Tracey and Belinda debate: Who leaked the videos?

Since Belinda began crowd-funding to raise money to pay the security which would allow Sabine out of prison until the time of her trial, the remaining conspiranoids are rushing about like a flock of demented geese, squawking and honking and pecking at one another. It seems that some of them have begun to come to the terrifying realisation that shit has indeed got very real. Sabine’s £20,000 security and 19 criminal charges are a grim reminder that for the past three years the Hoaxtead mob have been playing with the lives of real people, and that this could carry very real consequences.

We noted with grim amusement that a number of the Hoaxtead mobsters have begun to trot out the old chestnut that “Sabine didn’t release the videos of RD’s children first”. Rather, the story goes, the videos were relased on the dark web or Facebook, take your pick, several months before Sabine did it, if indeed she did. Confused yet?

The Tracey Morris version

In a statement read outside the Colindale police station in August 2015, Tracey Morris spun us this story, her heroic attempt to exonerate Sabine. We reported last year:

The gist of it is that Tracey got the scoop on the entire world, as she just so happens to know a not-at-all-crazy person named Conrad Hendricks, who hails from Swindon, who just so happened to have faxed Tracey a handwritten affidavit attesting that he’d not only dug up the videos of RD’s children on the ‘dark web’, but had attempted multiple times to post them on his Facebook page.

According to Tracey and the not-even-a-little-bit-mad Mr Hendricks, all of this occurred on or about 14 November 2014, more than two months before Sabine was alleged to have released the videos to Veterans Today and TheTapBlog.

Uncharacteristically, Facebook not only deleted the posts on poor Mr Hendricks, but they deleted his entire account…multiple times! [Wow, they must have altered their Community Guidelines since then! –Ed.] …

Mr Hendricks’ finely crafted affidavit, whether it came from the pen of a complete nutter or not, was of absolutely no use, and had no bearing on Sabine’s release when it eventually happened.

However, something about (the date of the affidavit)—14 November 2014—struck us as odd. It’s interesting that on that date, Sabine uploaded Ella’s “witness statement” to her Dropbox, from whence it would eventually be leaked to Veterans Today and TheTapBlog.

So there is a glancing possibility that somehow, Mr Hendricks was given access to Sabine’s Dropbox, published the videos, and then had them removed. Though why Facebook would remove them when at that time they were not nearly as controversial as they became later is anyone’s guess. Just one of those great mysteries of life, we suppose.

The Belinda McKenzie version

For a slightly less confabulated version of how the videos were released, however, we turn to Belinda McKenzie herself, who posted a piece called “Lady of the Leak” to her Knight Foundation blog in July 2015. We’re going to reproduce the post in its entirety, as we believe it reveals a great deal about how the videos were released, and about Belinda’s willingness to slough off blame onto her partner.

The fact that Belinda’s blog was later deleted may or may not be meaningful; we know that Belinda has a habit of making statements and then covering her tracks. So hurrah for the Internet Archive! As they say, nothing ever really dies on the internet.

day 12 of Belinda’s ‘massive national opportunity’ blog, July 2015  

As those who have been following the so-called Hampstead SRA case know, one of its casualties is my colleague in the Association of McKenzie Friends Sabine McNeill who is responsible for having leaked the home-videos of the 2 whistle-blower children to a blogger in February of this year, with the inevitable result that they instantly went viral on the internet. As a consequence the court & police came after her and she was forced to flee the UK or face arrest.

What prompted this fatal action on Sabine’s part is best explained with reference to human psychology rather than there being any deliberate intention to damage the case or imperil the parties, of which Sabine has since been accused; at the time of writing she and indeed our Association as a whole are being branded as ‘saboteurs’ of this and other cases, including by the children’s mother Ella in her last but one interview.

Assuming the children are to be handed to their father as still seems horribly likely (but WE THE PUBLIC can prevent this – all it needs is massive collective action!) it will not be surprising to me therefore if we/our Association will be cast as the SCAPEGOATS for having caused this to happen. McKenzie Friends, McKenzie Enemies and now McKenzie Scapegoats! We could perform a great new public service taking the blame when things go wrong in these cases!

