Security risk: Belinda and Sabine and other people’s money

On Saturday we reported that Belinda McKenzie had already dusted off the old begging bowl, and had begun trying to raise money from anyone on her email and social media lists who might be able to cough up a bit of cash in order to spring her friend Sabine McNeill from prison.

By yesterday, she was claiming to have raised £12,000 of the £20,000 security which had been set on Friday when Sabine pleaded not guilty to a total of 19 charges—four charges of stalking causing fear of violence or serious alarm or distress, and 15 counts of breaching her restraining order.

How bail security works

We’re fortunate to have several people with legal experience commenting on this blog, and over the past 48 hours they’ve begun to enlighten us as to the difference between “bail surety” and “bail security”, and some of the finer points thereof.

ExiledScouser explained,

You can have a surety (someone promising to pay if bailee runs away) and, separately, a security which is rarer and requires actual cash money to be physically lodged with the court.

Someone acting as a surety can withdraw at any time, usually in the hours before the trial (knowing all along the d(efendant) is going to do one) to avoid liability so is of questionable use.

Security is quite rare nowadays and usually suggests that the d(efendant) is considered a considerable flight risk.

Long-time commenter SJones added,

With a security, the £££ has to be lodged in court before the (defendant) is released. All of it. Grounds are same grounds as to impose any other bail condition: would offend on bail, abscond, interfere with witnesses. If she can’t come up with the £££ in 7 days she’ll have another hearing.

At end of hearing money is returned with interest, unless (defendant) absconds. Grounds to impose bail conditions are less stringent than grounds to remand in custody.

Belinda has described the bail condition as a “security” several times now, which makes sense given Sabine’s prior record of having fled the country in February 2015, when she heard the police wanted to speak with her about having released the videos of RD’s children.

At that time, readers might recall that Sabine stayed at her nephew’s flat near Berlin for nearly seven months, before finally returning to London, where she was almost immediately arrested at the Royal Courts of Justice.

In answer to a reader’s question—”How on earth does BM ‘know’ that anyone ‘putting up funds will get every penny back after the trial’”—SJones responded,

She is absolutely right that all the money is returned, indeed it’s returned with interest. It’s not imposed as a punishment (obviously as it’s pre-conviction) but as a way of ensuring the defendant surrenders to bail. So provided she turns up @ court, the money will be repaid at the end of case, whether or not she’s convicted.

The problem however is that the reason for imposing a security is to put pressure on the defendant to attend court, otherwise they lose their OWN money. If they know that someone is going to pay it all for them, it loses its force (and becomes the same as a surety, where someone else promises to pay).

So successful 3rd party funding of the security deprives it of its effect (unless it’s someone you feel a moral obligation to – your mum say, who would have to sell her house or sacrifice her life savings) and puts the court back at square one: what do we have to do to ensure she doesn’t abscond?

In other words, crowd-funding the money for a security essentially undermines its efficacy as a deterrent to the defendant leaving the country. A couple of lawyers whose opinions we asked said that if they were the judge in this case they wouldn’t grant bail on those terms.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Sabine will not get bail, should Belinda’s fund-raising efforts prove successful—but the odds seem stacked against that outcome.

Will donors really get their money back?


Assuming that Belinda is able to raise the full £20,000, and that the court accepts crowd-funded monies as acceptable security, there remains the uncomfortable question of what happens if Sabine does decide to bugger off to parts unknown as soon as she says farewell to the prison where she’s being held.

As mentioned above, crowd-funding undermines the usefulness of a security. And even Belinda admits that what she is doing is crowd-funding; here’s her end-of-day report from yesterday, in which she attempts to wring a few more pounds from her devoted followers:

Would Sabine feel a powerful obligation to ensure that a large group of relative strangers, each having contributed a few pounds, did not lose their Christmas cash?

Or would she think, “Oh, it’s only a few quid apiece, they can suck it up. I’m FREEEEEE!!!”?

Unfortunately, there have been precedents for this; a rather famous one is the Julian Assange case.

