Has Maurice Kirk been sentenced for restraining order violation?

Maurice Kirk was convicted on 15 September of violating his restraining order, which was put in place to protect an individual he has threatened multiple times over the past several years. By all accounts, Mr Kirk was scheduled to attend Cardiff Crown Court yesterday for sentencing.

Just hours prior to his court appearance, Mr Kirk posted the following to his Facebook page: To be honest, it’s difficult to tell whether Mr Kirk intended this as dark humour, or was seriously hoping to sell his houses in the two hours before his sentencing hearing. If the latter, one wonders about his ability to plan ahead effectively, not to mention his impulsivity.

However, it does appear from his most recent blog post that he fully believed he was about to be sent to prison:

Frankly, we find it difficult to decipher Mr Kirk’s ramblings here, but it’s quite clear that he is very angry and that at the time of writing, he expected to be imprisoned at the end of yesterday’s hearing.

However, when we checked the court listings, we found no confirmation that sentencing had taken place:

The listing states that the hearing was “For Mention (Defendant to Attend)”, and notes that it lasted only 23 minutes, but gives no clue as to the outcome.

One possibility, suggested to us by a reader with some experience of the workings of the court system, is that Mr Kirk’s psychiatric evaluation was not complete at the time of yesterday’s hearing, which might explain the lack of conclusive outcome.

Impaired insight?

Earlier in the week, Mr Kirk posted on his blog about his “Sentencing Hearing for 4th Alleged Breach of Unserved Restraining Orders”—seemingly oblivious to the fact that his restraining order breaches had been proven in court, and are therefore no longer “alleged”, but have been proven at trial.

In that post, he published the following letter to the Clerk to the Court:

Clerk to the Court                                                                                             T20170239                  Cardiff Crown Court

14th November 2017

Dear Sir/Madam,

Sentencing Hearing for 4th Alleged Breach of Unserved Restraining Orders

In Preparation of my 5th proposed Jury Trial on fabricated Cardiff Court and NHS (Wales) Records

17th November 2017 sentencing hearing requires a number of outstanding issues to be addressed none of which necessarily requires my attendance unless I am seriously mistaken.

In the light of my finding appropriate legal representation for the hearing to establish

  • why your court refuse local psychiatrists as in HMP Swansea in order to double my sentence
  • to have the court report the complainant police doctor to the General Medical Council now
  • to obtain written proof a restraining order was served on me on 1st Dec 11 and 12th April 13
  • why the last trial judge flatly refused to have any information removed from my web sites
  • why 1st Dec 11 harassment records were doctored before and after CCRC received them
  • why the court would object to an outside police force investigation of itself and local police
  • why is it South Wales Police has been allowed to stand idly by, for so long, to allow their chief level 12 police psychiatrist knowingly to write my numerous fabricated medical reports and his own false witness complaints if not to aid the then Chief Constable, Barbara Wilding, to save her pension by having me repeatedly unlawfully goaled to aid her defending my compensation cases against her for persistent bullying and refusal to investigate crimes committed on me, my family and past veterinary staff with, mean time, ‘sweet Fanny Adams’ doing anything to correct my seriously damaging MAPPA forensic and NHS (Wales) Caswell Clinic medical reports,

does the court really need my attendance and if so, what on earth for?


Yours truly,

Maurice J Kirk BVSc

On reading this, our first thought was, “Does he realise what a sentencing hearing is?”

Judging from the above, Mr Kirk appears to believe that his sentencing hearing will afford the court the opportunity to address “a number out outstanding issues”. It seems that he is confusing “sentencing hearing” with “retrial”. In addition, he seems to believe that his attendance at his sentencing is optional. As far as we know, this is not the case.

However, we’re still not clear as to what, if anything, happened at yesterday’s hearing. Once we’ve confirmed things one way or another, we’ll report it here.

Edited 10:09 p.m., 18 November 2017:

Mr Kirk has updated his blog, and it now appears that his sentencing date has been moved to 14 December:

I am well out of the stench of yet another futile day in a Cardiff court room with the witnessing  of their playing illegal games only because it is accepted by the locals.

