Tony Gosling interviews Sabine, nearly gives the show away

In a recent interview with Tony Gosling on “Dialect Radio”, released on 6 December, Sabine McNeill shared her thoughts on “miscarriages of justice” and those who “campaign for justice in the face of corrupt courts”, citing “Starfighters” such as Norman Scarth and Maurice Kirk as “rare individuals who refuse to be cowed and continue to campaign to keep the flame of justice alight in Britain”.

While the content of the show was basically the same old same old, some of Tony’s missteps and attempts to recover kept things interesting.

Foot in mouth v.1

Right off the bat, while introducing Sabine, Tony noted, “You’ve just flown into the UK…”, only to have Sabine interrupt, sounding slightly panicked: “No, actually, that’s not quite true!”

She went into a longish explanation of how she’d fled from justice…whoops, we mean “went into exile” in 2015, and how the police thought she might run away again, even though London has been her home since 1981, and she is actually prevented from leaving the UK now, Tony, get it? She definitely was not out of the UK to attend any meetings at the EU last month, because that would have violated her bail conditions! And far be it from Sabine to violate her bail conditions. What do you take her for, Tony?

McKenzie friends do what?

Tony moved on to safer ground, asking some soft-ball questions about what, exactly, McKenzie friends do.

Legitimate McKenzie friends might take issue with Sabine’s response:

We’ve been helping anybody and everybody who came our way, and we are a loose network, all over the country, men and women who have all been victimized one way or another, and learned through the painful experience of having been defrauded by solicitors and other public institutions—in the courts, by the secret family courts, we visit people in prison after they were criminalized after their children had been taken…

Really? We were under the obviously mistaken impression that McKenzie friends accompany Litigants in Person (LIP) to court, providing moral support, taking notes, helping with case papers, and quietly giving advice on points of law and questions which the LIP might wish to address to witnesses.

But then, perhaps we’re just behind the times. Apparently it’s all about using cases to score points with the conspiranoid community and protest against the “secret family courts” these days.

Asked whether she had experienced attempts to shut down her “Victims Unite” blog, Sabine described receiving a call from the barrister acting for a McKenzie friend who had just happened to end up in Holloway Prison for 10 days. Alert readers will remember this as the infamous Vicky Haigh case, in which Ms Haigh’s McKenzie friend Elizabeth Watson was imprisoned nine months for contempt of court, having leaked an email which wound up being published on Sabine’s blog.

Strangely, Sabine didn’t bother telling Tony about Sir Nicholas Wall’s judgment in that case, which read in part:

Another aspect which makes Ms. Watson’s contempt particularly grave is that she breached the order not only by communicating through e-mails with a large number of third parties, but also gave material to an internet provider, one Sabine McNeill who runs a website called Inquiring Minds. Ms. McNeill (who at one point acted as Ms. Watson’s McKenzie Friend in these proceedings) lives, I am told, in Germany although she has a flat in London. The mischief of the publication, as Ms. Watson now appreciates, is that the publication of allegations which I and two other judges held to be without foundation not only puts the identity of the child into the public domain and renders it accessible to anybody who cares to look for it or to read it; but equally, Ms Watson has put herself in the hands and the power of the internet provider. The omens do not altogether look good.

Rather, she said, “the McKenzie friend’s barrister asked me to take down all the posts relating to that woman. So that was the first experience when I didn’t have to close the blog down, but I had to delete all of the posts”. Oh dearie, dearie me. Clearly a case of suppression of Sabine’s God-given right to publish whatever she likes, no matter who it might harm.

Foot in mouth v.2

Not content with having nearly blown Sabine’s cover earlier in the interview, Tony tried again: “I know you were saying for example…have you been in Ireland?”

Then, quickly realising he’d done it again, he backtracked: “Because I know that…I would have thought, that if there’d been attempts to stop you leaving the UK, you can…I mean, I’ve been thinking about all these Brexit talks we’ve been having recently, that surely you can just go to Northern Ireland, and then you can just very easily cross out of the UK, into southern Ireland, and suddenly you’re in a different jurisdiction and the British courts don’t have any power over you”.

Sabine picked it up from there, going off on a long description of Norman Scarth, the Second World War veteran who gained notoriety by hiding in his house when the bailiffs came, and attacking one of them with a chainsaw, then laughing about the damage he’d inflicted.

