Troofer Wars: What’s up, Butlincat?

We’re always entertained when Hoaxtead mobsters turn on one another, and it seems to be happening with greater and greater frequency of late.

For example, long-time readers will recall that John Graham, aka Butlincat, has been a fanatical supporter of the Hampstead “Satanic ritual abuse” hoax since it began. He’s happily shared illegal and harassing posts from people like Belinda McKenzie and friends, and attended the protests outside Christ Church Hampstead. Prior to Hoaxtead, John involved himself heavily in the Holly Greig hoax, so he has form for hoax-pushing.

Granted, as early as August 2015, he seemed to switch allegiances from Team Belinda (comprising Belinda, Sabine, Charlotte, et al) in favour of Team Abrella (comprising Abe, Ella, Code/Guidance 2222, Drifloud, et al). And he did inadvertently confirm Charlotte Ward’s real name at a time when she’d have rather he hadn’t…which could explain why he was on the outs with her and her friends.

It seems he still wastes no love on Belinda, and his scorn for Sabine is palpable at times: And now, Butlincat seems to be taking on John “The Schnozz” Paterson, whom he accuses of spamming him with offensive emails: Butlincat says,

I’ve had to report you to authorities for your continual sending of often extremely offensive messages [SEE BELOW], daily, as you refuse to acknowledge my cease and desist messages on that subject.

My friend’s children often visit and watch my computer screen and your sending unacceptable terms of vulgarity within your mails, and rantings—as depicted below—are a matter of concern.

Just to be clear, it seems to be the SchnozzMeister’s salty language that has Butlincat in a dither. In the message from Paterson to which he refers, the problem seems to be the word “motherfucker”, used twice. Naughty, naughty John.

We are as certain as we can be that it’s not Schnozzola’s rabid anti-Semitism and neo-fascism which has the prissy Mr Butlincat all fahrklempt. After all, he’s also posted this:Yep. John Graham/Butlincat thinks the neo-Nazi ultra-nationalist Britain First, which incidentally was recently statutorily deregistered as a political party, is A-okay with him.

Go figure.

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  1. I see you Abel Danger aka Annski aka Ann of Brighton, troll of victims of the Las Vegas attack, you utterly wretched POS.

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  2. Ooh, nice pagga action. Thanks for sharing, EC.

    So when Butlinprat says he’s met more honest people in prison, is that just a hypothetical ananolgy or has the cheeky wee scamp actually “done stir”, I wonder?

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  3. Excellent article, EC.

    Re. the Britain First thing, you may recall me mentioning that he ran a really long puff piece for them on his blog (on 20th September), rabidly defending their leader Paul Golding and deputy leader Jayda Fransen:

    His post ends with a rallying cry for people to sign up, complete with details of membership fees and a link for making donations.

    From what I’ve seen, comments such as the one Butlinprat makes in that email about protecting white people from genocide/extinction are usually a euphemism for “Oh God, there are way too many black and Asian people around”. Racist prick.

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    • Yes, I remember you mentioning this, which is why I was surprised that he’d find the Schnozzmeister’s posts offensive. Then I realise: Graham is just a prissy racist and neo-fascist who doesn’t care for swears. It all fell into place then.

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  4. By the way, do we know whether Butlintwat still believes that dead Hollywood actors have been cloned and are now working as caretakers in Hampstead schools? Yep – he actually said that (and I’ve spent the last 40 minutes looking for the sodding video where he said it, to no avail).

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    • BINGO! 😀

      God, I’d forgotten how much bollocks is spoken in this video, from start to finish (especially by Neelu).

      By the way, this is the video where that pic of John Graham we always use came from.

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    • Can we really write off Butlincat’s claim on that issue? There was lots of speculation about Marilyn Monroe’s death and my paparazzi pal happened to snap the new caretaker at a local Hampstead school just the other day…

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    • I had forgotten about this particular video. Who on earth would want these motley bunch standing outside their childs school? If they really believed that Wednesday was the main abuse day then i find it strange that not one of the fruitloops thought to turn up on a Wednesday to film the ferrying in of the children and the non existent abusers.

