UPDATE: Belinda continues crowd-funding Sabine’s bail security

Yesterday we explained in some detail how bail security works, and why it’s not the best idea in the world to crowd-fund for it.

Unsurprisingly, Belinda didn’t heed our advice, possibly because she was busy in court all day yesterday attending the two-week-long trial of convicted paedophile Brian Pead, who stands accused of having breached restraining orders brought by members of his own family. Completely understandable that Belinda might not have had time to catch up on this blog, then.

However, late last evening we noted that she’d updated her Facebook page:

(The “important whistle-blower” in question is the aforementioned Mr Pead. No one has satisfactorily explained to us how he qualifies as a whistleblower. From where we sit, he looks like just another paedophile friend of Belinda’s, but then what do we know?)

On the topic of Sabine’s bail security, Belinda announced,

In the meantime I’m delighted to announce we have nearly collected the whole £20,000, thanks to a very kind contribution of £5,000 pledged today!! Leaving still £3,000 to collect but I am now confident we are going to make it through and get her out, hopefully by Thursday or latest Friday.

We assume that the generous donor of £5,000 is unaware of the risks involved—in particular, of Belinda’s habit of helping spirit people out of the country to evade justice.

As we noted yesterday, Sabine was somehow able to leave the UK just ahead of the law in February 2015, and she stayed abroad until early August, when she was apprehended at the Royal Courts of Justice (while Belinda studied the amazing parquetry on the floors of that estimable neo-Gothic building, and tried not to look guilty).

But Sabine isn’t the only person Belinda has assisted in getting out of the country when the going got rough.

The Zimbabwean escape

In April 2016, Belinda, Yolande Lindridge, and John Hemming were “assisting” the mother of a Zimbabwean teen.

The youth, whose grandfather was allegedly a high-profile person in his home country, had fled his own hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice and holed up in the Zimbabwean Embassy for three weeks, whilst the adults around him jockeyed for control of his case. He and his mother remained trapped in the Embassy, unable to leave due to a protection order placed on him by the court. The court believed that there were valid reasons not to send him back to Zimbabwe, but the case was under an injunction which prevents further discussion of those reasons.

To everyone’s apparent surprise, the mother and son were suddenly spirited out of the UK, from under the noses of the police who were watching the Embassy. Mother and son fled and made their way back to Zimbabwe.

On 3 May, the mother wrote to Yolande, stating that Belinda and her colleague David Efthyvolou had paid for their escape:

….I am trying to get both us us settled here and that is not easy. We literally have run out of funds now and I am trying to see how we can make ends meet and how I can settle the bills related to his return. That is a challenge I am trying to deal with now that is why I have not even had the chance to write to Belinda or anyone else about what has happened since we arrived. They are all not complaining and when I get the time to do so, I will update them from the time we arrived. So please do not try to push me to move at your pace because I have pressing issues to deal with now. We got almost nothing from the fund raising initiatives apart from the money we got from Belinda and David for the tickets.

What is even more remarkable is that the mother and son managed to leave the UK despite Port Alerts having been put in place to prevent them from doing so. Although we know that Port Alerts are not 100% reliable in keeping people from leaving the country, this would seem to suggest that the pair were using travel documents which did not show their real names.

What’s this got to do with Sabine’s bail security?

As we stated in yesterday’s post, the point of a bail security is to ensure that the defendant in a case does not abscond. The security is meant to prevent that via moral suasion: the defendant knows that if they fail to turn up for their trial, their dear old mum (or whoever provided the money) will suffer. If Sabine’s security is composed of dribs and drabs from a large group of mostly anonymous people, what motive will she really have to remain in the UK up to her trial date?

And if she should decide that it’s not worth sticking around, even if a bunch of people she doesn’t know are out a few quid, she will have access to a dear friend who seems to have some experience in ensuring that people are able to slip past inconvenient blockages like Port Alerts.

If that happens, all those who’ve donated to Sabine’s security fund can kiss their hard-earned cash good-bye. And Belinda will merely look confused and say oh dear, so sorry, she had no idea she’d been leading everyone down the garden path…again.


