Belinda goes ‘vaguebooking’

Vaguebooking: An intentionally vague Facebook status update, that prompts friends to ask what’s going on, or is possibly a cry for help. —Urban Dictionary

Most people who’ve used social media in the past few years will be familiar with the term “vaguebooking” (which may occur on sites like Twitter or Google+, but seems most prevalent on Facebook). It’s when your online friend makes some intentionally vague remark which seems designed to elicit sympathy or concern, without explaining the precise cause or nature of their apparent distress.

So we had to suppress a few smiles when we noticed Belinda practising her vaguebooking skills earlier this week:

Here’s what she said:

Haven’t been doing too well this month frankly, have been under attack FROM WITHIN! As has happened here and there in my life, resulting in momentary mayhem, until I come back to my senses and remember what is most important in life and what bothers me most, no prizes for guessing what that is!

And here’s our translation:

Feeling a bit crap this month frankly, as a bunch of bloody spoilsports have been getting up my nose about the Rupert verdict. One does one’s best for these people, but do they appreciate one’s efforts? Do they fuck! It’s all “Belinda, why couldn’t you wave your magic wand and make the cops release him?” “Belinda, why didn’t you spirit him out of the country?” “Belinda, we’re starting to wonder whether you’re working for the other side…” What do they want from me? Pack of bloody ingrates.

It’s been really pissing me off, until I come back to my senses and remember that my sitting in court during the trial, and sending him my patented “Belinda Death Stare” for four days straight, kept him from saying anything really incriminating about me or Sabine. So even if he’s cooling his heels at Her Majesty’s pleasure, Sabine and I are off the hook.

Unless she puts her bloody foot in it again. That woman can’t keep her gob shut to save her soul, honestly. Sometimes I wonder what I was thinking, joining up with her. Fucking whinger.

But I mustn’t think that way. Must stay positive. Chin up and all that.

Rupert is in the nick and I’m not. That’s what counts.

And the bonus track

Following a bunch of encouraging messages from various friends, we find a snippet of intriguing conversation between Belinda and someone named “Francine Stover”:

Francine Stover: But I hope you can get back in the swing of things I still would like to get my grandson if there was any way

Belinda McKenzie: Francine believe me we tried our best to get your grandson out of there and haven’t forgotten him, no way and will keep trying.

A bit of poking around shows that “Francine Stover” is an American living in Roanoke, Virginia.

At first, we admit, we wondered whether she might be related to Rupert, but a bit more poking around revealed that the Virginia connection was merely coincidental. (Note to selves: don’t jump to unwarranted conclusions!)

As it turned out, in 2012–13 Francine posted the following (accompanied by a picture of a young boy which we’ve cropped out):Is this Francine’s missing grandson? If so, it looks as though Belinda has got her hooks into yet another desperate person whose child was taken into care (in this case, presumably because the child’s mother was imprisoned at Holloway). In typical Belinda style, she offers a faint hope that the child will be “rescued”; we wonder how long it’ll be before Francine works out that she’s being played?

Meanwhile, we’re keeping an eye on Sabine and Belinda, both of whom have expressed concern that they might be looking at criminal charges within the next couple of months. Fingers crossed, everyone!

80 thoughts on “Belinda goes ‘vaguebooking’

  1. I wouldn’t have thought Neelu had time to worry about Belinda woes, after all she has her own to worry about….


    Oh dear oh dear, seems she didn’t bother to pay off those parking fines after all
    And I can understand them doing it on the quiet after your last little runin in the street with them, they don’t need some lying squawking old crow pointing a phone in their faces and putting them up on the internet without their permission just for doing their `legal’ job LOL

    (and 12000??? really??? 3000 TOPS!- and that’s being generous)

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  2. Welcome back EC. I hope that you had a rest at least even though it was a sad occasion.

    When will these desperate people realise that Belinda, Sabine, etc., are simply a bunch of shysters who are trying to make themselves relevant because they have no lives of their own. How do they think that they can beat the courts with experienced solicitors & barristers with their fake McKenzie friends scamming group. Perhaps they think that by posting all over the internet, they will be spotted by some of the judiciary who will think, “wow, I need to listen to these people if they come to my court”. Get real Belinda, etc., you are all a laughing stock & need to do time, (soon hopefully), live in a cell, stand in line for your meals, use a little toilet in a cell with little or no privacy, this will make you realise you are nothing special, just foolish elderly people who have lived in lala land for too long!

