BREAKING: Tracey, Belinda, and Morticia announce Sabine’s bail security raised

In a Facebook live-streamed broadcast that looked like a Northern Irish version of The Addams Family, Tracey Morris and her friend Morticia…er, Linda Byrne O’Riordan claimed that Belinda and friends have been able to crowd-fund the £20,000 bail security required to free Sabine McNeill until the date of her trial.

In the lead-up to the big announcement, Tracey said, “We know that (Sabine) has been continuously persecuted since she exposed the Hampstead case, it was really exposed around November 14, but…”.

Morticia quickly interjected, “The Hampstead case, for those of you who are not familiar with it, it was the systematic sexual abuse of two siblings”. Reading from a paper on her lap, she continued, “They also exposed that there were other children that had been sexually abused by their father, who was a Satanic worshipper, er, leader of this certain kind of cult….Sabine of course was involved in this case…and tried her best to highlight it and have justice served. Unfortunately justice was not served….They basically tried to make Sabine out to be a lunatic”, but she’s actually a “very educated lady”. [Note to Morticia: try looking at the camera, and stop mumbling. You’re welcome.]

“She was basically set up from the very beginnin'”, Tracey said. Because, well, Tracey. It’s not really a Tracey video without somebody being “set up from the very beginnin'”, is it?

The two women went through the approved Hoaxtead Mobster litany: falsely accused mother, very high-up people involved, massive cover-up, yadda yadda yadda. Tracey claims that she brought evidence to “the grand jury” and that this was brought to the attention of the Attorney General in London, as well as to the attention of “high-up MLAs in Westminster”—a detail of the case which has somehow previously escaped notice, but again: Tracey. [High-up what, then? Since when does Westminster contain MLAs?—Ed.]

Tracey claims to have studied this case very intently. So intently, in fact, that she now claims that the medical evidence stated that “these children had been seriously Satanically abused”. Leaving aside the fact that Dr Hode’s conclusions were rejected by her professional peers as well as by the court, is there now a definitive test for “Satanic abuse?” Fascinating.

Morticia noted that the reason for this video is to garner support for Sabine, “the lady who exposed all of this, who risked her own life and reputation….What’s happening right now is that she’s being held on false charges [Srsly???—Ed.] in relation to this case, and minor things…they’re trying to pin a lot of stuff on Sabine in order to silence her, and they want her off of the streets, and they want her off of the circuit”.

According to Tracey, “Sabine at the minute is very ill; she’s very very very frail [Three verys? That’s a lot of frail!—Ed.], we all remember the time in August of 2015 when she was arrested at the Royal Courts of Justice, when we flew her back from Germany, and she was very sick then”. Tracey described Sabine having been “persecuted by these people…the Hampstead/Hoaxtead people who were actually these ones who were named to be part of the cult. These people, they’ve tried to troll me, they’ve tried to troll people…they said a lot of things about Sabine, but Sabine has continued and even though these people are comin’ in to persecute her, these people have crucified her. She’s had numerous arrests, we all know that, she’s been tagged [Since when?—Ed.], she’s had all her equipment taken”.

After some slight dithering and confusion, Tracey and Morticia agreed that if Sabine is bailed until her trial, she will be able to use her phone “just for texting and calls”, and she won’t be allowed to use any sort of social media. According to Tracey this constitutes being “completely isolated from the outside world” and “having all her rights completely stripped away”. Funny, we weren’t aware that using the internet was a right, but perhaps we’re just old-fashioned about this sort of thing.

About 11 minutes into the live-stream, Tracey announces that the £20,000 bail has been raised [Holy buried lede, Batman!—Ed.], “as long as all her technical equipment is seized”. Tracey and Morticia talked over one another again here, but it sounded to us as though someone would be needed to retrieve Sabine’s computers and hard drives. However, we couldn’t swear to it.

Characterising Sabine’s current imprisonment as “a serious, serious persecution”, Tracey and Morticia claimed that it was all because she was “getting closer and closer to the truth”. Funny, we hadn’t noticed that.

