Christine Ann Sands debunks church renovation myth

We were just sitting about Hoaxtead Research HQ the other night, fending off Randolph the 46-year-old cat (he drools) and swigging tea while attempting to flip pennies into a hat in the middle of EC’s desk, when one of our team members said, apropos nothing, “Hey, you know how the nutters are constantly going on about how the church was renovated in order to hide the ‘evidence’?”

We did.

“Well, I was just thinking…isn’t there a video where one of them goes into the church service and talks to someone about that?”

As it happens, Christine Ann Sands actually made a video of herself speaking to the church warden, immediately prior to the first Sunday morning demonstration. In the video, the warden explains in some detail exactly what they’re planning to do and why…before the renovations had actually begun.

After waving her camera about for a while (special focus given to the bell-ringers, who must have been looking especially Satanic that day), Christine remarks, “It reminds me of Noah’s ark or somethin'”. She is joined by the warden, who patiently explains that yes, the church’s ceiling is made of wood, much like the ark.

Then he explains that the floors are about to be replaced, and tells her exactly why:

Warden: There’s a project under way to redo the floor as well.

Christine: They’re gonna do it dark wood like the ceiling?

PG: No, the floor will be—underneath it is a very badly damaged old tile floor, and this was put down in the 1960s, to disguise it. But this has deteriorated badly. You can see, where you’re sitting, there’s [inaudible] wider boards….they’re for holding things up….

Christine: How old is the church?

Warden: Oh, 1852, I think…

Well really. Why on earth might a 143-year-old church require any sort of renovation or refurbishment? Sounds fishy to us.

Speaking of fishy, we noted that Christine zoomed her camera in on a very suspicious-looking bit of ornamentation at the end of a pew: Well lookee there, Mabel, ain’t that one o’ them thar Jew-stars? What’s that doin’ in a Catholic church? Pretty durn Satanic if ya ask me!

Erm…Christ Church isn’t Catholic.

And as a matter of fact, the star or shield of David has been used in Christian churches for centuries, and predated its adoption as a symbol of Judaism by at least a couple of hundred years. But hey, why let facts stand in the way of lunacy?

It reminds us of the video where she zoomed in on the illustrations of “weird animals” in a book she noticed…apparently she’d never heard of the apocrypha, but oh well. Did it occur to her to ask anyone what the pictures represented? Nope.

Oddly, Christine posted this video, recorded in 2015, about six months ago. In it, she demonstrates that she actually attended the service that morning, sitting amongst the parishioners and recording the completely innocuous service.

Despite the thumping noises coming from the demonstrators outside, the vicar, congregation, and choir attempted to carry on as usual. Christine can be heard saying the Lord’s Prayer along with the people she will later accuse of “fucking babies”.

We find it stunning that anyone could attend a perfectly normal Sunday service, pray with the congregation, and observe absolutely no strange goings-on, then turn around and accuse them of the most horrendous crimes.

Then again, this sort of behaviour is consistent amongst the Hoaxtead mobsters, who appear completely unburdened with intellect, and unbelievably ignorant of the basics of any religion other than their own bizarre brand of evangelical fundamentalism. Rather than attempting to delve deeper and explore the meaning of the things they see, they cram it into their own narrow framework, label it “probably Satanic and therefore evil”, and call it a day.

When you think about it, they’re really the ones who live in a hell of their own devising.

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  1. In the first video (which I haven’t seen for a very long time) I’ve just noticed the Church Warden warns her there are rules regarding filming children.

    Poor guy didn’t know that Christine and her friends would be responsible for splattering the names, pictures and videos of 2 innocent children all over the internet for the next few years. Nasty, vile people.

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  2. Ah, I love nostalgia. And lest we forget that it was a good year or so before Christine suddenly remembered that she’d actually witnessed a baby being sacrificed during the service she’d attended.

    Of course, she ‘accidentally forgot’ to mention this at the time to any of the protesters or police officers who were swarming around outside. It’s funny how easily an insignificant little event like ritual infanticide can slip your mind, isn’t it.