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  3. I wish people would just Google Belinda McKenzie’s name before asking her for “help”.
    It would maybe open their eyes.

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  4. ATTENTION SEEKING HOAX SHYSTERS:When feeling sorry for youself at 05:34 am,dont bother garnering attention online,because you have zero credibility left and you will only get responses from equally desperate twats who dont really give a shit about you anyway.

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  5. Painful to see so many shills and suckers get taken in by something with zero evidence. Waptek pointed out months ago the screenshots of the login page looked badly photoshopped.

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  6. So Belinda, you’re not helping Robert then, you know, with Hollie Greig, which actually is more about Robert than anyone else, has he given up with Edward Heath? Belinda, have you ever got anyone out of prison? Have you ever been a successful McKenzie friend? Have you ever done anything useful, I mean apart from the washing up? Or leading rats off the edge of a cliff

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  7. I’m h and another thing, it’s always other people who n the Nick and not you Belinda, well may be things are about to catch up with you, believing your own lies is never a good thing, neither is throwing people under the bus, but you seem to do it so well.

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  8. If this is the little boy who is her grandson,

    She MUST get legal advice or help from people who are not called Belinda McKenzie or Sabine McNeill.

    Yes, I remember when this was the latest big case showing social workers are evil.

    Anyone except Belinda and Sabine.

    Their big win was shifting costs into some hapless person they incompetently represented.

    Maybe there is something, maybe even if her grandson doesn’t live with he she could have contact, who knows. She would also be about age 70 now. Maybe it really is too late.

    Just anyone except Belinda and Sabine.

    What does this keeping trying actually involve? Whining on fringe internet radio shows? A slide at a conference hosted by utter loons? Demented letters to MPs?

    And, I really think Belinda is the absolute scum of the earth for leading this lady on.

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  9. You would have thought Hampstead would have died out by now, but only yesterday I received multiple youtube commenters from troofers who were convinced that me being skeptical of Hampstead was proof that I was either part of the cult, a satanist, or that I ate babies for shits and giggles. This is despite the fact that nobody with even half a functioning brain would ever beleive the Hampstead SRA claims.

    I am genuinely in shock that people still beleive it. Honestly, I find it very hard to understand how people could be so dangerously naive.

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  10. Or serving tea and biscuits in the Nick Kollerstrom/Tony Farrell video about 7/7.

    She did take in Dave Shayler’s cat and kept it!

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  11. My advice to princess Neelu is that : there is no time in divine time and everything is perfect in it’s own creation-time, and that includes when the bailiffs come to nick the motor.

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  12. Oh, I keep forgetting to say a big welcome back EC…. as I’m able now to see more, it’s a big demanding of my poor head, but pushing on….determined to really stop these dementers…… I hope you are well as possible. I wonder whether the loons ever notice, that alot of us, have problems, but we don’t get on begging, someone here kindly offered to chip in for a lappy for me, thankyou, but I’m kinda independent…. I just should’ve followed Ange around……. seriously though…. Good to see you 🙂

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  13. Thanks, Sheva. And yes, probably because the dementors (great word for them!) assume we’re all one person, they don’t notice that we have lives and problems of our own.

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  14. Thanks for the link, I’ve just started listening and she’s saying the Police called today to serve a Non-Molestation Order on her and her son.

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  15. I remember reading that Judgement some time ago and my heart broke for the boy.

    I can remember it stated the mother mocked her little boy’s attempts to imitate the Speech Therapist when she attended a Speech Therapy Session at the request of Child Protection Services with him.

    I remember picturing that scene in my head and it brought tears to my eyes.

