Robert Green tests his luck, challenges Salmond to debate Holliehoax

So. Apparently Robert Green, mouthpiece for those poor deluded souls who cling to belief in the Hollie Greig hoax, has now decided that when it comes to breaching his gagging order, once just isn’t enough.

Yesterday we reported that Mr Green had written an open letter to Nick Ferarri, host of LBC’s morning show, claiming that Hollie Greig had indeed been the victim of a Satanic paedophile ring.

As if to seal the deal and ensure the Scottish authorities have plenty with which to charge him, he has now written another open letter in which he challenges former SNP leader and First Minister of Scotland Alex Salmond to a debate about the Holliehoax.

From: Robert Green
Sent: 24 October 2017 17:51
Subject: Alex Salmond and the Hollie Greig case

Dear Nick,

With regard to my previous email, may I propose a very simple method of highlighting the true facts and resultant issues before your listeners ?

I would like to suggest a live public debate with Alex Salmond on LBC over the Hollie Greig case in general and his involvement in it. I am also wiling to take any questions from members of your audience.

I would also stress that I would neither ask for nor accept any payment whatsoever from LBC for my contribution. My only motive is to place information before your listeners in order to enable them to make up their own minds about this extraordinary matter.

Since my false arrest and subsequent unsound conviction, which are currently being in the process of being formally challenged, I have spoken widely and publicly across the UK, including Scotland and on radio about the case, my only restrictions being that I should not repeat the accusations relating to the identities of those named by Hollie, nor should I seek to make contact with any them.

The other many issues have been presented openly by me without any problems at all.

I look forward to your response and trust that Mr Salmond will not avoid the opportunity I have offered to him of facing me.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Green

The second letter may be found on the site, which seems to be run by Manchester-based George Kouris, aka George Greek Trucker, who is marginally more literate than his goon Malcolm Konrad Ogilvy.

As with the first, this open letter will be reported to the correct authorities.

Stay tuned.

146 thoughts on “Robert Green tests his luck, challenges Salmond to debate Holliehoax

  1. LBC Telephone prompt service update:

    “Hello,you are through to LBC radio.If you..

    Wish to speak directly to one of our research team,then please press 1.
    Wish to to leave a message,then please press 2.
    Wish to speak to our sales team,then please press 3.
    Wish to speak to our technical team,then please press 4.
    Happen per chance to go by the name of Robert Green,then feel free to press 5 as many times as you like you daft twat as it seems unlikely you have anything fucking better to do.”

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  2. Oh deary me. What an absolute fool this Robert Green character is, as if Alex Salmond would be interested in having a live radio debate with this fruitloop. Mr Green is obviously one of those people that will just never learn or accept that he is totally wrong in what he says.

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  3. If anyone’s interested (you know you are) there is an almighty row breaking out between one Angela Power-Disney and he supporters of Tracey “Burn Down The Asylum” Morris. Who would have possibly anticipated that?

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  4. To update you all, I sent my email to Nick Ferrari both in the normal way and also via the message page on the LBC website yesterday. Naturally, I will keep you posted should I receive a response.

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      • Yeah, nothing yet, mate. Not surprised, though. Remember last year when I emailed all those organisations that Neelu had been phone-harassing? Not one of them replied.


    • I happen to not mind porn, I seriously think if mad moo was transported back to ye old cave man days, she might find it not quite as idyllic as she thinks- thinking ye old cavemen were not known for looking at porn, but they were known for knocking women they liked over the head with a club and dragging them off to the bushes whenever they felt the urge…

      Not to mention should they get P.O.’d enough by someones behaviour, they didnt unfriend them from facebook…
      again the club was tended to be used as the answer….

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      • “Men were known for knocking women they liked over the head with a club and dragging them off to the bushes whenever they felt the urge”

        Yeah, I hated the 70s.

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      • @steved – The only people I find arousing, are people that I have loving feelings for. Hence, porn does nada for me. An older gay man once told me, this meant I am “dysfunctional”…but I’m quite happy this way 🙂

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      • When archaeologists say that they hyave discovered a “fertility symbol”, they really just mean they found a caveman’s porn stash.

        The good news it also means that particular Mr Ug went to his grave smiling because his missus never found it.

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  5. ‘Boo hiss mainstream media’ update…

    Apparently, the Daily Star is a credible source for supporting scurrelous allegations now:

    Way to go, Mad Moo!
    It’ll be the Daily Sport next 😀

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    • Err yes..The Daily Star brought to you by the previously mentioned Richard Desmond publisher of such intellectual organs like ‘Peaches’, ‘Reader’s Wives’ and ‘Massive Knockers’.
      In a previous life I ran an adult bookstore for a few months (while the owner was in jail for tax evasion) and had to visit the owner of the highly reputable Daily Star in his East End warehouse. I thought I knew sleaze up until that day. Talk about an education.