But never mind that. According to Sabine, “The worst thing is that he becomes an enemy of the state so he has to flee to Ireland!….I don’t remember details but I remember I petitioned to get him out of prison….”

Funny how Sabine has such trouble with details. Her cases seem so interesting, we’d think certain things would stick with her. Like crazed pensioners wielding chainsaws. Kind of memorable, if you ask us.

Restraining orders

Having scraped through the “you were recently in Ireland” gaffe, Tony said, “The whole idea of restraining orders seems to be one of the latest tactics being used by judiciary to silence people who are trying like you are to get miscarriages of justice put right. So what is a restraining order, and just give some examples of how violating one of these can get you arrested, put you in jail… Where do these restraining orders come from? Who imposes them?”

Following a discussion of the restraining orders imposed on Maurice Kirk, Sabine said,

Norm talks about the badly written restraining orders and how they can be dished out, as in my case, even though the case collapsed on the other side, they still handed down this restraining order….I see that these restraining orders have become a tool to get us behind bars in…an easier way, even though as in my case I was acquitted, as in Maurice’s case even though the restraining order hadn’t been served, and was subsequently supposedly varied, but all of this just gets ignored. I’ve been treated as a criminal suspect, and it is just so inhuman and ridiculous….

So the restraining order is one issue which is a consequence of the application of the Protection from Harassment Act, and the critical thing is that instead of the criminals being put on trial, we the whistle-blowers become the criminal suspects. And we are prevented from supposedly harassing the criminals (which) we do by exposing them online. Supposedly.

Yes, “supposedly”.

Sabine continued,

Now, I happen to be on legal aid because I have to live off charity, you know I have absolutely zero income for two and a half years, my solicitor fortunately is used to that, but whether that guarantees justice for me is another ball game altogether. And I just keep saying that I want to protest my innocence but I can’t even do that. Because since I was charged, one of my bail conditions is that I mustn’t leave the UK, secondly I mustn’t send anything to anyone! So now my solicitor has to vary the bail conditions before anything can…well, unless I give the other side, i.e. the police, the reason for arresting me.

Bail conditions

Moving from one sticky wicket to the next, Tony said, “Another reason people like you have great difficulty just being a McKenzie friend or helping out somebody in a miscarriage of justice is the bail conditions. What sort of bail conditions get set nowadays?”

Sabine responded, “I can’t tell you, I can only tell you from the cases that I’m familiar with, and they are just so stringent and so limiting, that they are basically traps. Because without thinking, I sent an email of course, and blind-copied my solicitor, and he said, ‘Did you realise that you were breaking your bail conditions? I said, ‘Of course not!’ And a friend of mine…said that the same thing happened to him. Not thinking!”

For the first and only time in the interview, Tony actually challenged Sabine slightly: “Well hang on, that’s your fault, I mean if you’re signing up to bail conditions and you’re saying, ‘Oh I won’t communicate with x. y, and z and I won’t say x, y, and z’, and then you break those, surely somebody’s bound to find out, and come down on you”.

Predictably, Sabine turned a bit stroppy: “Well no, excuse me, I didn’t sign up to these bail conditions. I was served them, and my solicitor took the piece of paper away, and it took a while for them to scan them and send them to me, and then for me to process a very badly laid out piece of paper with six charges of one type and four charges of another, and then oodles of bail conditions, I mean it takes a bit of, it’s a bit of a shock to process that rationally and to take it in. I mean, my way of processing and therapy is my writing, Tony, I need to write to express my…I don’t have lots of people to talk to, who would understand the depths of the depravity…”

Tony placated her, then turned to the topic of the family courts, always a favourite with Sabine. “Even the people who are in charge…admit that there are serious flaws with the way it operates, and usually due to secrecy, trying to protect the identity of children for example”.

Back on familiar ground, Sabine went into Shrill Diatribe mode: “Well that’s the pretext for removing them Tony! A thousand children a month are removed! And it looks as if it’s only 150 of the 350 councils who are involved in doing that, but that’s the cover, and that’s the same thing that happens with the Court of Protection….The parents are found not to have capacity, so that they can take their children. And the elderly people don’t have capacity so they take their houses, so that solicitors can sell them behind their backs!”

Er, right.