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  16. So remiss of me to keep commenting and not welcome you back, EC! I know your break was clouded with sadness but I also hope you enjoyed a short break from all things hoax related. 🙂

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  17. They are freaks who have more in common with child abusers than anti-child abuse campaigners, they lack any logical or critical thinking skills and are mainly motivated by their political and religious views. Same with the lunatics still promoting Pizzagate, they intend to make a mockery and laughing stock out of the very serious nature of child abuse. By branding everyone who talks about Pizza as paedophiles they will get what they want when the accusation is so common people stop taking note of real cases of abuse because those who cried wolf to many times make sane rational people more skeptical, which then makes it harder for genuine victims to come forward and be taken seriously.

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  18. Musings on Tracey Morris’s latest livestream:

    There is nothing more embarrassing than watching someone pretend to know the words of a song & only getting it right during the chorus, I know this, because that is me! I make up my own  words, always wrong, but good for a laugh! But I don’t livestream my embarrassing moments. 😊

    Regarding her door being put in, if true, that is totally wrong & I hope whoever did it gets apprehended. There are children in her house who have never done anything wrong, their lives have been disrupted enough, they do not need to be scared witless. 

    Tracey’s children running around at night time hiding behind hedges from a social worker, what! Seriously, I am lost for words! Those poor kids, how did this come about, someone must have told them to run & hide, who would even do that & why, did the social worker want to take the kids into care for such an over the top response to a knock at the door? She then threatens the social worker, not by name, but says, “little do you know what’s coming for you, you haven’t a clue what I have in store for you”. I do hope the social worker sees the livestream.

    As for non-molestation orders for Tracey & her son & Tracey refusing to accept them, it is a criminal offence to ignore them. I hope her son looks that up and does not listen to his mother’s rambling gibberish about refusing to accept them. 

    A meeting on 13th of November, is it a court date or a meeting, it’s hard to tell, she calls it a meeting one minute, court the next, then rambles on about taking it to the highest court in the land, the European courts, but what case is she talking about because she starts on about the last 17 years and she couldn’t see this day coming. I thought it was all about her daughter & is she rich! 

    Evidence, evidence, yada, yada yada. 

    She’s getting boring now, I’m not paying full attention & someone here is talking about lithium batteries & nicad batteries. 

    Tuning back in, someone was a bigger junkie than her, really? 

    Tomorrow she is going to give us an insight into her, oh happy days! 

    Case conference files, evidence unreal, file in police evidence that was never ever used, it’s going to be used now, she calls it her ace card, repeat, it has been pulled?

    She’s going to squeal like a birdie in court. Someone’s cushy lifestyles are over. 

    Again she talks about the social worker having her kids hiding in bushes, then goes on about a Police Officer who is now going to be investigated. 

    She says she hasn’t broken the ‘non-mol'[sic] orders in her livestream, maybe not Tracey but you have certainly threatened a social worker, not by name but by inference to whatever case they have on you, I am sure someone is joining the dots. 

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  19. The hoax promoters have invested too much time in their little scam to stop now, pride won’t allow them to admit they were wrong and apologise to the innocent people they have harmed. Alex Jones only read out that statement about Alefantis because he had to so he didn’t get sued out of business, he has no remorse nor is he apologetic, just annoyed he got caught promoting bullshit.

    As someone else pointed out a while back, there is a reason loons like Alex Jones and David Icke wouldn’t touch Hampstead with a barge pole, too stupid and crazy even for them to risk their reputations getting involved in supporting child torturers on the run from the police.

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  20. Yes, just a little precautionary research might help. Sadly, I think those who come to her are already past the point of no return, and feel they have nothing left to lose. She and Sabine manage to prove them wrong on a pretty regular basis, though.


  21. I have been reading a book I bought about 15 years ago as I was interested in the music side covered.

    This chapter of the book covers Michelle Remembers, Gilles de Rais, Edward Paisal, Cattle mutilation myth, Stanley Dean Baker, imaginary Satnic groups such as Four Pi momvement, David Berkowitz, Henry Lee Lucas & Ottis Toole, Richard Ramirez, Ricky Kasso, Sean Sellers, Talk Show hosts such as Geraldo, Oprah Winfrey, etc, Evangelical Christians, Law Enforcement Officers and Psychologists attending lectures by ‘Satanic Experts’, McMartin Preschool including Chuck Norris, Kenneth Lanning, Rochdale, Rosie Waterhouse, Jean La Fontaine, John DeCamp,La Vey, and books such as ‘The Ultimate Evil’, ‘The Satanism Scare’, ‘In Pursuit of Satan’ and ‘Satanic Panic’.

