Troofers react to Sabine’s release on bail

We’ve been watching with some interest the reaction of the Hoaxtead mobsters to Friday’s bail security hearing at Southwark Crown Court, where Sabine McNeill was granted bail until her 2018 trial.

Some, like Tracey Morris and her band of merry loons, appear to believe that Sabine’s release is permanent, and that this represents a major victory for their side. (What is their side? Why, it’s the side that favours beating and tormenting small children until they break down and falsely confess that they were abused by an imaginary cult!)

We don’t know how to tell Tracey and friends this kindly, but Sabine is still facing a total of 19 charges.

While we won’t attempt to guess whether any of those charges will stick (in part because we don’t want to be in contempt of court and in part because we leave the fortune-telling to people like Penny Pullen), we will only say that counting one’s chickens before they hatch is generally a poor idea.

But we were even more interested in Belinda’s commentary on the matter:

A couple of things jumped out at us:

  1. Sabine “jumped up out of her seat and rushed across the visiting hall towards me”? Has she undergone a miraculous cure, then? Last we heard, Belinda was describing her friend as crippled and hobbling along with the use of sticks. Perhaps her week in prison had a rejuvenating effect.
  2. “She’s even quite looking forward to her actual trial, as an opportunity to say a lot of things that have not been said openly and have been covered up”. We confess we’re looking forward to this as well, though we do recall Sabine and Neelu’s rage at not being allowed to address the jury during their 2016 trial. This could have had something to do with their barristers realising that allowing their clients to open their mouths in court would have a fatal impact on their case, but we’re not lawyers, so what do we know?

But we were even more struck by this interesting snippet of conversation between Belinda and one of her friends:

Irina asks, “Would it not be safer for her to go back to Germany?” and Belinda responds,

She was taken by surprise on 8 December to be sent down on remand when she thought it would be just a routine charging procedure in Westminster Magistrates Court. She was shocked to be told they were going to take her in on remand, she had made no preparation. They have taken her passport and German ID so she can no longer escape. She has to go through now and out the other side and I trust she will get a lot of support.

Is Belinda saying what we think she’s saying here? That had it not been for the “surprise” remand to prison at her last hearing, Sabine would have fled abroad, as she did in early 2015?

Not that this would have been unexpected, but frankly we’re a bit shocked that Belinda would admit to it in a public forum. Once again, we’re left wondering whether Belinda is really the loyal friend she makes herself out to be. Let’s just say that if we were in Sabine’s position, we might not like our dear friend broadcasting our escape strategy hither and yon.

Perhaps that’s just us, though.


112 thoughts on “Troofers react to Sabine’s release on bail

    • Decades ago and the hip would have been put back in the joint, it’s not like it was broken.


      • I still get pain (esp in wet weather) in a shoulder I dislocated nearly 2 decades ago (I still have difficulty in lifting it above my head) so it isnt beyond the realm of possibility it still does give her issues, however I do suspect she plays it up to her advantage when she feels it will garner sympathy

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        • I’m very much up and down with pain and not too bad indoors. I understand that conditions can fluctuate.

          What gets me though is the troofers all talking about how old, ill and frail she is and laying it on, when actually she’s well able to ‘campaign’ when she’s free.

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          • The troofers can spout all they like that Sabby is frail.

            Nah, Nah and Nah.

            Frail she is not, 73 years yes, but not frail.

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  1. Isn’t Penny Pullen the ‘dowser’ who helped Neelu place crystals around all the courts?
    How did that work out for you Penny?

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  2. “She’s even quite looking forward to her actual trial, as an opportunity to say a lot of things that have not been said openly and have been covered up”.

    I hope the judge brings ear muffs!

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  3. I don’t think having her passport and German ID taken would stop either Sabine or Belinda in arranging an escape.

    Didn’t the “Tutu” mum and son escape from London back to their home via many countries without their real passports, meaning they had fake passports?

    Doesn’t Irina have connections so I’ve heard?

    Good to know though that Sabine is miraculously cleared of her disability/ies.

    I hope she doesn’t forget to notify the relevant authorities that she is no longer disabled, I wouldn’t want her to get into any more trouble.