“Is there anything you can tell us about your case?” Tony asked.

“Well, the fact that I’ve been gagged as a whistle-blower”, Sabine said. “I mean, why can I not say so? I’m not making any allegations that I’m forbidden to say, and I’m just saying that now I’m gagged as a whistle-blower just like all the parents who are gagged once their children have been taken who mustn’t talk about their children have been taken….I have never been so much into the name and shame game, but…there is a website called “Solicitors from Hell” where I’ve considered putting things….I can only be grateful to the internet that helps these things to come out”.

“Never been so much into the name and shame game”, Sabine? Seriously?

Honestly, you couldn’t make it up.

147 thoughts on “Tony Gosling interviews Sabine, nearly gives the show away

  1. ‘Well no, excuse me, I didn’t sign up to these bail conditions. I was served them, and my solicitor took the piece of paper away, and it took a while for them to scan them and send them to me, and then for me to process a very badly laid out piece of paper with six charges of one type and four charges of another, and then oodles of bail conditions, I mean it takes a bit of, it’s a bit of a shock to process that rationally and to take it in.’

    So this really intelligent woman, who’s allegedly held down a responsible job, has problems ‘taking in’ her bail conditions, when basically the bail conditions are just a list of things on a bail sheet.

    If it was police bail then it’s explained to you before you leave the police station.

    If you’re in Court the magistrate will explain it to you before you leave.

    Who’s she trying to kid?

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    • I’ve never heard of a case where bail conditions are NOT explained to you in detail as you point out. It’s a legal requirement. Your solicitor generally re-enforces that out of duty.

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      • Not only that, but AFAIK you DO actually have to SIGN the bail conditions sheet to acknowledge that you understand and will abide by the conditions listed- no signee, no leavee

        So she’s telling another great fat lie there as well

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        • Must have been genuine relief to Cern when they parted company with their tea lady/data entry clerk or whatever she was doing there.One would imagine any employees in that facility would need to be of stable mind and be able to observe simple instructions.

          Evidentially Sabine ticks all the boxes of exactly the type of individual they dont need lurking about the place.

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            • ” Right off the bat, while introducing Sabine, Tony noted, “You’ve just flown into the UK…”, only to have Sabine interrupt, sounding slightly panicked: “No, actually, that’s not quite true!”

              She went into a longish explanation of how she’d fled from justice…whoops, we mean “went into exile” in 2015, and how the police thought she might run away again, even though London has been her home since 1981, and she is actually prevented from leaving the UK now, Tony, get it? She definitely was not out of the UK to attend any meetings at the EU last month, because that would have violated her bail conditions! And far be it from Sabine to violate her bail conditions. What do you take her for, Tony?”. 😂😂😂

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        • Yes, I think one interesting problem is that Sabine believes, for whatever reason, that the bail conditions may be accepted or rejected by the accused, namely herself.

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  2. It’s well worth listening to this ‘interview’, she rabbits on about ‘secret’ family courts (hint Sabrine, they occur in public buildings, have listed times and assigned rooms etc) they are not ‘secret’ there are restrictions on reporting anything that could lead to the identification of minors, but they are in no way ‘secret’

    And she imho skirts dangerously close to breaching the restraining order regarding Maurices psychiatrist (although I am not sure how they approach that, where a known associate of the offender simply starts repeating the same lies about someone that got the original order put in place in the first place….)

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    • Yes, you’re exactly right, Steve. The family courts are not “secret”, they are “confidential”, and for very good reason: good and caring parents don’t want their children’s names made public, particularly in regard to family issues. Again, not a concept Sabine and her cronies seem to grasp.

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  3. Thanks for sharing, EC 🙂

    it’s a fascinating listen, isn’t it, and instantly quotable…

    “Sabine McNeil, the starfighter”

    “I don’t believe in the name-and-shame game.”


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    • Dedicated to Fräulein Sabine and her trusted righthand wingman Herr Baron Von Kirkhausen who singlehanded managed to make utter arses out of themselves before descending into ignoble obscurity.

      (All credit to Captain Lockheed and the Starfiighters,Robert Calvert,Viv Stanshall,Arthur Brown,Brian Eno et al for their foresight)

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  4. Meanwhile, over on Planet Zog…

    Incidentally, I’ve reported Sara Domingo’s comment for harassment.

