Robert Green attempts to resurrect the Holliehoax

There have been distinct stirrings from the once-moribund Hollie Greig hoaxers’ camp of late, most notably from Robert Green.

Readers will recall that Mr Green gained a small amount of national prominence a few weeks back, when it was revealed in a Sunday Times article that Chief Constable Veale of the Wiltshire Police had contacted him in relation to Mr Veale’s attempts to skewer Sir Edward Heath, post mortem:

The police chief in charge of the sex abuse inquiry into the former prime minister Ted Heath has been in personal email contact with a campaigner who was jailed for harassing people he falsely accused of paedophilia, The Sunday Times can reveal.

Mike Veale, the chief constable of Wiltshire, emailed Robert Green, of Warrington, two weeks ago in response to an email Green had sent him. Veale wrote: “As ever thank you Robert.”

The words suggest the pair had communicated previously and will cast fresh doubt on the evidence that Veale’s force has gathered, which the chief constable has reportedly described as “120% convincing” that Heath was a paedophile.

Green is an activist closely involved with fraudulent allegations in Scotland in the so-called Hollie Greig case, in which claims that a girl with Down’s syndrome had been abused were found to be false. He was jailed for 12 months in 2012 for harassment.

Lord Macdonald, the former director of public prosecutions, said: “It seems strange that, during a live sex-crime investigation, the chief constable is communicating with someone who has previously been jailed for making false sex-crime allegations against people.”

As one might imagine, Mr Green was not delighted at being described as a conspiraloon and liar [There’s a difference? —Ed.], and so wrote an “open letter” on David Icke’s web page, which we are certain the editors of The Times scour regularly, looking for hidden journalistic gems. In this, he explained that the Holliehoax WAS TOO real, and he had letters from various people that proved it, etc. and so on and so forth.

A few days later, a letter which appeared to have been written by Mr Green appeared in the Comments section of the excellent Barth’s Notes blog:

Now that Chief Constable Mike Veale has published his report on Operation Conifer, with his customary display of dignity, professionalism and clarity, it may be an appropriate time for me to disclose some details of my limited involvement in the investigation.

As readers may be aware, the Chief Constable and I were recently subjected to a nasty, poorly-researched and inaccurate attack by the Heath-supporting Sunday Times. It included a cowardly and baseless smear against the evidence of Hollie Greig, undeniably a brave victim of multiple sexual abuse.

Despite being furnished with all the independent expert and police evidence fully supporting Hollie, the ST was thus gutter journalism of the lowest kind.

I suspected that I was included in the attack, which was primarily aimed at undermining the gallant Chief Constable, because of the quality of the evidence that I had been able to relay to him, during the course of our correspondence.

This is how it all came about.

Over seven years ago, following the publicity surrounding the unlawful arrest and imprisonment I suffered in Aberdeen over Hollie`s case, I was invited to meet Dr Joan Coleman, a specialist in the field of child and ritual sexual abuse of impeccable reputation. Amongst other details, including some relating to Jimmy Savile and Cyril Smith, she offered some evidence about Sir Edward Heath. Although I was naturally not party to any depth of information, I did learn that evidence against Sir Edward had been provided by no fewer than five witnesses, all of them totally independent of each other.

I can say that due to the consistency of aspects of the content of the various statements, it would be impossible to deny that such evidence must be wholly credible.

Now, here in October 2017, it is interesting to recall that had I not been snatched from an Aberdeen street in February 2010, it is possible to imagine that such valuable evidence would never have seen the light of day.

In the meantime, I do ask readers to continue their support for Chief Constable Mike Veale and his team, who will have done much to restore public confidence in the police`s determination to investigate serious allegations of sexual crimes against children, without fear or favour.

Robert Green

Now that Mr Green seems to have found a police ally in Chief Constable Veale, it looks as though he’s getting just a little cocky, and has (as we predicted) decided to take another kick at the can.

