Weaselly Hall outsmarts himself…again

A strange, sometimes disconcerting, and often amusing habit of Hoaxtead mobsters is their tendency to outsmart themselves. Shoot themselves in the foot. Hoist themselves, messily but with maximum moaning, with their own petards. What can we say? It’s a gift.

The latest comes from Weaselly Hall, the “violent yob” whose various scams have made him less than popular with real poverty and human rights activists in the Manchester area.

In a recent Facebook post, we find Weaselly attempting to claim that “the authorities hiding ritualistic abuse” have applied “restrictive bail conditions” on “people speaking out”.

Can we get an interpretation from our translator who’s fluent in Conspiraloon, please?

Sure, EC. What he’s trying to convey is that the police who arrested Sabine McNeill recently have placed unduly harsh bail conditions on her, as part of their nefarious efforts to cover up “Satanic ritual abuse” which she has bravely been revealing to the world.

Thanks, completely anonymous translator.

So what’s wrong with Weaselly’s most recent proclamation? Let us count the ways:

  1. The police didn’t write the document Weaselly is sharing here.
  2. Judge Worsley did, following Sabine and Neelu’s trial for conspiracy to commit witness intimidation, which collapsed on a technicality just before half-time.
  3. It’s not “restrictive bail conditions”, it’s a lifetime restraining order.
  4. Thus, it would be surprising if it were not extremely specific.
  5. The assumption that the restraining order was done to “hide ritualistic abuse” has been disproven so many times it hardly seems worthwhile to bother doing it again. Anyone who wishes to do so may feel free to peruse this blog’s extensive FAQ section.

Why is Weaselly choosing to publish a restraining order from a 2016 trial? It seems probable that he has acquired this and other documentation from Sabine, who as we all know loves to throw around any and all documents she receives from the courts or police, as evidence of how hard-done-by she is. Will Weaselly realise that he’s blown it and published the wrong document? Will Sabine give him her real bail conditions to publish?

Tune in next week for “As the Conspiraloons Turn”.

One more thing…

But this isn’t all, folks! No, Weaselly had yet another bombshell up his grubby sleeve…Weaselly gloats, “‘They’ take down the websites… But don’t realise they’re archived FOREVER…”. He follows this with a link to one of Abe and Ella’s defunct blogs.

We think we can tackle this one without the aid of our trusty translator:

  1. “They”, in the sense of “the authorities” or even “those bad people at Hoaxtead Research” did not take down Abe and Ella’s blog.
  2. The blogs died because Abe and Ella stopped paying their bills, and the blog host stopped blog-hosting.
  3. That’s what happens when people don’t pay their bills.
  4. Congratulations, Weaselly! You have discovered the Wayback Machine Internet Archive!
  5. Considering Weaselly attempts to paint himself as some sort of programmer, we feel a bout of derisive snickering coming on.

Also, Weaselly and friends might like to chew on this: we’ve been saying for some time that Abe and Ella never intended to have the children’s videos released to the police or CPS. People like Weaselly and Kristie Sue tend to ignore this statement, but look here, right on the first page of their archived blog:

“The case was never intended to reach the Crown Prosecution Service, much less the glaring light of public scrutiny”.

Thanks for the confirmation of what we’ve been saying all along, Weaselly. Most helpful to have this indelible evidence, nicely archived and everything.

So much for Kristie Sue’s insistence that Ella and Abe went straight to the police as soon as they returned from Morocco. They went to Abe’s brother-in-law, expecting that family loyalty would prevent him from reporting the case to the real police. That, as we know, was their crucial mistake, which led to the police banging on their door the next day, and set in motion the process which would lead to the children being taken into protective custody.

Will Kristie Sue ever acknowledge that her heroes Abe and Ella completely undid their hoax with this single statement? Unlikely.

Will Weaselly Hall ever wake up and realise that he’s just thrown the entire hoax under the proverbial bus? Again, unlikely.

But we know, the police know, and eventually, we hope, the courts will know. And frankly, that’s what counts.

110 thoughts on “Weaselly Hall outsmarts himself…again

  1. Great stuff EC. The part where they admit they never intended to go to the actual real police and report the mythical SRA ring, completely destroys this pathetic hoax.
    The only people who continue to believe Abe and Ella are perverted child abusers, who get off on continually sharing sick fantasies.