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  4. Strange logic: Moo seems to think Hoaxtead incarcerated Sabine and tried to keep her there and is crowing on her release ignoring she was released because the Bail was paid.
    Food for thought:
    Moo has posted fake “interviews” with Mel Gibson, Keanu Reeves, Macauley Culkin where they claim Hollywood is run by people who indulge in Satanist baby eating orgies (Jewish of course).

    They are all false and fabrications and no such interviews can be found or ever existed, just people who claim there are interviews. They all emanate from a Fake News click bait website who even acknowledge they are fake.
    Moo was married to an Iranian as was Bellened who ran the fake Iranian “charity”
    Moo- estranged from her family ( I wonder why?) has a son who says he is Iranian & who lives in LA and works in the Hollywood film industry with children.

    These are just co-incidences but in the right hands could become the makings of a vast “conspiracy”. Evidence & facts not needed: just a fertile imagination fueled by hysteric beliefs.

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    • I do not know what the 19 charges are but I assume they are related to allegedly not obeying court injunctions.

      As a campaigner Sabine is completely hopeless and is no different to 10,000s of others out there shouting into the wind, while genuine protection campaigners work away behind the scenes, do a thankless task while working within legal guidelines while at the same time become the butt of vicious campaigns by gossips and charlatans who think everything on the Internet is gospel and that gives them the right to defame and falsely accuse and make people’s lives a misery.

      I think it’s time the relevant authorities cracked down on these phony campaigner who are the real trolls.

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    • Sabine was “armed with knowledge of the law”, was she? Hmm, that’s not what she said back in August 2016, Debs:

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    • Indeed GOS. Can you imagine how the fruitloops would react if any of us here had a son that works in the Hollywood film industry with children? I’d expect we would have all manner of lurid accusations thrown at us.

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    Thanks, Tracey. And a Merry Christmas to you too.

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  6. “She’s even quite looking forward to her actual trial, as an opportunity to say a lot of things that have not been said openly and have been covered up”.

    Yes, I found that remark interesting too. Sabine does get that she’s going on trial for a string of criminal offences. right, not doing a radio interview?

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    • Most defendants are advised not to say anything in court nor are they required to in case they put their (crippled) foot into their big mouth.

      In this case I would encourage the defendant to speak up.


  7. Irina’s question was interesting but her follow-up one made me chuckle for its sheer drama-queenery:

    Did she accidentally write that on a post about Sabine on her way to a Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe thread or something?

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    • No point in them petitioning Angela Merkel let alone a lowly Ambassador : she and Hilary Clinton are the children of Adolf & Eva Hitler born in Patagonia in a Rothschild Baby Factory.
      Below: Gregory Rothschild Peck addresses the Satanic Ritual Recovered Memory Conference at Westminster earlier this year (Joe’s Cafe just one block from HoC)

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      Obviously the Germans will deny all knowledge of Sabines existence.They clearly planted her on British soil just to get their own back at us after bombing Dresden,the Treaty of Versailles and Basil out of Fawlty towers

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  8. @Belinda

    * Was dich nicht umbringt macht dich nur stärker.

    Lower case ‘d’, ‘umbringt’ (not ‘umbricht’) and there’s an umlaut in ‘stärker’. (The ‘nur’ is optional.)

    You’re welcome.

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  9. …Says the woman who’s a “victim of online stalking and harassment” and has done nothing whatsoever to provoke it.

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      • Why does she place trust in some ex-fired Captain who is a conspiracy nut and not the fire-captain and 1000s of firefighters currently fighting these fires?
        You would need a large microwave to cover LA but maybe it’s invisible like Donald Trump’s new air force planes.

        Moo has obviously never witnessed a fire out of control like the one I witnessed in Australia a few years ago. The most frightening thing I have ever seen- roaring like a 747 jet and moving just as fast. It’s also why they can leap a few 100 yards and miss a section and then burn out half a forest. In that fire some people huddled in their cars unable to escape- one car and it’s occupants was consumed in a flash while others nearby hardly scratched.

        But the problem with her nonsense here is that she thinks that confirms a hoax in North London.