Morticia pointed out that while the bail money had been raised, there is still no guarantee that Sabine will be bailed. This may well be true, but it won’t be because “they don’t want Sabine out for fear of her exposing” the truth. It’ll be because there are rules in place about how a bail security can be raised, and certain rules may have been broken, as we’ve pointed out here during the past few days.

Morticia then launched into a diatribe about the system of forced adoptions in the UK and the EU. We found this a bit puzzling: does she believe that Sabine’s arrests and imprisonment have anything to do, even peripherally, with forced adoptions? [Note to Tracey: brief your friend next time, mkay?]

Next up: Tracey going through her cock and bull story about how Sabine didn’t really upload the videos of RD’s children in February 2015 because they’d already been uploaded. We understand that Tracey’s reasoning skills are a bit rusty, but we find it amazing and a bit alarming that she doesn’t understand why it’s not important who did it first…even if her story of someone else discovering and posting the videos is true.

Tracey also seems to believe that her “evidence” (a fax from the person who allegedly first found the videos on the Dark Web while browsing online child sex abuse videos) was the deciding factor in getting Sabine released on bail following her first arrest. “If she was no way innocent, she would have been brought straight to prison”, she asserted.

Earth to Tracey: that’s not how it works. Each time Sabine has been arrested in the two years since, she has been held for questioning by police, and then has been released. The longest she’s spent in the cells at a police station was in August 2016, when she spent Saturday and Sunday night of the August bank holiday weekend, and was bailed on Monday.

According to Tracey, since that first arrest the police have “tortured her”. This has taken the form of “making her life a total misery” whenever she posts anything online which might violate her restraining order—because as we all know, those things are made to be broken, right? In addition, Tracey made claims regarding Sabine’s charges of harassment, which we won’t discuss here as her case is sub judice. Suffice to say we disagree with Tracey’s interpretation of events.

Side note: apparently Belinda tried to get to the prison to visit Sabine yesterday, but got stuck in traffic and had to turn back. Whoops! Well, never mind, Morticia and Tracey are planning to visit her next week, assuming Sabine is still locked up. We’re sure that’ll make up for having missed Belinda.

Bottom line: the money has been raised, but no one sounds confident that Sabine will actually be released. And if she is released, she will be subject to stringent bail conditions.

For a more succinct version, here’s Belinda’s announcement from late last evening: Interesting to note that Belinda seems far more confident that the bail security will be accepted; we’ll be keeping a watchful eye on this story, and will bring updates as they occur.

101 thoughts on “BREAKING: Tracey, Belinda, and Morticia announce Sabine’s bail security raised

  1. All of these people are frauds and scammers! How do we not know that the money was raised within hours?
    All these donations that do not need returning, that will be put into some sort of fund, despite Bellender saying donations were to go into Sabine’s Account. They may have raised many times to £20,000 and nobody would be any wiser.

    Dirty scammers.

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    • I think i see Belinda popping up out of the Highgate Oddbins early with a few bottles of Moët & Chandon Dom Perignon White Gold!

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    • I think the court should be advised that the people who claim to have raised bail money are perpetuating the false claims and breaching the High Court injunction which is the offense that allegedly Sabine committed and why she was arrested. (was Morris named in the restraining Injunction?)

      This is like someone being arrested for allegedly robbing a bank and those who plan to pay bail money into the court claiming the accused didn’t rob the bank, they merely liberated funds from the HSBC Bank and the fact the alleged perp blew the door off the safe which blew out all the windows was an attempt to re-decorate the interior premises.
      And dear old Mr Bruce Fotheringham-Smythe the bank manager who was tied up and put in a sack was because he liked to play kinky games.

      Who needs enemies when you have Tracey on your side.

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  2. Oh, interesting.

    There is a whole load of “WHA?” going on in this paragraph

    “Tracey also seems to believe that her “evidence” (a fax from the person who allegedly first found the videos on the Dark Web while browsing online child sex abuse videos) was the deciding factor in getting Sabine released on bail following her first arrest. “If she was no way innocent, she would have been brought straight to prison”, she asserted.”