222 thoughts on “UPDATE: Belinda continues crowd-funding Sabine’s bail security

  1. Another fine expose E.C.
    What gets me is there is all this information, widely available, yet again and again they get token slaps on the wrist from the courts
    Their files must be huge by now, yet the courts seem to ignore any previous misdeeds and any other info thats readily available (they do their `plotting’ on facebook for crying out loud) yet STILL the courts seem to blunder on oblivious to their machinations
    If Sabine does get bail, I’ll put a tenner down on she skips the country

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    • Great to see you back, Steve. Had to laugh a few nights back when Ogilvy was falsely claiming he’d scared you off. I’d love to see his face when he sees this and realises he hasn’t. He never learns 😀

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      • O’Reily???
        got a link, need a good giggle!

        Nah was on holidays over GOS’s side of the country and had limited interwebs outcountry, but got some beautiful photos of over there. Shame I couldnt get his address from the MI5 files, or I coulda met up and shouted him a beer for all his good work lol

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      • I trust the CPS have “learned lessons” and revamped their IT system following their struggle with the complexity of data in the Rupert case.

        If not,as a concerned citizen,I am prepared to lone them my commodore 64 on a medium term basis(pro bono) for the duration of Sabines trial,so as to ensure uk justice can be duly meted out.

        Note:Please dont play allow staff to ruin my strip poker game because I near the end level and getting close to the good bit. Thankyou.

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    • I suspect your tenner is well safe Steved.In fact given her track record I would guess you would need to lump on a far bigger stake at the bookies to earn even a tenner off of them.Somewhere say in the region of £20 k ish.He he.

      You may wish to consider placing hard earned tenner on Belinda being subpoenaed and Taj turning up in a Bananaman costume and all 3 getting carted off to the nearest lunatic asylum,currently good value @ 3/1 🙂

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  2. Excellent post. Looking forward to watching this unfold.

    Off topic – anyway checked out Christine Ann Sands Facebook recently? She’s gone completely round the bend.

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  3. http://www.citizensinformation.ie/en/justice/arrests/bail_and_surety.html who cannot be accepted as sureties or bails-persons

    A court cannot reject a person as a surety simply because of his/her moral character or political opinions. However, a surety may be rejected if it is clear that he or she could not pay the amount of money specified if the bail-bond was breached.

    The following persons may not be accepted as bails-persons;

    your solicitor
    those under 18 years of age
    those in custody
    those with previous convictions
    those recently declared bankrupt by Order of the Court


    It would be very interesting to find out who put up the 5 grand.

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    • The amount of bail demanded is quite unusual for the UK. CPS / police must be taking this case very seriously.

      While the person in question is entitled to be considered innocent, the cast surrounding her are really quite dangerous and irresponsible. They encourage illegal activity. It’s surely a matter of time before police decide one case must be used as an example to try and nip in the bud internet harassment.

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    • Given Belindas proximity to the case I would have thought it wise for the “powers that be” to consider restricting her contact with the accused.

      Belindas hardly running around like a blue arsed fly out of sheer kind hearted altruism,is she?

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      • Belinda has more than a vested interest in what Sabine does and does not say, just like she took such an interest in Rupert’s case.

        I think Sabine is more of a loose cannon though…

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    • Funny how Belinda’s fawning fanboy Malcolm Ogilvy has once again forgotten to mention Belinda’s undying support for a convicted “nonce”. Must have accidentally slipped his mind.

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    • Yeh harassing his family who obtained a non-harassment order is called “whistle blowing”. It’s all in the way you look at with this mob.
      Publishing on the internet the names and addresses of innocent North London residents and accusing them of awful crimes is all OK but criticize them and they scream “trolls”. Also Black is White.

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  4. “The youth, whose grandfather was allegedly a high-profile person in his home country, had fled his own hearing at the Royal Courts of Justice and holed up in the Zimbabwean Embassy for three weeks, whilst the adults around him jockeyed for control of his case.”

    And that wholly undignified power struggle / slanging match – call it what you will – continues to this day for Yolande, who never misses an opportunity to mention it, or just prise it into a comment that has nothing to do with it.