 I, in  particular, liked the way the Bristol CPS barrister had again been deliberately denied knowledge of Dr Mxxxxxx in all this, now I wonder why?

And I need the name of the other doctor that was with him, on the day, for the sentencing judge on the 14th Dec to hear the true story as to why I must be ‘mad.…..but will they dare?

90 thoughts on “Has Maurice Kirk been sentenced for restraining order violation?

    • Good grief that “radio announcer” should do his show from his bed as he seems like he’s about to nod off at any moment. Certainly he would send his listeners to sleep.

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  1. Wow this Maurice chap certainly knows how to make a mountain out of a molehill. Must have been doing it all his life.

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  2. Sad to hear about that helicopter crash in Buckinghamshire. Even sadder to learn that Biggi Boho’s behind the whole thing.

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  3. Kirk, Mckenzie, Graham and Mcneil are all very much interconnected in their actions,

    They also share a common trait – that is the need to seek to gain admiration of the masses through their actions. Often those actions will be at the expense of the suffering of others.

    Fortunately the Law affords a degree of protection to the masses from idiots such as them. They might not like it, but that is the reality of an evolved society.

    Its hard to imagine that Kirk is not now sitting in a prison cell – IF yesterdays hearing was a sentencing hearing rather “for mention” as described in the Court listings.Kirk has been found guilty of breaching a restraining order against him for what is the fourth or fifth time. Last time he spent nearly two years in prison for breaching the same order.

    Hopefully Justice will continue and the others will be “rewarded” in an appropriate lawful way for their activities.

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  4. Maurice Kirk flew out of Meath……APD lives in Meath……I’m beginning to join the dots!

    I’m away now to start counting the hairs on the palms of my hands, I think they have all gotten inside my head too much. 😂

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    • Perhaps a look at Kirks and Mcneils involvement in the Musa case will explain and join more dots….
      The post dated 2014 was made by Sabine Mcneil

      WHAT DO Maurice Kirk, Robert Green, Gloria Musa and Melissa Laird have in common? Time to Join Dots!
      Posted on April 21, 2014 by Sabine Kurjo McNeill

      They are all in prison, except for Melissa Laird who was deported after 18 months in HMP Holloway so that her son could be kept for adoption – by Barnet Council…

      Maurice Kirk is the oldest prisoner in HMP Cardiff. Here we visited Melissa with Maria, a serious victim of false imprisonment and other fraudulent white collar crimes.

      In Maurice’s age bracket is Robert Green in HMP Perth.
      Maurice has tried to help Gloria and Chiwar Musa as McKenzie Friend.

      Robert has been helping Anne Greig‘s campaign for justice for her daughter and brother.
      This petition is collecting signatures of support to get him released.
      14 04 21 Free Robert Green
      Gloria and Chiwar Musa had their five children taken in April 2011 by Haringey Council.

      Since then their sixth child was taken, returned and taken again;
      Their seventh child was born in HMP Holloway and taken at birth – despite Sir James Munby’s judgement re Baby M R of 2003 about the right to breastfeeding.
      Melissa Laird was in the next cell to Gloria in HMP Holloway.

      Melissa was deported to the US ‘without reception’ on 12 September so that her son could be kept for adoption by Barnet Council – as John Hemming MP reports on his blog here;
      Gloria was transported to HMP Send where her prison conditions are just as horrendous, unjust and inhuman as Melissa and Gloria have experienced them in HMP Holloway.

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    • I’m not sure whether they are given the option of self removing a video to avoid a strike, whether it got hit already under another report, or what these ones mean, but a result in my eyes if it’s no longer there.

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    • That pair of evil cows have timelines full of utter claptrap as they hypocritically preach thou shalt not judge others and such guff etc etc but are more than happy to accept balderdash from a newspaper owned by a vile pornographer and bully.

