Late arrival to Team Troofer receives mediocre reviews

These days, we’re much more likely to see troofers dropping out of the Hoaxtead mob than signing on, but a few days ago we noted a new arrival, Cassie Crowhurst. She aspires to be a cross between a “mummy vlogger” and a full-bore troofer, and she’s been spouting the usual bollocks as dictated in the Big Book of Troofer Beliefs.

We have to admit we’re torn between horror and amusement on this one: honestly, if she’s the best the other side can do, we’re laughing. Literally.

Cassie’s main claim to fame seems to be her utterly inane live-streamed videos: Roger Flutterby was kind enough to let us share this sample of this lady’s astonishing talents, in her audition for The HoaX Factor™:

“There’s another guy, they’ve taken my video of me singing–well, my video where I talk and I break out into sing-song–
they’re trolling me. They’re trolling. They’ve put, like, some kind of Cassie audition tape.
Whateverrr! Whateverrr!… So check that one out – “Cassie Crowhurst Audition Tapes [sic]”.
It’s expected. Is it not?”

What the critics say

Cassie’s efforts have met with some mixed reviews.

Scarlet Scoop noted that Cassie has become the new darling of the fruitloop set:

…Speaking of dishonest people, I’d just like to let people know I’ve started an evidence folder on that awful Cassie Crowhurst woman:

Definitely someone to keep an eye on, I reckon. She’s presenting the Hampstead allegations as fact, sharing Kane Slater’s revolting posts, defaming people and illegally showing the children’s names, photos and videos.

Even more bizarrely, she’s still stating categorically that the children were “pimped out” in that Superbowl commercial. Even Defective Costa gave up on that one 8 months ago and even Ella, whom Cassie claims to support, declared that it was all bollocks.

None of which has prevented Kris the Desperate from heavily promoting Cassie on her Facebook page, of course. Ditto Angela, Jake Clarke and others.

Meanwhile, Fnord had this to say:

Cassie Crowhurst. Oh dear. Been watching some of her YouTube videos. She should get an award for the number of words she mispronounces, including ‘oath’ (oaf), ‘Lancet’ (Lanclet) and ‘conscript’ (concepts). It got on my nerves!

Why do so many troofers struggle with basic English? …

She’ll have her moment in the sun and like Danielle LeVerité will eventually run out of things to say, because the vessel is, after all, rather empty.

I haven’t come across a background in marketing but Cassie Crowhurst (nee Bannister) does apparently have some history of organising ‘events’. She’ll never match Danielle though, who managed to get married on morning TV. I don’t think they televised the divorce.

Cassie’s videos had me in stitches last night. In one video she repeatedly encourages people to stop conforming. Now let me get this straight. The woman who got married in white, changed her name to her husband’s, had 2.5 (sorry three) children, obviously likes popular music and posts lots of semi-sexy selfies is telling the rest of us not to be conformist! I’ve actually never seen anyone ‘conform’ so much as Cassie, in fact, dare I say, she’s almost a stereotype! (Kent is near Essex isn’t it?)

The Cunning Linguist has begun to assemble a catalogue of Cassie’s mispronunciations and malapropisms:

“You’ve got a 98% of dying.”

“Smooth FM is sponsored by Cancer Reshirt.”

“They had to give her antibotics.”

“It was catastrotic.”

“They had to aminister it.”

“You can’t harry love”

“Imagine if we all got together and conjugated outside the council building”

“We need to shove all those stick bastards back through our tunnel” [Ouch!—Ed.]

“God is our crater….We all have a crater…”

Eliza D. Little was a bit kinder in her review:

That was absolutely gas. I do think she has the x-factor….that certain elusive quality called ‘delusion’. Cassie is my favourite to win!

Someone needs to teach her what macrocosm and microcosm means and the difference between the two à la Father Ted teaching Dougal the concept of near and far.

Spiny Norman was less than impressed:

Oh great, now she thinks Neil Diamond is David Essex

This is turning into a real experience. I’m surprised surviving a Cassie video isn’t on my bucket list. …

She says that this “government-run website” has labelled her a conspiracy theorist. LOL

Well, we’ve labelled her a fruitloop and a buffoon but have we actually used the word ‘conspiracy theorist’?