    Not to mention a fax? FAX? Who uses a fax machine!

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    • “Not to mention a fax? FAX? Who uses a fax machine!”

      But this was way back in 2015 when information communication technology was in its infancy, Bruce. Something you young whippersnappers will never understand.

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    • From what I’ve read of the Dark Web the likelihood of finding any specific thing would be like finding a needle in a haystack.
      Tracey’s source is either pulling her leg or straight out lying.
      Fax? Who does faxes these days?

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    • Are you in the same cult as Spiny? Can’t you read someone else’s mind apart from mine? You may not like what you find if you go in too deep.

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  3. I really couldn’t take Morticia seriously having seen her sprawled across the bonnet of a car in that scary outfit & boots she was wearing!

    Jeez, none of them seem capable of saying exactly why Sabine is in prison, the people responding in the comments are just accepting everything they say as well. Wouldn’t you think that they would look it up instead of blindly believing everything this pair have cobbled together!

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  4. Get the freaking train Belinda. Park the car, get the train, walk to the prison, visit done. FFS.

    Like how she’s keeping some money for “contingencies”.

    Was it her paedophile friend she was went to court with? The one who tried to buy sex from a child? The one whose whistleblowing includes demented rants that someone hasn’t recited their job description on demand so they must trafficking children. This someone being some lady unfortunate enough to come across him because she works in careers advice, that well known nest of child abusers, careers advice services for children about to finish education or young people who have already left school. That utter bellend? That shit for brains peddling crap to gullible fools on the conspiritainment circuit Z list? Her paedophile mate? Not that other paedophile chum of hers, you know the other one who collected child abuse images for fifteen years, the other paedophile mate of hers. Not her “star fighter” mate who just had a few paedophile friends, the other one. Not the chap who lugged round the skull of a child for moola and fame. Not her mate who said he had the bone of a child in his pocket though, that’s a different mate, the other mate. The other baby bone mate.

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    • You mention the one who collected child abuse images for fifteen years. You mean the one she accommodated and made welcome in her home when most people wouldn’t let him stay in their sheds out back. That one?

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      • That one, the one who is actually in another country now, because the police said there were even more images and things in that country. That man.

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  5. “If she was no way innocent, she would have been brought straight to prison”, she asserted.”

    For someone who says they work as a McKenzie friend….that is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard.

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  6. ‘They basically tried to make Sabine out to be a lunatic”, but she’s actually a “very educated lady”.’

    It’s actually possible to be both a lunatic and well educated. Just sayin’.

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      • Not much evidence for that… for all that she keeps going on about working for CERN she has never been very upfront about her educational attainments… you know, things that can be checked. If she even has a BA, I would be very surprised. Her blogs about coding/science stuff are just embarrassing.

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  7. Belinda’s account of where this collection of money is being kept seems to change as often as she changes her underwear.

    I’ve lost the story now.

    First it was going into the Solicitor’s account, then Sabine’s…it all sounds very dodgy to me, you’d think after the Iran Aid debacle she’d have been a bit more accurate with her accounting.

    On top of that the Solicitor is on annual leave until next week!

    I can’t see Sabine getting out of Prison until Tuesday at the very earliest now, if someone is needed to attend court to enable Sabine’s release, unless that is not needed on payment of the £20 k.

    Incidentally wouldn’t the Police retrieve any computer devices and passport instead of relying on the honesty of a friend of Sabine’s to take all computer equipment and ALL passports to the court?

    Belinda doesn’t seem to do well getting to places that aren’t on the tube line.

    There’s that CSA event in East London, November 2017, Sabine’s prison visit yesterday 13th December.

    Anyone with half a brain, knowing London traffic, (she does live in London) would never attempt to drive anywhere in London unless it was at about 3 am.

    Well I suppose I can only speak for myself!

    Oh how Sabine must have been wailing when her Bestie didn’t show up for the 4.15 pm visit.

    How disappointed she must have been.

    Belinda doesn’t seem to be in any hurry to speed up Sabine’s release…interesting.