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    • Michelle Reid, can you calm down and go watch your Homes Under the Hammer box set or something? No offence but I don’t think you’re cut out for passive resistance.

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    • Going by screenshots 23a-29, all from Thursday, I’m amazed Neelu can find time for the Hampstead stuff at the moment:

      To summarise, Beamergate is rumbling on, plus Neelu was invited to speak at the annual International Council of Jurists’ convention, plus she and her mates have uncovered a dastardly plot by Tesco and Lidl to kill off the poorer members of society by putting up the price of butter.

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    • Yes the stupid biatch needs the Police to have a word with her at the very least, I’m not sure if she is in the UK though.

      She knows literally zilch about any of this and then thinks it is okay to find out the Policeman’s address?! WTF!

      Again, what is Sara going to do with that knowledge if she could find it or is she trying to incite someone/s to violence?

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  5. Great Moments of Irony:
    “I’ve been treated as a criminal suspect, and it is just so inhuman and ridiculous….”
    “And we are prevented from supposedly harassing the criminals (which) we do by exposing them online. Supposedly.”

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        • Oh, just like that loony woman from Glastonbury bestowed the title of “Honourary Doctorate” upon Abe for his amazing work in grinding up cannabis and feeding it to children.

          Well, two (or three) can play at that game. I hereby bestow Victoria Crosses on the lot of you. You are all now entitled to all the honours and appurtenances thereto, or something. Off you run, now. Be free!

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          • Thankyou ever so much EC. I shall wear my VC with pride. I’d also like an MHE as mentioned by Spiny if you see fit to bestow that honour upon us. 🙂

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          • If she can bestow such honours we can repeal them. Done. Abe’s Doctorate now repealed By Order of Dr. Sam The Ghost, MD,PHD, Governor General (Planet Zog) & SOCK ( Supreme Order of the Cuddly Koala)

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  6. “I don’t have lots of people to talk to, who would understand the depths of the depravity…” : Mad Moo, Neelu, Kristy Poo, Bellend, Jake “Pass The Kutchie” Clarke, Weasel ?? The world’s her oyster.

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    • Deb can’t be talking to Belinda because if she was she’d know that Belinda says Sabine released the videos of the children. Deb seems to be under the impression that the police did this….sigh.

      Deb really needs to move in with Cassie (I don’t care what people say about me – Oh Shit!) Crowhurst so she can absorb some positive vibes….

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    • Lol Jake “Kutchie” Clarke has now probably made Bronwyn explode.

      He certainly pees me off with his “loving healing eartH Heart”.

      I wish he’d type something understandable.

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    • ‘Loving healing earth Heart’ translates as ‘oh crap….I don’t do conflict….I don’t conflict….I don’t do conflict….’

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    • He’s going to bring down himself and his friends? The ones guilty of promoting hoaxes and covering up real child abuse cases. Dude, you utter freak, she’s married and not going to sleep with you, plus she’s a complete fruitloop.

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      • Lol yeah all these men lusting after Cassie.

        It’s just like they did to Danni La Lavatory a few years back, that made me laugh too at the time though poor Ms Lavatory had some awful perverts lusting after her…

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          • Indeed the time honoured adage “Any port in a storm” has its victims,as no doubt many a drunken sailor repleat with beer soaked goggles can no doubt reliably atest.

            From what I can glean from MKD vids,that hapless fool shacked up with Nina Valentine is a victim of the “seemed-like-a-good-idea-at-the-time-syndrome”.No free lunches thats for sure.


    • Origins of the story “Yournewswire” Dmitry Baxter. Early this week it was Mel Gibson claiming Hollywood eats babies, without any proof of any quote. Now Macaulay Culkin, who was interviewed by a french magazine that chose to run the story, then pull it! YEAH RIGHT!

      Messure twice, cut once Kris.

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        • I did hear on the grapevine that Katy Perry kissed a girl (and she liked it) but that is the first i’ve heard about her eating babies. I am shocked.

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          • 6:58

            “‘Pizza parties with celebrities? Wow! Popstars. That’s a weird question, folks. I mean, this is just more bizarre than I could even imagine. I mean, my world is just shook up right now, just thinking about that this is reality.”

            Wow. And this guy is allowed out into the community?


  7. “I think I am going to update the cult members list next.”