Mind you, if the cap fits…

Ghost of Sam had a few acerbic words for our would-be video superstar:

I never get past the opening section as her “cheery” greeting is so bloody annoying I could reach through the internet and slap her face.

What on earth possess a person who is not just an A1 Bore but an arrogant guffawing one that makes her think she is so fascinating she should make a video of herself walking down the street?

As for those who comment on her claptrap—they all sound either possessed or just stark raving bonkers.

And Shillelagh pointed out a few, well, inconsistencies in Cassie’s act:

She said the other day she spends a lot of time in Tesco.

Tesco started by the Jewish grocer, Sir Jack Cohen. (Great business idea Jack, but not the sort of place I frequent. To each his own.)

Tesco is now one of BIG supermarkets and makes big profits. I avoid the supermarkets like the plague unless I’m desperate. Support your local small businesses folks! (I just had to get that in.)

Anyway, this is the woman who wants us all to stop conforming and as was mentioned the other day she manages this by:

  • Having a conventional wedding with a big white dress
  • Taking her husband’s name when she married him. (Why DO women do this?)
  • Mortgage (she mentioned this)
  • Taking lots of selfies wearing clothes that were probably made in sweat shops in China
  • Sending her kids to what she thinks are indoctrination centres

And here’s me, a Government paid agent (ha!) sitting in front of my woodstove, burning wood I cut myself, eating veggies I grew myself, wearing clothes from my local charity shop and without a TV. And I’m the sort she’d call a ‘sheep’. But hey she’s the unconventional one and I’ve been mind-controlled.

Funny innit. I said it’s funny. Innit funny. Did I say it was Funny? Funny.

Cassie’s Claims to Fame

    1. Believes the films “They Live” and “The Matrix” are documentaries.
    2. Happily trots her child off to an “Indoctrination Centre” each morning.
    3. Knows the name of our blog but is unable to Google us. Despite the fact that that nice Mr Vark supplied her with the link several days ago.
    4. Never met a push-up bra she didn’t like.
    5. Owns a selfie stick and not afraid to use it. And use it. And use it.
    6. Believes Hampstead schoolchildren are routinely forced to eat babies.
    7. Believes this blog is run by the government.
    8. Thinks Michael Jackson is living in an underground bunker on a secret island somewhere.
    9. Thinks David Essex wrote every song ever.
    10. Refers to milk as “cow pus”.
    11. Owns an actual tin-foil hat.
    12. Has a friend who believes there is a difference between tin-foil and aluminium.
    13. Has said, completely unironically, “I’m not some nut job, am I? And I don’t sound stupid when I talk, do I?” [Erm, yes, Cassie. You are, and you do.—Ed.]
    14. Thinks that this machine, posted on satirical site The Onion, is a real thing.
    15. Believes that a number of different types of human species were “crated” and we picked out the ones we wanted to keep.
    16. Thinks the whole world used to speak just one language. [And then they built the Eiffel Tower or summat…—Ed.]
    17. Has said, and we quote: “This is why I come on and empower you people, because we’re living in a dark, dark, satanical, evil World and I truly feel—I truly feel—we live in Hell.” Because it’s so very empowering to tell people they live in Hell. Gives them a real sense of self-agency, innit?
    18. Another Cassie Quote to Live By: “The masses are unaware and they’re so heavily indoctrinated. They’re so heavily fluoride. Why d’you think they put fluoride in the concentration camps?”
    19. “This problem is around the World. It’s edemic.” Not “emetic”? Are you certain about that, Cassie?
    20. “Who is the Antichrist? Isn’t the Antichrist the people that don’t believe in Jesus Christ?”
    21. “This is what they’re gonna do. They’re gonna create homosexuality, then they’re gonna take away your property rights.”

Mrs Malaprop, eat your heart out.

The really sad bit

But the most tragic thing of all? The fact which sets Cassie aside from all the other troofers crowding the internet? Brace yourselves, tissues at the ready…

As little as one year ago, Cassie Crowhurst was a perfectly nice, normal person who wanted to help children living in poverty, and didn’t seem to feel the need to make a complete idiot of herself doing so. Truly, it is to weep.

