‘An endless tower of lies’: Building the false construct of ‘Satanic ritual abuse’

This blog is fortunate indeed to have attracted a wide readership with a truly impressive array of skills and knowledge in a variety of fields.

One of our readers, Justin Sanity, has long been a wonderful source of background information on the history of cults, child sexual abuse, and so-called “Satanic ritual abuse”. In a comment yesterday, he drew our attention to a post he’d written for the Dysgenics blog, on the lies that went into the creation of the “Satanic ritual abuse” narrative. It’s fascinating stuff, and extremely relevant to the Hampstead SRA hoax, as it shows how false narratives evolve over time, with hoaxers covering up one lie with another in an effort to keep the story alive.

We’re reblogging Justin’s post here, as we think it’s an important key to understanding the “endless tower of lies” that have gone into building the Hampstead hoax.

Supposed sex-slavery survivor resigns from her own foundation after her fraudulent life history-victim narrative is exposed:

“Somaly Mam, the world-famous Cambodian campaigner against sex trafficking, one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People in the World, has stepped down from her eponymous foundation in the wake of charges that she fabricated her harrowing autobiography of having been sold into sex slavery as a child. According to an exposé in Newsweek, Mam had a normal childhood and adolescence and is remembered by neighbors as “a happy, pretty girl with pigtails.” Not only did Mam apparently invent her past, she allegedly coached others in her organization, AFESIP, to tell similarly lurid false tales. Long Pross, who has just stepped down as a spokeswoman for the Somaly Mam Foundation, claimed a pimp gouged out her eye; actually, her eye was removed in surgery for a tumor when she was 13. She was never in a brothel. Meas Rotha says Mam auditioned girls for public appearances and told her she had to lie to help other women”. (Katha Pollit, The Nation, June 4, 2014) – sex trafficking, lies and scandal


It was 1985, and I was watching the amusing spectacle of fraudulent evangelical ex-satanist testimonialists –  who had escaped from the pages of Jack Chick tracts or the auditoriums of Pentacostal Churches and were making colossal fools of themselves parading their ignorance and fantasies on mainstream network television.  There was the “ex-satanist” who never was a satanist – Christian comedian Mike Warnke – blatantly making up “the secret meaning” of various occult paraphernalia, (“oh yes, the RED robes…these would be for your SEXUAL workings…”),  for example.

Less funny, were the equally uninformed and deluded police officers on this 20/20 program; Sandy Gallant and Dale Griffiths. Their ignorance of the subject matter was somewhat disturbing, considering their power over the lives of others as law enforcement agents. But not really surprising, considering that their “expert” sources were; fraudulent “former satanic cultists” whose expertise consisted of nothing more than medieval folklore, pop culture storylines and urban legends – such as Mike Warnke and Joan Christiansen, religious bigots peddling satanic conspiracy theories – such as Bob Larson, Tony Alamo and John Todd, and teenage dabblers making up a Heavy Metal fandom “satanism” out of their own imaginations.

Then there were these little children on the program, apparently stating they had been forced into participation in human sacrifice rituals with infant victims. (There were passing references to sexual abuse victimization as well, but the children were not shown making such allegations themselves). It was obvious that these kids were relating fantasies, but it was also clear that the children had not made up these stories themselves, that they were not the real ‘authors’ of these fantasies. This was demonstrated when a five-point “satanic crime indicators” list was repeatedly referred to later in the program.  Adults in the program including the host, police detective Sandy Gallant and the children’s relatives/caregivers repeatedly blamed the children for the falsehoods enumerated in this indicators list, claiming “this is what the children have been telling us”.  Some people however, such as Neo-pagan anti-defamation activists who had been monitoring the Fundamentalist-Evangelical “anti-occult” war on popular culture, would recognise this satanic crime indicators list as a compilation of urban legends that had been created and circulated by adult members of Fundamentalist-Evangelical organizations long before any child was alleged to have “disclosed” it. Here it is:

1) coffins – this legend held that satanic cults initiated new members, and child victims, by digging up coffins – putting the child inside it – and then lowering the coffin back into the grave.  Beyond simply terrorizing children by making them lie on a corpse and then be “re-buried” along with it, this initiation supposedly reflected satanists’ obsession with and worship of death, as Lawrence Pazder – author of Michelle Remembers – states in the 20/20 program. (Few people outside of First Nations and Neo-pagan communities in British Columbia, seem aware that Pazder was a religious bigot and Catholic traditionalist zealot who is alleged to have described the ancient pagan ceremonies he witnessed in Africa as: “ignorant savages worshipping Satan in the wilderness”).  This coffin initiation fantasy does not correspond to any documented satanic group’s practices, nor was there any documentation for the thousands of desecrated gravesites that would have been necessitated simply keeping up with the number of children whom anti-occult crusaders claimed were being victimized. This gruesome false ‘indicator’ quickly fades and is rarely mentioned after 1990.