There is no denying that Sabine, indeed all of us are strong believers in what she calls ‘the publicity route’ as opposed to allowing the family courts to carry on with their business of destroying families absent of external scrutiny, as the judges and LA legal teams of course infinitely prefer! In fact, I have on my desk what she published on her most popular blog: Publicity is the very soul of Justice.

It is highly doubtful however that exposing a case will ever change the final outcome as the vast majority of these cases where children are targeted for removal are pre-determined. There is a governmental policy in place to take more and more children into state care year-on-year and for the process particularly of adoption to be speeded up. Moreover, so far the courts and the local authorities have had the upper hand precisely for the reason that they are NOT being watched and the mass of the public continue to be unaware of these scams; unless you and your children are directly affected how would you have any idea this terrible, orchestrated assault on children and families is happening in our country in 2015?

By the same token, without anyone exposing what is going on how can the public get a realistic grasp of the sheer measure of the problem? The only antidote to this totally unethical, unjust and downright cruel policy plus individual examples thereof IS exposure, that is for very sure and for Sabine and me by now it is the only way forward; she exposes on-line and I on the street but our hearts beat as one. Veteran McKenzie Friend Ian Josephs, publisher of recommends exposure, exposure, exposure. Also, after over 50 years of experience, he advises mothers NOT to report the crimes of abusive fathers to the police: you lose your children!

Nevertheless we freely concede there are ways of ‘exposing’ most effectively in individual cases; the timing has to be right and if videos of children giving witness evidence are to be put up on YouTube etc., by what appears to be majority agreement it is best to blur their faces and distort their voices. We were told by the children’s mum, Ella that she and her partner Abraham were working on producing a ‘digest’ of the home-videos with the children’s faces blurred; at some suitable moment when they decided the time was right these would be launched on the world. Personally I would have been content to wait until they had completed their video, besides I was still leery of publishing anything until the conclusion of the Fact-Finding hearing, having given an ‘undertaking’ to Mrs Justice Pauffley in the first hearing before her on 13th January to maintain confidentiality and she having told me that this undertaking would have the force of an Order. [Translation: It wasn’t my fault, I would have waited; it’s totally down to Sabine.]

So it was somewhat of a shock to me to say the least when the children’s faces suddenly began appearing all over the internet as of a morning in February and I puzzled to understand what had prompted this intemperate action on the part of my colleague? At the same time I freely admit I also half-welcomed it as I’d been feeling increasingly frustrated by the slow progress of the case plus the clear bias of the judge against the mother and towards the father. [Translation: I had nothing to do with this! You could have knocked me over with a feather!]

Which brings me back to the psychological factors here. Sabine had been sitting on this horrific case ever since early November; I’d joined in a little later. It had felt to the two of us like sitting on a powder-keg which could at any moment blow all of us up. Yet at the same time getting off the powder-keg was not an option either as we were now on it; we already knew way too much about the case, having seen the paperwork as well as having viewed both the police interviews of the children as well as the original home-videos. The only option in my mind therefore was to stay put and try to stay as calm and quiet as possible until the moment was right to light the taper, having ensured it would be the father and his unspeakably horrible cult who would receive the full force of the explosive impact. Speaking in purely metaphorical terms of course – for me those who have followed evil ways not natural to humanity need help not punishment, having almost certainly been ritually abused themselves during their own childhoods; this is very much an inter-generational cycle needing to be broken.

By the last of the 3 hearings in January it was clear to me and the mother which way the case was going and what the final outcome therefore was likely to be; Mrs Pauffley was already showing definite bias towards the father. Coming out of court on 26th January I declared to my colleagues “she’s going to give the children to D! (the father).”

This was too much to bear or to contemplate for Sabine. Something had to be done! As she and others in our group said, all the while we were dithering around and the ineffably inappropriate ‘family court’ processes had been grinding on children were possibly continuing to be abused in horrible ways in Hampstead and babies murdered! I should point out that at least 2 in our McKenzie Friends core group have long-term experience and knowledge of SRA and we have always taken the children’s initial allegations entirely seriously; we KNOW this stuff goes on.

So when at our next meeting with Ella and Abraham they still hadn’t got their home-video digest ready Sabine simply lost patience and moved into online action. She and Ella had already agreed on the text of the petition which was removed after having attracted nearly 16,000 signatures in 2 months!