    And it was so good of her to stay for the rest of the service after this dastardly deed had been committed. Murder or no murder, it would have been the height of bad manners to leave a church service halfway through.

    And it was so nice of her to conceal the trauma she must have felt by laughing and joking with Neelu et al afterwards and then fucking off to the pub for a good old piss-up.

    And let’s hear it for the vicar and the assembled cult members. It was so brave of them to murder a child in front of a loudmouthed anti-child abuse campaigner (two if you count Angela) whilst the church was surrounded by fellow protesters and several coppers. Bless ’em.

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  3. Actually, this was long after the names and videos had been splattered all over the internet. The vicar had already been subjected to a torrent of abuse and threats, though he may not have realised who Sands was at the time.

    She made sure he never forgot her after the service, though, when he was repeatedly screamed at by Sands and mobbed by Neelu, Ravenscroft, Rzeska, Haining etc., who followed him home, shouting abuse and threats at him.

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  4. “When you think about it, they’re really the ones who live in a hell of their own devising.”

    This actually works out rather well as I have it on good authority that proprietors of darkside hostelries inc have unanimously rejected any future mobster accomodation applications on the grounds of maintaining some standards for current residents.

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  5. Apparently google is far too complicated for Neelu to manage to work…

    all I did was type in “queen being paid rent with horseshoes and nails” and hit enter and, ‘as if by magic’ I was presented with where when and why she is presented with such items
    (actually quite fascinating I went to )
    And as usual she got it wrong (well half right might not be wrong, but it isnt right either)

    (I cant get the first video to work properly either, it runs for about 30 sec and then just goes to a black screen- shame as from the bit I did see, its a beautiful old church, nice to hear they are repairing it)
    I’m not religious but I do admire the workmanship they put into many old buildings, and churches often were the best of the lot for the details of the workmanship in their construction and interior decorations

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  6. Interesting article, Steve. Blimey, that ceremony’s been going on for nearly 800 years and the post of Queen’s remembrancer goes back to 1154. There’s more about it here (somewhere else Neelu didn’t think to look but to be fair, Wikipedia is a very obscure website):

    I’m surprised I haven’t heard about this stuff before. Mind you, the article you shared does say: “The Ceremony of Quit Rents is not well-publicized or much talked about.”

    There’s not much about it on YouTube either but at least someone’s been kind enough to teach us how to pronounce it, lol:

    Re. the video that keeps cutting out on you, do you mean the one EC posted in the main article, the one filmed inside the church? If so, I must admit it’s playing fine for me, so I’m not sure what’s going on there. Maybe a browser issue? If you’re using Chrome, see if it works in Explorer (or vice versa).

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  7. I’m in two minds about this: on the one hand what is the purpose of raking over all this and on the other, even after all this time, it is a poignant reminder of the outrageous harassment of people at their Sunday service. I’m also struck by the bare faced lies – no mention of alleged – being promoted by Berry, Sands – and omnipresence of McKenzie lurking behind the scenes – for which they had absolutely no evidence. I’m sure that the children who were there will have been very frightened. You’ve got to admire the patience of the Police Constables in the face of such madness though.
    Something else that occurs to me is, what are people’s rights when it comes to filming them against their wishes?

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  8. As I understand it, in theory you can film who ever you like in a situation where the subject has no reasonable expectation of privacy. This means walking down the street is fine but long lenses peering into bedroom windows isn’t. A lot of organisations have there own policies, especially regarding children and have become over cautious in my view. Being able to film people in public places is an important journalistic freedom. However I understand that courts would see certain types of filming as constituting harassment.

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  9. Question for you guys: if there were, say, a magic genie, and you could only use it to get rid of one of the hoaxers/liars/scammers/whatever you want to call them(by “rid of” i mean, completely expose as liars and no one will listen anymore, or convince to stop) , but you could only chose one, who would you pick, and why?