On 7 December 2010, in an effort to avoid extradition to Sweden where he was wanted for questioning on sexual assault charges, the WikiLeaks founder surrendered himself to UK police. He was held for 10 days before being released on bail. He eventually breached his bail and absconded. The country of Ecuador offered him sanctuary, and he holed up in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.

A group of nine friends and backers provided a total of £140,000 in 2010 to guarantee that Assange would abide by his bail conditions.

In 2012, following a plea to the court for leniency, these supporters were ordered to forfeit £93,500 of that money.

Making the ruling at Westminster magistrates court, the chief magistrate, Howard Riddle, said he accepted that the sureties “acted in good faith”, but said the system of sureties for defendants who want to remain at liberty would be undermined if cash was not forfeited.

“I accept that they trusted Mr Assange to surrender himself as required,” he said. “I accept that they followed the proceedings and made necessary arrangements to remain in contact with him. However, they failed in their basic duty, to ensure his surrender.”

Bail security is almost invariably deemed to be forfeit in the event that the defendant absconds. In the Assange case, the judge gave the donors three weeks in which to gather evidence with which to seek to persuade the court that it should not collect on the promises they’d made to ensure that Assange would attend his trial. They were unable to do so, and wound up paying the price.

So we wonder: in the event that Belinda is able to scrape together enough money to get Sabine out of prison until her trial in 2018, and that the court is minded to accept crowd-funded monies as a satisfactory security, what steps will the various donors take to ensure that Sabine abides by the terms of her bail?

We understand from Belinda that at least one of her donors is contributing the money she was awarded as damages for having been sexually abused. Will Belinda and Sabine take into consideration that this could be the most money this person has ever had?

Given that there are currently a number of rumours circulating about plans to spirit Sabine out of the country once she’s out of prison, we have our doubts about the whole endeavour. And if we were on Belinda’s mailing list, we think we’d exercise extreme caution before chipping into her latest fundraising scheme.

191 thoughts on “Security risk: Belinda and Sabine and other people’s money

    • Belinda.

      Weasel doesn’t have his hand on the bank account, mind you doesn’t he reckon he is some super sleuth hacker?

      He could always go round with a collecting tin though and get some hard cash.

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      • Surely with all their combined talent the Hoax mobbers could do a benefit gig and perhaps even release a Christmas single.

        They could strike a deal with ear plug/paracetamol manufacturers and bribe the noise abatement society to actually make some handy cash out of it as well.

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    • A number of people on Sabine’s email lists have ,at shortly after 6am this morning received scam email saying its from PayPal and asking for all bank and card account numbers.We think this is Belinda and crew,it would fit her way of thinking to decide that as we won’t give her money she will take it anyway ,so either she has sold the email list to scammers or she and whoever are doing this.Well it will NOT work.We’ve all called the authorities and informed PayPal fraud dept.

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  1. Great write-up as always, EC. The plot thickens, as they say.

    By the way, it seems Belinda’s not the only one who’s had a stressful weekend 😀

    By the way, check out Phillip Franklin’s comments to Praterson on that video. I like this guy’s style:

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    • That’s so generous of Angela to offer her house deeds…… not! She knows fine well that if Sabine did abscond her house would not be under threat.

      What is the Tenant (Incremental) Purchase
      Scheme 2016?
      This is a new scheme to let local authority tenants buy
      their homes.
      2. How does the scheme work?
      Under this scheme, you can apply to your local authority
      to buy your local authority house. If approved, you must
      continue to live in the house for as long as you own it.
      You will get a discount on the price of the house based
      on your income.
      Your local authority will also place a charge on your
      house called an ‘incremental purchase charge’. This
      charge will be equal to the discount you get on the price
      of the house. The charge will remain in place for 20, 25
      or 30 years (depending on the discount given). Each
      year, the local authority will reduce the charge by 2%. At
      the end of the 20, 25 or 30 years, the charge will be zero
      as long as you obey the terms and conditions of the
      You will be able to resell your house at any time if your
      local authority agrees. However, if you sell before the
      end of the 20, 25 or 30 years, you will have to pay back
      the value of the outstanding charge on your house to
      your local authority.