After all, why not? He’s been mentioned in the country’s “newspaper of record”; he’s become chummy with his very own lantern-jawed, pink-skinned, shiny-shoed policeman, who writes to him respectfully and asks him what he thinks about Satanic abuse and things; and he’s been out of prison a good while and has forgotten what porridge tastes like.

A couple of days ago, someone named “Jane” called a phone-in radio show on LBC to harangue the on-air host about the Hollie Greig case. He seemed politely nonplussed, and said he’d “have to look into that”—we’re sure he was making frantic slashing gestures to his technicians, urging them to move the mad bint off the air so he could go on with his show.

Mr Green somehow caught wind of this incident, and has written to the host himself to follow up:

From: Robert Green
Sent: 23 October 2017 19:02
Subject: Hollie Greig case

Dear Nick,
With regard to your recent call from Jane, you mentioned on air that you would look at this issue further. As the initial campaigner on this horrific case, I should be very pleased to assist you with any further information, including independent expert witness evidence, including supportive documentatiofor [sic] Hollie from the police.

Unfortunately for LBC, your colleague Alex Salmond is heavily implicated in concealing the case, having been found on 26 May 2011 by the Information Commissioner of twice breaching the law in trying to cover up the Hollie Greig case.

Moreover, Mr Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon came within 24 hours of facing a criminal charge of contempt of court on 11 July 2011, for continuing to ignore Commissioner Kevin Dunion`s ruling. I am also in possession of a letter sent on behalf of Mr Salmond dated 14 February 2014, in which your colleague attempts to deceive his own constituency secretary, Neil Bailie over his proven breaches of the law.

This is a cover up case of Jimmy Savile proportions and I trust that you will allow your listeners to learn of the true facts behind this case.

My cooperation with LBC on this matter is assured.

Yours sincerely,
Robert Green

To those who might be thinking right now, “But doesn’t this violate his gagging order?” we would say, “Yes. Yes, it does”.

And that is why we have forwarded the link and a screenshot to the relevant authorities. Sadly for Mr Green, the police department to which we’ve sent this material is not located in Wiltshire, they have not been on a strange and misguided witch-hunt against a dead man, and they don’t consider Mr Green an expert in anything save harassing and slandering innocent individuals.

Tough rocks, that.

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  1. He’s obviously bored with life then, but not half as bored as everyone else is with him. Anne sacked him years ago, she spoke to him like shit. Cover up blah blah blah, secrets and threats blah blah blah. Robert Green Robert Green riding through the Glen, blah blah blah. What happened Greeny, didn’t the Ted Heath thing give you enough mileage? I bet Malkie’s jumping up and down with so much excitement just now I bet a bit of wee came out.

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      • So, they had all this evidence, but Robert never ever produced any of it in court, just a scrap of paper. The Sherrif told Robert if he wasn’t careful he’s be in the soup, Roberts reply was with a funny kind of laugh, oh that’s alright I’ve been in the soup before. Six months they gave him to produce evidence, and he produced nothing. Anyway Robert pleaded guilty in the end. I guess he’d had enough of CoCo Pops in prison, Oh this is going to be sooooo boring all over again, I just hope next time he goes to prison he remembers to take some clean pants with him, as last time I me he forgot. Then there was that phone call some one recorded, that was taken off YouTube in rather a hurry, where Robert was heard saying nasty things about Anne Greig, I wonder if Belinda is going to do another funny dance. I just hope Malkie changes his pants and I expect I’ll get called Slaaaaagy Maaaagie again. Why can’t Robert and Belinda go and investigate Steiner schools instead.

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    • It’s boring in Warrington. Best thing about Warrington is the M62 which takes you to Liverpool. He must have been ecstatic to get to go all the way to Aberdeen!

      Warrington does have The Museum of Policing but I expect that’s not much of a thrill these days for Robert.

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  2. To repeat what I asked at the end of the last post, for anyone who missed it, would someone please be able to email LBC to fill them in on the truth? I’d do so myself but this isn’t my area of expertise and I know there are a number of very eloquent Holliehoax experts/veterans among us.