    The allegations really are a paedophiles version of child abuse, where children can be constantly abused day in and day out, without ever needing hospital treatment, or suffering severe and permanent, physical and mental trauma. The discredited technique of using RAD to diagnose abuse, and only found in one of the children, falls in line with studies that RAD is found in half of all non abused children. Some slight scarring deemed within normal variants, does not equal repeated abuse by hundreds of people every week for years.

    Another reason why no genuine survivors of abuse, or anti-child abuser campaigners believed any of it from the start as the children in the videos were clearly talking without any emotional investment in the traumatic events they were describing, not to mention the creepyness of Abe and Ella prompting, encouraging, and coaching throughout.

    Anyone still promoting this nonsense is causing the children, and the innocent people of Hampstead further harm.

    Abe and Ella never intended for the police to deal with this and even stated in the Jean Clement recoding they were taking the children back to Morocco, thus leaving all the other supposed victims at the hands of this satanic Ritual abuse cult.

    Believe the children, when safe from further abuse, told of their torture at the hands of a sick abusive child torturer Abraham Christie, known child abuser and criminal.

    The freaks continuing this hoax need to put down the weed, stop scamming, and get some mental health treatment.

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  2. Another few results for anti-semitic comments.
    I noticed Bronwyn Llewellyn has been busy on FB as well promoting her shitty blogs.

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  3. Very well put, EC and EM …. I’ve been reporting more of the vile videos on YouTube. People who really want to help the children could stop posting them & remove/report any they find. But instead Weaselly and co, the dregs left supporting Belinda & Sabines’ hoax are attempting to reignite this dying, disgusting hoax.

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  4. Spot on. And yes , they don’t give a stuff about real children who live in North London as they falsely accuse their parents of despicable crimes. This ghastly Weasel chatterer sounds like he’s looking for a new campaign and hasn’t realised the boat left ages ago,

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  5. Very well said looks like the weasel is jumping on this now most likely because he’s been shunned everywhere else. I’m waiting for him to set up a go fund me account for people to donate to to enable him to ‘research’ more etc.

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  6. Wesley says “I’m making documentaries to probe that.”

    Still waiting for him to go to University and write the book he said he was writing.

    He also mentions ‘class action’ and I’m not sure if he’s talking in the legal or political sense but hey ho. None of his friends can be bothered to ask him so why should I!

    On that thread Saskia W chirps in to say that MK Ultra Mind Control breaks down after ten years (I wish stupidity did) and Angela (‘dangerous’ and ‘not a nice person’)* Power-Disney says: ‘Cannabis plant and raw food diet I definitely think contributed to their (the children’s) de programming too although I now suspect about 20% of their testimony to have been coached or muddled …”

    *Quote from barrister and Rupert Quaintance in Crown Court.

    What! Angie is beginning to think the children might have been coached a bit! Someone throw me a blanket….I’m in shock!

    p.s. Saskia still can’t spell Hoaxtead.

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  7. Belinda’s in there on Wesley’s page promoting the ‘Satanists run the world’ idea. I’d like to remind everyone that she’s the person who had a convicted sex offender living in her house. I can never get past that fact…..

    The man in question would never have got past my front door, not ever.

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  8. Belinda would have been thinking about the rent he paid, presuming she didn’t put him up for free.

    Whatever the financial situation the moral logic is way off in housing him.

    Did/do her grandchildren visit her home?

    Does her vulnerable daughter?

    The only valid reason for her housing a sex offender convicted or not would be if he was her son. That’s the only excuse I can think of.

    I suppose in her defence she believes that old chestnut that the evidence was planted on his computer equipment but doesn’t the evidence cover at least 15 years or so? A considerable time anyway.

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  9. Off topic – but here’s Richie Allen talking about how David Icke was sent packing by The Lowry in Salford, and then Old Trafford. Apparently Icke eventually spoke at ‘Bowlers Exhibition Centre’. Allen calls Kate Green (Labour MP) vile, gutless and despicable because she got involved in the ban. You might note that some of us think exactly the same way about you mate. Love and light eh?

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  10. Roll up, roll up! Get yer tickets here for the unveiling of Kristie Sue’s face when she sees Angela’s comment! Roll up!

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  11. Oh as I suspected the weasel has put an appeal up requesting old mobile phones for a so called film project that he’s allegedly involved in. Anyone aware of his activities will already know that he has done this before. He will jump on anything that involves a possible con. Wonder if his home is still stuffed full of all the donations that were donated for the homeless. Awful.