Sabine as she says with pride is German/Slavic, meaning she is a person of strong passions and principle, especially her passion for justice and her love of children despite having had none of her own. This has always moved me in respect of Sabine; she is as true a mother as I am having brought 4 children into the world! We could literally feel her blood beginning to boil as collusion between Barnet Council and the judge came to light as well as her bias towards one party in the case. She was more than usually snappy and especially snappy with Abraham whom she suspected of wanting to commandeer our meetings, over which she had always presided, being way the most energetic, proactive and productive of us. She always had a to-do list and some new impeccably-sourced and elegantly-presented document on the boil. Sabine is positively brilliant at preparing documents FAST, no matter what the issue may be. [Translation: Sabine is the real boss of this group, and was in control of this case. Not Belinda. Really.]

Sabine thought Ella and Abe were dragging their feet over their proposed video, why weren’t they bucking up more to save Ella’s children, could the problem be Abraham and his influence over Ella?! Sabine just didn’t get on with Abraham; it was a pure clash of personalities. The rest of us had less of a problem with this slightly eccentric gentleman, least of all me who had been honoured to be invited to Ella’s home to consume a mug of the marvellous �?green juice’ compounded of fresh fruits, vegetables and hemp-seeds which Abraham is busy promoting as the elixir of life. Referred to deprecatingly by Pauffley as �?cannabis soup’ this highly nutritious, health-giving and delicious liquid food can help everyone stay healthy and beat cancer and all manner of other diseases. [Funny; Sabine practically fawned over Abe in the BBC4 Melanie Abbott interview! Is Belinda saying Sabine was being insincere?]

I have recounted this bit of the inside story of the case so that people out there who are trying to puzzle it all out can begin to put together these pieces of the jigsaw and understand how the leak came about and the psychological factors that caused it. [Translation: Sabine is a nutter, and she acted alone. Belinda had nothing to do with it.]

When emotions begin to run high in any social situation anything can happen and often does, that is all. Sabine is not to be blamed or blackened for ‘inadvertently’ leaking the videos which she did late at night, never the best time to take any kind of drastic action but all too easy when it requires only one last click of the mouse before succumbing to sleep. Above all else, she addressed her email to the then Home Secretary Teresa May, published it on the petition that Ella had asked her to promote, copied her and blind-copied the Tap blogger. He later explained that the explosion had already happened on Facebook due to the update of the petition that contained the email to Teresa May! [Translation: To ensure maximum impact, Sabine sent the videos to Henry Curteis at The Tap Blog, and published the letter containing the link to the videos on the petition.]

Before joining in with the scapegoating of Sabine and the vilifying of the Association of McKenzie Friends as saboteurs who have caused this case to fail we need to ask ourselves the question: Had the videos NOT been leaked and the case have continued to be conducted under a veil of secrecy as Mrs Pauffley originally hoped, is it likely that the outcome would have been any different?

We say firmly NO, it would have made no difference whatsoever. THERE NEVER WAS ANY INTENTION TO RETURN THE CHILDREN TO THEIR MOTHER. That’s what both Ella and I told Sabine after the hearing on 26th January where the Position Statement was ignored that �?in a thinly veiled threat’ announced online exposure. [Translation: Not our fault. Get it? Nothing is our fault. Nothing at all.]

To return the children to their mother would have been/would be far too dangerous for all involved in the cult! Nor to their grandparents for the same reason – the children would have been rehabilitated and in the safety of Russia they would have continued to blow the whistle. They had to be retained under the control of the cult of which Mrs Justice Pauffley seems to be some kind of ‘friend’ or benign associate; either that or she is chronically naïve but I fear it is the former. Only today a mother has written to me saying that Mrs Pauffley took her daughter away from her and handed the child over to the care of her abusive father who is a senior police officer. She ends her email with the question “does she (Mrs P) have a history of this?” Well hopefully other parents of children miss-placed by this judge will write in to us – we need to show her up for who she really is and fast, before she does any more damage. But again as Ian Josephs has observed over more than 50 years, she is not alone!