2) paraphernalia – a “satanic goat’s head”, lots & lots of candles, and people wearing black and white robes. (Black & white robes? But…if the alleged cultists are sexually abusing kids in their rituals, shouldn’t they be wearing Warnke’s red robes?) According to the 20/20 program, these things are indicators that satanic crimes have been committed. This is very obviously not true. None of these things are illegal to own or use, separately or together, and they all could have a variety of purposes that have nothing to do with criminal activities.  Allegedly satanic paraphernalia has only ever been of concern to self-professed “occult crime” specialists, conducting unauthorized investigations on their own time, or as roving private investigators unaffiliated with local law enforcement agencies.

3) kidnapping – the focus of these early urban legends is the child sacrifice myth. Sacrificing children, especially infants, is assumed to be of primary importance to the hypothetical satanic cultists and therefore most of their activities would revolve around obtaining child victims, sacrificing them and then meticulously disposing of the remains so no physical evidence of the murders can ever be found. In these early legends, the source of these sacrificial children was believed to be “all those missing children” – kidnapped, sacrificed, never seen again. This idea was very quickly disproven definitively, when national data on missing children demonstrated that there were only hundreds of “never seen again” cases over a period of many decades and not the many thousands that would be required to fulfill the alleged exhaustive yearly schedule of satanic sacrifices postulated by self-professed satanic crime experts.

4) sexual abuse – not the focus of as much concern, in these early legends, as child sacrifice. Sexual violation of innocents is seen more as one of many methods by which child victims are “defiled” and their souls “polluted” and corrupted, rather than as a central purpose for the cult’s existence. As these other legends are disproven and fade into the background, however, the sexual abuse of children gets re-written as the cult’s principal concern.

5) cannibalism – another legend that proves too difficult to explain away the lack of physical evidence for, and for which a truly believable motivation is never developed. Yes, cannibalism is very gruesome and would be clearly an evil practice, to most people. But, other than doing evil for evil’s sake, what really would be the point of obsessive or continuous cannibalism? How would it contribute to bringing about Satan’s dominion over Earth and mankind, for example.  And where did all the skeletons of the victims go? This legend quickly fades, also.

Much of this satanic crime indicators list is easily falsifiable – it simply isn’t true, that there are or were satanic cults operating in North America and Europe kidnapping scores of children and subjecting them to all of these horrors. Therefore, the children in this 20/20 program were not reporting their actual experiences, and since we knew that adults were involved in formulating and circulating these very same falsehoods, it was clear that the children had been manipulated into reciting the adult community’s satanic cult fantasies.  Adults were encouraging children to make easily falsifiable claims of victimization, very publicly, to an audience of millions.

After all the efforts dedicated to getting child abuse issues taken seriously in our society, efforts dedicated to promoting understanding and recognition that children are persons with the same inalienable rights to physical safety and security as everyone else, to legal recognition that child abuse is a criminal violation of those rights – culminating in The Child Abuse Prevention and Treatment Act of 1974 – and subsequently all the efforts to promote awareness and legal recognition that children are harmed by sexual exploitation and by emotional cruelty, and to encouraging confidence in children as reliable witnesses to any harm done to them…

After all of that – in 1985 children were encouraged to publicly, falsely state that they had participated in the torture and murder of other children – of alleged children, children with no names, no histories, no records, no family members searching for them after they are slain – alleged child murder victims who correspond to no missing person reports, whose remains are never found, who cannot be proven to have ever existed.