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  5. Ah yes, Yolande does that quite a lot!

    ” I have read a forwarded copy of an email from Sabine’s solicitor at 5.30pm yesterday, she is locked up pending her friends raising £20,000 bail which will be returned after her Crown Court trial where she allegedly faces 19 charges to do with stalking and harassment offences. Kayleigh Marie Morgan posted on facebook last night she has the IP address of Jack Barnes aka Misty Barnes computer after he messaged her – is she bragging about her hacking skills? Hopefully she will go to prison on Tuesday. These hackers are getting hold of confidential information that is privileged information in children’s cases. Hackers yesterday hacked Clare Douglas facebook and shared an old post of mine from 10.11.2017 – they were taking the piss out of the support that I have got via the BBC and ITV. Hackers are removing and adding people into Justice for All”.

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  6. ““I have so many screen shots of you saying incredibly damaging things about sooo many people.”

    You mean like the file HR has on you, Kris? Hehe 🙂”

    Well `technically’ she’s right (for once lol)
    We do say many things damaging to the various scammers chosen careers- like facts and the truth…
    Things they would rather not be exposed LOL

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  7. = £140 – £160. If this includes the callout charge, I reckon that’s a bargain. Still, make sure you put out a begging plea on GoFundMe to raise the cash, Angie.

    Oh and how long before she announces that the reason she’s had the locks changed is because she’s had death threats from us?

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    • Sooo, let me see if I’ve got this straight…

      1. Skilled worker asks for payment for goods and services rendered.

      2. Angela reacts by naming and shaming him on the internet.

      For the sake of my sanity, someone please tell me I’ve got that wrong 😮

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    • What a coincidence, I am literally in the middle of changing the locks on my ex rental place (god knows how many copies of those keys are floating around!) and even doing it myself has cost over three hundred ozzie dinars…(170 pound)
      If they were all just old fashioned yale locks it would still cost $90 just for new barrels, but I got 3 doors, all with dead locks and they are 90 bucks EACH just for the twin barrels, plus $21 each for the 3 security door barrels

      Mind you thats not including a tradies labour as I am doing it myself….

      (back to changing the locks, just popped in for arvo tea lol)

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    • When my elderly neighbour had a fall recently, we had to call a locksmith to come and open the door to rescue her. This involved removing the old lock and replacing it, which cost about £200…and that was still less expensive than the last time she fell and her door had to be bashed in. (Granted, the locksmith charged about £30 extra for it being a night-time emergency call.)

      So suck it up, Angie.

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  8. Blimey, she got about a quarter of the hits HR gets every week. Don’t let it go to your head, Angie 😂

    PS: your YouTube videos are shit and no one watches them except us (so we can take the piss). QED. Mystery solved 🙂

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  9. Flag this because of this @#$%^&* Richard Cheeseley standing next to Belinda McKenzie in a video !

    Sent from Mail for Windows 10


    • I doubt her state pension has been stopped either, not quite yet.

      I’m not sure how that works if she remains incarcerated for a while, but I expect she would still retain a portion of it.


          • Her pension was stopped while she was in Germany after an anonymous whistleblower (gotta love the irony of that) grassed her up in June 2015 for claiming whilst abroad. Don’t know what the situation is now, though. Anyone up to speed on this?

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        • Not up to speed as such.

          The problem being she will post about her situation in a way designed to make her look the victim, as well as only half the story.

          The benefit system is complex enough, let alone when you add in a person of pension age, has been/still is classed as an EU citizen, who has also spent an extended period out of the UK.

          Without full facts it would be impossible to work out, an educated guess would be,

          On her return she was treated as someone subject to the Habitual Residents test. This normally applies to British Citizens returning to the UK after being abroad for an extended period. A claimant would need to prove that they have returned to the UK to live, not just to get benefits, healthcare etc for a short stay. What often happens is the first claim is rejected, after a period the claimant makes a new claim whilst appealing the first decision/claim.


          She was treated as an EU citizen, in which case she would need to show that she qualified for benefits as an EU citizen exercising the right to live/work in a member state. Unless self supporting she would probably only qualify as a worker/self employed. This may explain her sudden need to appear to be in business selling super magic face cream a while ago.