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      • Don’t get me started on Richard Desmond, mate. Awful man. Not just a porn barren and tabloid publisher but he also has alleged links with the American Mafia (whom he upset at one point so set up one of his underlings to get the crap beaten out of him by them in his place) and has a penchant for calling his workers “cunts” (his briefings are known among staff as “the vagina monologues”) and prancing around the office floor doing Hitler salutes. He also has links with more dodgy characters than you could list here and the less said about the far right leanings of the Star and the Express the better, not to mention the Star’s attitude to women. He’s a regular feature of Private Eye’s ‘Street of Shame’ column, as I think you’re aware, as I seem to recall you saying you’re an Eye-reader (or did I dream that?). the Barclay Brothers, Rupert Murdoch, Lord Rothermere and Paul Dacre are regular features of said column too.

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        • That’s interesting to read that information about Richard Desmond, i hadn’t heard any of that stuff before. Going back to the infamous Sunday Sport, i will always remember a story they ran that had the headline ‘Hubby turns wife into coffee table’.

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          • Lmao, thanks for posting that Monty Python video Spiny. I’ve not seen a lot of Monty Python stuff but that sketch was hilarious and i can see why it reminds you of the coffee table story.

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          • Appears at the bottom of the classic vanishing bomber on the moon edition.There are probably conspiranoids to this day looking at NASA snaps to prove its still vanished.

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          • Well done mik7777, a great find. I don’t know why but that headline has stuck in my head ever since i first saw it. I guess it’s just the plain obscure daftness of it that i enjoyed so much.

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          • Jelly Shouldn’t Run
            October 25, 2017 at 6:10 pm

            Mad Moo’s already on it, mate. Phew!

            Um time to start panicking peoples…

            mad moo has found conclusive proof of life on mars!
            ‘It looks metallic’ ‘It looks like its been made’

            After a thorough web search I found this, a match!

            OMG, its a crashed Dalek!!!!

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    • Was that photo taken at the London home of Bel McKenzie or the communal garden (I’m assuming) of the London resident Sabine McNeill by any chance?

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    • You are just a straight out liar Deborah Mahmoudieh or promoting your own twisted sex fantasies.

      The UN said no such thing: what they claimed was that African children were being kidnapped to be sent to the UK to be used in Voodoo ceremonies by African immigrants.
      Ever heard of the Nigerian Musa family? Aided by your pals yet they physically abused their own children and were jailed for it.

      The UN has never accused child social services, politicians etc of the things you claim you wicked libel merchant.

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    • Who are RC and MS??

      I find it absolutely astounding that Tracey or her deceased daughter’s adult sister didn’t let their daughter/sister live with them temporarily.

      There is no way I would let one of my children go and live in a Homeless Hostel ever.

      I’ve been there myself many moons ago.

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    • Time will tell.

      Tune in for Tracey’s loud live stream fb broadcasts on Thursday, 26th October and then at 5 pm give or take 30 mins or so for Angela tearing apart the protest, Tracey and others.

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      • This is hardly going to be a Miss World pageant to be fair but Angie and Traceys “Screaming Thursday” is a must tune in for cringe afficionados and comedy script writers the world over.

        A crisp fiver goes to the first reader spotting Jake wandering around aimlessly in the Manchester area.

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        • LOL re Jake.

          I shall be looking out for Abdul “Chainsaw” Sattar.

          Maybe the Police SHOULD be warned that he could be in possession of at least one of his chainsaws at the Protest, that’s if he doesn’t miss his flight.

          He alleges he has history of missing at least one flight.

          I hope he misses the one back to England then he can stay at Tracey’s.

          The nasty piece of work he is.

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  6. Robert says the only restrictions are that he cannot name people?

    I have it on good authority that he’s not allowed to talk about the HG case at all. He obviously doesn’t remember the Judge saying ‘Not even in your living room!’

    It’s about time the police took some action isn’t it.

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        • Mmm it’s not that woman that rang in to speak to Nathan Stoplman when he was in London recently is it?

          The one that said she could see the sea from her house?


          • No, you’re talking about Eve. It doesn’t sound remotely like her, I’m afraid. She’s younger and has a totally different accent. If I’m honest, that seems like quite a random guess, Babs. Have I missed something? Is there a link between Stolpman and Holliehoax that I’m not aware of?


    • ROBERT GREEN PLED GUILTY IN COURT DOES HE NOT REMEMBER aparrently last time he was reported for a Brian Gerrish interview on YouTube the police said as long as he doesn’t name anyone he’s ok, but, in court in Aberdeen he was told he could never mention Hollie Greig any more. Brian Gerrish on the other hand put it about that Robert was never to talk about child abuse ever again. I personally think the police have had enough of Robert and Hollie Greig, and they’ve got better things to do with their time. Everyone knows it’s bullshit, even Hollie and Anne Greig have moved on in their lives.

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      • The police may have had enough but Robert is still subject to a Restraining Order and is breaking the law in public for everyone to see. He’s giving the Agincourt salute to the authorities. The message then goes out – you can do what you like and no consequences.