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      • Well said, Arfur. I thought the same thing. You even hear Christine suggest it in the video but they still don’t do it. Probably because they know damned well they’d be proven wrong. I’d also take a punt that they’ve made up that newsagent who they reckon told them he’d seen kids being ferried from schools all around the area to the church on Wednesdays, by…er…security guards. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that Neelu’s making everything up as she goes along in this video (a typical troofer trait, imo). And doesn’t it make your flesh crawl to see how readily Gullible Graham laps it all up without question. And he has his own blog!

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        • The whole lot of them make my flesh crawl to be honest Spiny. Neelu just pulls lies out of her arse for fun and i find it a bit concerning how a story of paedophilia draws in a lot of single men to the area who want to ‘cover the story’ etc.

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    • I remember that guy. He also used to post as Mr Kipper and Hay Nonymous and he once referred to himself as “Queen Gertrude”. He was always negative about the blog and trying to wind people up, I think he was from Plymouth, if memory serves. I wonder whether he was that same bloke from Plymouth who was posting abuse under some other name a few weeks back.

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  5. Neelu must have only had a 24-hour Farcebook ban. Anyhoo, she’s back and she’s rehashing her patented Cullinane conspiracy, complete with a rather nasty photo of a random dead guy with unsightly head wounds (which I’d rather not post here) and which she’s pretending she took at Cullinane’s funeral.

    See the post and pics here

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  6. I’ve found a nice little island for all the freaks.

    Ekarma is roughly oval, measuring 7.4 kilometres (4.6 mi) by 5.5 kilometres (3.4 mi) with an area of 30 square kilometres (12 sq mi).[1]

    The island consists of two overlapping stratovolcano, collectively called Pik Ekarma -(Russian: влк.Экарма ; Japanese 越渇磨岳; Ekaruma-dake), which rises to 1,170 m (3,839 ft) above sea level. Lava flows radiate in all directly from the central peak, forming an uneven shoreline. Numerous hot springs with sulphur deposits are on the northern slopes of the mountain. The last eruption of the mountain was in May 1980, during which ash emissions reaching a height of one kilometer were observed from a fishing vessel.

    They could form their own government & with Yolande at the helm, Neelu the Chancellor of the Exchequer & so on. There’s no water on the island but I’m sure the crazy one who drinks her own pee would be accommodating enough to share.

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    • Great find Daisy.An island paradise for all gossiping fear mongers and self obsessed delusionists the world over and a paradise for the rest of humanity as a handy spin off,win/win surely.

      The smoking zone for Angie is a particularly charitable all things being considered.

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      • A great find there Daisy and Mik7777, now lets’s start rounding up the fruitloops and shipping them off. It is for their own good and ours.

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  7. There’s a theme of underlying mistaken perceptions, common to the ludicrous claims made by our Hoaxters, pizzagators, SRA & MKUltra true believers and child sex crime conspiranoids generally.
    They seem incapable of understanding, that people who really do habitually abuse children DON’T VALUE their victims.

    That reality is a bit harder to ignore in the case of persons who abuse children physically. Perhaps it is more unmistakable in such cases, that child beaters don’t value their victim as a human person, they don’t value them as a child, and in some cases they don’t even value them enough as a living punching-bag to bother keeping them alive – so their victims perish from injuries, neglect or starvation.

    The ridiculous belief in child sex slave auctions supposedly taking place in Western nations, is a great example of child sex conspiranoid mistaken perceptions. Paul Bonacci claimed that a kidnapped teen boy could be sold for as much as $50,000 at such an auction, and similarly silly over-valuation claims have been made for child pornography ‘models’, child prostitutes, sacrificial infants, etc.
    They don’t seem to comprehend that, regardless of how stupidly wealthy a pedophilic pervert might be, paying $50,000 to “buy” a boy or girl would mean that the buyer GREATLY VALUES under-aged sex partners, or has clients who put a HIGH VALUE on under-aged prostitutes. And, by implication, they must VALUE the child victim very highly.