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    • They all ready know the truth like most people, I believe last year or the year before, Mumsy was being a pain in the arse and they told her to go away

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  3. How’s this? I’m totally open to tweakage suggestions before I send it!

    Sent: 24th October 2017
    Subject: ‘Jane’, Robert Green & the Hollie Greig Hoax

    Dear Mr. Ferarri

    It has come to my attention that you’ve been contacted by one Robert Green (see email dated 23.10.17, 7:02pm), urging you to follow up on a comment you made to a caller (‘Jane’) in a recent radio broadcast, who made a number of remarks regarding “the Hollie Greig case”. You told her you would look into it.

    These articles from reputable newspapers reveal the basics of the “case”:

    Of course, it isn’t my place to tell you what to think or believe as regards this case but it’s only fair to point out that Mr. Green has been, shall we say, somewhat economical with the truth. The Hollie Greig case was proven beyond all doubt to have been a cruel hoax which wrecked the lives of numerous innocent people and their families. A list of names of alleged abusers transpired to include several people who did not exist and Mr. Green was unable to stump up one single scrap of evidence to support his claims in court, despite having had six months to find any.

    Mr. Green was given a 12-month prison sentence for harassing innocent members of the Scottish community in which Hollie lived, his second such conviction.

    He has also been revealed as a discredited source in the recent Ted Heath fiasco, as covered in both the Times and Private Eye:

    The ‘Holliehoax’ was an example of what is known colloquially as ‘satanic panic’, a particularly nasty modern form of medieval witch-hunting in which incredible, unfeasible allegations of ‘satanic ritual abuse’ are made against innocent people by unscrupulous groups of individuals with their own sinister alterior motives. It has hurt a number of communities over the years and has been roundly discredited. It has often been covered by the mainstream media, including the BBC. Here are some examples, in case you’re not familiar with the phenomenon: /watch?v=eF8W1YVsS5g /watch?v=8y_LFXbzIo0

    Moreover, Mr. Green is widely regarded as a hoaxer and an ill-informed, dishonest and manipulative conspiracy theorist with links to David Icke and a number of discredited SRA hoaxers. It should also be noted that he is bound by a gagging order and would be breaking the law were he to speak about the HG case on your show.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards

    [Name redacted]

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    • I’m not sure which videos you have linked, but there is one where Mark Daly of the BBC speaks of why he could not proceed with a documentary about the Hollie ‘case’. Of course, after which the usual accusations were levelled at Mark, who has made extremely good documentaries, re child abuse, some groundbreaking, but knew that this had no substantiation. I’ll see if I can find the right one, if you were not aware of that. Really good email, isn’t it ‘ulterior’, tho ? Not that I’m a hot at spelling 🙂

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    • All this has been done before, it’s just going round in circles, what should really be investigated and put and end to, it why so many people lie about institutional child abuse, force vulnerable people to say they’ve been abused when they havn’t. In that Ted Heath thing, some one made an allegation that he was abused, but used three different names for three different allegations of abuse, how is that helping anyone? The Hollie Greig shit is all done now, Robert and Belinda are wasting their time. All the evidence is there, it’s a pile of crap, It’s all been talked about before, the interesting thing and should of been looked into was why wasn’t Hollies Uncle investigated more before he killed him self?

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    • This mob think if they shout and scream and stand outside somewhere in a “demonstration” shouting rude things at people, that suddenly authorities will simply cave into their bullying and ignore the law.

      And whatever happened to the appalling Angela Power-Disney’s campaign to ‘release’ the idiot Rupert?. She’s all mouth isn’t she. The one time she could be arsed to do something as in the recent family court case where the mother lost her case and there was a suicide.
      The bunch of them: Kiss of Death.

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      • Allegedly Angela only got involved in the recent family court case with the suicide because she and her daughter were being paid for diesel, childcare and food.

        Angela’s son had to sleep on the sofa and give up his bed to a mother that had recently given birth.