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        • I was involved in the Sydney ones a few years back (quite a few now actually) and they were truly terrifying.
          We had a property up in the blue mountains, and despite doing annual load reduction burns we still had issues controlling it when it hit our property
          I had our cars and trucks parked actually in our dam, about 100ft from the nearest treelines, yet the heat was still intense enough to actually slightly melt the tailights on the car nearest the shoreline
          An old bus that was used as storage literally melted away, there were puddles of aluminium and steel on the ground and only the engine (partially melted and ‘droopy looking’) was still left
          Once it got off our land and hit the neighbours (unburnt for over a decade, he didnt believe in hazard reduction burns) it went wild and burnt him completely out

          An ex neighbour I still chat to online says the loadings are as high as they were back then as the greenies stopped the hazard reduction burns again in many areas, so he’s gottten ready to bug out again this summer, he thinks they will lose it again this summer- hope he’s wrong but fear he’s right

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          • “I think the Blue Mountains are very similar to California..Gum Trees full of Eucalyptus Oil.”

            Indeed, in fact that is how they got their name, the gums release oils into the air, causing a blue haze.


        • I’ve witnessed a house fire caused by a still lit cigarette butt being thrown out of an upstairs window on to a conservatory roof and burning the contents below which spread to the whole house.

          I saw the flames at about 3′ high went into the hall and called the fire brigade, by the time I was back, the flames were about 10′ high.

          I closed all the doors, got the dog out and the idiot upstairs who threw out the lit cig butt, drove about half a mile to get the owner of the house on the way back we could see the flames bellowing black smoke from about 700 yards away.

          Fire spreads quick under the right conditions.

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    • Nice of her to state that Sabine is a terrorist! Wtf?

      Jeez with friends like Belinda, Neelu, Deborah, Angela lah de dah who needs enemies?

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    • And yet again, something goes wrong for her and she automatically accuses Hoaxtead. No evidence whatsoever – just blames us by default. Legal expert my arse.

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    • I confess I’m confused. Do we or do we not have the power to render people silent on the internet? If we do, we must be using it wrong, as it’s not bloody working.

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      • I’m not sure that Ogilvy should, in fact, be encouraged to go out more at all. While he was AWOL the other night there was an incident at the home of a family he’s been harassing. A very young woman, home alone, had to summon the police to someone creeping around the back of their relatively isolated house. The cops were concerned enough to go and get her father from his work and give him a police escort back home! In fact, a policeman actually drove the man’s car back with him as a passenger – it’s the talk of the steamie locally! The police were also a good hour searching the back gardens, poor girl must have been terrified. Four coppers, a van and a traffic car all deployed on a Saturday night near Christmas when everything’s kicking off -that’s an awful lot of police resources, so they must have been genuinely concerned.

        Probably sheer coincidence that Ogilvy wasn’t in his usual place banging away at his keyboard!

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          • Malkie says a lot of things, the question is, are they believable? I said it was “probably sheer coincidence that Ogilvy wasn’t in his usual place banging away at his keyboard!” What’s more, I didn’t name the family he’s been harassing, and let’s face it, he’s had a pop at everyone from the Pope to Ricky Dearman. Once again Malkie proves a point that has already been made about him, “poor little feeble-minded Malcolm is obviously too stupid to realise that the only person saying it was him is actually himself!” 😀 He’s certainly obsessed with a certain gentleman, who is apparently half the membership of this blog according to Malkie. But what possible reason would the man in question or anyone else have to “lie desperately” about Malkie? Apart from the usual thuggery you get with neds, what’s so special about Malkie? What exactly has been attributed to Malkie that can’t be backed up by cross-referencing it to other posts by other people? Including Malkie’s own admissions!!! The point is well made that Malkie HIMSELF is the one all over the internet whinging about being barred from seeing his daughter. He is also the one who has ADMITTED among his butt-hurt whining that a police officer confronted him with the fact he coached his daughter. Then there are the court orders he bangs on about. What’s more likely? He’s the victim of some huge demonic/satanic/masonic plot? Or he was caught banged to rights and only escaped prosecution to protect his daughter? Fact is, a certain gentleman’s work’s car was driven back to his house by a police officer at about 9pm on Saturday night, with the guy himself sitting in the passenger seat. It was followed in by a Traffic car. When they arrived at the house they all piled straight into the house outside of which there had been a police van sitting for a good 45 minutes the two officers from which were inside with the girl. Traffic left almost immediately, other cops arrived and they spent about another hour searching the back gardens and the open fields behind the house. People have asked him but he refuses to talk about it. What was that comment from Malkie about? Is he now threatening to knife the guy? And what’s Cameron’s house got to do with anything when he’s about it? Was that torched or something?

