A very Merry Christmas from Hoaxtead Research

Christmas is upon us, and we’re all off sharing the festive season with friends and family, so our posts may be a bit quite sporadic this week.

We wish all our readers peace, joy, and all the best that the holiday has to offer! We hope that all of you (yes, even Debs) are able to find time for quiet reflection amidst the rush, and that the New Year brings you good health and happiness.

Merry Christmas!


73 thoughts on “A very Merry Christmas from Hoaxtead Research

  1. Merry Christmas everyone. Special thankyou to EC and Scarlet Scoop for keeping this great blog going and for keeping us all informed of what is going on with the fruitloops.

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  2. Thought I’d say Merry Christmas to all here! I’m in the midst of spud basting and pudding steaming! In our house the tradition is to eat at three to avoid the Queen. πŸ™‚

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  3. Mealy Crispness!
    The “Wormwood” “series” currently on Netflix is excellent. It was nice to see & hear so much of Eric Olson – a surviving son of Frank Olson, the military scientist murdered-assassinated-executed by the CIA in 1953.
    More detailed background can be obtained from H.P. Albarelli’s “A Terrible Mistake” (Trine Day 2009); Book One was excellent, Book Two has some misinformation inserted by the half-wit publisher Kris Millegan, Book Three presents potentially related info about George Hunter White, Books Four and Five attempted to bring things up to date (2009) – however, if Eric Olson believed that Albarelli had “solved” the case he doesn’t say anything about that. Doesn’t even refer to him in “Wormwood”.

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    • YourNewsWire.com is ridiculous and those who believe anything it publishes are fools. I wonder whether Kristie Sue used to read the Weekly World News and believe in the stories about Bat Boy, BigFoot, and the man who exploded on the operating table? Somehow I wouldn’t be surprised.


  4. Let’s hope some Christmas Angel, on the other side of the pond, will report Nathan Stolpman of Lift the Veil, to his local police for uploading child abuse videos containing the two children’s private Police interviews, revealing their names, sharing their images and personal medical details.
    Sick pervert that he is.
    It shouldn’t matter that he is in America, uploading those videos are still a crime committed against those two children, and the acts of a child abuser.

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