        Angela could have given up her own bed.

        Plenty of times I’ve slept on the floor if I’ve stayed overnight at someone else’s home.

        It’s no big deal.

        The boy slept on the sofa!

        Whoopie do…

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      • I doubt any good will come of the demo, you never know.

        The only people getting arrested though will be the demonstrators’.

        Angela for sure is the Kiss of Death.

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      • Thankfully with all its faults modern civilization has evolved away from mob rule and has gradually come down from the tree and established non violent methods of initiating change.

        The Morris attempt to cut through due processes by flaming torch,bully tactics and flicking the “V”at “Da system” will only ever land her in deep shit and rightly so.

        Seems the recently noted quiescence in Loonyville may have been but a prelude to a storm.Great news for voyeurs and pop corn shares.

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    • Surprised she hasn’t summoned up her pals in the Paramilitary or the IRA (can’t remember which side she was- all I know is she sent one lot packing from her garden although Why The Fuck they wanted to be in this shrew’s garden is anyone’s guess)

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    • When she says she’s gonna take out the parasites, does she mean she’s going to kill them or has she planned a nice little trip to the zoo followed by a picnic in the park or something?

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    • Only whats in the media, but her mother and brother both think she’s not ‘being accurate’ in what she’s saying, she had ‘no memory’ of any sexual abuse by her father and her torture at the hands of a pedophile ring led by her grandmother until she underwent repressed memory therapy- sound familiar?

      Publicly she is starting to become a bit of a millwheel around the neck of the commission, too many people are beginning to doubt both her story and her suitability to be involved in the Royal Commission as an expert witness

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      • Two big names supoorting her peter mcclelland and mark tedeschi who obviously belive the repressed memory crap. She is giving advice on policy and funding. Angela and cohorts spread nastiness and lies but small time crazy affecting a few unfortunates. Cathy is big time crazy.

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    • Yet another repressed memory nut-job. It’s amazing that people in positions of power still fall for this BS after 30 years even though they have the Internet at their fingertips.

      Of course it’s nothing at all to do with making money from selling books and going to speak at conferences is it Cathy!

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    • Disturbingly the Australian Royal Commission seems to be running off track. I’m surprised they haven’t lauded Fiona Barnett although that may be a step too far.
      Also odd characters keep cropping up such as Mark Tedeschi QC (who has had a terrible falling out with his son the concert pianist Simon Tedeschi). Seems to be considered a brilliant prosecutor but has come under intense criticism recently with some cases, accused of twisting evidence. Now being sued for malicious prosecution in a very big case by a man found innocent of murder after his appeal.

      There is an extraordinary backlash and it’s a very concerted one and that includes Carol Kezelman who was appointed by a government probably just wanting the whole child abuse thing to disappear.
      They keep referring back to a 90’s Royal Commission in NSW where the Judge accepted and praised the evidence of Elizabeth Loftus and creeps like Barnett have been sitting seething ever since claiming “pedo’ cover-ups etc but the bloody Commission was about bent police and many were discovered and prosecuted including 2 who accepted large bribes to drop cases from a now deceased man.

      # One aspect of the 90s Royal Commission was a lunatic NSW MP who began naming names in Parliament of so-called VIP ‘pedos’ claiming cover-ups -it was almost a carbon copy run of Geoffrey Dickens claptrap.
      But in doing so she managed to name one judge who had been arrested 20 years earlier for possibly importuning a teenage boy in a station toilet- he committed suicide the following day.
      ## This stupid woman also described the exact plot of an Australian film :The Everlasting Secret Family which had been fed to her by a convicted pedophile who just wanted to cause havoc as he admitted later.
      ### The same MP had 2 twin gay sons and apparently gay groups threatened to expose them as not only being part-time rent boys but having sex with underage boys. Both fled Australia and have never returned.

      These lunatics have victims and many are not their intended targets.

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      • Kezelman’s “recovered memories” of abuse come from her association with Liz Mulliner and her odd ‘Heal 4 Life’ foundation based in NSW’s Hunter Valley where Mulliner claims there is an active Satanic abuse ring operating.