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    • How do you fake a hurricane? Big fans?

      This sort of knee jerk anti authoritarianism is sure to end in tears one day. There are certain instructions – don’t stick your head out of a moving train window, wait here when red light shows, don’t leave your house in 70mph winds – that really are there for our benefit.

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      • Ah so that’s what those huge wind turbines are actually for. Typical, the government tell us the turbines are there to create electricity whereas in fact they are actually used to create hurricanes. Sneaky very sneaky.

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    • A good example of how dangerous she is.
      She just accepts a Youtube video as fact – and that is a US Congress Bill not just Texas but it imposes no penalties but is a policy of opposing a UN sanction. It’s not enforceable as it’s not law. There is nothing new here as the US under all presidents have opposed numerous UN decisions regarding Israel for decades.

      Give Moo some limited info and she’ll weave her own conspiracy quilt out of it while accusing as many innocent people as possible of crimes.

      She’s certainly mad, bad and dangerous.

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    • Troofers are all the same. I have a mate who used to tell me how bad ‘Obamacare’ was because of what he read on troofer sites. I read a synopsis of the bill and thought not only that it was a good thing, but it didn’t go far enough (get yourselves a National Health Service America!). But even when I put the facts to my mate he wouldn’t have it. What some loon says on the internet obviously carries more weight than someone who actually educated themselves about the issues.

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      • I’ve seen Yanks interviewed who said “we just want to get rid of Obama Care not the Affordable Care Act and when the interviewer points out they are one & the same thing they are either gob-smacked or refuse to believe it.
        Go figure.

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  10. Is this woman just gonna keep stamping her feet and screaming until she gets her own way (don’t hold your breath on that, by the way, Debs). What’s the female equivalent of a manchild?

    (Note. humongous emoji on Debs’ actual post, not added by me.)

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    • Does anyone else think it’s strange that Deborah Mahmoudieh is free? Is it a sign that we need to turn this World the right way up?

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    • Ooo it’s 12 noon now!

      I’m sure the 15 mins walk will do Sabby the world of good having been locked up for the last 10 days.

      She’s got a pair of sticks I’m sure if there is ice she can do a bit of ski-ing she’ll do in under 15 mins.

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    • Omg, who has tied Belinda up?

      What with, a rope, cord, plastic bubble wrap?

      If Neelu knows this can’t she go with a pair of scissors and set Belinda free.

      Puh! Neelu isn’t that far from the Prison, just doesn’t want to go more like, same with Belinda, prefers to do whatever she is doing and I suppose that is going to spectate in Court probably to save herself.

      They should have contacted me yesterday, I may have gone and picked Sabine up but I would have wanted petrol money at the very least.

      Never mind too late now, next time give advanced warning.

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    • So Neelu, who as we know is convinced that the state is intent on having Sabine bumped off, thinks it’s a really good idea to publish a detailed breakdown of her itinerary for the day, complete with times and locations? Great thinking, Neelu.

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    • Where is the ever h̶a̶p̶l̶e̶s̶s̶ helpful Jake in all this? Surely Sabine would welcome a detour around Manchesters on the “hop on/hop off bus and perhaps take in a purely random,educative visit to the Manchester Jewish museum for a Kosha cup of tea and slice of cake.

      I am sure Belinda will cover any costs incurred by dipping into the contingency s̶w̶a̶g̶ ̶b̶a̶g̶ fund.

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        • Perhaps Jake is the untold product of the bed-in protest and birth tags got mixed up,this would account for his magnetic attraction to Manchester which is only just over the road Liverpool and why Jake might as well talk Japanese for all the bloody sense he makes.

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  11. Another one (like Angela) who doesn’t bother watching the videos she promotes. Despite the ambiguous title, this is an ANTI-troofer video that rubbishes SRA hoaxes and conspiracy nuts (and was discussed here a few days ago). Epic work, Debs 😂

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  12. Fruitloop Alert!!! George Webb is the lunatic that along with his former partner Jason Goodman, got a port shut down with a dirty bomb hoax.

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  13. Did “rallying round” include Angela contributing to the bail fund?

    I think we all know the answer to that one 😉

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  14. “Sabine helpful to society”.You are aving a laugh Bellenda? Sabine is considerably less helpful than the proverbial ejection seat on a helicopter.

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