Many attempts had been made to explain away the lack of any evidence corroborating the children’s sacrificial murder stories. The satanists buried the murdered children in already existing graves – but there was no evidence of such graveyard tampering. The satanists ate the murdered children to dispose of their bodies – but there were no bones left over to be found. The satanists broke into crematoriums and cremated the remains – but there was no evidence of break-ins or unauthorized cremations. The satanists had portable crematoriums and drove around with their crematoriums running, in the countryside where no one would see them – but the smallest portable crematoriums, owned by the US Army, weighed 60 tons and required four flatbed trucks to move them. And just as important as “where did the murdered children’s remains go?” was the question of – where had these mystery children come from in the first place? Kidnapping was eliminated as an adequate source of supply, as previously explained.

This is where it all should have stopped, this public parading of fraudulent “survivor” narratives. It was a disaster that falsifiable claims of victimization had been paraded so publicly, and doubly disastrous that children had been manipulated into relating them. The damage could have been mitigated, perhaps, with minimal negative social impact, if CSA experts and other child protection professionals, along with representatives from victims of violence stakeholder groups, had come together and drafted some sort of public statement – a statement affirming the reality of murderous violence against adults and children in our society, affirming that the vast majority of physical and sexual abuse allegations made by adults or children are valid and truthful, but also acknowledging the reality that some allegations made by adults and some allegations attributed to children, do turn out to be provably false or impossible – even though the person making the allegation sincerely believes it to be true.  A statement that, although the children portrayed on 20/20 talking about taking part in child sacrifice might sincerely believe what they appeared to be saying, there was no reason to believe such events really did take place.

There should have been such a statement, and it should have condemned without reservation the adults who exploited these 20/20  program children to promote public belief in a highly inflammatory, widely circulated, unverifiable urban legend of satanic ritual sacrifice – by encouraging the children to publicly recite it as though it was their personal victim narrative, and then making the children responsibile for the adult’s own knowledge of and belief in the legend. Host/Interviewer: “Do you believe this is really happening?” Adult respondent: “That’s what the children are telling us”.

Someone demonstrates that there is a claim in your Survivor narrative which cannot be true?  Acknowledge that fact and retract the claim?  Never! Cover your falsehood by telling more lies!

Before very long some of the real ‘authors’ behind those urban legends, from which the supposed satanic crime indicators were derived, started popping up on mainstream network television. Lawrence Pazder had already made several appearances, and Ken Wooden was of course the producer of the 20/20 program on satanism. Soon they were followed by Rebecca Brown and Elaine Moses , the dynamic duo of a fraudulent ex-satanist testimonialist and a drug-addicted quack doctor who routinely diagnosed her patient’s illnesses as demonic possession, Ted Gunderson ,retired FBI agent and the boyfriend of McMartin parent Jackie McGauley,  end-of-days paranoid Hal Lindsey’s friend Johanna Michaelsen , and the notorious fraudster  Lauren Stratford , among others.


There was a problem with the Satanic Ritual Abuse master narrative.  Despite the fact that children had been used to proclaim the ritual sacrifice sub-narrative on national television, there had still been skeptics heartless and cruel enough to doubt that such stories could be valid, and to suggest that claims of large-scale, ongoing ritual sacrifice could not be true.  Questions about the lack of physical evidence supporting disposal of remains could still be fended off with a long list of possible disposal strategies, but the question of where the sacrificial children had come from was becoming insurmountable.  The massive, ongoing, nation-wide kidnapping narrative was still being defended – but the release of thorough statistical analysis for missing child cases and their resolutions had very clearly contradicted the massive number of never-resolveds that would be needed to supply all the sacrificing described in the master narrative. Lauren Stratford thought she had the answer to this problem.

satanic sow breeds a year's worth of sacrifices
satanic sow breeds a year’s worth of sacrifice

Lauren Stratford was the first SRA survivor to proclaim that she had been a “breeder” for the cult, that she had at one time been pregnant and confined in a warehouse full of pregnant women who served the cult & Satan by popping out a sacrificial infant “for the cause” every 10-12 months.  She was the first public breeder, but very soon she was joined by a small army of other women claiming to be SRA survivors who had also been “breeders for Satan”. It was a superficially brilliant resolution to the problem of: “how could a satanic ritual sacrifice cult obtain a steady supply of children for whom there would be no governmental, institutional or commercial records that they had even existed – a steady and adequate supply of sacrificial infants that no one else even realizes the existence of and therefore would never be reported missing or searched for, and whose demise & disposal would remain as unperceived by the outside world as their brief life had been?” Why, by breeding their own babies, of course!