        Mulliner was a top theatre agent with many artists like Cate Blanchett & Russell Crowe and she herself had “therapy” and “recovered” memories of her father, a Guy’s Hospital administrator who according to her, ran a pedo satanic ring.
        The main accuser of actor Robert Hughes “recovered ” her memories of his alleged abuse at a “Heal 4 Life” retreat. The fact Hughes’ wife was also Mulliner’s theatrical agency partner seems to be co-incidental.
        After Hughes was convicted Mulliner demanded stars like Blanchett & Crowe leave the agency run by Hughes’ wife but they ignored Mulliner and remain with her.
        Heal 4 Life is planning to set up “retreats” in the UK. They have had $Millions in government grants.

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        • She’s associated with THAT mob???
          Didnt know that, they are seriously lala land- and seriously dangerous too, anyone who even hints they should be investigated for inappropriate behaviours (and theres plenty of those associated with H4L) gets the full treatment, threats of lawsuits, counter accusations of criminal acts, public smear campaigns, all on a mob that is functionally identical to the Hampstead claims….

          I still wonder about Robert, I only saw the press footage, but to me he just seemed so bewildered by it all and the recovered memorys thing was strongly discredited even then, and apart from that there was no evidence at all….

          That is the most disturbing thing about these ‘recovered memory’ mobs- there is serious evidence that they never happened, and people can go to jail based on them… even if they are found innocent, the stain remains on that persons life forever after, and that can be just as bad if not worse than the actual jailing

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            “Dr Christine Edwards, who has a PhD in psychology science and has completed a number of evaluations of Heal for Life, said Ms Mullinar’s comments about satanic ritual abuse and the lack of a team of health professionals in the organisation left the organisation, and Ms Mullinar, vulnerable to criticism.

            ‘‘She’s a strongly religious person. With the belief in God comes the belief in Satan, but when she’s put in government submissions for funding I’ve said straight out to her, ‘Don’t write about satanic ritual abuse because there’s not enough evidence to support it. You don’t want people to think you’re a ratbag’.’’

            Not enough evidence? – try nada, nil, zip, zero…


            “In July this year, the commission confirmed it would not investigate the handling of a number of allegations that were based on the ‘‘recovered memories’’ of a sexual abuse survivor who became a staff member, who alleged other sexual abuse survivors who were also staff members had engaged in satanic ritual abuse involving people staying at the centre.”

            Great, people with false ‘recovered memories’ start treating others and guess what they find?- MORE false recovered memories…. And not just in private therapy sessions- but group sessions…
            (and we have all seen the ‘super soldiers’ like APD’s reactions in group claims- they all end up trying to oneup each other)

            Interestingly (and perhaps rather worryingly) is that these ‘satanic cult’ claims- in which babies were killed and eaten, coerced sexual activities etc were in the media just prior to the Hampstead hoax… did Abe get his ideas from this mob’s media coverage?

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          • The emails that were read in court between Hughes’ accuser and her agent were very disturbing. The accuser actually states that the money the agent was negotiating to sell her story (long before Hughes’ arrest and very similar to Rolf Harris) was not nearly enough and she wanted much more so she could set herself up as a film producer in the USA.
            It was basically an agreement to make the story of abuse much more sensational.
            Her dedication to Liz Mulliner- who also happened to be her agent is unshakable and she has given workshops at Mulliner’s ‘Heal4Life’ retreat which is like a 5-star country club all paid for by donations or government grants (the grants have now dried up). Completely unqualified people take alleged victims through these ‘repressed memory” scenarios. Not even a psychologist is on hand (which may require paying them a significant wage when those running the “memory” course work for free).
            There have been so many calls for inquiries of Mulliner’s actions but the sensations seem to die down each time.