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      • Also by her own admission:

        ” Pepper messing up my credit rating over a Danske bank 2 grand debt i defaulted on in protest when they bought NIB then threw domestic customers overboard…they were nice on the phone and invited me to make a settlement offer last time only time I spoke to them but I don’t like messed up credit rating over legitimate protest non payment !”

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  2. Sabine must be going cold turkey then…can’t be nice to be in prison at 70 for the first time, and coming off yer meds at the same time…she can’t say she wasn’t warned, or even, forearmed, what with her F.O.I request in 2012 asking about prison sentencing for gagging order violators.

    Belinda is so old fashioned travelling all the way to Kent in the snow to pay in money for a prisoner, tee hee.

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    • Wouldn’t someone on remand at age 73 who takes regular medications be entitled to a doctor’s visit?
      I’m a bit skeptical about her not having her drugs to take.

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      • It must be horrible to be in prison when you’re older and/or unwell. However, she will be able to see a doctor and it’s possible they’ll place her in the prison hospital where life is a bit easier and it will be quieter. I used to be a prison visitor and I know that the physical conditions in women’s prisons in the UK aren’t that bad. The problem will be the other inmates, many of whom are young and disruptive. I’ve been told getting a good night’s sleep is often impossible. Frankly it would drive me insane. So, although I think a remand in custody is warranted in this case I do hope she’s in the prison hospital and being looked after.

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        • I don’t buy she is frail, unless she has deteriorated recently, which is of course possible.

          I would pity the other inmates having to listen to her awful voice and whinging.

          And Sabine has certainly disrupted the lives of many Hampstead residents so if she is getting disrupted by young inmates then it called be called karma.

          I wonder if Rupert is aware of the Sabine situation? Will he be told by Belinda?

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          • Sabine will have already,as-if-by-magic,morphed into her heart rending,frail and confused old lady facade from the sabre rattling,downhill skiing,hobnobbing with hoi polloi in Brussels blusterfuck.

            The good news is that HMP Bronzefield has recently installed a state of the art drainage system.

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      • Couldn’t Belinda have taken some to her or alternatively wouldn’t she have been prescribed some new ones by now it being Day 4?

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          Type of Accommodation: 3 main residential units holding approximately 135 women each. A fourth residential unit holding 77 women was opened in January 2010. Bronzefield also has Level 4 Healthcare provision with inpatient facilities for 18 women. A smaller 10-bed Help & Direction Unit which served as an intermediary unit between Healthcare and main residence was decommissioned by MoJ in October 2010. Bronzefield also has a Separation & Care Unit.

          If Sabine plays her cards right she may be able to take advantage of their ” IT and Basic Skills” education facility and learn how not to use the internet to fuck up innocent folks lives including her own.

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    • Warned and warned and warned and warned and warned, again and again and again and again and again…

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  3. I wonder whether Belinda really has raised 12 grand already. I’m reminded of Angela’s attempts to ‘salt the plate’ (have I got that expression right?) by putting a large amount of her own money into a GoFundMe account to make it look like the target was much nearer than it was and inspire people to help in the push for the finishing line. Thing is, though, Belinda is a fine upstanding citizen and a really honest person and she would never stoop so low as to do that, right? 😉

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    • If I had to guess, I’d say she’s cobbled together the £5K from Sabine’s own account, some money promised by a child sexual abuse victim who recently received a payout and unwisely agreed to give it to Belinda, and the balance in £5–£50 increments. However, if she made £12K on the first day and only £1K on the second, odds aren’t good that she’ll reach £20K any time soon.

      And if she does get there, I suspect she’ll be surprised at the court’s response to her attempting to crowdfund Sabine’s bail security.

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      • Maybe there are people like Belinda who drove/went by train to the prison Sabine is being held in to hand over £50 are the type that have to go into their local bank and withdraw the money to give to Belinda in person?