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        • When do the powers that be, ever actually do anything about anyone breaking their restraining order, it was reported last year to Aberdeen police by one of two falsley accused, when Robert spoke on UK column. The police said to her that as long as he didn’t name anyone Robert was in the clear. How many times has Belinda, Sabine Neelu, got away with it too. I do know for a fact at the moment, that the powers that be in London are trying to build a case against three people who I won’t name, but are very familiar to us all

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  7. Anyone been keeping up with Neelu’s shenanigans lately?

    This is her overthrowing Redbridge Council:

    And this one’s bizarre. The way she keeps breaking into English cracks me up and what the hell is that bloke doing in the background? And are you loving the thumbnail or what?

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    • Brilliant the way these self declared “woke” twats decide the rest of humanity all suffer from “illusions of reality” and they just happen to have magiked up a much better illusion of reality to ram down our collective throat.

      Overall its probably far more productive to know your fast asleep than believe your wide awake but thats probably a subject for another day just prior to being booted out of the pub for annoying the regulars.

      If that odd individual sincerely cared about vulnerable life and “casting light” she could open the blinds and given that poor bastard plant a drop of water for starters.

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    • She keeps saying ‘we’ have evidence. What is it we do with evidence? Why! Give it to the police of course! Has she done that? Nah!

      I’m also trying to figure out why you dress up in evening wear and show off your cleavage to make a video like this.

      Did anyone get to the end? I’d get tonight’s sticky buns thrown at me if I subjected my kids to that out of tune piano. Bizarre!

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    Alanson and Ogilvy within a few days of each other. Nice 😀

    The offending post, from yesterday:

    How many suspensions is that I’ve got you now, Al? Feel free to thank me some time, hehe 🙂

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    • Hey Snoppy Poopy pants like I give a fuck… I just jump on the next accnt fuckstick…

      ‘You will never shut me down ya Gonk’… Bullet to the cranium MOFO tis the only way, This comment here will not be posted by ADMIN


      • Yeah, Al – we can all tell you don’t give a fuck 😂 😂 😂

        As for your back-up account, I still get a wry chuckle from the time we got you banned on both of them simultaneously and you had nowhere to vent your pathological hatred of gays, black people and Jews. It’ll be fun seeing whether we can do that again. Watch this space, kidda. Howay! 😀

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      • I guess Ogilvy’s another one who missed Mr Aardvark’s calls to Nathan Stolpman’s livestreams. Anyone who heard them will know that wasn’t Mr Dearman calling in.

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  9. I wish that woman would leave our homeland out of this.

    Fair’s fair – we don’t don’t go around claiming that no one’s ever really been to Sheffield.
    This stuff really affects us and she’s deterring tourists from coming here. The poor old Soup Dragon is beside himself with worry 😦

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  10. Sorry, after Daisies mentioning Yolande just now, it’s just popped into my head that someone (sorry, I don’t recall who) was asking the other day whether there was any evidence that Yolande is antisemitic, and I can’t remember whether I responded or not. So just in case, this is what I found after a rummage (a list posted by Ethel a few weeks back):

    This was an interesting comment too:

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    • And here are some extracts from a comment she posted on Avon Lady’s video earlier today:

      “I never heard my Mum say a bad word about anyone unless someone mentioned the word ‘Jew’ this would trigger flashbacks and she would become extremely distressed speaking about dirty stinking Jews who betrayed her own sister and friends who were trying to help them. My Mum would say that Jews sold their own Mother for a £1 if they thought that they could benefit; that they profiteered from struggling Poles and that her own sister who was trying to help them escape betrayed her, and she had to escape death by fleeing Poland on a coal train…the repeated warnings that I grew up with about not trusting Jews came to haunt me 35 years later when I was 51, and my best friend betrayed me in the most cruel and evil way when I was in Holloway Prison as part of the cover-up for crimes committed by my husband and a Jewish KM reporter against me in 1980…my barrister is a South African Jew, now Lord Hoffmann, who should have really got my husband sectioned – but there was a lot of money around and my husband was linked to Rockerfeller as a teenager…There are Jewish doctors in Maidstone who are implicated in crimes against humanity who have been protected by Jewish judges in London, these are a matter of fact.”


      • Further down the same page:

        “…The Desmond Tutu grandson scandal was referred to me too but was covered up to aid the Jewish Archbishop of Canterbury…”


    • I am utterly sick and tired of all the anti-Jewish hate on the internet and even more pissed off that people keep getting away with it. It’s an extremely worrying trend and antisemitic hate crime is also on the increase (assaults, vandalism, graffiti etc.). Can someone please check for me – are we living in 3rd millennium Britain or 1930s Germany? I’m getting confused.

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      • I share your annoyance about the amount of Jewish hate posts online and yet platforms such as Facebook seem to be quite happy to leave them up even when they have been reported to them.


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