In the fullness of time when all this has come right as it is going to do, this matter of the leak will have faded from our minds and will have been overlaid by public appreciation of Sabine, as of the mother Ella and her brave children and Abraham who helped them tell their story. This case still has the potential to change everything for the better in this dark world and I continue to steadfastly believe it will. I also believe with hindsight that the children’s beautiful faces actually needed to be seen without being blanked out or blurred. Ella herself told me that she considered her children have a special role to play in human destiny. [Translation: “the children’s beautiful faces actually needed to be seen” = “we knew people would love a pair of sweet blonde kids talking about anal sex and murder…it’s a surefire winner!”]

Meanwhile my dear friend continues to do amazing work at the EU level and it is directly thanks to Sabine that awareness of this case and many others is galvanising European leaders to challenge the UK over its liberal and licentious attitude to child abuse in all its ugly forms. On Tuesday of this coming week Sabine will be once again in Brussels presenting the latest of her powerful reports to the Petitions Committee:

Let’s hear it for once for the �?lady of the leak’ Sabine and her steadfast effort over many years for the abused and wronged of UK society, especially the children.

POSTSCRIPT  The Association of McKenzie Friends did not leak the list of those named as being involved in the cult. Other hands than ours have been at work in this regard. We very much regret and deplore the distress and damage caused to possibly innocent parties. We lay the blame at the door of the police who closed the investigation down prematurely. It needs to be re-opened and the names of all who have been wrongly-accused cleared.  [Translation: Nothing is ever our fault. And we’re not saying the “possibly innocent parties” are guilty, but they probably are.]

Still with us after all that?

We find it fascinating that Belinda doesn’t even bother to try and claim that Sabine didn’t release the videos. Rather, she tries to justify it on the grounds that it was an “emergency” and that Sabine’s emotions got the better of her. Not for Belinda any fairy stories about people finding the videos on the dark web and unsuccessfully trying to post them on Facebook—no, she goes straight for her colleague Sabine, and chucks her under the nearest passing vehicle.

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  1. ‘We were told by the children’s mum, Ella that she and her partner Abraham were working on producing a ‘digest’ of the home-videos with the children’s faces blurred; at some suitable moment when they decided the time was right these would be launched on the world.’

    Have Ella and Abe ever said this? They did many interviews but I don’t recall them ever saying they intended to do this.

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    • No, and for what purpose would they have done this? This just validates our strongly held suspicion that they always intended to use the videos to exploit the children in a money-making scam. They were only angry with Sabine because she jumped the gun and took away their chance to make it big online.

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      • If i recall correctly, wasn’t their different packages of videos and information that were on offer to be bought at varying prices?

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          • Yes TN that’s what i was thinking of. I definitely remember there being different packages containing videos, interviews with the children etc and all available at different prices. The more you paid the more you got. I don’t know if there are any screenshots of it saved anywhere.

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          • I think it was very early on – 2014. I remember being outraged. I will keep trying to remember – in the meantime, can anyone job my memory with names of the early Draper sites?

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          • I believe the offer was made on the first website Abe and Ella made–the one which was basically a free-for-all for trolls in late 2015. It was taken down and replaced with a Wix site, which one of our readers was able to have removed. After that Abe and Ella created two more sites using an Icelandic web host company, essentially rendering the sites impregnable. However, it seems that they stopped paying their hosting fees, as even those sites have now been removed.

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  2. “In the fullness of time when all this has come right as it is going to do”. How did that work out for you then?

    The amount of times Belinda says Sabine released the videos is almost comical if it weren’t so serious.
    However McKenzie has really grassed herself up here. She’s laid out what was a conspiracy to breach the law of anonymity for abuse victims and being children, this is especially appalling.
    As for saying Sabine should have thought twice before hitting that send button, Belinda should have taken her own advice. This is a clear admission that she conspired with Sabine and the elements of a conspiracy are that 2 or more people must conspire to break the law. It doesn’t matter whether action is taken or not or the conspirators do not follow through with their plan. It’s the conspiring that is criminal and attempting to shift blame onto Sabine does not absolve McKenzie of anything.
    She will one day, get that terrifying knock on the door at 6am.