        Perhaps some others don’t get their benefits until today and so didn’t have the funds yesterday?

        I’m sure Belinda has an emergency fund handy and could cough up a few grand.

        Doesn’t she have any tenants, can’t she ask her ex-husband for some money?

        Can’t Belinda dip into the Iran Aid charity money wherever that is?

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        • Belinda could simply get a short term loan against her property if she was so sure her “friend” was trustworthy and no flight risk.Saves harrassing folk at 6am too.

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    • I wonder whether the person she is targetting is aware that she is doing so? She’s a vile excuse for a human being. And, as with many of those she targets, this person would be well within his rights to launch a lawsuit against her.

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      • It’s an alleged human leather shop apparently, if I’ve understood the gist of her unbearable drunken ramblings.

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          • Yes, it looks to me like something set up to embarrass someone else. If one really were trading in “human skin leather”, would one really advertise it? I’d think it would be strictly word of mouth.

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    • On Kris Costa’s FB timeline she has posted a startling discovery from one of her nutty “Christian” (Evangelical) pals who claims there is a Satanic pedo ring in Hampstead (and 1000s elsewhere) and the Pedo Satanists identify each other by wearing red shoes:
      “The red shoes represent the blood of the innocent. It is known that some members of the Satanic Pedophile Syndicates even have their red shoes made from the skin of babies.There is a Satanic Pedophile Syndicate in Hampstead, England.”

      But has John baby thought this one through?. One doesn’t have to go to far in John’s timeline to discover he wears…errr… red shoes.

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    • If what she says is true it is more than a bit sick. I really do dislike this vigilante approach though and the constant implication that lots of people are into this sick kind of thing. Oh and that if you disagree with her you must be a Satanist cannibal. I hate that. And then there’s the self-righteous bollocks too. Apart from that she’s a fine gal.

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      • Oh good point, lol.

        Mind you, Kris detests Angela already anyway.

        Things could get interesting now that they’re both in the same FB group (Mad Moo’s hilariously named ‘Light Worker Warriors’) 😀

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      • Looks legit to me. Also, she lives in Massachusetts, which as we all know from the Rev. Cotton Mather is full of evil witches. So she is definitely a witch. And evil.

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      • There is some sense to this. David bowie sang about putting on the red shoes and dancing the blues. If these people were indeed dancing the blues there could be some truth to it.

        (Im learning conspira-sense)

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        • Also Sting from the band “The Police’ (like a police sting and like the police, police ) sang about not putting on the red light? Did he warn us about pizzagate in the 80’s?

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          • Sergio Aguero has got a lot of nerve,cunningly disguising himself as a top footballer at Man City when its abundantly clear he has other things on his mind.He can rub that smug grin off his face too.

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    • So have I got this correct?

      Originally Belinda said the Solicitor would be taking the money and recording who and what amount was contributed by whom, then Belinda claims she has opened a bank account in Belinda’s name but for Sabine?

      What’s to say Belinda doesn’t take the money and do a runner with it?

      Doesn’t she have form, don’t these people realise the previous concerns about the missing Iran Aid charity (or not) money?

      Do these people care, do they have no sense but to trust this woman?

      Mmm it’s all rather fishy to me…

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        • Well there doesn’t appear to be many people talking to Belinda that are willing to hand their cash over. Funny how they all plead poverty.

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      • Sorry but I doubt it. Not her style – no swearing or abuse. Suzy sounds like she’s on our side, so let’s not besmirch her good name by comparing her to Psychoheather™ 😀

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      • Yes I was surprised about Phil commenting on that thread.

        I thought he was a serious campaigner.

        I think he met Weasel at that East London event on 11th November if they hadn’t met before.