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  12. Unless there is some even more unpalatable reason why someone who actively seeks out vulnerable people with young children would also entertain a lot of paedophiles. I’m not claiming that anything specific is going on, but if I had small children I would think twice about entrusting them to Belinda’s care.

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  13. It isn’t that hard to find some of Wesley’s past crimes and frauds. Some of which have been mentioned on this blog. One has to wonder why these criminals and frauds get so much attention from followers. Wesley presents himself as a left-wing liberal, warmhearted fellow. Evidence points to the contrary.

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  14. Its evident how many of those who push this hoax do so for some form of acclaim or monitory gain. How many You-tubers ask for people to fund them for spreading “revelations” that after a few days or weeks are proved false or fake. Kane Slater springs to mind, believing he has the ability to be a well renown journalist, jumping on any mass shooting or terrorist attack as fake.

    Wesley will use this hoax as he has with other crusades to make as much money as possible. It shocked me a few weeks ago to see a survivor of rotherham communicate with him online. I can’t help but feel sorry for her, believing in a known crook, fraud and Racist in Wesley

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  15. Yeah I noticed the mobile phone request.

    Wesley is obviously after a new phone or 2 or 3 or more.

    I don’t think his followers have a clue about his previous form or maybe they are of a similar ilk if they are?

    Wesley doesn’t have a lot to do with his time apart from think up scamming ideas.

    Claims he has a bad back, zzzzzzz, who knows if it’s true.

    I’d like to see the medical evidence of that.

    My eldest son has a lot of trouble with his back, works on his feet all day, full-time and doesn’t claim 1p or anything in benefits.

    If Wesley can think up all these scamming schemes, he can work, scamming the system too…

    Now who else does that?

    Oh yes at least one of his mates he tags into his posts.

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  16. Didn’t stop Wee Tracey but then she’s hardly a judge of good character.

    Her ex old Lanzarote room mate for a week – Ms. Angela Power Disney.

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  17. Is Sabine breaching her restraining order by contacting The Weasel and giving him documents to publish, basically as an “agent”?
    I think we should be told. She just can’t help herself/

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  18. Yep if it’s one of “their” mates the Police or whoever have planted the evidence according to them.

    Belinda has admitted she is a dinosaur of words similar when it comes to tech equipment so she’s not really in a 1st hand position to know.

    I really do hope that Matt Taylor did not have CSA images on his computer equipment, phone or wherever it is claimed it was found.


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  19. Yep. My brother works with a condition in which he has no diagnoses which has eaten away at the muscle in his left leg. He still gets up early, swim and works two jobs. Often has no balance and stumbles of falls over. All this and being a father of two children. No excuse. My father has what is technically called a broken back, again he continues to work and cycle. Had to give up driving as his back would seize up from time to time.

    It takes a google search of his name to see what pops up about Wesley, but most would blindly read a meme or watch a youtube video to find truth. I find many who preach love and promote change are hiding from themselves. Its easy to present yourself and a loving, caring personal online and it seems very easy to dupe the public into support to the point of handing over hard earned cash.

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  20. Also by sending out an update to ‘McKenzies Petition’ :

    https://www.change.org/ with this disgusting, insulting to survivors of abuse, headline !

    EU Commissioner Frans Timmermans confesses to having been a victim of abuse

    Association of McKenzie Friends
    20 Nov 2017 — This article in a German newspaper prompted us to contact the Vice-President of the European Commissioner Frans Timmermans.

    For once a year he addresses the Petitions Committee, and we handed him a folder of documents in 2015.

    It takes emotional courage to join the dots between
    — the institutionalised removal of children,
    — its legalisation via secret family courts who gag parents when they speak out,
    — ending up in forced adoptions,
    — sexual abuse and exploitation
    — and even satanic crimes, as the Metropolitan Police admits on https://www.met.police.uk/advice-and-information/child-abuse/faith-based-abuse/

    The Met also says that they know it is under-reported!

    And thus we hope that the net will continue to reveal the truths that good people need to deal with evil ones…

    Sabine and Belinda

    CONFESSES ?????? !!!!!!!

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  21. Saskia apparently forgets that time she begged us not to mention her name because she didn’t really believe in the hoax, was only checking it out to satisfy her curiosity, and didn’t want her name associated with it. She seems to have a very selective memory. 😉

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  22. Ah was that Sammy Woodhouse?