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    • I was thinking the very same thing about a conspiracy charge….I think Teflon Belinda may yet get taken to trial and be able to see her dear friend Sabine, quite soon. They can pick apart ‘who fucked who up’ in their cell.

      Also, doesn’t Belinda tell us she (herself) has been under a gagging order – a confidentiality order she signed up for – that she breaches in the very same post?

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  3. “In the fullness of time when all this has come right as it is going to do, this matter of the leak will have faded from our minds”

    Yeah? How did that work out for you, Belinda? 😀

    Brilliant post, EC. Smoking gun after smoking gun. I’d love to see Bellender try and wriggle out of this one 🙂

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  4. ‘In the fullness of time when all this has come right as it is going to do, this matter of the leak will have faded from our minds and will have been overlaid by public appreciation of Sabine, as of the mother Ella and her brave children and Abraham who helped them tell their story.’

    Don’t hold your breath mate.

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  5. ‘Ella herself told me that she considered her children have a special role to play in human destiny.’ And she said that because she’s a FRUITCAKE and you, Belinda, wouldn’t know one if you fell over one.

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  6. “In the fullness of time when all this has come right as it is going to do, this matter of the leak will have faded from our minds and will have been overlaid by public appreciation of Sabine, as of the mother Ella and her brave children and Abraham who helped them tell their story. This case still has the potential to change everything for the better in this dark world and I continue to steadfastly believe it will.”

    Nope, the matter of the leak has not faded dear nor should it!

    Belinda forgets that once on the web, always on the web!

    Great post EC, that should clear up a few things for Tracey Morris as well plus it makes a total laugh of her fax assertion from Conrad whoever.

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  7. “Sabine is not to be blamed or blackened for ‘inadvertently’ leaking the videos which she did late at night, never the best time to take any kind of drastic action but all too easy when it requires only one last click of the mouse before succumbing to sleep”.

    So she’s even trying to blame Sabine’s tiredness?? LOL!

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    • How to send a BCC in an email:
      1. Write the email.
      2. Type the name(s) of the recipient(s) in the “To:” field.
      3. Type the name(s) of people you’d like to receive copies in the “CC:” field.
      4. If you want to send it to someone without letting other recipients know that you are doing so, type the name of that person in the “BCC:” field.
      5. Hit “Send”.

      Typing a “BCC” isn’t really something one does “inadvertently”. It takes purpose and intent. And that is all I have to say about that.

      Also, the “inadvertently” argument loses even more of its power when one realises that Sabine wrote in the body of the email: “TAP — watch these two very brave children describing the awful things done to them by their father and others. If they were on YouTube they’d go viral. Someone should upload them”.

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      • Yeah, lesson number one of sending a work email (even if your work is running child abuse scams, Sabinda) – enter the recipient AFTER you’ve written the email, lest thou leanest thine elbow on the sodding keyboard by mistake before you’ve finished. Here endeth the lesson.

        And good spot on the “TAP” thing, EC 😮

        By the way, are you liking “Sabinda”? It’s inspired by your classic “Abrella”. Jedward eat your hearts out!

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  8. I got told by one of the group that regularly jaunt off to Europe with Sabine that Sabine released the videos.

    I’ve probably named who in the past and the last time I saw them was in February 2016 I believe.

    I always thought it was pretty obvious it was Sabine.

    Tracey doesn’t know or at best she is spinning the truth.

    Tracey didn’t even know that Sabine was locked up on the same day she was.

    I doubt she even knew Sabine was in Westiminster Mags Court that day.

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    • I think I know who you mean, Babs, and it doesn’t surprise me that this person would say that. Subtlety not being their strong suit, LOL.

      Tracey is constantly trying to barge in and declare that she knows more than anyone else about the subject at hand. Sadly, the opposite is generally true, and she winds up looking like a prat.

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      • And God help me I do know more than everyone else and whoever goes against me will have me to deal with, and by God when I get there they’ll all be sorry because I beat up paramilitaries in my garden, so I do. In fact I feel like bashing someone now so throw me the Pope for an hour!

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      • Tribune media services,the syndicate that own the rights to popular American comic strip Dick Tracy really need to initiate infringement proceedings with Morris relentlessly muscling in on their act and tarnishing their products legacy.

