It’s that time again…

The week between Christmas and New Year’s Day is generally a bit of a dead zone when it comes to news from the Hoaxtead mob, so we’re taking a bit of a break.

We haven’t gone away—as always, we have one eye on the mobsters’ antics, and of course we’re monitoring email. But for the next few days, we’re putting the blog on a more relaxed schedule.

We’re off spending time with friends and family, eating the leftover plum duff, and generally lazing about, and we hope that you’re doing the same.

Except for the pudding. That’s ours, hands off.

See you soon!

210 thoughts on “It’s that time again…

    • Obviously if they keep coming up with this Cliff shit, they’ve nothing else to say, even Chris Fay admitted he made it up, come one people can’t you make up lies a out something else now, this is getting really boring.

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        • About the list and cliff Richard was on it yes. Seeing as Fay went to news international with fake story’s for a very long time, there is a lot more to it but what’s the point no one talks about it any more

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          • I’ll do a bit of reading about it. I remember him backtracking but not sure where. I admit I took offence to him selling himself as a ‘social worker’ (or maybe the newspapers did that) when actually he’s never been a social worker and was a volunteer (as far as I know) for a small charity. I remember doing a whole load of research early on to try and find out what qualifications he had and could find nothing.
            It’s worth looking into because I still know people who think that list is authentic and I want to gather a bit of info for them.

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          • The so-called “charity” Fay volunteered for lasted about 18 months after some initial funding which was never repeated because of their incompetence and inability to actually aid anyone.
            Rather they spent the initial money on rented premises ( at a premium rent) but fell into a dispute with their landlord in the first year who took them to court to boot them out.

            I know a lot more about Christopher Fay’s personal life than the creepy old chook neck bastard wants people to know and he has quite a few enemies that would like to see him in jail. His conviction for ripping off pensioners – a vile crime and one he claimed he didn’t know what he was doing (yeh opening dozens of false bank accounts to launder money is normal) was not his first dabbling in such scams. He was certainly involved in the great Franking Machine Scam in the late 1970s where franking machines that issued bulk stamps were doctored by a few “corner store” POs and £100Ks was taken by the gang- one being the phony “MI5 spy” Andrea Davison who luckily avoided attention while about 6 main conspirators got up to 7 years jail.

            But he successfully conned a few tabloid hacks with his “former social worker” bullshit although at least with The Mirror I was able to warn a senior editor pal there that he was a total fraud and they dropped him like a hot brick as every time he spoke to one it was accompanied by a request for £200 or similar for “expenses”.

            Fay & Baloney struck me as 2 idiots who jumped on the child abuse bandwagon late in the day and thought they were in for a good ride but their promotion of the infamous “Nick” & subsequent grilling by Met officers has seen both scurrying underground, being a pair of total cowards.

            Baloney has now changed his claim to have won a “prestige award” at the New York Film Festival back to it’s original claim which is a total falsehood. He “won” an award at a defunct “New York Film & Video Festival” that lasted about 5 years and was a total scam in that everyone paid around $US500 to enter and everyone won a prize. The US unfortunately has 100s of small “film festivals” that pop up in similar fashion and rip-off people eager to enter the film business. Inevitably the same con-artists are behind most of them.


        • As evidence of anything it is pretty worthless. Just a sheet of writing paper on which Fay listed the names of as many famous people he could. Poor old Cliff committed the crime of being private about his private life; as far as I know, whatever Cliff Richard does behind closed doors, there is no reason to believe he has ever committed a crime.

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    • Doesn’t Angie and people like her say they are good Christians too, but they still lie and ruin people’s lives too

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      • Mumsay never went away, she has two accounts and she was on a Facebook ban for a while, don’t know what happened with her and Baloney, last time I saw she was still calling him BRUV

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          • They are obviously recruiting again, seeing as Baloney has dropped off now so Brenda needs some one else to bullshit with, Angie needs more people because she is feeling she’s losing friends to spread her bullshit too. It’s that mental illness some people have about wanting to out do people with their lies about child abuse. Fourtunately some people come to their senses, others find out by accident, by accident even if you come from New Zealand. Nothing will ever change. It’s not the courts or so much the Police and social services or MPs. But people who like to call them selves anti child abuse campaigners. They have no one to blame but them selves.