    I think she was at an event in East London way 11th November, I was going to go until I found out at least one undesirable was going to be there and I’ve a feeling Belinda et mob might have been attending to pick up some victims no doubt.

    Jake C was promoting it and Wesley.

    Mmm I’m getting even more suspicious of some now…

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  23. Sabine “Stupid Moron” McNeill.

    What an idiot she is.

    She’ll put it down to English not being her first language but her English is better than a lot English only speakers.

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  24. Horrible how someone so honourable can fall for a malefactor like Wesley. I have seen the two often post about these meetings, Wesley seems (As always) to take credit for this group.

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  25. In Matt Taylor’s case he claims it was manga images—Japanese cartoon characters essentially. I don’t know whether that qualifies as child pornography under the law.

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  26. Hmmm, lets think …….. What can you do with spare phones…. ? Perhaps set up even more fake news sites, or fake accounts to re viralise, re vitalise the dead ducks that they thought would mint them forever more ???? But Wesley wouldn’t do that, would he ??
    I went reporting on various platforms, under the twitter hastag Hampstead Cover Up, as I was reporting, one of the twits was tagging lots of others in a couple of other posts…… I was tired so didn’t clock the account properly, but that would be the kind of thing someone like a weaselly might do, perhaps ?
    I’m a bit overloaded, so I will try and identify which account, unless intrepid people here, can, meanwhile….
    It only came up in the reporting process, when Twitter shows other posts to possibly report, and I’m sorry I can’t remember which it was…… I reported so many 🙂

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  27. I bet neither Saskia nor Jacqui Lynch want us to remind them of the time in April 2015 when they teamed up with RR and planned to “infiltrate” Belinda’s home in search of evidence that she (BM) was a ‘gatekeeper’? Bet their friends don’t know about that! LOL

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  28. Thats absolute right. Also how a certain friend of Jackie wanted to met with one of the Hampstead parents. The plot thickens.

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  29. Ah, interesting! I wonder if Belinda is aware of the number of people, allegedly on “her side”, who are actually interested in investigating and exposing her?

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  30. Thankyou, I really can’t say too much more at the moment, as they would say, but is actually true, atm for me…… 🙂 I do rush too much tho and I blame it on being an Arian ….. there are worse things to be 🙂

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  31. I’ve been interested to note that the other party in that restraining order, Neelu, has somehow managed to keep her trap shut since the order was issued. And yet by all accounts, she’s the one who seems to have more mental health issues. Still, she seems to have far more self-control than Sabine. Makes one wonder what Sabine is getting out of it.

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  32. “Saskia apparently forgets that time she begged us not to mention her name because she didn’t really believe in the hoax, was only checking it out to satisfy her curiosity.”

    And she hasn’t shut up about said hoax since!

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  33. “I bet neither Saskia nor Jacqui Lynch want us to remind them of the time in April 2015 when they teamed up with RR and planned to ‘infiltrate’ Belinda’s home in search of evidence that she (BM) was a ‘gatekeeper’?”

    I didn’t know that. That’s brilliant! 😀 😀 😀

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  34. Not at all irrelevant to Hoaxtead…… Given that most of the mobsters put the Pgate Hashtag on their videos, even going to the trouble of changing their old video titles to include it.
    Also given the harrassment, trooling from UK Opdeatheater gangs, Troll brigades that are boasted about by the likes of Matt Taylor, towards WAPTEK who debunked it very quickly.
    Here’s his latest, with archived links that show that no one can justify using the Pgate hashtags, unless they are indeed, undermining genuine investigations.

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  35. Weasel had a G+ post up under his oh-so-anonymous OpDeathEaters name. It contained the names and addresses of the wrongly accused and was pretty threatening, with all that fake “Expect us” crap (he’s another one who, like Christine Sands, lies about being well connected with Anonymous). Anyway, the post had been up since February 2015 but the other night one of our number discovered it and within minutes of a few of us paying it a visit and mentioning in the comments that we knew it was him, he took it down! LOL

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  36. This whole thread proves, yet again, that this blog has value far beyond coverage of current events. The ability to reference previously documented Hoaxter words, actions and stated intentions. Good on ya! 🙂

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  37. I can’t believe it.