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  9. Unconnected to this thread but I’m still chortling over Moo’s latest video on the last thread and the climax where she screams about the garbage and whatever.
    Classic stuff.

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    • Yes I did laugh at her ranting and had to turn the sound down quick as it was enough to wake people in my house sleeping.

      I can’t take her seriously, so much bs she spouts.

      I don’t know why she bothers as people just thumb the videos down not surprisingly and take the proverbial.

      She has no audience but I suppose it makes her feel better.

      She is not achieving what she hopes and the Police that she reports Hoaxtead and whoever to will have her down as a “mental case” and not take a blind bit of notice of her.

      Another sad one that needs to find something productive to do with her time…

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          • My friend listened to Debs video from yesterday and he found it highly amusing. We have a new fan of the Debs crescendo. He was very surprised to hear that we work for MI5 and now i fear he may want a more expensive Christmas present. 🙂

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      • Is there something going on with the moon? Deb and Christine Ann Sands having meltdowns at the same time. All we need is Neelu to go off on one and Great Balls of Fire, we’ve got a Job Lot.

        Spot the Biblical references above…..

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  10. “Ella Draper had discussed the release of the videos with Sabine McNeill, her McKenzie friend, on behalf of Ella, and had actually threatened the court with their release just days before they appeared online.”

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  11. “Proof: Sabine planned Hoaxtead leaks all along”
    El Coyote / October 22, 2015

    “Looking back through some of our files, we were intrigued to note that even before she’d released the Hoaxtead videos, Sabine had a rather interesting take on the case.

    Sabine wrote this in December 2014, just prior to the release of the Hoaxtead videos.

    What does she mean by ‘breakthrough case’?

    Sabine had spent a couple of years trying to push her ‘child snatching’ and ‘forced adoption’ ideas into the public sphere. She’d acted as a McKenzie friend in a variety of doomed and/or botched cases:

    Now, though, she realised she’d found the One Case to Rule Them All: a case with details so luridly awful, so unbelievable, that people would be forced to sit up and take notice.

    At the end of the first post cited above, Sabine hangs out her shingle as a one-woman online publicity machine:

    Just in case anyone wonders whether those videos were leaked intentionally or not…here’s solid evidence of intent.”

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      • Since uglyhillbilly seems fixated on me atm for some reason, I’ll help bring it to his attention for you….

        Any answer UHB???

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    • You are such a bloody hero Belinda, no, don’t be shy, tell everybody how it’s all about you and how you put yourself out there, working so hard.

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      • Stop putting yourself down like that Liza, you know a LOT more about the history of shoelaces than Mad moo does about physics LOL

        (is it actually possible to have negative knowledge on a subject?- I suspect that Debs would actually fit this category, as she not only appears to have no knowledge of real physics, but has a large amount of knowledge of fake physics!)

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        • Aww, thanks, Steve. That’s really nice of you. My Shoelace History teacher at school was always putting me down for my “lacian ignorance”, so that’s a real boost to my confidence.

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    • “Where’d the houses go??”. Possibly consumed by the fires but what would I know.
      What a weird life- seeking out conspiracies in every natural disaster & event. Must be hell.

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    • A Hampstead petition? Ooh, what an amazing idea! if only I’d thought of that 3 years ago.

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    • `what a sad, sad existence… what a fear/terror infested reality these low-life creatures have…’

      Just a bit of self projection going on there me thinks

      If by fear you mean laughter and terror infested you mean side splitting hilarity, then you might be right
      (I mean I simply cant watch mad moos videos late at night, because they make me laugh so much, the sheer audacity of the woman, she really does make me LOL as she gets more and more wound up in her little screaming tantrums

      She reminds me of my niece when she was about five or so would do the same thing if you took her shopping and didnt get her a treat, she went into exactly the same little tantrums, complete with foot stomping and calling us `big meanies’

      By the time she was seven or so, she had figured out that that tactic didnt work…….


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    • Is thumbing down videos on Youtube the most evil thing this Satanic cult can do?

      We really are crap at this evil malarky.

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      • I gather no one bothered to attend the “Transitioning into an utter fookin bastard” seminar on the third floor last week?Too busy cleaning their keyboards after viewing Mad Moos comedy skits I should imagine.

