Araya Soma: Two out of three ain’t bad

We received some interesting news yesterday: apparently two of Araya Soma’s three Facebook profiles have been removed, leaving behind only her Araya Manna profile:

Best quote:

Bastards I had soma since 2006, all memories wiped but never mind I rather speak the truth and lose everything than keep mouth shut and live a lie

Everyone together now: “AAAAWWWWWW!!!”

We should note that the deletion of Araya’s two profiles didn’t “just happen”: it came about as a result of multiple complaints about her ugly, false, and disgusting anti-Semitic posts, by several people, over a long period of time. (Period, geddit? No? Okay, never mind….)

So it was a real vindication when one of our readers opened up their Facebook Support in-box to find two notifications like this:

Of course you know that Araya won’t go down without the requisite bitching and moaning.

We found this one in her “Cancer research is a scam, CANNABIS cures cancer” group (not to be confused with Slain Crater’s “Cannabis Cures Cancers, hey, where are you all going, I only said everyone in Hampstead eats babies! You probably all do too! Waaaaaaah!!!” group):

But don’t worry, Araya has a Plan B: she’s trying to convince all her Facebook friends to follow her over to that site no one uses, MeWe, where she can once again regale them with her lies, fairy tales, and complaints that no one listens to her.

Au revoir, Araya, and don’t let the door hit you in the arse on your way out.

Two out of three ain’t bad…let’s see if we can’t get that third profile deleted before she leaves!

And for all those who reported her, we raise a toast in your general direction!

79 thoughts on “Araya Soma: Two out of three ain’t bad

  1. Great news!

    I’m so glad the internet is not in smellovision, her breath must stink with her penchant for blood and urine.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if I found out she sat down to a bowl of her own steaming excrement for her breakfast in the mornings too!

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  2. That comment by Araya at the top of the post is almost word-for-word what either she or someone else said some time ago. I’ll see if I can find it. Watch this space. Well, not this exact space but you catch my drift…

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    • Bingo!

      Arthur Pint, 23rd Oct:

      “Araya had this post on her FB page so if she and her ilk disappear from Facebook at any point in time then we may find them on this new site,”

      Fanks, Arfur! 😀

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      • Good riddance then to that Aussie con-artist Santos Bonnacci who bravely burnt a $20 note in protest outside a court where he was on charges of avoiding $10Ks in toll charges. It was to show his fierce opposition to the entire “corporate scam” but then he hastily cadged $10 off a reporter who was there so he could get home.
        The “birth certificate” grifter / loser has railed against the entire set-up of current society claiming he can exist without becoming a “sheeple” but sadly for the layabout his Disability Pension was cancelled when he went to jail and he had to apply for Jobseeker’s Allowance.
        (His hosts who harbored the annoying grifter when Plod was looking for him still want him to pay the huge telephone bill he ran up & I’m not sure the goose is aware it was they who dobbed him to the Victorian Ponce as the only way of winkling the scrounger out of their house.)

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    • Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to cut that off. It reads: ” My araya soma and ninon dulac are disabled kaput no more so that’s that, but go to MeWe google it takes few minutes to register, I will prob get banned here again soon so keep ur fb s but join me on MeWe so u can see all my posts no point in posting much in fb anymore coz all I get is bans , yet all the pedo porn is still on fb, can’t make this shit up, so rather than get banned again I won’t post much here anymore all I ll post is the link to my profile on MeWe and if u join befriend me there and we can all post anyhting we want no censorship”

      So…no, not much. Just more whining really. 🙂

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    • Great to see people power having a positive effect and helping to spare folk from seeing Araya’s anti-Semitic posts. A gift we can all enjoy. 🙂

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  3. Energy Weapons World Tour

    Strangely, though, they don’t appear to have made it to Canada or Australia. Could those country’s wildfires possibly have been down to something really bizarre, like – ooh, I don’t know – nature? Or a carelessly discarded match? I know – it’s a far-fetched notion, isn’t it, but stranger things have happened.

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  4. Polite request to Kris Costa and Kane Slater:

    Any chance you two useless twats can fuck off to MeWe too, please?


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    • Interview with girl who when she grew up stated categorically that none of this ever happened and that she’d been coerced into telling likes by the unscrupulous TV company anyone?

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    • And speaking of kids who when they grew up admitted that their (in this case scientifically impossible) allegations had been complete fabrications…

      Great fucking research, Kane. Your parents must be so proud of you.