    Can we all please report these nasty little shits if they do?

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  8. It’s a veritable fruitloop jamboree tonight, isn’t it. And no prat parade would be complete without you know who…

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      • Well, she’ll learn the hard way soon, hopefully. And I very much doubt there’ll be queuing up to pay to get her back.

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        • I reckon it might be Tracey Morris before Angela because she’s already got her Restraining Order, has done that recent video with her pal and is in Northern Ireland.

          Mind you, if the police play their cards right, they could kill 2 birds with one stone (not literally I must add) and make a visit to Oldcastle also.

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          • The Adams family duo said they’re coming to the UK to visit Sadbean if she’s still in the nick. I think Morticia’s coming anyway for a protest (another issue) so maybe Tracey will come with her to do a few Ian Paisley impressions outside Downing Street. I want her to shout at Theresa May ‘HEY YOO’. If she does, somebody film it PLEASE!

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    • Why is the crap ahem “Journalist” promoting the supposed Hunger Strike of Archi Ssan (fb) and Eugene L……..?

      Archit is attention seeking as usual.

      He is supposedly hunger striking to make Parental Alienation a crime, yet he hasn’t mentioned this to anyone apart from his “friends” on fb.

      I’ve heard he is drinking Vodka so it’s not really a genuine Hunger Strike and as far as I know, there is no monitoring he is not eating.

      Nasty “man” he is.

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      • Had a quick look at Archi Ssan’s timeline and he reckons the junk food outlets, McDonalds etc have put a big boycott around his house and are no-where to be found. So nothing wrong there time in a Mental Health Unit couldn’t help cure.


        • I think if Archi had any real friends they’d intervene and at least try and get him some Mental Health help.

          I see no evidence they have, all I see is the occasional like for what he posts!

          I’ve just checked his fb timeline today and my analysis is that he’s getting sick of the lack of attention so he’s now doing a daily weigh!

          He is really awful and I don’t like him.

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  9. Jeepers, my head is spinning with all this fine info! Thank you EC for the breakdown & text of that interview. I did try to listen to it myself but outside forces interfered with my listening pleasure/displeasure. Was it reptilians landing on my balcony, was it Maurice Kirk flying over in his dodgy plane I hear you ask… it was my dogs telling me to get off my butt & play, still chucking their bones about. TMI I know, back later! Btw, what was Sabine doing in Ireland does anyone know?

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    • Do you think it was meeting Tracey’s pal the Mortician as Morticia did say she’d met Sabine in the Tracey/Morticia video?

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    • I think the insinuation was that she’d been to Ireland en route to Brussels, where she attended one of her EU committee meetings. I don’t think Tony was supposed to have mentioned it, as it would have been a bail breach, if true.


      • En route? Ireland’s in the opposite direction, though. So she must have gone out of her way to be there for something.


        • Well there must be a record somewhere of the flights Sabine booked.

          I hope they are on one of her computer/s/laptop/s etc.

          Btw has she been released from Prison today and did she attend Court in person does anyone know?


    • Interesting. This reminds me of the attempts to co-opt various sexual abuse survivors and groups when the hoax first started. I remember Melanie Shaw being very cross that Belinda had approached her just after she’d been released from prison, asking her to help back up the hoax. Melanie gave Belinda a piece of her mind, as she wasn’t at all pleased about being used in that way, and well done to her.

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    • Hahahahaha! No, sadly I think it will take more time, more arrests, etc. before this settles down. Eventually those promoting it will realise that it’s not worth their while, and many will move on, but there will probably always be a few who continue to flog this particular dead horse.

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  10. I’ve no idea what this gin-guzzling dot-joining imbecile is banging on about now but are you loving the fact that she publishes what appears to be a load of allegations against people despite her own admission that she hasn’t had it verified? Hamphoaxer mentality in a nutshell.

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    • “It’s time for the people to rise up and punish these satanists themselves”. That sounds like Debs is trying to incite others to commit acts of violence.

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    • I hope the Police tape of A P Disney being interviewed by DC Martin is released for me to watch on the internet.

      Good luck to him for the future having to interview her and listen to her bs.

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    • Thanks for this screenshot, Daisy. Just to clarify for visitors, these comments pertain to her daughter’s alleged murder, not to the Hampstead case.