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  12. @coyote – thanks for your help in the previous thread.
    I decided that I was looking for a much younger person, a “junior troofer” you might say 🙂
    After making that adjustment, I quickly found an imprisoned person who fit my profile most excellently. I submitted a tip about that person to my UK missing child investigations contact earlier this evening. The case involves a young teen boy whom I suspect was a victim of internet sextortion before he went missing. This boy would have been savvy enough to have ‘wiped’ any relevant data from his computer, prior to leaving home.

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  13. Some of the comments on Belinda’s announcement about Sabine being in prison are so darn funny!

    We need to contact the ombudsman and start lobbying MP’s for her release. Forget giving them money. She’s frail and should NOT be prison.

    Thing is tho Wesley she is 73 and 12 grand out of 20 is already raised so we don’t need to be resigning ourselves to her staying in and getting supportive letters….phone calls and e mails maybe en masse to let prison know she has support but otherwise fundraising for bail I agree is best solution…this lady is elderly and disabled as well as having a genius mind and determination and courage up the kazoo.[sic]

    I’m gonna find the governor on LinkedIn and make him aware that Sabine has a huge following on this side of the wall and needs her health and well-being adhered to[sic]

    Time for a vigil. 

    (That one made me spit out my tea, time for a vigil, a random comment, just throw it in there). 


    (Star of the show). 

    I don’t think Belinda is ‘allowed’ to speak in much detail regards case so might be difficult.. I can give it my very best if you don’t particularly want to? I was at court with Sabine on friday until 1pm as I had to go to get back for meeting with my MP. Thanks brother u super star [sic].

    One thing to do is to see by whatever means and applications that the amou t of bail be immediately reduced to a reasonable sum in accordance with there being no danger present from her immediate release on NO PAYMENT of MONEY to the public or herself, and not to any person, AND the false accusation, the prosecution for , the false arrest for, and the false imprisonment for are all and each one, FRUIT OF THE POISONED TREE. [sic].

    (I’m seriously having a blonde moment trying to decipher that one). 

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    • I am surprised they havent asked the courts whether they are receptive to receiving luncheon vouchers(or friggin air miles) for Sabines release.I mean she is knocking on a bit after all.

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  14. For the love of God, please tell me Deb the careworker isn’t attaching electrodes to the vulnerable, disabled man in her care 😮

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    • Richi felt really chuffed having his care workers full attention for once whilst she carried out pseudo scientific experiments on him from bits gathered up in Poundland,until that pesky thunderstorm went and ruined everything.

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  15. Christ, they’re all out on parade today!

    By the way, I never had Veater down as a Jew-hater – I always thought he was an exception to the rule. Guess I should have known better.

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    • Loving these dating sites even better than Twitter.

      Hey anyway great profile Debs.Having a bit of a life crisis myself too,bored with my job and looking for exciting new challenges.Bigly impressed with that thing you do with the metal skewer and bits of speaker wire and suggest we hook up and set the world afire in a discreet night of flaming passion.Your place or mine?You wont be disapointed sugar plum.

      This is the Tinder profile you sent me isnt it Debby baby?Just that I broke my specs nutting the pope last week.

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  16. Oops! Malky forgot his proof again. Or his rationale. Or any fucking evidence or logic whatsoever. Scatterbrain.

    Plus what a shame he keeps devaluing the cause of child protection with his creepy kiddy rape fantasies.

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    • I have been quoted by the great unshampooed one, I feel honoured, if only his reply made sense.


    • Yet there I was commenting under and probs over him too, and not a whisper, nothing, nada ….. lol
      Btw, Now that Fresh Start Foundation has set up Danny of Shatter Boys, on the Survivors panel for IICSA, too, imagine my shock to find that Penny Pullen is a Director.
      So I went and had a look at another of their Directors and what did I find…….. Alot of familiar names, so I saw a post by David Scott who tried to humiliate Danny on UK Column, Thanks Rev for posting that, David and Andy Peacher are also directors…… So I managed to screenshot the lot, and so when Dave was posting about how dumb it is to shout & swear, I said ‘Tell that to Cat Scot, btw is she your wife?’ and left this link. hahaha

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      • Sorry, how do you mean? You just need to click on the link – there’s nothing to work. If you let me know what problems you’re having on there, maybe I can help?