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        • Wesley was at one of the first meetings of VoicingCSA the videos are on Vimeo, some are really brilliant and great people, but also in the early ones was Malcolm Blackman, to me he sounded disruptive and would have been kicked out, in my day lol…. Also Danny of Shatter Boys who works with them and the Survivors Panel for IICSA …hence I was seriously bothered by HWWNBNs interview with him, and I have for quite some time been clueing them in privately, but recently, tho previously Phil had asked me to perhaps run an event here, become an Ambassador, which I’ve been working on, behind scenes with local services who I know, but recently I am blocked, probably because I did post about Wesley to the group….. I think they should know and should be taking him to task about his vile false accusations against me……. I think it is possibly difficult to deal with conflict of this type, it certainly is for many survivors generally, also Opdeatheaters and Pedohunters have it seems some influence, Anyway, I’ve tried to sort this out, without being so public, but somethings amiss and needs addressing. I still want to see them all going forward as well as the Inquiry & Truth Project. I might have to really try and to some speaking out on this, for to inform and educate others about the dangers of these people. I know too, that for alot of people they become so busy with their own group that they barely see what’s going on in the wider world.

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  4. I see that both Kristie Sue and Mad Moo have jumped on the false flag bandwagon over the Texas church massacre. Sigh

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  5. A nod’s as good as a wink to a blind bat eh, Sabby…

    How did that last resort work out for you, by the way?

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  6. I would like to donate 1p to see if it was repaid as Belinda promises, if not repaid, I’m quite sure I could take a case against her.breach of contract. 😂

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    • He needs flaming reporting.

      He’s STILL sharing one of the 2 Children’s videos.

      What is wrong with him?

      He has the intelligence to know he shouldn’t be doing it, he is committing a crime, but with his history he’ll end up back in that establishment he’s visited twice before rather than a cell.

      Jake “Arrogant” Clarke needs an ASBO imo.

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    • Love elevation, Dais. Peace and blessings be upon you and all your Earthling friends. Ommmmmmmm ❤ ❤ ❤

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      • Having taken on the mantle of logistics co-ordinator-in-chief for the Hoax Mob,rising star Jake,lightly disguised as Bungle out of Rainbow,decided to move all his worldly possessions from his bedroom to somewhere a bit more James Bondy like area 51 where aliens and things are.

        Unfortunately,area 51 isnt in Manchester so he has moved to plan B which is to find somewhere to take a leak having been dropped off by an irritated car driver just outside Birch motorway services,Manchester(Westbound).

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      • I’m still disturbed that I think it was after a visit by him to Belindas, that he was on his way to give some children hemp juice and ‘help them’ ? I think he was stopped or apprehended, but it has troubled me, I think he went to Finchley Lido to distribute leaflets the same day, leaflets with details of the children & innocent people, falsely accused…… Illegal, dangerous and he needs to be stopped.

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  7. It didn’t take Angela long to try to turn Sabine’s arrest to her own advantage & stick out the begging bowl!

    whoops THIS is the latest UPDATE I meant to share!  Click on link and go to UPDATES 

    Direct donations to help get Sabine out of prison if you can help! Belinda McKenzie has bank details on facebook….I have fallen out with or expressed concerns about many fellow campaigners but A HOUSE DIVIDED CANNOT STAND and unless we unite we will continue to be picked off one by one 


    THANK you for those who support, and READ how many donations are either from my own inheritance or family, plus gifts in kind before JUDGING!!

    A labourer is worthy of his hire!!