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          • Sheva, Mumsy and Angie’s relationship goes way back, with plotlines revolving around jewellery gifts etc. Wasn’t is a Mumsy necklace that Angie left at Jockney Rebel’s house and was trying to get back with Heather Brown? That and some painting?

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          • “And on top of that, the ‘Hollie Greig Justice’ blog and Twitter account, who are also rabid supporters and cheerleaders for UK Column, and are notorious for promoting and attempting to resurrect a notorious Satanic Abuse Hoax in Scotland and of course their venomous, bile-laden outbursts on social media; are also gleefully promoting Ms Poulton’s intention to visit Shaw ….

            Which may well be a desperate attempt on their part, to try and lend their lunatic outpourings some much needed credibility – by attaching themselves to a well-known social commentator who has a large number of supporters?

            Only they really know the answer to that one.”

            Nicely put, Jimmy! 🙂

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          • Angela stayed at Brenda’s on the sofa in April 2015, the night before the rally at Parliament Green where the 5 hour video originated from.

            The next night, Saturday possibly 11th she stayed at poor Belinda’s (who shops in Tescos and drives a battered old car, meanwhile manages somehow without a job, I’m not saying she should work btw, manages to pay off what was it a £300k mortgage!).

            On the Sunday APDisney went to Christchurch where she saw blood on the floor!

            Oh no she didn’t!

            She saw me with my husband (not), give me strength. I like tall, dark and handsome, not short, fat and ruddy faced perverts.

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          • It seems the drooling alcoholic twat has attributed Jimmy Outlaw’s comments to Spiny on account of being too epically stupid to understand what quotation marks are 😂

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          • I don’t know about Maggie’s jewels lol and @Lisa the shopping at Tesco’s was Angela implying that Belinda had no money as she shopped at Tesco’s and drove a battered old car.

            Perhaps Angela was trying to say that if Belinda had money she’d shop at Harrods.

            Puh! Belinda has money, she’s just very careful when and where she spends it.

            If she can sup some dregs left in strangers wine glasses she will.


        • She’s also got an account Eva Horwood, Horwood must be her maiden name.

          Also uses her husband’s account David McNamara.


    Another oldie. Nice to see Mad Moo admitting to having directly harassed the innocent father and he is welcome to sue her for what little she has left.
    How are social services involved, when RD spent 5-6 years trying to gain access to see his own children, whilst Ella had custody?
    How are the police involved, when two child abusing criminals, Abe and Ella, managed to escape the country and still remain at large years later?

    So if you don’t spend all your free time removing comments crazy people like Debs have made all over social media, you must be guilty? Great logic, Einstein. So if someone chose to make false allegations about her and it was too painful for her to spend all her waking hours reading and reporting all the disgusting and perverse comments, numerous death threats, and staring at pictures and videos that paedophile’s had uploaded of her children onto the internet, then the allegations must be true.

    Madmoudieh, use your pigeon brain and think for once. Think yourself lucky you have got away with all this slander so far.

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    • “Nice to see Mad Moo admitting to having directly harassed the innocent father and he is welcome to sue her for what little she has left.”

      Actually that was Kane Slater saying that, though Mad Moo was happy to share it.

      She has repeatedly harassed and slandered RD, though.

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    • She’s a vile person and that old canard “sue me for libel then” is the coward’s way of claiming their false accusations are true.
      Suing for libel is really for the very rich and it can be a debilitating time consuming exercise.

      In fact cowards like Mahmoudieh are so ignorant they don’t realise a libel court case against them is almost impossible to proceed with. And that’s because the defendant can often be made pay into the court a large sum of money if it looks like they may be broke and likely to use a court case to further their false claims, knowing there will be no financial penalty at the end while the poor plaintiff can be saddled with £100Ks in legal fees.

      There needs to be two things here:
      1. A new law of criminal libel with severe jail penalties.
      2. Harassment and trolling laws must be pursued by the police. Alternatively someone like the father could begin a private prosecution of Mahmoudieh for harassment and the CPS is obligated to take over the case if it looks likely- which in the case is a dead cert- the plaintiff will win.
      3. Fucking Facebook etc MUST be forced by British authorities / MPs to remove damaging defamatory and false material. Or else tell the c*nts to fuck off out of Britain seeing they pay no tax.