178 thoughts on “Late arrival to Team Troofer receives mediocre reviews

  1. Apparently she has decided “she cannot be the voice”. I’m not sure if that means her dreams of a singing contract are over, or whether the burden of the troofer movement is too much for her.

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      • I think some of these people are decent types, with good intentions, but end up going down the rabbit hole of the internet and start believing every piece of conspiracy nonsense they can find. Once they get a following, they have an audience to play to and keep happy. Keeping up with whatever rubbish their fans send them, each with their own agenda and pet hates seems to be a problem in itself.

        Sadly, YouTube is full of troofers spouting the same falsehoods. Rumors and conspiracy theories, become fact as they get passed around.

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        • I think Cassie is years behind the times and could be slipping in to a low/Depression.

          Time to get out before she gets seriously depressed.

          She realises people are pinning their hopes, whatever they are on to her and doesn’t want it, I don’t blame her.

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          • I think you may be right there. It can be overwhelming when first discovering the world of conspiracies, MKUltra, Illuminati, Freemasons, NWO, etc. Some people see sense and turn to finding the truth and even debunking false narratives, others get stuck in that conspirasheep mindset and never break free or learn to use critical thinking, common sense and logic.

            I don’t think there are many people who can be that upbeat and cheerful without facing extreme low moods when they exhaust themselves. The subject matter of most conspiracy theories doesn’t help either. It’s all evil, tragedies, corruption, lies, child abuse and the idea that the government wants us all enslaved.

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        • Many insightful observations in this thread, thanks!

          This woman, though…she may be led astray by conspiranoid falsehoods, but that’s just the icing on the cake in her case. Fundamentally, she’s SO under-educated and lacking in even a basic repertoire of fact-based understanding – about the culture, society and world she lives in – necessary to distinguish between fact and fantasy in the first place. People like this often try to fill in gaps in their understanding of one or another subject, by making shit up that “sounds right” to them, and the lower levels of conspiranoid communities encourage this as a simple ‘solution’ to people’s ignorance. You don’t NEED to know anything much about anything at all, to be accepted in Angie-esque circles for example, and you can even achieve a false sense of intellectual superiority over all those smarty-pants know-it-all educated folk that you see in the media – by imagining that you know & understand “secrets” that educated folk must be too stupid to believe are reality!

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          • Cassie’s stupidity in a nutshell:

            “A government-run website has branded me a conspiracy theorist.”

            Seriously, how daft must she be not to see the irony of that statement?

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      • It it appears that Cassie may not have be very happy after finally getting the attention that she yearned for. It appears for the moment her Facebook account has either been de-activated or she’s locked down the privacy settings.

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        • I don’t believe FB has a lockdown facility in the privacy settings, Arfur (?). But yeah, she does appear to have deactivated it. Interesting. Good spot, mate.

          There’s this one but I don’t know whether it’s a backup account or a different Cassie Crowhurst:

          By the way, Yolande’s been slagging her off something chronic on the audition video page. Nasty woman. If Cassie’s deactivated her account, I’ll bet it’s because of her. She seemed really upset yesterday about some of the things Yolande had been saying about her – and Yolande’s unfounded allegation about her getting drunk and taking drugs in front of her kids were disgraceful, imo.

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    • ‘Apparently she has decided “she cannot be the voice”. ‘

      Yesterday she said ‘I’ll be attacked by the state. I can’t be that person.’ I have no idea what the ‘state’ is doing but she’s had some criticism here and it seems to me she’s reacting to that. She hadn’t figured out that if you make false accusations there will be consequences. As the Judge in Rupert’s trial said (about online criticism/trolls) ‘If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.’ She’s perhaps doing that. It would be sensible.

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        • Damn i just read these posts after posting about her Facebook account no longer being up. Not so nice is it Cassie having people talk about you online? Bear that in mind next time you accuse innocent people of being paedophiles.