    With friends like Belinda, who let Sabine down, who needs enemies?

    Shame Sabine is unable to read this, but if I was her I’d be making a mental note, tick tock.

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  8. Neelu (AFAIK) was under the same restraining order as Sabine, I know she has talked about Hampstead not that long ago, and even now she `skirts around the edge’ even if she doesnt mention it by name ..

    Wonder how long before she crosses the line again?

    I would have thought the fact that Sabrine is in the slammer would have made her tuck her head in for a while, but apparently not!
    (not to mention the infamous beemer is up for auction soon, her 14 grand beemer is up for the princely sum of 1500 quid LOL- and she is still on the hook for her house as well)
    Wonder why she doesnt pay it all off with her 138.99 Trillion???

    LOL- every time I see her mention that, I just cant get the image of Dr Evil doing his `One billion gagillion fafillion shabadabalo shabadamillion shabaling shabalomillion’ out of my mind

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    • Mel Gibson has never said that. He certainly belongs to an extreme right wing Christian Church courtesy of his father but all he ever said was “Jews run Hollywood”.
      He may have meant it as an insult as he was pissed at the time but the proportion of Jews in the Hollywood entertainment business is quite high but that’s courtesy of that lunatic they seem to admire, Adolf Hitler who drove out the talented Jewish artists from the burgeoning German & Polish film industries.
      They were eagerly snapped up in the USA thus giving Hollywood a fabulous boost- yet another stupid decision by the madman that had unexpected consequences.

      But why am I even responding to Neelu?.

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  9. Sooo…

    “Sabine is not mad – she’s a very intelligent woman.”

    “The medical evidence stated that these children had been seriously satanically abused for 6 years.”

    “Christ Church were abusing up to 200 children a day.”

    “Sabine risked her own life to expose this.”

    “She’s being held on false charges in order to silence her.”

    “Abraham leaked the videos.”

    Wow, thanks ladies – I see your time at the Kris Costa Detective School weren’t wasted.

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    • “Christ Church were abusing up to 200 children a day.”

      So of course they went along to film all these children coming and going didn’t they?
      Just like Neelu who is one of the best IPhone Camera Persons around just failed to have her phone handy the morning she claimed she saw dozens of baby carriages being wheeled ( A Wednesday naturally) and never bothered going back.

      Didn’t Neelu & Co go to all the Courts and bury Crystals in the four corners to protect the “falsely accused”?
      They must have been sold old bits of glass.

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      • She later claimed that Christine had witnessed a baby being sacrificed during the church service!

        And still some people trust her!!!

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  10. Nice one, Your Howlness. You’ve excelled yourself on this post. I don’t know how we’d cope with sitting through these videos without your lighthearted analyses to keep us all sane!

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  11. Gott in Himmel! Vhere voz zis voman vhen I needed her?

    Seriously, guys – come have a proper gander at these.

    See vot I did zere? I’m hier all veek, assuming der Führer doesn’t vont me to help mit zat nice Herr Alanson’s PR drive. Auf Wiedersehen für jetzt, guys 🙂

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    • Isn’t Tracey under a Restraining Order to do with the Hampstead hoax also?

      Not the same one as Sabine and Neelu, but the same as Belinda?

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        • Tracey has said on several occasions that the gagging order isn’t worth the paper it’s written on.

          Sadly, given the utter lack of police response to her continued harassment, that seems to be true. She’s been allowed to get away with far more than her English counterparts, and it’s a real shame.

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    • “It’s situations like this that make me think about going back to work.”

      He’s employable?

      “My plan is to build a retreat in another country.”

      Ok. Will this be before or after he writes his book, produces music with his friends and/or builds a hostel for the homeless. I’m losing track of the wonderful things he’s going to do when he gets around to it. Last I heard he didn’t have the money to get to Manchester on the bus.

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    • Wesley Hall is going back to work (LOL..picks self up from floor) to build a retreat for whistle blowers..
      Plans for Wesley Hall’s fabulous retreat in the South of France..send cash & donations now.