      (For the records, they’re not, from what I hear.)

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      • He wasn’t “head of the FBI”, manager of a branch office but even then they thought he was crackers.
        Slater is so behind the times it’s not funny.

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  5. ‘Warning To Her Majesty & Archbishop of Canterbury’
    By Mad Moo

    “Hello, Queen…and Mr. Archbishop of Canterbury. I’m here to inform both of you tat your souls are in peril…”

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    • Sadly, I don’t think she heard you, Hugh:

      2:14 – “Archbishop of Canterbury, you are representative of a thoroughly corrupt church that actually supports the Antichrist, encourages or even demands of people to participate in ritual human sacrifice, ritual cannibalism, and all while kneeling and praying before an instrument of Roman torture. Your religion is evil…”

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      • What a shame hey Spiny? She could be having a nice time instead of carrying on with her campaign of hate. Her loss mate, the rest of us can get on with enjoying our Christmas.

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    • Debs’ request to the Queen & the Archbishop of Canterbury at 4:01…

      “I’ll leave you the link to my ‘Return to Eden’ video, which I hope you’ll both watch and learn the true interpretation, the correct interpretation, of the story of Eden…”

      LOL, good luck with that, Debs, you daft mare!

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    • Deb should worry more about her own Judgement Day if her “life & works are being judged”. A’ranting & a’raving on Youtube and accusing all and sundry innocent people of vile crimes while taking such a high moral road herself is hardly going to endear her to Jah Wobble at the Pearly Gates.
      I’m told there is a special queue at the entrance for all Youtube & Facebook “warriors” who spout bile & libels on a daily basis. It’s hundreds of miles long and it takes an Eternity to get to the front of the queue.
      (HM The Queen will coast in easily because she wears such gorgeous hats)

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  6. Legal Advisor?

    “The family is being assisted by legal advisor Linda Byrne O’Riordan, who suggested more witnesses should have been called in the trial.

    She said: “I’m very concerned that there were 30 witnesses and only six were called.

    “The family was told it was a straight forward, open-shut case.”

    She added that “more needs to be done” to determine exactly what happened.”

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  7. I hope whoever hacked and shut down is pleased with themselves!
    Sick paedotrolls who support peados and attack those trying to expose peados.
    Hang their heads in shame.
    He will return stronger than ever!!!!!!!


      • It’s not a certainty.

        And I should mention that even if he was hacked and shut down it’s nothing to do with anyone here. Unlike Mr Spivey we stay on the right side of the law.

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        • Personally i find Spivey a joke and couldn’t give a toss about his blog and from what i hear, even his most loyal readers were dwindling in numbers.


      • I didn’t even realise there was speculation that his blog had been hacked (rather than closed down by Divvy himself). Is there any particular reason why hacking is suspected?


        • Not that i’ve seen anywhere but they do like to say they were hacked to try and make themselves appear important enough for someone to want to hack them. He’ll probably say it was GCHQ or the like.

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    • These lunatics are hilarious. Why would anyone hack Spiv the Divs website? He is usually ranting about how much the site costs to run and how he needs money to keep it online.
      Why doesn’t he get a free wordpress blog like this site?

      The only thing that utter clown Spivey has ever exposed is himself in his stupid youtube videos in his pants dancing and getting arrested.

      What a sad old bastard.

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    • Oh, that guy who wrote a book about children faking cancer. What pedo’s was he trying to expose?

      I see lots of photos of everyone being everyone, being everyone else. Thats about the sum of it.

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      • He also mercilessly harassed the family of the murdered soldier Lee Rigby from pretty much the day Lee died. Disgusting man.

        Oh and his key piece of “proof” that the murder was faked was the “fact” that there’s an hour and 10 minutes between 1:26 and 2:20. Apparently…

        By the way, check out this heartless bint posting under the original Spivey video that the above was taken from:


  8. As we all know that the videos of the Hampstead children are still circulating on facebook, youtube and elsewhere. Also photos of these children, we know that nothing hardly gets done by these networks to remove these.The reporting procedure via facebook and youtube can be close to useless, i was wondering. Is there nothing the Child Exploitation and Online Protection command can do about all this?

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    • My impression is that the Hampstead Hoax isn’t know as an issue by any of the media platforms. Every time we have to deal with a new moderator who is more bothered about censoring nipples. We need someone high up at each organisation to address the problem so that images and videos of the children – and ideally the falsely accused – can be quickly removed.

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