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          • That`s the point isn`t it. You can`t make accusations against people, especially accusations like those and not expect consequences. She needs to think this through – she and others like her are actually frightening innocent people who have children. How would Cassie feel if someone did this to her family? (That`s not a threat – I wouldn`t put anyone through what the Hampstead parents have been through – and I know because I`ve been there and met some of them.)
            What Cassie needs to take on board is that you CAN be prosecuted for harassing a group of people – that was established I believe at Rupert`s trial and appeal. Some of the Hoaxtenders get away with it because they`re abroad but she`s slap dab here in England and charges could be brought if she persists. That`s not a threat either. That`s a promise.

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    • lol..much easier to watch her that way. I mean she makes Vicky Pollard appear to be quite normal by comparison.

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  2. I’m surprised all the conspiranoids that support Cassie haven’t cried shill yet. Surely it must have crossed their minds that she’s been sent by the government to discredit the troofer cause. I mean, she can’t genuinely be that idiotic, can she? LOL

    Great write-up, EC 😀

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    • “Enough to make you want to…”

      …stamp my little feet and whine about it on Angela’s Facebook page.

      Yeah, sock it to the Man, Timbo 😂

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      • Yes i laughed at that also Liza. He says that “it’s enough to make you want to take to the streets” but we all know that’s all he will do. He will still stay sat at his computer, all talk no action.

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    • Don’t they teach about the Westminster system at school any more? I mean I’ve got gripes about the PM and many MPs but this lot seem oblivious to the notion the courts act separately to Parliament and Mrs May has for serious matters to think about. Like whether Larry the Cat is fed and matters of State.

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  3. I just love the way these nutcases accuse all manner of innocent people of shocking crimes like raping, murdering and eating babies and then act all surprised and miffed when someone criticizes them.

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  4. What a charmer, eh…

    Manuela Costa there, calling for people’s livelihoods to be ruined as a punishment for…er…thumbing down a YouTube video. Yup.

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          • Are we not all witnessing a huge conspiracy to pervert the course of justice ? As these people encourage each other to break the law, with ever more determination, Has Belinda not now, pushed whatever boundary may have been a line she hadn’t crossed yet ? She who has been the ringleader, instigator, manipulator, guiding those she emails, talks with, has she not been fully aware, the whole time that this is a hoax ? I really think so and can only hope that the evidence is found, recognised and used to prosecute her.

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          • It’ll probably be the ambulance service waiting to transport him back to that place he had a couple of holidays at last year.

            A nice place in Luton with other guests that doesn’t take riff raff like Angela.

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        • What kind of ninny is this Manuela Costa person? Does she seriously think that a reputable solicitor would share a recording of a conversation between his client and the police? What makes her believe that it’s her right, or anyone else’s, to have access to confidential court materials?

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    • I have thought that it could be true, Abe really could probably have released videos of his abuse to the children, via Opdeatheaters, for monetary reasons, or some other thread of their messy hoax………But because Angie is such a liar….. Tracy Morris announced this ‘evidence’ outside Colindate Police Sation, after Sabines arrest at court, when Belinda slinked off, Tracy read the hilarious load of tosh, from some sheriff of the Common Law Sov Cit, inspired by Kevin Annett, variety, who also as some top banana Anon, found and released the wideos, but time and again Facebook blocked them………….. hmmm…… see as we know, Facebook has never blocked the sharing of pictures, videos of the children, despite 100s of reports from good people, trying to protect the children and innocent families………… Then I start wondering what Belinda & co’s game really is ?
      Cassie, just for a moment, imagine, ‘This could be done to you and your school’. Unless they are stopped.
      Maybe your husband has managed to talk some sense into you.

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      • With people like John Taylor around, Cassie, I’m being serious….. these people will disrupt your home, if you let them….. they will break your relationship, lose you your children, and then protest all the way, raising money that you will never see…. Keep you and yours safe, take heed from people who have been watching these players for years…… They have left a lot of destruction in their wake.

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        • Yes to be serious: people like Cassie seem oblivious to the downside of social media where their children can end up being bullied at school or a partner can become the butt of jokes and even worse at work.
          Once the worm turns it can become a nightmare if you cannot up stakes and just move to a new location.