      Reality: Wesley Hall’s illegal whistle blower retreat on Dartmoor.

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  12. Costa still talking bollocks to the one person who’ll still listen to her – herself:

    That like was from herself too. Yup.

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    • What’s this about Yolande publishing the whereabouts of the children? As if anyone would tell Yolande where they are!

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        • A “schill”? What the everlasting feck is that?

          And I think KSC is using her amazing detection skills again. Does she have any idea how common a name “Steve Martin” is? And in what universe/dimension does she think Yolande would even know the whereabouts of the children, let alone publish them?

          Stick to making kefir and drinking piss, Kristie Sue. At least you won’t be harming anyone but yourself.

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  13. Two likes and zero shares in 6 hours, Kris? Nice work, luv. Good to know you still have people hanging on your every word.

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    • Interesting! I’d assumed from the McMenamins’ sudden disappearance that the police had had a word, but didn’t realise they had imposed bail conditions. Thanks for sharing, Kristie Sue! I’m sure Helen and Jim will appreciate it.

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  14. Humpty Llewellyn in action…

    (And isn’t it nice of kristie Sue to allow her to illegally publish the names of the children on her page. Again.)

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      • Those poor “lippy” Irish “forced” to go to the USA where they thrived and lived happily ever after.
        Outrageous they were made to miss famine and disease in their homeland.

        Is it just me or does Bronny have a fixation on “bending over and taking it up the arse”?

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    • “And he a CUNT !! Fucking DO something people. Stop bending over and taking it up the arse like all of these little children have to !!”

      “Sacha really wants to see these arseholes taken out.”

      Brownwyn Llewellyn, a most charming dinner guest as long as you keep her muzzled.

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    • “Back in England people are so busy practicing [sic] their manners and being politically correct.”

      She’s never been to Tipton, then.

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  15. So the braindead Morticia, really is a mortician!
    “The thug’s new partner is Linda Byrne O’Riordan — a well-educated mum who has also been spotted in Limerick and previously lived in England with the pathetic gangster.
    A source said Linda, who is a talented singer, is a trained mortician and studied health care in college in Waterford.”

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    • Blimey, I just stumbled on this article too, mate. Very interesting!

      “She got very close to Ger and has been in Limerick with him since he got out. But everyone knows Limerick isn’t safe for Ger so he spends most of his time in England — and when he is back he is in Clonmel.

      “No-one there can understand why Linda would go off with a man like this. Everyone that knows her is in total shock.”

      The source from inside the camp said: “Ger and Linda — who is about 36 or 37 — are living in England. I would say she never really bothered with anyone in Clonmel, she always stuck to herself. She would just say hello and things like that.

      “I am not saying she is a bad person because she never did anyone any harm. She is very intelligent. But no-one is able to understand why she would want to be with a fella like him.”


  16. She said she was bored in the crypt all day playing with her voodoo dolls,so I let her pop down to the corner shop to fetch the paper and a tin of catfood for the piranas,and now all this.Bloody kids who would have em.

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  17. I can’t resist 🙂
    Morgan Spurloch is publicly confessing to a life-long compulsion to serve his fry to every woman he meets – even when he’s pledged sexual fidelity to a partner, and sometimes even when the woman has declined to be served.

    Morgan: Want my fry?
    Woman: Not really…
    Morgan: But it’s super-sized!
    Woman: If you say so.
    Morgan: It’s the real thing, not commercialized ‘junk’ . No artificial colors or flavors, no chemical additives…
    Woman: No thanks
    Morgan: Not right now?
    Woman: No.
    Morgan: How about now?
    Morgan: Or now?
    Morgan: Or now?
    Morgan: You didn’t say no, so that must mean yes!

    Spurloch claims to be repentant. But Morgan – you are a professional Social Marketing propagandist! You manipulate people’s perceptions for a living. Why would anyone take anything you say at face value?
    Here’s a tribute to you and your over-served fry…


    • I thought he was such a nice boy too.

      And there he was drinking like a fish and telling people like me how we shouldn’t have a Big Mac once in a while.


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