    I’ve just had a look on Jake Clarke’s fb page and he’s going to be outside Downing Street on Thursday 24th November from 10 am onward with Misty Barnes (on fb) actually called Jack Barnes, a protest about Children and Forced Adoption I believe.

    Wesley Hall has told Jake to hand out leaflets etc. about the Hampstead Hoax and good little foot soldier is going to “educate” people about Hampstead i.e. STIR the shite yet again.

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  38. There never was any evidence shown of his bad back.. Although I do remember at the time he was requesting free cannabis to help with the pain..

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  39. So brave of the weasel :0 Meanwhile I’ll possibly be accused of bullying David Icke next, or trolling him, lol…. My comment here: Purposely breaking the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v= PIFp0k92jocYou had a problem in Trafalgar Sq, 2010, and because of you, many real victims/survivors didn’t speak, some didn’t even bother to come, but then Belinda McKenzie & ‘Truth & Hope’, Bill Maloney, knew and relied on that, I was never sure how much you knew, but given that you got behind the Hollie Hoax and have never debunked it…. Given that you claim to have revealed Savile, when you did not ! Given that like Miles Johnston, Mel Ve CCN & others who clearly were around the Beeb and must have known, why did none of you TRUTHERS, tell the truth about him or Max Clifford ? or others…… Why ? Because there is something very sinister about how you lot have tried to run the narrative on CSA…. which none of you really address, none of you show the slightest interest in real victims……. What have you got to say about Belinda McKenzies obvious support for convicted pedos? What have you got to say about the harrassment towards innocent people, falsely accused by your moronic followers and what have you got to say about the intense viralising of fake stories whilst troll gangs that promote you, bully, harrass, endanger real victims ????? I’d like to ask Richie Allen the same, but his comments are closed , of course

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  40. Why ? why promote one case when there are so many……. that’s what I said to Belinda at the Bilderberg thing 2013, when she sneaked up to hold her banner up, behind me, and I told her politely to go away….. and she asked me what the problem was ….. So she then described me as only being interested in historical cases at one of their ‘Screaming to be heard’, controlferences, in Holloway….. same year, Then she talks to Miles Johnston as if she’s an expert on Institutional abuse…….
    Still……. meanwhile Nathan was Stopled, by Ray vark & all of us……. Sandra is Fucht, Willy has no Wonga and something I am doing is going exceedingly well atm……… as I cook up one of my special cakes, which I named bombs, before they were fashionable,…….. The first was sponge fingers, apricots, biscuits, chocolate and apricots , brandy, this one is full of rum….. for the drunken sailors as we throw them overboard the ship of sadistic torture and discrediting of real victims.

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  41. I forgot the cream, whipped and it is ! gorgeous…… I put the fingers round the bowl then choc digestives for layer, cook fresh or tinned apricots in brandy, you can adapt it to taste, i go for plain choc…. darker the better 🙂

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  42. Babs…… Belinda & co….. so called experts and child protection advocates do not know that to use the term CONFESS in regard to a CSA victim/survivor is just so wrong….. but they mis describe us alot, in amongst their speeches, talks are always loaded comments, that condemn us as being less than we really are….it’s really disgusting, and why they have no business speaking for us, especially when so many are perfectly capable of doing so, ourselves.

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  43. So The Weasel is this pathetic OpDeatheaters?
    There is something seriously worrying about these types who trawl the internet for news stories about pedos and then post them as if they have made some remarkable achievement. Power-Disney is similar.

    Apart from their attempt to somehow paint themselves as “investigators” (but basically palming off 100s of reporters work hoping they will get some reflected glory) the absolute 24/7 obsession with child abuse surely indicates a sickness in their own heads.

    This website is very specific: it publishes facts and evidence that has been shown by a court to be true and genuine that 2 people, convicted child abuser & criminal Abraham Christie and Draper crafted an evil plan to falsely accuse a father of ludicrous damaging claims and then nick off to Morocco with 2 children.

    Yet this mob refuses to accept the truth but jumps onto every child abuse mention and scandal ever published (including the false Hampstead claims)- the running theme throughout their lives is an unhealthy obsession with child abuse- but never actually contributing to the prevention in any meaningful way while requesting donations to continue surfing the net – and all the while they associate with convicted criminals and pedophiles.