          The arrogance with these ‘troofers’ is that everyone watching them will be an instant supporter. She even puts her children at risk by giving away so many identifying features about herself. She is being thoroughly irresponsible.
          It’s OK for the creepier ones like the Kosta dame who lives in the boondocks of some US country town where she never has to see the neighbours.

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          • Those supporting her now, get vile too if crossed, or percieve she is doubting them and she really could be at risk of joining us and others and be labelled a paedophile or protector of them….. there are many who really are too scared to go against them.


      • Is she married/separated or divorced?

        I noticed in one of the older videos she had rings on her left hand but in a newer one rings were on the right hand?


      • If the money is paid, I havn’t researched how that will be processed. I’m hoping whoever makes the decision is aware of her previous history, which seems likely, given that £20,000 was set in the first place. I hope too, that the donors or guarentors are listed and investigated, googled at least. I’m wondering if they will find troofers with funds who would want this kept alive at any cost, though not openly supporting Sabine, instead letting other fools do it, although, what happened to that Charity Commission investigation re Belinda using donations to provide Sabines previous escape from justice…? I hope too, that the right people have made the connections identified by researchers here.
        I hope they increase the amount, or remove it as an option, surely they could arrange for Sabine to have access whilst incarcerated to remove her blogs and all material that she is responsible for and to make a public statement…… I hope Belinda and Angela Power Disney too, can be made to do the same…… they will never stop, until made to.

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    • Read my lips, Angela: NO. ONE. CARES.

      It doesn’t matter whether Sabine was first in line to release the videos (even though she was, and Ella was furious with her for scooping the story).

      If Person A punches Person B, and then Person C punches Person B, does that mean that Person C is innocent because “Person A did it first, waah waah waah”? Especially if Person C was the one who delivered the fatal blow?

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  5. I try to be positive about Cassie and those like her, as I think a lot of people are well intentioned but just under-educated about how the world works. (See Justin Sanity’s comment above.) So I started to think about how, if I knew her, I would recommend certain books that would educate. For starters I’d recommend:

    ‘A People’s History of the United States’ by Howard Zinn and
    ‘The Establishment: And How They Get Away With It’ by Owen Jones

    Although I’m left leaning myself I’m not promoting politics here – just saying which books I’ve enjoyed and which might widen the horizons of someone in the truth movement.

    Any other suggestions for ‘Cassie’s Reading List’?

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    • The Oxford English Dictionary would be a useful addition to Cassie`s no doubt extensive library.However,given her recent plummet into rabbit holes within rabbit holes a guidance manual in where to locate on-off switches would provide a major leap for Cassiekind.

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      • All staff are urged to brush up on secret Essex code lingo by 9pm sharp or they wont get no supper(an that includes ejogs).