As I said – superficially a brilliant answer to the problem. In fact, there are a host of reasons why this plan wouldn’t actually be practicable – but that’s not the point. What is important about this modification of, or correction to, the master SRA narrative is how blatantly artificial it is, how transparently contrived & constructed to be a replacement for the original narrative about satanic cults obtaining supplies of sacrificial babies through large-scale kidnapping, it is.

For Lauren, the game would now be that critics would demand evidence for these baby farms, and she would respond by challenging them to prove that they did not exist! For rational observers of the evolving SRA master narrative, however, the more pressing problem would be the total absence of a breeder sub-narrative in the original master narrative. Why wasn’t this breeder program mentioned in the beginning. Did you just ‘forget’ to mention it? All of you? All of the world’s self-professed satanic cult crime experts, forgot to mention the baby farms before this? Bullshit.

The SRA master narrative is supposed to be a true life story. It is alleged to reveal the true, hidden reality of large-scale child sex abuse, torture, slavery, prostitution, pornography, trafficking and murder. It is supposed to be about the real suffering and struggles of real people, the suffering and struggles of the very same self-professed SRA survivors who are revealing it’s secrets to the world – and of many hundreds of others just like them. Well, if that is the case, you can’t just delete a very important sub-narrative because it hasn’t “worked out”, and replace it with a completely different one! Your “real life history” can’t change and evolve as you refine it! But this was not a problem for the SRA survivors. They simply, blatantly, adjusted their own life history narratives to accommodate and reflect the new story line.  All of this was pointed out to their supporters, in CSA, in social work, in feminist studies, in various forms of psychotherapy, in the media, etc. And, no one cared!


This absurd process of adjusting, modifying, rewriting, redifining, renaming and otherwise making alterations to the supposedly static reality of their own life history, to the SRA master narrative and subsequently then, to other people’s life histories, went on & on over the next thirty years!  These people were not describing a reality, they were not even trying to. They were just telling a story, one that they were making up as they went along.

They didn’t have much choice, actually. The founder of the “field of inquiry” they were all supposed to be expert in, the man who coined the term “satanic ritual abuse” and invented the first definitions for it – Dr Lawrence Pazder author of Michelle Remembers –  was totally clueless about the subject matter he professed to be the world’s greatest expert on! I’m not joking. The man understood nothing at all about modern Satanism, nor about Inquisitorial or late medieval satan worship and witchcraft mythology, not even anything about ‘armchair’ occult systems such as tarot card reading or astrology.  The following are excerpts from a presentation on “The Emergence of Ritualistic Crime in Today’s Society”, that Lawrence Pazder gave at a “N. Colo.-S. Wyo. Detectives Association Seminar” in Ft. Collins, Colo., 9-12 September 1986. I’m retitling it as:

Lawrence Pazder demonstrates his total ignorance of the subject matter he claims to be a word-class expert in…

“We – speaking to over 100 law enforcement professionals in Ft. Collins – are ahead of society  and other  professionals in the knowledge  and understanding  of satanic crimes”

A genuinely scary thought. Other speakers at this seminar included Pat Pulling of BADD, who knew less than nothing on the subject since everything she did know was misinformation.  Mike Warnke the fraudulent ex-satanist – while only ever a wannabe practitioner of anything satanic or occult-esque – had actually done some reading and made all the rest look as uninformed as they truly were. Ken Wooden, again no genuine knowledge of the subject and freakin’ nuts on top of ignorant. If these were the world’s greatest experts on satanic related crime at that time, then there was actually no such thing as an expert on that topic.

“If  you  are  involved  in  a  ritualistic abuse or other satanic crime case, don’t work it alone. If you  do, you’ll ‘get screwed’ one way or another! Take  a witness with you during  contacts  to   give   support   both   physically  and spiritually. The police are the last line of defense for the kids, the intended victims of satanists.  You must be prepared for the tasks and responsibilities that entails”.

Right off the bat, Pazder invokes the specter of an explicitly spiritual threat or danger involved in “ritualistic abuse or satanic crime” investigation. Police investigators themselves will need “spiritual support”, lest they “get screwed”. Later, Pazder would specifically recommend that “ritualistic abuse or satanic crime” investigation be carried out by special teams wherein Christian priests would work in partnership with police officers. Pazder is advocating a Christian “spiritual warfare” witch-hunt against supposedly satanic influences in our society, to be enforced by our police forces!