    But the reality has always been a depressingly stark contrast to this self-deception. There were a series of studies on prostitution in America, some of which focused on juvenile prostitution specifically, conducted during the 1970’s & 1980’s. (These were serious sociological studies, not the deliberately exaggerated political propaganda “estimates” publicized by Judianne Densen-Gerber and Robin Lloyd).
    They revealed a hierarchy within the prostitution ‘trade’, which was consistent over time and in every location.
    The highest earning prostitutes were adult female ‘escorts’, typically operating through some kind of “agency”.
    The next highest were adult male ‘escorts’, again typically operating through some kind of “agency”.
    Next highest were the adult and juvenile female street-walkers, then the adult transexual and juvenile male street-walkers – who typically earned less than half of the rate that female street-walkers were paid for the same acts. At the very bottom rung were pre-pubescent children, primarily males, who were not even tolerated on the juvenile male strolls and plied their trade in public toilets located in parks.

    Which is what Paul Bonacci had been. No one was willing to pay $50,000 for YOU, were they Paul? How much did you get from your sleaze-bag encounters in toilets? Pocket change? Five bucks? How much value did YOU have, for these perverts?
    That’s what Roy Ames, the Houston child pornographer, paid his boys in the early 1970’s. $5 for a sex act with him or his friends, $5 to perform a sex act on camera. That’s all the value he placed on them, they were worth $5 and no more.
    Troy Boner was earning $50 per trick as a teen boy hooker in the 1980’s. Easy to see how he could have been seduced into pimping for Alan Baer, who was known to pay teen boys as much as $400 for penetration – similar to what an adult escort might be paid. Baer apparently valued his juvenile sex partners a bit more than most perverts, but not that much more. Not enough to stop exploiting them and get them some help for their drug-addiction and/or homelessness, obviously.
    The kiddy-porn videos marketed by Color Climax of Amsterdam in the 1970’s and 80’s typically sold for $50, regardless of the specific content. NOT $500, NOT $5000. The perverts who bought them didn’t value the child sex victims depicted in them very much – not as human persons, not as children, not even as pornography ‘models’.

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    • Now you are just showing off SSFC. I’ve yet to be successful with a single report i’ve made over the last week. Well done indeed.

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    • Congratulations SSFS.

      For sheer,unbridled tenacity and grim persistence in the face of appalling odds,you have won this months star prize of an honorary lifetime membership,together with a set of matching plastic figurines,depicting a gaggle of thoroughly pissed off looking hoaxmobbers(especially Paterson),which look great stuck to your car dashboard,or anywhere really,using something adhesive like glue or bits of sellotape.

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      • Wow, what an honour! Thank you, Cap’n Mik. I shall treasure that forever, and the figurines will take pride of place on my mantelpiece next to the Plasticine Neelu and the Angie Voodoo doll 🙂

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    • I got slightly bogged down at the part where senior council officers are sent to ballrooms for training by charities.

      I personally have no difficulty with forking out council tax for anything that helps council staff coordinate more effectively and assist the left hand at least have a vague inkling of what the right hand is fucking doing,half the time.

      Rather my public servants do the Foxtrot or Paso Doble,dressed to the nines in sequined mankinis anyday than splash around my hard earned cash allowing the likes of nutcases like Neelu to give them the endless runaround.

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      • What it is is that Neelu has a very generous spirit and rather than selfishly paying all her council tax herself, she very kindly allows all the other Redbridge residents to pay on her behalf. I just hope they appreciate that.

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        • Fair point there ABBC,selfless to a fault is Neelu.Those darstardly Redbridge residents really dont know how lucky they are.Would they travel through intersteller space to get their son out of a parking ticket when by all accounts it was perfectly legitimate?No,I thought not.The utter bastards.