        ASSA COMMONS – Our Parliament Building.
        ART ATTACK – Extremely perturbed, as in “Don’t tell Sharon, She’ll have an art attack.”
        ARST – Past tense of ask. “Jordan, I must’ve arst ya free fazzund times to clear up yer room.”
        BANNSA – A person employed to deny access or eject troublemakers at a club.
        BANTY – A chocolate and coconut snack bar.
        BAVE – To wash oneself.
        BOAF – The two. “Oi Dave, ooja fancy most, Sharon or Tracy?” “Boaf” is the reply.
        BRANSATCH – Motor racing circuit in Kent.
        CANCEL – Administrative body of a town. “Darren, wive ad annuvva letter from the cancel.”
        CANTAFIT – Fake, as in money.
        CHOONA – An edible fish purchased in a tin and usually prepared with mayonnaise.
        CORT A PANDA – A big hamburger (smaller than an arf panda)
        DAN TO URF – Sensible, practical.
        DANNING STREET – Where the Prime Minister lives.
        DANSTEZ – On the ground floor , where the biggest telly is.
        DREKKUN – Do you consider? as in “Which dog drekkun’ll win the next race?”
        EFTY – Considerable. “Ere, Trace, this credit card bill’s a bit efty.”
        EJOG – A small, spiky animal (hedgehog).
        ERZ – Belonging to her.
        EVVY – A big geezer who protects a smaller and more intelligent geezer,usually for money.
        EYEBROW – Cultured, intellectual.
        FANTIN – A jet of water for drinking or ornament.
        FARVA – A posh way of saying Dad.
        FATCHA – Margaret, British Prime Minister 1979 – 1990.
        FINGY – A person or object whose name doesn’t come to mind. “I ad it off wiv fingy last night.”
        FONG – Skimpy undergarment.
        FOR CRYIN AT LAAD – Mild expletive showing annoyance or surprise.
        GAWON – Go on. “Gawon Darren, eat ya granny’s cabbage, it’ll do yer good.”
        GIVE IT LARGE – To be thorough or enthusiastic.
        GRAND – A football stadium. “It all wennoff atside the pub near the grand.”
        HAITCH – Letter of the alphabet between G and I.
        IBEEFA – The Spanish holiday island.
        IFFY – Dubious. “Ere, Trace, I fink this bread pudding you made last munf’s a bit iffy.”
        IPS – An unknown area of a woman’s body to which chocolate travels. “That Mars Bar will go straight to me ips.”
        JACKS – Five Pound note.”Lend us a jacks, wilya?”
        JAFTA – Is it really necessary? “Oi mate, jafta keep doing that?”
        KAF – Eating house open during the day.
        KAFFY – A girl’s name.
        LAD – Noisy. “Jordan, turn that music dan, it’s too lad.”
        LARJ – Enjoying oneself.
        LEVVA – Material made from the skin of an animal.
        LOTREE – Costs £1 for a ticket.
        MA BLARCH – An arch near Hyde Park.
        MAFFS – The study of numbers.
        MANOR – Local area.
        MINGER – An unattractive person (usually woman).
        NARRA – Lacking breadth, with little margin. “Mum wannid to come rand but
        changed er mind. That was a narra escape.”
        NARTAMEAN – Do you know what I mean? (sometimes used as janartamean).
        NEEVA – Not one nor the other.
        NES – National Elf Service.
        OAF – A solemn declaration of truth or committment.
        OLLADAY – Time taken away from home for rest and adventure.
        ONNIST – Fair and just, without a lie. “I never did it, onnist.”
        OPPIT – Go away , as in “Oi you, oppit.”
        PADDA PUFF – Soft, lacking aggression.
        PACIFIC – Specific.
        PAFFUL – Having much power or strength.
        PAIPA – Sun, Mirror etc.
        PANS AN ANNSIS – Imperial weight system.
        PLAMMANS – A pub lunch usually made up of cheese and bread.
        QUALIDEE – Good, as in “West ‘Am’s new striker’s qualidee.”

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    • That 2nd recommendation sounds interesting to me Mrs. Overall.

      Regarding Cassie, I’m not so sure what she needs to read.

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  6. Just a question folks.
    Can someone please tell me what has happened to Cwish Spivey’s supporters? He seems to have lost a good few from his comment section. Where for instance is the deluded DOGMAN?
    Has he been banned by the greatest tattooist in England for not donating his dole money?
    Im really concerned that Cwish will not be able to afford a Xmas dinner (Microchips and dinosour shapes as usual) .
    Please put my mind at rest.


  7. For Coyote:

    “I’ve always been skeptical, of people praising their conformities…”

    “…Guys taking great pride in being like the others, like their mothers-in-law wanted…”

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  8. Asia

    No. of countries: 45

    Population: 4.436 billion

    Size: 17.212 million square feet

    So no racist generalisation here, then:

    I know the greasy weirdo’s referring to the UK but the same principle applies. “Asians” incorporates a vast array of different cultural and ethnic groups, even if the racist Ogilvy thinks it’s ok to generalise.

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      • Good grief he looks worse than ever in that picture, never mind maybe his way with words will win people over.

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    • Perfect example of how racists and dickheads use statistics for their own partisan purposes.
      Whatever the amount of “grooming” “Asians” may have done it dwarfs the number of rapes by white British heritage people that run at over 20,000 a year. That’s white people that look like Ogilvy ergo, he shares blame using his analogy.

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      • Agreed 100%, Sam. Ogilvy’s a known racist with an appalling track record of attacking Muslims and Asians and also rabidly supporting Alanson’s vile antisemitic remarks and John Wankbanks’s white power crap.