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  10. “As with most things, though, you Aussies do it much better 😀”

    Sadly that is indeed how they behave…
    A friend of mine used to work in Parliament as a reporter, and he says that since they started broadcasting the Question Time on TV, their behaviour has improved markedly!
    Judging by what I see on the ABC, god only knows what it must have been like before, if thats what its like now that they know the tv cameras are watching!

    Any teacher who allowed even a kindergarten class to behave like that would be sacked, yet these clowns get paid staggering amounts to behave like this

    Sickening really

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  11. Complete with photos of the gunman after he shot himself in the head – please be warned if you are easily distressed.

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  12. Will pop in for the Sunday Service next time I’m in London. Christine is to be thanked for alerting me to this wonderful place and that incredible choir!

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  13. I can understand why this might seem an odd topic so many months after the fact. However, the nutters have been obsessing recently on the church renovation, trying to claim that it was an attempt to hide “evidence”. We thought it interesting that in fact, someone explained the reason for the renovation, clearly and openly, to a person they had every reason to think was just a friendly visitor on a Sunday morning.

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  14. I think it’s useful to go over the old stuff every now and again. I find I missed things the first time and you also notice the lies that have since been told about what actually happened.

    What is so appalling in the church service video (put up two years after the event!) is how Christine sits through an entire service, listens to a sermon and people recite an Affirmation of Faith and also takes part in the ‘peace’ where you say ‘Peace be with you’ to those around you, during which you usually shake their hands. So basically she’s been shaking hands with people, wishing God’s peace on them, then goes outside and calls them a lot of names. She might wish to consult her Bible, especially the bits about hypocrisy.

    Incidentally, Neelu can be heard banging on the doors and shouting at some point. I thought she said this never happened!

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  15. I wish Christine’s Mom was in this Hurricane:

    Preferably Christine would by flying in front in a Messerschmitt.

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  16. These disgusting people, Sands, Neelu, Power-Disney, Bellend etc are despicable people. They make these ludicrous claims like Sands did about a murder and Neelu who claimed she witnessed dozens of baby carriages being wheeled into that church one morning.

    Do they ever follow up though if they believe this shite? Do they fuck. Like the gasbag moaning Mad Moo does she every actually set out to do physical investigations? No she sits on her backside screeching into her computer. They don’t give a flying fuck about children because if they really believed what they say, they would have been out their filming all these disappearing children. Lazy, mad , bad and dangerous.

    As for Veater and also that disgusting slime ball Chris Spivey and others, their ‘false flag’ claims are the usual plagiarism from a nutcase that created the entire “false flag” and “crisis actor” claptrap. He’s been doing it for years (as if one of these vile creatures can even be creative- they just steal everything and just like #pizzacrap they jump on bandwagons.
    This bloke can be quite amusing as he claims virtually every famous person is someone else- usually a Hollywood actor playing a part.
    The creep Fiona Barnett will be pleased as he claims Walt Disney was actually Adolf Hitler so she’s been abused by the biggest monster of the past century : tough luck Barnett – too late to make the claim now you gutter snipe.

    My all time favourite from this loon is HM The Queen is in fact Betty White from the Golden Girls.

    # sorry for bad language- I mean it in a caring & sharing way.

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  17. I’d never seen that video and I am utterly amazed and appaled at the behaviour of these people. This is why moral panic, SRA hysteria and Satanic Panic in general is a BAD thing and does nobody any good. Look at the things they are actually saying! Shocking ignorance.

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  18. Well they’ve all been exposed as liars in the past I believe but if I had to choose, I’d go for Belinda as people seem to respect her as she has money, is quietly spoken, can string a few sentences together, is “elderly” and seems to avoid getting into trouble with the law.

    She’s ran quite a few hoaxes in the past, so with her out of the way, top of the obvious pyramid so to speak, maybe the rest of the fools would crumble, though that broad from Oldcastle did try and do a take over, but I can’t see her replacing Belinda at all.

    I reckon Belinda has more years left in her than Angela.

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  19. Me too.

    Not that I’ve seen her face to face, so I could be wrong.