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    • I don’t find it at all funny. Lately there have been two small plane crashes, and each time, my first thought was.. ‘Oh god it’s not Maurice’, Yesterday I had a flash back to Ray Savage & the QEG Scam UK Launch and that helicopter and until I listened on….. I was ready to hear his name….dreadful to think this way, but it just is what happened….. briefly though, I didn’t rush to tweet it as if it might be already a fact….
      Generally these sick hoaxers that cry poor me if anyone dare expose them, whilst they bully and harrass as many of us as they can or dare…… grrrr…… Then to vomit all over peoples real life tragedies, their special kind of ugly, oggling and attention seeking……… generally turning my stomach even more……

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      • Yes, that was my first thought as well, Sheva. I checked the news sites and quickly learned that it wasn’t Maurice, but it’s alarming how quickly the brain can leap to these sorts of conclusions. r

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        • Whilst on the subject of news,I see Gerry Adams has decided he`s had enough of being Sinn Féin leader and is going to let someone else have a go.


          He will now have plenty of time to write his memoirs and we wait with baited breath for the full gory details about what really happened with the “troubles” in Tracey Morris`s garden that fateful day.

          He will hopefully chuck in a few anecdotes about his jolly japes with the
          IRA,internment,hunger strikes and things,just for the feckin crack like.

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  5. Nina Valentine : Yesterday I sent a copy of this video to the vets.

    Today her video mentions that her vet has been assaulted & his car stolen, hit with a hammer, not life threatening injuries, fortunately……..https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KEnf0dUD44I
    I think her police should be made aware of her links to violent yobs via John Paterson & Angela Power Disney, just in case it isn’t a coincidence….. anyone else feel the same ?
    I won’t link her video here, but it was sickening to see her trying to sound as if she cared, whilst seeming very pleased to me……….but I have to admit some prejudice here.

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      • “The group of four men are understood to have driven to the residential address in another vehicle”.

        After Nina identified the man in her video just days ago. The Police should follow that connection up, IMO.

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        • Absolutely Cops should be notified Jake! All of them are petty criminals if not far worse. Let them be the judge about it. Who knows what info they have “close to the vest”. The timing is suspect, IMPO.

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          • That’s all I think, really… that the cops should be passed the info of her associates and their activities, the timing…… but of course it may be just an unfortunate coincidence, I cannot judge that. I’m not making an accusation here.

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    • That’s a horrible thing to happen, and I hope the person recovers soon.
      I understand your concerns but I think it’s a bit of a leap to come to the conclusion that any of Nina’s associates had anything to do with it. From the article you posted below, it seems that it was a group after an expensive car to steal. “Detective Inspector Ryan Bragg, of Bradford District CID, said: “This appears to have been a group looking for a high-value car to steal, who have then used force to get what they want.”

      I do not agree with things Nina has said, and some of the ideas she continues to promote, but I do think she is vulnerable and best left alone. Although, I haven’t personally been affected by anything she has said or done, so maybe it’s easy for me to say that.

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      • Unfortunately, I think Nina (like Jake C) is very easily led, and is often used as a pawn by people like Praterson and Angela. She’s not a nice person, but I do agree that she’s a vulnerable individual. If I had to guess, I’d say she’s had many years of drug abuse which have contributed to her current state, and I’m not sure what’s left of her brain, tbh.

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        • Just watching her video, and she does condemn the attack quite clearly. Okay she may go on about Demonic forces and the Occult date of the 17.11.17, but calls the attack “brutal” and “disgusting”.

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      • I left her alone, but then I heard her defending Angies disgusting allegations about Ella, the more recent begging for vets bills, slandering this man, just yesterday.
        I’m sure it is a coincidence, but I have met now and spoken with quite alot of people who have been targeted by certain groups, who literally hound them to fear for their life. Some have been convicted of violent offences, so I just do think it’s information, that should be passed on.

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        • I agree Sheva. I’m daring to hope that the results of Rupert’s conviction will help the police and CPS to realise that these cases can be successfully prosecuted, and arresting and charging suspects is not, in fact, a waste of time.

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