            Unfortunately for the victim she has also tried to sue Hughes’ theatrical agent wife- not sure how that works, suing relatives – but has hit a blank wall as she lives in Singapore where she operates her agency from and a local court threw out the lawsuit.
            As for the agent, I’ve been hearing very disturbing tales. Just gossip and rumours which can of course be completely fictitious but for some reason the name “Max Clifford” comes to mind.

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    • And this is the “admission” that Maggs Shaw O’Neill is an expert on the Hollie Greig hoax. Which of course means that she runs a blog about the Hampstead hoax. Where would we be without you, Defective Costa? ROFL!

      (This is Kristie Sue’s own screenshot and her own underlinings)

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      • Well they both start with a H, and both have an e in them, and…. um and…

        Well thats it really, but its about as close to facts as she’s likely to get…

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      • As I said to Kristie Sue, she’s about two years late and 10 quid short on the Maggs thing.

        Yes, some of us knew someone by that name very briefly—a couple of months at most—but she never had anything to do with setting up or running this blog. In fact, I’m not really comfortable naming her here, because I believe she’s disassociated herself from anything to do with either the Holliehoax or Hoaxtead. I don’t know her well enough to begin to guess why, but that’s really her business, not anyone else’s.

        Of course, Malky is utterly besotted with the woman for whatever reason, but that cannot be helped. Tertiary syphilis is a terrible thing.

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        • Yes – sorry, EC – I won’t mention her again. We’ve had our chuckle at Kristie Sue’s hilariously incompetent attempts to play detective and Paedogilvy’s determination to make his spurned crush look like hatred and now it’s time to move on, methinks. Christ knows these nutters provide us with enough (unintentionally) entertaining material for us to be able to pick and choose anyway!

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          • Oh, I’m not upset with you, not at all. I’m really annoyed with Kristie Sue, but then that’s natural. I think she evokes that response in many people. And canines.

            As you say, her incompetence is hilarious, and I’ve been having a good chuckle over her idiocy too. 🙂

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      • Do you know, it never fails to amuse me that these people rant on about us “taking this much time and effort”…when in fact, what we’re doing is responding to the enormous amount of time, effort, and energy they have put in to set this thing alight and keep the embers hot.

        My question would be, “What is making these loons put so much time and effort into proving something which has been disproven and debunked over and over again. What do they get out of it? Who is behind them? What are they hiding?”

        The fact that we are more stubborn and determined than they are only speaks to our dedication to the truth: that the people of Hampstead are innocent and have been victimised by a bunch of losers who have their own sinister reasons for wanting to believe that children have been raped, murdered, and eaten.

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        • It’s because:-

          1. They have nothing better to do.
          2. They have spent years on these hoaxers and don’t want it all to have been a waste of time.
          3. They want to be part of some “alternative ‘celebrity'” drama.
          4. It makes them feel as though they are important.
          5. For the likes of Angela etc. it’s a way to make a bit of cash of the side for sharing other peoples posts on
          fb. On Twitter there isn’t a lone person giving her any attention.
          6. …..I’m sure there’s many more reasons.

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    • Dontcha just love the mindset of these people : they accuse all & sundry of murdering 100s of babies and eating their flesh, of mass raping babies and children. They stand outside churches and scream profanities and abuse at startled parishioners and publish the names and addresses of innocent people basically calling upon others to attack them (Rupert Quaintance- draw blood?). They publish and re-publish the images of 2 genuine child abuse victims (abused by their mother’s boyfriend as she sat by as he threatened to bury them in the desert) despite the guarantee of anonymity of these genuine vicitms and so on.

      But call them out as liars and provide real evidence of their lies they scream “troll” and “slander”.

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    • There will still be starving children and rape & abuse victims Deborah Mahmoudieh because lazy ignorant sods like you sit at your PC ranting and a’raving all day & think you have actually dome something.

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  4. Another of Angela’s ‘admirers’, friend of TM.