“‘Satanism,’ the term, has become a catch-all for a lot of things, but it should only  be  used  in  correct perspective”
“The diversity  of satanic  involvement is  endless, based upon the number of individuals involved  who  each  form  their own ideas about  it”. 

Here, Pazder starts trying to portray himself as an expert on the subject of satanism, cautioning that the term “satanism” has a specific “correct perspective” in which it should be used, then immediately contradicts himself by stating that every person with  satanic involvement forms their own ideas about satanism – creating an endless diversity of “satanisms” – which would mean that there couldn’t be any specific “correct perspective”.

“Substitute the  term ‘orthodox satanism’ in its proper usage and appropriate place”. 

“Orthodox” satanism? Words of wisdom from Dianne Vera: “In the context of Satanism, what could “Orthodox” possibly mean? There can’t really be such a thing as a Satanist orthodoxy, because the word “Satanism” was in dictionaries long before any of its would-be codifiers were born. Unique among religions, the idea of “Satanism” indeed, the very word “Satanism” was most likely invented not by its adherents but by its enemies. And, obviously, there’s no reason why its adherents should conform totally to the propaganda of its enemies, even though most Satanists do draw some of their ideas from Christian propaganda. So, although individual Satanist groups can have their own orthodoxies within the group, there can’t really be such a thing as an orthodoxy for Satanism as a whole”.   http://theisticsatanism.com/bgoat/orthodox.html

This term; “orthodox satanism”, as Pazder defines it and uses it, is his own invention!   “Orthodox satanism”, “satanic ritual abuse”, satanic cemetery initiations – none of these things were known to genuine scholars on the subject –  all of these things came solely out of Lawrence Pazder’s imagination.

“If we place ‘orthodox satanism’ on  a continuum,  it will be on the far left side. Nearer toward the center will be the devil worship cults of which we see occasional evidence. Farther to the right are the witches, pagans, and other occult groups. Finally, across the line of the far right, are the Christians. The pure group of ‘orthodox satanists’ is never seen or  identified in public, yet it is this group of invisible satanists who plant the seeds and encourage all the other more visible satanic groups”.

First, take note of Pazder’s ignorant bigotry – he classifies self-professed “witches”, pagans and “other occult groups” as forms of satanism, along with “devil worship” and his imaginary orthodox satanists – all of which are on a continuum opposite to  and therefore presumably at war with Christianity. Then note that he states that his imaginary orthodox satanists are never seen or identified in public!  They are and will remain unknown and unknowable to anyone, including the police officers Pazder is pretending to give “training” to here, with one exception…Lawrence Pazder himself! Pazder knows who they are, how they operate – despite being invisible to everyone else, Pazder knows everything about them!  And that is possible, because they only exist in his own imagination.

“In order to understand what belief in the devil means, we have to  delve into the mindset of the worshipper.  We have to lay our personal belief systems  aside  and  try  to determine what the belief system of the devil worshipper is”. “The  Leader:  Satan,  also  known  as Lucifer, the fallen angel; who is brilliant and wants  to  be  like  God,  to take power.   Biblical accounts indicate that Satan was given legal dominion over this earth for a time.
The Issues: Pertinent issues  relate  primarily  to Jesus Christ in  some fashion.   Jesus  is God incarnate who won the battle with  Lucifer,  freed  and  redeemed  sinners,  and was
Himself  resurrected  from  the  dead.  Satan has not accepted that he lost the battle…he is a poor sport.
The Authority: Unhappily for  Satan, Jesus  has authority over him.   Jesus is Satan’s arch-enemy.  We must realize that Satan plays the numbers  game; he  goes for  the ‘body count,’ that is, the number of souls in his camp at time of death.  He uses every tool over which he has dominion  to trick  and trap men,  including:  materialism  and  material things, forces of nature, powers  of  science  (the  disciplines  such  as earth sciences, chemistry, numerology, astrology, etc.)”

Unbelievably shallow and blatant pretense to knowledge & understanding that he doesn’t actually possess! Yes, if you wanted to understand some belief system alien to your own experience, in this case to “get into the mind of a devil worshipper”, you would want to put the perspective of your own belief system aside and apply an objective analysis. But, immediately after making this observation, Pazder defines the “devil worship” belief system as derived entirely from – and identical to – traditional Christian theological mythology about Satan being “the adversary” of Christ! This statement; “The Issues: Pertinent issues relate primarily to Jesus Christ in some fashion”, is particularly facile. Pazder is postulating a vast criminal cult conspiracy, committing the most horrific crimes with calendrical regularity, motivated entirely by a jealous hatred of the Christian deity – as though every member of the cult were a human incarnation of Satan himself. No greed, no lust for power, no ambitions whatsoever other than “giving it” to Jesus Christ “in some fashion”. No wonder the FBI could find no trace of Pazder’s satanic cult conspiracy – it’s too stupid a concept to actually exist!