    Hi Friends
    Attached my November video update. I will do six months accounts from July to December in the coming month, to include some paypal donations and more gifts in kind such as the kind soul who dedicated painting my house in support of the work we all undertake to expose and end child abuse!
    Sadly since I made the video update, Sabine McNeill one of the original campaigners exposing THE HAMPSTEAD CASE has been arrested at a bail hearing and remanded to custody with bail set at 20,000 pounds sterling!! She is 73, disabled and was not expecting such a draconian move and thus was imprisoned without any of her medical or naturopathic supplies literally in the clothes she stood up in. Something over 13,000 has been raised to try and get her out, 5 thousand of that from her own savings, and Belinda Mackenzie is co ordinating donations to try and out manoever this diabolical move by the corrupt judiciary. If you can help please contact Belinda for bank details. All funds lent for bail will be recorded by solicitors and refunded when bail is which of course it will be as passport will be confiscated and Sabine has no plans to flee the country ….
    Eugene gave up his hunger strike thank goodness, and is in the medical wing of prison recovering before being sent back in to the general populace….another campaigner jailed like Rupert for online campaigning …this really is shocking and we need to unite to fight this oppression or there will be nobody left to speak up!
    Susanne Kellner Johnston is also once again incarcerated in a privately run mental health institution and was tortured for 12 days with only a bed pan to use in public and no facilities to wash or clean her teeth…she was naked with nothing but a blanket to cover her…this lady has done nothing except expose corruption especially in the mental health institutions and help people detox from damaging Big Pharma drugs in a healthy and natural way!! Neelu Berry aka Ved Chaudheri is co ordinating her hopeful rescue.
    Not forgetting poor MELANIE SHAW still incarcerated and also being tortured according to European and International standards for whistle blowing about rape and murder in childrens homes including the horrible BEECHCROFT where she was so badly abused as a child…Lee Cant is helping herand so was the beautiful VALERIE CARROLL McEVOY aka Sue who sadly recently passed away of an alleged heart attack very suddenly and unexpectedly. A long time campaigner she will be sadly missed.
    ONWARDS AND UPWARDS do please help in whatever way you can

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    • “unless we unite we will continue to be picked off one by one.”

      The only snag with the notion of moths coalesing around the flame Angie is that there never was a flame but merely a blast of hemp infused hot gas ejected out of child abusing,fugitive Abes hairy arse.So good luck with that.

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  8. Competition Time…….How many untruths are contained in the above post of Angela’s?

    Prize………. A date with Angela or Mad Moo…..your choice….. don’t all answer at once now! 😂

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  9. Hi all 🙂

    12 new folders added to the G+ Troll Galleries:

    – Abraham Christie
    – ArkhaldanSolo
    – Belinda McKenzie
    – Charlotte Ward
    – Jake Clarke
    – John Banks
    – Manuela Costa
    – Neelu Berry
    – Sabine McNeill
    – Sickened
    – Wesley Hall
    – Yolande Kenward

    As with all the others, I will of course add screenshots in as they come up and they should gradually grow.

    Thank you for all your contributions. And thanks to Spiny for the use of his G+ folder 🙂

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  10. day 12 of Belinda’s ‘massive national opportunity’ blog, July 2015
    The Lady of the Leak

    As those who have been following the so-called Hampstead SRA case know, one of its casualties is my colleague in the Association of McKenzie Friends Sabine McNeill who is responsible for having leaked the home-videos of the 2 whistle-blower children to a blogger in February of this year, with the inevitable result that they instantly went viral on the internet. As a consequence the court & police came after her and she was forced to flee the UK or face arrest.

    What prompted this fatal action on Sabine’s part is best explained with reference to human psychology rather than there being any deliberate intention to damage the case or imperil the parties, of which Sabine has since been accused; at the time of writing she and indeed our Association as a whole are being branded as ‘saboteurs’ of this and other cases, including by the children’s mother Ella in her last but one interview.


    There is no denying that Sabine, indeed all of us are strong believers in what she calls ‘the publicity route’ as opposed to allowing the family courts to carry on with their business of destroying families absent of external scrutiny, as the judges and LA legal teams of course infinitely prefer! In fact, I have on my desk what she published on her most popular blog: Publicity is the very soul of Justice.

    Nevertheless we freely concede there are ways of ‘exposing’ most effectively in individual cases; the timing has to be right and if videos of children giving witness evidence are to be put up on YouTube etc., by what appears to be majority agreement it is best to blur their faces and distort their voices. We were told by the children’s mum, Ella that she and her partner Abraham were working on producing a ‘digest’ of the home-videos with the children’s faces blurred; at some suitable moment when they decided the time was right these would be launched on the world. Personally I would have been content to wait until they had completed their video, besides I was still leery of publishing anything until the conclusion of the Fact-Finding hearing, having given an ‘undertaking’ to Mrs Justice Pauffley in the first hearing before her on 13th January to maintain confidentiality and she having told me that this undertaking would have the force of an Order.