          Something completely different.

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          • I should have added just because a decision is made by the DWP it doesn’t mean it is the correct one, it can be appealed.


            Residence Test not Residents Test.

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  10. In the long run Sabine may not thank Belinda for bailing her out. Generally, any time spent on remand gets subtracted from any potential jail term given in the future. It might work out better to have gotten some of it out the way now and acclimatized to prison life.
    Doing a short stint does not allow the anxiety and stress to flatten out. It may in fact compound it. Sabine may get out and spend the time between now and her trial in constant stress and anxiety because she never wants to return. Only to find out that she gets a prison sentence, with no time taken off for remand, and having to acclimatize to prison life with a long sentence staring her in the face. Not that i’m hoping that’s what happens of course.

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    • Yes this is true and in fact on remand you have privileges prisoners don’t have as I discovered decades ago when I was visiting a female friend in Holloway awaiting a trial for allegedly selling drugs. Four times I visited and took her Harrod’s hampers (she traded some items with Myra Hindley who was there at the time)
      But when she came up for trial 10 months later the prosecution offered no evidence and she walked free- and she was most pissed off.

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  11. While the topic of criminally assisting in ‘spiriting’ people out of the country is hot…this might be a good time to remind people about the historic involvement of satanic ritual abuse True Believers in non-custodial parental abduction rings.

    Yes, at the same time that SRA True Believers and satanic panic promoters were falsely claiming, (circa 1985-1995) that hundreds or even thousands of children are kidnapped by satanic abuse cults every year in North America, the UK, and Australia-New Zealand – claims for which no credible supporting evidence was ever found – SOME of those True Believers and panic promoters were themselves involved in REAL child kidnapping rings. And that fact is supported by reams of documentation, not the least of which being the fact of them publicly BRAGGING about it, and the eventual recovery of those children (as teens or young adults) over the years & subsequent successful prosecution of the non-custodial kidnapper parent:


    It is very likely, that the original campaign to publicize false accusations about the weird hippy communalists known as The Finders being involved in kidnapping children for the CIA, was intended to create a scapegoat and false herring that would distract from investigation into the SRA believers kidnapping rings and the probable involvement of some right-wing US Customs agents in facilitating removal of the children to other nations were they were eventually discovered to be.

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    • Uhhh? So the New World Order is a Communist get up? Well count me in as an old Socialist from way back.
      I look forward to supping with Commie leader Baron Rothschild but you can be sure I’ll be giving Mr George Soros a piece of my mind tomorrow as he seems to have ignored the memo from the Red Rothschilds stating: “from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs”. If he reckons 2/6p a week for cleaning out the bogs at GCHQ will fulfill my needs he’s cracked. I’m worth at least twice that. Capitalist Pig.

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    • Call me old fashioned, call me mad or call me Beatrice but could it be the fact that the Hampstead case was heard in the High Court of the UK and the judge concluded it was a hoax and a nasty one at that?
      And that an appeal was rejected and backed the original finding?.

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    • “Medical examinations support the children’s testimony of repeated sexual abuse over a period of years, nonetheless, even WITH supportive medical evidence, Police close the case after children retract the allegations while in care and control CAFCASS officers who are among alleged abusers”.

      FFS! The lies that woman repeats over and over again..grrrr

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      • Seems this group is trying to shut down the IICSA and the Scottish equivalent. I think it stems from Kate Short – Break the silence and Izzy’s promise.

        Liked by 1 person

        • They are, Rev also dissuading people from participating. In the early IICSA days, a few of them were at the White Flowers meeting, but have since been kicked………. some for being aggressive, some were intimidating survivors who turned up……….. Belinda was at some early meeting, but as they now can’t interfere, they have decided to ignore it, sully it, and moved onto the Scottish Inquiry………… It’s really sickening and for me, shows that they really had horrible intentions when they hijacked our rallies.