“Satanism  is  a  belief  system believing in the power of evil.  There is  no freedom  in satanism;  worshippers forfeit all freedom  of choice”. 

Imagine how attractive that prospect would be – voluntary surrendering all freedom, liberty and personal autonomy – deliberately enslaving yourself to some unknown and unknowable masters, just for the opportunity of participating in making baby Jesus cry! Isn’t that everyone’s greatest desire? Or rather, could that possibly be anyone’s greatest desire?  Only in the fantasies of a religious lunatic like Pazder. And, aren’t satan worshippers supposed to be fanatical antinomian libertines – devoted to doing whatever they personally feel like doing, 24/7, regardless of the consequences for themselves or others? How does that vision of satanism reconcile with “There is no freedom in satanism; worshippers forfeit all freedom of choice” – ?

“It is the antithesis of Christianity, working against every form possible. Orthodox satanism  is a very involved system with intentional choices. The core group is too smart to assign a name or  label. Their networking is extremely sophisticated  and supremely  secretive, a life-and- death commitment.  The  levels of  orthodox satanism  are like those encountered in an extensive drug ring…level upon level upon level…each knowing only  what  is  necessary  about the other, upper levels”. “To visualize  the satanist’s mindset, we need to think in the negative or reverse.  Think  OPPOSITES.   This is bizarre, but  lends  valuable  insight.   For instance, satanists don’t love sex, they hate it, yet they use it ritually all the time. What  is   good,  honorable,   just,  worthy  to  us  is  bad, despicable, foul and unworthy to the satanist”.

This is pathetic and embarrassing to read. This is the idiotic, stereotypical Hollywood movie satanism, the stupid fantasy that I call “the reversers”. Pazder’s understanding of satanism is limited to this cartoonish caricature, this childish fantasy of people who spend all their time trying to embody a literal reversal of everything positive that Christians believe themselves to embody.

“Definition: ‘Ritualized  Abuse  is  repeated physical, emotional, mental,  and  spiritual  assaults  combined  with a systemized  use   of  symbols,  ceremonies,  and  machinations designed and orchestrated to attain malevolent  effects.’  The abuses may  be repeated  100-1000 times!  The assaults target the physical  level  first,  then  the  emotional,  mental and spiritual levels  of the  child. They are a planned, detailed program designed to turn  the victim  against itself, society, and God.

Every assault  has a  purpose.  The sex-type assaults are not the ‘dog in heat syndrome  for sexual  gratification,’ but part  of  a  process  to  degrade the child and produce guilt. Careful planning and execution is required by the perpetrators and  the  process  takes  a  long time with repeated contacts. Every step is premeditated. The Motive:  to remove  the child from everything  good, normal,  healthy, Godly;   to inculcate the  child  into  the   primary   belief   system   of  Satan. Ritualistic Abuse is an assault against innocence.

Short-term  motivation  is  to  gain  POWER over a child. This  is  not  for  sexual  gratification…don’t   make  that mistake!   It is  very difficult to ‘capture a child,’ to turn him or  her  against  everything  that  God  wants  him/her to become.  Ritualized Abuse is not for the purpose of destroying the child, but rather to gain  access to  that child  later in society. The  Ritualized  Abuse process will warp the child totally, make it predisposed to accept  the devil’s philosophy” later in life.  Another purpose is to inculcate the child into the primary Satanic group.  These children are  literally time bombs planted in society!”

Pazder isn’t expressing concern about child sexual abuse, in the above passages. He isn’t concerned to stop the physical & sexual abuse of children, nor to apprehend those who perpetrate such crimes. Pazder is describing a fantasy, wherein children would be systematically sexually abused, degraded and corrupted  – and would subsequently acquire a desire to be used in all manner of sexual perversions and a taste for involving others in such practices.