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  8. Butlin Cat is another psychiatrically challenged some times friend of Belinder and Sabine, some times not. He once said that they both let the Mussa family down the river because as McKenzie friends they didn’t do the paper work properly. He once called me a paedophile, and a Policeman. He said the police were watching everything he did on the Internet. He is completely mad and not worth worrying about.

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  9. Another ludicrous threat from Praterson, fished from the spam filter and dried off. Does it not embarrass him even slightly that he’s been shrieking the same thing for more than two years now, and yet nothing at all has happened? Talk about impotent rage….

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    • p.s. I think he’s referring to a meeting with EDWARD W. ELLIS, EQUITY LAWYER. (It’s imperative to write that in all-caps, as that is how this disbarred lawyer refers to himself upon entering courtrooms. Once heard, never forgotten, LOL.)

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      • Ah, Edward Ellis, the only “equity lawyer” who turns up to a car-towing and uses the old “You can’t take this car because the owner once harassed the staff of a hospital” argument. Yeah, that old chestnut, lol.

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    • That’s MKD/Avon Lady’s videos he’s referring to. Praterson and Nina ‘Passive-Aggressive’ Valentine have apparently joined forces and have been ganging up on him big-time lately (and you all saw one of the death threats that Praterson PMed him last week).

      As for darkening Praterson’s character, I reckon he does a pretty good job of that himself!

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  10. Robert Green’s Desperate, Disingenuous Open Letter to RT 😀 😀 😀

    Nov 13
    From: Robert Green
    Sent: 13 November 2017 13:00
    Subject: Alex Salmond and the Hollie Greig case.

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    I am surprised to hear that you have arranged for Alex Salmond to be given his own show on RT.

    You should be made aware that Mr Salmond has twice been found by the Commissioner to have breached the law under sections 10(1) and 21(1) of the Freedom of Information Scotland Act, in an attempt to cover up the multiple rape of a disabled Scottish girl. One of those accused was a long-term acquaintance of one of Mr Salmond’s ministers.

    Furthermore, Mr Salmond and his government continued to ignore the Commissioner’s ruling and subsequently came within 24 hours of facing a criminal charge of contempt of court.

    That is not all.

    I am in possession of an official government letter, dated 14 February 2014, from Mr Salmond’s office, which transparently attempts to deceive Mr Salmond’s constituency secretary, Neil Bailie, about his proven breaches of the law and the Commissioner’s ruling.

    Mr Salmond was given a programme recently on LBC, in which he refused to take questions from the audience about his personal involvement in this truly scandalous case.

    I must say that I am an admirer of RT, as it provides interesting information to British viewers over issues and opinions that are often concealed from us by our own government, but collaborating with Mr Salmond will do nothing to enhance your reputation.

    For my part, I have twice spoken in the Houses of Parliament about the Hollie Greig case and Alex Salmond’s involvement, after which I was thrown into a Scottish prison for exposing him and his accomplices. Whilst in prison, a prominent member of the House of Commons nominated me to receive the 2015 Nobel Peace Prize for my efforts to protect Scottish children from the horrific types of sexual abuse that Mr Salmond was even prepared to break the law and lie about, in order to conceal its existence.

    Should you require any supporting documentation, I should be pleased to cooperate with RT.

    My phone number is 01925 602389

    Yours faithfully,

    Robert Green

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    • “I have twice spoken in the Houses of Parliament about the Hollie Greig case and Alex Salmond’s involvement.”

      Hahaha, has he fuck, lol! He’s not even a bloody MP! He should frame that letter and put in on the mantelpiece next to his Nobel Peace Prize 😀 😀 😀

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  11. It’s been a long time coming but Neelu’s finally latched on to Seaman (er, so to speak). A match made in Heaven Hell.

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  12. #Paedogilvy

    There he goes again. Fucking psycho.

    The ironic thing is that if he met any of the people he’s threatened in real life, he’d shit himself.

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