    Lee Shannon angel power disney you really need to fuk ur mouth up u gave bby H clothes and changing bag and damandin them back you say ur there for that bby but tske stuff bk the child doesnt need fuk all from yous we are bby H family so dont you talk about any1 are my family u wanted t and p to stay there so u could get the money from them and Niki Tenkids Laverty has spoke the turth about you ur s fuking key borad worrior

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  5. OK, this was posted to me on that ‘heavy breathing’ video. I’ve tried to read it three times now and I just keep zoning out after the first three sentences. Can someone give me the gist? Best summary wins a night out with Angela…

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    • Basically, he says: “Spiny, I love you, I have a crush on you and I want to take you back to my place to ‘meet Jesus’.”

      How’s that?

      If I win the night out with Angie, do I have to pay? And should I bring a few packets of fags to keep her calm?

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        • Given statically its pretty much a dead cert that it wont end at all well,it may be wise to check your life insurance cover,that your will is in good order and notify all psychiatric hospitals as to your inside leg measurements so that the straight jacket does`nt chaff too much.

          Good luck sir,its been a privilege serving with you.

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    • LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL! The stupid is killing me! 😂😂😂



      LMFAO! Can someone please sit that drooling fucktard Paedogilvy down and explain to him in words that a 3-month-old lobotomised chimp would understand that the above was posted in reply to a Spiny Norman comment?



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  6. ‘Coincidentally’ at the same time as Tracey Morris and her mates will be live-feeding their Regina Ceoli protest?
    #Hmmmm 😀

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  7. Hashtag barrel-scraping
    Seriously, how desperate for friends must she be to be supporting someone like Eugene Lukjanenko? LOL

    http s://ww w.facebook. com/eugene.lukjanenko/videos/10156647858402004

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  8. #Daft sod

    From: Robert Green
    Sent: 24 October 2017 17:51
    Subject: Alex Salmond and the Hollie Greig case

    Dear Nick,

    With regard to my previous email, may I propose a very simple method of highlighting the true facts and resultant issues before your listeners ?

    I would like to suggest a live public debate with Alex Salmond on LBC over the Hollie Greig case in general and his involvement in it. I am also wiling to take any questions from members of your audience.

    I would also stress that I would neither ask for nor accept any payment whatsoever from LBC for my contribution. My only motive is to place information before your listeners in order to enable them to make up their own minds about this extraordinary matter.

    Since my false arrest and subsequent unsound conviction, which are currently being in the process of being formally challenged, I have spoken widely and publicly across the UK, including Scotland and on radio about the case, my only restrictions being that I should not repeat the accusations relating to the identities of those named by Hollie, nor should I seek to make contact with any them.

    The other many issues have been presented openly by me without any problems at all.

    I look forward to your response and trust that Mr Salmond will not avoid the opportunity I have offered to him of facing me.

    Yours sincerely,

    Robert Green


    • The Rothschild’s what? And which Rothschild are they talking about?

      Or to put it another way, shouldn’t the fucking “master race” know how to use apostrophes?

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    • Juts another bullshit quote or to use today’s parlance -Fake News.

      “The quote appears to have been invented in 2001 by a man named David Pidcock, a convert to radical Islam who blamed the 9/11 attacks on a Jewish conspiracy to discredit Islam and undermine the West.
      The book ‘Propaganda in the Next War’ was published in 1938, and there is no trace in any reputable catalogue or bookshop of there being a second edition ever published….The Churchill Centre, which holds a 13-million-word digitised archive of Churchill’s writings, confirmed on request back in 2006 that nothing resembling the quote is held in their files.”

      What Churchill actually said (to me personally) was that “one day there will be thing called the Internets where all manner of fruitcakes and fuckwits will reign supreme and spread their vicious loony lies and I expect you Ghost of Sam, when you grow up, to be on the ball and dispute each & everyone of them and state the truth and for God’s sake, do not go a’sailing with anyone called ‘Heath'”.
      He then asked me to “pour me another G&T love” and suggested I join him in his bath-tub.

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  9. I thought Hitler was a secret Rothschild and the war (all wars actually) were Rothschild plots? . Their story changes all the time.

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