“The  purpose  of  the  sex  contacts is not pleasure, but to alter  the sexual  orientation of  the child. These contacts  are done in multiples and combinations to make the child as evil as possible.  Frankly,  Satan has  no balls! Therefore, his  followers are trying to break something in the child to allow procreation by Satan in the sexual realm. His entire  focus  is  on  procreating  a  Satanic child, an anti-messiah, so as to bargain his way back into heaven  and out of eternal punishment”.

Here, Pazder reveals his core delusional fantasy more explicitly:  that subjecting a 4-6 year old child to a long-term, systematic regimen of oral, anal and/or vaginal violations including rape and sexual sadism, will somehow “make” the child “turn evil” – by which Pazder means that the child will absorb “moral corruption” from the morally corrupt practices inflicted upon it (!) – transforming from an unwilling victim of sexual perversion into an actively desirous participant, and come to crave the ultimate perversion of being the wanton sex slave of Satan himself !  Pazder further reveals his fantasy that Satan, as a literal being capable of manifesting physically to copulate with human children, is the true leader of Pazder’s imaginary satanic cult, personally directing all of their satanic activity.

However,  through  all  of  the cult’s manipulations, the victim-child is  not under  their control.   There  is a deep-seated  ‘God-spark’  of  life  which  is  untouchable  to  the Satanist.  It  is  a  built-in  survival  mechanism;  kids are powerful and cannot be controlled.  Our view, as noted earlier, is often a ‘victimized view.’ This is a total insult to children.  A child  is protected by God  until  the  age  of  six”.

Totally contradicts his previous vision of little children being raped into total submission and willing slavery, now stating that the victimized child cannot actually be corrupted because they are “protected by God” ! It’s difficult not to conclude, at this point, that Pazder must have been clinically insane if he truly believed any of this.

“The  brainwashing  techniques  used  by  the  abusers are carefully orchestrated so that they set the child up to emerge later, such as at age 13-14.”

Reinforcing, here, what his real concern is – (it’s not the alleged sexual violations of little children) – which was expressed earlier this way: “These children are literally time bombs planted in society!”  Pazder is concerned to prevent the corruption of Western Christian culture by the proliferation of teenaged anti-christians, who by their every deed express contempt for God, for their parents, and for Pazder’s vision of decent Christian society. This whole fantasy is Pazder’s explanation for how there came to be legions of superficially ‘satanic’ Metalheads, society & God-hating ‘punks’, and related youth subcultures in Western societies at that point in time (late 1970s – mid 1980s).

Pazder goes on & on, with increasingly lurid descriptions of sexual violation of children supposedly perpetrated “during the ritual” – but he never describes “the ritual” itself. Makes me wonder if he even understood what a ceremonial ritual is, or is not? There’s  no logical connection between the sexual acts he describes and the intended outcome he postulates. I get the distinct impression that these scenarios might have been his masturbation fantasies. I can’t imagine that ANY of this nonsense would help police investigators in any way.

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  2. And does love hit children with T-squares and broom handles, chase them round gardens with rakes and beat the shit out of them for taking a sneaky peek at porn? Perhaps you could clarify that for us, Angie?

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    • Not at all.

      Kris is laughable but dangerous
      Cassie is laughable but I think harmless
      Philip is laughable as he has the hots for Cassie yet my stalker who has screenshot my comments on fb 100’s of times had the hots for him but unfortunately he didn’t find her attractive in the slightest.

      So it’s a hat-trick, 3 big laughs all around.

      I don’t see any evidence of Yolandi (I think he must mean Yolande) bullying Cassie who evidently is not actually called Cassie at all.

      Poor Phil, I think his love is not reciprocated.

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      • No, Yolande has been trolling her mercilessly for weeks, Babs. There have been screenshots of that posted on here. Not taking sides, though – I don’t like either of them!

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          • It makes me laugh how Kris Costa learns everything from this fine blog we have here. If it wasn’t for HR she would not even know about Cassie Crowhurst and now she’s trying to latch onto her as she has such little support.

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          • I hate to say it but actually it was the other way round – we learnt about Cassie from Kristie Sue. She “discovered” her, though that’s hardly a great accolade.


          • Not for me. The first mention i heard of Cassie was actually from APD. I had never seen KSC mention her name until she was talked about on here but there again i rarely read anything KSC has to say.


          • Maybe not for you but that’s a separate point. It started with KSC promoting Cassie’s video about John Wedger. Honest!