    • Good one, Wesley but will you ? Are you really so dumb as to think that the Governor won’t google your name ? I really hope that this en masse email, once again, massively wasting time for professionals, is taken into account as charges are mounted en masse against the lot of you !

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    • Angie should be flush after selling her Lanzarote apartment but I bet she still doesn’t put her hand in her pocket, to help her fellow campaigner.
      Fair weather friends eh, who needs them.

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      • Still unsure about that, Arfur. She often referred to her landlord at that place. She did say she was “selling up” but my guess would be that she sold her furniture etc. rather than the apartment itself. But if anyone knows otherwise, do please let us know.


    • Weasel forgets that Anonymous really don’t like him and won’t entertain him on any level so I doubt that will happen. I’ve no doubt that he will be having a holiday at Her majesty’s request in the near future, but he will be spending most of that time hiding in his cell avoiding all the people that he’s ripped off and their friends. There’s no way that he would put himself on any rooftop hahaha.

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  9. Wesley really has a high opinion of himself doesn’t he? As if he could cause prisoners across the country to riot. He wouldn’t be able to get himself up onto a prison roof never mind thousands of other prisoners that don’t know or give a crap about him.

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    • “They’re trying to kill her”. What a drama queen Wesley is. Sabine has been sent to prison, there are no secret assassins out to get her. Grow up

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      • Sabine admitting blackmail attempt & that she did release the videos.

        and going into great detail, revealing so many of the lies she began, and all who allowed her to speak on their platforms are culpable.


    • The Weasel forgets.. No one listens to him.. No one likes him… No one can trust him with money except his few remaining stalwarts.. I reckon that he sees himself as the next messiah or somat..

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  10. I met a interesting guy this week at work, only had a quick chat. I was talking to someone about dumb Conspiracies, probably flat earth and some else mentioned Satanic panics. He worked for a well known church for a good number of years, the church traveled to places such as Canada, Australia and New Zealand. He was so under the church’s spell that he didn’t fully get what they were doing, thought it was good work and completely feel for that they were doing good work. He would have to do exercises back stage, tell people they were Dinosaurs or other types of animals or roles before they would go on stage, i suppose to get them into some from of state of disassociation.

    On stage it was the whole Demonic possession exorcism operation. He said when he left, he suffered many years of PTSD and started researching Satanic panics and things came into place, same hallmarks of operations and the church’s involvement in starting these SRA panic’s. Must have spoke to him for a good ten minutes before he had to go. I do hope i catch up with him as his story seems really interesting. I did mention this blog and wrote down the web address for him to have a perusal hopefully. He says he is now writing about his own experience.

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  11. Fruitloop central. Seaman is now calling for the hanging of Soros by his scrotum and calling David Brock a pedophile. How much longer he can get away with his slander, promoting hoaxes, and getting bitcoin commision for it all? All in the first 4 minutes.

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  12. I wonder which one will end up absconding with the dough. Belinda? Angela? Weasel? Place your bets now…!


    • Not sure what’s more bizarre – giving your bank account details to known con artist Belinda McKenzie or passing them on to Angela the money-grabbing scammer!

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      • Judging by Belinda’s comment, it’s a newly opened account.. opened by Belinda. So the people would be donating to Belinda, relying on her to use the money for Sabine. :/

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    • Debs to the Pope: “Please don’t take it personally what I’m gonna say here.”

      Yes, your holiness – try not to lose sleep over a video rant by some drunken bint from Sheffield that will be watched by at least three people.

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      • 70 just now, Debs take it personally…… stop with your ranting and sharing of liars crap. Please. I seriously don’t like your video and that is why I down vote them. Stop following the script, it’s because you are so wrong, and especially by naming innocent people and sharing videos of children that are protected by laws. So explain why you and Belinda’s teams of hoaxer trolls and spammers break so many ? Why do you pretend that any of you have influenced child protection policies, when all you do is waste everyones time with your endless emails and Neelu with her endless phonecalls, John Paterson too…… All actually proven to be protecting child abusers. Why are you not all demanding that Abe & Ella return ? Why arn’t you glad the children are safe from their clutches ?

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