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  11. Andy Peacher : reported… surely he is not immune to arrest /watch?v=CSQZjFIty9U
    Freedom Talk Radio channel, linked to Fresh Start Foundation.
    Wants to collect testimonials…… Independent Scottish Inquiry.?… and what will they do with the evidence?
    ‘How to protect paedophiles & stop the evidence getting to the police?’ That’s what I reckon
    The Australian Inquiry though not satisfying for many that feel left out of it, did inform authorities on 2500 cases ! IICSA also will pass on evidence to police if warranted……. What will Andy and his mates do ?
    If they are allowed to continue.

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      • Meanwhile pointing the finger at everyone else……Especially anyone not buying there bs, or worst still, exposing it. clever eh ? We can’t let it work.
        That’s why I did a me too Falsely Accused hashtag the other day.


  12. Isn’t this twat barred from talking about Hampstead since his arrest? Mind you, I think death threats are illegal anyway, even when they’re wholeheartedly approved and encouraged by Journo fucking Angie.

    PS: just so you know, Jonn – no, they’re not.

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    • She’s desperately digging for dirt……. what’s up Angie ? You got a fake illness so you can pretend that you would talk if only you could ? Or pretending it’s not that no one wants to speak with you now ?
      Why don’t you just dig out any old stories from NOW ?

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    • Around last christmas I posted ‘Suicide is Dangerous’ on my wall, and told a little story about it, going back to when I was about 14, just kinda thinking back, nothing alerting or alarming……… The police banged on my door ….. a geordie had reported me as a suicide risk, when I asked the person about it , he jovially said he cared about me……. David something, anyway, I suspect that it was one of them.


      • And as it goes, because my son had gone out, I got a bit drunk and was bawling my eyes out, cos I needed to let it out, so they might have a lower opinion of me than they should, but they should all know by now, that if I feel suicidal, and really need to talk and can’t, I ring a helpline.


          • Well someone rang me in the week who was at the Hollie hoax meeting years ago and told me how listening to me and talking in the pub afterwards had really made sense to alot of people. And asked me a few questions and shared a few memories, that did me good. I have skype ready to work now, But around that time I was recieving the death threat phonecalls, and at 5am was too sluggish to get my sons phone to record, no lappy either, so when she didn’t stop, even when I told her I had a baby on my lap….. in the daytime she caught me by surprise, I was switching phone off by then, so my son gave me his phone so I was ready to record….. and called the police…. I sounded shouty cos recording the landline her voice is more distant, and I was very well more than assertive making sure she was acknowledging the death threats, and threats of getting nasty people onto me etc….. I miss my older boys, of course, and I just let myself feel whatever and get it out of my system, but with the phonecalls and that was from someone else I’d met at the same meeting, it wasn’t good for me, put it that way…… Thankyou Spiny very much. I’ve given my number to a few people, always happy to chat at times that is a lack in my life, till I get going with vocalising online.


          • I can’t remember the dates but it was very quick the two things, the police for the suicide risk then the calls starting. I’m going to give the police that in writing, because they don’t really listen, or take on board what I try to tell them. Or I get dreary looks when they find out that I’ve met them or given my no. etc. And of course I could just sit here and play candycrush, I guess…….


    • There is a small step in the upward way here – Caroline Rose is coming to the realisation that the freeman of the land idea is crap

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    • So who would want false accusations to spread like wildfire ? Any gullible people watching, they are sneaky, clever, employing all sorts of emotional blackmail, triggers and making people terrified to speak against them for fear of not being on the right side…… They are beating you up with whatever will work, religion, allsorts take your pick……. but they are pretending and wasting the time and resources of those doing the real work. When Veale is investigated, I bet he was worked on by Angela and maybe some insiders,,,,,,,dunno, but also these lot are desperate for any tiny spark, to fan again into flames.

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      • Good Gawd if 2 eccentric and disturbed ranting nutters like Norman Scarth and Maurice Kirk are the only ones you can base your crusade upon no wonder Sabine hits a brick wall each time with her campaigns.
        You do have to ask what appeals to her about these 2 men who are are not dissimilar to 100s of similar loonies that clog the court system.
        The bandwagons she jumps on always have a few loose lug nuts and eventually collapse and crash. She’s the Don Quixote of child abuse.

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