  8. Excellent post EC.

    This is one of the reasons I dislike the conspiracy word ‘sheep’ or ‘sheeple’. I get the gist of it but it implies that people are animals i.e. less than human.

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    • The reason that I dislike rape jokes made to men on their way to prison….
      I actually publically apologised to Wesley because I had clicked like on something, somewhere containing one, referring to him… I really felt bad and owed it to him. I still don’t wish harm on him even tho so many of them have put a target on me, and encouraged me to be demonised, hated and deserving of being threatened with death.
      The fact that Wesley tried to attack me again, since then and get a gang together to help him and Angie doesn’t change that.


  9. Spot on EC as always.
    I admit there are times when I’ve called members of the troofer mob “C*nts” & “F*ckwits” (that’s cunts & fuckwits for those who don’t get it) but I may just call them ODDBALLS from now on.

    It’s just very annoying how they join these imaginary dots to proclaim one conspiracy confirms another- such as #pizzacrap must mean Hoaxtead is real and visa versa. And then falsely accuse anyone who has the temerity to disagree with them.

    Plus their propensity to surf the net and land on a nutcase website that is filled with claptrap they already believe and then say they have “investigated”.

    APD is one – as someone posted she really thought she had discovered that Satanism was alive & thriving in a Daily Mail article but what it was reporting was that parents and their friends were torturing and even killing their own child as they thought they were possessed.
    How amazing that the article 1: was evidence of how dangerous the troofers are as they promote their Satanists rubbish and 2. their mistaken claim that parents have their children stolen when we have evidence that there are so many dangerous parents who brutalize their own children who should be removed as children have the right to be safe from abusive parents as well.

    Moo does likewise: forever saying her father abused her for over a decade and her claims were never believed and then joins in on the falsehood that when children are removed for their own safety, it’s a satanist plot to sell them.
    (mind you this claim her dad just showed his marriage certificate to cops when confronted & it worked may just catch on with those Father’s Rights groups.

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    • I have no trouble with the term ‘fuckwit’. It’s to the point and we all know what it means. I’m not keen on the ‘C’ word as it refers to a bit of a ladies anatomy. That, and I’d never say it in front of my mum. But someone who’s stupid enough to think that a primary school could close down one day a week so that a hundred people could arrive for sex and nobody would notice has wits that are fucked. Hence, they are a ‘fuckwit’.


    • Troofers have zero understanding of critical thinking; in fact, they are at their most critical when deciding whether to have ham or eggs for breakfast or both – it doesn’t take much digging beneath the surface to discover that they are absolutely clueless about most things in general.

      To some people, research entails months of arduous work, traipsing through libraries, interviewing people etc etc, to troofers it entails a quick search of you tube and the regurgitation of bs from the many conspiracy websites all spouting the same crap.

      Btw, for future reference (! LOL) the term for people who find patterns or connections in random or meaningless data is apophenia and the term for people who think they know it all is the Dunning-Kruger effect. The term for people who accuse innocent people of fictitious crimes against children is ‘come here and say that to my face’.


  10. “Angela Power-Disney shared a link…”

    …to a 3-month-old article about Eugene that she thinks is a brand new scoop.

    JournoAngie – worth every penny.

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    • Lol I missed your post AngieWatch.

      I’m almost as bad as JournoAngie.

      No I’m not and I’m not claiming to be a real journalist either.

      She is such a fraud in all she does.

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    • George Michael called and asked if he could have his nickname back – he says it’s his planet and he’s not sharing it with a bunch of deranged troofers


  11. Not sure whether this is interesting or not. I must admit I still don’t have the slightest clue who or what QAnon is – I just know I’m seeing the name everywhere at the moment.

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    • JournoAngie has put up an old October 2017 about the suspended sentence of Eugene L.

      Some Journo she is, the man is at death’s door having been on a Hunger Strike since 24th November when he was sentenced to 8 months in Prison.

