For your Boxing Day amusement: Shit Drifloud Says

Anyone here remember Drifloud, the insufferable bore who has continued to spread lies about RD’s children, and who thinks Ella is some sort of saint?

We identified him two years ago as Alan Wrightson, a failed computer engineer, failed musician, and failed Sufi master who, at that time, was living in Portugal and attempting to sell his property there. He’s been fulminating away on Twitter, pretty much talking to himself, but lately his deranged posts have caught the attention of committed Hoaxtead mobsters like Kristie Sue Costa and Jake Clarke.

As we all know, they’ll willingly befriend anyone who agrees with them about the Hampstead hoax, no matter how mad, bad, or dangerous to know they might be.

Now, some enterprising soul has started a Twitter page, “Shit Drifloud Says”, which seems to consist primarily of the collected ravings of Drifloud/Wrightson. We’re not 100% certain, but the quotes we’ve seen so far seem to come from the string of deranged and insanely long emails which Wrightson/Drifloud sent out to all and sundry during the summer of 2015.

The tweets are numbered, so you can read them in order, but each tweet is a stand-alone gem of its own:

Yes, you heard him correctly. Drifloud is in charge of the evolution of Aleister Crowley. Who has only been dead for 70 years, but who’s counting?

We wonder whether Kristie Sue knows that her new-found pal Drifloud is a Grade A, Number 1 fruit loop with occultist leanings? And if she does know, does she care? Our bet is that she will continue to quote him as a valid source, just so long as he keeps saying what she wants to hear.

As her country’s president would say, “Sad”.

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  1. Self-professed “anti-child abuse campaigner” Deborah Mahmoudieh is committing child abuse by sharing Slain Crater’s illegal videos of the children again:


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    • The ‘alleged’ (cough cough) nonce George Greek Trucker has much to answer for on that score too (as does his undomesticated monkey boy Malcolm Ogilvy):

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      • So is he admitting he pays £50 then??

        How on earth could someone state such a figure unless they knew personally?

        Meanwhile APDisney is praying for the hammer woman beater Archit Ssan who is allegedly on Hunger Strike though is drinking Vodka by all accounts.

        What a bunch of weirdos!

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        • I hadn’t heard of Archit Ssan before so googled him. He’s one of those guys who tries to prove what a responsible father he is by climbing up the sides of buildings dressed as a cartoon character. Of course every time I see a grown man dressed as batman or the incredible hulk, I’m immediately impressed with his maturity. Why wouldn’t I be?

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          • That’s the best of him Mrs. O.

            He served Prison time for beating his ex-Partner with a hammer to her head multiple times causing lacerations.

            Not surprisingly he didn’t get to see what I think is his youngest son for many years.

            Now they are reunited, (well the son has just turned 21 and is at Uni) Archit thinks it is a good idea to go on a Hunger Strike to inform people that are unaware of Parental Alienation and people that could change laws/have some influence.

            Of course to my knowledge he has failed to tell anyone in Authority what he is doing. Crazy…

            One of his ex-supporters has informed me he is drinking Vodka, so not really a hunger strike with zero calories. This is his 18th hunger strike of sorts by all accounts.

            When you compare Archit’s weight to that of Eugene L. who is hunger striking in prison and started after Archit it is apparent (to me anyway) that Archit is bending the truth with his food/drink consumption plus who is monitoring that he is not eating anyway?

            It is completely ridiculous, but APDisney is praying for him, so he’ll be okay!

            Complete madness all round.

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          • “One of his ex-supporters has informed me he is drinking Vodka, so not really a hunger strike with zero calories. This is his 18th hunger strike of sorts by all accounts. ”

            Um where I am, this isnt called a hunger strike, its called a pissup…..
            I had a `hunger strike’ over the holidays, quite a comprehensive one too…


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      • And in publishing the children’s identities she is in breach of those EU Directives she preaches about.

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  2. OK, show of hands, paws or flippers from everyone who believes Ogilvy’s Twitter numbers, please…

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    • Well they won’t release the son, so it’s not looking good for Eugene and his brain/decision making will be even more warped with not eating.

      How long before the prison staff intervene?

      I can’t see how anyone with half a brain would support him. They are just loving the drama of the situation.

      The son is 15. Wait 3 years and with a bit of luck the son comes back to him rather than this crazy behaviour that is not going to achieve what Eugene wants.

      This is just adding more emotional abuse to the son’s psyche.

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  3. “In recent years, psychologists have found a powerful connection between trolling and what’s known as the “dark tetrad” of personality traits: psychopathy, sadism, narcissism, and Machiavellianism. The first two traits are significant predictors of trolling behavior, and all four traits correlate with enjoyment of trolling. Research published in June by Natalie Sest and Evita March, two Australian scholars, shows that trolls tend to be high in cognitive empathy, meaning they can understand emotional suffering in others, but low in affective empathy, meaning they don’t care about the pain they cause. They are, in short, skilled and ruthless manipulators.”

    The Making of an American Nazi

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    • “In recent years, psychologists have found a powerful connection between trolling and what’s known as the “dark tetrad” of personality traits: psychopathy, sadism, narcissism, and Machiavellianism.”

      Hmmm. Correlation does not imply causation.

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  4. Having now posted my second “self-post” on Reddit, I have to say that I can understand the potential for addictive-ness in that format. Watching your post get voted up & down, the anticipation of comments…I’m not really a fan of the up-down voting mechanism generally, but I can see the lure 🙂
    As you know, I can be so ponderous and slow to act that I make sloths look like high-speed racing beasts (haha!). Reddit says I’ve been a member for a year, but of course I’ve had other accounts before this one. It’s taken me this long to decide that Reddit can be a worthy vehicle to spread my info & perspectives, so I may use it more in the future.
    Your opinions on Reddit?


  5. Drifloud, wasn’t he the one tweeting what looked like excerpts from a court transcript of this case?

    Not sure how he would have gotten hold of that.

    If I remember correctly, in one of those tweets it was revealed that at least one of the ‘accused’ parents had presented themselves to the police to protest their innocence?

    I think this was after recognising themself from in one of the recordings after being shown it by a friend?

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    • That’s right, yes. One of the accused, in fact, was so alarmed at what he heard on the Jean-Clement audio that he immediately called the police to turn it over to them. Clearly the act of a guilty person. *sarcasm alert*

      And the most likely source of the court transcript was Ella herself, who received her entire court bundle from the solicitors she sacked in December 2015.

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      • Thanks,

        Not that any of it should have been made public but, it does make you wonder what information the hoaxers are sitting on. I suspect they have an awful lot of info that wouldn’t show Ella&Abe in a good light.

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        • Yes, it would be an interesting (if depressing) project to go through Drifloud’s Twitter feed and fish out all the bits of court transcript he’s published. I suspect he’s the sort of person who can’t keep a secret for long, if revealing it would make him look bigger and more important. 🙂


  6. Just seen Deborah Mahmoudieh’s video in which she is accusing RD of being the man behind this blog and 50 sock accounts. How stupid is this woman? And why wont she leave this innocent man alone? she plays the victim because people fuck with her but she accuses them all of being RD. Leave the man alone you stupid woman.

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  7. More than a year on, there are still utterly braindead moron’s believing a 4Chan troll about hotdogs meaning ” a boy”, and taking one email from a Stratfor employee joking about Obama spending $65,0000 of tax payers money flying in hot dogs from Chicago, as proof of child trafficking.

    Only a paedophile would even suggest that had anything to do with child trafficking and sexual abuse.

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