    I came across one such site recently quoting the ludicrous Michael Shrimpton, disbarred barrister who was jailed for trying to report that Germany was going to drop a nuclear bomb on Her Majesty but also jailed for possessing child abuse material. As long as their friendly pedophile is contributing to the lunacy they are warmly welcomed as in Bellend’s case. Sick, sick, sick.
    The FBI keeps a register of all people who are known to make credible threats as this mob do. I wonder if they keep one of Pedophiles Hiding in Plain Sight?

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  44. My favorite Evangelical loonies from the 1980’s, claimed that E.T. (the alien movie character) was the Anti-Christ! 🙂

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  45. The Queen and Philip celebrate their 70th…
    “We shall never die, for we feast on the life-force of foolish mortals like YOU!”
    [original joke credit – “This Hour Has 22 Minutes”]

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  46. Yes Belinda should know better, doesn’t she have a Master’s Degree in Languages?

    I thought you can only confess to something that you have done, not what is done to you.

    Pair of insensitive busy bodies on the make.

    I don’t understand why they don’t do something where they can’t harm people.

    Sabine can go and do her Yoga (but not talk to anyone) and Belinda can go and teach languages or do a bit of gardening.

    Neither of them are experts on CSA or survivors.

    They would be better off walking away.

    At a rally I went to opposite Downing Street in June 2015, Belinda spoke and told the audience of mainly CSA survivors that she had lead a charmed childhood and life. I could hardly believe it. People listening were from all over and told some horrific sufferings as children and there was Belinda talking about her charmed life. Hopefully most people were not paying attention.

    Has she ever helped anyone?

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  47. The guy is an absolute cretin. He’s quoting Gandalf as a credible source and links to one of Neelu’s lunacies.

    Then he posts a video of a fairly emotional woman speaking about how she tried to tell her teacher as a young girl that she and her siblings were being abused. All very believable..but..this mob is obsessed with the notion that children are removed falsely from parents to be sold off, or some other garbage to pedo rings.

    The vast majority of child abuse unfortunately happens within the home and is committed by relatives yet this idiot Jake cannot reconcile the fact that even when he posts clear evidence on his timeline of this fact or that the entire Hoaxtead matter basically accuses (falsely) parents of similar, their entire raison d’être seems to be to ignore this important fact : family abuse.

    I still blame care in the community. These dangerous fools should be in a clinic somewhere, out of harm’s way and unable to harm others.

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  48. The different options on Facebook for reporting posts, shares, videos, and photos, really suck and make sure the correct options are often not available.
    Probably 1 in every 50 reports is a success. If hate speech and harassment were unifrom options, this would be much higher.

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  49. The group seems to be members of the Dragons, a right wing common law group. I can just imagine Jake fitting in with them!

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  50. Okay, you have to admit that he does kind of look like a giant sentient scrotum with eyes and en extendable, er, neck. Or whatever. Pretty demonic if you ask me. 😉

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  51. “So The Weasel is this pathetic OpDeatheaters?”

    He is. At first we thought OpDeatheaters might be Jake Clarke, mainly because we couldn’t imagine a supposedly grown man naming a supposedly serious organisation after something out of Harry Potter. More fool us, LOL.


  52. They do suck and I tell FB at every oppotunity when they review a post and I respond….. with a sad face and then my thoughts, they always thank me and say it will make the community better…… here’s waiting for that …..


  53. Oh well done. I had gotten a little tired of constantly flagging her content and being told that is was ok by Facebook’s low community standards.

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  54. No surprise that this piece of shit would give a platform to a notorious Sandy Hook hoax promoting scumbag. Both have begging bowls at the ready.


  55. I don’t mean Sandy Hook was a hoax, this sick pest things it is.

    “Then there’s Wolfgang Halbig of Lake Mary, who has used crowd-funding appeals to help fund his ongoing harassment campaign against the school board and town council in Newtown. “These sick and deranged individuals are reaping financial gain from tormenting these families and our citizens,” Paradis said.”

    Read more here: http://www.miamiherald.com/news/local/news-columns-blogs/fred-grimm/article155196669.html#storylink=cpy

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  56. Listening to it now. The pair of them are making me sick. I hope Mr Pozner is made aware of this video and reports it.

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  57. Oh the irony! Says he that has a home full of donations intended for the homeless. He’s also scammed countless people for goods, money a go fund me account, a van that was supposedly being bought to help the homeless, a laptop and state of the art smartphone, a fundraiser for his so called admission to university that never happened and his so called book launch that never happened. This is a short list by the way.


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