      What a fake she is.

      She supports Archit Ssan on his fake hunger strike and then sticks up that old well out of dat post from someone who really is on a Hunger Strike.

      And the idiots still donate to her.

      I wonder if HMRC or whatever it is in Oldcastle are aware?

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      • These fathers on hunger strikes: this is like a form of child abuse. It’s one thing to go on a strike about a cause like the IRA did but to starve yourself because of one person imposes a terrible burden on the child.
        What if the father dies? Every chance the child will have a terrible traumatic guilt fro then on. What does it prove?

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    • Wikileaks and Assange just released the full text of Fire and Fury which should settle for all time the claim they are mere journalists. This is plain old copyright theft for partisan political reasons.

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  12. Neelu’s latest ‘Thought’s of the Day’

    Today’s 830-word-long paragraph is about “remedies” (for a change).

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    • Gawd she does go on doesn’t she?
      I had a recent dream that I was flying (sadly not with Jesus) and when I awoke I didn’t bother to check if I could fly from my fourth floor flat window.

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  13. 9:25 ‘Well all I can say is Jesus hates the world that Britain and America have created and support. Jesus hates them okay. Jesus hates your parliament. Okay. He hates your world and Jesus has asked me to hate this world because it is run by criminals and liars and child murderers and child abusers.”

    ‘Jesus hates’ now apparently.

    I don’t think she’s got the hang of this Christianity lark.

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    • Oh Debs there is no D-Notice on Hampstead and it’s advisory not compulsory as Harold Wilson discovered when he tried to take the Sunday Tines to court.

      Jesus told me to “love my enemies” but he did say privately where you are concerned and I asked him: “no comment”.

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    • Sidebar – a significant percentage of the Qumran (Dead Sea) scrolls contain copies of 1 Enoch & Jubilees.
      There are passages in these texts that have historically been interpreted as justification for portraying “your enemies” as non-human “monsters” who somehow escaped being righteously wiped out by Gawd during the Great Flood, and therefore it’s acceptable to massacre them & their children. Some of our Troofer friends interpret these texts that way.

      It’s disturbing to me, that some of the early “Church Fathers” like Justin Martyr apparently knew these texts and were conversant with them. Not to mention that if you take the Revelations of St. John seriously (I don’t), then Jesus does say that He hates a particular group of persons…the Nicolatians, whomever they were supposed to be. Again, I find it disturbing that this particular text was deemed worthy of inclusion in the “orthodox” collection of texts we call The New Testament.

      [That was your Sunday School lesson for this week, EC]

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      • Oooops!
        I’M WRONG! (and becoming old & foolish, hee-hee!)
        Jesus says that he hates “the deeds” and “the doctrines” of the Nicolatians, he doesn’t say that he hates the persons themselves. How could I have forgotten that? Alas…

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        • @EC – apparently I’m contracting head-up-ass syndrome, myself, so we will have to fall back on the Subgenius Sunday School lessons. Here are the secret teachings about Noah & the flood…

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  14. A Satanic point of view:

    I (Satanists) treat others as they treat others; judge others by their deeds. Hard objectivity overides morality for the Satanist, the deeds and choices the Satanist makes is focussed upon the end state – the cure for the disease, followed by the prevention of the disease. If Hogweed grows in the garden, doing nothing, appeasing it, will do nothing to prevent the damage it will do to the property. Not only has the Hogweed to be destroyed above the ground (cure) but adequate hard measures have to be taken to wipe it out below the ground (prevention), since like SRA hoaxes Hogweed is notorious to eliminate.

    I personally am angry at what is being done, what has been done, what will be done by Satan Hunters to RD and his children. I speak for myself, and probably other Satanists, that so far deeds and choices have been limited to internet postings. What happens if someone is killed or seriously injured by a Satan Hunter or by their designs is a different ball game. Satan Hunters should count their blessings nobody has been seriously hurt so far, whilst this remains so, the snarling and hungry devil hounds remain locked behind the gate, and unlike the legal authorities, the reach of Satanism is everywhere.