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    • Thankyou Rev…… So those who hijacked our 2010 rally are all still working together, given that Icke & Gerrish are in the wings to speak at their conferences, We have the same line up that Belinda McKenzie & Bill Maloney insured spoke instead or genuine survivors who wanted to speak out, publically………….. over the years since, they have systematically attacked survivor groups, to either suck them into their campaigns or to cause division, harm to victims, so that alot have closed or become more closed, safe….while they then mirror the groups and spam the shite openly, to seem on social media like the champions for children…. That they have caused so much harm including making threats to call survivors paedos or paedo protectors is beyond disgusting……….

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        • Donations are sometimes used for expenses legitimately, although a lot of the larger charities use a part of the donations for inflated salaries for the top execs. I never donate to those anymore.

          I was involved in a charity & had to travel quite a bit to meeting with various groups who needed help & advice. I got my petrol money for it but used to do a lot of fundraising which more than covered €20 of petrol expenses, plus I volunteered 5 days per week, telephone expenses, postage & office stationary was covered from expenses also. We didn’t get any government funding though so had to do everything ourselves.

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          • Thanks, that helps a lot. It seems that one charity that helps survivors of child abuse and its founder are being trolled very hard for a spelling error on companies house. Those attacking it are from another child abuse survivors charity. They both work in the same way, i.e non for profit and take donations. Im just trying to join up some dots. Im aware of those who are directors in the second charity and one has actively started this trolling. A presenter on the UK Column.

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  12. I won’t post a link to this but that nonce Malcolm Ogilvy (on that blog no one reads) is trying to intimidate people by naming their children now. Yup.

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  13. 😂 😂 😂

    #FreeSABINE! Campaigners being imprisoned and sectioned left and right!

    An urgent blog as the latest in a long line of campaigners and whistleblowers, especially around the HAMPSTEAD SATANIC RITUAL ABUSE CASE has been REMANDED TO PRISON pending a hearing next year for allegedly breaching an unlawful gagging order!

    Jake and Arty were both maliciously sectioned after whistle blowing and campaigning especially about this case. Rupert is still languishing in jail, an American youtuber and citizen journalist who travelled to London to do a documentary about the case…he was shockingly sentenced to NINE MONTHS IMPRISONMENT in Wandsworth Jail after being effectively a political prisoner with his passport confiscated for a year before the trial at Southwark Crown Court. C.W. akd J.F. is still being hounded and gang stalked despite leaving the UK to whistle blow safely, Belinda, Neelu, Lee many others have been arrested and had computers phones and evidence confiscated as well as being severely traumatised. I despite living outside of the UK have had my reputation destroyed online and offline with a tactical smear campaign that was out of control and vicious beyond description. And SABINE KURJO McNEILL a 73 year old, disabled but FEARLESS and GENIUS campaigner has been arrested 8 or more times culminating in this latest dastardly move of remanding her to prison pending trial WITH BAIL SET AT AN OUTRAGEOUS 20,000 POUNDS STERLING!

    Not forgetting sterling Childrens Home Survivor MELANIE SHAW in prison and mostly solitary confinement for telling the truth about abuse and murder at BEECHCROFT….and poor SUSANNE KELLNER JOHNSTON, tortured, degraded and sectioned by corrupt Mental Health for whistleblowing and helping others detox from the horrific BIG PHARMA medication regimes forced on whistleblowers ….if I have left anyone out please forgive me! We also should not forget YOLANDE KENWARD, also maliciously sectioned multiple times and also gangstalked almost to death. And Northern Ireland Campaigner TRACEY MORRIS, who brought to light with proof the person who first released the testimony videos of [redacted by Angiewatch] and [redacted by Angiewatch] online…this brave man gave a statement of that truth to the police which set Sabine free in a past attempt at maliciously arresting her and then had to go in to hiding, we have DEBORAH MAHMOUDIEH much maligned online and driven almost to the point of death for her audacity as a survivor in daring to educate herself and campaign so OTHER CHILDREN would not have to suffer in childhood as she did ….the list sadly is almost limitless and THIS HAS TO STOP!!