    Extracts from Lucifer Rising by Gavin Baddeley
    Scapegoats and Sinners – Satanic Crime, Conspiracy and the Ritual Abuse Myth
    The Michelle Remembers Segment
    “In 1980, a book was published with the innocuous title of Michelle remembers. It was inspired by the therapy sessions administered to a troubled Canadian woman named Michelle Smith by her psychiatrist, Dr Lawrence Pazder. Smith had not enjoyed an easy life by any means, marred by three miscarriages, the early death of her mother and disappearance of her father, but Pazder’s long course of therapy revealed the source of her mental problems was far more spectacular than these mundane tragedies. Using hypnosis, the Canadian psychiatrist ‘discovered’ his patient had been repressing memories of an horrific past in which she had been an unwilling member of a murderous Satanic cult since 1955.

    The details of Smith’s recollections would have convinced many mental-health professionals she was suffering from pathological delusions. Her ‘memories’ revealed a cult, led by the monstrous Malachi, who indulged in acts of unbelievable brutality in the name of the Devil, such as blood-drinking, sadistic orgies, animal sacrifice, murder and the ingestion of ‘worm soup’. One might have thought that Michelle’s later revelations – that she’d been visited by Satan himself, a scaly character who spoke in bad rhyme, and rescued by the intervention of the Virgin Mary and Jesus Christ – would have given Pazder cause for scepticism.

    However, the good doctor, a Roman Catholic, accepted Michelle’s traumatic memories as gospel and published them in Michelle Remembers. The book reads like an X-rated Dennis Wheatley thriller, but many were convinced of its authenticity. Pazder and Smith – who divorced their respective partners and married – were invited to the Vatican, where Bishop Remi de Roo wrote a preface to the second edition of Michelle Remembers.

    The bishop, however, was a little guarded in giving total credence to the book. Others were not so sceptical. Fundamentalist Protestant sects, more aggressive than the wily old Roman Church, seized upon the book as proof positive of their Satanic foe’s existence. Michelle Remembers was to trigger an urban myth of Epic proportions, inspiring a whole army of deluded crusaders to fight the good fight against a shadowy Satanic Conspiracy.

    The genuine innovation of the book was the introduction of child abuse as a central feature of Satanic Conspiracies. “

    I could type out some more relevant parts but don’t want to just steal the guys work and the Kindle is only £5 and the book in used condition from £6 on Amazon UK.

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  22. Yes, agree about the sunk costs idea; I think we talked about this a while ago, and I think it makes sense. People like APD and Kristie Sue Costa can’t stop now, as it would mean giving up on almost three years’ worth of assuring their followers that the hoax was totally, definitely, 100% gen-you-wine and true…it’s a matter of pride and stubbornness now, not anything to do with reality.

    Even people like Brian Gerrish and Bill Maloney, who were approached by Belinda and Abe very early on (before the police became involved), were reluctant to take on the story, until it became clear that the rest of the conspiranoid community had latched onto the videos which Sabine released to the Tap Blog. At that point they couldn’t ignore the story without looking as though they were out of touch, but you’ll note that once the furor died down they didn’t pursue it further than they had to.

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  23. Our commenter Justin Sanity has a great deal of information about the “Michelle Remembers” book, which bears out exactly what you’ve shared here.

    One detail I hadn’t known about before he shared the story was that Smith and Pazder used to act out—in graphic detail—the grotesque sexual fantasies which she invented, following their “therapy” sessions. In other words, Smith’s stories were little more than a form of perverted foreplay in a twisted and highly unethical relationship between a psychiatrist and his patient. Had it happened today, I like to believe that Pazder would have been arrested, and his licence to practise psychiatry removed.

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  24. Yeah, any normal, caring parent would encourage their child’s attempts, not mock and laugh at them.
    For some reason, that part of the Judgement always stuck in my head.
    Imagine how confused the boy must have been when he would have been trying his hardest to please the Therapist who was helping him, only to hear his own mother laugh and make fun of him.