    • Fema Camps were so last year.
      These were supposedly being set up by Barack Obama yet no-one could actually find one although they did try to pass off an abandoned car-park as one.
      It doesn’t seem to twig with This Mob that the USA is a bastion of Capitalism and the “Free Market” hence it needs more & more customers to survive. Why would they want to kill off their customer base?

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    • I see Angie shitting her self just a little bit when that bloke started swearing and shouting, did you see the look on her face, then she put a fag in her mouth and changed the subject a bit

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  3. Kris Kosta has been banging her gums (I love that expression, I only learned it recently), on Yolande’s page with Jake lovey, dovey, peace y’all giving his usual yakety yak Kumbaya talk.

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    • Costa believes every single lie which came from Abe’s mouth via the children, even that “mountain of powder” offered to the boy. Mr Dearman should be contacting the Wellfleet Police about that nasty bitch.

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    • “The child should not have had his face in public”

      You should have stopped right there, Jake Clarke, you nasty twat.

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  4. Yes, Kristie Sue – mentioning this blog is exactly the same as being an associate of it, isn’t it. Bless

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  5. You know, the first time Defective Costa referred to a news item as “YUGE”, I assumed it was just a typo. It’s now becoming clear that she genuinely believes that to be the correct word!

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  6. AW! 🙂 That was a nice re-blog, Coyote, thank you! Has to be one of my most long-winded ones though…sheesh, Justin, take a breath willya!?!

    Dissociative Identity Disorder Is Never Literally Real:
    To follow up on what you said in the previous thread, Coyote, here’s the most relevant quotes from Colin Ross’ book: “The CIA Doctors”, page 238…

    ” ‘Real’ or childhood-onset dissociative identity disorder is never literally real”
    What? Excuse me? Did Dr. Colin Ross really say that? Better read that again – yup, that’s what it says!

    “There is never really more than one person there”…
    “The person with multiple personality ACTS AS IF he or she has different people inside who take turns being in control of the body. This is a behaviour, not a literal fact”.

    True frickin’ gold! I’m gonna take out a full-page ad in New York Times & The Daily Mail. Dr Colin Ross says:

    ” ‘Real’ or childhood-onset dissociative identity disorder is never literally real”
    “There is never really more than one person there”…
    “The person with multiple personality ACTS AS IF he or she has different people inside who take turns being in control of the body. This is a behaviour, not a literal fact”. – Colin Ross

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    • Yes, it’s amazing that he’s managed to make a living promoting something which even he says is not real.

      And you’re most welcome! Yes, it’s a long ‘un…but jam-packed with insights and info. 🙂

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  7. Wanting to wish you and yours the best wishes for the coming holidays and New Year.
    I have the utmost respect for what you do, consequently, I have the utmost respect for you.
    Hoping the coming year finds you well, safe and in good health (all guys and gals inclusive).
    We all do what we can to battle this insidious mental illness that pervades the All in our own individual ways. Respect for and to you.

    (This post isn’t so inappropriate for this, my uncoordinated greeting, for the mentally unstable, give the genuine occultist a bad name. So the tell me.)

    Best wishes, be safe.


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  8. Sorry for the shoddy presentation above – these cocktail parties get on top of me (rolling eyes).
    Best wishes for the New Year!

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  9. For Deborah, what do you do when all you have are memories and the world has moved on?

    RIP Castle Market.

    Where did you leave all self-respect?
    You look like a reptile, your house is a wreck
    Your existence an insult
    Stains that are suspect cover your clothes
    The standards have fallen
    My value has dropped
    But don’t shed a tear
    Some walk like they own the place
    Whilst others creep in fear
    Try if you can to walk like a man
    But you don’t come near

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  10. I was thinking of how relentless people can be. Had in mind some other people who have suffered in the public eye. That some of them are tormented for decades.

    What’s his face Howard, “the FBI will sort this out” polygraph man. He’s been doing it for decades. Decades.

    Some others, I have had my eye on for a good seven years and counting.

    They are relentless, but for once they have come up against people who are also determined. For better or worse. Puerile posts or not. What some people have escaped is sustained.criticism.

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  11. More like an endless cash register, these crackpots are the extreme end of the TV evangelism we all know and hate. None of these people provide their crackpot stories for free. Add to that the tax free status for religions and the stupidity of the audience you have a great money spinner. I almost feel like getting born again and selling my memoirs.


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