    Amazingly, campaigners almost destroyed by DIVIDE AND CONQUER tactics and worn down by the apparent lack of progress in getting A FULL AND FAIR INVESTIGATION into the grave allegations made by [redacted by Angiewatch] and [redacted by Angiewatch] in September 2014, have rallied together to raise the bail money needed to get Sabine OUT OF JAIL at least for now and back on her crucial pain management and medical regimes which make her life just about bearable. 5,000 was Sabine´s own life savings….other donors have come forth with anything from 20 pounds to 5,000 and all monies will be documented by the legal team and refunded as soon as bail is returned at trial. THIS IS AN ENCOURAGING BREAKTHROUGH and as I write there is still a shortfall of over 2,000 pounds. To have crowd funded 18,000 in just a few days is remarkable and hugely significant in the fight back to re gain control of the Judicial System in the UK and further afield. The goal is to have Sabine free in 2 or 3 days by Thursday 13th or Friday 14th December at the latest.

    If you would like to help us get over the line at least for now, here are the details as organised by Belinda and sponsored by so many in such an outpouring of kindness and generosity
    “For anyone wanting to help raise the last couple of thousand of 20 to get Sabine out of jail here are the bank details And Dear #God please dispatch internet angels to protect against any with nefarious intent!!
    National Westminster Bank Account Sabine McNeill sort-code [redacted by Angiewatch] A/C [redacted by Angiewatch] Ref. [redacted by Angiewatch]
    Bic [redacted by Angiewatch] Iban [redacted by Angiewatch]
    Sabine, 73 and disabled, is remanded at HMP Bronzefield until and unless 20 grand bail raised and her prisoner number is [redacted by Angiewatch]. You can e mail her through a service called emailaprisoner.com”

    I add here also a video from a PREVIOUS small but heartfelt protest when Sabine was arrested and conveniently held for a bank holiday weekend in Holborn Police Station ….there are many more videos with Sabine on my youtube channel Angela Power Disney in a playlist called THE HAMPSTEAD COVER UP …if you have time and want to know more about this alleged hoax which is generating such draconian measures by the establishment in an attempt to keep the lid on it ….do listen to that playlist.

    Otherwise I post daily on facebook and others have their various ways of staying in touch so may this herald a breakthrough in the pursuit of justice and A SAFE WORLD FOR THE MOST VULNERABLE ESPECIALLY OUR CHILDREN for whom Sabine and so many have dedicated decades and risked everything including their health and freedom

    I actually cannot find that video outside Holborn so Belinda if you have it somewhere do let me know but here is a panel we did just after Sabine was released the LAST time whe was arrested

    And another video worth watching from the early days of this nightmare where Sabine and I talk in depth about the case

    or in this format….you may need to copy and paste into youtube search to view as censorship is running rampant over there too!

    Kind Regards and do please share this blog far and wide….INFORMATION IS POWER and this information has already gone global but we need RESOLUTION and a reversal of this insance persecution of those fighting for justice for children everywhwere



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    • I had to laugh when reading Angie’s GoFundMe page..

      She states “I am a graduate of The University of Warwick in English”, which is followed in the next paragraph with “On a personal level I am a surviver.”

      A Graduate in English who can’t spell survivor? 😀

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    • “Jake and Arty were both maliciously sectioned after whistle blowing and campaigning especially about this case. Rupert is still languishing in jail, an American youtuber and citizen journalist who travelled to London to do a documentary about the case…..”

      I am really struggling to find a common denominator there and as Angie likes to join dots with her chronic pareidolia maybe she can offer up some thoughts? Feckin Ejit.

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  14. I was reviewing a UK missing child case this morning, and spotted something I’d never noticed before – a potential connection to the Troofer community!
    I know that Shrimpton’s CSA collection was boy porn, but was there anyone else in Belinda’s circles alleged to have a ‘thing’ for young teen boys?
    (I’m not going to talk about the case itself, here, at this point)

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  15. Margaret, I’m neither a Satan-worshipper nor a prominent member of the establishment. I do, however, think you’re all dumb, so at least you got that right.

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  16. Mad Moo’s second video of the night and she’s off on one about the California wildfires. It’s all part of a government plot to burn people’s houses down using energy weapons. Apparently. Sigh…


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