        • Thanks, Spiny. Well this morning I was sending my screenshots to Google drive but I couldn’t figure how to get them into a file……. syh 🙂 At least I can do the screenshots a bit easier now lol…


          • Oh I see – I thought you meant you were having problems with my/Scarlet’s G+ drive but you meant you were having problems with uploading files to your own drive?

            If you click on ‘My Drive’ at the top, or right-click on the white space, you should get a ‘New folder’ icon to create a new folder for your files.

            Then on the same menu you should get an option to upload files or a folder into it.

            Let me know how you get on and I’ll see if I can help further if it’s still not working 🙂

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    • Had me in floods of tears watching that but at last have managed to stablize back to a managable series of hearty guffaws with the odd belly laugh chucked in for good measure.


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    • Comedy Gold!.
      The Invasion of The Body Snatchers ie: garbage night is my new favourite.
      I’d be very surprised if Moo doesn’t pick up this year’s coveted Patrick Culinane 2017 Internet Comedy Award in memory of the late Great Irish Comedian.
      # Not: Peter Kay has pulled out of his upcoming British tour without giving a reason. Some just know when they have been defeated and retire gracefully.

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    • Kin-Ell. I usually don’t mind Power noise, but this is way, way in the red. Rotten Tomato score of 66%

      Poor neighbours.

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    • “This gives us a look inside of the going-ons of the child care disaster happening in the UK. It very well could be that this woman [Yolande Kenward] is at the center of it all.”

      ~ Defective Costa

      Wow, Yolande – you evil criminal mastermind! 😂

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    • “Underneath all of their sock accounts are evil people Yolande, I’m trying to expose them, to shine light on their darkness. I think you may be one of them. Prove me wrong, please.”


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      • Costa’s a fine one to be ranting about “fake news”!

        And isn’t it funny how she never manages to cite examples of our “fake news” or provide any evidence to back up her allegations. Silly moo.

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    • It certainly is very impressive Jake. The number of hits just go to show the quality of this fine blog and how many people enjoy it as much as we do.

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    “Ger has been over and back to Clonmel, Co Tipperary, and he has a new girlfriend there.”

    The thug’s new partner is Linda Byrne O’Riordan — a well-educated mum who has also been spotted in Limerick and previously lived in England with the pathetic gangster.

    A source said Linda, who is a talented singer, is a trained mortician and studied health care in college in Waterford.”

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  18. Sometimes sharing the name of Public access tv weirdo has its perks, sometimes it doesn’t. Cathy Fox doesn’t like it. I asked her about her good friend Peter Hofschoer, also to ask her if she agreed with Norman Scarth (who didn’t attack anyone with a chainsaw) comment on Peter “he is not a paedophile at all – and that downloading indecent images does not count as child sex abuse” It didn’t go down too well.

    “Reverend Bruce Howard, just because Peter Hofschoer is convicted in the Crowns vastly imperfect, and corrupt justice system, allied to our vastly imperfect and corrupt police does not mean he is actually a paedophile. It could mean he ha been targeted over other issues and he is being silenced. Perhaps you would do well to turn your attention to the many many paedophiles and child abusers in the church?”

    Then my comment was deleted. I suppose thats what you get when your name suggests your a priest! Still.

    I’ve asked her more about comments on her blog about Ian Huntley being setup also. I didn’t read much more on the blog, but i guess it has a lot more of other criminals being setup like, Al Capone, Bonnie and Clyde, Ian Brady and Myra Hindley, whoknkows ?

    She probably vasty busy and vasty important to reply.

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      • She likes to repeat the same words over. In reply to my question, vastly is used twice. Thats not to bad. In a freedom of information request she has made, she uses the word defective three times.

        “It seems that many of the procedures used to investigate child sexual abuse are DEFECTIVE, yet we have to rely on the police service in charge of these DEFECTIVE procedures to release the information on which are DEFECTIVE. This is likely to lead to cover ups, unless the public are allowed to assess more of the information.
        This is also likely to lead to more corruption in the police”

        I hope she doesn’t blog. OH.

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