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  25. Good to have you back EC 🙂
    The conspiracy and Troofer crowd have the same problem, they absolutely have to cover every event such as Vegas, Pizzagate, Sandy Hook etc. They have pressure from their fans and regular commentors, not to mention their Patreon and gofundme contributors who make certain demands and will withdraw financial support if they don’t like the troofers take or stance on an event. To remain quiet means they come under fire for being a shill, a sellout, compromised, silenced or lost their edge.

    When they actually start telling the truth and not just circle jerking each other in their little echo chambers of truthdom communities they would have to drop the troofer tag, as noone telling the truth needs to keep reminding everyone they are a truther, lol.

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  26. I was also disgusted that one of the little boy’s carers said the mother had told her to smack the boy if he didn’t speak. The child had a speech disorder, for pity’s sake!

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  27. Yes, it’s like people who continually go around telling others how intelligent or well-educated they are. Truly smart people don’t need to constantly announce it, LOL.

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  28. yeah I remember reading the posts about Michelle Remembers on here and a few other links describing their marathon sessions involved cuddling upto each other and also talking for hours on end over the phone in between sessions. Extremely unprofessional behaviour by Pazder and I can imagine Smith being more than a little prompted by a person of authority and wanting to please him when high susceptible to ideas when under hypnosis, same for any of the recovered memories bullshit promoted by quacks.
    I imagine the more X-rated things got the more pleased and satisfied he was with his ‘client’. I imagine he would be on the sex offenders register these days, especially if she wanted to press charges against a therapist who abused his position to have a relationship with a vulnerable mentally ill woman.

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  29. It wasn’t so much a speech disorder but a case of severe language delay due to her cruel and neglectful parenting. The boy had suffered a complete delayed development all round.
    She also claimed at one point her boy could, at the age of two, speak 4 languages, when he could barely speak a coherent sentence at all.

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  30. Funny how when Non-Molestation Orders refer to them, they see no importance in them but when they banged on about the one Ella took it out it meant something “very important”. LOL!

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  31. I was thinking that too. When they revealed that RD had got that kind of order, it was “clear proof” that he was a Very Bad Person. When Tracey and her son get them, they mean precisely nothing. How does that work?

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  32. Was she responsible for this strike I wonder: in 1974
    The Ulster Workers’ Council (UWC) strike was a general strike that took place in Northern Ireland between 15 May and 28 May 1974, during “the Troubles”. The strike was called by unionists who were against the Sunningdale Agreement, which had been signed in December 1973. Specifically, the strikers opposed the sharing of political power with Irish nationalists, and the proposed role for the Republic of Ireland’s government in running Northern Ireland.

    or this one HEALTH AND SOCIAL care workers in Northern Ireland are staging strikes today to protest over the loss of funding for frontline services.

    Funny, I can’t see her mentioned in either of the articles. I think the strike she is boasting about is simply in her head.

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  33. That’s absolutely terrible, I must admit that when I first heard of ‘recovered memory therapy, I was quite excited about it, believing this was a way to recover memories from a past life, until I saw a family distraught after a father being accused of sexual assault against his daughter, then an adult, but before the therapy, admitted she could not remember any of the abuse. There followed a plethora of these cases which were equally horrific. Therein my interest in the subject waned.

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  34. Funnily enough, I only recently really read into the McMartin Satanic Panic, having previously only heard about it in passing.

    Just like with Hampstead, it was increible to think people truly beleived it. There was nothing even remotely beleivable about the entire thing.

    Perhaps stranger is that even today we see the echoes of the old Satanic Panic passing troofers by unaware. I saw not so long ago a clearly fake “satanic calendar” which wouldn’t even fool a complete beginner. Suffice to say, the dates and acts mentioned all had their sources in books like Michelle Remembers and The Satan Seller. So much for research, eh troofers?

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  35. #thingsstupidpeoplesay #easilyledsheep

    This whole thing was debunked back in February and again in May 2017 by Waptek.

    February 2017

    May 2017

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  36. Oh God, sounds like they are taking those new mini mega-phones into court with them.


  37. Well, we see where O’Brien got her stupid “worm farm” that Gerry Ford “bought” her from!! LOL


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