    So it was somewhat of a shock to me to say the least when the children’s faces suddenly began appearing all over the internet as of a morning in February and I puzzled to understand what had prompted this intemperate action on the part of my colleague? At the same time I freely admit I also half-welcomed it as I’d been feeling increasingly frustrated by the slow progress of the case plus the clear bias of the judge against the mother and towards the father.

    Which brings me back to the psychological factors here. Sabine had been sitting on this horrific case ever since early November; I’d joined in a little later. It had felt to the two of us like sitting on a powder-keg which could at any moment blow all of us up. Yet at the same time getting off the powder-keg was not an option either as we were now on it; we already knew way too much about the case, having seen the paperwork as well as having viewed both the police interviews of the children as well as the original home-videos. The only option in my mind therefore was to stay put and try to stay as calm and quiet as possible until the moment was right to light the taper, having ensured it would be the father and his unspeakably horrible cult who would receive the full force of the explosive impact. Speaking in purely metaphorical terms of course – for me those who have followed evil ways not natural to humanity need help not punishment, having almost certainly been ritually abused themselves during their own childhoods; this is very much an inter-generational cycle needing to be broken.

    By the last of the 3 hearings in January it was clear to me and the mother which way the case was going and what the final outcome therefore was likely to be; Mrs Pauffley was already showing definite bias towards the father. Coming out of court on 26th January I declared to my colleagues “she’s going to give the children to D! (the father).”

    This was too much to bear or to contemplate for Sabine. Something had to be done! As she and others in our group said, all the while we were dithering around and the ineffably inappropriate ‘family court’ processes had been grinding on children were possibly continuing to be abused in horrible ways in Hampstead and babies murdered! I should point out that at least 2 in our McKenzie Friends core group have long-term experience and knowledge of SRA and we have always taken the children’s initial allegations entirely seriously; we KNOW this stuff goes on.

    So when at our next meeting with Ella and Abraham they still hadn’t got their home-video digest ready Sabine simply lost patience and moved into online action. She and Ella had already agreed on the text of the petition which was removed after having attracted nearly 16,000 signatures in 2 months!

    Sabine thought Ella and Abe were dragging their feet over their proposed video, why weren’t they bucking up more to save Ella’s children, could the problem be Abraham and his influence over Ella?! Sabine just didn’t get on with Abraham; it was a pure clash of personalities. The rest of us had less of a problem with this slightly eccentric gentleman, least of all me who had been honoured to be invited to Ella’s home to consume a mug of the marvellous green juice’ compounded of fresh fruits, vegetables and hemp-seeds which Abraham is busy promoting as the elixir of life. Referred to deprecatingly by Pauffley as �?cannabis soup’ this highly nutritious, health-giving and delicious liquid food can help everyone stay healthy and beat cancer and all manner of other diseases.

    I have recounted this bit of the inside story of the case so that people out there who are trying to puzzle it all out can begin to put together these pieces of the jigsaw and understand how the leak came about and the psychological factors that caused it.

    When emotions begin to run high in any social situation anything can happen and often does, that is all. Sabine is not to be blamed or blackened for ‘inadvertently’ leaking the videos which she did late at night, never the best time to take any kind of drastic action but all too easy when it requires only one last click of the mouse before succumbing to sleep. Above all else, she addressed her email to the then Home Secretary Teresa May, published it on the petition that Ella had asked her to promote, copied her and blind-copied the Tap blogger. He later explained that the explosion had already happened on Facebook due to the update of the petition that contained the email to Teresa May!

    For the full post:

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    • “Sabine McNeill who is responsible for having leaked the home-videos of the 2 whistle-blower children to a blogger in February of this year, with the inevitable result that they instantly went viral on the internet.”


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    • Given her long history of hosting Miles Johnstons early Amaach pre Bases events, then maybe she can squeeze him for a few quid ? Don’t mention Angela tho, nor Mel Ve, Oh but did he say it was a trap ?….and what could that mean ….?