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      • Well said, Sam. I’ve made similar points before. A libel case can cost upwards of a hundred grand and take years to complete.

        I’d also say that it works both ways in Moo’s case. She’s constantly accusing this blog of libelling her (though oddly enough has never produced a link to or screenshot of the alleged defamation), so why hasn’t she sued the blog? By her own words be damned.

        However, I’d also reiterate that the post above challenging RD to sue for libel was by Kane Slater, not Mad Moo. That said, she has made similar comments about not suing for libel/slander as “proof” of RD and other accused parties’ guilt.


        • And I believe Slater is in Canada which makes it even more difficult. Governments must start protecting citizens from slanderous and false claims which can destroy their lives and cause misery for them for years.
          That hoary old “free speech” mantra has been abused too long.


  2. So Mel Ve was the head of a Facebook group “Justice for Hampstead Abused Children”, and she lived in Hampstead for a while? Sorry this is all old stuff, just new to me going through FB.


  3. Haha, this guy is so animated and the look on her face, priceless.
    Hmmm… I wonder why the mainstream media hasn’t picked up on an anonymous source posting on the well known troll site 4Chan, saying all the things conspiracy theorists and trumpite’s want to hear.


    • He tries to say anything to get a reaction, especially when he knows it’s not true, he doesn’t live in the real world, and when he drinks Jack Daniels it makes his eyes go blue.


  4. Angela really does like people to suffer and encourages them to do so.

    I now see she has shared a post from Archi Ssan from fb about his so called hunger strike.

    Isn’t she happy enough with helping to get Jake sectioned twice, Arthur at least once for a prolonged period of time and Rupert imprisoned for 9 months?

    Evidently not!

    I can’t stand Archit Ssan as I don’t support woman beaters and he did finally admit to beating his ex with a hammer and got 5 years prison time.

    He is an attention seeker, a Narcissist I suppose, pretends he is autistic and likes to think he is superior to others.

    I expect AP Disney is lining up a skype interview with him as she seems to be trying to do a weekly “show” with some other guy.

    Ill I don’t think so…

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  5. Apparently there’s a storm a-brewin’. Hands up who’s shitting themselves 😂


  6. Another ancient and roundly debunked bandwagon to jump on, Moo? Better late than never, eh 😉


  7. The Moo Challenge

    How many stereotypes, prejudices and sweeping generalisations can you spot in this post about how black people should “show solidarity with their own kind” (cringe)?


    • “We try to act like black people who couple with whites are missing some part of the black understanding or black social or genealogical responsibility that they absolutely MUST have in order to help propel us forward into betterment and benefit… but unfortunately, no evidence of any such fact has been forthcoming or has ever been proven by any who speak so.

      In fact, when one studiously investigates the realities of interracial dating & marriage what one typically finds is just a bunch of baleful, hateful, xenophobic opinionations that have far less to do with black upliftment, the furtherance of the black race or even regular and common sensibility than they do with just being an asshole and pushing one’s own retarded agenda over somebody else’s.”

      Amid all that ambiguous, incoherent waffle about “upliftment” and “opinionations”, is this strange person for or against interracial marriages?

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      • Lol I haven’t got a clue what he’s trying to say, perhaps Deb could translate for us in one of her videos.

        On second thoughts, perhaps not.

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  8. I wonder what Kristie Sue’s fawning minion Mad Moo thinks of her rabid support of Donald Trump.

    (Mad Moos sees Trump as an inherently evil rapist and paedophile.)


  9. Looks like the greasy fooker has finally taken note f this blog and got his barnet trimmed.
    Nice poosey ya haggis hunting bellend.


    • Frequently rants about us being Satanists whilst saying he studied at the University of Hell? No hypocrisy there, then.

      By the way, that’s an old photo of him. It’s been around a while.

      PS: for the record I love haggis and the Scottish people. Ogilvy’s an exception to the rule and an embarrassment to his country. Or he would be if his piss-poor blog actually had any readers.


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