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    • Oh and who told wesley that ?…… I heard it on the BBC News this morning….. I guess they hope that any followers they might still have will think that they did the FOI request, by omitting that.
      It’s also in mainstream newspapers and it isn’t clear completely what was being viewed or how and why, pop ups were mentioned in a convo about it, I heard on the TV….Yep mainstream again.
      Oh how they cherry pick and steal news from those they condemn when it suits, try and take credit and act like they knew already………..

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      • “This data also covers personal devices used when logged on to Parliament’s guest Wi-Fi.”
        There have been over 24,000 attempts to access such material post-election, but authorities say most of them are not deliberate.
        These are just two sentences in the Sky News article, so rather than jumping to conclusions and adding embellishments I’m awaiting more thorough investigation, breakdown of the figures.
        The first given that we know some of our hoaxers hang around near westminster of the Opdeatheater kind and the worst kind of paedohunters, that Wesley Hall works with, makes me suspect shenanigans at play, from them…….. but I can’t seem to help my mind thinking like this now, a bit like when a small plane crashes and I hope that Maurice didn’t get his kite up

        I do see a corelation from porn to the mistreatment towards sexual partners and I do think and wish more could had been done before it became so easily accessed by youngsters, I think it could have been stemmed and that now it’s been unleashed it has caused damage that could have been prevented.
        I know though, that it will probably never be completely stopped and I’m not sure that it should be, just because I don’t like or want it in my life.
        I would also imagine that many workplaces would find high incidence,

        I do keep wondering why our government is so backward regarding the net.

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  15. Excellent post as always, EC.

    It’s so good – nay, essential – that this blog exists to take the hoaxers to task over their behaviour in a calm, rational, often humorous manner. The likes of, say, Debs, Angela or Heather ‘Psycho’ Brown should take a leaf out of your book instead of frequently putting people at risk with their irresponsible posts, videos and comments.

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  16. great post EC

    reminds me of the Neitzsche quote, something I keep in mind at all times:

    He who fights monsters
    Must beware that he does not become a monster
    And when you stare long enough into the abyss
    Eventually it will stare back at you

    also the Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprcrisy have a song about this very subject

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      • Yes Sheva, hate is a very powerful emotion indeed. I believe that hate is usually most harmful to the person that is carrying hatred within themselves. It will destroy them before it destroys anybody else.

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        • I do too. Until therapy unfroze my numbed and suppressed too long feeling, I had no idea of this powerful emotion deep inside, it was really horrible and difficult to safely release it so that it didn’t destroy me nor that I would hit out at others….. It’s a very natural reaction to abuse, but has to be sucked in and carried by the child usually. But when younger I had made a decision that I would not become bitter, I could see the damage that did and so was determinedly cheerful and positive, but once the dam broke there was no putting a lid back on the enormous anger, rage, hatred, shock. See therapy is more about recovering feelings than memories, often.

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            • Just borne from going through it, which was hell and worse than needed and why I did hope to help better centres to be set up for survivors of abuse. With a padded room ! My therapist rang everywhere and there was no where set up where I could scream, I even rang around to end up being told I would have to say I was suicidal because I had said I needed a padded room……as if I would have put myself in danger of being sectioned or chemically coshed…. I did tho, find that I could let alot out underwater at the swimming pool without disturbing people, lol