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  11. Can some one actually tell me the truth about Melanie Shaw, why did she get sent back to prison? Belinda knows exactly how to manipulate these fruit loops, but not many people confront her face to face. I have only seen her wrong footed a couple of times when she was completely lost for words, I also witnessed her losing it at speakers corner, other wise she comes out with total bollocks, and people just say, well Belinda said it so it must be true, but she nearly fills her pants and pretends, it’s nothing to do with her, when she thinks her time is up. She wasn’t that quick to defend her dear friend Sabine that day when Sabine was arrested was she.

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    • Not sure but I know her previous stint was for trying to burn down a house with a family of four sleeping inside, including two children. Or whistleblowing as it’s known in troofer circles.

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    • I’m not sure. Melanie was still loyal to Brian who she said was ‘helping’ her…… but the last video I saw she was enjoying a birthday contact at a centre and then one where she was decrying the bollocks about don’t go for help, praising the services……… I was concerned for her, but she didn’t want to hear it.
      My concern is borne from having seen other mothers en route and clearly going to get their children back, to suddenly be swarmed, swamped, groomed or encouraged to go all super antagonist & act in ways bound to reverse the process. I am sickened that Angie even still brings her up, she clearly told them to back off, another red flag for any advocate working with survivors, is the lack of respect shown for boundaries, putting the person first at all times, etc…… Mel may have broken her license or conditions, but I was sad to hear the news. And really unsure of what is happening, or what she would or would not want said in respect of her and I don’t trust any of them to have even found out, let alone cared what her wishes are, at all.

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      • I’m sure she will have recieved a backlash for what she did say about Hampstead being a hoax and Belinda not being welcome at the prison protest. I think they encouraged Melanie to vent that only the famous Beechwood survivor had gained publicity, which though understandable, could have been handled differently, she also spoke of how her house was suddenly filled with all these guys and she didn’t want it, again, she may have recieved backlash……. I know she flipped and started the fire previously and I can’t remember but did listen at some point or read, but I really thought she was on the road to changing it all for herself……. Not sure what went wrong.

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    • He is a real manchild, isn’t he.

      And word is that George Antoniou has had enough of him and doesn’t want him on the blog any more, as he’s such an embarrassment to him.

      Mind you, George is a twat too, so who knows?

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    • 8 is very charitable SLF.According to Jean Piaget,Ogilvy and most of the hoax mobsters are stuck at cognitive developmental milestones akin to infants aged between 3-6 years(and even thats being somewhat generous).

      If Oglivy and an ameoba battled it out on mastermind,it really could go either way,but I know what my money would be on 😉

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    • He doesn’t seem to be quite so up Belinda’s arse any more, he used to hand out anti war leaflets out for on the streets of Aberdeen, and he had to ask her why they were there, outside Aberdeen Court, when Robert had been arrested. That was when Belinda came out with that rubbish about the Violate Club. Again, she added more lies to that too. Then I belive he stamped his feet and threw his toys out of the pram because she told a lie about Malkie’s daughter. Paedo nonce blah blah blah Slaggy Maggie blah blah blah, I don’t have nae life blah blah, why doesn’t he go to work, or do proper voluntary work for people in his area? Get out of your house and see the real world Malkie you might like it.

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        • I do know what happened but I can’t say, Malkie was obsessed with everything, he really does have a mental illness, no normal person would act like he did

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        • But Malkie that’s exactly what you do, you have a sick perv mind shouting child abyuss, outside court in Aberdeen at innocent people.

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          • Yeah, I kinda guessed Malcolm was mentally ill. He’s clearly not right – you can tell by the things he says and his pathological obsession with child sex and murder. Sometimes I feel sorry for him but then he calls me a slag and a nonce and says I should be burned alive and I snap out of it.

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  12. Fuck off, you lying old witch.

    This blatant lie about Ringo has circulated before and for the record he never said anything of the sort.

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