    I just know she had an awful Mac on when she was at the Church causing havoc, so not much style.

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  20. “Neelu who claimed she witnessed dozens of baby carriages being wheeled into that church one morning.”

    Just to clarify – when you say “one morning”, it wasn’t just any old morning but the morning of the actual protest. She claimed that loads of buggies were wheeled into the service to be sacrificed and never came out again. All this whilst several protesters and coppers were watching – but no one else saw it except her!

    By the way, there’s even a video knocking around somewhere of Belinda being interviewed outside the church and talking about Neelu’s claims as if they were credible. You can almost see her salivating as she talks.

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  21. It’s also worth bearing in mind that there are dozens of newcomers to this blog and this case who have never seen some of this archive material and who aren’t aware of some of these characters.

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  22. The friendly warden who’s heard talking to Sands in the video filmed inside the church is someone who earned a great deal of admiration from me and many others over the amazing patience and restraint he displayed when he was aggressively harassed by Neelu, Guidance et al outside the church.

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  23. By the way, lest we forget that Sands was freaked out by the church organ too. You couldn’t make it up.

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  24. God, she’s annoying! I’d never seen this one before. I think I’ll file it under #Bullhorngate (#Megaphonegate if you’re British):

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  25. At the risk of indulging those troofers who claim that Sands is a CIA shill, does anyone know where she got a million dollars from? LOL

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  26. You would think after all these hundreds of alleged child sacrifices there would be a mountain of baby buggies inside the church. I couldn’t see any on Christine’s video.

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  27. I do hope the legal profession get to see that video. They need to know who Belinda McKenzie is and be able to tell defendants that, whatever their circumstances, they should not be accepting the help of a woman who is clearly either completely crooked or insane.

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  28. “Question for you guys: if there were, say, a magic genie, and you could only use it to get rid of one of the hoaxers/liars/scammers/whatever you want to call them(by “rid of” i mean, completely expose as liars and no one will listen anymore, or convince to stop) , but you could only chose one, who would you pick, and why?”

    Interesting question, and it’s a hard choice. As Babs says, Belinda is definitely a contender, as she seems to engineer these hoaxes on a fairly regular basis, and so far, has never had to face the law over her actions.

    Personally, I think this hoax required someone like Abe though: it needed someone who wasn’t too bright but thought they were (tick). As well, this person must have experience abusing children (tick), proven ability to bend children to his will (tick), a fascination with “occult” practices (tick), superficial charm (tick), and an ego far disproportionate to his physical size or mental abilities (tick).

    If Abe and Ella are ever arrested and brought to trial, I think we will see all these attributes exposed, and we’ll discover exactly how central to the hoax he was. He gets my vote. 🙂

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  29. John, on a separate topic, I don’t want to mention you-know-who but check out the title of his latest video rant:

    ‘I Am Beginning to Reaiize The Petitioners of that Protection Order AREN’T REAL- And Never Were’

    I’m honestly speechless at the barefaced gall of the guy 😮

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  30. No skulls tumbled out of the cupboard when the vicar opened it, either.

    Can’t understand it really. Abe swore up and down that each of the 80 “cult members” wore 20 baby skulls, which were all kept in the church. Since they wouldn’t have fit into the vestment drawers, I’d been expecting them to somehow be crammed into the cupboard…but no.

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  31. “I Am Beginning To Realize That I’ve Never Uttered A Coherent Sentence In My Entire Life – No Wonder Everyone Thinks I’m Full Of Sh*t!”


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  32. To be honest DOB, I could not pick just one person, if I had a way of doing it, I would put them all in the army, no matter what age they are. Let them travel with the defence forces for a year, see how people suffer in countries that are ravaged by war, how they have to flee their homes with people dying along the way, then having to live in conditions that they or us will hopefully never have to experience.

    These nutters need to learn respect for humankind, instead of spreading their vitriolic posts online.

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  33. Oh thank you. It warms my heart to know she annoys American cops as well. They were reasonably restrained on that occasion.

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