    • Seriously ? Would anyone want Angie around any kind of decision making at a sensitive time……… ???
      She’s like a hog rooting for truffles………The Hoaxes havn’t given her the rewards she anticipsted, she’s run out of insurance claim forms and people to sue on spurious reasons, she’s probably on various blacklists, not just mine……………… I mentioned recently that when I realised that poisonous shaming video was in my inbox, sent pre christmas 2015, I spent time reading her notes, which were at that time public and I hadn’t said much, so wasn’t yet blocked, she hadn’t realised that I would not take what she was dishing out, lying down………. Anyway, reading through her notes the picture that emerged to me, was a self obsessed, greedy, manipulative liar.
      Her descriptions of her Mother being moved out with her help and ill health really looked to me, like she was bleeding the situation, antagonising and engineering for her own benefit and gain….. Just saying. Hence my gloves came off, with no compunction nor sympathy and this feeling grew as I realised more of her actions and behaviours, looked at alot of her videos.
      I didn’t just strike back, I got to know this woman who had made herself my enemy, without provocation or just cause.
      She must get her comuppence this year.

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  17. You, Angie and Belinda McKenzie and all the other hoaxers are still attmepting to suppress genuine survivors. Your parents seperation seemed to be engineered by you, you gave yourself away , in your notes about all the pile s of paperwork and arguements about the claims for carers allowances, at both ends, it seemed to me.
    You’ve always been a hateful bwitch from listening to your endless drivel, mostly thankfully filtered by the humour in M K Ds & MKUltra 666 and other channels.


  18. Cindy K Currier’s channel “Rise Together” has gone.
    3 Jan 2018 –

    and the updated description in this older video may explain.
    “As of Jan. 1, 2018, the cult channel was gone. This followed a week or two of increasingly violent and graphically sexual videos promoting “citizens’ arrests” ordered by the cult leader.”

    9 Dec 2017 –
    Extract from original description below.
    “Please send this to people you know and trust in law enforcement etc. Cindy K. Currier, is naming individuals as targets for “arrest” by her cult by using counterfeit court “warrants”. She is also involved in a financial scheme called Swissindo. Frankly, she and her cult seems like the Manson Family.”

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  19. Interesting article, thanks.

    I wonder when using satire or generally taking the piss the opposite is true, rather than dehumanise we bring them down a peg or two, show them to be very human.

    Satire was a useful weapon in the French Revolution, it showed the aristocrats to be very human at a very base level rather than untouchable superior beings. A similar tactic was used in the WW2 where Hitler was often portrayed in a comical way.

    The above might seem a bit grand when we are talking about a bunch of hoaxers and hangers on on the internet. They too see themselves as superior and untouchable. Its their sheer arrogance that gets me.

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    • “Jupiter hit something winged planet”

      “Please subscribe to channels like channel”

      So glad she cleared that up for us.

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  21. A very thought provoking and sensitive post, thank you. I agree it’s a good thing to question and check ourselves and a good indicator of the humanity of all the people contributing here.

    I for one have found the humour here has lifted many dark moments of despair and disbelief at the ugliness of the mob’s narrative. So yes, bring it on. But it’s a fine and difficult line to tread sometimes, with so much mental ill health in evidence. Hoaxteaders values stand out, despite the baiting behaviours that are an affront to humanity and decency. The Mahmoudieh mocking in juxtaposition with a video of her seemingly breaking down, felt uncomfortable to me. Don’t get me wrong her behaviours and the narratives she promotes are disgusting and must be dealt with. But that’s just me being nice, which she wasn’t ….with knobs on!

    Another really interesting part of the post and I think for further exploration is the language used by McKenzie and those leading the campaign: cynically and darkly constructed to press the hot buttons of her audience.

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    • Thanks, TN.

      As for Belinda, at last year’s trial some of the witnesses chose to testify from behind a screen, as they found the mob in the public gallery quite intimidating. After one of the witnesses spoke quite eloquently of the fear and distress they’d suffered, Belinda was overheard murmuring to some of her followers, “Well, really, that could be anyone back there, couldn’t it?” They all nodded knowingly, as though she had imparted some great secret to them. It was a disturbing moment, as her viciousness was on full display. She managed to invalidate the witness’s experience and inject a sense that this was all a game, and that the “dark forces” were at work…it’s easy to see how she controls her followers.

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